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The best-selling Mcorn magazine m mu wona 

The magazine for all users of 32^-bit Rise OS computers 

fie Music 

A QUANTUM PrwhicHon 

£2.95 JUNE 1994 


9 770263 

writing series 
Plus air our 

C QTM - The Acorn User 
soundtracker player 

Quark beater 
on the Arc? 

What makes 
Acorn tick? 






JUNE 1994 

G We give away 
rSQQ cash in the 
Acorn Usersurvey 
O The final part 
of our demo 


I ,M P R E S S I O N 

tr ^ 


Impression Publisher is the 
most powerful version of 


Impression Publisher is the first full colour, 

Word processing 
and general features 

Full word processing including 
advanced features such as; 


Publisher provides the most powerful 
set of graphics tools available: 


• Integrated spell checker with check 
as you type and auto-correct and 
abbreviation expansion as you type 

• Integrated WordWorks Collins Eng- 
lish dictionary (with explanations) 
and Collins Thesaurus 

Impression to be released so 
far. Like all versions of 
Impression, it is designed to 
be a complete document 
handling solution in one 
simple to use program. 

• Instant graphics pan, scale and rotate 
using the mouse 

• On screen anti-aliasing of ArtWorks 
files and draw' files 

• Separate contrast and brightness 
control for each individual graphic 

• Turn greyscale or other graphics into 
duotone (any tw'o colours) graphics 

• Colour balance control for each 

• Full 16 and 24-bit sprite support 

• TIFF files supported and optional 
loaders for JPEG and PhotoCD files 

• Accepts pre-separated CMYK sprites 
and TIFF files 

• Advanced PostScript screen control 
of each graphic 

• Individual information on each 
graphic - size in bytes, file types, 
number of colours, resolution of 
sprites etc. 

Page layout and DTP 

Publisher can be your 
everyday word processor, it 
is also excellent at handling 
long documents, even books. 
It’s ideal for simple bro- 
chures or adverts and the 
most complex page layout 


• Automatic paragraph numbering and 

• Very powerful system of overlaying 
styles and effects 

• Tool bars for quick and easy access 
to common functions, text effects 
and styles 

• Keep together and keep with next, 
for advanced text flow control 

• OLE - allows simple embedding and 

editing of other fde types 

• Package includes Equasor and Table- 

creation and editing 

• Drag and drop text editing 

• 4 colour separations with on-screen 
preview of separations 

• Separates all graphics and sprites 
including 16 and 24-bit RGB sprites 

• Named master pages now with page 
bleed control 

• Full control of PostScript separations 
- screen angle, type, density, crop 
and registrations marks etc 

• Supports multiple device profiles for 
separating to different printers 

• Guide frames and page grid with 

♦ tegular gfapliiG§ffailiG5witli(exl 

flow around 

on Acorn RISC computers 

24-bit capable publishing solution for Acorn RISC computers. 

Black & white scanned image 

Irregular frame w ith text 

Button bar 

turned into duotone (any two 

in jloca) fr«n«: Oaphic ;/(] 

WhaUhe Dickens ? 

flowing around 

J » Browst I Browse » | BKk j 

colours) graphic 

Hyper text help 
showing a page 
irregular frames. 

Full on-line 
documentation is 
provided using this 

Irregular frames 

Only (niphic intincN con b<v\»nc inc$olar 
iramev To « Inunc incjuljr either 
the menu Franw => M.iki'’ 
ineguLu or loMc the trentc K 
A(l|u^*«lRi|$«n( the mute luixlk ol tlv 
' grji|4iio tool, 

j mnitlly the <f)fic«raRcv oi the irame is 
unchanged e\ccf( thn it newt h« • blue 
outline. HoM^eryou CMtnoMi <h»ge«<hof 
the Irjtnc handles mdcpendcnily K> ^.Tctne 
I itregulcir Niupc. 

To aiM « new handle Min|4y dick on the edge 
ot' die Inme To delete a handle eitherdnig h 
o\cr another handle oi Shitl-dici on it 

i^br itxncy arc uxtui m any Mtuawai w heic y\wi w/nt 
- .‘\i HI flow aiound .wi inegubr liupe. MKh *s. the 
^•^,reK\l montvhnwne sprdc o^ Chartc» Oid^cns %)k>wn 
/on the left. 

k^To make a Iratnc irregubr you simply seievt the 'Make 
mvgular' menu ttpiion man tlic Frame menu. The tramc 
lutnv Mur to mdteaic it is an megutar Irwinc, Now yvwi can 
Hinpiy mo>e any ol the frame handles freely mwaxl the shape 
0 add a pswnt simply chek any w here akwig the frame eelpe - to 
rermwe a point drag it oser my other handle tor 'ample chek on the 
V handle while pressatg Shiff). In thi- way you can nuke the fnune 
as intnceae as you like and make the text flow ansund the 
complex shape. ImprcNswHt ha* alway s 
- rotate gnphKs ju4 by drwejBg-wftlTtFic nwwise. Now 
tvV Iny r^» m^tdile<lgfr5ds the idwhiy to intsaittly 
gtwphK's and the Inane wvgether by 
dragging with the adjux nwwi'e bunen. 

■ - Q 

_ ._£j In this example dK /imcgular Inane has been 

II repd maipn Ot a cxaiple of mdlinKtres so the text doesn't go /nght up agamst die ftwme 
■ I could ccjually well gno the twalme a xtstblc Keder sH any yihiddtess and esdour if I va 

The Dtekens gtaphK's abas dlu'i^av^ antther new Pubhsher fcanav 
gngducs • m saher words this sexmed spntc. whK-h was originally^ 
changed lo that n is a daik brown exxlour. This iechna{ue can be i 
and IS especully cfivcttse with gteyscale iimgcs where, fori 
sepb effect just K edittng the colour. 

the ahduy to crcwie duonwK 
^just Mack and white, has been 
'^apphed to |uM .xKwn any gn^dne 
'example, you can now 

ji=ailS?i -rL 

I HiraDtS 04 .D ApK riscosj.; 

This example |Vtgc aho dhistraics another unusual use / irregubr frames. Mtxo DTP prxframs 
can only spread text tiK ode or another oi a graftiK'. Inipies- / sui IViNtdicr can iV>w text ot-mga a 
frame m> n appears both ^tdes. This is pariKobr useful M where yxwi ha\e a xvry dim idsyKt naxers. 
mg the page, such as the paim brxKh show here. 

Irregular frame 
control handle. 
sSimply drag to re- 
shape the frame 

Artworks graphic in 
another irregular 
frame show ing text 
flowing both sides of 
the graphic 

• Frame border control and irregular 
frame repel margins 

• Instant irregular frame and frame 
contents rotate and scale with mouse 

• Transparent frames, and full colour 
control of all objects, including RGB 
and CMYK colour models and over- 
print options 

• Drag zoom for instant magnification 
of any part of the page 

These features are in addition to the 
many renowned Impression capabili- 
ties, such as unrivalled printing 
facilities, full on-line help (over 400 
pages of on-line hyper text documenta- 
tion and Acorn interactive help), speed 
of use and ease of use, etc, all combine 
to make Impression the best all round 
document production solution - for all 
types of document. 

J M P K K S S I O ^ 



If you take document creation 
seriously, then make sure you 
use the best available tool for 
the job. 

ComputGr Concepts Ltd 

Gaddesden Place 
Hcmel Hempstead Herts 
HP2 6EX 
Tel;0442 6393.^ 

Fax: 0442 231632 
EMAIL lnfo@CConcepts.c().uk 

Price 169 + VAT (£198.57 inc) 


From Impression II before July 22nd '94 
£29 + p&p + VAT (£37.60 inc.) 

From Impression II after July 22nd '94 
£49 4- p&p + VAT (£61.10 inc.) 

From Impression Style £70 + VAT 
(£82.25 inc.) 

From Impression Junior £79 + VAT 
(£92.82 inc.) 

From other word processors £120 + 
VAT (£141.00 inc.) 

JPEG, PhotoCD & Clear file loaders 
- €39 + VAT (£45.82 inc) for the set 

2Mbyte RAM minimum, 4Mbytc and a 
hard disc recommended. Fully Acorn 
Rise PC compatible. 

E&O Prices are subject to change 

This advert was created, edited, laid out, and four colour separated using only Impression Publisher 

P? ^ Impression Publisher put 
to the test 


irrcK^-Bld at 100% 

1 7 f8 1 9 |10 ill il2 |13 |14 

llrregular Graphics Frames and Bleeds 

A^ you can ^ rrom fracneii conuininj^ graph k:!i> cutn nou be made irregirlar 

repellii^ te\i around an arbiiiviry oiiiline. Ttu^ is ideal for produciion oE' 
publicarions wtikh ineorpocuw many giaphiei. such as newsietters and 
magazines^ It's easy to make an irpegular frame; you start oft’ 
with frante handles jusi as with a nofnial frairte. bur 
>ctF can drag eadi liuiKlk to ntake ajt arb;iniry 
^hape. and add or delete handles until you hace the 
ouiline you require. 

A is an area of the pace which e\tra to 

the normal page area, and v> hich is 
irimnted orf alter pilniing, tltereby 
alleging the print lo go ri^r up to itie edge 
of the paper ^'ou can see this page's bleed as a 
dark grey area omo which the irregular graphic frame 
o\ ertaps. Nme thai the rulers do not jineasure lite bleed, but start from ihc comer of the page. | / 


Work Rich 




:0 Apps Fonts 

■s ^ 

loneiy nigtrtr 


A QUANTUM Production 

ifej IWfW 


Queue The 
with our 

How usefyf are portable computers in schools? 

11 News 

All the best from the world of Acorn 

19 Graphics 

Painting applications and image importing 

21 Comms 

Bulletin boards and Internet 

23 DTP 

Rise PC publishing and photo-retouching software 

25 Public Domain 

Another array of PD for your computer 

26 Education 

Geoff Preston looks at the latest education 

28 The Acorn User cover disc 

The Acorn /Tser Survey, Queue The Music and more 

31 Reader Survey 

Fill in the questions and win a fortune 

32 Free ads 
52 Letters 

82 Next month 
109 Back Issues 

112 The subscribers' page 

Details of our fantastic subscription offer 

114 The Moxon interview 

Adrian Look of LOOK Systems 


91 Showing off 

Roll out your demos with this final tutorial 

95 Back to basics 

98 Questions and answers 
1 01 Acorn customer hotiine 
103 lilrINFO 

©1994Europress£nterpriseLtd. j 
No material may ba reproduced in | 
whole or in part without 
written permission. : 

While every care is taken, the I 

publishers cannot be held legally ' 

responsible for any errors in ; 

articles, tistings or adve rtiseme nt. i 

12 issue subscription rate;£35.40 
{UKJ, E49 {EEC], ES9 {World] 

Editor Mark Moxon 
Deputy Editor Oavtd Matthewman 
Production Editor Judith Chapman 
Art Editor Carl Fox 
Contributing editors 
Ian Burfey (News) Steve Atherton 
(Games) Jack Kneindler (Graphics) 
David Dade (Comms) Pauf Wheatfey 
[Public Domain) Geoff Preston 
(Education) Steve PowelJ (DTP) 

Advertisement Managers 
Emma Barr St Lisa Braceweli 
Ad Produclion Wendy Binnersley 
Marketing Manager Lucy Oliver 
Prcdircllon Manager Sandra Childs 
Circulation DireDtor David Wren 
DisIribulfOn COMAG (0895) 444055 

Subscriptions Database Direct 

Chairman Derek Meakin 
Managing Director Ian Bloomfield 
Memi^er of M Audii BureBti of Cmfsfm 
Acofn User is an indepeadeal publication 
and Acorn is not responsible for any of 
the articles in this issue or for any 
of the opinions expressed 


Published by Euiopress Enterprise Ltd, 
Europa Hqusb, Adlington Park, MaeciesfieSd 
SKie^NP Tel: 0625 S75S00 Fax; ^(]€25 850652 
Printed by Ouncaii Web Offset, Mafdslone 


JUNE 1994 

35 Public property 

What is the public domain? Find out right here 

37 Share and share alike 

Tip-top opinions from the writers of PD 

41 Programming languages 

The best languages, for free 

44 To your art’s content 

Public Domain graphics packages 

47 PD Games 

Flight simulators and a Kamikaze dinosaur 

49 Desktop enhancers 

Desktop utilities, from gimmicks to essentials 

73 Book it! 

Is the pocket book becoming a classroom essential? 

84 Revolution or evolution 

We take a look at the changes occuring in Acorn 


55 In brief 

Template editors and faster CD-Rom drives 

57 The best impression 

We put Impression publisher to the test 

61 Games show 

Flashback, Premier Manager, and more 

69 Computer yuppiedom 

Organise yourself with Almanac 3 

77 We have lift off! 

Space adventures with Earthwarp 

79 Shopping mad 

Don't miss our computers for schools scheme 

can it 
your life? 

The Public 
explored in 
our 11 'page 


Almanac 1 : 

63 Flashback, the latest 16-bit conversion 

81 The Bearing Report 

We review its implications on the world of IT 

Next issue on sale 16 June 

Editor’s letter 

Just watch people's eyes light up when they discover 
for the first time that the Public Domain contains vast 
resources of totally free software. It's like Christmas 
come early. 

The Public Domain has come a long way since the 
early days of the Archimedes. Thanks, in the main, to 
the dedication of those who run PD libraries, and the 
large take-up of the Internet by Acorn users as a 

means of communication, the Public Domain has 
exploded into a vital part of the Acorn scene. 

Although it is almost an impossible task to cover the 
Pubtic Domain In one Issue - and that's why we have a 
monthly PD column -- the section starting on page 35 
will, at least, point you in the right direction* Never say 
we don't give you anything for free*.. 

Mark Moxon, Editor 


Price list prepared 26th April 1994 

jgO out of 1 0 10 out of n) 

- Dinosaurs, Driving Test; Early 
Essentials (-6), English (6-16), French (6' 
16). Junior EssentiaJs (5-11), Maths 
AEgebra (6-16), Maths Number (6-16), 

Maths Statistics (6-16) 



- German, Italian, Science, Spanish 



1 St Paint 



1st Word Plus Manual 



^067 6C 



2067 BC + Entropy 



fiteoOO Technical Reference Manual 


VO £33 

A4 Technical Reference ManuaMcom vd£67 

A5000 Technical Reference 



VO £67 

ABC Version 3 



Access for A3000 



Access for A3020/A4000 



Acxjess for A5000 



Access for Rise PC 






Acheton Kingdom of Hamil 


f £17 

Acorn Advance 



- Primary Licence 


- Secondary Licenoe 


- User Guide 

VO £11 

Advantage, KS2,3 



Adventure Playground, age 5-8 Storm 


Air Supremacy 






Almanac 3 












Amazi ng Maths, KS 1 -4 tomtetogesters 

? £10 

Amazing Ollie, age 4+ 



Ancestry, KS3,4 



Ancient Egypt 



Ancient Egyptians, age 7-1 1 



Animated Numbers, age 3-6 S/iarslon 


ANSI C Release 4 User Guide Acorn 

VO £25 

Arcade 3 



ArcComm 2 






Arc Embroidery 



ArcFax David £28 

ArcFS 2 Vedicai Iwst £20 

Archimedes Assembly Language tote ve £15 
" with disc £22 

Archimedes Game Maker's Manual 

VO £15 

Archimedes Operating System {not DS3) 

Date VO £1 5 

-with disc 





Archivisi Pro 



Archway 2 






Arcot Desktop 



Arcounis Manager 






ARC-PCB Professional 



- education price 


ARC-PCB Schematics 



AroSpelE 1 



AreSpeEE 2 



Arcterm 7 




Fourth Dim 



Fourth Dim 





Arcventure “ 1 ... The Romans, age 10-12: 
il ... The Egyptians, age 8-9' III ... The 
Vikings, age 7*1 1 - each swon £25 
Armtock Di^Ea/ Ssp/icss £33 

Around the World In 80 Days, age 9-12 


J 2 Cferes £42 

achine Pack 1 Tcpo/ogiifa £29 

hool Mm Sucfe £24 

CC ^ 



- site licence 


Artworks CD 



Artworks Made Easy 


VO £15 



1 £30 

Atelier, KS2-4 






AUN/Level 4 Fileserver (Release 3) 



Avon & Murdac 


r £16 




Aztecs, age 7-11 



j^adger Trails, age 9-1 1 



Bambuzle + Blitz 



Basic Wimp Programming 






Battle of trie Somme 



Battle of the Somnoe with Video Disc 






BBC Basic Reference Manual Acom 

VO £22 

Beginner’s Guide to Wimp Programming 

S^ma w£l3 
FoiJdh Dim £24 
Top<}iogika £POA 

Leading fcfge £14 
Shetsion £37 

on the Archimedes 
Birds of War 
Birthday Preseni 
Bitfolio Cartoon Graphics LrJoA £17 

Black Angel Foudh Dim £24 


Bodywise, age 9-14 

- Primary, KS1,2 

- Secondary , KS3.4 
-Welsh Primary, KS1 .2 ESM 

- Welsh Secondary, KS3,4 £SW 

Break 147 & Superpool £24 

Britain by Rail Ffstw-Martett £19 

Budget DTP 
Bug Hunter y MoonDash 
Bug Hunter in Space 



Business Accounts 





Concept Designer. KS3,4 






Conneclbns, age 5-8 



Control Logo, KSl -4 






Countdown to Doom / Return to Doom / 

Philosopher's Quest Topjjfog.iifa £25 

Craftshop 1 4maten £19 

Craftshop 2 4matrafl £19 

Creaior II Aipine £46 

Cross-32 Meta-Assembler flaildrm £125 

- manual for evaluation Baikkm vo £ 1 5 

Crystal Maze, age 7-70 Stefw £28 

Crystal Rain Forest, age 8-1 1 SriersJof] £33 
Cyber Chess Fourth Dim £24 

Cyborg Aipine £1 9 

Cycloids ^mesWare £16 

iJarryl the Dragon, KS 1,2 4matm £18 

- site licence £36 

Darryt the Dragon Activity Sheets 4rata £l0 








Data Power 

iota jjH® 




- education price 


DataVision Lite 



Fnpi'e R 





Decorated Alphabet, sprites 

Micro SluPio £17 

Demon's Lair 

Fourth Dim 


Designer V3 



Designer Intro (rtof OS 3) 



Designer's Graphics, draw/sprites 

Micro Studio £16 




Desktop Assembler 



Desktop C 



Desktop Folio, KS1-4 







(^Hnew edition} Date vo£l6 

" with disc £24 

CabloNows LmgansiJy £136 

CADet, KS3,4 Minerva £105 

- secondary site licence £440 

Cambridge Pascal Oak £65 

Card mania CiS £POA 

Cards h op Oares £19 

Carnage Inc. Foun^Dim £18 

Cartoon Collection MkmShxib £16 

Casino Mirieiva £1 1 

Castle Life Oak £42 

Castle of Dreams, age 7-11 Storm £20 

Cataclysm FourJifr Oi'm £1 4 

Caverns Mrierva £11 

CD Frangais Oak £94 

Chameleon 4mation £33 

Champions Compilatioh Kmks £21 

Charts & Graphs Compt/fer TiJtooa; £17 
Chartwell RISC £23 

Chatter irntion £30 

Chequered Flag C/S EPOA 

Chess 3D Micro Pom £ 1 0 

Children's Graphics Ato Studio £16 

Chocks Away Compendium FouddDim £25 

Chopper Force Fouttft Dim £ 1 9 

Christmas Adventure, age 5-8 Storm £20 



Christmas Allsorts, age 7-16 Stersion £15 

Chuck Rock Krisa.'fe £17 

Cistercian Abbeys Oak £42 

ClassPrint LD Dale £65 

Clip Art CD CC £18 

Clip Art Collection t/'eriicif Tiv/sf £22 

CNC Designer V3 for Lathe TechSott £343 

CNC Designer V3for Lathe and Miller 

TechSoh £493 

CNC Designer V3 for Miller TecriSo# £343 

Coffee, age 9+ Sfdrm £26 

Colour Screen 'Mac Human £90 

- Arc/Mac Cable Himn £24 

GolourSep tCS £1 5 

- site licence £45 

ColourSep Starter Packs iCS 

- DeskJet 500 (Mono) £55 

- site licence £85 

- B J - 1 0 with Ca rtridges £85 

-site licence Ell 5 

- B J without Cartridges £40 

- site licence £70 

Compression CC £34 

Computer Basics Tutodai £1 7 

Desktop Folio Curriculum Packs, KS2-I': 
Christmas, Editors, Maths, 

Space, World War II each £24 

Desktop Folio - Welsh. KS1 -4 £SAf £87 
Desktop Imagine Topotogf/ra £39 

Desktop OHice v2, KS2-4 Miriafva £55 

Desktop Publishing on the Archimedes 

Si^a VO £14 

Desktop ScreenTurtle 
Desktop Thesaurus 

Topoiogika £42 
RISC £17 
Vertiica/ Tmsf £50 

First Irhpression l^iDrd ProcessIr^tSl 

First Logo. KS1 ,2 Longman £21 

First Page, KS2-4 £42 

First Steps in Programming Acorn RISC OS 
Computers S/gma vo£15 

First Words and Pictures CMM £21 

First Words with Smudge, age 4+ Storm £20 
Fish, Jinxter and Corruption C/S £POA 

Flexifile, KS3,4 M^Sfva £25 

Flight Path, age 9-i- Stoflm £26 

Flight Sim Tool kit 5m/s £35 

FEossy the Frog,. KSl 4maten £23 

site licence £43 

Flossy the Frog Art Disc Amatiun £10 

Fontasy /CS £15 

- site licence £45 

Fontasy / DrawBen der / P lacard ICS £30 

- site licence £80 

Font Directory Lijotf £28 

FontFX Data Store £9 

- site licence £70 

Font Pack - Newhatk Starter, Symbol 

- each pack Acom £34 

Font Pack ^ Avant Garde, Bookman 

Pembroke - each pack CC £24 

Fonts Pack 1 Fates £15 

Fonts Pack 2 Fabis £1 5 

Food for Thought, age 7- 1 6 Steretor? £ 1 5 

F.R.E.D. tomesW/sre £15 

Freddy's Folly (not 03 3) Mmva £8 

Freddy Teddy Tqooiogika £1 5 

-* Balloons 8 The Zoo Topok^a £20 

- The Playground Topok^ka £25 

- The Puddle & The Wardrobe 

Topoiogika £20 

Freddy Teddy's Adventure Topoh^ £15 

Frontier 2000, KS2-4 £49 

Frontier 2000 CD rom, KS2-4 

CamLirii^esh/re £79 

Fun School 3 Eurqireas 

- age -5, age 5-7, age S-i- each £17 

Fun School 4 Eiiropress 

- age -5, age 5-7, age 7-1 1 each £17 

j^alactic Dan Fourth Dim £1 5 

Games Wizard - The Apprentice 

tomesW'are £17 

Games Wizard - The Sorcerer 




Gamesltore £24 

Digital Symphony 



Genesis Professional 



Dinosaur Discovery, KS2 



Genesis Project 



- site licence 


Genesis SDK 



Disc Commander Digiiai Phenomena 





Disc Rescue 



- education price 





Giant Killer, age 10+ 






Giant Killer Support Disc 



- site licence 





!Dfaw_Help, age 13+ 

Sheraton voEi6 




Draw Print 8 Plot 



Good Impression 

Word Processing 


Dreamwave, age 1 4+ 



Granny's Garden 






- site licence 


DTP Graphics 2 Colour 

Micro Studio 


Granny's Garden CD 



DTP Seeds 


VO £8 

Granny's Garden French (Le Jardin de 


Fourth Dim 








- site licence 


£asiword v2. K32-4 
EasiWriter 2 





- Dictionaries: Danish / Dutch / French / 

German / Italian / Norwegian / Spanish I 

Swedish / Swiss German each 


Easy C 



Easy Font 



Ego: Repton 4 






EludData (OCR) 



- bought with liiam Scanner 


Enter the Realm 

Fourth Dim 



as £POA 




Ethnic Borders 



E-Type Compendium 

Fourth D/m 





Eureka 2 






Excellon Drill 



- education price 


Exotic Adventures of Sylvia Layne 

Fourth Dim 


Eye for Spelling, KSl ,2 



jHamily Favourites (not OS 3) Minerva 


Farmer Giles 

Computer TutOri^ 


Farmer Giles 11 

Computer Tutoriai 








- education price 


Find Itl 



Granny's Garden German (Omas Garten) 

4matea £23 

- site licence £48 

Granny's Garden Italian (II Glardlno della 

Nonna) 4mafJon £23 

- site licence £48 

Granny's Garden Resource Pack 4ms/jbrj£lS 
Granny's Garden Welsh (Gardd Nain) 

imation £23 

- site licence £48 

GraphBox, KS3,4 W/rjerva £39 

GraphBox Professional, KS4 Milena £95 

Graphics on the ARM Machines Date voEIS 
Graph IT Stersfon £19 

Greek^ KS2 Oak £44 

Greeks Resources Disc Oak £15 

Greetings Graphics, draw/sprites 

^fjChjStutfa £16 

GridIT £30 

Grievous Bodily 'ARM FourthDm £15 

Guardian Professional D^a/ PteTOmerta £24 


ij^ard Oi^ Companion II 


Haunted House 

Hearsay II 



! Help 3, age 13+ 


Hi lighter, age 8-16 

History Costume, sprites 

Holed Out Compendium 



Fourth Dim 
Sbofston VO £10 
Krissfe £20 

SteiSfon £32 


FourfftDjjm £18 







i TT L 

./» rtM rnmnntfiVK uftinp RISC OS Software 

Home Accounts 



House of Numbers 



Hoverbod (rot OS 3) 



Humanoids and Robotix 



lb\x the Viking (not OS 3) 






- bought with Oddule 






Impression Style 


- site licence 


Insight, KS2-4 


Interdictor 2 



Investigating Local Industry 



Investigator III 




tronLord / Tower of Babel / Twin World 



1 sle of Wig ht Compuiar Tutorial 


IT in the Real World, KS3 







J ahangir Khan Squash 



James Pond 



James Pond 2 - RoboCod 




Jet Fighter 









Junior Database, KSl-3 



Junior Pinpoint, KS1 ,2 



- primary site licence 


Junior Pinpoint Datafite, KS2,3 - Animal 
Kingdom, Dinosaurs, Festivals, Food 
Glorious Food, Junior Olympics, The 

- each 



Little Red Riding Hood, age 5-8 SetecfiiVe £13 

Logo. KSl-4 






Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 



Illustrators' Graphics, draw/spriles 

ifcoSMo £16 

Image Animator iola £46 

ImageMaster Davki Piling £24 

Image Outliner iota £46 

Imagery PafettB Studio £69 

Impacll QfCie £47 

Impact! Demo Csfoie £2 

ImpaclPro Cifde £64 

h free upgrade to Publisher CC 

- network version £650 

- site licence £540 

- extra hard wa re key for sites only £ 1 5 

- extra manual for sites only vo £3 

I repression Date voE14 

-with disc £17 

Impression Borders CC £15 

Impression Borders Pack 1 Eaf?^ £10 

Impression Borders Pack 2 Fabis £10 

Impression Business Supplement CC £37 
Impression Publisher CC £135 

- OPI Supplement £225 

t adding ly Hall Minerva £9 

Magic Pockets Raaegade £13 

Magnetcids Oregan £23 

Magpie Longman £50 

Mah-Jong, Crisis & Fireball CIS £POA 
Manchester United Knsalis £9 

Manchester United Europe KfisaHs £13 
Mapper Computer Tutorial £20 

Maps and Landscapes 1 CMsoff £19 
Maps and Landscapes 2 Chaiksoft £19 
Mark Master £67 

Master Break Si^jerldr £1 3 

Masterfile Jii RISC £45 

Maths Card Creaffi^ £48 

Maths Circus 4mation £25 

Maths Odyssey Computer fdorta/ £40 

Maths Sieve Coirputerru/oria/ £16 

Mayhem CIS EPOA 

Mayhem, GardMania, E-Numix CIS EPOA 

Mazes, drawfiles £16 

Mental Maths 3 Memory Magic CIS EPOA 

MicroDrive Designer CIS EPOA 

MicroDrive Designer, Micro Drive li & 

Chequered Flag CIS EPOA 

MicroDrive II CIS EPOA 

Micro Music Fistier'Atamoll £19 

MtcroStudio, age 7+ EWfl £66 

Micro Trader Accounts PRES £270 

Military History, sprites Mcra Siwlw £16 

Minisheet, KS1-2 Topo^og^ £29 

Minotaur Wrnerva £9 

Missile Control Minerva £9 

Mogul Oalt £24 

Mon ey Matters , age 2-1 1 7r^ £ 1 6 

Monotype Fonts {Pack 1) Look £76 
Morpheus Oregao £29 

Movaword Chalt^oft £17 

MultiFS Aore £29 

MultiLink Realty Good £21 

MultiLink with Cable Rea^ Good £26 

Multistore, KS3,4 Winerva £105 

MultiTTX fleaWyCood £21 

Music Box Topoiogika £32 

Myth of Moby Dick £27 

j^ature Graphics, draw/sprites 

MrcroSlusfc £16 

Maughty Stories (5-7) (set of 6) Sherston 

-Volume 1 £39 

- Volume 1 primary site licence £99 

-Volume 2 £39 

- Volume 2 primary site licence £99 

iongrnarr £1 3 

Periscope £20 
CftaWfsofl £1 7 
ilfava £55 
Keytink £69 

Really Good £16 
Oak £42 
ESM £34 

^ares £67 
Kfisaiis £20 

Victorians each 


Keyboard Player 
Keyboard Trainer, KS2-4 
Keylink Prolog 
Kid Fix, KS1,2 

Killerbugs, Serpents & 

Humanoids and Robot! x 
Knowledge Organiser 2 
Krisalis Collection 

XvabelBase Di^at Phenomena £49 

LarKlmarks, K32,3 - Aztecs, Civil War, 
Columbus, Egypt, Elizabeth I, Rain 
Forest, Second World War, Victorians 

each Lorrgmao £21 

Landscapes Larrgwian £46 

Langdale, KS3 Create £98 

Last Days of Doom & Hezarin Jopdogika £16 
Last Ninja Superior £19 

Lemmings Krisalis £17 

Lemmings II (Tribes) Krlsafe £20 

Letters Oek £42 

Letters and Pictures Criallfsofl £1 8 

Lexicon ^ French, German ^each S/alltort £33 
Lexicon - Russian Slafci £42 

Lexique Fabi$ £19 

Limpets Computer Toioriai £ 1 7 

Linkword - French, German, Spanish 













Noddy's Big Adventure 

Jumping Bean 


Noddy's Playtime 

Jumping Baan 





- site licence 


Noot Art Disc 



Notate, KS2-4+ 



Note Invaders 






Number 62 Honeypot Lane Remrca 


Numbers and Pictures 





Stories, age 5-7 

- site licence 
Pandemonium, KS1,2 
Pandora's Box 

Payroll Manager 
PC Emulator 1.8 

Pen Down, KSl-3 


Pen Down Etoiles, KS3,4 



Pen Down Outline Fonts 



Pen Down Plus, KS2-4 



Personal Accounts V2 






Phonic Games 



Photobase - Landscapes 



Sparatecri £165 


as EPOA 

Photo Touch 



Picture Book, age 2-5 

Triple R 


Picture It! 



- Topic discs 






Pinpoint 2, KS3,4 



- site licence 


Pinpoint 2 Datafile, KS3,4 

- 1851 Census, 

Diet and Nutrition, Far Away Places, 
Kartei - The German Queslionnarre, 
Second World War, Solar System 




Pipe Dream 3 



Pipe Dream 4 



PipeDriver Dot 1 



Pipe Mania 



Pirate, age 8-14 






- site licence 



Plague Planet 

Play ft Again Sam 1 
Play ft Again Sam 2 









Recall, age 8-13 








Remote F$ Parallel Port 



Remote FS Serial Port 



Render Bender 2 






Report Writer KS1/2 



Report Writer KS3/4 






Replon 3 





- secondary site licence 




Revelation 1, KS2-4 



Revelation 2, KS2-4 



Revelation 2 CD Rom 



Revefation ImagePro 






Rhapsody 2 



Rhapsody 3 






Rhythm Box 11, age 8+ 



RiscBASIC Compiler 



RiSCForth Compiler 



RISC OS 3 Applications Upgrade Acom £10 

Play It Again Sam 3 



RISC OS 3 First Steps 


V&E 15 




RISC OS 3 Programmer's 

Podd, KSI, 2 



Reference Manual 


VO £99 




RISC OS Style Guide 


V&E 13 




RISC OS User Guide 


vc^E 22 




Rise PC 600 Technical Reference Manual 






- education price 






Numberscope Fisher-Marfioti £19 

Number Tiles Tcpoiogilfa £29 

Number Zoo, age 3-6 Selec^Va £14 

Numerator, KS3,4 Longman £33 

Numerator Chaos, K33,4 Longman £18 

^y^ak Logic Oak £65 

Oak PCB Oak £66 

OakTape Backup Software Oak £73 

Oh No! More Lemmings 

Prehistoric Animals, sprites IW^eSfudib £16 

Premier Cirde £71 

“ DataBase Cirde £25 

- WordProc Cirde £25 

Premier Manager Gremtin £21 

Presenter GTi ingenuity £66 

Primary Nature Oailr £44 

PrimeArt, KSl-4 Mmerva E5S 

PrimeMover, KS2-4 JUteva £69 

PrimeSolver, KSl-4 Minerva £74 

PhmeWord, KS2-4 Mirma £51 

Printer Drivers, RISC OS: 

Canon BubbleJet, Canon LBP, 

Canon PJIOSO, ColourCel, Epson JX, 
Epson ESC-P2, HP, Inlegrex 132 

- each Oak £1 5 

DeskJet 500C, Epson / Star colour 

- each RISC £15 

ProDrivers: Canon LBP8, Epson ESC-P2, 

HP Colourjet - each Oalr £33 

Turbo Drivers: Canon, Epson Stylus 800, 
HP ^ each CC £42 

Printer Spooler Oalr £68 

ProArtisan 2 Clares £102 

ProArtisan 24 Clares £POA 

ProArtisan 2CD Clares £129 

ProCAD, KS4 £450 

Programming in ANSE Standard C 

Rise PC 600 Welcome Guide Acorn 
RoboLogo SlfeCMT 

Round the World Yacht Race, age 9+ 

aloon Cars Deluxe 
“ Deluxe Extra Courses 
Saxon Life, KS2 
S-Base 2 Developer 
S-Base 2 Developer Plus 
S-Base 2 Personal 
S-Base Network 




fourth Dim £24 





Claras £95 
Micro Sftrdfo £23 

Schema 2 
Science, drawfiles 
Score Draw Clares £45 

Score writer PMS Desktop, age 12+ 

EMR £147 
Screen Play Widgk £35 

Search and Rescue, age 9+ Storm £26 
Sea Rescue, age 7-9 Sriersfon £24 
Seashore Guide, drawfiles Micro Studo £16 

on the Archimedes 

Sigma vo£15 

Ollie Octopus' Sketchpad, age 4+ Slwm £14 
Omar Sharif's Bridge 
Optica! Professional 
Optical Standard 

£15 Prophet (requires 2 Mb) Apneoia £145 

Kfisatls £19 
Neurotron £101 
Weirrolro/) £50 
Minerva £9 
Space(ecf?_ £93 

dares £13 

Oxford Reading Tree Stage 2 Story Books, 
age 5-7 Srierstorr vo £9 

Oxford Reading Tree Stage 2 Talking 






Prophet Entry Level 
Puncman 1 and 2 
Puncman 3 and 4 
Puncman 5 to 7 

g 'oBug 



Quest for Gold 
- site licence 





Computer Tutonal £1 5 
Chalksoft £17 
CMJteo# £17 
Chatksoft £18 



Topoiogika £20 

VefticatTvfis! £68 

; Oreparp £22 

KriiaaifS £1 9 

iCS £10 


SeeJinks - Ourselves, KSI .2 ESM 
Seelinks - Pond Watch, KS2£SM 
Seelinks - Tourism, KS3 ESM 

Seelinks -Transport, KS2 fSM 

Sellardore Tates, age 10-12 Sherston 

Sensible Soccer Renegacfe 

Serenade Clares 

Serpents CIS 

Settlement, KS3 ESM 

ShapeFX Cafa Store 

ShareHolder SUlcw 

-education price 

ShareHolder Professional Star 

Shares Apricote 

ShowPage CC 

Shylock Gnomes, age 10-15 Selective 
Sibelius 6 SibeJfiJs 

Sibelius 7 Sibeiius 

- education and amateur price 

Sim City 
Simon the Sorcerer 
SkyHunter, KS2 
































Computer Tutorial £17 
Sfer) £79 

Aram £92 

Oalf £149 
Lonipmaf] £45 


aw Power if GamestVaro £16 

Really Useful CD Rom Vol 2 APA £48 
Real McCoy 2 FouririCjm £22 

Real McCoy 3 Foirriri Dim £22 

Real McCoy 4 FwribDIm £22 

smArt Aliens, Animals, Dinosaurs, Egypt, 
Europet, Faces*, Fantasy, Fashion, 
Fiddles a Drums, Heraldry, Homes*, 
Leisure*, Look Smart , Smartoons, 
Trees and Gardens 
*Eng I ish/French/Qe rman/Spa nish, 

For ordering details please turn to page 4 

fEnglisli/French/Genmari; please specify 
each 4mafOT £15 

smArtFiler 4mafm £32 

smArt Modern Languages £19 

Smudge the Spaniel, age 4-8 Storm £20 

Snippet £32 

Soapbox Xawer £34 

SolidCAO Snfcofl £77 

SoiidsRender Silicon £77 

SolidToolS Sikon £204 

-education price £194 

Somerset Talking Computer Project 
Learning Materia is Longman voE29 

SongBook, age3-T0 EMR £24 

Sound Engineer, age 12+ FWR £59 

Sound-FX Maker CiS EPOA 

Sound-FX Maker & Photopia Ct$ EPOA 

Sounds & Rhymes Xavier £29 

Space City, age 7-9 Sfierstm E24 

SparkFS £20 

Sparkie MOfiey £59 

Special tCS £10 

-site iicence £30 

Speech! Superior £1 8 

Spell [MvkiFiiiir}g £9 

Spelling week-by-week Chailisoii £20 

Spex Aspex £98 

Spheres of Chaos JWaff 5/acJt £1 9 

Splash, age 7-11 £17 

Splice Oak £28 

Spiit an I mage , age 7- 1 6 Sheraton £1 6 

Spoken Word Wyrid^ £13 

Spoken Word Welsh (Gairar Lafar) 

14^ £18 

Spooler (Clares) Clares £12 

Spooler (Comp T ut) Computer Juimi £9 

Sporti ng T riangles CDS £1 9 

SportsDay Selective £20 

SportsPeople Setectrve £20 

Sprite Editor Computer Futoria/ £17 

SpySnalcher Tc^po/o^iffra £12 

Squa re Route Co^uter Eyes E 1 6 

Squirrel 2 Digilai Servit^s £127 

- site licenoe £545 

Squirrel C Deveioper's Toolkit 

Djpsf Services £97 

StarspefI Plus Fisher-Marfiotl £19 

StarlWrite ictm £S5 

Stig of the Dump, age 9-13 Steiston £23 

Stock Pack Topofoi^a £30 

Story Book, age 3-10 EJHH £59 

Striker GamesWare £21 

StrongED 3 Staftm £22 

Studio24Plus Version 2, age 1 1 + SWfl £1 49 

Studio24Plus Version 3, age 12+ EiWfi £210 

Stunt Racer 2000 fourth £24 

SUMlhing Resource £24 

SuperDump SMiCOn £20 

Superior Golf Superior £14 

SuperPlot Sfon £20 

Kfisaiis £9 

Tabs asps* £95 

Talisman Minerva £9 

Talking PenDown, KS1 -3 Lon^r? £53 

Talking Pictures W^fa £18 

Talking Pictures Welsh (LIuniau Llafar) 

Wyridfa £18 

Talking Rhymes Topatpplfa £37 

Talking Stories - Gwen at the Fair, Gwen 
goes to School, Gwen's Mose, Gwen's 
Tummy each l/7^fa £17 

Target Maths, age 6-13 Tripfe R £16 

Technodream (Nevryon 2) St^j&rjor £19 

TechWriter icon £149 

Thinklink Xavier £29 

ThinkSheet Fisher^Marriaitt £38 

Thundermonk iWiherva £9 

Tiles Brain Games £19 

Timeshare EfsPer-Wafrictt £19 

Timetabier iWmenra £549 

Time Detectives ... The Victorians, age 7-11 
Sfierator? £37 

Time Traveller, KS2 ESiW £39 

- Britain Since the 1930s, KS2 E28 

- Create Your Own Timelines, KS2,3 £37 

- Expa,n^on, Trade and Industry, KS3 


- Making of the United Kingdom, KS3 £37 

- Medieval Realms, KS3 £37 

- Tudor and Stuart Times, KS2 £33 

- The Victorians, KS2 £30 

TinyDraw/TinyLogo £25 

TinyPuzzle Topoio^ka £20 

Titler Cteres £84 

Toolkit Plus Qares £38 

Tools Graphics, drawfiles Mm Studio £23 

Topographer Oaras £61 

Touch Type iOla £38 

“ site licence for 10 £137 

Trace David Plr^ £9 

Tracer Midhr^t £46 

Transfer2 £16 

Transport, drawfiles AfeoSfuofe £25 

Turbo Type CiS EPOA 

Turbo Type, Sound-FX Maker, 

E-Numix CiS EPOA 

Twain Canon IX inci Scan-Light 

Professional David Piliing £16 

Twain Epson GT8000, 6500 David Pitting £16 

Twain HPScanjet II, lie. Hex David PiiUng £16 

Tween Oak £28 

Twilight Realty Good £12 

TWO (Task and Window Organiser) iCS £10 

-site licence £30 

TypeStudiO 8^SC £38 

Rise PC 600 with 1 year’s on-site support 

- 2M HD210 14“ Monitor Accra ^ * 
-2MHD21017"Monitor Accra 

- 5M HD210 14" Monitor Acorn 
-5M HD210 17" Monitor Acom 
^ 9M HD210 14" Monitor Acorn 
-9MHD210 17" Monitor Accra 













Please call for 
latest pricing on 
the Rise PC range, 
and news of our 
removable IDE hard 
disc upgrades 

t/ tility Disc 1 
Utility Disc 2 
Utility Disc 3 
Utility Collection 


Victorians, age 7-11 
Vie w» Mac 3 
- Arc/Mac Cable 
Viewpoints, age 7-1 1 
Viking Invaders 
Virtual Golf 
Visual Backup 
Vox Box 

Daia Store £8 

Data Store £13 

Data Store £7 

Data Store £21 

4malr!?n £75 
Sherston £POA 




Fourth D/m 










rfaiier Dfg/fa/Servi^s £35 

Wate rloo (not OS 3 . 1 ) Turcan £1 9 

Whale Facts Topolo^a £20 

Wordbank Topofogika £20 

Words and Pictures C/ra/W £19 

WordWorks CC £36 


World Geography Maps, drawWfcxo Slw*b £23 
WorldMaker, KS3,4 ESM £51 

World Map Study, KS3,4 ESM £64 

World Wi Idl if e, sprites Micro Studio £ 1 6 

WorraCAD Oak £65 

Worst Witch, age 7-1 0 Sfterafm £22 

Wortgut Fabis £19 


Fitting extra unless othemise stated 
f Fitting fairly easy t folding needs expertise 

A3000 1-2Mbt ' 



A3000 1-4 Mb t 



A3O10 1-2 Mb 


A3020/A4000 2-4Mb t 


A310 1-2 Mb soldered i 



- as above + MEMCIa. 


