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Full text of "Archimedean - Issue 10 (1994)(Computer Concepts)(GB)"

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Impression Publisher, MacFS, LaserDirect HiRes, Impression Style, JPEG & PhotoCD 
loaders, Canon BJC-600 colour printer. Impression borders disc. Compression, 
Canon BJ-200 printer, Equasor, ColourCard Gold, Canon BJ-230 printer, 
Artworks, ScanLight 256, Pioneer 604X CD player, ClipArt CD, Eagle, 
AudioWorks, ScanLight Video, MidiMax, WordWorks, ArtWorks CD, 
ScanLight Professional, TurboDrivers, Impression Publisher, MacFS, Laser- 
Direct LHiRes, Impression Style, JPEG & PhotoCD loaders, Canon BJC-600 
colour printer. Impression borders disc. Compression, Canon BJ-200 
printer, Equasor, ColourCard Gold, Canon BJ-230 printer, ArtWorks, 
ScanLight 256, Pioneer 604X CD player, ClipArt CD, Eagle, Audio- 
Works, ScanLight Video, MidiMax, WordWorks, ArtWorks CD, 
ScanLight Professional, TurboDrivers, Impression Publisher, MacFS, 
LaserDirect HiRes, Impression Style, JPEG & PhotoCD loaders. Canon 
BJC-600 colour printer. Impression borders disc. Compression, 
Canon BJ-200 printer, Equasor, ColourCard Gold, Canon BJ-230 
printer, ArtWorks, ScanLight 256, Pioneer 604X CD player, 
ClipArt CD, Eagle, AudioWorks, ScanLight Video, MidiMax, 
WordWorks, ArtWorks CD, ScanLight Professional, Turbo- 
Drivers, Impression Publisher, MacFS, LaserDirect FHiRes, 
Impression Style, JPEG & PhotoCD loaders. Canon BJC-600 
colour printer. Impression borders disc. Compression, Canon 
BJ-200 printer, Equasor, ColourCard Gold, Canon BJ-230 
printer, ArtWorks, ScanLight 256, Pioneer 604X CD 
player, ClipArt CD, Eagle, AudioWorks, ScanLight Video, 
MidiMax, WordWorks, ArtWorks CD, ScanLight Profes- 
sional, TurboDrivers, Impression Publisher, MacFS, 
LaserDirect FHiRes, Impression Style, JPEG & PhotoCD 
loaders. Canon BJC-600 colour printer. Impression 
borders disc. Compression, Canon BJ-200 printer, 
Equasor, ColourCard Gold, Canon BJ-230 printer, 
ArtWorks, ScanLight 256, Pioneer 604X CD 
player, ClipArt CD, Eagle, AudioWorks, ScanLight 
Video, MidiMax, WordWorks, ArtWorks CD, 
ScanLight Professional, TurboDrivers, Impression 
Publisher, MacFS, LaserDirect HiRes, Impression 
Style, JPEG & PhotoCD loaders. Canon BJC- 
600 colour printer. Impression borders disc. 
Compression, Canon BJ-200 printer, Equasor, 
ColourCard Gold, Canon BJ-230 printer, 
ArtWorks, ScanLight 256, Pioneer 604X 
CD player, ClipArt CD, Eagle, Audio- 
Works, ScanLight Video, MidiMax, 
WordWorks, ArtWorks CD, ScanLight 
Professional, TurboDrivers, Impression 
Publisher, MacFS, LaserDirect HiRes, 
Impression Style, JPEG & PhotoCD 
loaders. Canon BJC-600 colour 
printer. Impression borders disc. 
Compression, Canon BJ-200 
printer, Equasor, ColourCard 
Gold, Canon BJ-230 printer, 
ArtWorks, ScanLight 256, 
Pioneer 604X CD player, 
ClipArt CD, Eagle, Audio- 
Works, ScanLight Video, 
MidiMax, WordWorks, 
ArtWorks CD, Scan- 
Light Professional, 

Impression Publisher 



The Acorn Rise PC is finally 


New magazine for Acorn DTP 
users, Email hotline, Wild Vision get 
technical, Musketeer software 
bundle, bargain offers, Midi Max, 
Graphics tablets, price reductions 
on colour printers, diary dates. 


Larl< 16-bit sound card 

Canon 800dpi A4 colour scanner 


Impression Publisher Plus 

Rise PC compatibility 


Movie Magic MPEG card 

TV Tuner 

TurboDrivers and network spoolers 


Creating cut-outs in Artworks. 


A full list of all our products with 
prices and latest version numbers. 


This issue of The Archimedean was created entirely 

in Iinpression Publisher, using an Acorn Rise PC600 

with 10Mb RAM and a 200Mb hard disc. All 

proofing and layout checks were output on a BJC- 
600. Final negative film was created from PostScript 

output files through a Linotronic 300 imagesetter. 

© 1994 Computer Concepts Ltd 

The Archimedean is issued free of charge to 

registered owners of Computer Concepts' 

Archimedes products. 

The Rise PC is finally with us, so what does it 
mean for Computer Concepts? 


Computer Concepts Ltd 

Gaddesden Place, Hemel Hempstead, Herts. HP2 6EX 

Tel 01442 63933 Fax 01442 231632 


The new Rise PCs from Acorn 
remove the two most serious 
factors limiting previous 
Acorn computers from competing in 
the world of professional desk top 
publishing, namely RAM restrictions 
and video quality. While it is still 
perfectly possible to create very com- 
plex DTP documents on the old 
machines, there is no doubt that it is 
pushing them to the limits. 

Of course Impression Publisher can 
handle 24 bit colour even on older 
machines, and add-ons like Colour- 
Card provide a half-way house 
towards the screen capabilities of the 
new machines. So you can create 
magazines like the Archimedean on 
older Acorn hardware, but there's no 
doubt that it's even easier and 
quicker using a Rise PC. 

No computer is perfect. There are 
some annoying omissions. The oper- 
ating system has had only a super- 
ficial update, when there are a dozen 
or more, often relatively minor, 
changes that could have been made 
that would have significantly 
improved the usability of the desk- 
top. Things like long filenames. To 
implement this feature 'cleanly' 
would require major work. But there 
are other ways to implement this 
feature, which may be more of a 
'bodge', but that in practice would be 
perfectly acceptable, and backwards 

Previews appearing in the press of 
the_ next version of Windows reveal 
that it does provide long filenames, 
and does so on top of DOS, which 
shows it is perfectly feasible. Propor- 
tional scroll bars, solid window 
dragging, pop-up menus, an icon bar 
and anti-aliased fonts have all been 
seen on versions of Windows. OK, 
Acorn may have plans to improve 

Rise OS, and Windows 95 isn't 
around yet, but Acorn have to keep 
on the ball. 

Overall the new computers are com- 
petitive with the alternatives around. 
To be merely competitive sounds a 
bit feeble, but in fact, given the rate 
of change in this industry, it is an 
amazing feat. Acorn still have an up- 
hill struggle persuading new cus- 
tomers that the Acorn solution is best. 
However the plain fact is that for 
existing Acorn users there is now a 
machine that will truly stand up 
against the very best of the alterna- 
tives - Pentiums and PowerMacs. 
Using a RiscPC with our products, we 
can still impress the hell out of even 
the most die-hard Mac or PC user. 

