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Full text of "Atari User Group Newsletter June to December 1987 Part 7"

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1111 , 

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ft The Journal of the 

Greater Richland atari 
Support Prngrai 

ISSUE #11 



■ vrm^j 






TOgg A? 

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8 K 



3 £¥? 33 ^ 

a>gs&i ■■■p : t: 

Kiss SBffi 


Greater Richmond Atari Support Program 


t n 

i T jv 

U V- 


l ■!. rf 


G.R.A.S.P, ifl an indapendent Atari naero 
group not affiliated in any way with 

The opinions expressed in this 
newsletter are those of the indivi du a 1 
author (sj and do not necessarily reflect 
those of G . R . A . S . P . , Its officers or 
members. The Editor reserves the right to 
edit any material submitted for 
publicat ion . 

Unless specifically noted otherwise, 
other user groups are welcome to reprint 
articles from this newsletter as long as 
credit is given to its author and 
G.R. A.S.P, 

Please send all correspondence and 
newsletter for exchange to: 



1420 Yale Ave. 

Richmond, Va . 23224 

G . R . A . S , P . Officers ; 

All ($04) 

President : 

Mickey Aogali 7 44*6201 

Vice President: 

Farley Barge , , 37 9-1935 

Secretary/Treasurer : 

Dan Grenoble . ,271-0205 

Public Relations/ 

Jack Rich ford* * V * * * * . . ,270-2177 

Newsletter Editor : 

Tom Marvin ...... ,233-6155 

Program Chairman : 

Frank Levegue. 266-8487 

Commercial Librarian : 

Dave Jones 740-7823 

Public Domain Librarian {8 Bit] : 

North of the James 

Bill Rhodenhiser . , 747-1766 

South of the James 

Carl Dean 

North £ South [16 Bit]: 

Mickey Angell ,,,,744-6201 

Tom Marvin.... ..233-615 5 

Membership : 

Membership in G.R.A.S.P. is open to all 
persons interested in the Atari computer. 
Annual dues of $20.00 are payable apon 
entry and are $20.00 for 1 full year. 

Membership will include 11 monthly 
issues of the G . R . A , S ♦ P . GAZETTE, no 
January issue and access to the Public 
Domain and Commercial libraries, group 
purchased, club discounts at participation 
retailers, and participation In drawings. 

Meetings : 

Meetings are held the second and fourth 
Thursday of each month from 7 t 00-0 9 : OOp . m , 
at the Lyndale Baptist Church on Hull St. 
Any and all persons Interested in Atari 

computers are welcome i 

l hope to keep this editorial short l . 
sweet. Why you ask? Because I really 
don't have much to say and still can't 
think of anything. One thing though, this- 
month I still didn't get any articles from 
members to run. I guess my little plea for 
help at the last meeting didn't really 
register, Haven't had time? No ideas??? 
No ads? ■ 

Cliff brought me an article from the 
Richmond-Times Dispatch on lack of 
recognition for Atari, I didn't print it 
because. for It to have been really 
effective ("would have had to print it word 
for word. I wanted to run it, It was an 
article by an AP newspaperman in New 
York. So ( called the Richmond 
Newspapers and talked my way up to the 
managing editor. He told me it sounds like 
it would be a good idea to print it, but 
check with the Associated Press first, I 
called the AP wire service here in 
Richmond and they thought it could be r " n 
in this newsletter, but check with 
author of the article first and he gave me 
the phone number in New York City, ( 
called AP, asked for the author and he 
told me that piece is copyrighted, 
anything he writes and is run in any paper 

j§ copyrighted, but if I did run 

it, well "! can't track down everybody 
that reprints my material and prosecute 
them , I'd never get any work done “ So,., I 
didn't run it for I don't want to get myself 
or the club into any type of legal trouble. 
Note to other newsletter editors, watch 
what you print, most stuff has a copyright 
on it unless "specifically" stated 

There, I said more than I thought I 
would. The reason the print looks so big 
here is because I'm trying to fill the entire 
second column. 

P.S Just heard Atari bought a chain of 
67 software stores out west somewhere, 
['ll have more for the next newslette" 
P.S.S. The next issue of the G.R.A.L_. 
GAZETTE will be about 2 weeks late. 