- as above + MEMCIa + fitting 


A3104Mbsoldereel + MEMC1a tm£160 

- as above + fitting 


A5000 2-4 Mb t 



A5000 2-8 Mb including fitting Alomwkfe £500 
A5000 4-8 Mb including fitting A/omwxfe £391 

A540 4Mb t 



Rise PC 1 Mb VRAM 



Rise PC 2 Mb VRAM 



SIMM 2 Mb 32 bit 


SIMM 4 Mb 32 bit 


SIMMS Mb 32 bit 


SIMM 16 Mb 32 bit 




Colour Converter 
Eagle M2 

ims £145 
IVrWVTsim £289 
Spaceteeb £94 
rndViSkon £98 
TechSoft £193 

Hawk V9 Mkll Hardware Dithered 

WUdYteion £195 

Hi Vision colour HCCS 

-A3000 External £157 

- A3000/301 0/3O20MD00 internal £144 

.Jiuenon 2 



-- A5000/400300 
iMage (Sharp JX-100) 



Ifacht 2 

Computer Fuforia/ 


- for A5000 
“ for other computers 
Image Scanner 





Yacht 7 

Computer Tuioriai 


- Colour Upgrade 



- Fast Parallel Card 




Zelanites (not OS 3) 

Micro Poivef 




Pineapple Colour Video Digitiser 


- A3000 boxed Pineapple 

Prolmage (Epson GT6000) iriam 




A3010 Action Pack Aram £335 

A3010 Learning Curve System Aram £599 
A3020 FD System Arara £650 

A3020 HD60 System Aram £775 

A4 2M FD System Arara £1350 

A4 4M HD60 System Aram £1650 

A4 Battery Pack Aram £53 

A4 Shoulder Bag Aram £37 

A5000 2M HD210 Multiscan System 

Aram £1225 

A5000 2M HD210 Multiscan System with 
AKF50 monitor, limited offer Aram £1255 
Pocket Book Aoora £169 

Pocket Book Class Pack Arara £1 599 

Pocket Book Parallel Link Arara £26 

EVERY A3010 ? 


-forA5000 £989 

“ for other computers £ 1 089 

Scan-Light A4 CC £277 

Scan-Light 256 CC £185 

- A3000 External CC £190 

- A3000 internal CC £190 

Scan- Light Professional CC £550 

- as above + SeSHnterface CC £699 

Scan- Light Video CC £208 

Scan-Light A3000/A4000 CO £208 

Spectra RiSC 

~ A3000 Series / A4000 Intemal £545 

- A3000 Externa! £555 

- Archimedes / A5000 £545 

Vision colour HCCS 

- A3000/301 0/3020/4000 internal £96 

- A3000 external £109 

- A5000/400/300 £96 


A4-1 200/1 Direct Drive Laser Printer 


Bubble Jet BJ-10sx Canw £175 

Bubble Jet BJ-10sx + TurboOiiver 

CarwdCC £219 
Bubble Jet BJ-230 Canon £315 

Bubble Jet BJ-300 Carm £325 

Bubble Jet BJ-330 Caran £380 

Bubble Jet BJC-600 Carm £425 

Bubble Jet BJCT800 + Tu rboDri ver 

Camn/CC £1219 

Bubble Jet BJC-8O0 Ink Cartridge Canon 

- Black £16 

- Cyan / Magenta / Yellow each £19 

DeskJet 500C Hetvteft-PacJiajicf £279 

DeskJet 510 HewielPPackard £225 

DeskJet 550C Hew/eff-Rackard £445 

DeskJet 560 Hewfeff'Packard £415 

Laser Direct HiRes4 CC £748 

- 250-Sheet Paper Cassette £99 

Laser Direct HiRes8 CC £1049 

Laser Direct HiRes Board CC £325 

SUNDRY . . . 

486 PC Card 25 MHz 4 Mb AlephOne £514 
486 PC Card 25 MHz Bare AiephOne £357 
486 PC Card 50 MHz 4 Mb Ateph One £591 
486 PC Card 50 MHz Bare AlephOr^ £434 
4-slol 44ayer Backplane iFEL £52 

5315 Monitor £425 

A300/400Fankit tCS £15 

A30O0 Case for Expansion Card HCCS £19 
A3000 Expansion Box tWdWisw £135 
A3000 Serial Upgrade Acorn £21 

A5000 Fitting Kit for secortd hard disc 

fCS £15 
AnDi OdduEe Battn £39 

Arckey Function Key Strip Holder fCS vt>£3 

-pack of 4 vo£10 

ArcNET ACS £69 

ARM3 t Ateph OneAFEi £165 

Arm^Stick Armjech £28 

Case Upgrade only for 
Rise PC 600 2M and 5M Aram £98 
ColourBunst State £374 

ColourCard Gold IWVJsct £225 

- A3000 External l/W/tfl4sion £225 

Dongle Dangle with screw fittings iCS £6 
Econet Metwork Interface Card Acorn £49 
E PL Ton er Cartridge for LBP'4 £59 

EPS Toner Cartridge for LBP-3 £75 

Ergo-keyboard Castie £90 

E rgo-keyboa rd for A3000 Casrie £1 1 5 

Ethernet Nelwork Interface Card Acorn £98 
Fan fillers (pack of 1 0) (not A5000) ICS £6 
Floating Point Accelerator 

(A5000 + A540) Aram £93 

Floppy Discs, 10 x3V&" High Density £10 

Four-Colour Refill Kit £30 

H i Poi nt Mouse f o r A4 Genius £49 

FC Adaptor Baildon £10 

I^C SWI (enhanced IIC_Conlrol) BaUdon £15 

- bought with An Di Odd ul e £5 

ideA Removable Hard Disc Fitting Kit 

for A5000 ICS £25 

I/O Expansion Card Accra £85 

Keyboard Extension Cable, 2 m straight 

Castle £8 

Microlin fx Pocket Fax Modem Pace £179 
Micro Mouse Clares £25 

Midi Expansion Card Aram £80 

Mo n itor Sta nd for A3000 tCS £25 

Mono/SCSI Afomiwcfe £48 

Multiscan Monitor AKF50, limited offer 

Aram £285 

Optiq ue Mon itor Screen Filter £49 

Pc Card (includes Novell DR DOS), 

special offer Arara £99 

Power Pad (Dual) tSaraesW/are £33 

Power Pad (Single) Gamrart^are £25 

Power Switch GamralVare £17 

Printer Paper A4 Colour, 500 sheets £40 

Printer Port Sampler l/arirra/ Twisf £39 
Printer/SCSI Afomi*^ £74 

Publishing Pack CC £475 

Revolution CD-ROM Morfey £295 

Revolution Pro (for SCSI system)/Wbrfey £435 
RISC OS 3 Carrier Board for A3i01: fFEL£21 
RISC OS 3 Software Upgrade Kit Aram £77 
Seal 'n Type spill-proof Keyboard Covers 

- Archimedes / A5000 Kador £14 

-A3000 Kadof £14 

Silent-keyboard Casite £94 

SVGA Multiscan ES Monitor 14" Aram £320 

SVGA Multiscan PS Monitor 1 7“ Aram £990 

TouchWindow Resource £277 

Ultimate CD ROM Dual Speed 
(needs PSU upgrade) HCCS £263 

Whisper Fan Quietener 
(for A300/A400 series only) iCS £1 5 

Wizzo IDE Filing System on rom ICS 

- Wfzzo4 for A4 - now available £39 

-Wizzo5 forA5000 £39 

Wizzo SyQuest Complete Package £295 

-Extra 105 Mb Disc £60 

D 0 


use an A5000? 

need to back-up data quickly? 
need to carry data from one computer to 

wish you could lock important data away 

Could you 

105 Mb 
floppy discs? 

We've 50T some, They shobifcf reaffy hs caffecf removafcfe horcf dscs, 
Ibi/iT the dfference is academic. JwsT instaff one of owr SyOwesT f(iTs in 
yowr A5000 as thowyh if were a second ffoppy dsc drive. Now you 
can wse 105 M lb removabfe dscs as if they were fast ffoppies. 
Removabfe dscs cost about the same per megabyte as tradtionaf 
ffoppies. Owr compfete package incfwdes a drive, a fitting kit and one 
105 Mb dsc, formatted anci tested No sofdering is regwired 
Each IC5 kit ofso contains a special version of Wizzo - owr own iDE 
fifing system on rom. Acorn's fifing system does not support removabfe 
hard discs (you woufd need to reset the machine every time you 
removed a dsc). 




And gives you dsc partitions, password protection, and the abifity to 
access more than 512 Mb of storage. 







£ 295 ! 


Dept U3, 1 Kington road, WIRRAL 
Merseyside, Engiand, L48 SET 

Tel : 051 -625 1 006 Fax: 051 -625 1 007 

Bsoe m 9404^6 



VAT; Zero-fated items are 
marked VO. UK customers please 
add 17.5% to all other prices. EC 
customers outside the UK 
(including BFPO) please do the 
sa me u niess you are VAT 
registered, in which case quote 
your intematior>al VAT number. 
Ours is GB 595 7258 84. 


Overseas carriage; if you 

are paying by credit card we will 
add airmail and insurance at cost. 
Otherwise please add £6 (Europe) 
or at least £12 (elsewhere) for 
each software item and send a 
pounds sterling bank draft payable 
at a London clearing bank, or 
Eurocheques for not more than 
£100 each. 

Cheques should be made 
payable to Ian Copestake Ltmited. 

Credit cards are welcome We 
do not charge your account until 
your order is fulfilled. Your name 
and address must be as known to 
the credit card company. If you are 
leaving an order on our answering 
machine please include your 
telephone number, the expiry date 
of your card, and your calculation 
of the total payment due. We will 
make no charge for credit card 
commission unless we have 
informed you first. 

Official orders are welcome 
from UK government and 
educational institutions. Payment is 
due in 14 days. Invoices are 
subject to carriage and late 
payment charges. 

Site licences are available for 

most products. Please check our 

All products, prices and 
specifications are offered in good 
faith and are subject to change 
without notice. We process all 
orders immediately, but suppliers 
do sometimes keep us waiting. 
Goods are guaranteed but we do 
not supply them on approval. 
Returns and cancellations can only 
be accepted by prior agreement 
and there may be a charge 
cover the costs involved. 

The ideA range 

ICS was the lirst company to 
offer IDE products for Acorns 
back in 1 990; now they are the 
standard choice for new Acorn 
computers. Building on three 
years' experience we have 
continually improved our IDE 
filing system. It now offers the highest level of RISC OS 
compliance, and compatibility with at least 62 different hard 
discs tested by us. Can any other supplier make this claim? 

Our IDEFS abolishes the RISC OS limit of 512 Mb, and offers 
extra features such as password protection, background 
operation, disc partitioning, and power saving (which allows 
some discs to stop spinning when idle). 

Partitions can have different levels of protection. Family or 
pupils can access some of your files while you keep others 
safely out of their reach. Or you can simply protect the whole 
disc {reformatting is not required for this). 

Our hard disc upgrade kits are based around two internal 
interfaces at present: A3IN for the A3000 Series, and ARCIN 
for the A300/A400/A500 Series. All kits are designed to a high 
standard and include all the parts you will need. 

A3IN upgrade kits include an I^C expansion socket as 
standard. They come with a 2 y 2 ' disc already attached, and 
are easy to fit once you have opened up your computer. You 
may safely take no notice of rumours still being spread that 
internal upgrades might not be safe in an A3000. We have 
adhered carefully to the guidelines in Acorn's technical 
specifications, and in three years have never come across a 

ARCIN upgrade kits provide a fast 16-bit link all the way from 
the computer to the hard disc. They can even be fitted to an 
A31 0 without a backplane - quite a cost saving. A second 
hard disc can easily be added later if required. 

Interfaces and hard discs can also be bought separately. By 
shopping around you may even save a few pounds. But 
beware: not all IDE hard discs work with all interfaces, and if 
you have a problem it may be difficult to decide who should 
put it right. We recommend buying a complete kit from one 

is the name given to our IDE filing system when it Is 
supplied as a single rom chip, WIzzoS is for the A5000, and 
Wizzo4 is for the A4. You should buy a Wizzo if you need 
password protection or wish to use larger hard discs. 

A Wizzo rom by itself will only produce a slight speed 
improvement. If you need speed In an A5000, fit an ARCIN 
interface instead. Up to 60% improvement can then be 
achieved, but this does depend which hard disc you use so do 
check with us first. 

How to read our tdeA product references 

A number at the end is the nominal hard disc capacity in 
megabytes. We usually round this down, so the actual 
formatted capacity may be higher. All discs have auto-parking. 
Average access times vary but all are below 20 ms. 

All prices shown exclude VAT and are subject to change 
without notice. The cost to us for hard discs can vary 
enormously from week to week - not always downwards! Your 
local dealer can obtain ideA products from us or from a 



I Archimedes A300/A400/A500 Series Internal Upgrades 

Package includes formatted hard disc, ideA interface card, 
hard disc cradle and fittings, fan kit, replacement multi-purpose 
LED (power and drive status), manual with fitting instructions. 
Can be fitted to an A310 without a backplane. If a backplane is 
used it must be a 4-layer type. Easily fitted by most users. 

ARCIN 200 £270 

ARCIN 240 £290 

ARCIN 330 £359 

ARCIN 420 £450 

ARCIN 540 £550 

ARCIN 1000 £875 

I A3000 Series Fully Internal Upgrades 

Package includes formatted hard disc mounted on ideA 
interface card, manual with fitting instructions. Eully internal, 
using internal expansion slot. Co-exists with floppy drive and 
memory upgrades. Fits the new 1992 computers. Easily fitted 
subject to Acorn warranty stipulations. 

A3IN 60 £190 A3IN 120 £275 

A3IN 80 £225 A3IN 130 £315 

A3IN 240 £399 

A3000 FAN KIT (not usually required’} POA 

‘Only required if the computer has been fully upgraded, e.g. 
with maximum memory AND Econet AND an external podute. 

I Separates for hard disc upgrades 

We can only guarantee the performance of ideA interface 
cards with hard discs we have tested ourselves, so please 
check if in doubt. If you are buying a hard disc for an A5000 
please say so. If you intend to fit the disc in addition to an 
existing one we need to know the make and model of the 
existing disc. Acorn’s interlace does not support all makes of 
disc, and some models will work as a second disc but not on 
their own. 

Hard discs on their own are listed as, for example, HD200. An 
S at the end /nd/cafes a 2 V 2 " disc. 

ARCIN (Archimedes Interface for Internal disc(s)) £60 
A3IN (A3000 Interface for Interna! disc) £75 




























I IDE Filing System on rom 

Package includes rom, manual and fitting instructions. 
Compatible with RISC OS 3.0 and 3. 1. Allows up to four 
logical partitions over two physical drives. Each partition 
appears separately on the icon bar and can have different 
password protection. Makes use of existing Acorn hardware 
for maximum compatibility, but works with a wider range of 
hard discs. Security breaches using ADFS can be prevented. 
Can be fitted easily by a competent user. 

WIZZ05 for A5000 £39 

WIZZ04 for A4 £39 

Quantity discounts available • Dealer enquiries welcome 

Other hard disc sizes may be available. Please contact us for information. 


Rise PC No-Show Disappointment 

Show celebrity Keith Chegwin enjoying himself 

ONE of Acorn's Rise PC 
launch goals was to have sev- 
eral hundred machines at the 
Aconi User Spring Show in 
Harrogate for eager punters to 
take home with them. 

Richard Percy^ Acorn’s con- 
sumer marketing manager, 
spoke of having lorry loads of 
Rise PCs at the show, fn the 
event, though Rise PCs were 
abundantly distributed among 
exhibitors for demonstration 
purposes, none weie on sale. 

Hundreds of machines were 
built and ready to go out, but 
for one vital component: 
Arm6I0 processors. 

The story goes that UK chip 
manufacturer GEC Plessey 
Semiconductors (GPS) hadn't 
been able to deliver a large 
production batch of chips. 

On the first day of the .show 
Peter Bondar, Acorn’s product 
marketing manager, revealed 
that over 4000 orders had 
already been logged on 
Acorn’s order processing sys- 
tem. ’An emergency consign- 
ment of 1000 ArmblOs from 
VLSI in the US is due in any 
day so we can get production 
moving/ said Bondar. Just 
weeks before the launch, a Far 
Eastern PCB (printed circuit 
board) manufacturer responsi- 
ble for fabricating Rise PC 
motherboards had to be 
replaced because of production 
engineering difficulties. 

• Despite a much larger hall at 
the Harrogate Exhibition and 

Conference centre, this year’s 
Spring Aconi User Show still 
managed to be packed out at 
various times during all three 
days of the exhibition, with 
Saturday, especially, being 
extremely busy. 

Sixty-four exhibitors 
showed their w'ares cornpared 
with 50 the previous year and 
many companies were sharing 
stands, making the actual 
number of companies present 
even higher. Visitor atten- 
dance was up by 20 percent 
even though the Acorn Rise 
PC launch, which had been 
well concealed beforehand, 
only took place a week earlier. 

Geoff Potter of Safesell, the 
show organisers, commented: 
dt was a smashing show all 
round and I think everybody 
had a good time. There was 
very positive feedback from 
all the exhibitors and the show 
celebrity, Keith Chegwin went 
down brilliantly with the kids 
and he enjoyed himself too.’ 

Potter revealed that one 
exhibitor had 800 enquiries for 
educational software at the 
show and several exhibitors. 
Acorn User included, ran out 
of stock during the weekend, 

# For the first time at the 
Spring Show, the audience 
was treated to free theatre pre- 
sentations by several 
exhibitors, covering every 
a.spect of the Acorn market. 
During the three days, over 
3000 people took up the 

opportunity of watching a 
demonstration on the big 'com- 
puter screen’ inside the theatre, 
and many, many more watched 
through the windows along the 
two sides. 

The first session of Acorn 
Computers’ overview of the 
Rise PC played to such a 
packed house that the organ is- 
ers arranged for a repeat of the 
presentation each day. The 
theatre continued to fill to 
capacity each time this one 
took place. 

There were also games, 
quizzes and competitions 
throughout the day, including 
the climax and the ultimate 

play-off between the daily heat 
winners in the Crystal Maze 
Competition. And on Saturday 
the winners of the Schools 
Booklet competition received 
their prizes from Keith Cheg- 
win, our special celebrity guest. 

Keith was the undoubted star 
of the show, attracting huge 
crowds wherever he went - and 
creating mayhem in the theatre, 
even when he was simply pre- 
senting prizes. 

When he came back for 
the Crystal Maze challenge, it 
was difficult to tell who was 
the most excited; the audience, 
the participants, or Keith 

FineArt from Pineapple 

SA Distributor Appointed 

One of the many new 24-bit 
art package.s which have been 
launched recently is FineArt 
from Pineapple software, 
better known for pro- 
ducts like the Killer anti- 
virus utility which is now 
bundled with Acorn’s new 
Rise PC. 

Feature highlights of 
FineArt include stencilling 
operations, definable textures 
and a myriad of image pro- 
cessing and filtering options in 
24-bit Rise PC colour. 

As part of Pineapple’s pre- 
launch preparations, indepen- 
dent users have been sought to 

evaluate the package and its 

FineArt is also compatible 
with machines using ordinary 
first generation display hard- 
ware in up to 8-bit (256 
colour) screens as well as the 
wide range of add-on graphics 
hardware offering up to 15-bit 
(32,000 colour) photo-realistic 
screen modes. 

Pineapple promises that 
later releases of the software 
will be available to registered 
users at cost price. For more 
information contact Pineapple 
on 081-599 1476 or Fax 081- 
598 2343. 

AT the time of writing. South 
Africa was coming to 
terms with its first free 
general election... and the 
appointment of an official 
Acorn distributor. 

Johannesburg-based Oak 
Tree Technologies was offi- 
cially signed up as South 
Africa’s sole distributor at a 
ceremony during the Aconi 
User Spring Show. 

Wayne Postma, managing 
director of Oak Tree 
Technologies, told Acorn User 
that there is a great hunger for 
educational IT in South Africa 
and so far no single computer 

platform claims dominance — 
an ideal scenario for Acorn. 

'Our research has shown us 
that the opportunities for Acorn 
in the education market arc set 
to rocket in the next 1 2 months’ 
said Bob Coate.s, Acorn’s inter- 
national general manager, 

Acom computers are actually 
well-known in South Africa, 
according to Posima, mostly 
through indirect imports. 

'We will be providing a 
one- St op- shop for the growing 
Acorn community,’ said 
Postnia, adding that education 
and special needs will be the 
primary focus of attention. 


WldgBt sai^ Iflss 

^ts>\ iMdetter, Uft Hritn; 9.9 iA. Vr»9 t? repKltin 

productivity and integration 

Resultz is the power-packed spreadsheet that gets the answer 
first. Whether you’re working with statistics, finance or arithmetic, 
Resultz and its unequalled range of functions can provide the 
answer easily and quickly. Boost your productivity for £99. 


i ^ 



Wordz is the dedicated 
word processor, feature- 
packed but easy to 
use. Ciick on a button or 
drag an icon to design 
good-looking documents. 
Text and tables are 
easiiy styled, live on the 
page. At £79 it's the 
affordable option for 
documents with impact. 

Fireworkz combines the 
power of Wordz and Resultz 
into a single, truly integrated 
program. Work on numbers, 
formulas, text and charts 
within a singie document, 
using the same easy 
interface featured in all 
members of our program 
family, A complete working 
environment for only £149, 
or upgrade frcxn PipeDream, 
1st Word Pius, Impression, 
Easiwriter, Eureka, Advance 
or Schema for £99. 

Coiton Software is a leading name in RISC OS software. Our 
commitment to our users is unequafled. Educational users can 
benefit from competitively priced site licences: all users get 
our renowned free technical support. Prices are special offer 
prices, excluding VAT 

Write or phone for free brochures and demonstration disc. 

COLTON software 

igasassa — ? 

2 Signet Court, Swann’s Road, 
Cambridge CB5 8LA 
Telephone 0223 311881 
Fax 0223 312010 


Next Generation of 
Graphics Card 

IF you' re an A 3 00, A400, 
A540 or A 5 000 user and a nice 
new Rise PC isii*t a viable 
proposiiion, the alternative is 
to squeeze as much out of your 
existing machine as possible. 

State Machine's latest add- 
on for doing just that is 
ColourView, the latest in a 
line of graphics accelerator 
cards from the Luton- based 

ColourView is an all-new 
replacement for the original 
G8 and G16 State Machine 
graphics cards and like the 
Rise PC includes some fea- 
tures like VESA DPMS moni- 
tor power saving, custom 
monitor mode definition files, 
a resolution/colour depth mode 

picker, 16-bii screen modes 
and a 24-bit paleite. 

24-bii screen modes are pos- 
sible, but not yet with operat- 
ing system support for the 

Onboard flash memory is 
used to ensure convenient 
upgrades to the support 
firmware. A version of Replay 
is bundled with the card to 
enable 1 6-bit colour movies to 
be shown. An SVGA add-on is 
also available to boost the 
effectiveness of an Alepb One 
PC card. 

Users can expect a doubling 
of graphics re-draw perfor- 
mance in PC modes and text 
speeds are accelerated by up to 
eight times. 800x600 PC 

modes in up to 256 colours are 
now available as well as 
1024x768 in 16 colours, with 
drivers supplied for the popular 
Cirrus Logic SVGA chip used. 

For A5000 users with a 
State Machine ClusteiGard and 
1Mb VRani fitted, a special 
cheaper version of the card, 
called ColourView 135, is 
available minus its redundant 
frame store. 

ColourView is priced 
£149.99 + VAT, ColourView 
135 for ClusterCard VRam 
users is £129.99 + VAT and 
the ColourView SVGA add-on 
is also £129.99 + VAT. For 
more information contact Stale 
Machine on (0582) 483377 or 
Fax (0582) 480833. 

The Pressure Is On 

EESOX, the CD-Rom soft- 
ware specialists and Vaughan 
Allanson, a long-time user of 
Acorn computers for his pro- 
fessional graphic design work, 
have combined to develop and 
market pressure-sensitive 
graphics tablets lor Acorn 

Two Wacom-sourced tab- 
lets are available in A5 and A4 
sizes for £399 + VAT and 
£549 + VAT respectively. The 
pads operate via the serial port 
and use a cordless stylus. 

Accuracy is to within 
±0. ISmiTi with a resolution of 
0.02mrn. An Art Works pres- 
sure tool software driver is 
priced £29 + VAT. This 
enables lines and strokes to be 
drawn in a fluid effect, rather 
like using a real paint brush. 

Support for the burgeoning 
selection of other image-edit- 
ing applications appearing on 
the market is being considered 
by other vendors. For more 
information contact Vaughan 
Allanson on (0638) 578597. 

Artwork produced using the new 
pressure-sensitive graphics tablet 

New CAD Packages 

IF 24-bit graphics packages 
weren’t stealing the Rise OS 
software limelight at present, 
CAD would probably take 
centre stage instead. 

Along with Minerva's latest 
release of FroCAD (with 
Ordnance Survey mapping 
data facilities) comes the 
grandly-titled Apollonius PDT 
CAD package from Oak 

Apparently, Apollonius was 
a major historical figure in the 
world of geometry who 
invented terms like ellipse, 

hyperbola and parabola in 
250BC, Apollonius PDT 
replaces the current Oak 
CAD package, more simply 
known as the Parametric 
Design Tool. 

Oak says Apollonius PDT 
has a revolutionary tool bar 
which features just 8 funda- 
mental Intelligem context-sen- 
sitive tool icons. This, argues 
Oak, is a much needed depar- 
ture to the CAD tradition of 
cluttered and confusing 

Parametric design means 

that drawing elements are 
physically related to each 
other so that if one element is 
altered, it can affect others. 
Oak Solutions' Tony Cheal 
explains: This allows actual 
mechanical objects to be simu- 
lated - for example draw a 
four-stroke engine, change the 
crank angle and the engine 
will work.' 

Apollonius PDT is priced 
£150 + VAT and upgrades 
from the earlier package cost 
£75 H- VAT. Oak Solutions is 
on (0532) 326992, 

Photodesk launch 

Spacetech has formally 
launched Photodesk, its full 24- 
bit colour Image processing 
application. At £169.95, 
Photodesk is practically £70 
dearer than the comparable 
DA'S Picture (see separate 
story), but there are no plans to 
modify the price. 

Photodesk is Rise PC compati- 
ble^ has built in virtual memory 
support for very large images 
and understands most com- 
monly used image file formats. 
Spacetech is on (0305) 822753. 

ProCAD upgrade 

ProCAD 1.03 has been released 
by Minerva, with a long list of 
enhancements, many of which 
have been suggested by users. 
One result is that the manual 
now has a 50 page supplement. 

Minerva has also revealed 
that it has now become an 
Ordnance Survey Licensed 
Developer and ProCAD can now 
import digital OS mapping data 

For more information contact 
Minerva on (0392) 437756 or 
Fax (0392) 421762. 

Avatar winner 

g. year-old Lynne Snape of 
Stokesley, North Yorks, has 
won the Acorn User Spring 
Show competition, which was 
grandly titled 'Avatar: The 
Journey Home.' 

Lynne was picked from over 
1000 entires and wins 
an Acorn Pocket Book plus 
a hamper of computer software 
donated by show exhibi- 
tors. Six runners up will 
also receive 4th Dimension 


Smart DTP has released 
CoiourFun, a new Draw picture 
format resource pack with art 
work supplied in both outline 
and coloured forms for children 
to experiment with. 

CotourFun is priced £14.95 
inclusive and, along with five 
other Smart DTP resource 
packs, is now available from 
Sonamara distribution on 
(0635) 299676. 



WimpGEN Release 

SILICON Vision has turned 
its attention to Rise OS desk- 
top user interface development 
with the release of WimpGEN, 
an interactive user interface 

WimpGEN is designed to 
simplify designing and imple- 
menting programs which are 
compliant with the Rise OS 

The idea is that WimpGEN 
enables you to visual- 
ly construct window objects 
like dialogue boxes, buttons, 
menus, etc. using a graphical 
editing toolkit, and then 
WimpGEN generates the code 
you need to link the objects to 
the rest of your core program. 

Traditionally, it's a complex 
task to develop Rise OS appli- 
cation user interfaces for even 
the simplest of programs. 

This complexity of linking 
together various bits of code 
and Rise OS resources often 
generates bugs, which then 
lead to delays w'hile they're 
ironed out. This undoubtedly 
puts many people off pro- 

DA $ PICTURE, the profes^ 
sional image/photo-retouch- 
ing package ported from the 
Atari ST by Digital Arts in 
Germany, is to start ship- 
ping by June with the unex- 
pectedly low price of £99 + 

Ray Cross, of the offi- 
cial UK distributors CGS 
ComputerBild, originally told 
Acorn User the package 
would be priced ‘below 

DA 's Picture is just one of 
a suite of professional pub- 
lishing tools available for 
the Atari ST. Cross suggests 
that the UK Acorn market 
is different. 

Commenting on the low 
price. Cross told Acorn User. 
'DA 's Picture is a package for 
everyone and will compete 
with all the other image edit- 
ing packages which are now 
appearing on the Rise OS 

Cross, whose background is 
firmly from the Atari world, 
said he was impressed by the 

Easy designing with Silicon's WimpGEN 

gram mi ng for Rise OS and 
is one reason why it takes a 
relatively long time for Rise 
OS applications to be 

Helix Basic was one attempt 
at an easy to use Rise OS 
desktop application develop- 
ment tool, but this never really 
earned wide acceptance. If 

level of Acorn user interest in 
DA 's Picture. He even had a 
word of praise for some of his 

‘There are some packages 
out there which look very 
good, like Photodesk, for 

He quickly added that 
DA's experience in the pub- 
lishing world would be a key 
advantage in the Acorn 

The grapevine has sugge- 
sted that Acorn felt DA 'i 
Picture had been under- 
priced. Acorn's specialist in 
publishing systems, Wyn 
Thomas, told Acorn User he 
felt that at £99 DA 's Picture 
was extremely good value. 

He also added that an 
enhanced professional DA's 
Picture package, including 
some advanced print screen- 
ing softw'are, might become 
available later at a higher 

CGS ComputerBild can 
be contacted on 081-679 

WimpGEN is all it's cracked up 
to be, Silicon Vision might 
have produced what a lot of 
programmers have been wait- 
ing for. 

WimpGEN is priced 
£99.95 including VAT. Silicon 
Vision can be contacted on 
081-422 3556 or Fax 081-248 

Nexus News 

SJ RESEARCH had three new 
Nexus schools network product 
developments to shout about at 
the Acorn User Spring Show. 

Firstly, SJ has developed a 
Rise PC Nexus network inter- 
face card (NIC) which uses the 
Rise PC's dedicated netw'ork 
card slot. 

Secondly, a new low -power 
consumption Nexus NIC was 
launched for the Acorn A4 
portable and finally there is a 
new Nexus file server with an 
Econet connectivity option. 

The card plugs into the A4's 
own dedicated networking 
expansion slot, leaving the 
parallel port free for other 

Standard interfaces on the 
new compact stand-alone Nexus 
file server included an Econet 
port and a pair of printer ports. 

Also announced at the show 
was a new printer sharing sys- 
tem for Nexus Junior. 

For more information and 
pricing, contact SJ Research on 
(0223) 416715 or Fax (0223) 

16'bit sound on Rise 

ESP has produced a compact 
16-bit sound card for the Rise 
PC provisionally priced at 
£69.95 + VAT. The card plugs 
into a small VIDC2Q header on 
the Rise PC motherboard and 
will enable full l6-bit CD-qual- 
ity 44.1 KH^ sound playback, 

\Sciftware sound synthesis is 
uniter development, as is PC 
SoundBlaster and Microsoft 
Business Audio compatibility 
for both Rise OS and PC applica- 
tions. Early Rise PC mother- 
boards may require a dealer to 
fit the card. ESP is on Fax/ 
phone (0602) 295019. 

Personalised items 

One popular stand at the Acorn 
User Spring Show was Tekoa 
Graphics, a late entrant doing 
brisk business printing logos 
and other designs in Artworks 
or Draw file format onto mugs 
using a wax thermal printed 
dye sublimation process. 

When they're not printing 
mugs and tee-shirts, Tekoa 
graphics acts as the UK agent 
for Aussie Acorn software 
house Experimental Endea- 
vours, who produces the ARJ2Q 
art package. Tekoa is on (0788) 
571434 or Fax (0788) 546376. 

Faster 486 cards 

Aleph One has confirmed that 
it will produce its own faster 
versions of the Rise PC 486 co- 
processor card which it has 
designed for Acorn. Aleph 
One's Alex van Someren told 
Acorn User that a lOOMHz 
4860X4 version is on the cards, 
but a Pentium is unlikely. 

Sibelius triumph 

A Sunday Times article recently 
declared that the SibeHus 7 
music publishing package 
which runs exclusively on 
Acorn computers could become 
an international standard. 

The article also indicated that 
Sibelius 7 was superior to any- 
thing on the Mac or PC. Around 
50 Sibelius Software customers 
have bought Acorn computers 
simply to run Sibeitus 7. 
Sibelius Software is on (0223) 
302765 or Fax (0223) 351947. 

DA Names Price 


^Eureka will immediately become my first choice of 
spreadsheet: it will be a tool I use everyday, ^ 

Graham Bell, Acorn User 

^Eureka has the edge for 
speed over its rivals ^ 

Clem Vogler, Acorn Computing 

^Eureka does for numbers what Impression does for 
words. A highly polished and powerful spreadsheet ^ 

James Hope, Computer Shopper 


124 Cambridge Science Park, Milton Road, Cambridge Cli4 4ZS 
Tel: (0223) 425558 Fax: (0223) 425349 


The Row which Never Happened 

A MAJOR row between Acorn 
and Apple was headline news 
in the computer industry paper, 
Microscope, recently. Exciting 
though the story might have 
been if it was true, the alleged 
row actually never happened, 
according to Acorn's marketing 
director, Mike O'Riordan. 

Rise PC 

IF you'd like £50 off a Ciimana 
SLCD CD-Rom drive, buy a 
Rise PC. The Rise PC- specific 
version of Cumana's Panasonic 
CR562-based CD-Rom drive, 
called the 3Q0i, is priced 
£249.95 + VAT, compared to 
the usual tnodePs £299 price 

Incidentally, the old £339 + 
VAT consumer ptice has been 
dropped for this product and all 
customers, education included, 
will be quoted £299 + VAT. 

The original SLCD is an 
externally-cased unit with its 
own power supply, while the 
Rise PC version is a bare inter- 
nal drive. However, the main 
difference is that the 300i plugs 
into the IDE hard drive poit via 
a tiny interface card as if it were 
a second hard drive. Precious 
DEBI podule expansion slots 
are left free for other uses. 

One snag is that only two 
physical drives can be filled to 

Easy Font II 

KEEPING track of dozens, 
even hundreds, of Rise OS 
fonts is a tricky task at the best 
of times. 

Fabis Computing has been 
working on the problem for a 
while now and debuted its 
Easy Font II utility at the 
recent Acorn User Spring 

The Easy Font II demo at 
the show was very impressive. 
Easy Font II enables font fami- 
lies to be quickly accessed 
from a pop-up scrolling 

Clicking on the fonts 
required makes them immedi- 
ately available to all appli- 
cations. Fonts can be removed 

O'Riordan was being inter- 
viewed by Microscope about 
the Rise PC launch when the 
discussion turned to the dual- 
processor option. O'Riordan 
suggested hypothetically that 
Acorn could make a PowerPC 
co-processor and run Apple's 
PowerMac System 7 OS at the 

the Rise PC's sole IDE con- 
troller, so you'ii have lo make a 
choice between a second hard 
drive or a CD-Rom, Like all 
Cumana's current Acorn offer- 
ing,s, the 300i is a double-speed, 
Photo CD- compatible unit. 

Cum ana says it expects to 
launch its new 32-bit DEBI- 
compatiblc SCSI II controller 
card for the new Acorn Rise 
PC in June. 

The card is buffered and sup- 
ports ANSI X3T9.2 SCSI 11 
standards and will theoretically 
hit lOMb/second (synchronous) 

just as easily as well. 
Fabis says that most applica- 
tions immediately register 
the font selections and update 
their font management 

Font Master 1 1 can also 
export text using different 
fonts in a variety of object for- 
mats, including 

There is also a font style 
previewer and a font finder for 
files which have embedded 

Easy Font II costs just £25 + 
VAT and comes with ten font 
families of ten styles - 200 dif- 
ferent selections in all. Fabis 
computing is on (0283) 
55276 L 

same time as Rise OS 3.5. 

O’Riordan's off-the-cuff 
suggestion that Apple might 
not like Acorn to licence their 
operating system was wrongly 
interpreted by Microscope as 
evidence of Apple having 
refused Acorn such a licence 

or 6Mb/.second (asynchronou.s) 
data throughputs. 

Desktop- based SCSI man- 
ager software is supplied with 
the card and the firmware is 
resident in Flash EPRom so it 
can be upgraded without the 
need to physically remove the 
card from the computer. 

The card is also compatible 
with older Archimedes mod- 
els. Pricing is expected to be 
sub-£200. For more informa- 
tion, contact Cumana on 
(0483) 503121 or Fax (0483) 


A CD-ROM for language 
training with over 50 interac- 
tive French activities recorded 
in high quality sound has been 
produced by Oak Solutions. 

Designed for pupils at Key 
Stages 3 and 4, CD Frangais 
was produced with the estab- 
lished Tricolore course in 
mind, but Oak says the pack- 
age is useful as support for 
many other French language 

Trials in 12 Leeds schools 
have indicated that the CD- 
Rom is more effective than the 
equivalent audio tape-based 
Tricolore courseware. 

Oak Solutions is on (0532) 

Interactive swimming 

Version 2 of the interactive mul- 
timedia training package, 
Swimrning, from CD Sports Ltd, 
has been released. Swimming 
was developed using Genesis ti 
and is aimed at teaching basic 
swimming and life-saving 

The original version won a 
seal of approval from the Royal 
Life Saving Society. The new 
version is technically superior to 
the original and a CD-Rom ver- 
sion is due soon. CD Sports is on 
05J-691 0893. 

Free EasyFiler offer 

Soft Teach Educational is offer- 
ing the EasyFiier classroom 
utility, worth £15, free to any- 
one who takes up their offer 
to view up to three of their 
education software catalogue 
items on 28 day approval 
and subsequently buys at least 

The offer is subject to 
approval. For more information 
contact Soft Teach Educational 
on (0985) 840329 (phone or fax). 

Helios Oil the Arm 

Perihelion Distributed Software 
has ported its micro-kernel oper- 
ating system for embedded and 
multi-processor applications, 
called Hehos, to the Arm proces- 
sor family, 

He//os has previously been 
ported to chips like the Inmos 
Transputer. Perihelion worked 
on the project in collaboration 
with VLSI Technology, the 
first chip company to make 
Arms, Perihelion is on (0749) 

Budget spreadsheet 

At £25.95 inclusive, it has to be 
one of the cheapest spreadsheet 
applications for Rise OS and iTs 
just called Ca/c. 

Produced by Edinburgh-based 
Circular Triangles, Ca/c is said to 
be very easy to use. 

If that's not enough. Calc is on 
special offer until September 1st 
for just £15. Site licences are 

Circular Triangles' address is 
13 Woodhall Terrace, Juniper 
Green, Edinburgh, EH 14 5BR, 

The new CD-Rom drive from Cumana for the Rise PC 


turn to when they needed a database? 

umber one database as used 

by all the top independant developers 

he top 

shown here?! TTf 0 


users of Acorn Computers tur n when 

buying their databases? W I a ? 

the number one supplier of databases for 

Acorn RISC machines? 

"A poififerffully useful Database" 

Available on 30 days approval 
For a brochure please contact lota at the address below... 

lota Software Ltd. lota House. 

