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Full text of "Amstrad CPC Catalog: Amsoft - Software And Peripherals Catalogue Winter 1984-85 (1984)(Amstrad Consumer Electronics)"

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& N M * 



This second edition of the AMSOFT catalogue has been expanded considerably with 
many new exciting games and some top quality applications software. As we had 
anticipated, the quality of the CPC464 system has inspired some of the best talents in 
the software business, and we've only just begun! 

The advent of the superb DDI-1 disc system has provided us with the opportunity to 
introduce our first series of CP/M applications programs. You'll be amazed at the 

Be warned though, once you have experienced the speed, power, convenience and 
reliability of the DDI-1 disc system, you'll never be able to return to cassette based 


If you have already purchased a program on tape and wish to upgrade to disc, then we 
are operating an economically priced exchange service (only for AMSOFT software), 
the price of which is covered in the latest pricelist. We strongly recommend that you 
do not attempt to copy commercial programs from cassette to disc, since most disc 
implementations contain additional enhancements that incorporate specific disc-only 

CP/M software 

Whilst we offer some customised CP/M programs herein, AMSOFT will be able to 
issue a list of other programs that are commercially available (such as Wordmaster, 
MB ASIC, BSTAM etc.) on receipt of a stamped self addressed envelope. 

NB AMSOFT software is recorded on both sides of the cassette supplied (except where stated). 
To ensure best reliability, these are generally recorded at 1 000 baud. However, certain cassettes 
may be recorded at the 2000 baud rate on one side, and in cases of difficulty when loading, you 
should turn over and try loading from the other side. 

All items herein are subject to availability and our normal terms of business. All prices and 
specifications are subject to alteration without notice. 

Countries of Manufacture: 

DMP-1: Japan, DDI-1 & FD1: Japan or Korea, MP-1: UK, JY-1: Taiwan, Software manufactured 

in England. Books, binders etc., printed in England. Instruction Manuals printed in Korea. 

combined modulator and power supply enables your CPC464 to be 
used in conjunction with a domestic colour TV set. This option is especially 
useful for owners of the GT64 system who want to take advantage of the colour 
facilities to get the most enjoyment from entertainment software. 

Artisoft offer premium priced ten-pack ofC-15 cassettes for recording programs and 
Complete with index card inlay. 

Twin sided Compact Floppy discs for the Amstrad DDI system. Each surface is 
individually write-protectable, simply 'flip over' the disc to use either side, 
250kBytes unformatted/ 180k formatted. 

Use the master disc supplied with each interface system for the correct format 


JTI 3^ 

Dot matrix 



* Low cost 
Uses plain paper 

50 cps print speed 



AMSTRAD's DMP-1 is a low cost pinfed plain paper dot matrix 
printer. Any application of your computer will benefit from the 
addition of a printer - especially one as robust and soundly made 

The DMP-1 is suitable for listings, letters, invoices - and with the appropriate 
software is capable of providing a 'screen dump'. 

All utility (DEVPAC assembler) and applications programs (Easi-Amsword, 
Easi-Amscalc, Home Budget) already provide the option to use a printer. You 
will find program development and de-bugging is made so much easier by 
having a listing to work through. 


Drives! and Intel face 

Complete with AMSDOS, Dr LOGO and CP/M 2.2. All you need to transform 
your CPC464 with the speed and convenience of disk based operation, yet 
retaining full compatibility with the on-board BASIC intepreter and cassette 
handling system through the BASIC extensions of AMSDOS. 
The 3" disk has rapidly established itself as the standard format for low cost home and 
personal computing. Both sides of each disk may be used -each providing 180k bytes of 
formatted storage space. The hard plastic casing (with a protective shutter covering the 
head area) prevents accidental damage and provides positive and rigid location in the 
drive mechanism. 

CP/M 2.2 is the standard 'random access' Z80 disk operating system for over 5000 
commercial programs - ranging from business and accounts software to second 
languages and scientific and engineering analysis. Thanks to the thoughtful 
implementation of CP/M on the CPC464, CP/M files may be freely mixed on the disk 
with AMSDOS files, which are automatically labelled with the appropriate extents. 
Digital Research's famous Dr LOGO has emerged as the most universal educational 
and teaching medium - combining the unique user- friendliness of 'turtle graphics' with 
sophisticated processing power. Dr LOGO is acclaimed as the most comprehensive 
implementation of LOGO available, yet it is supplied completely FREE with the DDI-1. 
The DDI-1 incorporates the Disk Drive Interface which is capable of driving up to two 
3" disk drives, (ie an additional FD-1). 


The classic combination of action and reaction. Guide your Harrier 
through enemy territory on a mission to destroy the enemy base. You 
have bombs and rockets to help you on your way, but beware of 
destruction from airborne enemy attack. Remember, you have only one 
fuel supply - but should the mission be successful, you can return to your 

carrier for refuelling before taking off for another flight but this time 

at the next level of difficulty. 

The sort of game where the addictive quality should carry a health 
warning. Joystick highly recommended. 






Task Set 
Soft 911 (Keyboard or joystick) 

Guide Rankin' Rodney through the 
top 20 mazes to number one, 
collecting the instruments and 
bringing them home. Try to avoid 
the bum notes and distortion, and 
rescue the instruments from 


Keep the pipeline open by 
directing your workmen to fix the 
blockages. Watch out for the evil 
ladderman whose objective is to 
block the pipeline and prevent you 
saving thousands of gallons. 
Beware the six legged Venusian 
pipe spiders and the hard case 
Super Lobster. 

Task Set 
Soft 912 (keyboard or joystick) 

A graphic adventure game through 
a myriad of rooms in search of the 
treasure of the great AM. Avoid the 
unpleasant surprises, collect the 
right objects, and you may find 
what you seek .... eventually. 
There's a complete picture of each 
room at each stage of your quest. 