For now - 73 

Tom Marvin, Editor, 


frt f=\ O ! 

i anuria tiim S* ipi 

f **i / *i f— j 

n ni«=: ai 


July *87 by John Nagy (Taken in part) 

new TOOLKIT for BASIC XL, adding all the 
power of BASIC XE except the EXTENDED 
PROGRAM AREA. The new extensions file for 
BASIC XL will include those amazing add-ons 
like SORTCTP and SQRTDOWN, to name a few. By 
the way, OSS also says NO RUNTIME PACKAGE 
for BASIC EX will be released, so don't 
expect too many "extended" PD gems to 
surface , 

Another coup for USER GROUPS: 
CERTIFICATE MAKER, etc, for almost 
everybody but ATARI, has decided to rethink 
their position and is propping an 8 -bit 
ATARI version of NEWSROOM, slated for fall 
release. A letter writing campaign was 
initiated by several user groups and 
carried forward by ANTIC MAGAZINE. ST 
versions of all SPRINGBOARD products are 
either already being shipped or are being 
developed , 

MINDSCAPE SOFTWARE, makers of some 
remarkable software for the ST, has bought 
out CBS SOFTWARE and has re-released some 
titles from the CBS collection. PLUTOS, a 
fabulous MINDSCAPE arcade game for the ST, 
Is now legitimately released and features 
"lots of" enhancements over the pirate beta 
rsion that has been floating around BBS's 
a "public domain" Item. Many clubs put 
the game in their software libraries, not 
knowing it was not PD. First it was 

game from ORIGIN SYSTEMS, is said not to 
run on INDUS or ICD DOUBLER equipped ATARI 
1050 disk drives due to a new copy 
protection scheme. More and more, these are 
turning into USE protection schemes. 
Hardware-specific software is a growing 
trend- be sure you get a return privilege 
from a reputable dealer to protect 

NATIONAL REVIEW magazine, July 3, 1907: 

"Soviet fad for personal computers Is 
wearing off. Problems: the machines are 
lousy, and the Soviets forgot to make 
software. Exception: CHess champ Gary 
Kasparov donated 26 ATARI 130's to the 
KOMYUTER youth club," Anybody plan to 
follow up and see if the Iron Curtain will 

HAPPY for the ST? Yes, but not yet. 
Word has It that a CART version of a HAPPY 
software package will be released for the 
ST that will allow a "photocopy" of any 
disk.,, ANY DISK... ANY FORMAT ,. , to be 
made in an St. Yes, AMIGA, PC, ANYTHING. 
So u n d s interesting! Just more proof that 
e ATARI is the machine that can be 
,YTH ING if it tries. 


Taken in part from Z MAG 66 for Aug, 1 S 7 

The NEW Express BBS, .By: Keith 
Ledbetter-< BBS Express! Prof es s ional> 
-Since everyone seems to be asking me all 
the time what the new version of BBS 
Express! is going to be like, I thought I'd 
throw together a little overview of the new 
system. First, let's talk about the 
upgrade. This upgrade is for the *850 
VERSION* of the BBS first, and is being 
called 1 BBS Express! Professional', This 
version is targeted at the serious, 
big-system Sysop, Also, this upgrade will 
ONLY run on Spartados 3.2x or greater. 
TDLINE and ZHAND must be installed. This 
means that the RTIME 8 is fully supported 
(along with SpartaDOS's * internal 1 software 
clock if you don't have an RTIme 8 
cartridge). What do I mean by 'big-system 1 ? 
Well, the MOST important thing with BBS 
Express! professional is that you have a 
RAMDISK, since every command (and I mean 
* E V E R Y * command -- even AS C 1 1 / A T AS C 1 1 
toggle!) is an 'external command', and must 
be loaded from a disk. Without a RAMdisk or 
a Hard Disk to load these commands from, 
the BBS is going to be painfully slow (you 
might be able to survive with a US 
Doubler 'ed 1050 in high speed). With a 
ramdisk or Hard Disk, all commands load 
almost instantaneously. Now, don't get me 
wrong — you don't HAVE to have a large 
ramdisk or a Hard Disk to run BBS Express! 
Pro, but it is highly recommended because 
of slow floppy disk access times. BBS 
Express! Pro Is written in 100% machine 
language. The main 'shell* of the BBS sits 
in memory from $3000 — $6000. This shell 
contains common routines that are accessed 
a lot by the external, chained programs 
(such as the routines to display strings to 
the modem, get input from the modem, view 
text files, etc) . Also, there are system 
vectors that you machine-language- 
programming sysops can use to access these 
shell commands to easily and quickly write 
your own commands ! All of the 'external 
commands' (such as the message base 
processor, the call-f or-sysop command, the 
browse downloads command, etc) are loaded 
into memory at $6000 when they are needed. 
The beauty in this type of a system is that 
we are now no longer limited by the 
machine's memory space. Each external 
command can be up to 16K In length (larger 
than just about any DOS you'll ever 
run ! ) , The BBS is currently about 1 month 
(maybe) away from going into full BETA 
test, (the primary Beta Test site will be 
MOUSE BBS 219-674-9288) and hopefully a 
long BETA-test period will not be needed., , 
(you haven't really lived until you write a 
fully threaded message base processor in 
machine language! yuk!). Another nice 
feature of the 'modularized layout 1 is that 
if there happens to be a bug in one of the 
external commands, only THAT command has to 
be changed. This sure makes it convenient 
for putting updated or modified commands in 
the download section of the support BBS. 
OK, enough of this garbage, you say? You 