Wellington Court. Cambridge CB1 1HZ 
Telephone: (0223) 566789 Facsimile: (0223) 566788 

Upgrade to a 

nlDv rv beebug 

The Rise PC offers significant advantages over the rest of the Acorn range. BEEBUG are making some 
exciting offers as well as giving you the opportunity to trade in your existing Acorn computer for a Rise PC 



absolutely ^ 

ou buy your 

,a„ zWortfo > 

KiscPC I 


#Six times faster picture manipufation than a 66MHz 486DX2 
i Low cost processor upgrade strategy, allows upgrade to 
ARM 700 a 800 

• Low cost access to PC DOS and Windows 

• Lightening fast manipulation of still and moving images 

• New 1600 X 1200 resolution display with 16 million colours 

• Full multimedia capability and PhotoCD capability 

• Expandable RAM up to 256Mb, plus up to 2Mb video memory 


210Mb HD 
420Mb HD 





Case for extra slice £99 
PC Card £99 

All fitted prior to despatch if 


• We will copy your existing data 
from your hard drive to the new 

• Tell us what software and 
versions you are using and we 
will provide advice and help on 
upgrading where necessary. 


• Call us with details of your 
current system and we will tell 
you how much allowance can 
be made for trade-in. 

• We wUl take your existing 
system back for up to 3 months 
after purchase of a new Rise PC 
to give you a chance to get used 
to the new computer. 


Ail systems include 30MHz ARM 61 0 
processor, 1.6Mb 3.5" floppy disc, 

12 months on-site support, and 14" SVGA 
Multiscan monitor. 

Code 3001 g PC 600 2/21 0Mb £1 249 
Code 3006g PC 600 5/21 0Mb £1 399 
Code 301 1 g PC 600 9/420Mb £1 699 
For 17" SVGA multiscan monitor add £400. 






Ordef a 
pC Card 

1 • ^ 

pc cofHptiters ^ 




Hatfield Road 








Rise PC Generates Pixel Mania 

PROART 24 from Clares - 
(0606) 485 1 1 ) - and SpaceTech’s 
- (0305) 822753) - PhotoDesk 
were the two bitmap graphics 
applications being demonstrated 
at the launch of Rise PC 
in London’s Cumberland Hotel. 

They mark a serious departure 
from previous Rise OS painting 
applications in that they allow 
you to produce and manipulate 
truly photo-realistic imagery in 
conjunction with the new 
Acorn hardware. 

In the Super VGA 16.7 
million colour modes supported 
by Rise PCs with the 2Mb 
VideoRam option, 24-bit files 
can not only be displayed but 

subtly retouched or seamlessly 
pasted together in their full, 
true colour glory. 

ProArt 24 is not just a 24- 
bit version of Pro Artisan, as 
it boasts a vastly expanded 
range of painting tools over 
its predecessor. 

Though w'e have not been 
able to spend long enough 
alone with the software to 
create any imagery of our 
own, the imagery produced 
for publicity purposes is 
a strong indication of a 
powerful and versatile 
application, with the added 
advantage of its familiar 
and easy-to-use interface. 

PhotoDesk on first impression 
is a highly-advanced image 
generator with the unusual 
capability of applying any of 
the program's effects with any 
of the tools - enabling spray-on 
embossing or gamma-correction 
along a path, for instance. 

Additionally PhotoDesk has 
around 80%, the most usable 
and useful of PhotoShop' s 
image processing facilities, 
making this a most usual and 
useful package. This package, 
which includes support for 
pressure-sensitive graphics 
tablets, seems to be aimed at 
the serious user, being rather 
more complex than ProArt24. 

Two Fine for Words 

Pineapple's FineArt in action, showing continuous colour dithering 
of 24-bit data in a 256 colour mode. 

TWO NEW painting applica- 
tions, one PD and the other a 
commercial product, are soon 
to be released, confusingly 
under the same name. FineArt. 

On experimentation with 
a pre-release version of 
Pineapple’s (081-899 1476) 
FineArt (the commercial pack- 
age) 1 discovered some fea- 
tures quite unlike any I have 
ever experienced on Acorn 
software, such as the smudge 
l(X)l w'hich gave beautiful pastel- 
on-paper effects using the 
program’s colour rendering 

The advanced continuous 
dithering technique, similar to 
aero-diffusion (as used by 
Computer Concepts' applica- 
tions to display 16 and 24-bit 
images) is used to brilliantly 
emulate 16 million colour 
palettes and represent true- 


IMAGE importing for the 
Acorn now includes such files 
MacPaint, ColoRIX and other 
exotics. This is not a Translator- 
type application, as, it remains 
totally invisible, allowing 
direct import of previously 
unloadable bitmap formats into 
Rise OS applications, even 

This is an important step 
towards intercompatibility with 
other platforms. Alternative 
Publishing Limited is on 
041-248 2322. 

colour graphics in 256 colour 

The application works 
with Rise OS 3 and should 
be fully compatible with 
the Rise PC as well. For more 

on Barry Alcock's FineArt, 
the Acorn platform's very first 
true colour bitmap editor, turn 
to the graphics application 
roundup on page 44 in our PD 

ITI.'I •‘pict.inagf^Tilours F 

M m ^ 

Chalet OHicel 0ffice2 Office^ 

^ ^ □ H 

Nillpond Startup Bird/SCF WmStm 

f(j|x| pict.inage 

1 1 1 j 1 1 tihi I I |*q • 

1^ File Edit UlRiK Spenal 


Effortless importing of foreign bitmap formats directly into 
Paint and other Rise OS applications. 

More vectors wanted 

it is becoming increasingly 
apparent that software devel- 
opers in the Acorn world must 
grasp the bull by the horns and 
create a wider market base for 
the vector graphics user. 

Now that Acorn Rise PC users 
will be offered inexpensive PC 
'co-computing', the relatively 
poorly-equipped Rise OS vector 
packages will soon be compared 
to the likes of CorelDraw 4 with 
its myriad tools and effects. 

The power of programs like 
Artworks and of the Acorn 
platform generally lies in speed 
but not in features. 

it would be an important 
commercial and platform- 
promotion opportunity missed 
if the great potential of Acorns 
especially Rise PC. is not ful- 

Rephormed character 

A new version of Oak Solution's 
Rephorm morphing package 
has been released for Rise PC. 

Its additions take full advan- 
tage of the new hardware, and 
the package has been seen in 
some of Acorn's promotional 
footage to generate stunning 
broadcast quality animations. 
Oak Solutions can be contacted 
on (0532) 326922. 

Pic of the month 

The Pic of the Month prize will 
restart in June. The grand prize 
has been upped to £20. 

stay Kooi 

KoolCAD by Kuldip Pardesi, 
best known for his excellent 
screen saver program, is a pow- 
erful 3D editor with shaded 
previewing and output sup- 
port for PD and commercial 

KoolCAD is the first serious 
3D graphics application to hit 
the scene in ages. See the PD 
special. Graphics roundup on 
page 44 for more. 

You can contact the Graphics Page 
by writing to Jack Kreindler. at 
The Graphics Page, Acorn User, 
Europress Enterprise, Europa 
House. Adlington Park. 
Macclesfield SK10 4NP. 


The fastest most accurate and easiest to 

What is SLEUTH? 

Sleuth is an Optical Charaaer 
Recognition (OCR) package which 
converts a scanned image of printed 
material (Sprite) into an ASCII file which 
may be further processed using a text 
editor or word processor. Sleuth is ideal 
for converting magazine articles, 
newspaper cuttings, legal documents, 
program listings, resource materials etc. 

The best performance 
on Acorn systems 

Sleuth can consistently achieve over 
98% accuracy on good quality 300 dpi 
scanned images. Unlike other systems, 
Sleuth recognises a wide range of typ)efaces 
without the need for additional training. It 
has been trained on most popular fonts 
including the standard Postscript set, and 
recognises most other similar non-stylised 
fonts. ITie latest version now recognises 
bold typefaces too! Sleuth can handle 
t>pcsizes between 9 and 24pt and can 
convert at up to 250 words p)er minute. 
Sleuth can handle slightly skewed images 
automatically, without extra ttraining. 

Future development 

Sleuth 1.5 is second release in a planned 
family of products that will take OCR on 
Acorn systems to full professional level. 
Future OCR products will be available as 
upgrades at reasonable cost. 


• Improved accuracy 

• Recognises Bold type 

• Recognises more fonts 

• Twain scanner support 

Fully multitasking 

The scanned image in the input 
window is converted to ASCII and 
displayed in the output window fiom 
where it is saved. A ‘reject’ character is used 
for any unrecognised characters. Sleuth is 
hilly multitasking allowing you to correct 
mistakes in the converted text while it is 
still converting the remainder. As you edit 
text. Sleuth will zoom in’ on the 
appropriate part of the original image so 
that you can easily identify mistakes. Sleuth 
cannot convert columns of text 
automatically, but allows a zone to be 
created around each column for 
conversion separately. 

Equipment required 

You will require a scanner that outputs 
high quality monochrome sprites. All 
scanners currently available for Acorn 
systems are suitable, but for l)est results 
your scanner should have a resolution of 
300 dpi or greater. Sleuth now supports 
Twain which allows images to scanned 
directly. Drivers are available separately for 
a number of popular scanners. Please 
phone for details. 

Latest upgrade 

To upgrade from earlier versions of 
Sleuth, please return your original disc with 
payment of £5 + £0.85 carriage •♦•VAT. 

Flatbed Mo £fCoI ur Scanner Packages 

from only £479! 

• Compact A4 flatbed scanner. Either 
the Canon 1X3010 300dpi scanner 
offering 256 gfrey scale levels or 
the Canon 1X4015 400dpi colour 

• Sleuth version 1.5. 

• ImageMaster image processing software. 

• Twain scanner driver for Canon scanners. 

• Optional SCSI interface and connecting lead. 


Mono Package with SCSI interface £569 

Colour Package with SCSI interfece £754 

Mono Package w ith SCSI interface £579 
Colour Package with SCSI interface £764 

Packages include a SCSI interface card w'hich is 
required to connea the scanner. If you already 
have a SCSI card dedua £SX) from the above prices. 
Deduct £39 if Sleutli not required. 

All prices exclude carriage and VAT. 

Please w'rite or phone for flirther infomiaiion. 

RISC Developments Ltd 

1 17 Hatfield Road, St. Altoas, Hens Al.l -IJS Tel. (0727) 843600 Fax. (0727) 860263 

C O M M S 

Playing the Game 

NOW that BT’s Weekend 
Rate can give us cheaper or 
longer calls to our favourite 
Bulletin Boards, we can take 
more time to explore what 
activities are on offer to users 
while actually online. 

Many BBS Sysops spend 
time creating a professional 
appearance for their systems, 
building special areas and 
features that can be missed by 
just logging on to grab files 

One of these areas will 
probably be Online Games, 
and Richard Paddle, Sysop of 
Rich in Paradise BBS, has 
written and released a 
Compendium of Games for 
ARCbbs systems. 

Each game is based on a 
simple idea, such as Hangman, 
Trivia questions, Snake and 
Jujnhled words. 

The programs are designed 
to be iTjn using the Door system 
that allows external programs 
to communicate and interact 
with BBS users. 

Richard's Compendium 
consists of five games. Boxed 
In is a game where you can 
move a marker in four direc- 

tions while the computer tries 
to block your path. A high- 
score table shows who made 
the most moves before being 
Boxed In. 

Snake lets you control the 
direction of a snake whose tail 
grows as it eats the numbers 
that appear, but you must keep 
the snake inside the frame and 
not turn back on itself. 

BBS callers can gamble 
their online time or download 
allocation wdth these next 
three. Hangman is the classic 

game where you try to choose 
letters in a blanked word in 
time to forestall the Hangman. 

Jumbie is a simple anagram 
game against the clock. Trivia 
gives multiple choice questions 
on a variety of subjects. 

The Compendium of Games 
is Shareware, and costs for £10. 

You can contact Richard on 
Arcade BBS, or on Rich in 
Paradise BBS (2:257/1 20.0@ 
FidoNet 0442 255199) or by 
e-mail at richard@arcade.demon. 

Getting the Hang of Internet 

ONCE you have an Internet 
connection with FTP (File 
Transfer Protocol) ability, you 
can download files completely 
free from a large number of 
‘ftp’ sites around the world. 

The process is quite simple. 
Let's take an example where 
you would like to download 
the latest Acorn Printers appli- 
cation and you are using the 
PD program KA9Q, as TCPIP, 
connected to Demon Internet. 

With the main TCPIP 
Command Window open on a 
live Demon connection, press 
Return on a blank line to get 
the net> prompt, and type: 

net> ftp ftp, acorn, CO, uk 

A blue window will open and 
you' 11 see: 

SYN sent 

220 Acom FTP server ready. 


Enter user name: 

You type 'anonymous'. You'll 
be asked for a password, 
which is expected to be your 
full Internet address. 

331 Guest login ok, send 
your complete email 
address as password. 

You enter your address at the 
password prompt. 


da vi d@ar cade , demon , co , uk 

After the welcome message, 
type the command to select the 
conect directory, which can be 
a MSDOS-like command, 
'dir' to view a directory list- 
ing, and 'cd dirname' to select 

cd pub/riecos/ releases 

The file you want is called 

The next step is very impor- 
tant - type B then Return. This 
will ensure that the file trans- 

fer sends Binary 8- bit data. To 
start the download just type: 

get printers, ddc printers 

Unix filenames are case-sensi- 
tive and may be longer than 10 
characters, so you may need to 
add a shorter filename alias for 
youi filing system. 

Don't be fooled by the report 
'Transfer Complete' - this just 
means your 'get' command line 
has been received. Wait for the 

Get complete, 404130 bytes 

before typing: 


which will break the con- 
nection to Acorn's ftp server. 

The file will have been 
saved as 'printers' in the 
directory containing the 
TCPIP application. 

Ace of clubs 

Streatham in London is the home 
of Ace BBS, run by Adti Khan. 

Ace has access to many Acorn 
FidoNet Echomail areas and 
offers Point status to users who 
want to use Ace pureiy for 
Echomail exchange. They wilt 
miss out on features found on 
the BBS online, such as information 
about Silicon Software, the 
shareware programming ciub 
which aims to gather good pro- 
grammers and distribute their 
work as paid-for shareware. 

Ace BBS is on 081-677 8992 
from 7:30pm to 7:30am at all 
speeds to 14,400 Baud, 

Supporting S>Base 

The Digital Databank BBS in 
Welwyn Garden City has opened 
a support area for 5-Base - 
Longman Logotron's Database 
Management System. 

The area is well supported 
mcluding information, message 
and file areas, lists of useful con- 
tacts, and backup support by 
Longman Logotron with a BBS 
user-group discount on 5-Base. 

The DDB has two 24 hour lines 
on (0707) 329306 (speeds to 
16,800 HST) and (0707) 323531 
(speeds to 14,400). 

Remember Solidisk? 

Nigel Wookock in Hayle, 
Cornwall, runs Chaos Cottage, 
the support BBS for the SoliNet 
user group. 

SoliNet has rights to copy, 
modify and distribute SoliDisk 
software and to continue techni- 
cal support to the company's 
past customers. 

The BBS is a Wildcat system 
running on a 386DX40 PC with 
340Mb IDE hard drive, CD-Bom 
and a Zoom 14.4X modem. 

Call Chaos Cottage BBS 
between 10pm and 7am on 0736 
756274 (speeds to 14.400 

You can contact the Com ms page 
by writing to: David Dade, Acorn 
User, Europress Enterprise Ltd, 
Europa House, Adlington Park, 
Macclesfield, SK10 4NP or by e-mail 
to: DaviD@arcade, demon., 
or by modem on Arcade BBS, User 
#2 - 081-654 2212 or 081-655 



* Th# Gfyttal Maz» h fantoitlc, Th# o^aphlci 
and lound or# ttynning, th# puzzl#t ond 
gam#t v#ry ployobl# and chall#ng{ng.....‘ 
WfC LFi#f, D#c#mb#r 1993 


' Tb# Crystal Ma£# h a mast for ovotYon# 
from tovers of mind bonding puzzles to 
Joysticlc-fronzy onthusiosts 

Acorn Computing October J993 

The Crystal Maze Is available exclusively for Acorn 32 bit computers 

£39.95 (Inc VAT) from 

Sherston Software 
Swan Barton, Sherston, 

Wiltshire SN16 OLH 
Tel 0666 840433 
Fax 0666 840048 

ih& Qyjloi MOM ft a ciwftwertrv Toievwari enxSjcttoh 
tor ChOtWl4 boiqdfln kiaojbyJcKqiJBa AntofriaC 1990 

Please send me copy of The Crystal Maze® at £39.95 inc VAT 

Name Visa/Acces$; 




Exp. Date: Ll I 


Acorn Publishing Impact 

The new Acorn Publishing System 

ALONGSIDE the release of 
the new range of machines. 
Acorn has launched an updated 
version of the professional 
pre-press publishing system 
first seen back in 1992* 

The new system is based 
around the Rise PC 600 and is 
described as a turnkey system, 
in that it arrives ready to use 
with all the software set up. 

The system is aimed, pri- 
marily, at small to medium 
sized companies in the 
printing and publishing sec- 
tor. The machines will be fit- 
ted with 9Mb Ram and a 
420Mb SCSI hard disc, with 
a variety of peripherals 
available, including 14 and 
21 in monitors, high resolution 
laser printers and scanners. 

The price range is expected 
to lie between £5,000 and 
£ 1 1 ,000 for complete systems, 
offering a noticeable saving on 
comparable PowerPC-based 
solutions. The software places 
emphasis on cross-platform 
compatibility accepting a wide 
variety of graphics formats, 
such as TIFF and PhotoCD, 
from both DOS and Mac discs. 

COMPUTER C oncepts w^as 
demonstrating pre-release 
Impression Publisher at the 
Acorn User Spring Show. It 
promises a dazzling array of 
new features, and should be 
shipping by the middle of 
May, assuming no further 
bugs develop. 

A sizeable backlog of 
upgrades will take several 
weeks to clear. So customers 
who have already ordered an 
upgrade will receive their 
copies in strict order, and 
those who ordered copies at 

Support for 4-bit colour is com- 
prehensive and the systems 
will be shipped with the 
latest version of Impression 
Publisher and Rise OS 3,5, as 
well as a set of primary fonts. 
The printers supplied with 
the systems offer 1200dpi A3 
output and print directly to 
plazar and other 'instant plate' 
materials, as well as offering 
the option of connection to 
professional plate-making 
machines via the enhanced 
PostScript drivers. 

An improved version of the 

the show can expect to wait I 
about 4 weeks. 

The new Graphics Loaders 
were also on sale at the CC 
stand. Not on sale, but 
promised soon, was MacFS the 
new Mac disc reading software 
which will read and write to 
both floppy and hard discs, 
including sy quest devices and 
optical media. 

It is an ideal solution for 
those who use both machines 
and for DTP users who need to 
send files to be typeset. MacFS 
costs £99 + VAT. 

TlToFont application is also 
supplied to allow the use of 
industry standard Type I com- 
patible fonts. The systems 
are available from Acorn 
Publishing dealers, though in 
the print sector the systems are 
sold exclusively through AB 
Dick under the Graphtex 300C 
and 400C brand names. 

Updates for existing systems 
will be available and will con- 
sist solely of the new Rise PC 
600 and associated software. 
For further information AB 
Dick is on 081-56^ 9297. 

Set up 

A NEW TRADE magazine for 
the mobile communications 
industry has selected an A corn - 
based Publishing System for its 
pre- press production. 

The magazine Land Mobile 
is produced on a pair of Acorn 
machines which import copy 
from a variety of sources and 
formats supplied by freelance 

The page layouts are created 
using Impression and the files 
are passed to Hampstead based 
TJ Reproductions who create 
the finished product. 

The magazine’s Editor 
Richard Lambley, decided to 
use an Acorn-based solution 
after researching the options 
and finding that the systems 
were reasonably priced without 
sacrificing quality. 

TJ Reproductions his one of 
the few' companies which offers 
a full bureau and printing 
service for Acorn machines and 
can be contacted on 071-372 

First Impressions 

Problem printers 

For those of you whoVe already 
found out that the new Acorn 
printer drivers pointedly refuse 
to work with Computer Concepts 
range of Turbo Drivers, an 
update of the CC software is 
expected in the not too distant 

Serious bus syndrome 

After far too long without a 
credible piece of photo- retouch- 
ing software available for the 
Arm platform, a plethora of pack- 
ages were on show at the Acorn 
User Spring Show. 

Typical, you wait ages and 
then four come at once* Digital 
Arts, SpaceTech, Clares and 
Oregon were all showing pack- 
ages which address the current 
lack of support in this area. 

This has been a limiting factor 
to the DTP abilities of the Arc for 
some time and will hopefully 
put this criticism to rest. Jack 
Kreindler will be furnishing us 
with a round up of the available 
packages in the next issue. 

First view of First Page 

First Page is an entry level budget 
DTP package from Longman 
Logotron, It offers an adequate 
set of simple tools and is 
designed to complement the 
companies word processing pack- 
age Pendown. It will sell for £49. 

Welcome to DTP 

DTP has long been the most 
important market sector for 
Acorn outside education, and this 
new monthly DTP Column aims 
to bring you the latest news and 
views on the professional print- 
ing scene. 

Although the emphasis will be 
on how to use your Acorn for 
professional typesetting, the vast 
majority of what 1 will be cover- 
ing will be useful for all users of 
Acorn DTP systems, and if you 
have any specific requirements or 
want to see certain subjects cov- 
ered, do drop me a line. 

You can contact the DIP page by 
writing to: Steve Powell, Acorn 
User, Europress Enterprise Ltd, 
Europa House, Adlington Park, 
Macclesfield, SK10 4NP 


1Rctd«cc4c^, ^vpt/xc^ <^^ Q/fsK/swi 

Oregon PhotoTouch is a painting, professional prepress, and processing system oil in one powerful package. 
Working with photographic quality images up to 24bpp (16.7 million colours), take any photo and turn it into 
your own creation. Add special effects, and realistically retouch the image until it suits the task for which it is 

PhotoTouch is an essential tool for owners of all graphics enhancer boards, including the ColourCard Gold, 
which will allow you to be creative in a 16bpp desktop. 

For those not owning such hardware, PhotoTouch uses sophisticated rendering techniques to produce a 256 
colour image for editing, whilst the 24bpp image is continuously updated in memory, ready for saving when 
you've finished. 

The powerful tools of PhotoTouch Include: 

• Transparent, translucent, and opaque painting tools 

• Colour filters, correction, addition and subtraction 

• 24bpp, freehand cut and paste 

• Sophisticated protection masking 

• Airbrushing, blurring and smudging 

• Many varied linear, and radial gradient fills 

• Morphing, swirls, distortions, and bubbling 

• Scratch, ripple and embossing 

• Virtual memory management option 

• Allows editing of Replay files 

• Exports as TIFF, JPEG, Clear, and Sprites 

• Imports over 40 foreign file formats 

• Requires RISC OS 3.10 or greater • 

This represents just a small fraction of the staggeringly powerful facilities offered by PhotoTouch. What's more, 
Oregon intend to develop this package further still, and upgrades will be sent to existing users, absolutely 
free of charge. 

PhotoTouch supports VIDC20 display modes, ensuring complete compatibility with the new RISC PC. 

Oregon is offering this package at on incredibly low launch price of just £79.95. However this fully inclusive 
price will only be held for o short period. 

Oregon Software Developments 
36 Grosvenor Avenue : Streetly : Sutton Coldfield : B74 3PE 

t,-nI . noi ADA A 


Pick A Picture with PicAPic 


PickBPic Frefgreraegs 


siz€ (screen units)^ 
node (D=use current screen rsodtJ [ 

HBlg piotureT 


sire (screen units); 

node CD=y5e current screen node) 

jThuflbnail output ; h 

size (inches) 

node (D=ij£e current screen rade) 

K resolution (dots per inch) 

(S=use sprites frow PickBPic window) 

Allow sprites tc be 
scaled above actual sizei 




ADJUST click on icon 
opens Big Picture window; 



Save I [flEstore factorij defaults] ['OK | ^ 

Pick your pictures in PickAPic 

P/C/CAP/C is typical of those PD 
utilities which you wonder 
how you did without before 
they were added to your soft- 
ware collection. Recently 
updated by Hugh Eagle to 
version 1.12, PickAPic is now 
one of the most popular 
programs on the PD scene. 

The program is designed to 
simplify the process of searching 
through collections of graphics 
files and allowing the pictures 
you want to be selected and 
then used in a package of your 

After scanning a directory 
or filing system, the applica- 
tion presents you with an array 
of thumbnail pictures from 
which you can select the piece 
of artwork you need. 

The chosen thumbnail 
picture can then be expanded 
so it can be viewed in greater 
detail, or dragged into your 
desktop publisher or art pack- 
age for use. PickAPick simply 

expands the file, saving you 
the need to look through your 
directory tree to locate it. 

Many different files are 
supported including Sprite, 
Draw and now Artworks files, 
and a well designed desktop 
interface allows the program 
to be used with ease. 

This superb program is ideal 
for desktop publishers but 
will come in useful for anyone 
w'ho finds themselves spending 
hours searching through their 
graphics collections. 

The new version of PickA 
Pic is on the 19th Datafile 


IMPROVEMENTS introduced by 
Rise OS 3 to the ability to 
customise the desktop, has 
spurred the release of hundreds 
of new PD tool icons and 
enhancing programs, but until 
now, these alterations have not 
been brought together into one 
easy-to-use package. 

NewerLook, from the talented 
hands of Doggy soft's Andrew 
Clover, combines the majority 
of the best enhancers with a set 
of completely re-designed 

The transparent icon drags 
offered by programs like 
Desktop + may look fine in 
high resolution, but in mode 12 
they do look a bit ropey. 

NewerLook gets round this 
problem by using an alternating 
dither pattern to prevent the 
loss of any detail. Other 

The new desktop look from Newerlook 

features include a very smart 
clock face replacement for the 
hourglass and some 3D 
window designs for the Rom 

My only criticism of this 
program is that the rather 
stylised icons tend to look a 
bit cartoon like. Having said 

that, all sprites come in low 
and high resolutions and use 
some nice dithering to increase 
the colour range available. 

Newerlook is available for 
£I direct from Doggy soft at: 
Furzcfield House, Furzefield 
Road, Beaconsfield, Bucks, 

Resource Folders 

THE INCLUSION on Rom of the 
most useful utilities from the 
applications discs was wel- 
comed as one of the handiest 
improvements in Rise OS 3, 
but proved to be a major 
problem for education users. 

The ease of access for 

youngsters to the Alarm and 
^ Configure programs, which 
can be deadly in the wrong 
hands, prompted Andrew 
Heckford to write a new front 
end to the Resources folder. 

As well as allowing direct 
menu access to ail three 

resource directories, the appli- 
cation provides a password- 
protected lockout system to 
prevent access to the folder 
itself or any of the individual 

ResourceFS is on disk B216 
from the APDL. 


Lunchtime 5 (Wardrobe Racing for 
Foreigners) is now nearing com- 
pletion and should be available by 
the time you read this. Based on 
the same format as the previous 
issue, the magazine is recom- 
mended for anyone who's 
enjoyed the rest of the series. 

Disc mag fans should also check 
out several new magazines 
including Tip Top, Thumper, 
Archive and Kaleldescope, all of 
which are available from the 


As well as continuing to develop 
Qf The Musk player on this 
month's cover disc. Quantum 
coder Stephen Harrison is working 
on a full conversion of Pro tracker 
from the Amiga. 

Full music and sample editing 
will be supported, with the 
emphasis on an easy-to-use, but 
non-desktop format 

HeadFirst PD 

Despite being heavily involved in 
distributing BBC software, 
HeadFirst PD stocks a fully 
compressed range of 32-bit public 
domain programs and wishes to 
make a further move into the 
Archimedes scene. 

Arc PD discs cost £1.25 each, 
with discounts for larger orders. 
Printed catalogues can be 
obtained for the price of a SSAE. 
HeadFirst can be contacted at 45 
Cedar Street, Southport, PR8 GN. 

In this issue 

This month the main feature in 
the magazine is the Public 
Domain. Starting on page 35 are 
11 pages covering everything 
from how to get hold of PD soft- 
ware, to interviews with the lead- 
ing lights in the PD scene. 

Although we could have filled 
the whole issue with coverage of 
the PD market, 1 think you'll agree 
that we've touched on most sub- 
jects, but if you have anything to 
add, do drop me a line. 

You can contact the PD page by 
writing to: Paul Wheatley, Acorn 
User, Europress Enterprise Ltd, 
Europa House, Adlington Park, 
Macclesf ield SK10 4NP 



Classroom Games 

Moira's Alphabet 

I RECEIVED an interesting let- 
ter from Janice Clarke, an IT 
teacher from Roysion in 
Hertfordshire. Among the 
numerous questions, she asked 
if I have a policy on games in 
the classroom. 

This is a tricky one, but 
I think it’s important to differ- 
entiate between educational 
games and games that could be 
regarded as educational. 

Some would argue that 
arcade games like Lemmings 
and Repton could provide 
.students with some real benefits 
like developing co-ordination 

and problem solving skills. 
Frankly, I don't buy it 

In some rare cases it may be 
true, but in my experience 
students use games as games 
and don’t actually improve the 
skills you were trying to 

They prefer to solve the 
problems by a sort of trial and 
error approach without actually 
thinking it through. 

In any case, Tm sure there 
are alternative ways to develop 
these and other skills without 
resorting to arcade type 

Tesco & Acorn 

became a regular contributer to 
Acorn User, I wrote a letter to 
the magazine outlining some 
of my concerns regarding Che 
Tesco/Acorn 'Computers for 
School’ scheme. 

I believe I expressed the 
feelings of several people, 
including some software houses 
for whom, in an already 
abysmal year, this promotion 
was almost the straw that 
broke the camel’s back. 

Last year, the scheme was a 

runaway success. 82% of 
vouchers given by Tesco were 
exchanged for computer 

This year, the scheme is dif- 
ferent in that software is not 
being offered. 

Software houses will doubt- 
less be pleased, but I’m still 
slightly uneasy that so many 
schools rely on collecting 
vouchers, running coffee 
mornings and holding jumble 
sales to provide our young 
children with IT equipment. 

WHOEVER said that simple 
things are often best could well 
have been thinking of Moira's 
Alphabet from the Norfork 
County IT Team. 

Created in Magpie and 
supplied with a reader, each 
page displays a letter of the 
alphabet with an 

A digitised 
voice will speak 
the word and 
letter sound 
when clicked 
with the mouse, 
or the letter 
name will be 
spoken when the 
appropriate key 
is pressed. Some 

of the pictures include a 
sound effect or simple ani- 

At £14.95 this is ideal for 
pre-school infants and for the 
first year of school. Norfolk 
Education Press can be 
contacted on (0603) 33276. 

Clip Art 

MY COMMENT in the April 
issue touched a raw nerve with 
some, but Des Thomas agreed 
that there is an awful lot of rub- 
bish floating about. So much so 
that he has produced The Clip 
Art Collection' which is pub- 
lished by MAPE, who can be 
contacted on 021-476 1181. 

It is an eight page A4 direc- 
tory of current quality clip art 

(with emphasis on the word 
quality), which includes three 
discs containing some of the 
very best clip art. 

The cost is £6 and an update 
will be available from Des 
later in the year, so anyone 
who would like to offer their 
wares for possible inclusion 
should contact him on (0892) 

Team Welcome 

4Mation do it Again 

VD LIKE to take this opportu- 
nity to introduce two writers 
who will be helping to deliver 
some of the news and reviews 
in the education pages. 

John Woollard has been a 
teacher adviser for Information 
Technology for six years. 
Based in Hampshire, John 
has taught in primary and 
secondary schools. He helps 
both mainstream and special 

WHEN applying for a job, 
first impressions are important 
and in most cases this comes 
from a Curriculum Vitae or CV. 

Mike Smith - who brought 
us Cardshop last month - has 
now produced CV which is 
designed to help the production 
of this important document. 
For £14.99 you get two 

schools develop and imple- 
ment information technology 

Colin Rouse is Deputy 
Head of Cranbourne Primary 
School in Berkshire. Origi- 
nally trained as a primary 
school teacher, Colin is now 
well known for his excellent 
IT work with younger children 
as well as providing INSET 
within his authority. 

versions, one for school 
leavers and one for students in 
higher education. For those 
who are not sure what has to 
be included in a CV, this is a 
worthwhile program although 
it won’t actually do anything 
that can’t be done on a good 
DTP. Tm not even sure if it’s 
much easier. 

JUST as it seemed 
that all the possible 
Draw aids had been 
produced, 4Mation 
((0271) 25353) have 
come up with 
GridPro. This pro- 
gram enables you to 
easily generate a 
staggering number of 
different grids which 
can be saved in their 
own file format as 
well as Draw and 
Vector format, and 
printed as required. 

It can produce 
line grids (linear and log), 
polar grids, tile sprites and tes- 
selate shapes from Draw. This 
program will, Lm sure, be 
invaluable to Mathematics, 
Science and Geography depart- 
ments to name but three. 

You can contact the 
Education page by writing 
to: Geoff Preston, Acorn 
User, Europress Enterprise Ltd, 
Europa House, Adlington 
Park, Macclesfield, SK10 4NP 

Curriculum Vitae 

26 ACORN USER lUNE 1 994 


7 can strongly recommend P.R. E.S. Ltd (or their 
efficient, personal, honest and considerate service. Not 
just on one occasion, but on all the occasions I have 
dealt with them” 

A gDDfj deal mare from PRE5. Whether you want 
an upgrade for your existing computer or the 
iatest technology of Acorn's new personal 
computer ... CALL TODAY for sound advice and a 
first class service! 

A FREE Colour TV with any A3DID call for details. 

Complete SCSI Internal Hard Disk Upgrade 
To 170IVIb With 16 Bit Interface And CD 
Rom Support Other Systems Available Call for Details 


Suitable for A3000 & A3010/A3020 


Allows Podules to be attached to A3000 


Fits on top of Monitor Stand. Provides fit- 
ting and power for additional Drives, Hard 
Drives and CD Roms 

Please call for further advice on any products. Prices exclude vat but include UK delivery. Subject to availability. E&OE. 

The NEW range 
Accounts Software 

Enterprise Professional 

This is the top of the range professional double 
entry accounts system. 

A fully modular multitasking system which 
can be tailor made to suit your business. From 
customised invoice layouts and reports - through 
to Profit & Loss Account and Balance Sheet. 
Modules, such as Payroll, can be added at any 

The Enterprise Professional business system 
comprising Sales» Purchase, and Nominal 
Ledgers, Stock Control, Mailing and Database 
Module. ....,..£279 

Paymaster covers 
all pay periods, F/T 
and P/T staff, 
salaried or by 
timesheet, user 
defined payslips 
can be checked and 
printed. Stand 
alone program or integrated in Enterprise Profes- 
sionaL Please call for details ..,,.............,*..,...,£99 

Enterprise Accounts 

The only truly professionaL multitasking 
accounts .software for Acorn Computers. All the 
facilities for the day to day management of your 
business, invoicing, purchasing, bank, petty 
cash, reporLs (programmable) audit trail, trial 
balance Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet. 

If your business needs change, simply upgrade 
to Enterprise Professional for the difference in 
price or adding the required modules (for exam- 
ple Paymaster £99). 

Enterprise Account-S ........£199 


The easiest way yet to take control of your 
accounts. Ideal for first time users and people 
new to accounts software. The perfect tool for 
any cash based business. Quick and easy entry of 
income and expenses. Instant reports on bank, 
cash and credit card accounts. The comprehen- 
sive manual is 'jargon' free. Easy Money can be 
easily upgraded to the Enterprise Accounts. 

Easy Money............... £99 


The Plan Designer 

. A fully featured Project 
Management system 
developed in associa- 
tion with Acorn Com- 
puters to provide a 
truly professional solu- 
tion to planning. Facili- 
ties include Critical 
Path Analysis. Call for 
further details. 


The Project Manager 

P.R.E.S. Ltd, PO Box 319, Lightwater, Surrey, GU18 5PW 

Fax: 0276 451427, Tel: 0276 472046 




lonelu niaMr 


A QUANTUM Producton 

Ahj inriw 

Queue The Music 

By Stephen Harrison 

A corn User is proud to 
present Queue the Music 
{QTM), the fastest and most 
accurate Sound Tracker player 
on the Archimedes. 

Sound Tracker files, often 
wriiten on the Amiga, are the 
most common format for 
music files on the Arc. This 
program will play back 4- track 
Protracker compatible files, 
employing all the effects 
embedded in the music. 

Also on the disc is a music 
file by the author of gTM. 
Future releases of QTM will 
enable you to edit files as well 
as play them; this will be 
available from Stephen 
Harrison in due course. 

In the meantime, thousands 
of Sound Tracker files are 
available from Public Domain 
libraries. Although QTM can- 
not currently play back all for- 
mats available, there are a 
number of programs which 
will convert between them 
such as TrackConv from the 

QTM has three windows: a 
control window to control 
playback of the song, an infor- 

mation window and a sample 
list. It doesn't have a VU 
meter, dancing keyboard or 
fourier transform display, but 
w'hen yoiiTe the fastest, most 
accurate Sound Tracker player 
around, you don't need gim- 

The Docs directory in the 
QTMTrack directory - 
accessed by using Shift-dou- 
ble-click on the QTMTrack 
application - contains useful 
information about the program 
and Tracker files in general 

To get the best sound quality 
out of your machine, the music 
should be played through an 
external amplifier. On anything 
earlier than a Rise PC a hi-fi 
upgrade is recommended, as 
the output to the headphone 
socket is filtered which 
degrades sound quality. 

Although both the QTM 
Track application and the 
LonelyN music are under the 
Acor/j User PD scheme, the 
QTM Module player module 
itself may be copied freely, 
subject to the conditions in the 
Licence file in the Docs 


ore from the home of the small, the wierd and the well- 
coded. The programs in this directory have been selected 
by our *INFO team for your entertainment. 

Fully described on page 103, the programs include the usual 
Jan Vibe eye-strainers and one-line wonders, as well as an updated 
version of P E Marsh alPs WorldTime. 

Nigel Gatherer's 
clip art column 

By Nigel Gatherer 

T his month we have a 
collection of eyes, noses 
and throats ^ and other parts of 
the face - which can be 
arranged in Draw to create a 
myriad of mean-looking, 

comical or just unlikely faces. 
The Identifit file contains the 
pieces of face. Instructs con- 
tains instructions and Examples 
contains - go on, you’ll never 

Acorn User Survey 

W e want to know w'hat 
type of person reads 
Acorn User, what you think of 
us, and what software and hard- 
ware you like. 

We’re not daft, though. We 
know' only too well that run- 
ning a quick survey program, 
typing out a small text file and 
sending the results in to us on a 
disc can be too much trouble 
for some of you. 

So we’re offering a small 
incentive. We have £500 
in cash to give out to some 
of our lucky readers who will 
be selected at random from 
those w'ho reply with the 
correct answer to our special 
survey question. 

If you don’t send your 
survey in to us, you can’t 
win. More details are on 
page 3 1 . 



Demo writing 

By Mark Hobson 

T his month we reach the 
end of our series on cicriio 
writing. The demo on the disc 
is complete with bouncing 
balls and an Acor/j User logo* 
along with the code needed to 
generate them. 

Mark Hobson’s article on 
page 91 of the magazine 
explains the theory behind this 

month's display. Once you’ve 
read that, yon can play around 
with the code yourself to see 
what effects you can generate. 

If you have an Arm 3 
machine, you can add music to 
the demo - owners of one of 
the slower machines will need 
to switch off one of the other 
modules first. 

S ee page 95 for details of 
this month’s Basic 
examples. This mojitlTs Back 
to Basics column covers input 
and output using files. 

Because of this, it is best to 
copy the files from the 
BasicProg directory to another 
disc before running them, oth- 
erwise the program will be 
unable to save data. Before 

30 ELSE 

running either program, dou- 
ble-click on the SetVor file in 
the directory which you have 
copied the files to. This tells 
the programs where to find the 
data files. 

Send us your 

At Acorn User we are very keen to publish reader’s programs 
on the cover disc. Ideally we are looking for original ideas and 
programs which run in the Rise OS environment, but we will 
consider all submissions. 

We firmly believe that variety is the spice of life, and will 
be much more interested in a new idea that hasn’t been tried 
before than a re-hash of something that we have carried 

Under the unique Acorn User PD scheme, you retain all 
publishing rights to your programs, leaving you free to devel- 
op your ideas further, or release your software into the Public 

The only condition is that you must not publish the soft- 
ware anywhere else for three months after it appears on the 
cover disc. After this period you can do what you want - and 
of course we’ll pay you for letting us publish your work, so 
you can’t lose. 

If you want to send us any programs, please send a disc and 
a covering letter to: Acorn User Cover Disc, Acorn User, 
Europress Enterprise, Europa House, Adlington Park, 
Macclesfield SK 1 0 4NP. If possible, instructions for using the 
programs should be on a text file on the disc, and please 
enclose an SAE for swift turnaround. 

We look forward to hearing from you. 

National curriculm 

By Geoff Preston 

T he Earth Warp directory 
contains an Impression 
file associated with the review 
of EarrhWarp on page 77. 

The NRA directory on the 
disc contains seven documents 
in Impression Style format 
associated with National 
Records of Achievement 

The NRA folder has 
about a dozen transparent A4 
envelopes into which students 
place a number of documents 
relating to their personal 
developmeni during their 
school years. 

The idea is to take the NRA 
folder to an interview as a soit 
of overview of what a student 
has done, w^hal s/he w'ants to 
do, where improvements can 
be made etc. At this moment. 