Terminal Software 
SOFT147 (Jbystickonby) 


The galaxy is under attack! Your 
mission is to boldly go to defend the 
known universe from the galactic 
pirates and sausonic raiders who 
have all but brought trade to a 
standstill. Successful completion of 
your mission will earn you your 

Commando's Wings but only 

the quick and brave will survive! 

Roland takes an unexpected trip and falls down through a 
deep and dark pot-hole into a strange and superbly detailed 


Hop around until you can find your way up along the nooks 
and ledges to jump back out, but avoid the flesh-eating 
plants, not to mention a hungry pterodactyl!! A graphic 

When a swarm of aliens invade a 
building site, the foreman decides 
to offer Roland a bonus if he can rid 
the site of this intergalactic 
menace. Increase the size of 
Roland's bonus by digging holes to 
trap the aliens - and then beat them 
over the head with the spade. 
Not for the faint hearted! 

T118 (Joystick or Keyboard) 

Roland is trapped at the lowest 
level of a mysterious tomb from 
which escape is made all the more 
tricky by a collection of 
subterranean nasties including 
mummies, ghosts, rats and drips of 

acid! Guide Roland on his way to 
the top, avoiding the ghouls who 
are out to get you. 




Gem Software 

SOFT115 (Joystick or keyboard) 


Set within the ancient tombs of Egypt, dare you find out what awaits 
anyone who tries to desecrate the Pharoahs' tombs? Untold riches are to 
be found if you have the courage to excavate the Pyramids. A breathless 
chase around the burial chambers will ensue for any of you unwise 
enough to awaken the guardians from their centuries of hitherto 
undisturbed tranquility. 

Colour, sound and smooth action combine to emphasise the superior 
gameplay of the AMSTRAD CPC464. 

To delay the melt-down of a 
runaway nuclear reactor you must 
shoot the protons with your remote 
controlled super laser. Each time 
that you shoot a proton, an extra 
electron will be released. But be 
careful! Shooting an electron will 
speed up the impending melt-down 
and the electrons will move faster. 

As Captain of the Admiral Graf 
Spee your task is to search out and 
sink any enemy ships within the 
North and South Atlantic. 
Although you have 6 guns and 
torpedos to complete this mission 
-remember that the enemy can take 
evasive action and there are other 
ships seeking to destroy you. 

The grandaddy of all strategy games. 

Choose from 10 levels of play with this advanced chess program. It will 

allow all legal moves such as castling and enpassant, and provides an 

opening book of some 6000 moves extending to 27 pages on certain 

openings. Not an easy opponent, but superb practise for the most 

durable of board games. 

Select your choice of colours for the board and pieces - and ask for the 

computer's suggested move when stuck for an idea. You can modify the 

board to correct a mistake - or set up your own particular chess problem. 

Pit your skills against either the 
computer or your friends in this 
space age variation on the theme of 
noughts and crosses. The game is 
played on a 3-D board with 3 planes 
of a 4x4 grid. Complete a line of 
four by placing your 'pieces' in the 
right square - on the right level. A 
test of skill, and perception. 

Test your wits with this 
educational word game designed to 
combine the fun of hangman with 
the mental stimulation of 
anagrams and crosswords. Suitable 
for all ages. 

Prevent nuclear disaster by repairing the leaky joints in the reactor 
coolant pipes of a nuclear power station with your trusty spanner. Avoid 
collision with the resident anti-matter rats and the constantly falling 
debris - and try and keep you head above water as the basement floods 
as the level gradually creeps up until the air supply runs out. 
Creative sound effects and smooth graphics combine to make this game 
a classic for the CPC464. 



SOFT137 (Joystick or keyboard) SOFT126 (Joystick or keyboard 

You have been left to guard the 
earth's supply of uranium against 
the invading Zargon Fleet. Try and 
destroy the invading Zargons and 
remember you don't score any 
points for hitting the Mother Ships. 
A colourful compendium of the best 
of many of the 'shoot 'em up' space 
games you've ever seen ! 

You must survive every kind of 
invader and alien (intergalactic 
pogos ??!!) that can be dreamed up 
by the fiendish Master who lives at 
Level 10. He doesn't appear until 
screen 10 and if you destroy him he 
will reappear stronger, faster and 
more powerful than ever. Joystick 

Trapped within a maze of 3D 
ghostly hedges, you must run to 
gather the many scattered gold 
coins. But beware! Your arrival has 
stirred the spooks whose purpose is 
to protect their domain, and 
frustrate your efforts at every 
opportunity. Pick up a coin, and the 
guardians flee - but not for long! 


All the fun of the fairway! A game of 
skill played on a detailed 18 hole golf 
course, with a handicap scoring system. 
Sandtraps, water hazards, trees 
-nothing has been forgotten in this 
beautifully designed and programmed 
game. Get caught in the bunker and see 

'yourself trying to escape get onto 

the green and then see if you can hole 
out on the 'putting screen'. 

A classic simulation, taking advantage of the realistic colours and pixel 
precision of the CPC464. There's even a sliding score frame! Use all the 
tricks of the trade with a complete range of optional spins. GT64 users 
need not despair.... the colours can be labelled with their values for 
identification. You'll need to exercise finesse and judgement in this 

"'"' iy* 

( . ->> 




i' > i *. ■ ■ i-maatiaiawo 

Soft 132 (Joystick ONI 

Quark Data 
oft 168 (Keyboard and Joystick) 

Can you save Esmeralda in this 
arcade Classic? Help Quasimodo 
run, jump, duck and swing his way 
across many screens of mediaeval 
merriment on the ramparts. 
Jabbing spears, whistling arrows 
and a gruesome fiery doom await 
the intrepid player. 

Chocks away! This death or glory 
simulation will give you a taste of 
aeronautical excitement at a down to 
earth price. A full complement of 
cockpit instruments are provided to 
keep you on course. 