want to know What it CAN DO! ?! 7 Wall, 
here's a list of the currently in and 
proposed functions. Don't hold me to all of 
these; like I said, some are currently in, 
and others in this list are pure blue-sky 
and may not be out in the INITIAL release. 
But, then again, they can easily be written 
later as modules, put on the support BBS, 
and be downloaded by you. You would then 
just add the letter of the command to 
invoke the new module to your ‘command 
table definition 1 , and you now have a new 
command ! *The ones marked below with an **' 
will DEFINITELY be in the initial release. 
Those marked with an are planned to be 

initially released or be available for 
download sometime after the initial 
release . 

* 40 and 80 column support, along with 
separate AT AS C 1 1 / AS C 1 1 menu file areas. 

* 300/1200/2400/9600 baud support. The 9600 
is really sort of a fluke, but it ‘s there 
anyway. If ANYONE ever tells you that their 
8-bit Atari program can support full 9600 
baud, you tell them that I said they are 
full of.... well, never mind. 

* Fully threaded message bases fsee 
replies, reply, follow thread, etc) . 

* You can edit messages you previously 
posted . 

- Certain messages can be 'locked 1 by the 
SysOp so that they will not be deleted by 
the 'automatic deletion 1 portion of the 
message base processor. 

* Up to 32 different message bases, each 

one having up to 250 4000-byte 

messages . 

* File browsing by the mask you enter (such 

as or 1 * . COM ’ , etc). Identical to 

the ST version of the BBS. 

* More download files??? How about 
516, 128 possible download files? That 
should make even Mr. Z happy] The BBS has 
32 possible ’file S I G areas', each one 
allowing up to 16,129 files]] 

* Download files now use the entire 8 
character name and 3 char extender, 

* Full file descriptions on each download 
file. Each file can have a description of 
up to 240 characters, 

* Standard XModem, CRC XModem, and YMGDEM 
support , 

* FOIL on-line user editor that can be 
accessed either from on-line or from 

the 'waiting for call' screen, 

* Each user has 320 ’security flags' that 
you can turn on or off to control 
virtually every action they can take. These 
flags control such things as : J Which message 
bases can this user READ ' ‘Which message 
bases can this user POST on 4 'Which file 
areas can this user access' Incredibly easy 
to set up a user to have full sysop levels 
on one message base, but absolutely NO 
power on any other. Great for assigning 
co-sysops to different areas of your BBS. 

- Op to 32 trackable surveys, each one 
having an unlimited (only by disk space) 
number of questions. 

* Fully functional 'DOS Command' area that 

allows the following commands 
(available from on-line or waiting-f or-call 
screen) : 

DIR - disk directory ERASE - erase file**) 
CHAT - turn chat mode on /off 
CREDIR - create a subdirectory 
DELDIR - delete a subdirectory 
CWD - change working directory 
LOCK - lock a diskette 
UNLOCK - unlock a diskette 
PROTECT - protect a file 
UNPROTECT - unprotect a file 
AINIT - initialize a diskette 
CBKDSK - display disk statistics 
(free space, etc) 

TYPE - view a text file ? 