What to do if you 
have a problem 
with the disc 

Our cover discs are thoroughly tested at each stage of produc- 
tion, but one or two faulty discs may slip through. If you sus- 
pect that your disc is faulty, do the following to check it: 

1. Put the disc in your drive. 

2. Click Menu (the middle mouse button) over your floppy disc 
drive icon, on the left of the icon bar. 

3. Click on the Verify option, and a window will pop up, show- 
ing the verification process. 

If verification finishes with no errors (the w indow says 'Disc 
verified’), then your disc is not physically faulty and you should 
contact the editorial office at the address given on the contents 

However, if an error is reported, your disc is faulty and it will 
be replaced free of charge. Send it with your name and address 
to: PC Wise Ltd, Dowlais Top Business Park, Dowlais, Merthr 
Tydfil, Mid Glamorgan CF48 2YY 

Most of the programs on the Acorn User cover disc are com- 
patible with both Rise OS 2 and Rise OS 3. However the discs 
are only tested on the new system, and we cannot guarantee that 
everything will work with the old system. Our advice is to 
upgrade as soon as possible, as compatability problems will 
occur more often as software developers make use of the new 
operating system. 

students up and down the 
country will be preparing NRA 

Afany schools have the 
studenis doing this on rough 
paper before the hand- written 
sheets are sent to the school 
office for the secretarial staff to 
type them up on the proper 

This seems to me a lost 
opportunity for studenis to do 
some serious word processing. 
Type in the text to the docu- 
ments on the disc and output it 
to a good quality laser printer - 
letters of thanks from school 
secretaries can be sent directly 
to Geoff Preston. 


















ACORN hardware: 

A4 Ponable 1^39 

ASQQQ3/3TO 1249 

A50(»LHrnin«Ci«ve2/210 127S 

ASOOO Home Office iQ 10 5309 

A50004/210 1399 

A50CI0U^lIejflKCvw 4/210 I4» 

ASOOO Home Office 4/2l(J 1475 

A4«MhlpmcOfliCeSYfl?»n5ldM!3ililcir 900 

A4000 Home Oflke MwHiscon 9S0 

A4flM Cycwf ^ Mwlw fi70 

A4I300 Learnirtg Curve Muffiscan ^90 

A4OP0 3/80 Wrt ^ ^tomlCK 820 

A4000 1^80 Mnlliican Sv^lem 870 

A30I0 Accioft P,itk TV HwJulalw 320 

A3010 3Mb Leamkne Cmve Sid Momlor 800 

AMKO 3M5f fO Sid Monijcif 8S0 

A3030 3Mb FD Mnltrtcan 690 

A3020 Z*0 Sid Mon*jf 790 

A3O30 3/60 (VlutliKJCi 940 

Accni Pocket 0«* 1S9 


AKf 30 tCJmyl Sid 




199 AKFdtHBeigeJ Sid 
349 AtCFSOHiEeiMiuli. 


31:9 7mR 
289 79Srrirsli«t 


2 Mb Rjt^ 

Ecotiel Module 
Serial Upflr.ide 

3 Mb Ram 
Joyaick Emutilkx 

User & Mkfj Pod 

I Mb Karr each 

Dmi CrTr-tf 

3-4 Mb Ram 
PC Card 386 IWb 

2-4Mb Bam Card 



ss 4 Mb Raici 
46 Joyslicfc Interface 


45 4 Mb Ram 


2S9 84 Mb JM HD 
12 UWrfi AnalpBue 


35 SJS' EkI. floppy ir 



89 EcOnfl Mockjk 49 

23S PC Card 4B6 4Mb 425 


as 4-aMb Ram Upgrade 599 
■ 2 



A4 Portable 
50 SbowkfcfSan 
Pocket Book 
49 Prir4cr Cable 
ArchiiretJes Cables 

iSflPin Atypiof 
9 Pti - 883] MklE 
IS PM r 3333 Midi 
Arc “An: Serial 
Mouse Eidender 

9 9 Pin - Scan 
9 is Hn-Scan 
9 P«IM Printer Cable 
9 Keyboard Enlender 



User * Analogue 46 User & Midi Plod. 4b 


Atm3 3SMb7 109 Arm 3 55Mlu 1J5 


Hawk V9 Dig/lsef T99 l/OC^i 79 

Mi* 65 SCSI Card Acorrr 329 

SCSI Card - Moriey 149 RomboColoiri Dig. 65 

]S6PClMb 399 336 PC 4Mb 499 

436PCIMb 499 486 PC 4Mb SftS 

Wifid(?wi Otiveri 25 


RISC os 3.11 75 Hardware Kit 2S 

t- ^ MnOEMS_:> 


Unnel 34 110 LioAetQwUdPX I35 

linnpcl32FJ( 279 Ubralir* 32* Ext 369 

Mlcnjlin fX32+ 1 99 Mkrolin FX FidM 129 


SpoftHerl44P0fiK 193 Cwirier V32 bisfla* 335 
Courter Qd 240CIV42 199 Courief V.l2 Turlx! 379 
Coipier HST Dbal fan 469 Spcrtster 2400 1 fax 94 
Packei34a) 236 Podtet3496 245 

Ptjckel Palmtop Call Plodiel l440af *t T78 


SF40 les SFSOO 335 

SFSOS 339 SFI505 275 

Sf2S0(J 339 



Sefi«3aS13k 33S Series 3a 356k 185 

Serin! ]2ek 106 Series 3 256i! >45 

l28kFlasfiS5D 39 ]3$keAMSSD 39 

256fe FlasFi S5D 48 SI2kRAMSSD 97 

SI 2k: Flash SSD 75 IMbRAMSSD 189 

IMbFlMliSSD 125 3Mt>RAKlSSO 199 

All Psiwi Flash and RAM S5D's 

Ta Aonn PockeilMA 


j SOFTW'ARE co.NTitjiEiED i 

Chafrreleon 2 

4 Malion 

35 Desktop Basic Editor 



Magic Pockets 17 

Granny^ Gatden 33 Hatchback 




75 Snippet 


IDrais' Help , Tutorial IS 



Animated Alphabet 19 


Ace Computing 

55 EtidkfJ 


Arcventorc f ■ Homani 25 
AtevetHute 3 - Vtkinp 35 


35 Splice 


Ghsflnus Alisons 16 



Crystal flair fooest 35 


Acorn Computers 

88 OeskJEcit Assem. V2 


Dreamt^ 3D 

Fleet Stteel PbwSon* 23 

179 Lesel4AUN 
90 TCWP 


24 Desfcop Ibesaurms 
69 Manedtl^! 


DesklopC V4 
PC EmufairJf 

Hle.»uy 11 

CUrts Micro SopplKS 

Atlisan2 43 Fh^out 19 

Interdictof U 35 PmoAriisan 3 109 

Rhap5«*v3 ?7 Topcigr^pW 63 

CoUon Soitwaro 

P^eamJ 72 P^)«keam4 97 

firrAVdrfcz 14S Jlesultz 97 

Wordi 75 

Computer Concepts 

AifWtKkc 1T9 AcdiOWorte 38 

Canon Turbo Drivef 42 Compression 34 

Epson Styftfl Tu4w Dr 42 EqiMsor 37 

Crapbrcs Caid 33S HP Turbo Drivfl 42 

JmprrtlioA Sonters 12 Business St«ipl 34 

lmpt«MDuli 10S PtiblisiHr 13$ 

5lyle 79 Wr^Wcrics 39 

Cygrwjs Software 

Triple Pact [T(xw?r ci BibtViron LurdTuHn WorUf I S 
Dabhand Computing 
A3flil 0 Joyakrk SA* I4.9S Arc DfS Version 2 22 

Visual Kacklifr 43.S1 

Database Software 

Fun Srinol 3 iu6j 13 Fun School 3 tb-AJ 12 

fviSchc«12^ 12 Fun School J iuSI 17 

Fun School 3 IS'T} 17 fun School 3 loT) 17 

Fun School 4 luS] 18 Fun &hoo{ 4 |S-7| 18 

Fun School 4 (7-1 II 18 


Pipetsunia 16 

Elecbomusic Reasearch 

Creatiooi Discs 9 


Cydoids 16 FRED It 

lames Food 2 17 Kenpan2 U 


Premier Manager 17 Zool 17 


Elite 32 



Cfa|ih_IT 19 Hilighter 33 

Map^ermne 23 Mkrobugj 25 

htaluie Park Adv. 34 htauglHy Slories Set t 48 

Maughty Stories Set 2 48 Recall 37 

Sefladore Tales 


34 Space Miwion Madj 23 

IS StVg of ItK Dutrq} 33 

25 TeachertOirpbojodl 24 

Teddy Bears Picnic 23 Vtewpoints 

Wiiatds Kcverifijr 17 Wizards Return 

Worst Wnch 2l 


Flight Sim Toolki 24 

Stallion Software 

AlnwMuc: 3 65 leii«m 

Superior Software 

AifSoprem^y 16 PJsy k asykri 5ain I 

Play it again Sam 3 1 9 Play it again Sam 5 

Rei^oni 16 Rep(or4-FGO 

Speech! IS Si^eiKtColf 

19 The tail Nin»a 

TBA Software 



The Data Store 

9 ShatueFX 

The Fourth Diirtension 

e 14 

18 Buthofwaf 25 

14 Brcdk 147/5uperpool 2S 

36 Cataclyun 14 

1 7 Cltoeki Away 

BWSie Buggy 
Black Angel 
Caftxage lnC“ 

OiocHAwiyComfr 27 Oofjjjer fo*ce 

cyber Chess 26 EtemotH Lair 17 

Oiirigwn 25 E-Type Compendiurri 18 

Emer The Realm 18 haumed Houie 17 

Hded Out Comp. IB Nevryon 14 

Paodoca's EkK 17 Fowerbarxf 14 

Saloon Cars - Deluxe 3S Stum Rack 200t3 3$ 

RealMcCbyl 23 RealMcCOv3 33 

Real McCoy 4 35 Wimp Came 14 

Virtual Cdf 23 K-Hre 16 

Triple R Education 

icyio Algebra 17 1(yt0 Early Essenfiaiis 17 

TtayiDEnglrsb 17 1<Vl£J French T7 

1 0/1 0 Jswitir Essemials 17 10/10 Afalhs 1 7 

1 0/1 D Statistics 17 

Icon Technology 

EasiVWlerJ 309 SlartWrlbe 55 

TechWti[er3 149 

Krisalis Software 

BaitkCheie 21 ChiKkf^ 17 

Ofampionrs ColIcctMJo - leader Board / 

Man. United / 1 Khan Squash / tFoxiqj; 22 

17 Heirxfell 21 

HewQuesl 14 |lameiRcwicl I7 

KrisalH CoJIectkjn - Rpemania / Revelalioii / 

Mad Protestor Marijhi ! TerranW^ 21 

Lnrmnings 17 Man. United Europe 17 

Nebuhis 17 Oh Hd! Mere Lcriim. 15 

Populous 31 SknCity 2l 

Siriv 9 Turbo Challenge 3 17 

Leading Edge 

Desktop Tracker 50 Irvcsligalor 3 32 

Investigjter 3 47 foywk Interiixe 32 

Sound San^. * Midi 75 

Look Systems 

Disc Re«we 35 Monotype Font Pack BO 

Longman Logolrpn 

Euteti! 2 95 Finsi Lego 23 

Aztec IrndnaAi 30 GvU Wjr (xndnvAs 20 

Cokimbus ijfiekntrkf 20 Egvp* Ijfldtnjrfe 30 

tlizabeth I landnuris 20 Rainfareil Lneknnks 3 d 

VTctorians tandburis 30 World War II tanrirurij 20 

Logo 55 iVtaRpie +0 

hJolale 49 Pendqwn&qiEn 49 

Pendawri Pfci 88 Pendown Oudine FcMiii 18 

Pinpoim 65 Pinpoirg 2 79 

Pinpfiim Jiin«r 23 Rmetalion 2 59 

Revelalion Imageftp 1 27 S4ase 2 Personal 1 1 S 

5‘8ase Devetoper 169 Talking Pendown SB 


Chess 3D 15 Zelanit^ 15 

Midnight Graphics 

ClifiAnl 29 tlipaflZ 29 

Express 39 Tracer 29 

Min«rva Software 

Ancestry 59 Cadn tJ5 

Desklop Office 2 6S EasiwordS 22 

Flexible 75 Crjphbox SS 

Craphhox Vtoi, 104 HomeAUdb Accainls 34 

linkword French 35 I inksitird Cerm^ 35 

Urikwrird Sftaxush 35 PrimeArt $4 

PiimeMowf 75 PrimeWksd 55 

Network 23 

Warlocks 19 

Oak Solutiun^ 

Draw, Prim and Pta 3S Cenari (I 99 

WoiraCAD 74 


3067 BC 14 Moqihcus 30 

Quark 19 

BOOKS 73^ 

AfchffTiedcs AssemEify Language 14.95 

Archimedes Oiwaiing SrP4« 14 ,95 

Ttie abowe bo«As have accoir®«nying (Bscs la. 8:00 
C:ADabhatxtCuiide3NiEdiibn 16-95 

A3«00TKhmcalQu>de 2995 

Assemblef Rel^ 3 25 jOO 

BSC Basic CuideCAcomI 19.95 

fludfifil OTP [Dr aw 8 Edm 1 2,95 

DTP Seeds £4MationJ 8.45 

DesklopC Release 4 25-00 

Deskloo Deveh^mem UG 35.1X1 

Cxaphicv Ofilhe Am* - A DHC 1 4.95 

Fiisl Word Plus -EJabhandCurtte 13.95 

auhoK'vrtihdrie 21.90 

Impresskan - Dabhatsd Guide 14.9$ 

«4bOve with disc 16.95 

Ptqgramnnng kn Ansi C 14 .95 

ftlSCOSJPfiM 99J0tf 

Understanding Spreadsheets 9.95 

Wimp Pfogramurin^ 14.95 

as abuse with disc 1 8.95 


7301i Drive Only 4$ 1 .44MEi Oriwe pnhy 45 
2 IMb floptical SC5I Llimiled Stodbf 1 30 

Fk^iol drixe rtquirft Motley SCSI Card 




165 t:SA340A.|340] 



269 CP30544(540) 


CFM2S05 i2Sf» 


365 CFA340S[i4Dj 


CP5CI34D 1540) 

475 CR31J70[1.3Cb1 




149 724 5 A (245) 




7245S E24S} 


209 7345(340) 




ISS LPS270i270) 


tP5340 04101 


ELSI 705(1 70) 


189 LPS370S(270) 


LPS340S [340] 

375 tPSlOJoSflCb] 




140 3122AGSC0 


3I72A (356) 


5TJ290A (260) 


175 ST339aAl341) 


ST3550A i42S) 

399 ST36SSA[538] 


lasers; j.:::; 



423 HL-6V 




358 lBP-4>Lite 



629 l8l»-4 ^welfced 


LBPJ rv 



LaserJet 4L 

475 LaserJet 4ML 



734 LaterJe(4MP 



959 LaserJet 4M 



719 UiHrJet45i Mi 




189 i:)(-P443q 



795 KX-P54DO 





A BC 24 


ns Swift 24x 


Swift 34 ASF 

65 Swiil 24xASF 


Swift 90 Mow 

115 Swift 90 Colour 


12QD+ Parallel 

94 120CN' Serial 


Swift 200 MtKW 

144 SsriflSOOColDur 


5wdi 240Mijcm 

172 Swift 240 Colour 




91 UIOO 



134 LX1050 



229 f XI 170 



1939 LQIM 



195 LQS70 



439 LQ3060 Colour 



287 LQllTO* 




93 KK‘P2180Mo*to 


K)( P3] BO Colour 

I4fl K)(-P3123Mono 



159 };x.P1123 



309 ia-P3124CqlM 



267 IOf-Pl624 



260 K)C.P2<t23 


LClOO Colour 


103 LC300ColtJUf 



128 iClS 



171 LC24-3(M 


IC24 15 

238 IC24-200 


ZA 200c 

255 ZA25fk: 



320 JC824/358C 





156 B|1QFk/5XA5F 



189 6)230 



327 BJI3D0ASF1 



64 :BJ330 



109 8J330ASF3 



<23 ejC80O 




Stylus 300 


178 StyhneOO 



425 SQ1I70 


Stylus 1000 



DeskJet 310 

169 Desfcjet31D-HA5F 


DeskJet 310 Cdikit 

30 D«fci«S0OC<iaii 


Deskjet 510 

189 Deskjet 520 


Detkiri S60 Colour 

389 Deskjet I2O0C 


Dekjet 13CWC PS 

1599 JCIOOO 



1805 XOOOCA3 





We are situaJed BOO yds from Jimctipn 17 of ihe 
M62, From the Jrioidrway junction head towards 
WhiteTteld/Bury. Prioceed ihnough 2 leis of traffic 
lighlt. 5fl yaridi after the second set ol traffic lights 
turn rigfn info Victoria Lane [Beehive Public 
House on corner}. We are SOyds dawn V'hCBprfa 
Lane an the |,e6 HarM Side. 


DISCS - each 

ID 100 


720k dsdd 

45ii 401P 


1.44Mb dshd 

TOp 60p 




58p 47p 



85p 80P 


CF3 3in dsdd 

tlOfs FOOp 



J.Sin 5.2Sm 

30 cap. iliinsfuk 



*a^50 cap, Ihckabfc 



BtVIdOcap. kickabJe 



Possn stackable 1 SO 



Loose labels per 1000 



Laser Labels 1DD sheets 30 



2m 3m 


Piirailol Printer 

5 7 


I6M 25F-3SM 

5 10 


IRM 25M-Mor^F 

5 10 


Printer 36-36 

5 TO 


Miins-lFCor rar-ttC 


lunger cabits arriWjle, 9-25 Atfapttrt f5. 


2/1 ParafM Mnn 

13 2/1 Parallel Awio 


4/1 ParafiefMan 

33 4/1 AulQ AulQ 


n Serial Matt 

15 2/1 Serial Auto 


4/1 Serial Man 



Canijn BuotAx/s* 

IS Canon 6)130 


Canon BJ1200 BC433 

16 Canon B)30O 


Canon Blbpo Black 

7 Carton B|600 CoknMi 


Canon SJC800 Black 

16 Canon BJSODCoibun 


Epson Styfus 300 

13 Epson 5Q1 170^70 


Epsoti SCytus MCyiOOO 

9 HP Thinkjet/Kradak 


HP DI5O0 DhLCap. 

19 HP DJS0O CoJouf 


HP 1200C 6l«l! 

20 HP12O0CColduri 


HP Paiifflirt Cdcfur 

20 HP Paimjet Black 


HP XL Slack 

15 HP XL Cblitors. 


HP Jd.38D Black 

■ 5 HP XLiliO Colours 


513^51144 Hack paper 

6 Star 5)144 Col pver 


5(ar5)]44 Black OHP 

12 Star 5)144 Col OHP 



Canori fC Copier 

65 CanPri PC CcficT 


ffsoit EPL4ttOO 

60 Epson EPtBlOb 


HP 4L 

*9 MPJ|lii/<Si/4SiMX 


HP 1)4 

74 HPMk] (EPS) 






24 NECS&WyP 


KEC 366/290 

88 Pafuspnic 4470 


ParMsonk 4430/10 

28 Panasonic 445CB5 





Cfti«n I200t5wift9 

4 CHfacn Wt 24/240 


Ciciaen Swift 347340 Coin Epson MK/FJiBO 



5 Epwjn tQ*0W57CWBS0 


Epson iQS6Q/3SSO 

10 Pana9pir KXP-HS 


Pirrvl K3(P14S 24pln 

6 Pirij KK.PTS5 24pln 


Pat^a 3123 Colour 

15 SlnrLC10/30 



6 SMrlC2WJ C6l 


Star LC24 range 

5 SurLC34/3(!0C 


^ar *824 riORf 




14 DC3130 



IB DC3(»)Cl 



EC residems .idd 1 7.S% vat io all jMic« excejn bwkj. 
Foreign ordeis, carriage charged a1 cost. CHfkial orders 
acc«^ from public secior/educnilar^lCk oilierumte 
cash widi order. Tentef invilatiDns wekonre. The prices 
Jisted are C.W.O. (chetfues suppofled by cunerR 
cheque guarantee card, cash, ctedg/debii CJtfdr priwl 
order, bank Pansfer, bank rkaifO. A surcharge id made on 
busine^ cheques; i^r^ Transax. 14 day credn reims 
arvaifable to pobfk sector 6 PLC's. Add 2% to price 
listed far credit. Cheques reqtdre 1 4 days to dear unless 
prior aararganems are made. iVininium order value 
£10. Prices and spec ific at Ipfts subject i& change svithqgi 
prior nmilication. Goods offered sub^ la being 
tinsoW. All orders are luhfKr to our standaid Terms 8, 
Coothltons, availabfe uptsn request E.iO.E. 4.4.94 
All returns must have prior authorizancin and a 
mnoefciras fee H di^i?ed on nonrieftredve rdums, 





Hard^w'di^oftware (Per Order) 
Sundard GB l -3 woikirig days 
Nekt Mxfcir^ day 
SitWaiy GB 

Nortfretn JiefanctHighlarKh 1-3 (fays 
Orannef Islairdsflsle of Man 1-3 days 

CofKumalile5/$mBll (terns 

Slendard CB 1-3 working days 

,Nexi working day 

PlficH are per order 

Please add VaT to al prica ndudk^ caniigr, 




5 Victoria Lane 
W h ( t e f i e I d 
Manchester, M45 6BL 


Acorn User reader 



flcorn Usarlurma Tune 

EfuesUon 22 of 41 

k] -I > >1 

If you accoss to a CD-Ron system* how likoly wuld pu bo to buy tho 
FolloMiny typos of CD-Rom softwaro? 








































Click on the relevant icons to tell us what you think 

Acorn user has al ways 
responded to its 
readers^ needs, and 
the best way we can 
discover what it is 
you want from the 
best selling Acorn , 
magazine is to ask you. 

If you want to help 
improve Acorn User so it 
is even better, follow 
instructions on this page to 
complete our electronic reader 
survey and awards form. 

The results will also help us 
to compile the Acorn User 
Awards for 1994, which will 
be presented later this year. 
Best of all, though, is that 
weTl pick six winners out of 
the hat; one lucky reader will 
win £250 in cash, and five 
runners up will each win £50. 

What are you waiting for? Put 
in your cover disc, correctly 
answer the question at the 
end of the survey and send 
us your survey answers 
straight away. 

Surveys must arrive by 20 
June 1994 to qualify for the 
prize draw. 

How to fill in your electronic survey 

The Acorn User reader survey is provided on the cover disc, 
and is simplicity itself to use, Here's a step-by-step guide to 
using it. 

• First, format a blank floppy disc to put your answers onr 
this is the disc you'll send to us. A disc is light enough to trav- 
el through the post with just a first class stamp on the enve- 

• Put the cover disc in your disc drive and click on the drive 
icon on the left of the icon bar. 

• Double-click on the Survey application to open a directory 
window containing the reader survey (Quesfor) and the 
awards form (ALLA wards). 

• Copy both these files to your blank disc by dragging them 
to the blank disc's drrertory window, 

!• Double-click on the AU_Awards file on the new disc to 
load it into fd/t. 

!• Type your nominations for the Acorn User Awards over 
the underline characters down the right-hand side of the Edit 
window: you will find it easier if you turn on Overwrite mode 
by pressing Shift-FI. 

• When you've finished, save the AU^Awards file by pressing 
F3 and then Return, 

• Now load up the reader survey itself by double-clicking on 
Oueslor on the new disc. 

• Answer the questions by clicking on the relevant answer 
Icons in the windows, and move through the questions by 
clicking on the arrow icons in the top right of the window, if 
you want to turn off an answer icon, simply click on it again. 

Note that some questions require only one answer (round 
answer icons), some more than one (square answer icons). 
Also, some questions have many possible answers, so do 
scroll the window down to check you have seen all the 
possible choices. 

When you have answered all the questions and typed in 
your address, click Menu over the window and move into the 
Save submenu. From here you should save the answer file 
onto the disc you'll be sending us by dragging the icon In the 
usual way. 

Now put the disc In an envelope, and send it to; Acorn User 
Reader Survey, Europress Enterprise, Europa House, 
Adlington Park, Macclesfield 5K10 4NP, 


1. To qualify for the pri^e draw, you must correctly answer 
the competition question in the reader survey. Although you 
do not have to answer all the other questions in the survey , 
please give us as much information as possible. 

2. We must receive surveys and award nomination files on or 
before 20 June 1994 to qualify for the prize draw. 

3. The first survey, selected randomly from those in the prize 

draw, will win £250 in cash. The next five surveys picked wilt 
win £50 in each cash. 

4. If you have any additional comments to make on the mag- 
azine, please enclose them on a separate piece of paper, or as 
a cieariy named text file on the disc. 

5. Please check that the disc you send us is virus free, 

6. The editor's decision is final. 


• CD Roms, half price, for example 
Revelation 2. £60. Space Ertcyclopedia, £30. 
Hutchinson Encyclopedia. £50. Tel: (0843) 

• A3000, 2Mb. VIDC. EIZO 9060s HR 
colour multisync monitor, complete Learning 
Curve software package. All boxed. Excellent 
condition. £650. Tel: 061-456 6289 

• A4 laptop with 4Mb RAM, 60MB hard 
disc and rc Emulator. Only used once, boxed, 
as new. Tel: (0707) 873316 

• A440, 4Mb Ram, Arm3, Rise OS 3.1, 
colour monitor hrs. 20Mb hard disc, podules: 
Acorn I/O, SCSI. CC Ram/Rom, VIDC 
enhancer, £950 ono. Tel: (0932) 783252 

• Recon. BBC B, dual 5" disc drives, RDMS, 
software, books. All in reliable working order. 
Best offer over, £60. Tel: (0428) 658489 

• A3000 2Mb upgrade (u/g to 4Mb) £25 
ono., offers for ArcFS, 1st Word+, DOS 3.41 
& PC emulator. Wanted Rhapsody. Tel: (0392) 

• PAL coder (Pineapple) converts Arc’s out- 
put to PAL (Video/TV) for video editing and 
presentations with software, £50 ono. BBC 
Mags 1986 to 1989, 21 for £10. Tel: 081-200 

• Wanted: basic Archimedes to run educa- 
tional software for children, 2nd hand.Tel: 

• Archimedes software: Atelier. £23. Bank 
Manager, £10. Chartwell. £12. T Y French. 
£11. Tel: (0706) 817570 

• Acorn A3000 3Mb SCSI guard drive plus 
interface, colour monitor, PC Emulator. 
Impression, Rapidfile plus tons more software, 
£750. Tel: (0438) 357,500 or 767126 

• Master 128, Pace Dual 40/80 drives, 
Microviiec colour monitor, printer, Z80 second 
processor, IEEE488 inter. View, Viewsheet, 
£500 ono. Tel: (0474)358511 

• A3000, monitor, 2 disc drive.s. 2Mb Ram. 
PC Emulator, 1st Word Plus, Genesis, Draw, 
Paint etc. many fonts, clip art. PD £600. Tel: 
08 1 -.349 4877 

• A3000 upgraded to 2Mb Ram. Rise OS 
3.1, complete with mouse, manuals and Acorn 
applications disc for £300. Tel: (0543) 491867 

• Games - for Archimede.s, Nevyron and 
Drop Ship both used once, very good condi- 
tion. £15 each. Tel: (0384) 64671 

• Star LC200 9pin colour printer vge, low 
usage, leads and tractor, £1.30 ono. Also loads 
of games. £lO-£25 (Swiv, Sim City. Populous) 
too many to list. Tel: (0283) 762380 

• Iron Lord, £10. Twin World, £6. Enter the 
Realm. £14, or 1 will sw'ap any 2 of the above 
for Zool. Tel: 061 -928 9602 

• Wanted: Archimedes contacts for liberal 
exchange of PD software. Please send discs & 
list to Andy George. Tamaris, Lezanl, 
Launceston, Cornwall PL 15 9PP. 100% reply 

• Acorn Electron, plus I. plus 3, .3" disc 
drive, tape drive, joystick, 25+ games, Electron 
User mags. View and Viewsheet Roms. £110 
ono. Tel: (0590) 2301 1 after 4pm 


• A440/1, 4Mb Ram, 52Mb. hard drive. Rise 
OS 3.1, 5” drive interface. VIDC enhancer, 
£600 ono. Tel: (0934) 838489 (home) or 
(0272) 297191 (work) 

• A5000. 4Mb, nVsync, 240Mb drives, twin 
floppies, Integrex colourjet 132. modem, 
trackerball, colour digitiser + more, first 
£1400. Tel: (0429) 273572 

• A3 10. 4Mb. Arm3. Rise OS 3, colour mon- 
itor. EMR MIDI 4 podule. Studio 24, solidtool. 
Impression. PRMs, stacks of software, £999. 
Tel: (0253) 884993 

• Pineapple PCB for B, B+ Master, plus two 
extra Roms. £35. Tel: (0428) 713326 eves 

• A310, Rise OS 3.10. 40Mb hard drive. Star 
LCIO, colour printer, £650 ono. Aleph One 
4Mb 486 PC card as new, £575. Tel: 081-848 

• BBC B+ 64k. Panasonic 1 124i dot matrix 
printer, 40/80T disc drive. Acorn speech syn- 
thesiser, CC InterWord Rom. all manuals. 
£220 ono. Tel: (0634)865600 

• Freddy’s Folly. £5. Fun School 2, £5. Star 
trader, £5. Holed Out. £5. PRM. £10. Rise OS 
2 chips! £5. all bo.xed. Tel: (0394) 271500 

• Master 128 with Torch Z80 enhancement. 
Brother 1509 printer, dual 80 track switchable 
drive, fidelity colour monitor, £600. Tel: 
(0970) 624433 after 6pm 

• Master 128, £150. Microviiec 1451 colour 
monitor, £75. Watford 5’73” drive. £75. Will 
accept any reasonable offers. Tel: (0272) 

• Games, swap or sell: Interdictor and 
Holdfast Joypa, £5 each or offers. Tel: (0223) 

• Impression II (v2.18) plus free upgrade to 
Publisher. Unregistered, £90. Tel: (0283) 

• .^3000, 4Mb Ram, stereo colour monitor, 
learning curve, £650. Amiadeus sound sam- 
pling card, £50. Colour video digitiser, £50. 
Tel: 091-413 1522 

• Pipedream 3 with manuals etc. £30. Tel: 
(0222) 530358 

• Contacts wanted; Acorn users in all areas. 
All letters answered. Write to: M Flanagan. 2 
Angel Meadows, Oldham, Hants. RG25 1 AR. 

• Master 128. dual 5” SS/SD disc drives, lots 
of software, books, Maplin BAV video digitiser, 
£I70ono. Tel: (0452) 855136 

• Acorn A5000 L.C. 4Mb, 40Mb HD, Rise 
OS 3.10, 2 years old, mint condition including 
Artworks, Schema and Flexifile, £1200. Tel: 
081-660 3797. 

• Eureka PD. it’s new, fast, and very cheap. 
Send disc for a catalogue and demo disc to: 
Eureka PD, 78 Rawlinson Road. Southport. 

• Wanted: Archimedes computer for school 
child. Any model considered. Sensible prices 
please. Tel; (0332) 661497 

• BBC Magazines 1986 - 1989. 21 back 
issues, full of hints, lips and programs for BBC 
B/Masier includes Micro User, £10. Tel: 081- 

• BBC B, colour monitor, 40/80 disc drive. 
Interword. .32k shadow Ram, joysticks, plinth, 
Pascal. Forth, sideways Ram. discs, books, etc, 
£150 ono. Tel: (0245) 263451 

• .\corn Magazines with discs: software ex 
Skyfall, Arcaynia etc from £2 each. Teletext 
and other Archimedes hardware. SAE list: 7 
Ferris Close. Bournemouth, (0202) 529787 

• Quest for Gold, £8. Interdictor 2. £10. 
Conqueror, £8. 3D construction kit, £15. Clares 
Alphabase, £15. Pholopia, £15. Original manu- 
als, boxes, Tel; (0561)3624.52 

• EMR Midi interface + performer + music 
editor on 80 track discs. Boxed as new', great 
value, £85. Tel: (0703) 255386 

• A420/1, 4.Mb Ram, 80.Mb hard disc. Arm3, 
Rise OS 3.1. Multisync monitor, plus Learning 
Cur\e, £1000. Tel: (0403) 784195 

• BBC B opus challenge 40/80 drive. Ram 
disc. Rom box with Wordwise. Interword, other 
Roms, manuals, £200. Mono monitor, £30. 
Colourman. £80. Tel: 051-625 7419 

• A5000 Learning Curve system: 40Mb hard 
drive, colour monitor. Acorn I/O podule, 
Aiomwide 4Mb Ram card. Rise OS 3.11, 
£1200. Tel: 081-550 2780 

• Wanted BBC B 7 with DFS and 3" 
drive not e.s.senlial, monitor not required, rea- 
sonable please for pensioner, own system worn 
out. Tel: (0329) 667663 

• Acorn Archimedes 410/1 2Mb Ram, 40Mb 
hard disc. Taxan 770LR Multisync monitor. 
Star LCIO printer, digitiser and sound sampler, 
plus loads of software. £850. Tel 081-579 4137 

• Grievous Bodily ‘Arm, Siarch-eio each. 
Pandora’s Box, £15. Populous, £17. Arcade 
Soccer, Olympics. Apocalypse, Drop-Ship as a 
set. £30 (all boxed as new + instructions). Tel: 

• BBC 40/80 disc drives w'anted free or very 
cheap by registered charity for use by disabled 
people. We can arrange collection if necessary. 
Tel: (0372) 842596 ext 285 

• Bargain: A3000 3Mb Ram, colour monitor 
(RGB) colourjet printer. 55 plus discs. Atelier, 
Impression Junior. £550. Tel: (0724) 710131 

• A3 10 NEC Multisync II Monitor, two flop- 
py drives, external 5” drive, podule backplane, 
internal fan. Acorn C language. £325. Tel 
(0299) 270931 

• A3010 2Mb Ram, colour monitor, learning 
curve software, £500. Tel: (0527) 
64033Lemmings. Enter The Realm, Populous, 
Pandora’s Box. Nevyron all boxed + manuals 
around £10-15. Joystick interface, £20 for 
A3000/ARC (not A-.series) Tel: (0278) 652038 

• Acorn Electron games: 40 games. £20 ono. 
will split. Games include: Elite. E-Type. Play it 
again Sam 3 and 6. Tel: (0948) 663(j69 

• A3000 2Mb, colour nwnilor stand, Epson 
printer, PC Emulator, 1st Word +, lots of soft- 
ware manuals, boxed, excellent condition, 
£550. Tel; 081-676 8408 

• U.ser Direct Hi Res LBP-4 complete with 
board, excellent condition, £550 or offer. Tel: 

• ProAriisan 2 as new, boxed, £100. Also 
games, £5-£12. Bughunier in space, Dropship, 
Mad Profe.ssor Mariarti, Kapiin Konflict, Twin 
World, Interdictor. Tel: (0734) 341866 

• ’Serial Port’ joystick interface (Rise OS 2), 
£15. Saloon Cars Deluxe, £20. Cyber Chess. 
£25. Prof Mariarti. Pacmania, Lemmings. 
Grevious Bodily Arm all £10. Tel: 051-928 

• A4 notebook, new May 93, hardly used 
4Mb Ram. 60Mb hard disc, PC Emulator, can 
deliver long distance. Tel: 0606 330484 

Acorn User Free Ads Service 

Why not take advantage of our free reader ad service? Fill in your details on this coupon (25 words max) and send 
it to Free Ads, Acorn User, Europress Enterprise Ltd, Europa House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield, SKIO 4NP. 
Only one ad per reader, please. Although we will try to publish every ad we receive, we can make no guarantees; 
publication is entirely dependent on space and time constraints. 

Name: Teh 




Computer Aided Design 
Spartan Simplicity 
Olympian Power 

Apollonius PDT is probably the easiest to use CAD system there has ever been, 
and yet has comprehensive geometric construction facilities, combined with 
realtime Interactive parametric geometry - just drag a component and the entire 
drawing and its dimensions automatically adjust to suit, Can be used for technical 
drawing, mechanical simulation, animation and much more, 

Apollonius PDT costs £150 +VAT. Upgrades from Oak PDT and WorraCAD £75 +VAT. 

Oak Solutions Dial House Chape! Street Halton Leeds LSI 6 7RN Tel: 0532 326992 Fax: 0532 326993 



Order by telephone quoting your credit card number, 
irpaying by cheque please make payable to: 


In any correspondencje please quote a phone nurnher 
& post code. Allow S working days cheque clearance 



I Prices are correct at the time of going to press. 
' Please check our latest prices before ordering. 
I All sales are subject to our standard terms & 
j condit[ons{copy available upon request). E&OE- 


•Software standard delivery*£ 1 .28 
•2-3 Week Days.... £2.47 

• Next Week Day £4.21 

DekVery sub/ect to stock 
•Please add VAT @ 1 7.5% unless 
otherwise stated 
•Large showroom with parking 
•Multi-million pound company 
•Overseas orders taken 
•Acorn repair centre 

• Educational purchase orders welcome 




0532 319444 

FAX: Q5323l?19l 

TELEPHONE 0532 3 1 9444 

2% surcharge on Amex 

FREE Colour TV 

; Choice of Sharp 14^' or Bush 20‘* 
I When you buy an A30I0 

! P/eose calf for Details. 

A30 10 Action Pack. £327.00 | 

ABOfO Learning Curve£593. 00 

Lnc ctH Aeon AKF]0 (nofilcor (se« below for deoili of biMidle) 

A3020FD C639.00 | 

<ompl«e tfrith Acorn. AKF4d moniwr 

A3020HD60... ,£759.00 

camplef^ wli^ Acorn AKF^ inanliior 

A4000HD80 „£829.00 | 

eomplewWi Acorn AKHOinoniwr 

AS000 2MbHD80*_£l J 50.00 | 

^UnlicdSiodci. 33 Mhi vtrtioneompkie with Acjom AKF52 

** New Rise PC Machines ** 

PC600 2MbHD2IO„£l 199.00 | 

complete with Acom AKF60 mOniUir 

PC600 5MbHD2i0....£l299.00 | 

complot with Acorn AKfiO inonttor 

PC600 9Mb HD420....£ 1 599.00 

complete with Acom AKFbO monlinr 

Extra Software Bundles 

Learning Curve Paak. ...... £42.5 5 

Coinplttt with Acotn Advance {word pnocettof. spreadtheet, I 
daiabase and ^phs), PC Emulator. Dr-Dm, Plus intenctive I 
demonttration toftwire; Rhaptodjr II. ScoreDraw. VoxBo?^ 
Fervour. Topofr^her. DanyE die Cr^goni., smArt. ChrystaJ I 
Rain Foretu Nau^ty Storiet i AreVonture. 

Home O^ce Paclc............£85.l I 

Complete with ^Hwrlter. DacaPower, Pipedream 4. PC I 

Emulator, Or.Dos. plut inieractiv* dernonttratioo [ 

Prophet A Almanac 

Upgrade AKF40 Monitor to AKF52 

Multiscan j!ldd£42.00 

AKF52 to AKF50.... Add £63.00 

AKF60toAKF85 1 7"...Add £400.00 | 

We Operate The Teachers Scheme 

0% finance avaiiabie 


A30QfA400fASOOO 3.5" Drives 

IDE Card (A300/A40Q)......£69.0D 

42Mb 3.S” £87.00 

120Mb 3.5'’ £143.00 

170Mb 3.5”,.. £150,00 

210Mb 3.5".. £J 60.00 

2.5"" Internal IDE Drives 









£208. SO 











CD-ROM Drives 

Cumana 300 & Interface £335.00 

Cumana 600 & lnterface..,...,.,.£505.00 

HCCS Drive & Interface... ..£249.00 

HCCS Ultimate CD* ...£224.00 

Multipodule & PSU Kit See Misc) 


A3 000 I Mb to 2Mb £49.00 

A3 000 I Mb to 4 Mb.. £129.00 

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A3020/A4000 to 4Mb. £72.00 

A5000 2Mb to 4Mb ...£72.00 

Rombo VIDI Arc £70.00 

HCCS Colour Digitiser £92.00 

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WilH Vi^inni r.hrnm^ ds-nlnrlf ..../729 flO 


Please phone for other titles if not listed 

Application Software 

Arc Con^m Version 2. £46.00 

Arc Fax hf£W£ £20.40 

Arcterm 7 NEW.'.. £5H.OO 

Artworks £ 1 30.00 

Data Power.... £ 1 25.00 

Desktop Thesaurus............. 1 6.90 

EasI word 2 £42. 00 

Fireworkz. .£ 1 23.00 

Genesis II £N0.63 

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Hearsay II comms software NEWI,..........£69.00 

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Pipodream 4., .,..,£1 1 0.28 

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Prophet NEWl £ 1 44.67 

Rhapsody 3 (2Mb required}--— £70.00 

Render Bender 2 £75 ,00 

Result! NEm £ 1 09.74 

T alking Pendown,,,,-, „„.,„.„£5 3.00 

Tltier.,......, .,..,..£J 14.00 

Word! £75.00 

Educational Software 

Dinosaurs NEW! „,„„„,£ 17,00 

Driving Test NEWJ. £ 1 7.M 

Early Essentials NEWJ, £17,00 , 

English NEW'..,..,.- ,..,..,.£ 1 7,0« 

French NEW!, £17.00 | 


Supra come with com ms s/w & cables I 

Fun School 5-7., ,... 

Fun School 7- 1 1 

1 7.00 

F itn School 4 less than 5.......— ...... ... 

_..£ 17.00 

Junior Essentials.. 

.£ 1 7.00 

Maths (Algehrai) 

£ 1 7.00 

Maths (Numbers) 

...,..£ 1 7.00 

Maths (Statistics)........ 

„„£ 1 7,00 

Noddys Big Adventure NEWL-.,., 

Noddys Playtime NE - — 


Entertainment Software 
Birds af^War NFWf. 


Black Angel 

£23 Si 

Break 1 47 & Superpoo \ 

Carnage Inc. NEWf. 

Chopper Force 

Crystal Maze NEW?. 





Crystal Rain Forest — 


£23 81 




ft 7.86 

Heimdall NEWf.. 