The simluation is specifically 
written to take advantage of the 
CPC464's high resolution display 

Software Projects 
oft 173 (Keyboard or Joystick) 

Now CPC464 owners can enjoy this 
masterpiece that set the trend for so 
many others. Collect the keys as you 
pick (miner, pick - geddit? Please 
yourself) your way through 20 screens. 
Fortunately, our hero hasn't heard of 
the NUM, so there's no reason to delay 
in putting him down the shaft and 
setting him to work. 

Paul Shirley 
Soft 181 (Keyboard or Joystick) 

Your mission is to survive, collect 

wealth and scramble eggs! 

All will be revealed as you battle 
through 16 dungeon levels infested 
with carnivorous prawns and vampire 
rabbits (what else?) As Red Jack the 
duck Pirate King, you must avoid the 
chasers and their cooking pots, jump 
on the Terraductile eggs and help 
yourself to the gold lying about. 

The evil Maestro has scattered Eoland's energy crystals throughout various time zones 
- and you must guide him through 53 brilliantly drawn screens to gather them up 
again. You can enter at any one of 10 time zones and conduct your odyssey at such 
unlikely locations as Njorl's Dragonboat, Down at the DHSS, the Computer Shop and 
After the Holocaust. 

The first CPC464 game to get a perfect 10 from PCN's reviewer and an absolute must 
for any CPC464 owner. As with all Gem games, a haunting melody accompanies Roland 
on his travels (the happy wanderer): which may be exorcised at will by simply toggling 
the ENTER key! 

Avoid the things that move, find the stairways and escalators, jump the chasms and 
collect the crystals as you pass from screen to screen. And when you've done all that, 
report back for the next exciting installment in the ongoing Roland saga. 


Save the Universe! Dispose of the 
instellar menace before they dispose of 
you. You're on your own against some 
particularly awkward intruders from 
the depths of the universe. You'll need 
to be exceptionally skilled to survive 
the Plague for long - this is no timid 
revision of Space Invaders. Only the 
elite need apply. 

This is the classic text adventure, 
located in the Collosal Cave and 
faithfully follows the original 
Crowther and Woods plot. If you want 
to understand what adventuring is all 
about, then this is a must for any 

You must collect objects to help you 
find the treasure and ward off the evil 
menaces that lurk in the shadows. 

Soft 913 (Keyboard or Joystick) 

Incentive Software 
OFT909 (Joystick/Keyboard) 

Raise and lower bridges as your 
men come charging down the piers 
along the waterfront. Concentrate 
hard -this is a game requiring 
exceptional co-ordination, and 
likely to leave your nerves in a 
tangle as the pace hots up, and the 
water fills with the flailing bodies 
of those who didn't quite make it. 

Guide Slippy Spider around a 
random maze that's intent upon 
turning him into strawberry jam 

if he's unfortunate enough to 

run up against one of the outer 
walls. Eat as much grass as 
possible, and avoid anything un- 
pleasant that gets strewn in your 
path. Get to the gate. . . .if you can. 

■11/41 if l/\ 

i ij ; \j5zj*+m 

v - 



New Generation 
oft 198 (Keyboard or Joystick) 

What a load of rubbish! At least, that's the object of this absorbing 
game. You find yourself employed with the local council as a dustman. 
As well as being a mucky business, we have some dirty tricks to prevent 
you from keeping your new job. 

Many of the houses on your patch keep dogs with a particular liking 
for your ankles - and most of the drivers seem determined to 'waste' you 
one way or another. Can you avoid kicking the bucket before you the 
bucket kicks you? What do you think of it so far ? 

Roland and his fellow inmates at Amsoft decide to escape from the 
tortuous clutches of their masters and catch the 16.45 freight train from 
Brentwood. You must help them pick the right moment to leap off the 
train onto a passing truck, then onto one coming the other way - and 
finally into the roadside shelter. Mistime the jump, and it could be 
curtains for Amsoft! 

Dramatic horizontal scrolling effects and a vividly designed 
gamescape emphasise the graphic power of the CPC464. 

— ; — 




Shiver me timbers! This time Our Hero is all at sea as he sets sail in the 
good ship Falcon to gather the gold and deliver it to his pirate cave. 

But first he must collect munitions to blow a way through to the 
Golden Harbour, and then dash away with the booty before the 
cannonfire catches up with him or the ship. 

Some of the fastest machine code sprites yet seen on the CPC464 - and 
they need to be! Heave-ho and get to the treasure before inflation and 
devaluation reduces it to pieces of seven. 

Soft 177 (Joystick or Keyboard) 

A grid game, featuring Rigonites as the 
menaces - complete with the terrifying 
'Matter Zapper' - and you in your Photon 
Blaster armed Space Fighter. 

Guide yourself along the grid and get 
them before they get you -or the time runs 
out. And if you succeed once, then there's 39 
more levels of progressive difficulty 
waiting to zap you into the next galaxy. 

A polished and colourful Galaxian-like 
game where the objective is - yes, you've 
guessed -blast the intruders or end up as 
instellar debris yourself. 

There are eight different waves of 
attacking you - and provision for one or two 
players to pit their skills against each other 
as well as the Space Hawks themselves. 
Watch out for the indestructible Space 
Mines! (Arthur Scargill has insisted they 
cannot be closed down or destroyed....) 


Classic WM$ 

■r •' , "■■■ t rt; • i ■ i '■ 

CLASSIC RACING is a game of strategy and planning. Each player is 
the owner of a stable of 16 horses. If there are less than six players, the 
computer will play the remainder of the stables. At the beginning of the 
racing season, you will have no idea how good each of your horses is. As 
the season progresses, you must discover the strengths and weaknesses 
of your horses, trying to find the right horses to run in the eight classics 
at the end of the season. 

Turn your CPC464 into a no-armed bandit with the program 
that allows you to satisfy the urge to gamble without 
jeopardising the housekeeping money. Just you and Lady 
Luck against the space age technology of the 80's. 