As far as compatibility is concerned 
there are few problems. Much of our 
older software and hardware was not 
fully compatible with the new 
machines. However we have created 
new versions, where needed, of all 
our key products. There is an article 
covering the compatibility issue in 
more detail later in this magazine. 

Other new products covered in this 
issue include the new Formulix math- 
ematical formula editor, the Lark 16- 
bit sound expansion card, the latest 
addition to the Impression range and 
the TV Tuner. 

Finally, one of the most exciting 
developments is our Movie Magic 
MPEG board for the Rise PC. This has 
been designed in association with 
Online Media, who use similar tech- 
nology in their Set Top Box. 

All these and more can be seen on 
our stand at Acorn World - •we hope 
to see you there; Wembley Exhibition 
Centre, Stand 110 and 112, October 


Spread the word 

The increasing interest in DTP on Acorn computer systems has led to the 
launch of a new magazine. The aptly titled Acorn Publisher is a subscrip- 
tion only journal and is intended to provide information on all aspects of 
publishing on Archimedes and Rise PC platforms. 

The stated aim of the publishers is to cater for everyone, be they absolute 
beginners or seasoned professionals. Future issues are expected to 
include news, features and reviews, as well as practical, on-going 
workshops concentrating on graphic design and printing technology. 

The magazine will be published by Akalat Publishing, six times a year and 
costs £24.95 for a full year's subscription in Britain, the Channel Islands, 
Northern Ireland and BFPO. 

CC are not involved in the venture in any way, but it sounds interesting - 
more details are available from Akalat Publishing, PO Box 231 , Barton, 
Bedford. MK45 4HQ. Tel./Fax. 01582 881614. 

Home shopping 

VnluiiK'l Issue 1 1 ' 





It"""- \ 



— * 1 

\ Hi 

Design & 

V , 





, y^ 


Mulli media 

24 Bit 



-• ijMpi 




Those with access to electronic mail (or Email) can now contact 
Computer Concepts directly for technical information and advice. 
Orders can be made via Email by anyone with a credit card, ensuring a 
swift response. (Please quote your credit card number and its expiry 
date.) There is no facility for upgrades via Email, but registered 
customers can request them to be sent via ordinary post. 

If you wish to receive information, then use the address 
'info@cconcepts'. A single word in the 'Subject' field will 
provide the user with more specific information ie. versions lists new 
versions and upgrades, hardware gives details of current hardware, and 
software Msts Current software products. 

Orders should be directed to 'Sales@cconcepts . co . uk' and technical support and queries should 
be sent to ''. Please note that upgrades are only available to registered 
owners of Computer Concepts and Wild Vision products and that existing customers should always 
quote their software serial number where relevant. 

Wild Vision get technical 

Following the link up between Computer Concepts and Wild Vision last year, 
Computer Concepts have now taken on board all the marketing and sales 
duties for their sister company. 

This now means that Wild Vision are free to concentrate on new hardware 
projects without the hassle of managing the administration side of things. This 
in turn should speed up the development of any new designs and enable 
deadlines to be reached with increased accuracy. 

Wild Vision will continue to give technical support to owners of Wild Vision 
products and they can be contacted at 15 Witney Way, Boldon Business Park, 
Boldon Colliery, Tyne & Wear, NE32 9PE. Tel. 0191 519 1455. Telephone support is 
offered between 12.00-4.30 pm Monday to Thursday and 12.00-2.00 pm on Friday. 



Bargains galore 

Three for one 

Computer Concepts, Clares and lota have got together to create a 
bundle of some of the best pieces of software for Acorn RISC 
computers in their class. The imaginatively titled Musketeer pack 
includes the latest versions of Impression Style, Schema 2 and 
Datapower, and is intended as a direct upgrade for Acorn Advance. 

The normal price for the three software packages on their own 
would be £385 + VAT, but they can now be purchased for only £249 
+VAT, a saving of over £150. Registered owners of Acorn Advance 
can buy the Musketeer pack for £199 + VAT, making it an ideal way 
to upgrade their system. 

The Musketeer Pack will be on sale at the forthcoming Acorn 
World Show at Wembley, but can also be obtained directly from 
lota Software at lota Software Ltd, lota House, Wellington Court, 
Cambridge. CB1 1HZ. Tel. 01223 566789. Fax. 01223 566788. 

If you're stuck for space with your A3000, or need to add a 
genlock board to your computor, then now is the time to take 
advantage of two special deals. 

The A3000 Expansion box can house up to three half-width, or 
two full-width expansion cards, vastly increasing the versatility of 
your computer. The box adheres to the MEMC data rate, making 
it ideal for expansion cards that require fast access across the 
podule bus, such as LaserDirect. 

The Expansion box has been reduced in cost from £139 + VAT 

to only £99 -i- VAT whilst stocks last. It includes a 12V power 

supply designed specifically for cards whose power requirements are not met by the A3000. Fitting instructions and a 

utility disc are included in the price. 

Wild Vision's series of Chroma Genlock boards provide facilities for mixing computer output with any composite PAL 
video source. There are many uses for the cards including presentations and promotional videos. Computer 
animation can be incorporated into live video opening up a whole world of possibilities. All versions of the Chroma 
Genlock board are down from £249 + VAT to only £149 + VAT. 


MIDIMax is a single width MIDI expansion card, designed to 
provide a stand alone MIDI solution at a low price. It can be 
connected to a wide range of compatible equipment, including 
drum machines, keyboards, synthesizers and sequencers. The 
software is licensed from Acorn and can be used with all RISC OS 
applications such as Serenade and Rhapsody (see left). 

The card is fitted with the usual MIDI In, Out and Thru connectors, 
plus a second Out connector to simplify the connection of multiple 
interfaces. Full driver software is included and the complete 
bundle costs £69 (£88.12 inc. VAT & carriage). 



Fine Art 

Although Artworks is one of the easiest drawing packages to use, the 
mouse is by no means an ideal input-tool and can often stifle the artist's 
creative flow. Those who wish to draw more naturally can now do so 
using the newly launched ArtPad from Wacom. 

The ArtPad is an A6 graphics tablet than plugs into the computer via the 
serial port, making it an ideal option for all types of Archimedes. The pad 
is completely pressure-sensitive which allows the user to treat it just like 
a traditional writing instrument. 

Special pressure-sensitive drivers for the ArtPad and other Wacom 
tablets will be available shortly from Computer Concepts and allow them 
to be used with many packages such as Photodesk, DA Picture and 
Studio24. A new tool is also available for Artworks which allows 
freehand drawing with precise control of the line thickness. 

Prices for the graphics tablets with drivers start at less than E200+VAT for the A6 ArtPad. Larger tablets are available 
- an A5 tablet costs E399+VAT and an A4 tablet £549+ VAT. Special bundles consisting of Spacetech's Photodesk, 
the Eesox Artworks Pressure Tool and any one of the three tablets will also be available. 

Cheaper colour 

As from October 1st, the Canon BJC-600 is reduced by £80 to only £389 + £10 p&p + VAT. This means that full 24-bit 
colour printing is more affordable than ever. The BJC-600 is an A4 printer that connects to the computer via the 
standard parallel port. TurboDrivers are included in the deal to ensure optimum performance and quality. 

Diary dates 

Computer Concepts will be attending the following events so, as they say, book now to avoid disappointment. 