V.32 bis ( 1 4400 baud 0 

6rtEf 1 LED dhplt^. "PnrTiwnw 
fL.CowviHtv Sh^ppfv ApvM 94 

only £13 1.7 4 


I M4H bi!ud.V.3UiW3in3UW2t/Vl/MHn.SrV.4irV43JUi. Clan, I 1 

l|2 HHNMSH Or«vp 3 Fu. ln«iudM IhH c«mm {tMt 

II Foijifw a coble. 'Eoeellent pertarmince.tlili mod'em Uiauld bs on 
H EverwrKi «lii3rtnM”..C^mpuUr StMtaMker Apr'il 91 

only £178.74 


lot'tAord HOD fr«fn Supn wk h aura cau a uie I 

H»bpi Hoyci i:amp.V32Bls. VII Bb. MNP 2,3 & urtu uljurt I 
Tilt* teammiMlQti r 


iltol'an<aJw*. I 




ISportster 2496 +FAX.. £ 1 2415 1 

ISportster 1 4400 FAX,..,..».£ 1 6 1 ,69 
IWorldPart I 4400 +FAX,.,.£ 2 I 4,47 

ICourier HST ( 1 6 * 8 ) £ 400*00 1 

ICourierV 22 bisTerbo 4 FAX*.*£ 38 I 9 a 

ICourferHST/Dual 16,8 Fax. £ 41 7.02 

[courier HST/Dual 16.8 Terbol 
iFax £ 474.041 

If you thought VJ 2bf s was fast try the terboE 
S year warranty £ 04BT Approved 1 
Arc Fax Sof^wcire ojify CS 7.B7 
if bought with modem 

James Pond 2 N£Wf. „ £ 1 7,86 

Lemmings 2(The Tribes) NEM. ,.,.,£20.00 

Lotus Turbo Challenge— ...,—£ 1 7.86 

Magic Pockets NEW!-- ..........£ 1 7.00 

Man United Europe.,.., ,..,..,.£ 1 7,66 


Pandoras Box...,,.. 



Pljtyit Agnln^m II 


Play it Again Sam 1 1 1 NEW?— 




Premier Manage r NE'Wr,„„„„,.,„«„„ 

.„„„£ 1 8,50 

Repton 3 Compl Patlon........ 

£ 1 7.00 

SiaJaonCars Deluxe... 


Sensible Soccer NEW?,,..,—,..,—,..,—,.. 


Sinwn The Sorcerer N£ W?— 


Stu nt Racer 2000.,,,.,— 


£ 1 7.86 


Sylvia Layne (Exotic Adventures of). 
The Dungeon NEWI-,.,-,..,.....,.....,- 

The Real McCoy 2 or 3 

The Real McCoy 4 





VErtunf Coif.. 




Xenon 1 




CD Software 

British Birds. — 


Creepy Crawl ies 


Crossword Cracker... 

£40.00 1 

Dictionary of the Living World 

F^'pi'nf'ing Plant 

£96 00 








MkroLin V22b FAX.. ...£149.79 

MicroLi n V32b FAX £234,04 

S year warranty ondfUiLVaAeT Approved 

^EASY ACCESS FROM M62, M 1 and the Al^ 
M62;M61I "T - 

A Jt i t 



X |eo ^ WORCCf 



ciTv l;g 





fiSlILllHMI f(i(lairidfrri ter ch* I . tihf AAlJ tllond lid [umoff fram HHl. 
Frtlev lifftt br AIB. Thi< AnrWTftWWTf. 

Fmni rtiE- JU tahe dit turmfl' Ibr lb* Atl. Thit nwrgH -web [h* ASB fbf- 
poninr toten centra) wMdi meeb dia Armley 


I All cur printers conne with ri bbon/toner^ p^P^r & cables!! 


ICanortBjlOsx £157.4 

I LoMr quollqr output. btiflter 

Canon BjZOO £197.44 

I a IpU* t min JtO t^ tmoJE a BO pot* 

I Bjlf0wl4ccarriapvonk]n4arB):»i»nr^JB4.99 

Canon BJ300 £357.44 

I Ouhtop bubble let with near lucr quality. 81310 Wide carrion 

I vtwlsn flf til* ej JW €44^.99 

Canon BJC600 Colour ...£4S3.6 1 

I iHw bvbbi* lit Iwii CtAQA 

I BJ 1 0 Autosheetfeedor..... £42.55 



All monitors come complete with a lead 

AKF30M0.... £211.91 

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High quailty caiour SVGA monitor. .26 dot pitch 


Citiien printers have a 2 year guarantee 

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Anplc (ueuyoi ABC) ta use- 34 pin printer. CtimEsai itombnlwltb 
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only 1 11id‘.44 Jf botiflit wlthitut die cdwhit ciptltin 

I Swift 90 Colour .....£133.61 

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I Stm* euf put H (be 34Q but witb leufuiiJd** 

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34 pin, 340cpt draft 1 9 fund, quiet (nmlr, 34{KqM 

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Bulk HD 














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34plnqinJfty. SIOcpndroA^tr tpiLQ, 3Sy4«KbtiHer, laionti 1 

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S(tilVilb|| alfordeble tidibur plinetr. 3 PPM, kiw runnlfij txnti, 


Hutchinson’s Multi-Media End I99a..£149.00 

Image Warehouse —£55.00 I 

Interactive Periodic Table.,.,,.,.,.,-,.,.,.,£96.00 | 
Introduction to Classical Music,., m,.,.,mC48,0 

Inventors & Inventions......... ....£150.00 | 

ITH European Atlas £144.00 

World Warn Archives— ..,,,.,,,,£144,00 | 


Wimp Programming for All £12.50 

Basic Wimp Programming,,,,,,, 1 4,50 

with Examples disk..... ............£16.50 

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Citizen Swlft/ABC-— 


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prices appfy only when ordered with printer 
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Star SJ 1 44 mono or colou rp pack) £ 1 4.46 


Printer Switch Box 2 way... £ 1 1 ,06 

Printer Switch Box 3 way,.., £ 1 7.00 

Pri nter Stands (Un ivers^) — ,,.£6 ,80 

3 Metre printer cable- - £5.95 


( find involvement in the 
Public Domain software 
scene one of the most interesting 
aspects of computing, not only 
as a user but also as a PD 
author myself. As well as getting 
a lot out of writing the actual 
software, I spend a lot of time 
swapping PD with other users 
and making new contacts. 

Commercial software is the 
world of deadlines and profit 
margins, where the final aim is 
to make some cash out of selling 
programs. But in the Public 
Domain the software is made 
for the sake of the actual 
programs and the users. 

Public Domain begins on 
my computer the second I 
switch it on, as a PD utility 
kick starts another ten PD 
programs. I think this sums up 
the usefulness of this massive 
range of software which costs 
very little to obtain, but vastly 
enhances OS. 

The aim of this special PD 
issue is to make your job a 
little easier by introducing 
some of the best PD available. 

Top five PD 

The most popular PD 
programs have remained 
pretty constant over the 
last year or so, with 
John Kortink's Translator 
digging in at number 

However the following 
chart compiled by the 
Datafile reveals a few 

We’ve chosen samples from a 
few areas which should help 
to illustrate how PD can com- 
pete at a budget level wiih full 
blown commercial software, 
and do things which commer- 
cial programs simply cannot do. 

The scene interviews show 
the human side of PD soft- 
ware and reveal some of the 
many intere.sting personalities 

What is PD? 

I'he majority of PD programs 
can be obtained for no more 
than the cost of distribution 
from a variety of sources 
including bulletin boards, 
Internet servers and of course 
the many PD libraries. 

However, not all programs 
gathered under the broad title 
of Public Domain software are 
either free or free from copy- 
right, and several specific 
terms have been invented to 
try and classify the different 
types of software. 

The most common of these 
descriptions is freeware soft- 

changes lower down, as 
new programs move in. 

1: Translator 
(John Kortink) 

2: Powerbase (Derek & 
Steve Haslem) 

3 : Dinosaw (Tom Cooper) 

4 : New Dawn (Quantum) 

5 : PickaPic (Hugh Eagle) 

ware. Freeware can be freely 
copied as long as only media 
and distribution costs are 
charged for. 

The author retains full copy- 
right over the programs which 
may not be altered or distributed 

PD libraries 

• APDL : 39 Knighton 
Park Road, Sydenham, 
London SE26 5RN 

• Arcaynia : PO Box 1927, 
Sutton Coldfield B74 3QZ 
•Arch Angel : PO Box 41, 
Exeter, Devon EX4 3EN 

• Craig Beech PD : 30, The 
Deerings, Harpenden, 
Herts AL5 2PE 

• Datafile : 71 Anson 
Road, Locking, Weston- 
Super-Mare, Avon BS24 

• Datastream : 34 Norbeck 
Close, Great Sankey, 

in a different form. 

Shareware is the halfway 
house to the land of commercial 
software and is often used by 
PD authors to provide at least 
some income for their soft- 
wiire without going commercial. 

Most shareware programs 
are distributed in their entirety 
and a registration fee is 
charged for their use after a 
certain trial period. Most 
shareware titles offer the lat- 
est program updates or 
improved versions of the soft- 
ware making it well worth the 

Licence ware is often used 
as another name for budget 
software, and has more akin 
to commercial titles than actual 
PD software. Licenceware is 
usually distributed by PD 
libraries, but for a higher 
charge than PD or Freeware 

Wamngton, Cheshire WAS 2SX 

• Five Star Marketing : 4 
Shepherds Walk, Bushey, 
Herts WD2 1LZ 

• Gem PD : 15 Partridge 
Down, Oliver's Battery, 
Winchester, Hampshire 
S022 4HL 

• Headfirst : 45 Cedar 
Street, Southport, PR8 

• Planet PD : 37 Manor 
Drive, Berrylands, Surbiton, 
Surrey KT5 8NF 

• Skyfall : PO Box 2220, 
Birmingham B43 5RZ 



Paul Wheatley introduces the Public 
Domain scene and explains the difference 
between freeware, shareware and 


... 32 -bit Acorn home computers Commodore Amiga IBM PC /compatibles 


The fO occt <u /O Series^Tryi. 

Rapidly becoming Britain’s favourite choice in educational software ^FREE!| 

Maths (Algebra) Junior Essentials 


For children 6 to 16 years 

Maths (Algebra) meets 

- oulstandira educational 

f deserves first place as tbi 
° Edutainment Program ot 
the year. Ten out oi Tee tor it!’ 

- Amiga User fntsmaiionat {Jamjary '94} 

'TTiis pack is very gcrod. It Is well 
suited to boti home and school use 
It encourages good skll^, like searchj 
ing for patterns and estimating. Also 
it's available on approval, sc what 
are you waiting for?” 

- (Acorn Corriputing (O&cami^ei' '93} 

For children 5 to 11 years 

A truly flexible package covering many 
topics essential for building a good 
educational foundation. The areas 
covered have been carefully chosen by 
a team of experts and come from 
several subjects and levels of the 
National Curriculum. 

The child's progress in these areas 
is constanHy monitored and jiecorded 
arK:i parents or teachers can easily 
discover where a child needs help. 

As with all the oaf 4 w series, 
further motivation to play the 
games and learn more is added 
In the form of High Score Tables. 

Maths (Number) 

For children 6 to 16 years 

“Welt thought out to offer real benefits 
to children studying m British schools^ 

- PC Pins iJviy '93} 

"EducationaJly worthwhile and exerting 
to play - a rare oombination." 

- ArsMn&d^s tVofJtf (Deesn^sf 

“Unique in home-based programs be- 
cause of the National Curriculum link. 

- Jfte Micro User (Sspiombor 92} 

"Excellent lor reinforcing specific 
malhemalics knowledge^ 

- Junior Education (JitSy 93} 

The fO Series fives up to 

its name." - pc Homs (ytuigusr 93} 

Early Essentials 

For children under 7 years 

“Oulsianding. All of the activities are 
not only very enjoyable but they're well 
Ihought through. It's one of the best 
mulli-purpo&e infant packages I've seen 
In a long while. If you have young kids 
get il for the home. If you're a leacher, 
hammer on the headteacher’s door 
and beg for money to buy a copyT 

- Ardiimedos Wdrid {July '93} 

"At just £25i95 you'll be bard pressed 
to find anything which even comes 
close to Early Essentials." 

- Micro ComputofMart {Sspt. 93} 

Maths (Statistics) 


For children 6 to 16 years 

Attainment Targe! 5 of the National 
Curnculum is Data Handling - a vital 
area of Mathematics, w rod 4 W 
Maths (Statistics) covers 36 specific 
topics from that subjecl. 

In this package, recording animal 
sighlings in an animated pond or 
rolling dice are just two of the many 
challenges that children will reffsh 
as they leam about statistics. And 
can graph drawing be a game? il 
becomes arcade action as bricks 
and bombs are dropped onto the 
chads. This is a really en^yabte 
way to learri about statistics 

For children 6 to 16 years 

This suite of six educational games will 
give tun and motivation to ail chitdrerv 
learning French. The package is 
designed with the Mo^m Languages 
National Curriculum firm^ in mind and 
contains many challenges to reinforce 
facts stated in Attainment Targets 3 
and 4. 

fi} ixt 4 16 French is essential for 
children on Key stages 3 and 4, bul 
the numerous parent and teacher 
customisation options make the 
software suitable for ail children - 
however you ng - who are learning 
the French language. 

The INNOVATIVE tO <ua 4 tO Series 

These highly acclaimed suites of programs are a revolutionary step forward in 
educational software. They ALL me a unique system of automatically 
recording children ^s progress as they play and learn. This is just one of 
the many features which sets the fO r%fa /O Series in a class of its own. 

Each package comains SIX expertly designed educaiionaJ games covering TEN^ 
essential areas of a child\6 education. All packages cover a wide age range and 
subjects are available for all children from three to sixteen years of age. 

As children learn from the games their progress is automatically recorded in 36 
specific challenges - the National Curriculum Attainment Targets of these areas ^arl 
optionally displayed on screen in subject-based packages. All the programs are designed in 
Britain to be fun for single players or groups and the assessinent system can monitor the 
progress of up to 4000 children with no input from parent or teacher needed. Watch them, 
join in the fun or leave them and return later to check their progress. You’re in control! 

Phone 0742 780370 for a FREE TRIAL! 

We are so confident you’ll like iO lo software that we’ll let you try it FREE, 
Ask for a free trial* and we will not bank any payment until you've had chance 
to test the programs yourself, 

DEMONSTRATION VERSIONS are also available - each subject is on a separate 
disk. They cost £1 each. This will be refunded when you order the full version. 


This package is the fun way to laam 
the fads about dinosaurs. The six 
games all have superb digitised 
graphics to make a whole area of 
histoiy - dinosaurs - come alive. 

If you came face to face with a 
tyrannosaurus would you run away? 

Or are you safe because it'$ a 
vegetarian and wouldn't eat you? 

This, together with 100s of other 
interesOnq facte, can be discovered 
from this enthralling package. 

The six games - ail with single 
and multi-player optiona - are 
educalional fun for everyone . 


For children 6 to 16 years 

“Everything being done is relevant to 
the player's education. An Invaluable 
curriculum experience, plenty ol fun, 
lots ol variety." 

- PC Homs (f^ovemtier 93} 

“Guaranieed to sustain toe atlention 
of even refuciant learners." 

- HISC User (Jamjary/February '93) 

"Most importantly, as the games are 
fun, children can't help bul learn." 

- Acxtm Compiilirtg (Ma/cb '93} 

“Allows progression from Junior 
school age right up to GCSE level ." 

- User irttsmst/orjsf (Sepf. 93} 

Driving Test” 

For all drivers and leamersf 

Whether you're a novke learner or 
an advanced expert, there's plenty 
you can learn from this package. 

There are thousands of built-in 
questions and you can choose 
whether you want to answer them 
directly or add to the fun by trying 
them within games. 

The six games have been designed 
to be tun for all adults and include 
strategy, mental agiiily, ooordinatior> 
and more. And, if you think you are 
up to it, you can "take ihe ie$r - a 
chalienge covering many areas ol 
Ihe Driving Test. 


You can EARN MONEY by recommending i 

- over £5 for every order you generate. Ring 0742 7803" 
and ask about the W iO Agency scheme now! 


The fO ^ ^ fO Series is avaiiabie for Acorn 32-bit compute 
(Archimedes), Commodore Amiga and tBM/PC and compaf/f>/( 
Af the time of going to press, tides marked tr were not avaiiat 
on aff forma fs. Please ring for avaiiahility. Each package is ONi 
£25.95 and you can order by CREDIT CARD, CHEQUE 

If you ask for a free triat* wre wiii send you the software withe 
processing the payment If you do not wish to keep the packat 
return it to us within 14 days and we wifi return your ORIGtNi 
cheque or order or not process your credit card for payment. 

Order by Post or Phone from: 
/«? ro Educational Systems 
1 Percy Street, Sheffield, S3 8AU 
SI® 0742 780370 / 769950 g 

Site and Network Licences are avaikthle — please ring for detail 
* The free irial may noi be used in conjunction wkh any ocher ofl’er. 


T he PD scene is awash with 
coders and enthusiasts 
who slave away at their com- 
puters, only to release their 
software into the Public 
Domain for free. So what is it 
that makes these people tick, 
and why do they do it? 

Dominic Symes 

As I’m putting together this 
article in the excellent text 
editor 7Uip, I decided that talk- 
ing to the program’s author, 
Dominic Symes, was a good 
place to start. 

As well as coding Zap, 
which has just reached version 
1.10, Dominic has produced 
several other PD programs 
including a utilities module 
and some fast graphical code. 

The crunch question for 
everyone on the scene is, why 
write PD software when it 

Paul Wheatley talks to several 
key figures on the PD scene 

and share alike 

offers no return of profits? 
Consequently, I asked Dominic 
why he hasn't gone commercial. 

'In essence, because you 
have the freedom to do exactly 
as you want, and can set your 
own deadlines. You also get a 
lot more constructive feed- 
back, which can lead to a better 
program in the end - if you 
have the time! 

‘For many people lack of 
time and/or money make writing 
commercial software more 
sensible and I have no qualms 
with that.' 

But how important does he 
think PD and shareware soft- 
ware is to Acorn computers and 
their use? 

'In my opinion very important, 
mainly for the little programs 
filling in all the holes and inad- 
equacies in the operating system. 
For example, the LineEditor 
module replaces the system call 

OS_ReadLine making it far 
more useable. 

‘The more freely available 
software there is, the more 
attractive the Archimedes 
becomes. My hard disc boot- 
up sequence consists entirely 
of PD software’. 

‘The most important aspect 
of software design is having a 
clear idea of what you want it 
to do. Nearly all the program- 
ming problems I have had boil 
down to the fact that when 1 
first wrote the routine I hadn't 
thought properly about all the 
different circumstances it 
could be called in and what it 
should do in each. 

'The end result is lots of 
special cases and spaghetti 
code. Software should always 
be designed so that there are 
no special cases.’ 

I asked if he favoured the 
support of upgraded hardw are 

or new Acorn technology in 
PD and shareware software, or 
if he thought that compatibility 
with all machines was more 

‘All PD programs should 
support the latest hardware/OS 
version as quickly as possible - 
that is the only way to move 
things forward. 

‘Where there is little effort 
involved, the program should 
remain backward compatible 
while there are still a sizeable 
number of people w ith the old 

‘For most PD authors 
though, it is difficult to get 
hold of old machines to test 
their programs on, so it is 
quite understandable for 
them to specify (for example) 
Rise OS 3+ only. 

‘Lots of people volunteer to 
test Zap but I still have prob- 
lems checking it on Rise OS 2’. 

If there’s anyone out there 
willing to help, please drop 
Dominic a line. 1 asked if he 
had anything else in the 

‘I’m still working on Zap 
and probably won't be start- 
ing anything new for some 

‘Firstly, this is because I 
still have a very long list of 
important things to do to Zxip 
- and I think one program 
with a lot of effort put in is 
more useful than two half- 
hearted attempts, and secondly, 
because it is the last year of 
my course next year so I'll be 
very busy.’ 

Mike Smith 

Time always seems to be the 
biggest enemy of every PD 
coder - it certainly is mine - 
although it doesn't seem to 
have stopped prolific share- 




ware author Mike Smith. He’s 
so far coded four major appli- 
cations and has many more 
ambitious projects on the 
dravving board. J asked the 
coder from California how' he 
first entered the Public 

‘PD came in vogue in the 
early 80s, about the same time 
I got a modem. Past experience 
has proven that it’s very 
difficult to distribute PD soft- 
ware without a modem’, 

A,s I knew^ Mike had experi- 
ence in wa iting both commercial 
and sharewuue applications, I 
asked why he coded for the 
Public Domain and not for 
commercial so ft w are houses, 

‘1 love to wTite programs 
and have always had one 
project or another on the go. 
consequently always having 
small projects w'hich are worth 
someone’s time but not good 
enough to sell. 

Ht is these bits I have 
always given away to the 
Public Domain. I would not 
consider myself as a PD 
author, rather a sharew^are 

"I really want to work fiom 
home and be with my kids; 
writing software is the best 
way I know how. Shai ew^are is 
the '"try before you buy”, it 
offers w'orldw^ide exposure for 
free and there is no middle 
man to pay, 

'Still it is an abused system 
and as soon as the public 

realises how cheap software 
w'ould be if they simply began 
to support shareware, ctMnmeicial 
softw'are and high prices would 
die out almost overnight. No 
matter what people say, share- 
ware is the only way.’ 

1 agreed that the current slate 
of high software prices is not 
justified when most of the 
profits do not even reach the 
coder. On the other hand, 
sharcw'are as a system will 
alw^ays be taken advantage of 
to a certain extent. 

Perhaps the answer is in 
shareware which offers sub- 
stantial improvements or extras 
when you register, a sysiem 
which teams like JD on the PC 
have found to be incredibly 

'Authors cannot live on air 
and need money to survive. If 
there are excellent writers they 
should be rewarded for their 
efforts so they have time to 
write more. The other advantage 
is the fact that their name goes 
all over the world. 

‘One PD author wrote a 
program and his ideas were so 
innovative he got scooped up 
by one of the finest software 
houses. Fun things can happen 
when you write PD.’ 

Thanks Mike. Fm looking 
forw'ard to your on-going 
projects, including your human 
language translator. 

John Kortink 

John Kortink is another coder 

with plenty of real experience 
of putting the principle of 
shareware into practice. The 
latest versions of John's hugely 
succesful Tratisiator applica- 
tion arc now shareware, so I 
asked him why he didn’t go the 
whole way and write commer- 
cial programs. 

lately 1 have begun to wonder 
myself, ft doesn’t seem that 
people appreciate shareware by 
complying with the author's 

‘My main incemivc to write 
PD (or more accurately, free- 
ware) anti shareware was that it 
seemed the way to go to get 
widespread use of the .software; 
free copying via BBS’s and the 
like gives you that.’ 

John’s latest project is a 24-bii 
image processing package, 
l^erhaps not surprisingly this 
will be a commercial applica- 
tion, but he still believes PD is 
of very significant importance 
to the Acorn world. 

'A lot of PD and shareware 
is good enough to be put to 
good use by people, and will 
therefore encourage computer 
usage, purchase of commercial 
software in the same line, etc... 
It could be even more impor- 
tant if it were supported by 
users and not by a mostly free- 
loading user community/ 

David Holden 

David Holden, programmer and 
proprietor of the Archimedes 
Public Domain Library also has 

strong feelings about PD, J 
asked David how imponant he 
fell PD software was to Acorn 

Absolutely vital. As a 
member of the Association of 
Shareware Professionals I 
obviously have a strong 
commitment to sharew'are. I 
firmly believe in the precept 
that "one day ail software will 
be sold this way’/ 

"The only reason that 
conventional commercial soft- 
ware still exists is that share- 
ware takes control aw'ay from 
large corporations and puts it 
into the hands of the end users, 
and the people who control the 
"industry” will do everything 
in their power to resist this, 

'Archimedes ow nets probably 
don’t realise that most of the 
software that appears with 
well-known labels is not 
written by teams of dedicated 
professional programmers 
but by ordinary enthusiastic 

/If shareware was properly 
u,sed and understood then these 
programs w™id be sold in that 
way, with lower costs to the 
users yet making more money 
for the actual authors’. 

The Lunchtime 

One group who have so fat 
stuck firmly to freeware soft- 
ware arc the authors of the 
ever popular Linicluime 
magazine. 1 asked Neil, Andy 
and Paul why this w^as the 

'Uiudiiitne, as with a lot ol 
PD 1 imagine, was - and still is 
- written for fun, as a hobby. 
In order for us to be commer- 
cial we would have to meet 
deadlines and produce regu- 
larly. Also, we have a larg- 
er potential audience, 
especially as we are now' 
uploading onto bulletin boards.’ 

Do they think PD is impor- 
tant to Acorn machines? 

PD is important for all 
computers. It provides minority 
software and cheap and easily 
available software. It also 
encourages people to program 
and produce work. 

'PD is also a hotbed of new 
idea.s and techniques, as 
programmers are more likely 
to experiment with a PD 
project than with a commercial 
venture, where time is money/ 

Luftchtime has to be the only 

The Lanchtim& magazine 

I I loCD 11 IMC 1 OOA 


freeware program to be 
released on both the Arc and 
Amiga at the same time. 

I asked, given their 
cross-platform experience, 
how^ they compared the Acorn 
PD world with its bigger 

'1 must say that I hope the 
PD ‘Industry’’ on the Acorn 
machines hires better than the 
Amiga or PC. 

‘On the Amiga, the PD 
which hits the street is largely 
dictated by the large PD houses, 
who form syndicates to push 
out the smaller PD suppliers 
by making silly ground rules, 
sueh as all members should 
aceept credit cards, something 
which only larger PD suppliers 
can do. 

‘This has resulted in a 
definite shift of power from 
the producer of PD to the sup- 
pi icr, who secs his job as 
deciding what we poor mortal 
customers should be allowed 

to buy/ 

1 asked what they had 
planned for the future. 

"Lunchtime P (Wardrobe 
Racing for Foreigners) will 
have been finished by the time 
you read this. MEditaie (the 
magazine editor program) is 
an ongoing project. 

'We are also working on a 
game (arrrrgh!) which is a 
kind of Celtic role-playing 
thing - with a bit of luck, 
sweat, blood, tears, sex, drugs* 

D/ss, Doggysoff s disassembler 

rock and roll, wine, women 
and song.’ 


Well* political correctness all 
round then. Another group 
with more serious aims is the 
collection of coders named 

In addition lo well-known 
products such as The Lkicker 
and Diss. the team has written 

a whole collection of PD 
and shareware utilities inc- 
luding Palette^ WimpExi and 

I asked Andrew Clover htrw^ 
Doggysoft started off pro- 
gramming Acorn machines. 

'Most of us programmed 
the BeeK but at the lime there 
was no PD system so it was 
jLESt programming for the 
fun of it, 

' W h e n 
moving to the 
Archimedes the 
prominent PD 
scene gave us 
something to do 
with the pro- 
grams we made, 
which was the 
inspiration to pro- 
gram more seri- 
ously and 

eventually to get 
together under 
one name, 

' Phe most 
important aspect 
of software 
design is that the 
program must be 
intuititivc - easy 
to use for the 
complete novice 
especially when 
ii goes wrong, 
1’ he re's nothing 
worse than an 

Dk-Le from Mike Smith 

Ide error message/ 

What advice would they 
give lo someone who wanted 
to start up their own coding 

'Don't release your first 
three programs - they'll 
be embarrasing later on. 
Seriously* you must have a 
copy of the Programmers' 
Reference Manual, and hav- 
ing a modem is a great help in 
distributing software and 
keeping in touch with the rest 
of the Acorn world'. 

I asked which new 
Doggysoft products we could 
look forw^ard to seeing released 
in the near future, 

‘Of course* with the major 
commercial projects to do. we 
don't have as much lime a.s we 
used to. but look htr radically 
different new versions of 
WimpExt and VEnd. and less 
major updates to Pedetie and 

'Other .small programs wall 
emerge at random with no 
warning, and vve hope to have 
re-written every module in 
Rise OS by 1997.* 



71 Anson Road • Locking • Weston -Super-Mare ■ Avon • BS24 7DQ ■ Tel. (0934) 823005 

Why don't you give us a try for your PD and Shareware. Unlike some libraries 
we won't charge you £2 per disc and insist on a minimum order.. We charge 
£1.35 for DD discs and £1.80 for HD discs, No minimum order. ALL our discs 
are archived using fArcFSr/w. We offer a Pick '/?' Mix service for a little extra & 
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twj lertsjrs plus bozcn6 iiK're 

hrm objCtTs for up borbers 
ftvtb jTKjfifi- ilie. ibeal for 

Posters , Ccrfific^rcs StAtfonAtij, ettibroibcnj 
besfi5vis ^Tiuch tTtweli ttiore. A A ^ 

$(C0n^ ^acia^e contains m nm 
foU0 witd <t m<i( 0ftCevm 

% fuCCf $(t 0f C(Cttc :xnm(iC{f, CtCtxc 

Mcr$, inct0 k0t£ft$. 

* For our latest licensed fonts lists please call. 


O n the Archimedes we are 
fortunate to have BBC 
Basic supplied as standard. 
This often provides a user’s 
first taste of programming, and 
for many will be sufficient for 
their needs. 

For those looking beyond 
Basic the next step often looks 
likely to be expensive; com- 
mercial compilers such as 
Acorn’s Desktop Development 
Environment (DDE) can 
appear to be the obvious 
successor, but it’s too costly. 

There is, however, an alter- 
native. Looking through the 
catalogue of any PD Libraryt 
among the games, demos and 
other utilities you will almost 
certainly find a wealth of 
programming languages. 

These come in many shapes 
and sizes, ranging from some 
best considered as an intro- 

duction to new programming 
styles, to others suitable for 
developing full applications. 

The only significant draw- 
backs to PD languages are the 
lack of support should some- 
thing not work as you expect, 
and the fact that some imple- 
mentations are not as polished 
as their commercial brethren. 

So where do all of these 
come from? A few are wriiien 
by dedicated individuals creat- 
ing their own non-standard lan- 

guages, but far more have 
been ported to the Arc from 
other systems. 

Many come from universities 
that use them for teachuig and 
have been converted by 
students wanting to use 
them at home. Another major 
source is the Free Software 
Foundation (FSF), originally 
formed at M. IT, in America, 
The FSF has pioneered a 
system known as ’CopyLeft’ 
under which anyone can 

release software for general 
use and yet still retain copy- 
right. Many of the languages 
we will mention have been 
released in this way. 


Probably the most significant 
development in recent months 
has been the porting of the 
FSF’s GCC C compiler to 
the Arc. This compiler was 
originally designed for use on 
large systems such as Unix but 
is now available for almost all 
major computers. 

IJke the commercial 
compilers, it provides a full 
implementation of Ihe ANSI 
standard C language, although 
it lacks many of the extra tools 
supplied by its commercial 
cousins. As time goes by this 
will undoubtedly change; 
already work is underway to 
provide a desktop front-end. 

Due to its origins GCC 
requires copious amounts of 
memory to work in, more than 
is available on all but the most 
powerfLil Arcs; it is one of the 
few programs that docs not run 
comfortably in 4Mb, Help is at 

Robin Watts and 
Matthew Segall 
check out the 
available from 
Archimedes public 
domain libraries 

hand though, in the form of 
Virfual, a clever program by 
Nick Smith and Brian 
Brunswick. This fools the 
computer into thinking it ha,s 
up to 24Mb of memory, u.sing 
the hard disc to act as the 
extra Ram, 

Although this means that 
everything runs slightly slower 
(and it can't be run from a 
floppy), at least GCC can be 
used on the smaller Arcs, 

Another problem is caused 
by ihc design of C itself. In 
order for C programs to be 
easily moved between different 
systems, C relies heavily on 
‘libraries' of frequently used 

Further libraries are used to 
access facilities specific to 
particular machines (for exam- 
ple graphics and the Wimp). 
DDE comes supplied wdth 
such libraries whereas 

The ExtASM assembler runs easily in the desktop without the DDE 



GCC is currently supplied 
with only the bare essentials. 

Public domain alternatives 
such as DeskLib by Jason 
Williams and others are avail- 
able, but have to be obtained 
separately. When the front end 
is finished, it is planned to 
package everything required 
for a complete system together, 
making GCC much more 
accessible to first-time C 

A final notable point is that 
GCC contains a complete C++ 
compiler, G4--I-. At present 
there is not even a commercial 
C++ compiler available for the 
Arc, so this is certainly a 
major bonus. 


Strictly speaking there is no 
PD Fortran compiler available 
for the Arc, but at least a 
partial solution exists in the 
form of /2c. This converts 
programs written in the 
language Fortran-77 into 

Obviously this is only use- 
ful if you have a C compiler - 
such as GCC above - with 
which to create the final pro- 
gram. The front end supplied 
relies on DDE, but flc will run 
fine from the command line 
with other compilers. 


In a similar way to Fortran, 
while there is no PD Pascal 
compiler there is a free add-on 
to DDE that allows Pascal 
code to be compiled, DDE 
Pascal. As is to be expected 
from the name, this relies 
specifically on DDE to work, 
and hence cannot be used with 
any other compiler. 

DDE Pascal offers a full 
ISO Standard Pascal compiler 
and many well documented 
extensions to the language, 
allowing large applications to 
be easily written. 


An assembler enables machine 
code to be compiled from an 
assembly language program. 
While few people would 
espouse programming solely 
in assembler, it can be used to 
great effect in speeding up 
critical parts of programs. 

Obviously therefore, it is 
extremely useful to have an 
assembler that generates out- 
put in a form that can be readily 
linked into programs compiled 

DDE Pascal translates Pascal to C, but you'll need the DDE to run it 

from other languages. On the 
Arc, the standard code format 
is known as Arm Object 
Format (AOF). 

A PD assembler that pro- 
duces AOF code is A5, by 
Niklas Rojemo. I'his is a simple 
assembler designed to behave 
like Acorn's OhjAsm (albeit 
with some omissions), and is 
supplied with a front end for 

Like f2c though, it runs 
quite happily from the com- 
mand line loo. Comprehensive 
instructions are given in the 
help file, and full C source is 
included should you ever want 
to make any changes. 

Another PD assembler is 
ExtASM, written by Eivind 
Hagen. While this does not 
(yet) provide AOF output, it 
has a much nicer desktop front 
end, runs completely without 
DDE, and has facilities for 
both macros and pre-processing 
of source files. 

It comes with a manual, and 
plenty of examples, but no 
source. An enhanced version 
of E.xtASM is available if you 
choose to register (though this 
is not required), and costs a 
paltry £10. 


[ >rogramming 

One of the most well catered 
for areas of PD languages in 
general is that of functional 
languages, and the Arc is no 

The reason for this is the 
popularity of these lan- 
guages in universities for 
teaching, which has lead to 
many ports by students. 

These languages are not 
generally suitable for program- 
ming applications, and are 
more usually used for proto- 
typing or research. All of these 
languages use large amounts of 
memory, so 4Mb is essential to 
use them constructively. 

Functional languages share 
a common ancestry rooted in 
Lisp, a language dating back to 
the 6()s. The most direct 
descendant is XLisp, designed 
as a minimalist implementa- 
tion of this. 

XLisp is available for the 
Arc, packaged as an applica- 
tion that runs from - but 
not in - the desktop, with 
good documentation and 
example programs. 

A further development of 

Lisp is Scheme, and the FSF 
version has been ported by 
Alastair Slater. This again is 
packaged as an application. 
Sent, but lakes over the 
whole machine when run. 

A minor modification of 
Scheme, Siod (Scheme in one 
Defun) is a cut down version, 
with just the bare basics 

SML is one of the most 
widely used of the functional 
languages, and the Edinburgh 
University version has been 
ported to the Arc by Andrew 
Stevens. This runs in the desk- 
top and is supplied with full 
source, but no documentation. 

One of the latest generation 
of functional languages is 
Gofer, ported by Bryan 
Scaltergood. This is a much 
simpler language with a very 
small core set of commands 
that can be easily extended. It 
runs in the desktop using the 
same frontend as Siod. 

PD versions of Prolog exist 
for the Arc. One of these is SB- 
Prolog. Tliis runs in a task w indow 
in the desktop, and comes with 
a good manual that touches on 
Prolog's primary use in artifi- 
cial intelligence. 

Object Oriented 



One area of programming that 
has received much attention in 
recent times is that of Object 
Oriented Programming (OOP). 
OOP stresses modularity and 
easy extension of programs, 
and provides many facilities to 
this end. 

This style of programming 
has so far been under-repre- 
sented in terms of commercial 
products on the Arc. However, 
there are a number of these lan- 

guages available in the public 
domain. One of the most popu- 
lar “ after C++ mentioned ear- 
lier - is SmallTalk. A cut 
down version of this, LittleST, 
is available, and is packaged as 
an application that takes over 
the whole machine once run. 

The language GRS is not 
widely used. However, it is 
very well designed and docu- 
mented, and despite the 
fact that it doesn't cope with 
floating point numbers is an 
excellent introduction to the 
concepts behind OOP. 

It is capable of producing 
stand-alone programs, so any- 
thing written with GRS can be 
run without needing to load the 
language. Likewise ArntBob, a 
port of the Bob language with 
Arc extensions, can also pro- 
duce stand-alone code, and can 
even be used to program Wimp 
applications. It has a syntax 
similar to C, and comes with 
full documentation including a 


Notable among the other lan- 
guages available, is an interest- 
ingly structured offering. Icon. 
This has some unusual con- 
cepts, which allow it to express 
programs that search for 
answers to problems in a 
delightfully simple way. 
Definitely worth a look for the 


The PD Languages we have 
mentioned here cover a wide 
range of the computing spec- 
trum. There arc many others 
we have not been able to 
squeeze in - Hope, Perl, Awk, 
etc - but what is certain is that 
whatever your programming 
tastes, there is bound to be 
something out there to suit you. 

A/^r^DMllCFp II IMF 1P94 

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Process is packed with image processing features 

W ith regard to Graphics 
the Public Domain is 
infamous for its software 
offerings that most wouldn’t 
touch with a barge pole. But 
within the vast and diverse 
mass of mediocrity (and 
worse) exist some real gems. 

These select few are not 
only good value but often offer 
facilities not implemented in 
commercial packages, filling 
the nagging gaps in the tool- 
boxes of the better-known and 
relatively costly graphics 

Over one hundred programs 
were assessed, with thanks to 
The Data Stream. 

The creme de la creme, 
including some Shareware, 
Careware and ^nearly free’ 
applications have been rounded 
up below and User Warnings 
are given of the stuff that 
should be avoided like the 

3D and rendering 

The dated PVray (Persistence 
of Vision) and QRT (QuickRay- 
Tracer - a misnomer if ever 
there’s been one) raytracers 
are the two major contenders 
in this area. 

Both produce similarly 
adequate results from text data 
files but take an age to render 
anything. Also slow but beau- 
tifully designed is SDEditor by 
Simon Wilkinson. This creates 
Draw files and QRT data for 

These are not really general 
user applications but more 
hobbyist programs for those 
without the resources to invest 
in commercial products. 

KootCAD. which has only 
recently reached completion, 
is Kuldip Pardesi’s answer to 
the low standard of 3D and 

rendering software on the 

Presently in a pre-release 
stage, KoolCAD features com- 
prehensive 3D design and 
editing tools, gourard preview- 
ing and full rendering facili- 
ties. It will eventually be 
released as Shareware with a 
full demo on a future Acorn 
User Cover disc. 

Little league 

Looking first at graphical 
titbits, a number of utilities 
have now landed themselves 
well-earned places in my 
* Useful Apps’ directory. On 
occasion, the under-rated 
capabilities of Draw just aren’t 

For problems such as the 
inability to create graduated 
fills, perspectivise objects and 
draw freehand, the Public 
Domain can prescribe a 
suitable solution, granting any 
user nearly all the tools found 
in packages like An Works. 

Conversion from Rise OS 
file types to industry standards, 
and vice versa, is the territory 
of image translation software, 

to which a section is dedicated 
below, but there are a number 
of mini-translator applications 
including EFSobject, CMG- 
>Draw (Carewarejn DrwCmg, 
RGB_Spr, MakeTlEF Sl Make 
01 EF and DJPEG, which will 
be considered here. 

Unlike some of the larger 
translator-style applications, 
the aforementioned take up no 
more than 50K on disc and 
about 128K in Ram. 

These programs give access 
to the huge image resources 
available on other computer 
platforms and allow communi- 
cation and image transfer to 
the widely used industry- 
standard formats. 

Other little applications 
which I find useful are 
FixelRal and Snapper (David 
Pil ling’s superb snapshot alter- 
native - a definite asset). 
PixelFal is a 32K long program 
that generates 128 colours by 
combining the 16 colours 
available in standard 4bpp 
screen modes. 

As an icon designer, I find 
an invaluable aid for creating 
the illusion of shading from 
just a handful of colours. 


There are many fairly powerful 
and inexpensive commercial 
packages now available. But 
for one of the PD painting 
packages available I would not 
recommend any, except to the 
stone broke in desperate need 
of something more than Paint. 

With the one exception all 
the programs run outside the 
desktop, most are tedious in 
use, with unconventional menu 
systems, and limited in resolu- 
tion. An unreserved thumbs 
down for Rernbrant and 
Arctist-¥, with Pixar leading 

this trailing pack. 

The one package that stands 
out is Barry Aicock’s Fine Art. 
Not only is this desktop- 
compliant application in a 
different league to any other 
PD contender, in some respects 
it challenges any other bitmap 
editor on the Acorn platform, 
Revelation image Pro and 
ProArtisan 2 included. 

Fine Art is the very first 
painting program to lake 
full advantage of the 32,000 
colour screen modes 
supported by Computer 
Concepts ColourCard. 

At time of writing, it is the 
first program that can be 
described as a 24-bit painting 
application, though it will soon 
be joined by other software 
like the coincidentally named 
FineArt from Pineapple for 
Rise OS 3.1 and Pro Art 24 
from Clares designed for the 

Jack Kriendler 
examines several 
graphics facilities 
available in the 
public domain 

Rise PC. Some of the tools 
and effects have been com- 
piled from high-level lan- 
guages and are therefore 
sluggish in execution. These 
the author hopes to rewrite in 
assembler to speed things up. 