DIR - display current default 
subdirect ory 

UPLOADS - browse/validate new upload 

COPY - copy file(s) 

RENAME - rename file(s) 

TIME * set time 
DATE - set date 

- The following available from the 
’Waiting for Call 1 screen: 

* Full user editor 

* Enter DOS commands 

* Browse / Validate new Upload Files 

* Toggle chat mode on/off 

* 5 different 'logon' modes 

* Exit to DOS 

- Display today's call log 

- Pri nt / Delete today ' s call log 

- Terminal program 

- Change SYSDATA file definitions 

There are probably tons more things that I 
can't remember right now, I'm really 
excited about this version of the BBS 
because it is EXPANDABLE. Probably the best 
comparison I can think of is SpartaDOS; 
almost every command there is external. If 
you want a new command, you just put a new 
.COM file on your disk, right? Well, that's 
basically it with BBS Express] Pro, too. 
You put the new . CM D file on the drive, 
change your Command Table Definition to say 
something like 'key 1 2 ' will invoke the 
command file ADVENTUR.CMD', and that's all 
there is to it (there can be up to 35 
different commands invoked from the main 
Command: prompt) . 

Also, since there is no PROMPT. OBJ file in 
BBS Express! Pro, most of the source code 
for the external BBS commands will provided 
on the disk (in MAC/65 format). Should be 
no problem for you (or someone you know) to 
customize prompts to your liking. 

Have you got some other ideas you'd like to 
see included? Well, logon to Midnight 
Express] and leave a message In the 
'registered owners' section and I'll be 
sure to put them on the 'wish-list'. 

Now, about the time-tables. . .when?? 
that's really hard to say. This BBS versron 
is a MAJOR undertaking, and you all know 
how I feel about letting products out the 
door too soon (not to mention that 
it's being written only In my 'spare' time, 


f t-S ? -X /-X [j-S 0 

» 3fc¥-V 

whatever that is). There's nothing I hate 
more than a program being released with bugs 
in it, I think a reasonable date to shoot 
r would be around the first of next year, 
, those of you who are getting a little 
upset with some of the limits of the current 
version (especially the limited number of 
download files) — stay with us just a 
little bit longer. 

On a closing note I'd like to say 'thanks' 
to all of you who have supported both myself 
and Orion Micro Systems in the past by 
purchasing our BBS program, You have helped 
us prove that there is STILL some money to 
be made on the 8 bit Atari if you put out 
good products at fair prices. Take 
care, Keith Ledbetter 

JV T KV,\ * 30 Ob Modern , Direct Connect 

(Malta Offer) 

Mar.Apr )un Jul,Auo,Sap,Cu: iMov,Dgc '84 

,Fab,M ar,Apr,A\ ay Jun,)iit,Aug,Sap,Oci,Nov,0 
ec *85 

j an,Feb,M ar,Apr,M ayjunjul , Aug,Sap,Q c t , 
Nov, Dec '86 

Jan, Feb, Mar '87 (Antic $1,00 aach) 

Nov/Dce '83 

Jan,M ar,Apr Jun Jul,Ay3;5ap,Oct,Nov,Dcc '84 
JatbFab^M ar,Apr,M ay Jun Jul,Aug,Sep,Oc t,N ov,D 

ac '85 

Jars,Feb,Mar,Apr,M ayjun Jui,Aus,Sap,Oct,Nov,D 
ac '86 

Jan '87 (Analog $1,00 each) 

The A n alog Compendium 

1983 - list Price Vi. 95 (Compendium $5.00) 

ATAftl 'E'X'PlOSPEfts- 

February '85 
AprU/May '85 
Summer '85. 

Sepl/Oci. '86 
Nov/Dec '86 
W inter '86 
]an/Feb '87 
‘^ '•ina '87 
nmer '87 

(Explorer $1.00 each) 

All above call Tom Marvin 804-233-6155 

by Earl Nightingale(Heprinted from the 
N.A.C.E.C. i South Africa Newsletter , 
Jan- Feb, 1987) 