14th- 15th October 

22nd October 
28th-30th October 
5th November 

6th November 

11th-12th November 

18th-19th November 

20th November 

Acorn Open Days with Minerva at the Rougemont Hotel, Queen Street, Exeter. Friday (10 - 
7pm) Is education and Saturday (10-4pm) consumer. Details from Minerva on 01392 410137. 

Sharbrook Autumn Show in Taunton. 10-4 pm, open to everyone. Details on 01823 665001. 

Acorn World Show. Stand 1 10 & 1 12, Wembley Exhibition Centre. 

Acorn Open day with Alsystems at The Windmill, Winchester Road, Four Marks, Alton, 
Hants. 1 - 4 pm open to everyone. More details from Alsystems on 01 420 561 1 1 1 . 

Acorn Open Day at The Riverside Centre, The Quay, Newport, Isle of Wight. 10-4 pm. 
Details on 01983 822209, 

Acorn Open Day with LMR at 2 North parade, Norris Road, Sale, Cheshire, M33 3JS. 

Times 3-8 pm on Friday, 10-pm on Saturday. For more details contact LMR on 0161 962 8872. 

Arm Club Show with Mauden Sales at St Mary's Activity Centre, Gorge Road, Sedgeley, West Midlands. 
10 - 4pm. More details from Mauden on 01384 833300. 

Acorn Open Day with Selective Computers at The Kegworth Hotel, Packington Hill, Kegworth, 
Derbyshire. 10 - 5pm. Open to everyone. More details from Selective on 01332 690691. 

Details are correct on 1st September 1994 but may be subject to change. Please check with organisers (numbers given). 


Please let us know immediately if there is a mistake in your name/address on this issue, or if you have 
received duplicate copies of Archimedean. This will help us to speed up delivery and keep costs down. 


When Computer Concepts 
brought out the Colour 
Card Gold, they set a new 
standard in graphics capability and 
performance. Now they have done 
the same for another field of hard- 
ware: the recently launched Lark 
expansion card gives Acorn owners 
the opportunity to exploit high qual- 
ity digital sound to an extent that 
matches, and in some cases exceeds 
that available on other platforms, and 
even professional systems. 

When the Archimedes 300 series was 
first launched, its sound system was 
considered state of the art, offering 
21kHz stereo sound. Whilst its sound 
system was fundamentally only 8 bit, 
a clever technique called 'logarithmic 
sampling' allowed it to achieve far 
better quality than its competitors. 

As technology has progressed, 
however, this specification has fallen 
behind the leading edge. With the 
increasing demand for multimedia 
products. Computer Concepts real- 
ised that users required higher 

Sound Advice 




.if'tPas^? 22kH2 

both sound and graphics capabilities, 
the features of this card were covered 
extensively in the last issue of the 

Audio Works is a fully fledged sample 
editor that gives 
the user power- 
ful tools with 
which to 
sound samples 
(see left). 

Midi Max (see 
the news sec- 
tion) allows the 
Acorn owner 
access to MIDI 
at a previously 
unheard of 
level of perfor- 
mance and 

quality, more flexibility and better 
functionality - perhaps most impor- 
tantly the ability to record sound on 
their computers. In close association 
with Wild Vision, Computer 
Concepts developed four products to 
remedy this situation. 

The first of these was the Eagle M2 
multimedia expansion card. Offering 

The Lark 

Finally, the Lark expansion card is 
aimed both at the audio and compu- 
ter music enthusiast, and at those 
needing high quality digital sound for 
semi-professional and professional 
uses. It offers both 16 bit audio sam- 
pling and playback, as well as a full 
functioned MIDI port. Stereo line- 

level input and output are provided 
as standard, so the card can be con- 
nected to a HiFi, external amplifier or 
tape recorder. The user may also 
connect headphones, a microphone 
and has the option to use the internal 
speaker for sound output as well. 

The card is bundled with the Audio- 
Works sample manipulation package 
so the user can exploit the power of 
the card to the full. 

Sound sampling 

The Lark provides 14 sample rates 
from 5.5kHz to 48kHz allowing the 
user to perform 1 6-bit mono or stereo 
sound sampling at an unparalleled 
level of quality and versatility. 

Sampling can be done either in the 
background with real time on-screen 
update of the waveform display as 
the sample is captured, or straight to 
a disk file. With the latter option, you 
may record a sample which is many 
times the size of memory. 

Once the sampling has been per- 
formed, AudioWorks can be used 
both to perform simple edits (such as 
cutting out unwanted sections or 
altering the volume), or to add com- 
plex effects (see below). 



Recorded sounds are ciystal clear 
and their quality is comparable to 
that of CD or DAT - indeed the sam- 
ple rates ('which play a great part in 
determining the fidelity of the sound) 
of both of these two recording media 
are also offered by the Lark. 

... and playback too! 

Whilst recording sound is obviously 
useful, the Lark would not be nearly 
such a valuable addition to an Acorn 
machine if it did not offer the ability 
to replay the sound at the quality at 
"which it was recorded. 

Although, using AudioWorks, sam- 
ples can be played back through the 
internal 8 bit sound system, owners 
of the Lark can also exploit its high 
quality sound output system to play 
back up to 16 channels of 
professional-quality sound. 

The difference in sound quality 
should be instantly apparent to most 
users. Techniques borrowed from the 
world of HiFi design were used to 
minimise the distortion and noise 
present on the sound output, and the 
higher sampling rates available 

ilL- . 



(again, up to 48kH2) and the true 
sixteen bit stereo sound system all 
add up to produce a quality of sound 
output that Acorn owners have never 
before experienced. 


provides a col- 
lection of tools 
and effects that 
can be used to 
edit and 
captured or 
sound samples. 
These range 
from simple - 
such as crop- 
ping and 

splicing different portions of sound, 
to complex effects such as ramping, 
pitch and amplitude bends and echo. 
It can simultaneously manipulate and 
play back as many samples as 
memory and hardware will allow. It 
even provides a real time spectrum 
analyser and oscilloscope, as well as 
control over the Lark's many sam- 
pling and playback options. 


Those familiar with the world of 
computer controlled music cannot 
have failed to appreciate the impor- 
tance of 
MIDI to any 
system. It is 
a standard 
system by 

devices such 
as synthe- 
sizers, drum 

can be 

Thus the 
Lark's MIDI 
port pro- 
vides the 
ideal way of giving full control over 
any MIDI device attached to it. 'In', 
'Out' and 'Thru' connectors are all 
provided. The card is fully Acorn 
compatible, so sequencer software 

Re sample 

^ "Riis sample ^ SeiecSon 
J fS samples (S Whole sample 

Delay i j 0g5 | seconiis 

Aaenuation j j 75 | % 

y Exiend sample 


» f*' .^J^ 

such as Clares' Serenade can be used 
both to capture MIDI data from a 
keyboard attached to the card, and 
also to replay edited tracks to instru- 
ments attached. 

In addition, the Lark card can be 
controlled from a separate Midi key- 
board, with any sound held in the 
computer's memory being used as 
the 'in.stmment'. 

The ultimate in sound cards 

The Lark is designed for use with all 
computers in Acorn's 32-bit range 
that are capable of taking a single 
width podule. You will, however, 
require an ARM 3 (or better) and at 
least 4MB of memory to use sound 
playback. The new, more powerful 
Rise PC range are better able to 
exploit the full functionality of the 
Lark, but the faster and more power- 
ful your machine is, the more you 
will be able to take advantage of its 
flexible features. 