Once the plethora of tools 
and their variables have been 
mastered, FineArt can trans- 
form the mouse into a number 
of artist’s tools with a feel and 
sensitivity that has eluded all 
other programs to date. 

The Rise PC products, even 
in their present finish, already 
shine, but Barry Aicock’s 
FineArt will also work on the 
now old generation of Acom.s, 
A5000s included, and it must 
not be forgotten that there is no 
outlay to be made. 

Its main let downs are speed 

FmeArti easily the best PD painting program 



forced to design their own 
crude tools to Mo the job' and 
subsequently refine and 
improve their utilities to 
become meri table, user-friendly 

Whatever the reasons, the 
best of these applications are 
not only useful but essential 
for the lack of commercial 

John Kortink is responsible 
for the PD MakeGlF and Make 
TIFF mentioned above and 
the shareware applications. 
Translator and Creator, which 
apply themselves to image 
importing and exporting 

In its latest guise. Translator 
v.7.21 has support for converting 
over 30 of the common and 
more exotic bitmap file types 
into standard sprite or 24-bit 
Clear formats. 

Included are some basic 
colour balance, dithering and 
image-orientation facilities, but 
nothing to write home about in 
terms of image processing. 

Creator allows AIM, TIFF, 
GIF and JPEG files to be 
formed from Rise OS bitmap 

AIM 2 (Delft University) and 
Henrik Bjerrgarrd Pederson's, 
Process, have so many inter- 
esting image-manipulation 
facilities that only a dedicated 
article would do them justice. 

FYEO (For Your Eyes Only) 
V.2 must be mentioned as 
possibly the fastest JPEG 
decompressor of them all. 
Output sprite quality is 
nothing special but its 
speed makes it pleasing and 
easy to use. 


PD, Shareware and Careware 
have varying conditions of 
use and registration. 

Most of the recommend- 
ed software should be 
available at all good PD 
libraries and Bulletin 
Boards, and will cost you 
between very little and 
nothing at all, so what have 
you got to lose? 

Within the niche of 
image processing, PD soft- 
ware excels and in the other 
areas, well, you might just 
find an application or little 
utility that’s just the thing 
you’ve been looking for. 


art's content 






and hunger for memory. 
Arm3, 4Mb machines are 
essential, and only with a 
graphics accelerator like 
Colour Card Gold can the full 
potential of FineArt be 

Drawing packages 

There is only one PD vector 
graphics package, DrawPlus. 
Originally a considerable 
i m pro V e me n t on Draw, 
Draw Plus contains many fea- 
tures now included in the 
Draw of today, together with 
some CAD and draughting 
tools only available on infi- 
nitely more expensive 
products like 4-Mation's 

Though lacking in its 
repertoire of artistic tools 
such as graduated fills, 
interpolation and freehand 
drawing. Draw PI us can 

provide, in conjuction 
with the likes of Draw and 
other PD utilities, everything 
offered by Vector. 

Speaking less optimisti- 
cally, Draw Plus, is certainly 
showing its age. It is 
unsurprising that moie full- 
blown vector graphics pro- 
grams have failed to emerge, 
as the effort required to 
design and code a PD 
Draw Plus basher would be 
enormous and without 
financial reward. 

exporting and 

I have never quite discerned 
why so many applications in 
this category are actually PD. 
Perhaps it is the result of 
established software houses 
not realising the needs of 
graphics specialists who are 

Recommended software 
Ray Tracers & 3D 






Renders from text description files 
Renders from text description files 
Renders from text description files 
3D Designer and rendering/raytracing 
3D Designer with output to Draw Si QRT 

Vector Graphics 







Draw plus more 
Perspecti vises Draw objects 
Graduated colour fills for Draw 
Interpolates two Draw paths 
Sensitive freehand drawing tool 
Italicises fonts In Draw 

Bitmap Graphics 

FineArt 24-bit painting package 

PixelPal Shows how to mix 16 colours to get 128 

Marble Texture generator 

Import & Export 

DrwCg m Draw to CMG converter 

CMG->Draw CMG to Draw converter 

EPSobject EPS to Draw 





Special Offer!! 

Free membership of the Pineapple Virus Protection 
Scheme is included with every computer purchased. 

Free 14” or 20” Colour TV offer! 

With any A3i}10 computer when you take out a three 
year extended warranty 

A3010 Computers 

A30 10 Action Puck CPhone for details of FREE TV offer) 

includes Startwrite, & Zool, with demos of Leminings, 

Chuck rock, Super pool and Fervour I Mb Ram £ 339 

A 3D 10 Learning Curve 

Includes 2Mb Ram. Colour Monitor, and £ 637 

A3020 Computers 

A3D20 System £ 675 

Includes 2Mb Ram and Colour Monitor 

MukiScan Monitor add £ 42 

A4OO0 Computers 

A4000 HD8() System 

Includes 2Mb RaEti, l(X5Mb Harddisc and Colour Monitor 
Multi scan Monitor add 

£ 850 

£ 42 

A5000 Computers 

A5(HM) 2M HD8() System £1275 

Includes 2Mb Ram, 210Mb Harddisc and Multiscan Monitor 

4Mb Ram add £ 129 

Learning Curve System 

The Learning Curve System can be purchased with the A3010, A40C)0 or 
A5(KM) range of computers. It consists of an audio instruction tape and 
software including,- Acorn Advance and the PC emulator, £ 42 

Home Office System 

The Htjme Office System can be pum based with the A40(K) or A5tK)t), It 
consists of an audio instruction tape and software including,- EasiWriter, 
Datapower, Pipedjx;am 4 and the PC Emu tutor £ 83 

A4 Portable Computer 

A4 2M FD System Includes 2Mb Ram £1399 

A4 4M HD 60 System Includes 4Mb Ram and 60Mb HD £1699 

1 1 Nawfi V im AmTm JJ 

'riie Rise PC 600 eauge - l^ia duiai'y 
Upgrad-eabLey E^uaad-able witlx M- bit 
coLoue seeeeii aiodeigc 

Rise PC 600 

All Ihe following models include 14" high res SVGA col monitor (AKF60) 

2M HD21() 2Mb ram 210 Mb Harddisc £1249 

5M HD2 10 5Mb ram 2 10 Mb Harddisc £1399 

9M HD420 9Mb ram 420 Mb Harddisc £1699 

17" high resolution SVGA colour monitor (AKF85) add £ 400 

Special COLOUR PRINTER Offer -BJC600 

The latest in colour printer technology froEii Canon 

Price includes TurboDriver software and cables £479 

Most items ordered before 4.30 sent by RETURN post 

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Removes ALL 
known VIRUSES 

Don 't take chances with your 
valuable software. Use the program 
that Acorn themselves use to check 
for viruses. 

'Killer, together with VProtect will detect 
and remove all of the currently known 59 
families of virus (90 viruses in total). 

Because new viruses are being disco vered all 
the time our virus protection scheme will 
provide you with 3-4 updates of the software each year. We can also 
offer immediate advice by phone. ! Killer can scan any filing system or 
device including floppies, harddiscs, networks, even CDRoms, All types 
of compressed files can also be scanned. All infected files are fully 
restored without having to reload files from master discs. ’Killer can 
detect and remove more than three times as many viruses as any other 
anti-virus software so why not join the Virus Protection Scheme now 
and help prevent the spread of viruses? 


Appmanager Apriifooi 











Die Hard 




Er _part 
































Taskmanager T2 



Trap Handler 






Don't wait until you discover you have a 


One years subscription costs just £24.00 

Low cost school and county licences available 

Coming Soon 

A brand new 24 bit Painting package to cover the whole of Acoms 
Archimedes and Rise PC range. Thi.s package is just about as close as you can get 
to real painting without gening your hands dirty' 

All images are processed in full 24 bit R,G,B with powerful error spreading 
routines pioviding smooth colour grading on 256 colour .screen modes. Full 
compatibility is also provided for Computer Concepts Colour Card Gold, (16 bit 
screen modes) and of course the new range of Acorn Rise PC computers (up to 
16,7 million colours). 

As well as providing all the neces,sary tools for painting applications, the 
package is perfect for retouching existing sprites and Photo CD images. Features 
include:- Ete finable brushes and textures. Opacity control, Clone brush. Smudge 
brush. Effects brush, definable filters. Linear and Radial fills. Cut 8c Paste, Undo/ 
Redo, Stencil screen. Warping and many other powerful effecis, 

'Phone for availability 

Pineapple PAL Coder 

The Pineapple PAL Coder is a stand alone unit which provides a codec 
signal which can be recorded onto VHS or fed to any monitor or TV set 
with a coded input. The unit is insetted in the lead to the RGB monitor 
and provides an RGB output for the monitor together with a PAL coded 
output on a BNC socket. A second version also provides an output in S- 
VHS format as weil as composite. Now available for Mukiscan as well as 
standard monitors. Upgrade available for existing owners. 

Standard Version £69.00 S-VHS £79.00 

Terms:- Please add 17,5% vat 
Carriage FREE to mainland UK. 
Phone for quote outside UK. 

Official orders, cheques, and all 
major credit cards accepted. 

Money back guarantee on all products 

Pineapple Software 
39, Brownlea Gardens 
Seven Kings 
Ilfordj Essex 
IG3 9NL 

Telephone Hot Line service on all products 
Tel 081 599 1476 Fax 081598 2343 



Thunderstrike is a flight sim 
and to elaborate further it 
shows just what can be 
achieved using the Flight Sim 
Tool kit. If you are fond of 
electric guitars then this is really 
your thing, a very classy prod- 
uct with some great attention 
to detail. 

Set in the future, you must 
pilot any one of the dozen or 
so designs made available and 
set about ridding the land of 
various dubious influences. 

Missions are highly 
involved and you must pick 
your targets very carefully so 
the war will not prolong. 

For instance, on one of the 
four missions you must destroy 
some Russian airbases that 
have appeared in Asia. Take 
out just the bases and they re- 

It's time 

Chainsaw massacre - but don't try this at home 

to play 

appear a little later, with the 
depots situated nearby sending 
out carriers for an instant 

Remove the depots and you 
can enjoy some close, and not 
so close, range destruction of 
government property. 

if you can put up with the 
guitar then the great scenery 
and range of futuristic craft 
available makes this a very 
desirable set of discs to own. 
Highly recommended. 

Ragnorok 2000 

You are James Donaldson, so 
close your eyes and the force 
could very much be within you, 
as the intro music suggests a 
more than passing resemblance 
to the theme from Star tVcirx. 

Ragnorok 2000 is a flight 
sim with a difference, as you 
are playing for keeps attached 
to the eigth Elite Task Force in 
deep space with a near impossi- 
ble task ahead of you. 

The task is to rid the Galaxy 
of an invasion force that has 

The games available for the public domain 
are plentiful. Steve Atherton bowls you 
over with a pick of the bunch 

suddenly appeared. After 
much dramatic thunder 
and lightning on menu selec- 
tion you can choose any one 
of five missions, with full 
briefing and some fantastic 
gameplay maps that show 
exactly what needs to be 

An instant play feature by- 
passes most of the briefings 
should you be attempting the 
same mission for the 
umpteenth time and this bal- 
ances out the rather annoying 
disc swaps that have to be 
performed during some quite 
frequent selections. 

A good game with some 
nice touches in the futuristic 
scenery and the enemy ships. 
Not bad. 

Product: F-18 

Once again it's flight simula- 
tion time. This one is based on 
the American multi-role air- 
craft the Hornet. 

Detailed missions outline 
some pretty demanding pilot 
skills, as the plane is difficult 
to control during combat or 
precise flying. The fixed allo- 
cation of weapons for each of 
the six missions is a nice touch, 
with a good result being put 
down to some serious co-ordi- 
nation and a lot of luck as the 
sky can get very crowded at 

Mission briefings are the 
most detailed Fve seen for a 
while, with different target sur- 
veillance systems on hand to 

assess the awaiting dangers. 
Good detail while flying 
means navigation isn't 
impossible by just looking for 
landmarks. Not a bad effort but 
the weakest of the three flight 
simulations reviewed here. 


Dinosaw is 15 levels of pure 
fun that doesn't sap the com- 
puters memory and has some 
great features that are normal- 
ly found on the more expen- 
sive games on the market. 

Armed with a chainsaw 
your character must be steered 
through puzzles, baddies and 
of course plenty of humorous 

Keyboard control allows 
for the control needed for the 
character and with several 
baddies on the loose in each 
level you will need some 
quick reactions. 

Without doubt the best fea- 
ture of Dinomw is the split- 
screen two-player option 
which allows two players to 
explore the terrain at their 
own speed. 

This game has to be great 
value for your time and is 
very little money. Dhiosaw 
easily competes with some of 
the offerings that are being 
thrown around at the £20-£30 
mark at the moment. Essential 
I would say. 

All these games are avail- 
able from the many PD 
libraries operating in the UK. 


fay present 
lance to play 
h top pianist 

r-old musician 
idition to star 
laestro when he 
tour at the 
"heatre next 

jet, two days 
nes a teenager, 
ingboard to his 
as famous as 
ls inspired him. 
)e professional 
i travel the 
lathan from his 
ue home. “I 
n opportunity 

has his grade 
and is also an 
rench honi and 

Last week the Express management of Edgeley manager on December lU to " i be cage in wnicn 

reported on the complaints of branch was not aware of make the views of the aluminium cans are stored was 

distract children in the 
classroom as they would be 
able to see traffic moving 
along the new road. 

The children even went as 
far as to propose a new route 
for the road to the town 
planners. The proposed route 
would have a negligible 
impact on the area but still 
provide the much needed relief 
to existing roads. 

USING an innovative new 
program on their 
classroom computer 
children from St. Chad's 
School have shown town 
planners that a proposed 
new bypass would have a 
detrimental effect on their 
local environment. 

The children surveyed the 
local area and fed details into 
their Topographer program, 
which allows them to look at 
the relevant area in 3D. They 
then added the new road along 
its proposed route and it 
became obvious that the road 
would not only affect an area 
renowned for its badger 
population but would also 

• REDUCING maintep- 
Other econ^ 
departmental b 
cutting scho^ 

A SERIES of sweeping proposals which 
would abolish free parking in district 
shopping centres, change some bin 
collections, increase lettings charges and 
scale down mileage claims by some 
council officers, have been announced by 

In the first indication of their intentions si^ 
seizing power jointly with the Conservab' 
party has produced a •" 






piano teacher 
not teach him 
, Richard 
;ht r*^^ 


Topographer is a major application for the Geography curriculum which allows 
children (and teachers) to have lots of fun whilst learning all about maps, contour 
lines, valleys, rivers etc. In fact Topographer covers virtually all items found on a map. 

The real break through with Topographer is its 3D section which allows you to 
convert a 2D map into a 3D model on screen. Imagine turning a set 
of flat contour lines on a 2D map into a 3D model which clearly 
shows the hill — no more cardboard cut out models or papier 
mache! You define where you look from, and what you look at. 

Topographer also covers aspects of the IT and maths curriculum 
with its modelling capabilities. Just stop for a minute and think of 
the projects that you could do with Topographer. You could make 
a map of the local area with churches, pubs, 
woods etc. and then view it from various 
places. If there is a bypass proposed you could 
add it in to the existing landscape and see 
where it is visible from and what impact it is 
likely to have on the community. I'm sure you can think of a 
hundred and one topics. 

♦ Fully RISC OS 2 & 3 Compliant and 1 megabyte friendly ♦ 
Suitable for all ages from 6 onwards ♦ Easy and quick entry of all 
symbols (over 100) # Wooded areas which translate into 
impressive 3D landscapes ♦ Definable map size and scale which 
can be linked to the national grid references ♦ Powerful 3D mode 
giving a true representation of the landscape ♦ Stunning 3D models which can be 
saved as a sprite file for use with other applications. 

£79.95 inc. VAT 

All specifications subject to alteration without notice 




We accept Access and Visa. 


( have found that PD can 
be conveniently divided 
into two categories* The 
first consists of those utilities 
that are really gimmicks and 
stay on your hard disc for 
about a month, until you decide 
that you can live without them 
or that their function can be 
done just as competently by 
something not so wacky. 
These also have generally very 
bad and uninformative Help 

The other category is a little 
more difficult to describe: 
it contains those programs 
which make you think, when 
and if, you read the Help 
file, ‘Hey, now why has no- 
one ever thought of that 
before?’ This article features 
some of these programs 
aimed at enhancing your 

You don't need your bait and rod for this type of fishing 





Colin Woolf looks at a number 
of PD utilities to improve the 
Rise OS desktop 


tf, like me, you couldn't see 
the need for an 'application 
launcher’, just wait till you're 
doing a piece of DTP and find 
that you have so many windows 
over the screen that you can't 
find the directory window with 
your favourite handy utility in. 

With an application launcher 
you go to the icon bar and, 
through a simple menu or hot- 
key, load up what you need. 

Do persevere with this, it 
may take some time to config- 
ure but, believe me it saves 
you time and some head 

Menon is an application 
launcher and has been on my 
icon bar for some time, but 
when I try to access my data- 
base or a Eurekij file, I always 
get the error Tiler has not seen 
this application’, meaning that 
I have to travel down the 
directory tree to open the filer 
window with the database in - 
hang on a minute, isn’t that 
what Menon is supposed to do 
for me? 

This has been fixed with 

version 2.06, by setting an 
option Tnitiate’ which (when 
Menon is loaded) causes the 
boot file of the application to 
be seen, thus informing the 
Filer where the parent appli- 
cation lies in the directory 

IconDir differs from Menon 
in that it needs very little set- 
ting up, supports small icons 
next to each menu entry and 
has no virtual desktop. 
/conDir's author claims to 
have written this as he got fed 
up with setting up Menon. 

Assuming you want to 
duplicate the file structure that 
already exists on your disc 
then I agree, it takes much 
less setting up. With Menon 
however, your menu tree can 
be very short and surely that 
is the point in either of these - 
to give you quick access to 
items deep in the tree. 

Icon bar indicators 

When you do try and load an 
application, it is really annoying 
to be told ‘Not enough memory’. 
So why not use a Free Memory 

This selection is down to 
personal preference, but a 
quick flick through what's 
available reveals three good 

AmzSrarc, as the name suggests, 
shows you the state of your 
Arm3 cache as well as showing 
you free memory. It resides on 
the iconbar in place of the 
Tash Manager. 

Indicator has a nicely 

designed window showing 
you free memory, CPU usage, 
time, VUmeter and info on 
screen mode. However, it can 
only display one of these at a 

FI Desk manages to combine 
most of these into one neat but 
small display. FIDesk war- 
rants further examination as it 
contains a lot of other features 
which resemble other desktop 
enhancers such as Filer-h or 

Following on naturally 
from these programs is the 
Virtual Desktop. This allows 



the user access to a much larg- 
er screen. It basically scrolls to 
the left, right, bottom or top 
of the standard screen. 

Instead of a stack of windows 
one on top of the other, you 
place them around the outside 
edge of the screen and move 
the pointer to where you want 
to go and the screen scrolls in 
that direction. 

Don’t get lost though. With 
Menon vZ06, you can switch 
this facility on and off, making 
this program very handy. 
Larger and Largeness also 
provide Virtual Desktop facili- 
ties with a map, so you can see 
where those windows have 

Screen utilities 

When I first got my Arc, 1 read 
the manual to find out how to 
change the initialisation banner 
on siart-up. I had visions of 
swooping eagles or faces 
winking at me - but no, 1 had 
to be content with ‘Rise OS 3\ 

How boring, why can’t we 
have the same possibilities that 
are available on a PC? When 
ever 1 see someone else’s PC, 
it starts up with some flashy 
message with a voice over as 

Well, those of us who wish 
to personalise our machines - 
and there seem to be a lot of 
us, judging by the plethora of 
screen savers, newlook icons 
etc, etc - may be just about to 
strike lucky. 

A natty little routine by Cy 
Booker, WeicomeA, generates 
a module that provides a 
new banner sprite and sort of 
zooms and swoops St from the 
edges to the centre of the 
.screen at random. This is a 
very slick and fast animation, 
but you’ 11 need an Arm 3 to 

appreciate it. Talking of screens, 
screen-savers are a popular way 
to improve the look of your 
desktop, while you’re sitting 
there thinking of what to do 

How many screensavers are 
there? Well, after wading 
through the index to a couple 
of PD libraries, you will find 
that there are plenty to choose 

They can be sorted into 
groups, ranging from those that 
just change the screen into 
pretty patterns that we have all 
seen before, to those that 
provide a great deal of control 
over how the thing works. As a 
designer and artist, 1 obviously 
like the well drawn and visually 
stunning ones. 

We have all seen 'the fish’. 
Out to Lunch has the best one, 
which has one minor fault in 
that the sand at the bottom 
doesn’t move. 

This could lead to the dreaded 
burn-in but personally 1 doubt 
it, and if configured with a 
total screen blank after 5- 
10 mins it’s not a problem. 

Who leaves their screen 
weaving pretty patterns for 
longer than that? Anyway, 
apart from the fish. Lunch does 
nothing more than the rest. 

Hangfire is another like this 
but with some great firework 
displays. DarkHorse on the 
other hand provides you with a 
fair degree of control by allow- 
ing you to alter the 'arguments’ 
that control the random behav- 
iour of the routine (try altering 
the one to slow down the girl 
flashing on and off the screen). 

Unfortunately you cannot 
save the arguments that you 
alter, which does rather spoil 
the point of it all. My money 
still goes on DarkHorse for the 

Lines before your eyes with this screensaver 

No work today with a directory like this 

user control, the wide variety of 
good savers and the smooth 
front end. 

As a guide, they use roughly 
the same amount of memory, 
about 32K, for the better type 
of display. I’ve just discovered 
the ultimate - as I have the fish 
from Out to Lunch configured 
on my machine and am also 
testing DarkHorse, the effect 
when they both come in is 

Help with pointers 

Of the really useful PD utilities, 
mention must be made of any- 
thing that speeds up the rate of 
moving about the desktop and 
performing tasks. Application 
launchers are one way. 

If you discover that your 
pointer has disappeared off the 
end of your desktop don’t 
worry, it will appear on the 
other side. 

FtrWrap differs from 
WrapFtr and Wrapper as it 
cleverly allows you to alter the 
screen edge detection sensitivity. 





Menon v2,06 




Welcome A 




























With a sensible speed, these 
utilities are useful as they do 
save moving across the desktop 
from one side to the other — 
you just flip over the edge, go 
round the back of the monitor 
and, hey presto, your pointer is 
on the other side. 

Finally - having problems 
finding that piece of immacu- 
late PD? If like me you have 
several discs of mixed pro- 
grams, then DiskLib is the 

It is incredibly easy to use 
and the search facility is quick. 
DiseCat on the other hand, I 
couldnT gel ihe hang of. 

11 is a suite of programs with 
different icons on the icon bar 
for either the data or the cre- 
ation of the database - too 

The most important thing is 
to try out every desktop 
enhancer you can find. You 
might decide that 90 per cent 
of what you try is rubbish, but 
the other 10% could revolu- 
tionise your desktop. 

APDL disc 











SiMTEc Upgrades 

4-8 Mb RAM UPGRADE £249 

This new upgrade expands your 4Mb machine to 8Mb. Our compact 
surface-mount design plugs into 300, 400 and A3000 machines. It is 
also available for the A5000 at £259. The A3Q00 and older (25Mhz) 
A5D00 require a surface mount MEMO socket fitting to the motherboard 
by ourselves or another Acorn authorised surface mount service centre. 

A3010 2-4Mb £89 

Upgrade your 2Mb A3010 to 4Mb for only £89, Previously upgrading to 
4Mb meant discarding your existing RAM, but now our new board avoids 
this waste. The same board can also expand a machine from 1 to 4Mb 
with the addition of a standard 1Mb upgrade at a total cost of £119 

305/310 1-4Mb £124 

Utilising the latest surface mount assembly techniques, the design has 
been refined to make it easier to fit. Unlike the older design which used 
conventional vertical standing chips, there is now no possible height 
restriction caused by the disk drive bridge which in some cases had to be 
temporarily removed to re-assemble the machine. If you do not wish to fit 
this yourself, we can offer a fast 1 -hour fitting service which includes a 
4Mb upgrade, MEMO 1a, and ROM carrier board at a cost of £165, 

Risc-PC Memory Modules 













All Simtec memory modules are designed and manufactured in-house 
specifically for the Risc-PC and conform to the Acorn standard by using 
only 8 or 16 chips. 

Also in stock.... 


with FPA socket 


with FPA chip fitted 


fitting to A3000 and A301 OMez 


A5000/A540 FPA upgrade kit 


A301 0 memory 

1 - 2 Mb 


4 Mb Super Turbo 


A3020/4000 memory 

2 - 4 Mb 


A5000 memory 

2-4 Mb 


A3000 memory 

1 - 2 Mb expandable 


1 - 4 Mb 


2 - 4 Mb chip upgrade 


Serial upgrade kit 


Risc-OS3 Single user upgrade 



ROM carrier board 


MEMO la upgrade kit 


PLCC extractor tool for MEMO 

and ARM3 




Our products are designed and manufactured to the 
highest standards by SIMTEC in the UK. Everything 
we sell is rigorously tested and fully guaranteed. 

17y2% VAT to be added to orders. Carriage free in UK, 



Avondale Drive, Tarteton, 
Preston, Lancs PR4 SAX 
Tel: (0772)812863 

Black Box 
Sound Sampler 

* Very easy to use 

* Extremely easy to install 
{Plugs into printer port) 

* Works on any Arcliimedes 
computer RISC OS 2 & 3 

Comes complete with software 

* Samples saved a.s Armadeus fifes 
or RM modules can also be used 
with Armadeus and Tracker 

* Samples can also be exponed 
into multi media programs that 
accept Armadeus file format 

* Special Needs : Can be used 
directly with Batdiam Marshall 

Black Box with headphones 
and boom microphone £39,95 

* Direct recording level 

adjuster £14.95 

* 6 Metre microphone extension 

cable £5.95 

Prices exclude #P&P and VAT 

* P&P Free when ordered with a 
Black Box or £1.50 + VAT if 
ordered separately 

As above Black Box 
complete with hand 
held ffn'erophone 


£ 29.95 

Plus £3.75 P&P 
and VAT 

Mobile Computer Workstation 

* Stove finish (Chocolate) 

* I .aminated work surfacc{cream] 

^ 2 years gtiaraniee 

* British made 

Optional extras 

As above complete 


£ 99.00 

* 4 Way Jiiaiiis adaptor £ i 8.00 + VAT 

* Sliding draw for A3 «r A4 
Concept Keyboard £25.00 + VAT 

* Storage or fKiper sfiel f £ I S.OO + V AT 

Plus Delivery & 

Workstations from £79,00 plus VAT, Printer trolley £99,00 plus V.AT 
Telephone lor Product range brochure and price list 

Official orders accepted from public sector authorities anti schools 

Focus IT 4 Gordon Temice Idle Bradford BDIOSLS 

Telephone Number 0274 6 1 S774 FAX Number 0274 6 1 9482 


Design systems 

1 do feel puzzled at the lack of 
concern Acorn shows lo wards 
those of us who have taken 
the 01 at iheir w ord and bought 
Impression as a serious means 
of earning our livings. 

Impression has sold consis- 
tently over the last three years 
as a serious, head-on ct>inpe liter 
to Qitark X Press. 

A SI017 in your own magazine 
(October 1993, page 31) con- 
cluded that Impression w'as 
almost as good Vfor a lot of 
uses, the acknowledged 
advantages of X Press in 
handling irregular run-arounds 
and rotated text - which are 
almost the only ones (though I 
think tracking, auto drop caps 
and mouse-click texi scaling 
are more significant - PR) ~ 
simply aren’t worth five times 
the price’. 

My system wasnM much 
cheaper overall than the Mac 
system I should Olherwdse 
have bought; in fact the hard- 
ware was more expensive, 
especially as I was virtually 
forced to buy a colour monitor 
w here monochrome ones w ere 
readily available for the Mac. 

In my opinion the Acorn 
DTP system is essentially 
superior to the traditional Mac 
with its X Press/PageMaker/ 
Veninra and PostScript system. 

Acorn's unitary font ware 
and direcl drive laser printer 
are more elegant and pre- 
dictable than any system 
which depends on conversion 
lo PostScript (with the attendant 
iinceriain about matching type 

rt would appeal to more 
people if information was 
more readily available - in 
particular, information about 
image-setting bureaux and 
about dealers who can discuss 
DTP requirements with the 
same authority. 

Mac dealers are often gi aphic 
designers or typographers 
iheniselves; they can't tell you 
whether the machine has a 
16-bit or a 32-bit processor, but 
they understand the application. 

Peter Robertson 

IPs precisely because DTP is 
such an increasingly 
important area oi the .Acorn 
market that we H e intro- 
duced a monthly DTP 
c<duiiin (see page 23). 

Coinhine that with the 

Fill colour 


Resources:! .Apps 


{ \ V 










Mouse Keyboara Menioiy 

la E a 


Fill colour 









. J Green 




Line width F" 
Line colour r- 

m Blue 



_ -y Enter 

Se eci 

F6 h 

Line pattern r - 
|oin I 

Start cap f" 

End cap 
Winding rule J"- 


[il None Cancel | 


Too box ^'Fi 



32 thousand 

800 X 600 

Cancel Change 

Font nAme 

Font size 



Font hoigFic 


Text colour 




Rise OS 3,5 might be good news for some, but not for all 

release «t‘ Impression 
Publisher (sec page 57) whicli 
tackles a iiuinher of the otnis- 
sians mciitioiied abovc% and I 
think it^s a safe het to say 
that the l(»\v to medium cost 
DTP niche could hecoiiie 
Acorn’s next stronghold. 

Super Scribe 

I leach neural nets to our final 
year mat he in a tics students, 
and I thought you might be 
interested to know that I have 
used Seri he in a computing 
exercise and assessment for 
them. It is very useful for the 
students to sec them used in a 
real application. 

Incidentally, there is a slight 
technical eiror in the thiid ;uiicle 
(February 1994). Although 
a Hopfield net has a limited 
capacity, a multi -layer percep- 
tion w ith one hidden layer can 
solve any classificalion problem, 
provided there are enough 
units in the hidden layer. 

This was proved by 
Cybenko and others in 1989. 
The problems experienced by 
your author are probably due 
lo one of two causes: either 
i n s u f f i c i en t h i d dc 11 unit s, oj too 
small an effective dimension 
of the feature space provided 
by the 8x8 grid. 

Siate-of-the-art neural net 
OCR tends to use some form 
of topological coding of the 
letters for the feature space. 

but your simple approach 
works surprisingly well. 

Sieve Llliicott 
U n iv e rsity tif R ri g h to 11 

Its nice to .see our progrunis 
being ii.sel'iil in the outside 
woiid. And thanks for the 
correction, though to be honest 
I got lost around the ^multi- 
layer perceplron’... 

Squirrel search 

James Harrison must have been 
punch drunk after his 12 
rounds with the databases in 
A pi i r s A corn Use r. 

He says that Squirrel doesn’t 
allow searching on the muUi- 
line text fields, li does and 1 
think this facility combined 
w ith £f//f-type editing and the 
w oixlwrap now available is one 
of the best enhancements from 
my point of view. 

I have used previous 
versions and was beginning lo 
wonder if Fd wasted my 
money, but this miich- 
improved version has wafted 
my doubis away. I shall enjoy 
exploring the more esoteric 
bits after Fve completed the 
setting up of my "bread and 
butter' databases, 

J W B Greenwood 

Which just goes to back up 
James Harrison’s opinion 
that Sqtdrrei is one seriously 

po%verful database, wafting 
doubts not withstand iiig. 

Happy now? 

I am very happy to sec that 
imally someone has commented 
realistically on Acorn in general. 
1 am, of course, talking about 
Mark Colton in April’s Moxon 

Many of the letters 1 have 
read express either complete 
and total love of Acorns, or 
almost pure hatred. Mr 
Colton’s remarks ring far more 
true with me than many 
remarks I have heard over the 

When I first got a Rise OS- 
based computer back in 1990, 1 
remember translating a small 
utility from 6502 code on my 
old Hlectron, and quite frankly 
i was amazed how^ easy and 
straighlforw'ard the process 
was on the Arc: Rise OS was 

Since then. I have recom- 
mended Arcs to all those who 
have expressed dissent about 
DOS and System X on the PC 
and Mac respectively. 

OK, so } hear cries from 
Mac fans saying 'you just can't 
place System 7 and DOS 6.2 in 
the same category - System 7 
is far superior.’ $0 it is, but not 
when compared with Rise OS 
2. Note 1 use Rise OS 2, not 
Rise OS 3. When Rise OS 3 
came out on the A5000, to tell 



the truth I was crestfallen* The 
press. Acorn User included, 
had heavily hyped the arrival. 
But whaf s wrong with it? 

Well, if s slow, iininnovative 
and clumsy. Badly-written, 
essentially. It operates with the 
performance ratio of Windows, 
and in use it feels like it is 
written more in C than in 
machine code. 

*But look at all of its new 
features’ cry the masses. Well, 
I am. The Pinboard module is 
an absolute disgrace* OS_Heap 
still has no garbage collection 
and the module area still 
fragments, badly losing 
valuable memory. 

File conversions have been 
forgotten* Why not have 
a SWl Convert_File to convert 
from one file type to another, 
with a SWI Convert_Register 
for adding modules to provide 
other additional file type 

A proper Task window with 
graphics should be added and 
all non-multi-tasking programs 
should run in it by default. 

A new ‘Rise OS compliant’ 
badge should be created where 
companies can sunburst their 
software and, for a fee. Acorn 
will review it and, if it meets 
with the guidelines, it will be 
given the Acorn seal of 
approval. This would encourage 
vendors to make all their 
products consistent 

More standard SWIs should 
be included in the operating 

system, so, for example, SWI 
“WimpLib_SaveBox” would 
put up a completely compliant 
save box and then handle all 
the necessary calls* This would 
be a great boon for those not 
using C. And that’s another 
thing. The use of C should be 
discouraged* I know about all 
the wonderful advantages it 
has, but boy, does it waste 
memory. Arm code, as a 
machine code, is extraordinarily 
easy to write and since it is 
faster than C anyway it makes 

To return to the state of the 
market: let’s face it. Acorn and 
friends need to wake up* The 
Power PC, if it is even as half 
as good as the hype suggests, 
will cause major changes. 

Acorn, as it stands, will suffer 
with these changes. Every time 
the PC world moves ahead. 
Acorn should be Just one step 
ahead, like in 1987* If it 
doesn’t do that, it will lose out* 
NiaLt Douglas 
County Cork 

See Viewpoint. 

Not again! 

That’s it. I am sick and tired of 
having to upgrade my 
machine. Fair enough, the 
upgrade from Arthur to Rise 
OS was well worth it, but I still 
believe that Acorn should have 
worked harder to make sure 
Rise OS was ready ai the 
Archimedes’ launch* 

Then came Rise OS 3, which 
cost the earth (unless you 
broke the rules and bought an 
A5000 upgrade) and slowed 
down the machine, making an 
Arm3 essential. 

OK, you didn’t have to 
upgrade, but have you noticed 
that if you ring up for software 
support and you say I’ve got 
Rise OS 2, then the operating 
system always gets the blame: 
third parties no longer feel able 
to guarantee compatibility with 
Rise OS 2. 

And now we’re looking at a 
whole new version of Rise OS 
on the new machines* This is 
even scarier: deep sprites from 
the new machines can’t even 
be loaded on the old operating 
system, the hardware can’t be 
upgraded to 24-bit colour how- 
ever hard you try, and hard- 
ware designed for the Rise PC 
won’t work at all on the old 

Maybe I should buy a PC 
after all* 

James Phillips 

See Viewpoint, 

Business please 

I am writing to ask you 

about business users of Acorn 
computers* I know you have a 
very large readership, myself 
included, and if you have any 
information on any of your 
business readers such as 
addresses, I should be very 
grateful if you would pass this on. 

We are at present working 
on an application with specific 
interest for businesses and any 
help you can give would help 
us in our development* 

I continue to enjoy your 
magazine which is both 
infonnative and interesting* 

David Borchard 

We’ve been planning to 
introduce a regular feature 
for our busines*s readers, but 
it has proved quite tricky 
to track down those of 
you who use Acorns in busi- 

If you would like to w rite 
to David at the address 
below, then hopefully the 
response will be enough to 
justify a Business column. 
Let’s hope so. 

David Borchard, 
Iconomix, Mote Mount, 
Nan Clarks Lane, 
London NW7 4HH 

Drop us a fine at Acorn User, Europress 
Enterprise Ltd, Europa House, Adlington 
Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP 


It’s like an editor’s dream: two letters in the same month 
slagging off various aspects of the operating system, but both 
from different angles. Talk about opening a can of worms* 

On one hand we have Niall Douglas saying how awful Rise 
OS 3 is, and that he regrets ever upgrading, and on the other 
James Phillips is moaning about the number of operating sys- 
tem upgrades there have been since 1987. Three in total: 
Arthur to Rise OS 2, Rise OS 3 and Rise OS 3.5* 

Well, I think James Phillips and his ilk are barking up the 
wrong tree* Seven years, three upgrades: that is not, by any- 
one’s standards, a large number* 

DOS has gone through considerably more changes in that 
time, including versions which were declared unusable* 
Windows is on version 3 (with a number of different sub- 
versions within that), and Chicago, the fourth incarnation, is 
nearly upon us. Moan about upgrading if you like, but don’t be 

There is one group of people, however, who do have a good 
reason to grumble when a new operating system comes along: 
schools with large numbers of machines* 

It’s bad enough upgrading one machine, but the cost of 
upgrading, say, 20 machines is not trivial, especially when 
Acorn managed to price its Class upgrade pack - ten sets of 
Roms and one set of manuals ^ as more expensive than buying 

one full upgrade and nine A5000 chip sets. 

How^ever, having a go at what you actually get in your 
upgrade is much more valid* A considerable amount of effort 
and money is being poured into operating system design by 
Microsoft and Apple, and there is a danger that Acorn will be 
left belli iid. 

There is no standard method of implementing OLE - 
Computer Concepts had to invent its own system; there is no 
support for virtual memory - Digital Arts’ new PhotoShop 
beater, DAPlcture, has had to incorporate its own system to 
enable huge 24-bit pictures to be edited; development 
packages on the Arc are far behind those on the Mac and PC; 
the problem with the module area not compacting is serious, 
and can be solved, but hasn’t been; and theje are plenty more 

So the operating system can be improved. But remember 
that Rise OS is light years ahead in areas such as drag-and- 
drop, the icon bar, speed (whatever Niall says about it) and 
ease of installation* 

Chicago has a number of features which Acorn users will 
find very familiar; they say imitation is the sincerest form of 
flattery, and for my money Ld rather use Rise OS than 
Windows or System 7. 

Mark Moxon 


Widen your horizons 

Near laser quality A3 printing for 1/lOth of the price of an A3 laser printer 


44 This is probably 

the best inkjet 
printer yet ,, whether 
used on its own or with 
the excellent 
TurboDrivery the 
BJ~200 is a fast prin ter 
and the print quality is 
simply superb. 

A winner 

The BJ-230 is supplied with Computer Concepts' super- 
fast TurboDriver printer drivers - printing and returning 
control on average between three and ten titnes faster 
than the standard Acom drivers or the Ace PROdrivers, 
The RISC OS 3 TurboDi iver works with !Printers, which 
means for example that it can handle rotated text and 
sprite printing. If also offers full Postscript style control 
over- scieen density, screen angle and sci een type to 
achieve the best possible print quality. 

^ BJ‘230 is a black 

/ and white inkjet 
/ printer from Canon 
that handles a 
variety of paper sizes up to 
A3, It comes with a built-in 
80 page sheet feeder and 
pow er supply. With a print 
density of 360dpi the print 
quality is hard to 
distinguish from a laser 
printer and better than any 
other competing black and 
white inkjet printer, 

A sample A4 print out is 
available on request so you 
can make the comparison. 
And like all inkjet printers 
the BJ*230 is whisper quiet 
and both easy and cheap to 

Acorn User 

We are so confident about our combiiialion of 
Canon BJ printers with TurboDrivers that we offer a no 
quibble, money back guarantee. 

m The TurboDriver 
excels at its task of 
providing quicks high 
quality output. 

.Jn my opinion it is 
well worth the money 
and will more than pay 
for itself in terms of 
better productivity. 

Acorn Computing 

The package includes the 
BJ-230 printer with 
TurboDrivers software^ a cable, 
sample A4 sheets of high 
quality inkjet paper. 

The BJ-230 is only suitable for use 
with RISC OS 3,L Suitable for ail 
luadels of Archimedes, but a. 
minimum of 2 Mbytes of RAM is 

Computer Concepts Ltd 

rjkOtC Prices «£ dacri^ 

-e sub feet lo change^. 


In brief 

CDFast and a template editor for your Rise OS machines 

Quick access in COfasf's enhanced mode 


Supplier: Eesox 

Tel: (0223) 264242 

Price: £25 + VAT + £2 carriage 

Cambriclge-based CD^Rom 
specialist, Eesox, has come up 
with CDFast, a Rise OS soft- 
ware utility which can speed 
up some CD-Rom drives by 
almost 50%. 

What's more, it only costs 
£25 and it's compatible with 
any CD-Rom drive on any 
Acorn computer, including the 
new Rise PC range, which runs 
Acorn’s CDFS. 

CDFast is a cache utility 
which basically stores and 
accesses file parameters in 
main memory so that they 
don't have to be repeatedly 
re-read off the CD-Rom. 

This means the CD-Rom 
drive's head mechanism can 
spend less time hunting around 
for small bits of data and more 
time reading the target data. 

Cacheing is especially use- 
ful for CD-Rom drives because 
they typically have much 
worse track-to-track seek 
performance than, say, a hard 
disc drive. Hard drives can 

take as little time as IQms to 
find a target track, while even 
the best CD-Rom drives are 
15 times slower and usually 
more than twice as worse. 