If there's an inveterate gambler in your family, you might 
just recover the cost of the system by offering to convert the 
points to cash. Or you might just lose your shirt - that's all 
part of the fun! 

SOFT183 (Keyboard/Joystick) 


Rev up and roar down the ramp on your motorcycle.. ..but pick your moment 
carefully to leap safely across the obstacles: or you may end up in the casualty 
ward instead. Control speed, direction and timing in this thrilling stunt 
simulation that puts you firmly in the saddle of a 500cc superbike. 
Don't lose your nerve at the last minute there's no turning back! 




The unacceptable face of capitalism! In 

this game of strategy and intrigue, int- j_ 

ergalactic mega-monsters and ghouls 
are replaced by far more sinister forces 
from the world of high finance and the 
City. Tax investigators and fluctuating 
exchange rates are what stands be- 
tween you and the good life. Good luck, 
and send us a card from your tax haven. 

Argus Press Software 
Soft 904 (Keyboarc 


Get clued up with a game that 
exercises the brain cells. Up to 6 can 
participate in this game of strategy to 
discover who murdered Lucky Luke 
(not so lucky after all). 

Solve the murder mystery and avoid 
the red herrings put in your way. 

Argus Press Software 
Soft 903 ( 



If you like Channel 4's coverage of the American Football scene, this action 
packed strategy game will help you understand the ploys and plays, and put 
you in charge of your own team of musclebound warriors as they charge around 
knocking the wind out of the oppositon and the phosphor dots off front of your 

All the subtleties of the game are there for the afficiando to employ: shotgun, 
spearing, knuckleball, blitz etc. And they said Space Invaders was violent! 

An original game that's refreshingly different, with plentiful instructions, 
The only thing not supplied is a broken arm and a set ofloose teeth. 

SOFT921 (Joystick/keyb 

Relax with a game of 3D 'armchair' tennis with the CPC464. All the features of 
the singles game are included: 5 set matches with tiebreaks during the first 
four sets, and an open fifth set if you have the stamina. 
Play against the computer or a friend: or simply sit back and join the crowd as 
a spectator while the computer runs through its own random demonstration 
mode. You don't get penalty points for bad behaviour, but we strongly suggest 
that you don't throw your joystick through the screen in a fit of temper! 

Softspot Software 
OFT144 (Joystick or Keyboard) 

To save your fellow workers from 
redundancy you must pack away 
all the products in the warehouse 
and ship them off to the shops. You 
achieve this by pushing the 
products onto a conveyor belt, 
through a series of increasingly 
tricky screens. But beware if Uncle 
Claude catches up with you .... 

150 (Joystick or keyboard) 

Punch has locked Judy away in the 
Punch and Judy booth. Rescue her 
by ducking and jumping the ripe 
tomatoes and custard pies. Keep 
the alligators from their lunch 
(you!) by leaping on the magic 
carpet - then avoid the attentions 
of Mr Punch himself as you set off 
down the home straight. 

MISSION: ALIEN TERMINATION - Take control of the USS Centurion 
to prevent the Myons from dominating the Solar System. Your mission 
is mankind's last hope.... 

A superb 3D space romp where you must fly around the solar system, 
zapping the intruders and generally acting the part of the superhero 
about his duty. Keep a look out for the features on the planets, listen for 
the realistic sound of the rocket motors - no detail has been overlooked 
in this game which is a micromputer masterpiece. A joystick is highly 
recommended to get the most from this action and strategy classic. 
Codename Mat leaves hardly a byte unused in its quest for perfection. 

OFT135 (Keyboard and joystick) 

Use the many facilities at your 
disposal, including sonar, charts, 
radar and the depth sounder. 

As the Captain of an S-type 
submarine, you must hunt and 
destroy an enemy vessel to 
complete your mission. As you 
close on your quarry watch the 
enemy get larger in your periscope. 
Detailed screens coupled with an 
accurate response to controls make 
this a submarine simulation as 
much as a game. Beware - the 
enemy has depth charges and will 
attack without warning. 

Battle your way through this 
colourful 3D maze in search of the 
Sultan's Jewels. But beware! The 
mad Guardian is after you and your 
strength is running low. Find out 
for yourself if it is possible to 
retrieve all the jewels and escape 
with your life from the Sultan's 

If you think you can handle 'the 
usual' space invaders, don't be too 
surprised when this 3-D extension 
to the arcade classic catches you 
unawares with this more exacting 
multi-dimensional test of your skill 
and perception. 

149 (Jol 

SOFT 149 (Joystick or keyboard) 

A very colourful game of skill, where you must use your 
judgement to negotiate a series of 18 different "holes" on this 
electronic crazy golf course. Adjust your direction and the 
strength of the shot - or be prepared to end up well and truly 

Grand Prix Driver 

Home Runner 

Containing all the thrills and spills 
of the Formula One Race Track 
- but much cheaper and safer. Put 
yourself in the driver's seat of a 
powerful racing car, where you can 
win the laurels if you can reach the 
chequered flag in time! 

Britannia Software 
OFT109 (Joystick^^stoard) 

Guide the runner home as quickly 
as possible,avoiding the 
treacherous bites of giant spiders. 
Try and jump out of their way and 
remember the quicker you are, the 
more you score. 

This version of the traditional 'Hangman' spelling 
game has been decribed as '....the Rolls Royce of 
them all....'. Over 250 words in the vocabulary, plus 
the facility to enter your own. Suitable for 5 years 
old and upwards. 

That arch fellon Blagger is out on the prowl, and robbing his way through the 
banks, shops and houses of Umstrid. Aid and abet this villain by guiding him 
to collect the golden keys which will open the way to the loot. 

This highly rated game makes an excellent transition to the CPC464. Mind 
you don't get your collar felt! 