For only £199 (±233.83 inc.VAT) you 
can transform your computer into a 
digital a.udio system offering facilities 
that would not be out of place in a 
modern studio. It is the only expan- 
sion card of its kind that provides 
both l6-bit recording and playback, 
as well as a full specification Midi 
port. AudioWorks is available on its 
own for ±49 +VAT (±57.57 inc.) - it 
can be used as a stand-alone appli- 
cation, without extra hardware. 


If you've just upgraded 
your computer with 
ColourCard Gold or 
perhaps you've just bought 
a new RiscPC, how are you 
going to make the most of 
all those extra colours? 

PhotoCD is one answer but 
you still require a CD-ROM 
drive and the time it takes 
to get a picture from film to 
disc can be prohibitive. An 
alternative answer is a 
colour scanner. 

It is now possible to get an 
A4 scanner capable of pro- 
ducing 24-bit colour images 
at 800dpi resolution (and 
monochrome up to 1200 
dpi) for a relatively low 
cost. Such a scanner is 
Canon's IX-4015 which has now been 
taken on by Computer Concepts to 
provide a high-end solution to pro- 
fessional users. 

The Canon IX-4015 is fitted with a 
standard SCSI bus and will therefore 
connect to ariy Acorn RISC com- 
puter fitted with a suitable 
interface. Using the SCSI 
standard also means that the 
scanner is fast; a particularly 
important factor "when deadlines 
have to be met with speed and 

Picture this ... 

Canon's 800dpi colour scanner 

For those who not seen 
Photodesk in operation, 
here are a few of its more 
important features. 

• An airbrush, paintbrush, 
a magic wand and a useful 
set of drawing tools. 

• Full 24-bit colour sup- 
port. All images are held in 
memory as 24-bit colour 
data and any alterations 
are also carried out in the 
24-bit domain. 

• VirtLial memory. Images 
of any size can be edited 
without the need for vast 
amounts of memory in the 
host computer. 


with Pliotodesk 

Rather than supply an upgraded 
colour version of the existing Scan- 
Light software, Computer Concepts 
have selected Photodesk - 
Spacetech's photo retouching pack- 
age - as the best match for the Canon 

Canon have designed the IX- 
4015 to be a true desktop scan- 
ner, with a compact footprint 
and relatively light weight. 

• Complete Undo. Any 
number of mistakes can be back- 
stepped, even to the starting point of 

• Effects such as colouring, toning, 
masking which can be 'painted' on. 

• Special effects allow pictures 
to be manipulated in numerous 
ways. Examples include 
motion blur, cloning, smudge 
and smear. 


The Canon IX-4015 is supplied 
with all necessary cables and 
software in order to get it up and 
ranning, although a SCSI card must 
already be fitted to the host machine 
The package works on any Acorn 
RISC computer with RISC OS 3.1 
although 4MBytes minimum is 
recommended. The hardware is 
covered by Canon's 12 month 



• Filters. Filters allow pictures 
to be processed in many ways 
including enhancing, contrast 
correction and histogram 

• OLE with Impression - 
making it easy to integrate 
and edit pictures within 

Its ability to work in 1 6-bit and 24-bit 
colour modes also means that it is an 
ideal choice for use with other Com- 
puter Concepts products such as 
ColourCard Gold. 

Recent reviews in the Acorn press 
suggest that Photodesk is one of the 
best picture manipulation packages 
available for Acorn RISC computers. 

• Compatible with the Wacom pres- 
sure sensitive tablets. 

ScanLight Professional Colour includ- 
ing the scanner, drivers, Photodesk 
and SCSI cable is available now for 
£749 + £10 p&p + VAT (£891.82 inc). 
Photodesk is also available separately 
from Computer Concepts for £169 + 
VAT (£198.58 inc.). 




The recent 'Worldwide Clip Art 
competition' has been an even 
greater success than the first 
competition we held last year. Loads 
of entries were submitted, causing 
the judging team many late nights. 

The prize for the overall winner is a 
Rise PC dcjnated by Archimedes 
World. After much consideration, this 
goes to D. Slaven for 
King Cup ( bottom 

Computer Concepts' 
staff voted for their 
favourite ArtWorks 
Entiy. They chose 
'Bourbon' (right.) by 
Grant Naylor who 
wins a Pioneer DRM- 
60 2X CD ROM drive. 

Runners Up Prizes 
for Artworks 
entries go tcj Trevor 
Shaw ('SnowScene'), 
Robert Merrifield ('Quay'), Hans 
Rijnen ('Cartoon', below). University 
of Warsaw ('LegoMen'), Dave Wilcox 
('Spaceships'), Alastair Brown 
C'ChromeLady'), Leonard Hickman 
('HisnHers'), Henk Huinen 
('IronHorse') and, for the second year 
running, Elaine Jones ('SnowQueen'). 

All receive any Computer Concepts 
software package of their choice, 
plus a year's subscription to Archi- 
medes World 
> magazine. 

y^l/ltt/V) CUp-Art CD 2 

The second 
ClipArt CD will 
be ready for the 
Acorn World Show. 
It includes the best 
of the Artworks entries 
from the clip art 

As well as the clipart, the CD 
also contains a large number of 24-bit 
sprites and TIFF images for use in art 
programs or desktop publishing. 

Art for ArtWork's sake ... 

Software Developers' Toolkit 

One of the most important features of 
Artworks, which is often overlooked 
by the user, is its modular design. If 
you use ArtWorks, you may have 
noticed that when it loads, it 
does so as a series of 
modules. These are the 
various tools available 
within Artworks that go to 
make up the Toolbox 

This approach means that it 
is relatively easy to add 
(and remove) features if 
necessary. If, for example, 
someone required a poly- 
gon generating tool, the 
appropriate modules and 
resources could be added simply 
to the Artworks application. 

Computer Concepts are keen to see 
third-party developers producing 
their own tools for ArtWorks and 
have designed a special program- 
mers' toolkit to facilitate this process. 
This consists of detailed information 
on the structure of ArtWorks 
modules, plus notes and actual code 
in order to design your own. 

There are already a number of 
modules that have been produced by 
third parties, and these include a tool 
to allow input drawing via a graphics 
tablet, plus a module for 'magnetic 
objects' allowing items to be snapped 
to any shape. 

Artworks vl.5 on CD 

Artworks vL5, the latest version of 
Computer Concepts' graphics illustra- 
tion program, is now available on 
compact disc. Whereas the program 
formerly occupied 15 floppy discs, it 
now comes complete on a single CD. 

Having everything on the one disc 
benefits the user greatly by simplify- 

ing the installation process as well as 
having all the outline fonts (220 in 
total) available at the same time. All 
fonts are supplied in both RISC OS 2 
and RISC OS 3 format. 

In addition, the CD version of Art- 
Works also contains the entire 
contents of the original ArtWorks 
Clip-Art CD 1, which would normally 
cost an additional ,£19 (£22.32 inc. 
VAT). Artworks CD costs £.169 
(£198.57 inc. "VAT) which is the same 
as the floppy disc-based version. 


Impression Publisher Plus is the 
third new version of hTipression 
to be released by Computer 
Concepts and represents many years 
of work, both in terms of develop- 
ment and programming. 