Here's a little story to test how good a 
thinker your are: Many years ago when a 
person who owed money could be thrown in 
jail, a merchant in London had the 
misfortune to owe a huge sum to a 
money-lender. The money-lender, who was old 
and ugly/ fancied the merchant's beautiful 
young daughter* He proposed a bargain. He 
said he would cancel the merchants debt if 
he could have the girl Instead, Both the 
merchant and his daughter were horrified at 
the proposal. So the cunning money-lender 
proposed that they let Providence decide 
the matter- He told them that he would put 
a black pebble and a white pebble into an 
empty money-bag and then the girl would 
pick out one of the pebbles. If she chose 
the black pebble she would become his wife 
and her father's debt would be cancelled. 
If she chose the white pebble she would 
stay with her father and the debt would 
still be cancelled, but if she refused to 
pick out a pebble her father would be 
thrown Into jail and she would 
starve. Reluctantly the merchant agreed. 
They were standing on a pebble-strewn path 
In the merchants garden as they talked and 
the money-lender stooped down to pick up 
the two pebbles. As he did, the* girl, 
sharp-eyed with fright, noticed that he 
pickup up two black pebbles and put them 
into the money-bag. He then asked the girl 
to pick out the pebble that was to decide 
her fate and the fate of her father. 
Imagine that you are standing on the path 
in the merchant's garden. What would you 
have done if you had been the girl? If you 
had to advise her what would you have 
adviser her to do?What type of thinking 
would you use to solve the problem? You may 
think that careful logical analysis must 
solve the problem If there Is a solution. 
This type of thinking is straightforward 
vertical thinking. The other type of 
thinking is lateral thinking. Vertical 
thinkers are usually not much help to a 
girl in this situation. The way they 
analyze it, there are three 
possibilities:!) The girl should refuse to 
take a pebble,?) The girl should show that 
there are two black pebbles in the bag and 
expose the money-lender as a cheat, 3) The 
girl should take a black pebble and 
sacrifice herself in order to save her 
father from prison. None of these 
suggestions is very helpful, for if the 
girl does take a pebble then she has to 
marry the money-lender. If not, her father 
goes to prison. The girl in the story put 
her hand into the money-bag and drew out a 
pebble. Without looking at it she fumbled 
and let if fall to the path where it was 
immediately lost among all the others, "Oh, 
how clumsy of me", she said, "But never 
mind — if you look into the bag you will be 
able to tell which pebble I took by the 



Taken in part from Z MAGAZINE 65 

August 7, 29fl7 [c)1987 Syndicate 


Permission is granted to reprint only if 
the following copyright and credit is 
given, (c) 1987 Leo Newman/EMAG 

Hey alii What another article from me in 
the same issue of ZMAG7 This one is just 
for chuckles, I hope you enjoy it* No doubt 
you have figured out by now that I do not 
make a living off the Oasis BBS Systeml So 
what does Leo Newman do for a living, well 
folks I am one of those guys all the TV 
shows make fun of* Have you ever wanted to 
spend a nice boring evening at home, then 
call an insurance agent out to your house. 
Well that's how I make my living, I am and 
have been an insurance agent for the past 
14 years . 

The following are actual statements that 
have been collected over those many years , 
They are statements found on actual 
insurance claim forms where car drivers had 
attempted to summarize the details of an 
auto accident in the fewest words possible. 
The instance of faulty writing serve to 
confirm that even incompetent writing may 
be highly humorous, I hope you enjoy, 
-Coming home, I drove into the wrong house 
and collided with a tree I don't have* 

-The other car collided with mine without 
giving warning of its intentions, 

-I thought my window was down, but I found 
out it was up when I put my head through 
it . 

- I collided with a stopped truck coming the 
other way, 

-A truck backed thru my windshield int. .y 
wife's face, 

-The guy was all over the road, I had to 
swerve a number of times before I hit him. 
-I pulled away from the side of the road/ 
glanced at my mother-in-law and headed 
over the embankment, 

-In my attempt to kill a fly, I drove into 
a telephone pole, 

-I had been shopping for plants all day and 
was on my way home. As I reached an 
intersection, a hedge sprang up, obscuring 
my vision and I didn't see the car, 

-I was on my way to the Doctor with rear 
end trouble when my universal joint gave 
way, causing me to have an accident , 

-My car was legally parked, as it backed 
into the other auto, 

** I had been driving for 40 years when I 
fell asleep at the wheel and had an 
accident . -The pedestrian had no idea which 
direction to run, so I ran over him, 

-A pedestrian hit me and went under my car, 
-I was sure the old fellow would never make 
It to the other side of he road when I 
struck him, 

-I saw a slow moving, sad faced old 
gentleman, as he bounced off the roof of 


AVATEX 2400 MODEM $23000 

AVATEX 1200HC MODEM..., $11000 



CHIPMUNK $24.95 


NEWELL 256KXL....$49.95 

MAXELL 3.5" SSDD DISK $10.99 






VOICE ORDERS 804-379-1935 9-5 EST 

**.****** COMPANY POLICY ********** 



ra n 


£ 7 * f*5 

ejBLrg Lsufiim 


@ id 

my car, 

•An invisible car came out of nowhere, 
struck my car, and vanished, 

~ told the police I was not injured, but 
removing my hat, I found that I had a 
fractured skull, 

•The indirect cause of the accident was a 
little guy with a big mouth. 

-I was thrown from my car as it left the 
road. I was found in a ditch by some stray 
cows . 