The colourful and energetic Mr 
Wong needs your help to dispose of 
the dirty laundry! However, the 
machinery in the laundry has 
other ideas, and prefers to try to 
dispose of the unfortunate oriental 
gentleman. Your only defence is to 
try and starch the rogue apparatus 
before it can succeed. Good luck! 

Artie Computing 
SOFT922 (Joystick/Keyboard) 

Like most people, Monty has two 
ambitions in life: to get rich quick 
and to become a hero. Now he has 
the opportunity to achieve both, 
via the maze of 40 rooms: collecting 
all the gold on his way to rescue the 
damsel in distress. Help Monty to 
realise his ambitions, and bask in 
the reflected glory. 

Two programs that stimulate 
children to 'teach' the computer 
about geography. World Wise 
introduces the idea of using the 
computer to store information, 
since data can be readily saved and 
reloaded at any time. For 7-15 year 

Encourages children to understand 
the concept of co-ordinates and 
compass directions by the 
simulation of a car rally. Hidden 
checkpoints have to be located 
where the approximate direction is 
given with the help of advice from 
the navigator. For 7-13 year olds. 





Learn to write— 
Follow the Magic Pencil 

This program is designed to 
encourage the child to find out the 
difference between objects by the 
use of question and answer 
approach. Beginning with a 
database consisting of 6 objects it is 
possible to build up information for 
over 100 objects. Most suitable for 
children between the ages of 7-13. 

With the help of a 'magic pencil' 
this program teaches children how 
to form their letters and numbers 
correctly. A variety of practice 
options can be chosen as 
appropriate to the childs age and 
ability. Most suitable for 3-6 year 
olds or where special help is 

The use of humorous animated 
fishes and crocodiles in this 
program assists young children in 
the task of recognising letters. Most 
suitable for children between the 
ages of 3-6 years old. 

A program that encourages very 
young children to learn numbers 
and count without the need for 
reading skills. Attractive graphics 
and scoring make it an eye catching 
an absorbing alternative to 
conventional learning. For 3-5 year 



Further understanding of time 
including the 24 hour clock. 


A program that helps children 
learn to tell the time and set a clock 
through three easy stages: hours 
only, minutes only, hours and 
minutes together. For 4-9 year 

A more advanced approach, 
including the 24 hours clock, 
quarter hours, odd minutes etc., 
presented in the format of a game 
for added motivation. The quicker 
the answer, the better the score. 
For 5-9 year olds. 



The ideal introductory course that has been carefully designed to contain no 
forward referencing, and assumes no previous knowledge of computing. 

Personal Computing Weekly said: 
'If you want a home computer to learn BASIC, then the AMSTRAD is ideal" 

So here's the ideal starter course, complete with two tapes, and supplied in 
library case with ringbinder. 

SOFT156 - 'Further BASIC -picks up where part 1 leaves off. It's a considerably 
more complex work introducing many more advanced concepts, but written in the 
same clear and concise style that has made Part 1 a best seller. If you already 
know BASIC from another computer system, then this is the ideal entry point to 
the Amstrad BASIC course - complete with 2 tapes, library case etc. 


Star Watcher 

A multi-program package that both 
teaches you the identification of the 
constellations and stars, and the 
underlying principles in astronomical 
calculation. An applications program 
provides precise views of the stars at 
any time and location on the earth's 

The comprehensive teaching 
program is accompanied by a very 
thorough training guide that provides a 
complete reference for the amateur star 

A 'real-time' plot mode causes the 
computer to update the display every 
minute. Star Watcher is a powerful and 
intriguing way to study the heavens. 
Turn your CPC4654 into a real home 
observatory for all the family. 

Project Planner 

Time is one commodity that money 
cannot buy. You need to manage your 
time and organise your effort with the 
best possible efficiency, and Project 
Planner shows you how. Project 
planner teaches you how to divide any 
project down into single meaningful 
components and establish a sequence in 
which each should be carried out. 
Anyone can organise time more 
efficiently using the applications 
program supplied with Project Planner. 
All you need to do is enter your 
individual activities and then your 
CPC464 will do all the hard work. The 
schedule will handle up to 50 different 
activities, showing when the jobs finish 
and which ones might cause problems. 

Decision Maker 

Should you buy a secondhand car? 
Should you buy a house? Should 
you change jobs? Such decisions 
should not be taken lightly. There's 
a rather more scientific approach to 
taking decisions than tossing a 
coin, and Decision Maker shows 
you how to minimise uncertainty 
and risk using the decision tree 
system. It will help you to explore 
all the possible outcomes from any 
decision - the pitfalls and the 
problems, and the pleasant 
surprises! With Decision Maker, 
you and your CPC464 will be able 
to tackle the most difficult 
decisions in your home and 
business life with ease. 


Entrepreneur is the definitive business 
start-up package and will teach you 
what running a business is all about. 
From balance sheets to cash flow, 
Entrepreneur will analyse and explain 
how to produce a business plan to 
convince yourself (and your bank 
manager) that you understand what 
you are doing. 

Many people want to set up their own 
businesses, yet few have any formal 
training in the underlying principles. 
Entrepreneur takes the hard figure 
work out of planning a business 
enterprise and leaves you time to 
exploit the talents and ideas that will 
ensure success. 

To give yourself the best chance of 
success in any business venture, you 
cannot do without Entrepreneur. 

This outstanding program was also given a 5 
star rating in the Which? Software Guide. 



& Micropen 

Two outstanding CP/M* programs at prices that explode the zn 
'serious' business software is unaffordable by the home user. 

yth that 


Microscript (SOFT1010) is a 'friendly' wordprocessor (featuring disc buffering of 
document length under CP/M*) with a comprehensive range of functions. 