It contains all the features necessary 
to produce full colour, professional 
documents via one of the easiest user 
interfaces available on any computer 

Publisher Plus incorporates all the 
new features found in Publisher, 
such as irregular frames and 24-bit 
colour support, artd adds important 
things like OPI and EPS support. If 
you are serious about your desktop 
publishing then Publisher Plus will 
be an essential tool. 

NcAV features 

An enhanced word count option now 
provides information on the docu- 
ment, chapter and story. 

When you have a selected region the 
swap case function now lets you 
capitalise the start of sentences, capi- 
talise initial letters, change all text to 
upper case, change all text to lower 
case, or swap all letters. 

Printing pages with crop marks is 
now made easier by being able to 
alter the page origin of the docu- 
ment. Fine adjustments can be made 
via the print dialogue box to centre 
pages precisely to ensure any 
printers marks are displayed 

Publisher Plus 

Professional Desktop Publishing for 
Acorn RISC Computers 




""" ^^'pllB 

Colour plays an important part in 
Publisher Plus and colour handling 
has been extended to provide precise 
control over any shades you might 
use. Process, Spot and Tints 
are all supported, in much 
the same way as in ArtWorks. 
The three standard colour 
models are all supported 
namely RGB, CMYK and HSV 
(Hue, Saturation, Value). 

You can assign names to 
colours. This lets you use the 
same colour in several places 
in your document. Editing a 
named colour changes all 
occurrences of that colour in 
the document - in the same 
way as editing a style 
changes all text in that style. 

A new colour tool - included on the 
tool bar for instant access - provides 
you with a new colour picker, allow- 
ing you to create any shade (from a 
24-bit palette) you may need. 

New colour 


3 !5^ 

' I 84 I % 

^ Spot (8 Process _J Tim 

Overprint coJ our 



The default colour list includes a 
wide range of colours and and you 
can add further shades using the 
colour picker. Furthermore, colour 
definitions can be imported from 
ArtWorks allowing you to match 
colours in Publisher Plus against any 
of those used in any imported Art- 
Works graphic. 


OPI (Open Pre-Press Interface) is a 
standard system used by typesetters 
to enable high quality images to be 
used in documents. To use OPI, sim- 
ply take your images along to your 
typesetting bureau and they produce 
two scans; one low res and one high 
res. These files can be Apple Mac 
format (PICT) or PC format (TIFF) - 
Publisher Plus supports both formats. 

The low res image is then dropped 
into yovir document and can be 
scaled and cropped like any other 
picture. When it comes to typesetting 
the page, the typesetting bureau 
substiaites the high res image for the ^^ 
low res one. The obvious advantage 
of this is that the low res image takes 
up litde space and is therefore easier 
to work with. The finished result 
though, is of much higher quality. 

EPS and DCS 

Publisher Plus supports two new 
formats, common in the world of 
professional desktop publishing. EPS 
(or Encapsulated PostScript) is a 
general purpose picture file format 
and is used on PCs and Apple Mac 
computers. This makes it easier to 
transfer images from other systems to 
the Acorn platform. 

DCS (or Desktop Colour Separation) 
is a variant of EPS and is used by 
applications to hold pre-separated 
data. Most colour printing systems 
work by printing the image using 
four different inks - Cyan, Magenta, 
Yellow and Black (also known as the 
Key) - and DCS splits image files into .^^ 
four similar parts. 

Impression Publisher Plus is available 
now for £299 + VAT (£351.32 inc.) or 
as an upgrade for all registered 
owners of Impression Publisher for 
£130 + VAT (£.152.75 inc.). 




All new releases from Compu- 
ter Concepts since October 
last year have been designed 
to work with the new machines 
(although the Eagle card requires an 
upgrade) and in many cases take 
advantage of the new features. 

In particular hiipression Style and 
Publisher and Art Works version 1.5 
all take advantage of the new facili- 
ties, such as 16 and 24-bit screen 
modes. Upgrades for all the follow- 
ing products, where required, are 
available now. 

Printer spoolers 

We have been preparing a release of 
our AUN printer Spooler software for 
some time, but each time we get 
close to release Acorn introduce new 
products or new versions of IPrinters 
that affect our software (such as 
!Access, more recently IPrinters ver- 
sion 1.22 and now the Rise PC). 

Each of these has reciuired additional 
work and changes, in some cases to 
work around bugs that exist in the 
Acorn releases. It would be pointless 
making piecemeal releases and so we 
have decided to delay the release of 
the product until it can be made com- 
patible with all the above. 


Computer Concepts and 
the Acorn Rise PC 

We now hope to release AUN printer 
spoolers, that work with LaserDirect 
and TurboDrivers, before the end of 
October 1994. The new software 
should also be demonstrated at the 
Acorn World Show. 


We are only able to offer 
upgrades to registered cus- 
tomers (ie you should 
have returned your regis- 
tration card). Please return 
your disc 1 and quote your 
serial number when want- 
ing to upgrade and please 
make it absolutely clear 
which product and which 
version you are upgrading 
from, and that you require 
the upgrade for the new 
Acorn Rise PC. 

*' ScanLlght note: 

ScanLight Professional requires an 
Acorn compatible SCSI interface card. 
We are aware of compatibility prob- 
lems with older versions of the the 

scrftware on this card, but know that 
version 2.20 of CDFS and 1.10 of 
SCSIFS should work. Contact Acorn 
or your SCSI board manufacturer for 
more details. 

*- LaserDirect note: 

Early versions of the LaserDirect 4 
and 8 (pre-A5000 versions) may 
require an expansion board hard- 
ware upgrade. 


Compatibility status 

Price to upgrade to new version 

Impression II 

Upgrade to Impression Publisher 

£49 + £3 p&p + VAT (£61 .10 inc) 

Impression Junior 

Upgrade to Impression Style 

£49 + £3 p&p + VAT (£61 .10 inc) 


Upgrade to version 1 .5 

£ipi)0 + VAT (£1 1 .75 inc) 



^--iTatest version is 1 .04. Upgrade £1 1 .75 inc 



Latest version is 1.17. Upgrade £11.75 inc 


Upgrade to version 4.0 

£10.00 + VAT (£11.75 inc) 

ScanLight (all versions) 

Software upgrade to version 2.06 

£10.00 + VAT (£11.75 inc) *1 



Latest version is 1 .47. Upgrade £1 1 .75 inc 



i^'Catest version 1 .06. Upgrade £1 1 .75 inc 

LaserDirect HiRes 4 & 8 

Software upgrade to version 2.63 

£10.00 + VAT (£11.75 inc) *2 

LaserDirect Qume 

Not compatible 

No upgrade possible 


Not compatible 

No upgrade possible 


Not compatible (not needed) 

ScanLight Video Software 

Upgrade to version 2.06 

£1 0.00 + VAT (£1 1 .75 inc) (NYA) 

Eagle M2 

ScanLight upgrade to version 2.06 
TakeTwo upgrade 

and EPROM upgrade 

All 3 £17.00 + VAT (£19.97 inc) 

Pioneer CD ROM drive 


Latest version is 1 .00 



Latest version is 1 .03 

Graphics Loaders 


Latest Version is 1 .00 


Formulix is a brand new RISC 
OS application designed to 
make creating formula or equa- 
tions both quick and easy. It has 
been written to take advantage of the 
new features in RISC OS 3, and yet 
also works under RISC OS 2. It offers 
powerful features such as 
OLE (Object Link Embed- 
ding) for full integration with 
other Computer Concepts 
packages such as Impression 
Style and Publisher. 