•To avoid hitting the bumper of the car in 
front, I struck the pedestrian. 

-The telephone pole was approaching, I was 
attempting to swerve out of its way, when 
it struck the front end, 

-As 1 approached the intersection, a sign 
suddenly appeared in a place where no stop 
sign ever appeared before . I was unable to 
stop in time to avoid the accident. 

dated about 8/7/87 

(Taken in part, the most iraprot ant 1 1 
< [Mike Ferrara] STX-PRERSS>I have ONE 
question* Where's the BLITTER? ? ! ? ! 

<NHARR I S > Well, they seem to be coming in 
the Mega ST's — there's one on Darryl j a 
desk & another on Mark's do any of you 
folks know when it's coming as an upgrade? 

< [ <Jimbo8Atari ] JTITTSLER> I am not certain. 
< [Darryl 8 ATARI ] DMAY> My Mega with Blitter 
running right now. 

Andy Eddy] KIDX> Two quick ones: Has the 
rjega pricing been set? And what effect will 
the new Tandy PC-comps have on the Atari PC 

<NHARRI5> Yes, we've set the retail pricing 
on the Mega ST computers, the Mega ST2 will 
sell for $1699 with Monochrome, $1899 with 
RGB. The Mega ST4 is $2399 with mono, $2599 
with color. Please keep some things in mind 
regarding these prices -- 1, they are 

suggested list 2. we're improving dealer 
margins, so the numbers may seem a little 
high now 3, These are the numbers today, I 
really can't comment on the new Tandy 
systems until I know more about them. Jim, 
have you looked into them? 

{Ed. Skipping to the end:) 

<ERGABELER> Neil, does your new marketing 
plan exclude the small dealers, who have 
supported you thus far, from selling the 
m e g a s to their established clients? (Ed 
Note: Roland Gabarler of NOVATAR I IN D.C. 
with L$ Y in mind . ) 

<NH ARR I S> We don't exclude any current 
dealers per s e * , but to go after the 
business market, some will have to improve 
or be left behind. 

microdaf t 

19 Harbor Drive 

Lake Hopatcong, NJ 07849 

(201) 663-0202 

August 22, 1987 


Dear Atari User, 

Microdaft is proud to announce that we will 
be releasing a couple of very exciting new 
software programs for the Atari 8-bit 
computers . 

Dropzone and Solar Star bring arcade 
quality action, graphics, and sound to 
your Atari computer like you have never 
seen before. These superbly programmed 
masterpieces of intense action and dazzling 
graphics will make Dropzone and Solar Star 
instant Atari favorites. 

Dropzone will put you up against some of 
the most relentless aliens ever to hit a 
computer screen, as you attempt to rescue 
your men from the planet's deadly surface, 

In Solar Star, the computer that was 
designed to protect the solar grids now 
guards them with deadly force, and it is up 
to you to recover as many crystals from the 
lethal grids as possible . 

Look for our two page advertisement in the 
upcoming October issue of ANALOG Computing, 
and ask your favorite Atari dealer about 
Dropzone and Solar Star. 

Dropzone and Solar Star have a realease 
date of October 1, 1987, and will retail 
for only $24.95 each. 

Sincerely, Eli Tomlinson, President 


{Reprinted from ZMAG Issue #60, July 4th, 

DTACK BASIC is touted to be the fastest 
ST BASIC available today. A benchmark test 
between DTACK, GFA, Fast, and the newest ST 
BASIC showed DTACK BASIC to be the fastest 
by a substantial margin. The benchmark used 
was in an advertisement that appeared on 
page 45 of the May 1987 "ST Applications" 
magazine . 


Rumors abound on reasons why Epyx has 
practically refused to support the 8-bit 
line of Ataris. However, the folks at Epyx 
seem to be waking up to our cries. 
Apparently, many Atari users have mailed In 
letters to Epyx requesting {or maybe even 
demanding?) them to release several of 
their most popular titles such as 
"Destroyer 11 , "Summer Games II", "Winter 
Games", 11 World Games", and "Championship 
Wrestling". Keep those letters coming! J 

Send all requestes/demands to: 


SPYX, Inc. 

600 Galveston Drive 
Redwood City, CA 94063 


E.RJ.S.P. BdiaU 

mB Sate due. 
Richmond, (la . 


9 m*Tm riv-uow mui *jppob t moafutM 

S. L.C.C, 

P.D. Box 1506 
San Leandro, Cft.