Reducing the need to find 
scattered but repeatedly 
accessed data pays big 
dividends, as CDFast clearly 

Eesox test data shows that 
CDFast can reduce the time 
taken to do specific CD-Rom 
access tasks by as much as 

This was a test which 
involved opening the root 
directory on an Acorn 
Education Directory CD-Rom 
in a Hitachi CDR1650S drive. 

With CDFast switched on 
in Enhanced mode, the task 
time reduced from 6.16 
seconds to just 3.43 seconds. 
Enhanced mode uses 36K of 
cache space, which is remark- 
ably economical compared to 
some disc cacheing systems 

If every byte is precious 
there is a Minimum Memory 
mode which uses just 8K of 
cache space. The same test 
still returned a useful 34% 

improvement in Minimum 
Me mo 17 mode. 

In general, when intensive 
accessing of many short files is 
required, CDFast can be very 
effective at speeding things up. 

Wc verified typical speed 
benefits of roughly 25% on 
average using a variety of 
drive makes, and while the 
actual benefit varied from 
drive to drive there was always 
a useful improvement in 
intensive search operation 

Straight loading of large 
contiguous files benefits far 
less and in fact we did notice 
that CDFast actually slowed 
some operations like this. 

However, in the main, 
CDFast is a remarkably effec- 
tive utility at a bargain price 
which all Acorn CDFS users 
should seriously consider. 

Mind you, a disc cacheing 
facility should really be in the 
operating system itself as 

Ian Burley 


Supplier; Simon Glass 
Address: PO Box 834, 
Landbeach, Cambridge CB4 

Price: RiseView £9 (site 
licence £19), RiseView 
Professional £29 (site licence 

is a template editor. 
For those of you who only use 
and never write programs, this 
means that it will create and 
edit Rise OS windows such 
as the Edit search and replace 
dialogue box. 

It comes in two versions. 
/fijcVzw itself is a fairly basic 
template editor. As icon and 
window data can be edited 
using dialogue boxes rather 
than a complicated menu tree, 
RiseView scores heavily over 

FormEd in ease of use. 
Several icons can be selected 
and edited at one go, which is 
another bonus. 

In fact, the program does 
everything I could want a 
template editor to do. Aside 
from one or two confusing 
dialogue boxes I have no 
complaints, although the 
program has few frills. 

The frills come with the profes- 
sional version, RiseView-^, which 
brings the concept of styles to 
template editing. 

Both windows and icons 
can have styles governing 
their attributes. For example, 
all the icon styles given in the 
Rise OS Style Guide are 
available in a default file, 
loaded in when the applica- 
tion is run. 

This really lakes the pain 

out of template design. I no 
longer need to remember what 
border style and validation 
string to use for a 'default 
action' icon as RiseView + does 
it for me. I can create my own 
style for Tnfo’ windows and 
simply apply it each time I 
need to. 

As would be expected, alter- 
ing a style affects the appear- 
ance of all templates which use 
that style. 

All icon and window 
attributes can be altered 
individually, so there is 
nothing restrictive about using 

Style information can be 
saved in RiseView files by 
RiseView-^. At present these 
files can only be read by 
RiseView^, which may not 
seem very useful but is. 

Templates can be designed 
using RiseView files, with a 
library of standard ones on 
hand, and only saved as a 
standard template when the 
design is finished, 

A demo is available for 
£1, should you want to see 
what the program is capable of. 

With the ability to open a 
number of template files 
at once and freely copy icons 
and templates between them, 
RiseView is the template editor 
I have waited ages for. 

RiseView is based on 5- 
Base template editor, so users 
of this program should know 
what to expect. 

The style system - and the 
inclusion of a printed manual - 
makes the Professional version 
worth the extra money. 

David Matthewman 


Out The 



R^elatively speaking^ Einstein's theories weren't too popular with 
class 3B. Until the teacher had a bit of a brainwave. And here's the theory! 
CD-ROMS are putting the fun back into learning, and the Morley 
Revolution is one of the best. Just plug in the interface and drive to any 
Acorn computer^ switch it on^ and you're all ready to go* 


DRIVES FROM £299.99 

complete with interface 

Current applications include encyclopedias, digitised sound and video, 
clip art and much, much, more* See the text on screen, along with live 
action clips, speaking dialogues, music, graphs-even Einstein's ideas! And 
the great news is, each extensive programme is stored on a single CD* 

Discover how you can bring out the Einstein in Edward, Jane and John. 
Call the MORLEY HOTLINE on [ 091 ) 257 6355 today, for more 





W ith the advent of Rise 
PC and Acorn's emerging 
successes in new markets and 
publishing arenas, and with 
Impression II getting decidedly 
long in the tooth, it is high 
time for a truly professional 
new DTP package to appear 
for Rise OS. So has Computer 
Concepts' Impression Publisher 
been worth the wait? 

Publisher comes on seven 
floppy discs comprising the 
main program and all the 
extras which are already 
supplied with Impression 
Style ^ namely Word Works, 
TableMate, Equasor and a 

demonstration document, 
supplied on disc, entitled 
* Designing with Publisher 
This document provides a 
stimulating introduction to 
some of Publisher' s new 
features, and also presents 
some good general advice on 
basic typography and layout. 

In use 

Publisher looks indistinguish^ 
able from Style, and uses only 
marginally more memory: 
a total of 640K initially. 
Compared with Impression //, 
the differences are striking. 
Not only are all the features of 

Text flow around an arbitrary shape 

The best 


Following-on from the review of Impression Style in January, 
Richard Hallas and Steve Powell examine Impression Publisher, 
Computer Concepts’ answer to Quark XPress 

small selection of fonts. 

The Publisher manual, at 
330 pages plus an additional 
22~page Commercial Printing 
Guide, is generally well -written 
if not particularly inspiring. Of 
far greater inspirational value 
is an excellent (but short) 

Style present, but also those of 
impression 2.5, which was 
only available in Germany. 
A particularly good point for 
users of Impression II is that 
Fuhlisher .still feels the same 
in use, even though some of 
its features have changed 

greatly; it's obviously a devel- 
opment of an existing program. 

The most striking addi- 
tions are the tool bars, the high 
quality Treebies' such as 
WordWorks and the on-line 
help, all of which are in Style ^ 

The real differences between 
Publisher and Style become 
apparent when you start 
digging deeper into the program. 
Among many relatively minor 
new features, three stand out as 
being of particular importance: 
irregular frames, colour 
processing facilities and pro- 
fessional printing options. 

The first of these is the most 
exciting-sounding, but is in 
some ways a slight disappoint- 
ment. The idea of irregular 
frames is that you can import a 
graphic into a standard rectan- 
gular frame and then edit the 
frame outline until it follows 
the shape of the graphic. Any 
text flowing up to the graphic 
will then be smoothly repelled 
around Us outline. 

In Publisher, any graphic 
frame can be made irregular 

OPI supplement 

Possibly the most significant feature of Publisher, from a 
professional viewpoint is the forthcoming release of an 
Open Pre-Press Interface (OPI) Supplement. This is a 
method of including high resolution images without 
the need for vast quantities of memory. 

The image is scanned on a high resolution drum scan- 
ner at a bureau and they produce two copies, one 
very high resolution image of 120Qdpi or over, which 
they keep, and one lower resolution image which they 
send back to you on disc. 

You use the low resolution image in your document 
and scale, rotate and crop it as required, then when you 
send your separation files to be typeset, the bureau 
replaces the low res image with the high res one. 

I haven't had the opportunity to test OPI in Publisher 
but have used it in Quark Xpress with no problems, and 
as Puhtisher supports DCS files - which are collections of 
EPS files “ everything should work as excepted. 

simply by choosing a menu 
option. The frame outline turns 
blue, and you can then drag the 
frame handies lo alter the 

Points can easily be added 
and deleted, and the graphic 
tool, which normally operates 
on the image within the frame, 
can also be made to rotate and 
scale the frame as well if you 
click with Adjust rather than 
Select. The whole operation is 
very smooth and intuitive. 

The main shortcoming at 
present is that only graphics 
frames can be made irregular. 
It would be iiTemendoLisly useful 
if the same facilities could 
apply to text frames, as this 
would then allow text to be 
printed at an arbitrary angle by 
rotating the frame. 

There is also no way of posi- 
tioning frame points precisely, 
and it is not possible to have 
curved frame edges. 

However, all is not lost. 
Computer Concepts has done 
the hard work of sorting out 
the irregular text repel and 
graphics clipping, so I expect 
that irregular text frames will 
be the next major addition. 


Without doubt, one of the most 
impressive things about 
Publisher is its excellent 
graphics handling. Very 
comprehensive printing 
options are provided - see later 
- and Publisher is also fully 
compatible with the new 
full-colour PC desktop; 
some of the shots here show it 
working in 32,000 colours. 

The graphics colour mapping 
editor is a splendid tool which 
works as quickly as the 
machine can draw the graphic, 
and if you make a mess, you 



can go back to the original at 
any time. 

This is one of the few places 
where mistakes can be undone, 
though. It would be nice if 
PiibiL'^her could incorporate 
perhaps a single-stage undo, or 
at the very least an abort for 
certain operations. 

Text options 

Publisher provides complete 
control over position and size 
of underlining, subscripts and 
superscripts. Another new 
bonus is the auto-indenting 
ruler, which makes the 
creation of lists much easier. 

Guide frames, missing in 
Style, are back in Publisher. 
and at last there is a page 
grid for accurate alignment. 

A handy new option is the 
ability to duplicate frames 
across arbitrary x and y off- 
sets. In combination with the 
page grid, this provides an 
excellent new way of creating 
tables and the like. 

Whereas tracking is avails 
able as an effect in Style, it is 
also a style attribute in 
Publisher. However, it's still 
* absolute': Puhlisher won't 
make any intelligent decisions 
about w hen to apply tracking. 

In many respects this is 
excusable, as auto-tracking is 
one of the most abu.sed facili- 
ties of DTP packages on other 
platforms, and it’s easy to 
inadvertently make your docu- 
ments look a mess. 

Of course. Publisher has 
Style's facilities for keeping 
paragraphs together, but it's a 
pity that there's still no proper 
orphan control to prevent sin- 
gle lines occurring at the tops 
of columns. 

A few features were not 
able to make it into the 
first release, though hopefully, 
they are planned for inclusion 
soon. These include irregular 
text frames, non-leadering 
tabs, embedded grouped 
frames, a 'make null' com- 
mand for frames, and drag- 
selection of frames. 


There is no doubt at all that 
Impression Publisher is a 
superb piogram and includes a 
tremendous range of powerful 
professional features hitherto 
lacking on any Rise OS package. 

Although a mere fraction of 
the price, there is no reason 
why it cannot be compared 

with the likes of Quatic XPress. 
although the latter certainly 
has some powerful features 
which Pithlhher still lacks, the 
reverse is also true, and no- 
one would suggest trying to 
employ Quark X Press as a 
word processor. 

Publisher, on the other 
hand, is perfectly capable of 
that. This is an important point 
which is easy to overlook. 

Publisher is fast and profes- 
sional, and the upgrade price is 
ludicrously cheap. Even at full 
price, the program represents 
exceptional value. 

Bearing Computer Concepts' 
track record of a very generous 
free upgrade policy, there is 
absolutely no reason to wait 
before buying Publisher. It is 
by far the best DTP package 
for Rise OS. 

Richard Hallas 

Professional use 

Impression Publisher offers an 
array of new' features aimed at 
the professional publishing 
market, though a cursory 
glance could mislead you into 
thinking little had changed. 

Behind the scenes, 32-bit 
colour support, image colour 
control facilities and PostScript 
output screening facilitie.s have 
been introduced. There are, 
however other features worthy 
of note. 

The new page grid feature 
offers the possibility of aligning 
text across multiple frames/ 
columns. Frames can snap to 
this grid and the grid separation 
is adjustable from the Master 
Page dialogue which also offers 
a page bleed facility. 

The new printing dialogues 
offer the option of including 
both crop and registration 

marks on the printed output 
and the option to print a colour 
accuracy/dot gain control bar 
on the separations may be 
available on later versions. 

This dialogue also offers the 
possibility of generating 
process colour (CMYK) sepa- 
rations, Each separation can be 
set to overprint and PostScript 
half-toning .screen angles and 
densities are fully adjustable, 
with several of the moie comiuon 
printers and typesetters 
supported by preset tables. 

These tables also contain 
colour correction information 
for the primers and can of 
course be customi.sed for your 
own needs. 

At present only process 
colour separations are avail- 
able, though spot colour 
capabilities might be included 
in a later update of the package. 

Professional printing methods 

There are essentially two methods of adding 
colour to your documents. The first. Spot 
Colour, is a method which adds a specified 
colour as a solid colour to your documents. 
This colour is matched to a particular ink 
using a system such as the Pantone 
ColourMatch Swatches which give a repre- 
sentation of the ink as it would appear on 
the finished document 

It is possible to add as many spot colours 
to a document as you wish, but since each 
colour must be applied by a separate plate, 
an image of that plate needs to generated, 
known as a separation. Each colour requires 
a separation of its own, including black. 

The other. Process Colour, relies on the 
use of three inks known as the subtractive 
primaries - Cyan, Magenta and Yellow - to 
generate an approximation of all colours by 
combining them in varying amounts, usually 
expressed as a percentage, where 100% 
means full colour and 0% means no colour. 

So, a full colour picture can be generated 
by creating a separation for each colour and 
printing them on top of each other. 

When all three are combined together at 
100% you should theoretically get black, but 
due to impurities inherent in the inks, you 
usually get a dark muddy brown^ so an extra 
colour is added. This is known as the Key 
separation and it is printed using black ink. 
The names of the colours give rise to the 
abbreviation CMYK. 

However, printing is not just a case of sep- 
arating the colours on the page. There are a 
number of errors possible with printing tech- 
nology, and these have to be solved by the 
separating software. 

Registration error: the 
yellow plate is offset to 
the right 

Registration errors 
are caused by slight 
movements of the 
paper as it moves 
between the plates 
that print the separate 
colours. This can result 
in the colours being 
slightly offset from 
one another. 

This can be significant when printing 
using knock-outs, since a slight shift can 
result in slivers of white paper appearing 
where two adjacent colours should meet. 

Trapping is a method which compensates 
for registration errors when printing. It does 
this by thickening the lines between adja- 
cent areas on different separations and thus 
creating a small overlap. The eye doesn't see 
this overlap and thus the paper can drift a 
little without leaving a blank area. 

Knock-outs are blank areas generated in 
the underlying colour separations where 
another colour f 
overlaps. An 
example is a 
yellow circle ‘ 
printed on a , 
cyan back- 
ground, If you 
don't create a 
white hole in 
the cyan back- 
ground the yel- 
low will appear 
green when 
printed after 
the cyan. 



{'hake' . 


ACnm ll.SFR ILJNE 1994 

rdoUT ma 

DicfauH I linear | Full range | 10% clip 

Model to edit Colour to cdil 

^ Master (W RGB J Red Green 

J Blyp 


Close I I 

Using the colour mapping editor to change colours in a true-cofour TIFF file 

The process colours can of 
course be used as spot colours 
to produce separations for spot 
colour documents, but this 
isnT exactly what t'd describe 
as a satisfactory method of 

The separation system 
generates knock-outs automat- 
ically, even in images. There 
are no facilities for generating 
traps, which results in the need 
to ensure perfect registration 
during printing. 

However, it is worth pointing 
out that with Aldus Pagemaker 
you have to buy an expensive 
separate package called 
TrapWise to perform this 
function, and that Quark 
Xpress’ trapping facilities are 
fairly simplistic to say the 
least, so to criticise Publisher 
for this is unfair, especially 
when you consider the price 

Trapping can be done man- 
ually at the pi ate- making stage 
by a bureau. So this shouldn’t 
present major problems for 
most users. 

The separation routines also 
employ Under Colour 
Removal and Grey Component 
Replacement to counter a vari- 
ety of common problems 
inherent in the process colour 
printing method. 

The colour support has been 
enhanced and support for 32- 
bit CMYK images is compre- 
hensive. The Graphic dialogue 

offers access to the colour map 
editing facilities, the usefulness 
of which cannot be overstated. 

The colour map can be edited 
in a variety of colour models, 
primarily the master palette 
and RGB, but HSV and 
CMYK models are supported 
for TIFF images imported 
through the new Graphics 
Loaders and Art Works files 
(see separate box). 

The white balance can be 
adjusted via the colour map 
dialogue and though there is no 
direct method of defining the 
mapping curve, the system 
employed in Publisher is 
extremely effective. 

Individual colours can be 
altered in the RGB and CMYK 
colour models, thus allowing 
for some limited image 
enhancement and extensive 
colour correction of individual 
images to minimise disparities 
between them. 

The dialogue also offers the 
ability to create lints and duo- 
tones by defining the colour 
range of the current image. 
This is a powerful and impres- 
sive feature considering the 
limited facilities comparable 
packages offer. 

The Graphics dialogue also 
offers a variety of PostScript 
screening options via a 
Typesetting dialogue box. This 
offers control over screen 
density, screen angle, spot 
shape and overprinting options 

for individual graphics. 

This means that each image 
can be reproduced using an 
optimum screening method for 
the image, independently of 
the other images and text. This 
allows the PostScript output to 
be fine tuned to an unparal- 
leled degree. 


Publisher performs well when 
compared to products such as 
PageMaker and Quark Xpress. 
It isn't quite as polished as 
either, but then again it is 
respectively £300 and £400 
cheaper than these products. 

Neither package offers a 
great deal more for the money 
apart from the fact that they 
are Mac compatible. 

It may be worth mentioning 
at this point that Publisher has 
also undergone a performance 
increase, with its text reformat 
some 30 times faster than 
Impression //. 

Having used a PowerMac 
for the last few weeks I have to 
say that Quark doesn't appear 
as quick and responsive as 
Publisher and Fm using an old 

Admittedly Quark has yet to 
be ported to the native instruc- 
tion set of the PowerPC, so 
perhaps it isn't a fair compari- 
son, though remember native 
Quark for the PowerPC will 
cost £1000 + VAT. 

1 still feel Publisher lacks 
certain features, although rotating 
text may be included soon. 
Drop caps are to remain a 
manual task, and although this 
often produces better visual 
results the time saved by auto- 
matic generation is not 
insignificant. These are of 

course niggles rather than 
important omissions and as 
such detract little from the 
impressive (excuse the pun) 
performance of the package. 

All of the important omissions 
are, I suspect, a result of needing 
to have the package ready for 
the Acorn User Show and will 
all be amended later. 

Publisher addresses many, if 
not all, of the criticisms raised 
by printing and publishing 
professionals about the Acorn 

Acorn's DTP credentials 
have been considerably 
enhanced by the additional 
facilities Publisher offers, and 
as a result Macs no longer offer 
significantly better quality for 
the price penalty incurred. 

Apple would do well to 
watch the Acorn platform and 
spend less time resting on their 
laurels. The software and hard- 
ware advantages they have 
held for so long are shrinking. 

Steve PoweJI 

Product details 

Product Impression Publisher 
Supplier: Computer Concepts 
Teh (0442) 63933 
Price: £169 + VAT 
Upgrade from Impression H: 
£29 + VAT 

Upgrade from Styfe: £70 + VAT 
Upgrade from Impression 
Junior: £80 + VAT 
Upgrade from certain other 
WP/DTP packages: £120 + 

Product: Graphics Loaders 
Price: £39 + VAT 
Supptien Computer Concepts 
Tel: (0442) 63933 

Graphics loaders 

A loader for TIFF files is provided with Publisher as 
standard, but the new Graphics Loaders offer enhanced 
TIFF loading, as well as facilities to import PhotoCD, JPEG 
and Clear images into Style, Publisher and Artworks. 

The loaders are installed inside the System folder, and 
are invoked when required. If you drop a JPEG image into 
a Publisher frame, for example, the JPEG loader window 
will open to offer you some decompression options, and 
when you dick on 'Process' the image is loaded. 

Each file can be imported in either 8. 16 or 24-bits per 
pixel, and PhotoCD images can be imported at any of the 
six sizes/resolutions each image is available in. 

Each image is converted into a Deep Sprite, which 
is a 32-bit format but is confusingly called 24-bit since 
eight of the bits are for other information. 

Each loader gives a predicted output size in Kilobytes 
and thus offers an opportunity to prevent the dreaded 
Insufficient Memory warning appearing. 

24-bit images are frequently larger than 1Mb and for 
those intending to work extensively with such 
images, memory neds to be seriously considered. 

Publisher is an outstanding package in its own right, but 
to fulfil its potential the Graphics Loaders are a necessity. 


ARM3 upgrades 

All 25MI:iz ARM 3 upgrades increase the speed 
i>r your computer by a factor o\ 3 (typically), 
and so me limes even more. Acorn's lloating 
point chip, the FPAIO, speeds up maths 
operations previously emulated by software. 

IFOL can offer three versions of the ARM3 

I ) A 25MHz ARM3 with FPA option. This 
upgrade has a 68 -pin socket on the ARM3 
board, and the FPA chip can simply be plugged 
in at any time. £109. 

2) Standard 25MH/: ARM3 without the FPA 
option. Provides the same increase in speed as 
{ 1 ) above, but docs not allow the FPA chip to 
be added later. £99. 

3) 3 5 MHz ARM3. We still have limited slocks 
of these ultra-fast ARM3 upgrades. Some of the 
most popular Archimedes applications (such as 
Impression, A it works and even BASIC V) do 
not gain anything from the FPA 10. So, for those 
using Impression or Artworks extensively, the 
35MHz upgrade is the only logical choice. The 
last remaining units are just £1 14. 

All our ARM 3 upgrades use a high quality 4- 
layer circuit board. 25MHz devices may be 
fitted to the A30.^, A3 10, A440, 400/1 series 
and the A3000. (The 35 MHz part is not suitable 
for the A30(X)). Installation is straightforward 
for the 300 and 400 series computers, A 3-day 
fitting service is available if required. Please 
note that the A300 series and old A440 require 
the MEMC 3 a upgrade (£25). 

These prices apply strictly while stocks 

last. Our usual moiiey^back guarantee 
applies to all ARM3 upgrades. 

RISC os 3 £75 

Acorn's new operating system lor their range of 
RISC computers. The upgrade consists of four 
replacement ROMs, utility discs, and manuals. 

RISC OS 3 may be used on the A305, A3 10, 
A440, 400/1 series, A3(KMX 540 and A50(X). 

RISC OS 3 £75 

.4305, A3 10 and A440 owners please note. 
You will need to install the RISC OS Carrier 
Board in order to use RISC OS 3. 1’hc RCB 
may be used with any version of RISC OS. 

This earriei‘ board is compatible wit It memory 
boards, ARM3 upgrades and does not in any 
way obstruct expansion cards (" pod tiles"). 
Unlike some other adaptors, the IFliL RCB 
allows ROMs up to 8Mbit to be used. (RISC 
OS 3 chips are currently only 4MBit,) 

RISC OS Carrier Board £21 

A3010/A3020/A4000 RAM 

These machines may all be upgraded by easy 
to fit, plug in components. No soldering is 

A3020/A4[X)0 extra 2Mb - £ Please phone 
A3010 extra 1Mb (2Mb total) - £3S 
A3010 upgrade to 4Mb - £145 

All products fully guaranteed. Many 
products also carry our 14-day money -back 
guarantee too. Please phone for details. 

This month's specials 

25MHz ARM3 with FPA option 


25MHz ARMS with FPA fitted 


25MHz ARMS, no FPA option 




Wordworks (CC) 


4Mbyte SIMM for RISC PC 


A3000 memory - 4Mb £1 09 

An easy to fit and reliable RAM upgrade, (iold 
plated connectors ensure long term reliability. 
This upgrade uses a four-layer circuit board as 
recommended by Acorn, No soldering needed, 

2Mb RAM board (upgradable to 4Mb) - £56 
(This board has high quality turned pin .sockets to 
take an extra 2Mb of RAM (te 4Mb total). When 
comparing the prices of other 2Mb boards, check 
the cost upgrading to 4Mb later. Some boards 
cannot even be upgraded at all.) 

2Mb to 4Mb upgrade for above 2Mb board - £63 
4Mb RAM board complete - £109 

Trade-in offer. For maximum reliability, we use 
only brand new^ components on all our memtiry 
boards. When purchasing the 4Mb hoard, we will 
however give an allowance for rmy A 3000 2Mb 
memory card. Please phone for details. 

A5000 memory 

2Mb memory board (4Mb total) - £75 
A compact board mcasunng just 1 04mm by 
37mm, this design fits vertically in your 
machine. No soldering required. Unlike larger 
boards, there is no need to remove the disc drive. 
Four- layer design as specified by Acorn, 

8 Mb upgrades 

A range of 8Mbyte upgrades will be available 
for the A5000, A3000, 400/ U A440, and 300 
.series machines. Please ask for details. 

Hard disc upgrades 

A range of fast SCSI or TDP], internal hard discs 
with a year's w^arranty. In sizes from 40Mb 
upwards. Complete systems supplied with all 
metalwork and cables. 400/ 1 machines merely 
require the drive and coniroiler card. 300 scries 
require a backplane. 

85Mb SCSI - £195 

120Mb SCSI - £199 2l0Mb SCSI - £250 

Fast 16 bit SCSI card - £100 

1 70Mb IDE - £275 200Mb I DE - £300 

IDE controller card - £75 

(add £75 for external version of SCSI discs). 

Please ask for details on hard discs for the 



Aleph One 486 )Mb PC Card - £4^0 (4Mli £580) 

Free price list available upon request. 
Prices exclude VAT. 


Educational and quantity discount available. 

34 Culver Road. Saltash, Cornwall PL1 2 4DR. Tel (0752) 847286. l-ax (0752) 840029 

A300 series upgrade 
column. 2Mb £89, 4Mb £119 

Memory expansion 

Extra memory is without doubt the most worthwhile 
addition to any A300 series machine. Some programs 
won't even run with only ! Mb, and 2Mb is a bare 
minimum. Certain applications, desktop publishing 
foi' example, benefit from a 4Mb system. 

lMbto2\lb - £89 lMbto4]Vlb - £119 

Upgrade frt>m 2Mb to 4Mb (self fit) £63 

C'ompatibility. The memory is detected and used by 
the machine automatically, so there are no special 
commands needed. Works with both RISC OS 2 and 

Fully compatible wiih ARM3 upgrades, backplanes, 
hard discs etc. This upgrade is supplied on just one, 
compact board measuring only 195mm by 46mm. 
Four- layer circuitry reduces electrical noise for 
trouble-free operation. The 2Mb upgrade may be 
upgraded to 4Mb later by the user, without any 
soldering, at a cost of £63. A copy of the fitting 
instructions is available free of charge. 

Is there any other 300 series RAM upgrade wich has 
been available for as long as this one, and which has 
the same reputation for quality and reliability? No, 

Si ill not sure? Compare it with the compeiition 
before making up yowr mindr Use our i4-day money - 
back guarantee to check it out for yourself 

4-s1ot backplane nith fan £52 

(This is a four-layer circuit board) 

Combination deals 

4Mb with MEMCla, selfTit £143 

Collection of your computer, insiallaiion of 4Mb of 
RAM. MEMCla, and RISC OS Carrier Board, 
te sti ng , f u 1 1 guarantee, and re i u rn de I i very £ 1 89 

As above, but with 2Mb of RAM £135 

(Add £70 to have RISC OS 3 fitted at the same lirne.) 

Fitting service 

Many upgrades arc straightforward to fit (eg A3QOO 
and A, 5 000 memory), but others require expertise. 

We can provide a fitting service for all of our 
products, usually with a three day turn round. Please 
ask for a quotation. 

A30U0. Fitting ARM3 upgrade - £25. 

Special deals including fitting 

A3000 upgraded (o 25MHz ARMS and 4Mb of 
RAM. Includes carriage. £225, 

(While ARM3 stocks last). 

A3 1 0 upgraded to 4Mb RAM, MEMCI a and RISC 
OS Carrier Board. Includes carriage. £189. 

RAM for 410 & 420 

Upgrade from I Mb to 2Mb - £35 
Upgrade from 2Mb to 4Mb - £70 
Upgrade from 1Mb to 4Mb - £105 
Supplied with full instructions. 


J 8u looks like my Mork 
Hhas once been 

flmade difficult in trying 
^to find a game that 
■ fidoesn^t match up with 
^ li tny rather high standaiUs. 
91 All the games like last 
;:‘^’:9iiionth^s have passed 
LifSwith nying colours and 
^ JS should your games 
jl W budget he in danger of 
d^yitidling* then please 
find a cunning way to 
p deflect certain important 
g expenses in favour of these 
Q disc-based otTe rings. 

E In keeping with the hectic 
9 world of being a Games 
9 Editor* ] have just written 
*tbis after attending our 
Spring Acorn User shoyv in 

Things are looking very 
very good, fellow gamers. It 
seems at last the needs of the 
Acorn market are being met 
with some classic games, 
both original and conver- 
sions, destined for Spring 
and Summer releases. 

Krisalis is planning a 
stunning release with Power 
Monger, a population manip- 
ulation game much in the 
same vein as Popolus and to 
a certain degree Mega Lo Mania, 
If the result is as good as 
other formats we could soon 
be playing God, with serious 
CO nsecj lienees for your 

Also destined for release is 

Cannon Fodder, a great 
excuse to release any frustra- 
tions w ith a weapon of your 

Gamesware has released it 
answ er to the Play it Again 
Sarn syndrome %vith a pack- 
age named after the signs 
of the Zodiac. The first 
release is Aries and con- 
tains Hamsters, Quizmaster^ 
Blowpipe and Square Route, 
More of tlus next month w hen 
a full review is planned. 

Also from Gamesware was 
the announcement of a June 
or July release of Diineil, a 
smash hit with the thinkers 

on the Sega. PC and Amiga 

The game will he based on 
the PC version and for those 
of you unfamiliar with the 
concept, you command a spice 
harvesting force (no sting in 
this one thank goodness) and 
must protect and eliminate 
the other houses that are 
doing the same. 

Management of weapons 
and attack forces, troops and 
buildings are required to win 
through and complete the 
progressively harder tasks 
set out for you. Can’t wait! 
Also at the show, and des- 

tined for a review' next 
month, vi as Oregan Develop- 
ments Afagnetoids which sees 
you piloting a fighter through 
some heavily populated 
space -ways, with a cockpit 
that looks like something in 
the Elite style. 

The attendance at the 
Acorn User show, especially 
the Saturday, showed a pas- 
sionate interest in develop- 
ment for the Acorn and the 
games stands assured me that 
games playei*s are growing in 

Steve Atherton 

James Pond2 - RoboCod 

At the middle of the first level there are 
five objects, lips, ice-cream, violin. Earth 
and snowman. Collect all the objects in 
the above order and you will have spelt 
the word LIVES. The result is nothing 
less than infinite! 

Magic Pockets 

Here's a serious helping hand for this 
highly-rated platform cutesy, with some 
easy-to -enter platform codes. 


4736 3 

6332 5 


2175 6 

4151 8 

5226 10 











until you have another 5,000 points, kill 
the remaining threats and obtain a gold 
star. Finitof 

The code for the final level is useless as 
you cannot complete it without obtain^ 
rng the necessary 100,000 points at the 
tail end of level 26. To conquer the last 
level fire non-stop at the wall until you 
collect 5,000 points or more. 

Use a large snowball to kill the first 
enemy, collect the silver star, repeat 

To help you with some very nasty 
lead piping horrors, here's the 
necessary codes to allow the 
free«flowing flouride to reach 
it's destination and your plumbing 
skills to reach the more difficult 










cmnsc^^mui^ j^S^xctFcmiriim ^wsmm 

'. -€*^®- [Wmml} S)& 

CSCvc^s^it (maos' vsams? fcBorrasBo^Ov mmmssU Mirsg 

nisnmrjs eswesn^asBim^s, (sm. 

;?v- \ V-: 

established itself as the 
ultimate adventure for a 
single player. 

The character control and 
enemy movement have been 
achieved using a rofoscoplng 
animation process, not too 
far removed from the Disney 
system utilised In their recent 
classic Beauty and the Beaxi. 

The end result Ls a fluid- 
moving character that can 
animate through a combina* 
tion of control inputs in a 
very realistic way. 

As you achieve certain 
goals, some well-placed ani- 
mations take you through the 
tasks ahead or summarise 
what you have just achieved. 

Conrad is the iead character 
that you play and his scientific 
tinkering has lead him to 
make a startling discovery 
with his molecular density 
analyser, revealing that all is 
not what it seems on Earth. 

Certain key figures have 
been replaced by morphing 
aliens who are hell-bent on 
taking over the planet, if not 
the entire galavy, and turning 
all into slaves of their means. 

Refining his creation into a 
set of glasses, he sets forward 
to uncover and destroy the 

alien existence. Your Journey 
as Conrad will take you to 
planets afar, alien space ships 
and eventually back to earth 
where you can fulfil your 

The backdrops and atten- 
tion to detail compares to 
something out of a comic 
book - carefully drawn and 
totally interactive. 

Elach level provides a dif- 
ferent challenge be it shoot- 
ing skills, climbing skills or 
races against the clock utilis- 
ing both. 

bn the first level you must 
find a holocuhe to discover 
your task, locate credits, keys 
and shield recharge paints to 
finally obtain an anti-gravity 
belt to float to the under- 
ground inhabited area. 
I.ater levels involve 

Supplier: US Gold 
Teh 021-356 338S 
Price: TBA 

Delphine is a French soft- 
ware development company 
that caused a sensation a few^ 
years ago with a game called 
Another World. This game 
received conversions to all 
manner of machines from 
Mega Drives to Apple Macs 
and was a chart topper for as 
long as I can rememben 
What made it so special 
was the clever and innovative 
way the game combined 
action with strategy and 
puzzle-solving. It seemed a 
game like this would be 
never equalled, but several 
months later it was greatly 

Flashback was born and 

encounter. Be they jump- 
suit-clad marksman or 
morphing blue lizards these 
must be some of the best 
adversaries I have ever met. 

Conrad himself is no push 
over, as you have the ability 
to nianipulate him in several 
ways. You can make him 
crouch, roll, jump and, in 
extreme cases, leap and hang 
on by his finger-tips to even- 
tually pull himself up. 

A gun can be pulled and 
fired from all positions and a 
shield can be used to defend 
the character and his three 
‘kilP points. 

All through the action a 
very moody and atmospheric 
sound track plays its heart 
out, providing some creepy 
moments in all the right 

Used very much like a film 
score, the music is tagged to 
the action and heightens and 
lowers as certain situations 
arise. What it all boils down 
to is the nearest you ’ll get to 
an interactive cartoon. 

Flashback is fantastic, it’s 
a game that every serious 
gamer and not so serious 
gamer should acejuire. 

Steve Atherton 


gaining employment to save 
up enough credits to play the 
Death Tower game, a sort of 
Running Man experience 
that sees you shooting it out 
with enemy players for the 
grand prize of a ticket back 
to Earth. 

The ultimate aim is to 
blow' up the alien computer 
and escape to win the day. 
To make things that iitllc hit 
harder, there are three levels 
of difficulty which reduce or 
increase alien speed and 
accuracy and simplify the 
tasks for the respective level. 

4 special mention should 
be made to the aliens you will 

■ 1 • 1 '^. 1 — 1 ' 




74 HI 


FORSirrH c 


backward and no doubt 
Vauxhall Conference material 
and transform them into 
Premier, European and even 
World champions by train-^ 
ing players, entering the 
transfer market, phoning up 
and faxing the key members 
of the ciub, and even decid- 
ing on team formation and 

Of course a manager's role 
does not end there as the 
press must be dealt with, you 
must make ground improve- 
ments and obtain sponsor- 
ship and advertising revenue. 

OK, I hear you say, that^s 
not quite a manager’s job 
but it Is 

Supplier; Gremiin Graphics 
Tel: (0742) 153423 
Price: £25.99 

This is essential informa- 
tion if you are to make effec- 
tive changes at the half-time 
point. Should the changes be 
a waste of time and new 
blood is needed, you con con- 
sult you scouts who will 
advise on the best potential to 
sign up, (very cheaply of 

You must then train and 
nurture carefully for some 
rewarding results, both on 
the field and In the transfer 
market. Scouts can also be 
used for sizing up the opposi- 
tion for the next match. 

It’s a great game, football 
that Is, and this offering from 
Gremlin is certainly the most 
involved version I have 
played, with some research 
having obviously gone into 
the product. 

There are five divisions, 
complete interaction 
with other man- 
^ agers that might 

want to play 
and all , 

grounds upto a certain stan- 
dard must oblige with the 
Taylor report. 

Ail the changes you make 
have direct relevance to your 
game, and if anything, this 
program might make you 
more respectful of the TV 
heroes you might want to 

1 Liked this game though it 
didn’t completely bowl me 
over, maybe I’m not one for 
full-blown simulations. It 
took more than several 
attempts before I started 
winning even the most basic 
of challenges and I admit this 
cheesed me off a bit 

Perhaps the instructions 
should have been a bit more 
involved, with a tutorial tak^ 
ing you through the i 

baste decision-making | 

consequences. ' ' Ij 

Steve Atherton 

Here’s a blast from the past, 
a ‘football management 
game’. When I was young 1 
had a Spectrum 48K then a 
Commodore 64. I was dead 
proud of these machines and 
enjoyed hours and hours of 
meaningful word processing, 
mathematical calculations 
and constant help with my 
‘O’ level course work. 

At least that’s what my 
parents thought. Being sold 
by the Telegraph adverts for 
these machines, my parents 
were convinced I was enter- 
ing a world of the future and 
as a result I would enjoy 
boosted IQ and a greater 
knowledge of formulae and 
quantum physics. 

Of course I was enjoying 
all this but cleverly disguised 
as Gauntlet^ Asteroids and 
even the odd Pooh Predictor, 

One such format that 
sticks out from those days 
was the football managerial 
games. Hours and hours 
could be spent taking your 
personal obscure team 
through all manner of cups 
and challenges, the end 
result being relegation or 
world domination. 

They were highly popular 
and fortunately survived the 
16-bit explosion and now 
look set to shine in the 32-bit 

Premier Manager looks to 
me to be a direct port from 
the Amiga version, so what 
you are effectively getting 
here is a 16-bit game for 
your money. 

Not that this should put 
you off in any shape or form, 
as this version has received 
awards from nearly all the 
Amiga press. 

This is more than just a 
graphical treat with a few 
smart touches. You take your 

take on 

responsibil- ^ 

ity or stay \ 
out of the disk / ^ 

drive my boy. ^ 

Up to four 
players can play 
at once, all out 
for the accolades, 
with some humorous "v 
and perhaps not so \ 
humorous moments lying 
in simultaneous transfer 
market bids - a quick way to 
show just how devious play- 
ers may be. 

Each player takes turns in 
making the adjustments, 
until all are satisfied and the 
big match (matches) can 
begin. Results are brought 
in on a result system not 
too far removed from the 
Grandstand ‘computer’ and 
here you see how rivals did. 

Of course, just choosing 
the players and letting It all 
happen would be a tad 
boring, so highlights of the 
game as it transpires are 
transmitted to a little moni- 
tor on your desktop. 

How useful would 
your Acorn 
system be If you 
lost all your 

T hese days a hard disc is considered mandatory for the 
majority of computer users. The convenience and 
speed of having ali your programmes and data stored 
together is unquestioned. 

But have you ever stopped to consider the dire 
consequences of losing some or all of the files on your 
hard disc? Perhaps you or another user accidentally 
deletes some data, or a small but vital file has become 

fatally corrupted. Hopefully not a common scenario but, 
nonetheless, a nightmare you can well do without. 

Investigator III is a comprehensive disc management 
system giving you full control over your floppy and hard 
discs so that, if catastrophe does strike, you have the 
opportunity to recover your data: 

Investigator 111 includes four powerful applications: 

• Disc Recovery, will undelete accidentally deleted files and lets 
you directly edit the disc contents. Will fix broken directories. 

• Hard disc backup, to floppy, tape, SyQuest or other filing 
systems. Can be configured to backup the whole or part of the 
hard disc or simply files that have changed since the last backup. 

• Floppy disc backup, ensures you keep backup copies of all 
your floppies including protected programme discs. 

• Virus Killer, detects and kills all known viruses. Warns you if 
an unauthorised attempt is made to access files such as fBoot 

files and will remove any existing infections. Configurable to be active at all times or only scan new discs. 

Order Form 

Please supply the following products:- 

Qty Product £ Total £ 




Expires end: 

System owned: 

O Please send me 
more inform all on 
on tfie Vertical 
Twist range 

Investigator III 

£ 49.95 

Other Vertical Twist products 

ArcFS £24.99 

Desktop Tracker £49.95 

MIDI/Sampler Interface £79.95 

Printer Port Sampler £39.95 

QD Bug £69.00 

IDE Hard Drives (from} £1 B9.00 

SCSI Hard Drives (from) £289.00 

CD-ROM £299.00 

All prices exclude VAT Please add £9.00 delivery tor hard drives and £2.00 for 
other products. 

Please make cheques 
payable lo Vertical Twist. 