§ S 

a -O 

Formula are created simply 
by typing them in. Formulix 
behaves in a way similar to a 
conventional word 
processor. Using 
Formulix's tools, you 
can then edit the for- 
mula until you are 
happy with the result 
and export it out for 
use in another appli- 
cation. With modern 
applications such as 
Impression, you can 
then use a OLE link to auto- 
matically load the formula 
back into Formulix for sub- 
sequent editing. 


Ciititlrt at UlTi 

A calculated rise? 

Formula editing made easy 

A main part of the program is the 
now familiar toolbar along the top of 
the editing window that gives 
immediate access to all the most 
frequently used tools. 

This is further enhanced by an infor- 
mation line. As well as providing 
help on the many powerful tools, it is 
continually updated to show the user 
where the caret is in the formula. 



I Master ^ms: Text 

in i(i^m dcdoi sit arovl. cmiswKmKT a-Spisrtt^ cltt Nunuvilacmbh.visjfus uitmnwirpCT wmp^. 
mi iiuk'<ua<h n»»unnn> tlwiii 

friivtik, mi ui nntiflTini} (ringilb. >eni mbh pclknicii^o arvu. ^ dcitcnd pfdr nisi a ante. 
:l«iie*4UF id mit^iu^ui^ nulla ^g>»>iii!^ iii-sRhuhim. Mk«t*i(ih; twi. ipnum non ante wmpor poaicw. 
d Uben>. 


iBmliJ\ '' 



♦ *r , 

lift f 



U3jJll.lJl] H:d.d illlei!:!! £JlJ.MiJ S^M J J J 

Pat this w wnt abjjyt the cftaractfr Itft to tfat earit. Mjust tises a widtr accttit. 

Rather than just upgrading Equasor, 
Formulix is a completely new pro- 
gram. Much work has gone into the 
design of the application to make 
sure that it is easy and straightfor- 
ward to use, and yet still provides all 
the powerful and versatile features 
needed to create complex equations. 

Not only does Formulix have many 
options to control how a formula 
appears, but any operation can be 
assigned to a user defined key short 
cut you can customise Formulix to 
suit your own particular needs. 

Many of the new features now fam- 
iliar in Impression have been 
incorporated into Formulix to make it 
even easier to use. For example, drag 
and drop is an integral part of 
the package, complementing 
' the standard clipboard which 
facilitates transfer of elements 
between different formulae. 


Formulas have a much more com- 
plex structure than a word processed 
document, and this information line 
is an invaluable aid for new and 
experienced users alike. 

Formulix provides 
unlimited undo and redo, 
similar to that found in 
Art Works. You never 
need worry whether an 
operation might modify 
your formula beyond all 
recognition - if you make 
a mistake, just click on an 
icon, and try again. 

Even though Formulix is a com- 
pletely new program, it can still 
load Equasor documents and 
then edit them with its superior 
formula creation tools. 

Four new outline fonts (MathGreek, 
MathLogicl, MathScripl and Math- 
Best) are supplied with the package. 
These provide over seven hundred 
mathematical symbols, from the most 
commonly used to the most esoteric. 

a - sm(k) 

\C + 

uu n 

+ x 


A toolbox is displayed on 
screen giving instant 
access to commonly used 
mathematical structures 
(such as brackets, 
matrices, integrals and sigmas) and 
user defined formula elements. 
Formulix also has a special 'free 
symbol' feature which allows the 
user to create their own dialogue box 
containing their most often used 
symbols selected from any RISC OS 
outline font. 

The price for Formulix is only £69 + 
VAT (£81.07 inc.) which represents 
excellent value for money, given the 
power and versatility of the software. 
Registered owners of Equasor can 
upgrade for just £49 + VAT (£57.58 
inc.), making Formulix even better 

When used with Impression Style or 
Publisher, Formulix becomes one of 
the most powerful technical editing 
packages available on any computer 
system today. If you are a teacher, 
student or work in scientific publish- 
ing, you'll find Formulix an essential 
tool for your technical desktop pub- 
lishing work. 


Full-Motion Video 
hits the Rise PC 

When Acorn spun-off their 
new subsidiary company, 
Online Media, to develop a 
Set-Top Box (STB) in a joint venture 
with Cambridge Cable and Anglia TV, 
they invited Wild Vision to take part 
in the development of their video 
playback hardware. 

As a result of this co-operation, CC 
will be launching two MPEG expan- 
sion cards based on the same 
technology. Both allow full-screen, 
fLill-motion, better-than-VHS-quality 
MPEG videos with CD-quality stereo 
soundtracks to be played from hard 
disc or fast network. 


With the addition of a suitable CD- 
ROM drive, it will be possible to 
watch feature-length films and music 
videos. These are already available 
from high street shops in VideoCD 

The boards integrate fully with 
Acorn's Replay system, allowing 
existing Replay-aware applications 
(Impression, Magpie, Genesis etc.) to 
display the superior picture quality 
MPEG movies. 

New MPEG-enhanced versions of 
existing interactive packages, e.g. 
Anglia TV's Castles, Understanding 
the Body will become available dur- 
ing the next few 
months, as well as 
new titles such as 
Understanding Energy 
and The World's 

The first board has a 
Scart socket to con- 
nect to an RGB moni- 
tor capable of 50Hz 
PAL modes (e.g. Acorn 
domestic TV with a 
Scart connector). 

Desktop programs may be run on 
this display or on any monitor con- 
nected to the computer's normal 
monitor socket. The second board 
allows high-end multisync type 
monitors to display video-in-a-win- 
dow as well as full-screen. 

What is MPEG used for? 

The release of an MPEG board 
for Philips CD-i players quickly 
established VideoCD as the new 
format for standard. As a result 
you'll find not only the latest 
movie releases available in the 
high street, but also an extensive 
back-catalogue of music videos. 
For much the same price as a 
CD, you can buy titles like Ghost, 
The Hunt For Red October, as 
well as material not available on 
VHS, such as Kate Bush's Whole 
Story '94. 

Another important use for MPEG 
hardware on Acorn machines is 
for the playback of video 
sequences in educational 
software. There are already 
many CDs available for the Acorn 
platform that make use of Replay 
to show video clips, and many of 
these are being re-encoded with 
MPEG data. The open design of 
Replay means that it will 
automatically sense when an 
MPEG film is being used and 
uses the necessary hardware if 
fitted to play it back. 

The standard version of the Movie 
Magic card is expected to be released 
at the Acorn World Show and retail at 
about ■£249+VAT while the multisync 
version is planned for later release 
and will cost some £100 more. 

What is IVIPEG? 

MPEG is a standard developed by the Motion Picture Experts Group, designed to compress full-size, full-motion, 
better-than-VHS-quality video and CD-quality audio, typically by a factor of 100:1 . 

Uncompressed video of VHS quality would demand data rates in the order of lOMBytes per second, so even if you 
could find a drive fast enough, one minute of video would fill an entire CD-ROM! 

The MPEG algorithm uses a number of sophisticated techniques to dispose of redundant data - e.g. detecting parts 
of the picture that don't change in subsequent frames - allowing it to get away with only 150K/sec. The complexity 
of the system necessitates the use of dedicated hardware. Although realtime decompression is currently affordable, 
compression requires equipment costing tens of thousands, so don't expect to see digital recording on your 
desktop quite yet - you'll have to go to a bureau for that kind of service. 