Microscript makes available 55 different functions for creating and editing text. These are 
programmed in to function keys or key combinations to put word processing power and 

flexibility at your fingertips. These include: 

Cut & Paste, Convert to capitals/lower case, Centre 

Replace, Find and Delete 

Text, Underline, Find Text 

Find and 

Furthermore, Microscript has a 16 digit calculator 'built in' with 5 functions: 

Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, Percentage 

The calculator performs both horizontal and vertical totalling using standard arithmetic 

operations. Microscript can be used for financial modelling and for complex circular letters 

with individual calculations. 

Format 'rulers' 

Microscript has the capacity to store 10 different ruler memories. These rulers define a 
variety of margins, indentations and word-wrap boundaries, as well as delineating the 
'fields' where calculation may take place. They can be easily modified to suit the 

equirements of different documents. 


allows merging of 
Microscript can sto 

stored text with 

the document being created, 

additionally, Microscript can store a sequence of instructions which can be recalled 
execution with a single keystroke. Thus standard routines can be easily generatec . 


many print par, 

Print options 

Microscript has many print parameters, 
modify or which default to set values. 


are ba 

sic print options which the 

user can 

he MICROPEN database (S 



■^Multiple file capability 

* Micropen can handle as many different files of data as can be stored on your disc. 

iach record can contain up to 100 different fields and up to 1,024 characters. A menu of 
options is displayed on the screen for ease of use by untrained personnel. Micropen is 
probably the most straightforward and user-friendly database system available under 

Information can be retrieved by using record numbers or key fields, anc 
on the screen or printed in standard reports. 

Micropen has a comprehensive indexing system for rapid file search 
record can be subjected to 6 different search tests. 

can be 



field in a 

*CP/M is a trade mark of Digital Research Inc. 

CP/M Accounts Software 

The Artisoft dual disc accounts management system has been developed from the 
successful Padmede range of Business programs which is owned by Quest 
International. Over 30,000 installations already exist on a worldwide basis on 
machines like IBM, Apricot, Apple etc. Whilst the Padmede range is normally sold 
for a retail price of £250 per individual module: a total of £1250. The same product 
is now available by special arrangement with AMSOFT for only £149.00!! 

The five programs within the ABC range are being offered as a combination suite 
of three programs ie. Sales Invoicing, Sales Ledger and Stock Control 

- representing the bulk of the accounts function of any business. Purchase Ledger 
and Nominal Ledger are sold separately as these are not a pivotal part of the 
accounts system, but are certainly useful adjuncts if you have the discipline to 
maintain them rigorously. 

Sales Invoicing (ASTS) 

This module is designed to produce Invoices/Credit Notes completely and efficiently for up 
to 100 Accounts from 250 Products, either as an integral part of the ABC system or 
operating as an independent system. 

When integrated with the other modules in the ABC system the Sales Invoicing System 
automatically updates the level of physical .stock as Invoices/Credit Notes are produced. 
Customer Accounts are automatically updated and there is also complete integration from 
the Product file through to the Nominal/General Ledger, 

The user is asked to select the basic information such as account number, product 
reference and quantity. AH other information such as the account name and address, 
product description, selling price and tax rate are generated automatically. All calculations 
are made instantly, the Invoice/Credit Note is produced and the Stock File is updated. 

Products not on the Stock File can be input individually and there are also facilities to 
enter free text on any Invoice or Credit Note. 

All the other modules work in a similar user-friendly and comprehensive manner. Further 
details are available on request, but we do not have space here to describe them fully. 

After sales care 

Each module may be supported with an optional 'service contract' which allows the user 
on-line support from the Padmede telephone support service. The documentation supplied 
with each item is the result of the experience of many thousands of installations and will 
answer all aspects of use of the software: but it cannot teach you basic accountancy 

f : 



Stock Control 
SOFT 1002 (CP/M) 
Sales Invoicing 
SOFT 1003 (CP/M) 

Sales Ledger 
SOFT 1004 (CP/M) 
Purchase Ledger 
SOFT 1005 (CP/M) 

Nominal Ledger 
SOFT 1006 (CP/M) 

Home Budget 

An easy to use program to help 

balance the household outgoings 

with the household income. 

Don't be caught unaware when the 
car insurance, road tax, TV licence 
and rates all arrive in the same 
month. Home Budget won't print 
the cash to pay them, but it will 
help you to be prepared and make 
the best use of your income - and 
provide the evidence if you need to 
rely upon your bank manager's 
good nature for a while. 
Supplied complete with a program 
cassette, data cassette, and full 
instructions in a smart ringbinder. 


The complete official technical 

Over 250 pages of fully indexed 
and cross referenced information 
on the extended Locomotive 
BASIC interpreter supplied with 
the CPC464, supplied complete 
with ring binder and library slip- 

As Personal Computer News (June 

16th 1984) said: 

"Amstrad Basic has been designed 

by people who know what they are 


And the same people have written 

this complete specification. 

Home Budget provides 
step-by-step help to guide you 
through the entry of monthly 
items of expenditure and income, 
and provides a summary of the 
various aspects in the form of 
printouts and 3D bar charts. 

The ideal companion publication 
for users wishing to perfect their 
skills in advanced BASIC. 
The various extensions for cassette 
handling, sound and graphics are 
described in detail - together with 
the unique real-time features 


from Saxon Computing 

A low cost computer spreadsheet 
that includes a linked bar chart 
graphics option. Very simple to use 
and understand, yet capable of 
producing complex balance sheets, 
cash flow analysis, project costings 

Easi-Amscalc includes features to 
save and retrieve files from tape, 
list to a printer, jump directly to an 
entry anywhere on the sheet, 
replicate, rowsum, columnsum etc. 


- a simple to use 
wordprocessor program 

Use your CPC464 as a 
wordprocessor, with 
Easi-AMSWORD from Juniper 
Computing provides all the 
features necessary to produce 
letters and other documents on the 
CPC464. Various printers 
(including the AMSTRAD DMP1) 
may be used, with tape storage 
and retrieval. 