The teletext services provide a 
liuge resource of free and up- 
to-date information on every- 
thing from the weather to the current 
share prices. Now, using TV Tuner, 
not only can you view teletext pages 
but you can also capture the data 
they contain. 

TV Tuner provides the very latest 
teletext hardware to all Acorn com- 
puters able to accept single width 
expansion cards. An externally boxed 
version that connects via the -parallel 
port will be available later for A3000/ 
A30x0/A4000 and A4 users. 

Both versions of TV Tuner not only 
receive teletext but are also fitted 
with three external connectors to 
allow integration into the world of 
multimedia. For example, there is a 
'walkman' style headphone socket so 
that you can listen to the TV and a 
BNC socket provides a composite 
colour video signal suitable for use 
with video digitisers or a suitable 
monitor. An ideal partner to your 

JBBC CEif mi 

Fine Tuning 

TV Tuner is the Eagle M2 multimedia 
card to provide television in a win- 
dow. This combination on a Rise PC 
verges on stunning! 

Three fully multi-tasking software 
applications are supplied. fTVTuner 
is used to configure the system to 
your local TV stations. Tuning is 
automatic and up to eight channels 
are available. .'TVCowfro/ provides a 
'remote control' to allow you to 
change channels when using only a 
video digitising system. The main 

application however 
is fTeleCFax which perhaps 
offers the most comprehen- 
sive features of any teletext appli- 
cation on the Acorn platform. Some 
of its features include: 

• Page selection using a 'remote 
control' or by 'point and click'. 

• Fastext and index page selection. 

• Hold and reveal options. 

• Fifty page buffer. 

• Export as sprites or text fQes. 

• Impression styles and effects. 

• Dedicated window for subtitles. 

• Foreign language support. 

A powerful feature of /TeleCFax is its 
support for script files to allow you to 
control the system and to grab and/or 
save pages. 

TV Tuner costs £89 + VAT & p&p 
(±in.62 inc.) for the basic tuner card 
and £159 + VAT & p&p (£193.87 inc.) 
for the tuner card with Teletext. 
Availability and prices for the exter- 
nally boxed versions will be 
announced later. 


In keeping with Computer 
Concepts' policy of constant 
product development, our range 
of TurboDrivers has just been 
increased to include a version for the 
Epson Stylus Colour printer. 

The driver is fully optimised and 
supports printing resolutions up to 
Epson's maximum of 720dpi. Defini- 
tions for both mono 
and colour printers are 
included with the soft- 
ware at the normal 
price of £49 + VAT. 

TurboDriver version 4 

now offers full compat- ^ 

ibility with the Rise PC «-' 

and takes advantage of 

the machine's new architecture to 

provide features such as unlimited 

printer buffer allocation. 

Speed tests of TurboDriver software 
running on the Rise PC show a 
noticeable speed advantage over the 
standard Acorn drivers, with a typical 

the draw 

page of text being completed in half 
the time. This increases up to ten 
times faster for more complex page 


Compatibility with Acorn's Access 
network software is ensured, as well 
as the latest version of ! Printers (up to 
1.24). A new colour correction 
system enables better control over 
grey component replacement and 
black generation on all versions of 
the software. This makes sure that 

printer output is both clear and 
sharp, even on printers that mix inks 
to produce different colours and 

The spooler software allows users on 
a network to share the facilities of a 
common inkjet or LaserDirect printer, 
providing most of the features of 
normal TurboDrivers. The package is 
fully compatible with 
any AUN network 
(including Econet) and 
includes one printer 
cable, the spooler soft- 
ware and a network 
licence. The licence 
^ incidentally covers all 
■•' machines on the 

The network spooler versions of the 
TurboDrivers and LaserDirect soft- 
ware will be launched at the forth- 
coming Acorn World Show in 
October. The price for both pieces of 
software (including the site licence) 
will be £149 + VAT. 


Behind the Mask 

Creating cut-outs in ArtWori<s 

With the arrival of Style, Pub- 
lisher and Artworks 1.5, 
24-bit colour is at last a 
reality. All three programs can now 
accept a host of different full-colour 
graphics formats making them ideal 
for professional work. 

For those familiar with Art Works, 
you'll most probably be aware that it 
is a 'vector' graphics program. That is, 
pictures created with it are based on 
coordinates rather than pixels. 

Artworks can of course utilise sprites 
and other pixel images and we shall 
come to this later on. 

Because it is vector based, the output 
from Artworks can be of a virtually 
unlimited quality. If a- high-quality 
output device is used such as a laser 
printer or imagesetter, all lines and 
curves appear smooth. Printing 
sprites however, usually produces 
jagged edges because they are pixel 
based. Figure 1 shows the difference 
between a sprite and an ArtWorks file 
when enlarged. 

Artworks allows sprites and vectors 
to be mixed in the same document. It 
is also possible to overlay one on the 
other or vice versa and it is this fea- 
ture that is used to create masks. 
Imagine, for example, that you want 
to have a picture of a car on a white 

You could load an 
existing sprite into 
Paint and remove any 
background pixels by 
hand, although this 
would take some 
time and you'd still 
be left with a jagged 
edge around the car. 

Alternatively, you could load the 
sprite into ArtWorks and then 'draw' 
over the background with a shape. 

This is how :- 

Step 1 

Run ArtWorks and 
first create a new 
layer. This will be 
used to hold the mask 
shape and make sure 
that the sprite doesn't 
get in the way when 
drawing. Load in your 
sprite and then switch 
to the new layer. 

Step 2 

Trace around the edge of the car 
(remember you can zoom in using 
the magnify tool if required) using 
either the line tool or freehand line 
tool - Figure 2. It doesn't matter if you 
aren't too accurate as you can always 
edit lines later on. 

Step 3 

Once you have a line 
right around the car, 
join the two ends of 
the line to create a 
shape. This should 
just cover the car. 
Now make the fill 
colour of the shape 
'None' (ie. invisible). 

Step 4 

Using the rectangle 
tool, draw a box com- 
pletely covering (and 

just overlapping) the sprite. Make 
sure that the rectangle's fill colour is 
set to 'None'. 


Now here comes the clever part. 
Select both the rectangle and the car 
shape and use 'Join shapes' (from the 
'Lines/Shapes' menu) to merge them 
into one. Make the fill and line 
colours both white and hey presto, 
you have a mask - Figure 3- 

Step 6 

If you still have any of the back- 
ground showing through, or you've 
managed to obscure some part of the 
car, you can always edit the mask in 
the usual way until you are happy 
with the result. 

In future issues of Archimedean, we'll 
take a look at further uses for mask- 
ing, including non-rectangular 
'frames' for graphics and text, as well 
as wrap-around text. 