Easi-Amscalc has been specifically 
written for the CPC464 to make 
the best use of the hardware 
facilities. Selectable colour 
combinations, 40 or 80 column 
display. Supplied complete with 
ring binder, library slip case and 
full instructions with examples. 

Use either the 40 column or 
professional 80 column display, 
with various options for 
overtyping, print formatting etc. 


The word processor. A complete low 
cost word processing program 
featuring a 'what you see is what 
you get' display, many features for 
manipulating and printing text 
and a very easy to use system of 
help messages. 

Simply press a single key to get a 
complete list of the available 
facilities and the keystroke 
sequences required to activate 
them. Press another to return to 
exact point at you which left the 
text. Or you can view the help page 
by scrolling the window at the top of 
the screen. 

Masterfile 464 

A RAM database for storing 
everything from mailing lists to 
details of your stamp collection. 
Masterfile 464 allows up to 32K of 
data space - which amounts to 
around 400-500 'normal' names 
and adresses, allowing you to sort 
and select from your data file on the 
basis of various criteria, including 
descending/ascending numeric 
/character, string scans etc. 

Each data file record consists of 
one or more 'fields', and the length 
of each field may be between and 
240 characters. Records maybe 




-— -y 


... ' ;; • "■•■'' , '". ,■ • ,: . i: '" " " 
. . - .".' ' . ; 

, in.' ■■; ., 
tot Kits 

-'..' !<T' ■■ 

■ flrout rep 

'■ ■ . 


=-=■ : --■--.-.• ■ 

bit t» US 

t !™J 

/// 1 


*f t ; i Jfi,V"««pt!tw*» MabMM evttteaa lute mii0m ■ 

SOFT 16^ 



Soft 914 

Tasman Softw 

Campbell Software Developments 

Includes search and replace, justify, 
adjustable column width, block 
manipulations, special characters etc. 
Tasword may also be used to edit ASCII 
program files. 

There's a full printer and program 
customisation feature to allow you to 
save the program with the defaults you 
require: there's even 4 different types of 
cursor available! 

Up to 36 different styles of report 
can be devised, using a variety of 
heading and boxing layouts. The 
screen format may be printed with 
additional provision for margin and 
forms depth control . A detailed 
manual accompanies this database 


The threaded compiled/ 
interpretive language that runs 
at the speeds approaching those 
of machine code. Not a 
beginner's language, but a very 
powerful language for the more 
experienced programmer 
looking for speed and 
convenience. Many arcade 
games are written using 
FORTH, and many real time 
control applications are only 
possible using a language like 

Screen Designer 

Use your CPC464 as an electronic 
canvas with Screen Designer. You 
can draw lines and circles, fill 
areas, print text and graphics 
characters, wash one colour to 
another in selected areas, scroll in 
any direction, magnify and save the 
screen to be used in other 
applications - such as program title 

Select inks from the complete 
range available. Use flashing inks, 
adjust the flashing rate: in fact, just 
about every hardware facility is 
exploited in this software 

Soft 197 (Keyboard) 

DJL Software 

Amstrad FORTH includes 
many extensions for the specific 
hardware features of the 
CPC464, and comes complete 
with a comprehensive user 

Screen designer has been 
designed to be immediately 
compatible with disc and tape, 
and comes complete with 40 
pages of instructions. 

Master Machine 
Code Programming 

Amsoft present HiSoft's famous 
Z80 assembler/disassembler, editor 
and monitor 'DEVPAC. DEVPAC 
allows you to develop machine code 
programs with all standard 
directives and conditional 
assembly, using either the 40 or 80 
column display. Assemble from 
tape without using space for the 
source, list to the printer etc. The 
disassembler/ monitor allows you 
to examine memory contents with 
the 'front panel' display of Z80 
registers and flags. Search for a 
string of bytes, single step through 
machine code programs etc. 


SOFT! 16 HiSoft DEVPAC for the 

The Concise 



A complete technical reference for 
all machine code programmers that 
describes all the firmware routines, 
the associated parameters and 

Over 450 pages of details of the 
extensive ROM routines make this 
one of the most comprehensive 
technical publications ever offered 
at the launch of a home computer. 

*Nowalso available SOFT158A, 
Over 100 pages Covering the disc 
interface ROM extensions 

Essential for anyone wanting to 
understand machine code 
programming techniques. Supplied 
complete with ring binder, library 
slip case and full instructions 
including worked examples. The 
Assembler is recorded on side 1, 
and the Monitor on side 2 of the 
cassette supplied. 

SOFT158 The Concise Firmware 

Keyboard scanning, screen 
writing, sound handling etc., are all 
covered in precise detail. 
Expansion ROM philosophy, IO 
techniques and all aspects of the 
hardware/ software interface. 
Supplied complete with ring binder 
and library slip case. 

Introducing PASCAL 

Pascal is the most widely used 
computer language after BASIC. It 
offers the speed of a true compiler 
coupled with a structure that leads 
to manageable and easily 
understood programs that 
transport readily between different 

In order that you can get a better 
appreciation of the power of this 
language, we offer a tutorial 
course, complete with example 
programs on cassette, based on the 
implementation of HiSoft PASCAL 


The high speed fully compiled 
second language that is widely 
used in schools, colleges and 
engineering applications. 

Complete with library 
procedures that show how to use 
all of the CPC464's features for 
sound and graphics handling. 

HiSoft PASCAL comes complete 
with text editor and turtle 
graphics facilities. 

HiSoft PASCAL is an extensive 
implementation of standard 
PASCAL and contains nearly all 
the features found in the more 
complex and much larger versions 
of the language. 

This course is an invaluable 
introduction to the language for the 
newcomer. Some knowledge of 
BASIC fundamentals is assumed, 
but even the novice will be quickly 
and easily lead through this superb 
complement to HiSoft's PASCAL 

PASCAL operates as a 
machine-start program, and is also 
available on disc. Options include 
ASCII read and write of programs, 
enabling full screen text editors to 
be used - such as AMSWORD. 