Impression Publisher - 4.01 

The latest and greatest addition to the DTP/WP 
range. Everything in Style, plus irregular sha- 
ped graphics frames, cfop marks, page bleed, 
auto tracking and kerning, full colour support 
including Postscript separation of 24 bpp and 
32bit CM^'K images. 2Mb RAM min. required. 
£169 + VAT (£198.57 inc) 

Impression Style - 3.04 

The ultimate word processor. Includes: spell- 
ing checker, thesaurus, dictionary, mail-merge, 
auto-paragraph numbering, style sheets, 
graphics. Full on-line help. Fast, easy to use. 
2Mb RAM recommended. 
£99.00 + VAT (£116.32 inc) 

Impression borders disc 

100 frame border designs for 
Impression Publisher or Impression Style. 
£12.77 + VAT (£15.00 inc) 

Artworks - 1 .55 

The most powerful and flexible graphics 
illustration program for the Archimedes. Pack- 
age includes 220 outline fonts. 2Mb RAM 
minimum recommended. 
£169 + VAT (£198.57 inc) 

Clip-Art CD No 1 

CD with over 700 Artworks drawings, over 100 
24-bit full colour photographs, and a demo 
version of AudioWorks and sounds. 
£19 + VAT (£22.32 inc) 

AudioWorks - 1 .48 

A general purpose audio sample editing appli- 
cation. Works with a variety of file formats. 
£49 + VAT (£57.57 inc) 


The ultimate combined English thesauais and 

dictionary, with definitions. Hard disc 


£39 + VAT (£45.82 inc) 

TurboDrivers - 2.1 (RISC OS 2) 

- 4.00 (RISC OS 3) 

The fastest printer driver available for the 
Archimedes. Suitable for all current mono and 
colour Canon and Hewlett Packard Inkjet 
printers (and laser printers) and Epson Stylus. 
Includes printer cable. 4Mb rec. for colour. 
£49 + VAT (£57.57 inc) 


A utility to read and write to Apple Mac Super- 
Drive floppies, hard discs, SyQuests/optical 
£99 + VAT (£116.32 inc) 

Graphics Loaders 

Allows you to load JPEG compressed files and 
PhotoCD images into Impression Style, Pub- 
lisher and Artworks 1.5. Includes sample JPEG 
£39.00 + VAT (£45.82 inc) 

Compression - 1.17 

Very fast automatic general purpose file com- 
pressing and decompressing utility. 
£39 + VAT (£45.82 inc) 

ColourCard Gold - 1.31 (series 1) 
- 2.31 (series 2) 

Graphics accelerator expansion card. Provides 
much higher resolution, more colours, less 
flicker (higher refresh rates) and faster 
graphics drawing. 32,000 colour screen modes 
and video pass-through for Acorn modes. 
£249 + £6 p&p + VAT (£299.62 inc) 

ScanLlght 256 - 2.06 

Hand-held scanner capable of scanning 256 

grey-levels for photographic quality image 

capture. Includes internal expansion card. 

Versions available for all Acorn computers - so 

please specify model of computer when 


A300/400/5000: £159 + VAT (£186.82 inc) 


CC mini podule £l69 +VAT (£198.57 inc) 

HCCS Ultimate MicroPodule £229.00 + 

VAT (£269.07 inc) 

ScanLlght Video - 2.06 

A combination of 256 greyscale scanner and 
256 greyscale video digitising capability on a 
single card. 
£220 + VAT (£258.50 inc) 

ScanLlght Professional - 2.06 

Flatbed A4 256 grey-level scanner. Requires 
SCSI interface card (available separately). 
£595 + £10 p&p + VAT (£710.87 inc) 

LaserDirect HIResS - 2.1 (RISC OS 2) 

- 2.63 (RISC OS 3) 

Direct drive, 8 page per minute, 600 dpi, laser 

printer. 2Mb RAM minimum, 4Mb RAM 


£1099 + £10 p&p + VAT (£1303.07 inc) 

LaserDirect HiRes4 - 2.10 (RISC OS 2) 

- 2.63 (RISC OS 3) 

Package includes 4 page per minute, 600 dpi 
laser printer with interface board and software. 
(Note: For existing owners of a standard 
Canon LBP-4 Plus printer the Interface board 
and software are available separately.) 
£799 + £10 p&p +VAT (£950.57 inc) 

Canon BJC-600 colour printer 

Low cost A4 colour printer designed specifi- 
cally to get the best possible results on plain 
paper. 360dpi, separate CMYK inks. Includes 
RISC OS 3 TurboDrivers. 
£389 + £10 p&p + VAT (£468.83 inc) 

Canon BJ-200 mono printer 

Fast, 360 dpi, Inkjet printer. Printer has built-in 
sheet feeder and powrer-supply. Includes 
printer cable and TurboDriver software. 
£229.00 + £10 p&p + VAT (£280.82 inc) 

Canon BJ-230 mono printer 

Same as above except takes A3 paper. 
£289.00 + £10 p&p + VAT (£351.32 inc) 

Pioneer PDRI\/I-604X quad-speed multi-disc 
CD ROIVI drive 

Fully PhotoCD compatible. Includes driver 
software for all Acorn compatible SCSI inter- 
face cards, compatible with AUN networks. 
Requires separate SCSI card. 
£999 + £10 p&p + VAT (£1185.57 inc) 

Eagle M2 - 1 .02 (TakeTwo) 

Single width expansion card digitises still 
images and Replay movies, audio sampling 
and playback and midi capability. Includes the 
Eidos real-time video compression software 
(and AudioWorks & ScanLlght): 
£329.00 + £6 p&p + VAT (£393.62 inc) 

Midi Max 

An Acorn compatible midi expansion card 
with support software. On board buffering. 
£69.00 + £6 p&p + VAT (£88.12 inc) 

New Products 

TV Tuner 

A TV tuner and teletext input card. Teletext 
can be viewed directly and when used with a 
suitable digitiser, such as the Eagle card, TV 
can be viewed on screen in a window. 
£159 with Teletext software + £6 p&p + 
VAT (£193-87 inc) 

£89 without Teletext software + £6 p&p + 
VAT (£111.62) 


A new and advanced mathematical formula 
and equation editor. 

£69.00 + VAT (£81.07 inc) £49.00 + VAT 
(£57.58 inc) for Equasor owners 

TurboDriver & LaserDirect spoolers 

A netu'ork spooler for the TurboDrivers and 


£149.00 + VAT (£175.07 inc) including a 

TurboDriver or LaserDirect site licence 

Clip-Art CD 2 

Contains 1994 Artworks competition entries 
and a collection of quality photo images. 
£1900 + VAT (£22.32 inc) 

Movie Magic 

Plays full screen, full motion MPEG video from 
sources such as VideoCD. Drives an external 
RGB monitor or TV. 
£249 + £6 p&p + VAT (£29962 inc) 

Publisher Plus 

A version of Impression Publisher for 
professional users, includes for example OPI 
and EPS support, spot colour and named 

£130.0O + VAT (£152. 75 inc) as an 
upgrade for Publisher owners 
£299.00 + VAT (£351.32 inc) for afuU 
copy of Impression Publisher Plus 

Font Packs 

AvantG, BookM and an original new quality 

typeface called Obscura. 

£20.00 + VAT (£2350 inc) for each font. 

ScanLlght Professional Colour & Photodesk 

An A4 flatbed, 800dpi, 24 bit colour scanner 
from Canon. Compact and fast. The package 
includes Spacetech 's Photodesk, and drivers. 
£749.00 + £10 p&p + VAT (£891.82 inc) 
ScanLlght package including Photodesk 


Professional 24 bit colour photo-retouching 
package from Spacetech. 
£169.00 + VAT (£198.58 inc) 

Version numbers of current software releases relating to the product are shown where appropriate. Software upgrades are only available to 
registered users of Computer Concepts and Wild Vision products. E&OE. Prices and descriptions are subject to change without prior notice.