From the name that's synonymous with 
keyboard training, this keyboard skills 
program is a versatile keyboard training 
system that is designed for anyone who wants to 
learn to type quickly and efficiently. It is 
extremely flexible and is equally suited to 
beginners, or experienced typists seeking to 
polish their skills. 

The program comes without documentation: 
none is required, as the program is completely 
self explanatory. There are two types of 
exercise: fingering drills and sentence practice. 
A screen display of the whole keyboard helps 
you to drill correct fingering. 

At the end of each session, your accuracy and 
speed are assessed and displayed for you to 
record your progress. 

This program encourages the user to develop 
and perfect the keyboard skills that are an 
essential part of computer programming and 
operating. No longer are keyboard skills purely 
for the typist, they are an increasingly 
important part of life from primary school 
upwards. No one can afford to miss the 
opportunity of making the best use of their 
keyboard aptitude -and what better training 
ground than the highly acclaimed keyboard of 


The disc drive is a 3" system, conforming to the 
Hitachi/Panasonic standard. The software is 
configured for a 12mS step rate, and 30mS 
settling time. 

Each drive is supplied with its own integral 
mains power supply - which in the case of the 
first drive (DDI-1) also supplies power to the disc 
expansion interface via the interconnecting 
cable supplied. 

The DDI-1 is supplied complete with plug-on 
interface controller and cable. The system is 
designed to control a maximum of 2 drives. Also 
housed in the interface is an expansion ROM, 
containing the extensions for AMSDOS and the 
machine dependant elements of CP/M and 

The ruggedly constructed 3" discs are usable 
on both sides, each side is provided with a 
reusable write protect clip which is slid into 
position as required. 


AMSDOS is a disc operating system which 
expands Locomotive BASIC, adding additional 
commands to make full use of the disc files. 
AMSDOS enables BASIC programs to access 
disc files in the same manner as cassette files, 
in fact the same commands are used with file 
names conforming to CP/M conventions. 
AMSDOS and CP/M both share the same file 
structure and can read and write each other's 

A version of the Digital Research CP/M 
operating system is supplied with the DDI-1, 
permitting the user to access the wealth of 
applications software written to run under 

CP/M. In addition to the usual CP/M utilities, 
additional features have been included for the 

Disc Organisation: 

Both AMSDOS and CP/M support three different 
disc formats: 

SYSTEM format, DATA only format, and IBM 

Format selection is automatic on disc access. 

Ali three formats use the same framework, but 

have different sector configurations. 

Common to all: 

Single sided, double density. 

512 byte sector size. 

40 tracks. 

Sectors interleaved 2:1. 

SYSTEM format: 

The most frequently used format, since 

CP/M may only be loaded from a system 

format disc. 2K is used for the directory, and 9K 

reserved for the system. 

9 sectors per track. 

2 reserved tracks for CP/M. 

169Kbyte file capacity. 

DATA only format: 

All the tracks are used to store data. 
2K bytes reserved for the directory. 
9 sectors per track. 
No reserved tracks. 
178K byte file capacity. 

IBM format: 

Logically similar to the single sided format used 


2K bytes used for the directory, 4K reserved. 

8 sectors per track. 

1 reserved track. 

154K byte file capacity. 

"Either side of an AMSTRAD CP/M or AMSDOS 
disc may be accessed by the disc controller, 
depending on which way round the disc is 

Disk Drive Size: 75(H) x 1 05(W) x 
Weight: 1.6Kg 
Voltage: 240VAC50Hz 

interface Size: 75{H) x 1 65(W) x 35(D)mm 
Weight: 0.2Kg 

The DMP-1 is a precision made 80 column 

dot matrix printer that operates at a print 

speed of up to 50 characters per second. 

It comes supplied with a connecting 

cable and requires no additional interface 

to operate with the 

CPC 464. 

Although using the standard Centronics 

7-bit printer interface, the DMP-1 includes 

instruction extensions that have been 

customised specifically for the CPC 464 

that provide a dot-addressable graphics 

capability, and thereby a full screen dump 


The DMP-1 provides no-fuss 

operation with simple to 

understand controls, a 

thorough instruction and 

programming manual and 

an easily changed ribbon 

cassette system. The self 

aligning tractor paper feed 

ensures reliable operation 

and is adjustable from 4.5 

inches up to a maximum, 

paper width of 

10 inches. 



This printer is one of a range of 
AMSTRAD accessories to the CPC 464 
designed to help you get the most from 
your computer whether it be writing 
programs, listing files, printing reports, 
invoices or letters. 

Print Method: 

Impact dot matrix, unidirectional on a 5 x 7 
character matrix. 

Character Code: 

7 bit ASCII, plus graphics extensions providing any 

combination of 7 dots in a vertical column. 

Character Pitch: 

10 Cpi, 80 columns max width. 

Graphics Pitch: 

60 dots per inch, 480 dots max. width. 

Line Spacing: 

6 lines per inch when printing characters feeding 

at 10 lines per second. , 

9 lines per inch when printing graphics feeding at 

15 lines per second. 

Copy capability: 

One original (0.15mm max thickness) and one copy. 

Paper width: 

Between 4.5 and 10 inches. 

Dimensions (mm): 

315(d) x447(w)x 114(h) 

Weight (kg): 4.8 

Power Supply: 

240V AC 50Hz 

No matter what your interest in computing, AMSOFT's 
CPC464 User Club - like the CPC464 itself - has something to 
ffer. A subscription to the hugely successful AMSTRAD 
PC464 User magazine, big prize competitions, special 

itten b\ 

Get access to the features that are written by the CPC464 
ixperts; type in the many listings published in each issue 
and get the first news of what's happening on the Amstrad 

To make it easy for you to keep track of your membership number and 
details, we'll even supplyyou with a gold-embossed plastic membership 
Won't that 'do nicely'?? 


oduced & 



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