Meadowbank, Moor Lane, Hol^ay 
-^L/S W iy^TT ( fiS A lU Holywell, Clwyd. CHS 7EF mm 

rf AUTHORISED H Tef/Fax :- 0352 yi 5840 



Toshiba3401 Fastest Drive On The Market Rise PC 600 2me<9/ 210meg H/Drive SVGA (ES) MuttiScan 
Photo CD Compatable, MultiSesslon And Rise PC 600 5nne9 1 210iin:e9 H/Drive SVGA {ES) MuttiScan 
DoubFo Spin 8peod> Rise PC &Q0 Omeg / 420iTkeg H/Drive SVGA (ES) MultiScan 

Extemaf Unit £403 Systems Listed Above With AKFQ5 I7ineh Mu^iScan Add 

Toshiba4l0lD Twin Speed Photo CO Above Systems Also Come With 1 Years On Site Service included 

Compatable, Muttisession. ACM01 (SLICE) Case Upgrade £90 

External Unit £399 ACA20 1mb VRAM Upgrade 

nPTIf'AI ACA21 2mb VRAM Upgrade 

e: Jrr V A4000‘Home Office System, with ARM 250 Processor, 

Fujitsu OptiHl Hsrd Dri^e (SCSI) UBmeg colour Monitor, lOSmeg Haiti Drive, 

Removable Discs That Are Head/Write - » 





EEC add 1 7.5%vat to all prices except books. Prices and 
speciiicattons subject to change without notificatiop. Carriage is free 
(Ekc^pt for books/Software/BisC'OS 3.1 & PRM's) these wiii be 
shipped at cost. Goods offered subiect to being unsold and/or 
available. Goods not offered on trial basis. Next day deliveiy please 
add £12 + vat. Otherwise All goods shipped wilhin 48 hours subject 
to availabilfty. Restocking tee on non-defective returns. 








- n * T < EaslWriter 2, Desktop Database, etc. 

With A Data Transfer Rate Of 6D0k/Sec. ^4^300 Above) With Acorn MultScan. 

Internal Unit (ASOOO) £849 A4000-2meg lOSmeg Hard Drive, 

External Unit £749 A4000-2meg lOSmeg Hard Drive Learning Curve System 

126meg M/O Discs £30 A4000-2meg lOSmeg Hard Drive Multl&can Monitor. 


rtto A4-2meg Floppy Drive System. £1399 

Acorn pocket book. £139 

A3020 2meg 6dmeg Hard Drive System With Acorn Colour 
A3020 2rneg GDmeg Hard Drive System With MuliScan 
A301 0-Actlon Pack. 

£210 A301 0-Lea rning Curve System. 

£269 Upgrade AKF52 (MuliScan) To AKF50 (Multi Sync) “* 

£399 Upgrade Acorn Colour Monitor To AKF52 (MuliScan) “* 

£359 Upgrade Acorn Colour Monitor To AKF50 (Multisync) "* 

£489 pgj'ade AKF52 To Micro Vitec C ubSca n 1 449 M ul i Syne 

AnnUri'ci ULThnn Di irin f- 3 nn Aj<^hj ThA Ahn.hJA C 

AS LISTED. ORDER NOW ON (0352 715840) 

Thes« discs are top quality multi-layer drawings 
for use with the My World program. Ideal for 
Schools. MWOOt & MW003 are a useful tool for 
help within the National Curriculum (KS 1/2) 
Ssb Disc MWOOI ancient EGYPT 
£692 Disc MW002 CHRISTMAS 


























Morley 16b it Scsi 
Marley 16bit Cached 
MorleyASCKM Scsi 


Aoorn Col. AKFaO/40 
Acorn Multi AKF52 
Microvitec Multi-Sync 
Taxan 375 

Taxan 795 A . - 


ARM 3 Upgrade with FPAsoekei £163 ACORN UPGRADES & PERIPHERALS 

Turbo Driver CANON / DESKJET £49 Acorn Pocket Dock A-Link ( Requires RIscOS 3.1) £42.50 

Dongle Dangle £7 Acorn Pocket Book Parallel Link 

Oust cover (Keybd + Monitor) £12 Acorn Pocket Book RAM Disc (125k) 

Acorn Floating Point Upgrade Pack £99 Acorn Pocket Book FLASJ1 Disc (256k) 

Hawk V9 Video Digitiser 
I/O Expansion Card 
ArmStick Joystick Interface 
Keyboard Extension cable 
Midi Expansion Card 
Mouse Extender 
Micro Mouse (Clares) 

Scanlight (A4) (CC) 

Scan light Junior 255 (CC) 

QulckShot 2 Turbo Joystick 
Riec-OS 3 Upgrade 
Riso-OS 3 Carrier Board 300/400 
Serial Upgrade A3009 
VIDC Enhancer (State Machine) 

Vision Digitizer Mono fnt £59/Ext £79 
Vision Digitizer Colour Int E79i/Ext £89 


Acorn Education Directory 
Archi Assembly Language 
Rise OS 3 First Steps 
Archi Operating System 
C: A Dabhand Guide V.3 
Control On The Archimedes 
Artworks Made Easy 
BBC Basic Guide (NEW 3.19/11) 

Budget DTP 

DabRand Guide To Impression 
Gattie Makers Manual 
Graphics On The Arm 
Guide To Wimp Programming 
RISCOS Style Guide 
AASM Manual (Acorn) 

ANSI C v4 Manual (Acorn) 

DDE Manual (Acorn) 

A540/A5900 Tech Ref Manual 
A3009 Technical Ref Manual 
First Impressions (With Discs) 

Good Impressions (With Discs) 


CANON BJ-1 OSX / Turbo £1 89/£235 
Canon BJ-tO Ink Cartridge £17 

SheetFeeder for BJ-1 O&EX/SX £57 
Canon SJC600 Colour With Turbo £499 
Canon BJ300 Colour With Turbo £1489 
Refills for BJ10/DJ{Twin) BW/Col £12/£13 

nun AI sampler to til Midi MicroPodule 

^ i 4^010 CC ScanUght 256 PoduJe Only 

1 30 meg 2Vt Internal Toshiba Drive With - — — — — — - 

Multi Podule (2 Slot A3910 / 3 Slot A3Q00) 

IDE Interface, Power Supply, Fan, And 
Buffer Kit.. £419 


£199 Acorn Packet Book OPL Editor 
£79 Acorn Pocket Book Mains Adapter 
CALL Acorn Pocket Book Flash Disc (51 2k) 

£8 Acorn Pocket Book Schedule 
Acorn Schedule Class Pack 
A4 Battery Pack 
A4 Econet Upgrade 
A4 Shoulder Bag 
Acorn Midi Expansion Card 
^ , , Acorn Ethernet Expansion Card; 

£76 Acorn Floating Point Accelerator 
£21 Acorn Scsi Mk 3 Adaptor Card 
Acorn FSCI/CDFS Upgrade Kit 
Acorn I/O Expansion Card 


A3009 MuitiPodule 3 slots+User Port+HD space £40 

A3009 MuitiPodule 3 slotsi-User Porti-HD space+IDE Vf+PSU £99 
£4.95 A30tW MuitiPodule 20mBg HD+3 slotS+User Port+PSU 
£14.95 A3009 MuitiPodule 40meg HD+3 slots+User Port+PSU 
£1 4.95 ASOOO M ulliPod ule 60meg HD+3 s lots+U ser Port+ PSU 
£1 4. 95 A3000 M ultrPod ule 80meg H D+3 s lots+User Port* PS U 
£1 6.95 A3600 M ult i Pod ule 1 29meg H 0+3 slots+ User Port+PSU 
A3900 MuitiPodule 17gmeg HD+3 slots+User Port+PSU 
A3900 MuitiPodule 250meg HP+3 slots+User Port+PSU 
A3000 IDE Interface + User Port 
A3000 MuitiPodule IDE KEY 


Acorn Advance 
Advantage (Longman) 
Almanacs (Stallion) 
Armadeus (Clares) 

Art Works (CC) 

Archivist Pro 
ArcTerm 7 (Serial Port) 
Audio Works (CC) 

£12;95 Business Card Designer 
£9 99 ColourSep (ICS) 

£14 95 Compression (CC) 

Creator II 

Desktop C v4 (Adom) 
Desktop Thesaurus (RISC) 
Desktop Tracker (L/Edge) 
DeskTools (RiscOs 3 Only) 
Digital Symphony 
Arm Tech) 


£65.00 The Sample Above Is From MWOOt (Ancient Egypt) 























DiBry+ (, 

DFary+ For Schools 
Easy Font li (Fabis) 

Easy Writer (Icon Tech) 

Equasor (CC) 

Eureka 2 (Longman) £99 
Fireworks (Colton) £129 

Font FX (DataStora) £10 

Fontasy (ICS) £15 

Home Accounts (Minerva) £35 
Heersay2(Beebug) £74 

Image Animator (Iota) £56 

Image Outtiner (iqta) £89 

Impression (CC> £129 

I mpress f on STY LE (CC) £97 
Impress Ion B us Su pp (CC) £49 

Sample Below Is From MW003 (Ancient Greece) Investigators (V-Twist) 
£169,80 r —- — — 1 H Labeller (Arm ^Tech) 









1 1 

1 i4wec 

rt* , , I 

1 t 


1 ec [ ic 

I ec 0C j 

; 8C ' A O I A O AO j 


I M 1 1 I n 1 [ | [ H l ^ i I I T j m i \\' \ \' 

3 000 1 500 2500 IMO 2 000 

4 ■ HI 

CiDSsiool A9aH6i§nlsH:4ge SronzeAgA 

I I I If 

Afctwic Pfliiwa Oortt Ages 

I I l i 













Studio Graphics 

A3019 MuitiPodule 2 slots+User Port+HD space 
A3019 MuitiPodule 20m eg HD+2 slots+User Port+PSU 
£99 A3010 MuitiPodule 40meg HD+a slots+User Port+PSU 
A3019 MuitiPodule 60meg HD+a sfots+User Port+PSU 
P25 A3010 MuitiPodule BOmeg HD+a sEots+User Port+PSU 
£25 A3019 MuitiPodule 120meg HD+2 slots+User Port+PSU 
F2S A3010 MuitiPodule 170meg HD+2 slots+User PoH+PSU 
ES5 A3010 MuitiPodule 250meg HD+2 slots+User PoH+PSU 
A3010 IDE Interface + User Port 
£j5 A3010 MuitiPodule IDE Key 


Vision Colour Digitizer MicroPodule 
Analogue MicroPoduie 
Scsi (Including CDFS 2.26} MicroPodule 
CoJour Video Out MicroPodule 
Midi + HQ Sound Sampler MicroPodule 
Hivision Colour Digitizer MicroPoduie 
Midi MicroPodule 

„ TOP grAi.iT^ CI IP.ART FOR .St lUXU-S, WK TypeSiudio (Rise) 

Cl’R RKNTL^ H.\ S E !(» StrfS AVAIL.* IILK 


£255 SG001 Egypt 1Q0+Files Mostly Dolour 
£275 SG0D2 Flags 270+ Files (2 D(scs) Colour 
£315 SG003 General 100+ Files Mostly Dolour 
£419 SGOIM Xmas (t) 100+Files Colour / B/White 
pill SG005 General 100+Files Mostly Colour 
SGOOS So rders/Cartoo ns Colour/ B/White 

MasterFhe III (Rise) 

Morpheus (Oregan) 

Night Sky (Clares) 

Ovation (Rise) 

PC Emulator V 1 .8 (Acorn) 
Pinpoint (Logotron) 
Pip^ream 4 (Colton) 

Poster (4Mation) 

Pro Artisan (Clares) 

ProDrJver DJ500/556 Colour 
Prophet (Apricote) £1 59 

Render Bander v2 (C lares) £1 95 
Results (Colton) £99 

Rhapsody v2 (Clares) £49 

REVELATION v2 (Logotron) £99 
S-Ba5e2 Personal (UMan) £1 1 9 
‘ i!115 


Serenade (Clares) 
Schama (Claras) 
ShapeFX (Data ^ore) 
ShowPage (CC) 
Sleuth (Rise) 

Snippet (4Matjon] 
Studio 24+(EMR) 



530 5G0D7 Borders For Poster B/White 
SGO00 Borders For Draw B/White 
SG009 Greek Clip- Art Mostly Colour 
£99 SG010 Xmas (2) 2 Discs Mostly Colour 

|I9 The Samples Below Are A Selection From Some Of 
Our Studio Graphics Clip-Art Discs. 


Vector (4Mation) 

£8 m Yox Box (Clares) 
ctS m WordWorka (CC) 

S """‘“TAmes 

£8 DO (Oregan) 

£8!oD Software) 







A3000 fFEL 2 meg. 
A3600 4 meg. 

A3610 2/4 meg. 
A3020/A4000 2 To 4 meg 
A4D0 RAM per meg. 
A5000 2 To 4 meg, 

A540 4meg upgrade 


(No PSU Kit) 


(No PSU Kit) 


(No PSU Kit) 


(No PSU Kit) 


(No PSU Kit) 


(No PSU Kit) 


(No PSU Kit) 


Drives IDE 

I70meg £199 

210meg E20S 

340meg E 350 

545meg E 575 

1gig E 

1.3 gig 
1.5 gig 
2 gig 

Case For 2 gig Drive 
For External Drives Please Add £89For- 
Casa And Cables- 


A3009/3026/4600 CC Scanlight 2S6 Podule Only 
A5Q00 CC Scan Light 256 Podule Only tss 


20meg IDE HD for MuitiPodule 
40meg IDE HD for MuitiPodule 
eomag IDE HD for MuitiPodule 
SCmeg IDE HD for MuitiPodule 
12Dmeg IDE HD for MuitiPodule 
17Dmeg EDE HD for MuitiPodule 
25Dmeg IDE HD for MuitiPodule 


SCSI Ultimate starter packs include the Mutipodule to fit inside the 
£249 f^oTiputer^ a MicroPodule. Interface leads and a PSU when 

I f SI A3000/30 1 6/30204000 CC Sca nLi ght 256 

£339 A5600/400/360 CC ScanUght 256 

E 599 A3000/301 0/3026/4000 CC Scan Light 256 1 Colour Vision 
£ 999 A50 00/406/300 CC Scan Light 256 & Colour Vision 

E 1 099 A3a00/301 0/3026/4000 CC Sca nL i ght 256 & HFVisio n 

£1199 A5000/406/300 CC ScanLight 256 & Hl-Vision 

F12M A3006/301 0/3020/4000 SCSI (Includes CDFS 2.20) 

c 14? A3000/301 0/3020/4006 Colour Vision 

s. A'innnn.nin/^n?nr/innn 


Artworks Cl ip Art CD 
Pro Artisan 2 
Reverlatlon 2 CD-ROM Edition 
Gifs Galore 

KeyPlusS (Anglia Television) 
KeyNote2 (Anglia Televisian) 







A3006/361 0/3020/4006 


A3010 MuitiPodule Dual Speed CD-ROM Drive & uPodule 
A3660/3026/4<l00 Dual Speed CD-Rom Drive & uPoduEe 
A6QO0 MuitiPodule Dual Speed CD-ROM Drive & u Pod ule 


A3600 External Vision Colour Digitiser 
A3000 Hi Vis ion Colour Digitiser 
A300ai/30 10/3026/4000 Vision Colour Digitiser 

oin*fvi Alderbarran (Evolution) 
cflon Bambuzie(Arxe) 

Battle Chess (Knsalis) 

£10.00 Blll 2 (Arxe) 

£1 2.00 Break 1 47 & Superpool (4D) £28 

Birds Of War (4D) £29 

Blitz fi Bambuzie £36 

Carnage Inc (40) £20 

Chess 3D (M ic ro Power) £15 

Chocks 2 Compendium (40) £30 






Impression Borders Pack 
£289 Impression Borders Pack 
Font Pack (1) (2 Discs) 

, Font Pack (2) (2 Discs) 

Chopper Force f4D) 

Chuck Rock (Krisalis) 
Crystal Maze (Sherston) 
Diggers {Millenium) 
Dungeons (40) 

Elite (Hybrid) 

Enter the Realm (4D) 
Fervour (Clares) 

Fun School 4. -5/ 5-7/ 7+ 
GODS (Krisalis) 

Granny's Garden (4Mation} 
Haunted House (40) 2meg 
HeimOall (Krisalis 
Hero Quest (Krisalis) 
HoledOut Compendium 
James Pond 
James Pond 2 RoboCod 
Krisalis Collection 
K.V. (High Rise) 

Lemmings (Krisalis) 
Lemmings EXTRA Levels 
Lemmings 2 Tribes 
Magic Pockets (BitMap) 
Manchester Utd Europe 
Noddy's Playtime 
Naughty Stories 6 pack V-1 
Naughty Stories 6 Pack V-2 
10 / 10 Dinosaurs 
10/16 English 

120 Fites (Fabisj EB.50 JgJ 

120 Files (Fabis) E8.50 to/ io Maths 

£28 A3QO0/3010/302C/4606 HiVision Colour Digitiser 

Human Biology Needs KeyPlus/Note £40 ASaoo/406/300 Vision Colour Digitiser 
Needs KeyPlus or KeyNote £40 A600Q/406/300 HiVision Colour Digitist 


British Birds (Interactive Learn ing) £150 
Counties Of Britain (Anglia) £40 

Countries Of The World (Anglia) £40 
Creepy Crawl tes (Media Design Ltd) £99 
Dictionary Of The Living World (MD)£175 
Granny's Garden (Cumana 4MatiDn) £34 
Image WareHouse (Media Design) £59 
I H u strated Hoi y B Ible £25 

I Flustrated Works Of Sha kespea re £25 
Hutchinson Electronic Encyclopedia £99 
Really Useful CD-ROM Vol 1 £49 

Really Useful CD-ROM Vol 2 £49 


Upgrade Mono To Colour 
Upgrade Colour To HiVlsron 
Upgrade Mono To HiVision 


A5606/400i/306 2 slot MuitiPodule (Up to 8 slots in Machine) 
A3026/4606 3 slot+User Port MuitiPodule 
PSU+Fan+ Buffer Kit A3010 / A3620 / A4000 /A3666 
Case for External Expansion Card 
A3660 Second Floppy Drive Interface 

A400 Second Floppy Drive Interface 

A3626/4066 Econet Interface 

* -j Artft/ciftno ^/*nn«no Intarfece 

El 5.00 MIG 29 Fulcrum (Dorn) 
E1S.D0 Play It Again Sam 1 / 2 / 3 

£ach Kofll I'ack Conliuju 20 KannJIics VVhkh f .-Vn AnuiltiK 200 

|)jrrrri.-n( Outlffw Kwnt'' In K*ch Fack. 

Where to find us 

From Chester follow 
old ASS pest Holywell 
until you see Moor 
t^ne on your right, 
turn down Moor Lane, 
we are at the bottom 
on the right hand side 
(Big White Farm 
Gale) From Rhyl (As 
Above) but turn left 
into MoofLane before 










































Premier Manager (Gremlin) 
Populous (Krisalis) 
Powermonger (Krisalis) 

Quark (Oregan) 

Real McCoy 4 (4D} 

Sensible Soccer (Renegade) £22 
Spheres of Chaos £20 

Simon The Sorcerer £34 

Sim City (Krisalis) £29 

Stunt Racer 2600 (4D) £29 

SWIV (Krisalis) £20 

TechnoDream £21 

T urbo Chal la nge 2 £22 

Warlocks (Network 23) £22 

Xenon 2 £21 

Zac I (Gremlin) £21 

Zelanites (Micro Power) £17 

r i\-rKri PI K’ask: t;iVK US a cai.i. 

Augusta Course Disc 

Supplier: Fourth Dimension 
Tel: (0742) 700661 
Price: £16*95 + VAT 

This is the first of thd 
many course discs than 

i the instruction 
promised you when you got! 
. tired of Wentworth, the 
I j original ‘default’ course* 

Perhaps the best golfing 
simulation on the Acorn to 
date, the author Gordon 
p Key has managed to 
M produce a version of 18 
holes that relies on ai 
I ^ physical swing system. 

What 1 mean here is that! 
P nearly all other games use a 
timing method to hit Ihel 

You simply press Fire tol 
^fbring the club back, pressi 
^mgain to stop swinging and] 
^■obtain suitable power, then! 
^Bpress once more to make] 
^Kontact with the ball. Easy, 
^■Er*„* yes* I 

With Gordon’s method! 
^K'ou pull back and hit byl 

Iswinging the mouse across! 
kour mouse mat* This is not 
lonly more realistic, but alsJ 
[gives the player a fee! for the 
ball and allows greater skill 
[judgement In obtainind 

The rest of the game para-l 
Refers should need no intro-j 
puction with up to four] 
players competing at onceJ 
Lstrokeplay, Match play, Six 
tournaments, replays foil 
pow you got out of sticky 
moments and numerous] 
pther options and facilities. 

One extra that I am espe- 

Icially keen on is the left-l 

[handed option which means 
kou can of course play as a^ 
kvitch, (That’s what my 
Grandma told me about] 
these people and she’s neven 

With all these options and 
[facilities does the new' disd 
[offer anything extra? Well, 
khe obvious answer is yes 
with some improved scenerd 
to negotiate and some very 
[interesting ‘improved’ ball 

America has many things, [ 
pome defy logic and reasonJ 

hut Fourth Dimension assures 

me that Augusta, in particu- 
lar, has a different atmos- 
pheric value. 

Right, To elaborate, a ball 
[hit in Wentworth will behave 
differently to a ball struck 
pn Augusta* This sort on 
pttentioii to detail is ref- 
blected in both bunker 
positions and, to a certain 
pegree, pin positions and| 
breen composition* 

In short, save yoursell] 
p4(K) airfare and get this disc*[ 
Essential for all Virtual 
bolfing fans everywhere* 

mil contact on the roa> 



>hou1d I say track* 

Stunt Racer has estab- 
lished itself as the best racind 
^ame to date, with the aim on 
ihe game being to qualify 
ind out race the competition* 
The competition does non 
in this case have to be the 
:oinputer, as a link-up facili- 
ty has been included to aIlow[ 
:w'o player head to head* 

And believe me if there’s[ 
3ne way of making friends -[ 

ana enemies - quickly, it's oy 
playing game of Stunt Racer. 

This is a serious enemy- 
making game and things do 
not stop with just endless cir- 
cuits of an Indy course, oh 
no. Stunt Racer takes the 
concept of motor racing and 
warps it beyond your wildest 

You see, the programmers 
have seen fit to include some 
really nasty tracks with 
loops, hump backs and killer 
Dukes of Hazard Jumps* 
Racing has never been so 
much fun, until now'* If you 
thought you had the game 
licked with all the short cuts 
and speeds worked out, 
panic* Your whole world is 
about to change. 

Here comes an extra 
courses disc to melt your 
tyres and put the shock back 
into shock absorbers. 

The courses provide a 
greater challenge, with more 
extreme cambers, tighter 
corners and some far- 
reaching jumps that require 
a positive control of both 
steering and RPM* 

Still using the original 

*acer engine means 
Ithat the controls will be 
kamiliar and all the sed 
up and tuning facilities 
pi low' for some saved set- 
ups to progress into this new' 

All the camera angles and 
keplay facilities allow some 
studying of what’s ahead, 
though to be honest 1 have a 
sneaking suspicion that the| 
bourse designer for this new 
pisc must have been a tad[ 

I mean, you w'oiildii’t want[ 
ko burn him off at the lights[ 
pn a Ford Fiesta if you get[ 
my meaning. His concept 
bf a race track is a little[ 

Extra Tracks Disc 

LSupplicr: Fourth Dimension 
heU (0742) 700661 
Price: £19*95 + VAT 

With hot hatches and coupes 
put clear out of reach to the 
under 75s without a 50 year 
piinimum no claims, this] 
bame has to be the best and 
pnly w'ay you can enjoy some[ 

The new' courses will 
provide some great new 
challenges for all and put 
some new life into the art 
of driving your machine. 

Available separately, this 
disc is great value and for 
those of you who have not 
played or obtained your 
full copy of Stunt Racer 
get moving, you might just 
be missing a classic, 

Steve Atherton 

-Y-' j- 


the system security specialists 
for Acorn computers 

If your files or applications are exposed to intrusion or damage^ enquire about*.* 

IronMask/iZe security system. £55 inc. 

If someone has ever tampered with your system setup, enquire about... 

spoilsport system guard. £30 inc. 

Have you ever wished you could tell your system to keep, say, the last half-dozen versions of 
important files, and to do it transparently while you worK? No? Then enquire about,, . 


generational backup. £30 


...while you're still in luck. 

Phone for factshects, educational and site prices. Deduct lOTo discount for prompt payment 
(14 days from invoice). Prices cover postage in the British Isles. Overseas customers add £3.00 

Allow IT days for delivery. 

149 Campbell Road, Cowley, Oxford, 0X4 3NX. Tel (0865) 775059 



_60MB 1 SMS IDE 
_80MB 15MSIDE 135 
120 MB 15MSIDE 2l£ 

170MB 15MSIDE 285 

210MB 15MSIDE 325 

250MB 15MS IDE 365 

The above Drives are 
complete with att fittings 

210 MB 17MSIDE 
250MB 15MS IDE 
340MB 15MS IDE 
245MB 15MSIDE 
345MB 15MSIDE 
545MB 1 SMS IDE 










345MB 15MSSCSr 
545MB 12MSSCS] 

1.0 GB 10MS SCSI 



170MB 15MSIDE 
270MB 15MSIDE 
340MB 15MSIDE 
520MB 12MS IDE 



1.0 GB 10MSSCSI 












105 3 DE Internal 249 

105 SCSI Internal 279 

TTie above are complete 
with cartridge & cables 
105 MB cartridge 49 

105 SCSI Externaf 389 

Requires SCSI port 


128MB INT. (A5000) 


128MB EXT 


Double Shutter 





650MB EXT 





^ 210IDEEI59 ** 

^240 SCSI £18S '' 

Superb "Disaster Recovery" 
and Data archiving $yalanns. 
It's not a question of if you1t io$e 
data, it's when, The fact is that 
everybody loses data sometime. 
fl will cost a minimum of 
£25,000 to rebuild 40 
megabytes of data 
(Requires SCSI port) 



1.0 GB COMPLETE 795 

2.0 GB COMPLETE 875 

T/je above systems are 
complete with cables, 

tape and software. 








A3/4XX 16 bitSCSl 


A5000 16 bit SCSI 




A3000 IDE-^U/Port 





A3xx/4xx A3000/5000 

16 bit SCSI 


Cached SCSI 


I , G.P:M P li T-ERS' 


A3010 Action Pack 

FD System 
_40MB HD System 
_60MB HD System 
_80MB HD System 
120MB HD System 
A301D Learning Curve 

FD System 
_40M8 HD System 
_60MB HD System 
80MB HD System 
120MB HD System 












FO System 629 

_40MB HD System 755 

_60MB HD System 775 

_80MB HD System 795 

120MB HD System 839 


105MB HO System 799 

240MB HO System 929 

340MB HD System 999 


2MB FD System 1350 

4MB HD60 System 1635 

4MB HDBO System 1699 

4MB HDl 20 System 1749 

210MB HD System 1189 

340MB HD System 1299 

540MB HD System 1479 

120MB HD System 1399 

200MB HD System 1459 

330MB HD System 1549 

520MB HD System 1699 

1.0 GB HD System 1949 

All prices exclude 
VAT & carriage. Prices 
Si specifications may 
change without notice. 
E* & O. E. 



A lmanac is a mych-hyped 
program. 'This product is 
what you bought your computer 
for...' trumpets the cover, and 
quotes a review which gives 
Almanac five out of five for 
performance, value, and 
features. Don't believe the 
hype. Many people will find 
Almanac very useful, but it 
isn't perfect. 



Almanac is an 'Integrated 
Software Package', which 
means that it's one program 
which does the work of many. 
It has a diary - split into daily, 
weekly, monthly and yearly 
sections - an address book and 
an accounts organiser. 

The address book is perhaps 
the best of these. It offers all 
that 1 could want from an 

Turn your computer into a personal organiser with Almanac 



Become a young middle-class professional and organise 
your life. David Matthewman shows you how 

address book program. 
Cleverly, it is organised into 
two or more sections, by 
default labelled ‘companies' 
and ‘addresses'. 

An entry in one can be 
linked to an entry in the other, 
so a company can acquire 

‘staff which can instantly be 
listed by clicking on an icon. 
This has many uses besides 
the obvious one, because 
‘staff can be interpreted to 
mean ‘children of, ‘students 
of or ‘tenants'. 

The accounts section serves 

well, and a reasonably-sized 
business could benefit from 
using it. I found it fiddly to set 
up and enter transactions at 
first, but given practice 
they can be entered fairly 

It is not a substitute for a 
full-blown accounts package - 
for example it will not do 
budgeting - but it is fine for 
keeping track of transactions. 

The diary section is useful 
and fine as a planner, but the 
lack of an alarm function is a 
serious omission. 

I can set up a ‘to do' record 
with top priority for a cenain 
time on a certain day, and 
Almanac will dutifully let me 
forget it with no warning at all. 

Also, even on my 35MHz 
Arm 3 machine, the date selec- 
tor is slow, It is usually quicker 
to type in a date as dd/mm/yy, 
which is irritating on a desk- 
top as responsive as the Arcs. 

However, to look at the indi- 
vidual sections would be doing 
Almanac a severe injustice. It is 
billed as a package for informa- 
tion management, it is a ‘per- 
sonal organiser' and a good one 

Linked records 

The key to this is relational 
linking - the ability to link 
records together so that click- 
ing on a .specific link icon on 
one record will bring up a win- 
dow on another. This makes it 
meaningful to have several 
other sections which would be of 
little use on their own. 

Take the correspondence sec- 
tion; on its own, the records in 
it simply note that letters, faxes 
and so on have been received 
and sent. However, by linking a 
correspondence record with an 
address record, I can access 
details about the person who 
sent or received the letter. 

From the address book 
record I can access any other 
correspondence which I have 
linked with this person. 
Moreover, I can link the corre- 
spondence record with the file 
containing the letter, and 
Almanac will load the file in at 
the click of a mouse, loading 
the relevant word processor if 

Relational linking is a pow- 
erful tool, which I gradually 
appreciated more and more as 
further uses occurred to me. 
Almanac has a ‘sticky pad* 
record type onto which practi- 

The Almanac manual: inadequate, badly printed and full of spelling 









6 and 

iftl; l;'Hong.$Xrtters.Dti>ut«iEdt. 


I ^ > Day diary 

^Meekly diary 
r^Monthly planner 
jsrVearly planner 
^'Address book 

Free fl(| 

Sticky index 


Cover Dto Correspondence 

' ^ ^ To-do list 

Bank accounts 



: Stallion ^ y n8 'S' ' 

Staff.. I Conpany Correspondence 


Stallion! Software Li nited 

1 Articles 



’ ■or 




- ' 



HO li;/ 

Hollg :8 Aprs 


t If*; 

'Arundel House 

Arundel Road 


BAl 5JX 5 







« 1 

conpany * 

Rlnanac - desktop organiser 
StrongEd - text editor 
AAM_Help - Online Assembler Help 

Go to 


18 out of 18 
4Mation Ltd 
4th Dimension 
Academy Television 

Acorn Computers 




Linked events. . 

Correspondence. . | 

Acorn Computers (Australia) 

Acorn User 

A1 Systems 

Aleph One 

Anglia Television 

Apricote Studios 

ARM Ltd 

Aspex Software 
Rtonuide Ltd 

ay ms iMtTgsneaoer 


g| |! Printers 

-cii as 












li58;84 pm. 19/4/94 

The Almanac address book 

cally anything - other records, 
files, directories - can be 

It is easy to get carried away 
with this particular feature and 
create a plethora of sticky 
pads with groupings like 
Draw files of European 
woodpeckers with pied tail 
feathers,’ but kept under con- 
trol this is as good a way as 
any to organise your filing. 

Remember though that 
Almanac takes up TOOK of 
memory even before a file is 
loaded, so it is more memory- 
hungry than the average 
pinboard application. It needs 
2Mb to run comfortably 
by itself, and 4Mb to run 
alongside Impression. 

Filtering is another powerful 
feature of Almanac. Every 
record can be given a category 
and filters can be set up so that 
only records with a certain 
category arc viewed. 

More powerful filters arc 
possible. For example I can filter 
out all correspondence to 
which I have replied, or filter 
in all afternoon diary 

Even so, this is no database. 
The filters are primitive and 
prescriptive and there is no 
easy way to select only 
evening meetings, nor is it 
possible to set up filters for 

Data from Almanac can be 
imported and exported in 
several file formats. As with 
filtering there are a number of 

options, which include the 
ability to save text wfith 
Impression styles which is 
useful for printing. 

While these options are 
powerful there is no way to 
mix formats when importing 
data, which makes importing 
addresses aw k w ard. 

Ease of use 

With a program as complex 
as Almanac it is important 
that it is both intuitive to and that it has simple clear 
instructions. Unfortunately, 1 
feel that Almanac falls down 
on both counts. 

The program implements 
filer style drag-and-drop. 
Record icons can be dragged 
between and within windows 
to copy them, or dragged with 
Shift held down to move and 
reorder them. 

The problem is that this 
doesn't always w'ork. I cannot 
copy a diary record by 
dragging it within a monthly 
planner window as I can 
within a weekly planner 
window. Instead. I have to 
open a .second window on the 
same month and drag to that. 

It isn’t consistent, either. 
Drag reorders entries in the 
export window, but Shift-drag 
is needed to reorder them in 
the statement w indow. 

Also, when I import addresses 
into the address book from 
another program, I frequently 
find the post code and phone 
number in the wrong field. 

1 can copy them to the 
correct one using drag-and- 
drop. which is a very handy 
feature, but I am forced to 
manually delete them from 
the wrong one. Moving data 
using Shift-drag doesn't work 
with text fields, which is not 
only annoying but wastes a 
lot of time. 

The user interface is tacky. 
Many of the icons - especially 
the categories - have ugly 
sprites whose meaning is 
not obvious. Most of them 
are created in two and four 
colour modes to save memory, 
but this severely limits 
their design, making them 
appear chunky and roughly 

Although the program only 
works in Rise OS 3. it does not 
conform to the Rise OS 3 style 
guide. The mouse pointer does 
not always change shape when 
over a pop-up menu icon, and 
there are a lot of these so it 

The ‘title window ' is in fact 
two windows, the outer one of 
which does not respond to 
menu clicks - confusing if I am 
try ing to save my w'ork. 

These are niggles, but there 
are so many of them that they 
make the program frustrating 
to use. Almanac doesn’t have 
the Rise OS ‘look and feel' 
necessary to make it easy to 
use so I found myself constantly 
referring to the manual. 

There is a flashy and fairly 
informative manual for 

Almanac^ which comes in a 
real Almanac-branded Filofax. 
This isn’t the one that 1 got 
with version three of the pro- 
gram either as a reviewer or as 
a member of the public, 
because you have to pay 
£23.50 extra to get it. 

The standard manual for 
version three is awful: badly 
printed, badly written and far 
too sketchy to be of any real 
use. The examples just about 
tell you what Almanac can 
do, but give nothing away 
regarding how to do it. 

Much better is the online, 
context-sensitive help avail- 
able using the excellent 
StrongHlp program which 
comes with Almanac. This is at 
least in danger of telling you 
something useful, although it 
has far too little to say on 
some features and contains at 
least one error. 


Once 1 had mastered Almanac 
I found it a u.seful tool which 
saved me time and kept my 
correspondence and accounts 
in order. For that reason I 
would recommend it to anyone 
who feels that they would find 
such a program useful. 

Flowever, 1 have serious 
reservations about the ease of of the program. It takes a 
long time to learn and people 
who are not fully computer 
literate w ill find it confusing. 

The version I have reviewed 
is version 3.06, w'hich by and 
large works. The version that I 
bought at last year’s Acorn 
World Show - before I became 
a reviewer - was version 3.00, 
which is a bug-ridden program 
which Stallion Software .should 
be ashamed of having put on sale. 

Despite registering immedi- 
ately, I have never received an 
update, or indeed heard a peep 
out of Stallion. So much for 
customer support. I can only 
hope that other registered users 
w ere better treated. 

Product details 

Product: Almanac 
Supplier: Stallion Software 
Tel: (0225) 339090 
Price: £85 inc VAT 
(optional filofax £23.50 
inc VAT) upgrade from 
version 1 £17.62 

70 AroPN ILSFR IIJNF 1994 

Computer Concepts 
and Archimedes 
World are proud to 
announce the launch of 
the 1994 clip-art competition - a 
competition open to anyone wishing to 
enter, submitting artwork (not sprites) 
produced in any graph ics/dr a wing program 
available for Acorn RISC computers. The 
fanta^stic first prize is a new Acorn Rise PC, 
and there is a special Best Art Works Entry prize 
(a Pioneer CD ROM drive) and a string of runners-* 
up prizes. So hurry and get those creative fingers 
moving ... you have until 31st July 1994. 

Full details and an entry form are available from 
Computer Concepts. 

sponsored by 



Computer Concepts Ltd 

Gaddesden Place, Hemel Hempstead, 
Herts. HP2 6EX. 

Tel: 0442 63933 Fax: 0442 231632 



Electronic worksheets for 
field trips and school visits 

+ VAT 
Includes site licence 

Pocket Book 
Class set including 
FREE Explorer software 
&A-link £1699 +VAT 

EVENT diary, 

for Acorn desktop computers, inter-links with Pocket Book Schedule 
and Agenda on Psion Series 3 range, £21 ,23 -rVAT (£24,95 incl.) 



ExpLAN UK Ltd 

St Catherines House 

20 Plymouth Road 




Phone +44 (0) 822 613868 Fax +44 {0} 822 610868 



Authorised Dealer for Acorn Computers 


tel: 081 993 2394 fax: 081 992 6735 

Your West London Dealer 

for all Acorn Software and Hardware including 

The Acorn Rise PC 600 

The highly modular and expandable system 
which you can grow slice by slice 
Slice 1 starts from £1249 + YATwith 
fast 24 bit colour hi-res graphics as standard 
Options include DOS Windows on a 486/50 
in parallel with RISC OS on the ARM processor 
both running native code at top speed 
in a unique combination - no slow emulators 
Unix should be available in the near future 

Vision for the future... 


The new generation 

Send for our special free 12-page booklet, which explains the importance of 
this powerful new computer and gives in-depth technical details. 



Acorn Specialissts & Publishers of Archive Magazine 
96a Vauxhall Street, Norwich INR2 2SD Telephone 0603 766592 Fax 0603 764011 


For your Free Archive “Vision for the future'"’ supplement, etc, please complete and return to: 
Norwich Computer Services, 96a Vauxhall Street, Norwich NR2 2SD or ring us on 0603 766592. 

Name Address 


the humanities, and pushed 
portables out into these 
departments, almost always 
with the result that other staff 
have demanded their subjects 
be included in the pilot, too. 

A middle school made 
portables linked to Concept 
Keyboards the vehicle for 
introducing French and there 
have also been projects which 
have tackled administrative 
chores, such as producing 
records of achievement for a 
whole year group via a set of 
hand-helds which was passed 
from class to class. 

Special needs students are 
also benefiting from the use 
of portables. For pupils with 
physical disabilities, the real 
advantage of a portable is that 
it can be placed on a small 
surface, for instance a tray 
attached to a wheelchair, and 
positioned so it is easy to use. 

A hospital school has also 
utilised miniature machines 
for students who are recuper- 
ating but confined to bed. 

Not all these projects have 
used Acorn equipment but the 
basic principles can be adopted 
to any hardware platform, as 
the factor which gives porta- 
biliiy Its impact is access - 
more portables means, quite 
simply, more computers 
available to students. 

This is partly because 
distribution patterns for 
portables tend to diverge from 
the classic model for desktops 

C ommentators on the use 
of information technology 
in education have frequently 
predicted that the computer 
revolution is about to hit schools, 
but it hasn’t happened yet. 
However, portable computers 
could be the catalyst and the 
National Council for Educational 
Technology clearly believes 
this is the case. 

NCET has recently completed 
a £2.55 million research 
project into the use of port- 
able computers in education. 

Around 250 English and 
Welsh institutions were 
involved, using a variety of 
equipment - over 5,500 com- 
puters and 1,800 additional 
items of hardware and soft- 
ware - from a range of manu- 
facturers, including, of course. 

Given that most of the 
machines were utilised as 

Alice Smith explains how the humble 
Pocket Book is becoming an integral 
part of the modern classroom 

shared, rather than personal 
resource.s, tens of thousands of 
students, teachers and parents 
participated in the project. 

But why was NCET, and the 
Department for Education 
which actually funded the 
research, so ready to invest on 
such a grand scale in research 
into portable computing? 

In a guide to choosing and 
using portable computers pub- 
lished just over a year ago, it 
stated: 'It is only a matter of 
time before every learner and 
teacher who wants a portable 
computer will have one. 

'Five years ago few would 
have predicted that a 1:1 ratio 
would be achieved this century, 
but now most would agree that 
(at least for the majority of 
pupils) the day of the personal 
microcomputer will arrive 
during the 1990s.’ 

Stuart France, who managed 
the project for NCET, explains 
that the aim of the research 
was not so much to ask 
whether portable computers are 
appropriate for schools, but 
rather to find out in detail how 

access to appropriate 
machines, made available in 
the right place a! the right 
time, can support, enhance 
and extend learning, 

A formal evaluation of the 
scheme by the National 
Foundation for Educational 
Research will be published 
later this summer, but informal 
evidence from a cross-section 
of individual projects suggests 
that portables are indeed 
being used successfully to 
promote learning at all levels, 
right across the curriculum 
and for administration, too. 

Primary protables 

In terms of the work that 
has actual iy been done, one 
primary school has been 
sending a teddy bear and a 
portable word processor home 
with nursery-aged children. 

Parents collaborate with 
their offspring to produce the 
teddy bear’s daily diary, which 
is printed out back at school 
and pasted into a scrapbook. 

This is a literary experience 
but it also promotes keyboard 
skills and gives pupils an early 
familiarity with computers. 

In secondary schools 
students have the opportunity 
to borrow machines from 
the learning resources centre, 
formerly the library, to use for 
extra-curricular activities. 

Pupils on the Youth Crime 
Prevention Panel keep their 
membership and attendance 
records on a portable and have 
used it to produce an action 
plan, an anti-bullying leaflet 
and a high-quality magazine. 

Other secondary schools 
have targeted specific curriadum 
areas, such as science or 

Book it! 



The A4: not as popular as the Poc^ref Book 

where, particularly in 
secondary schools, they are 
concenirated in a computer 
room, f^ortables, in contrast, 
may be held centrally but can 
be booked singly or as a set for 
use in any classroom. 

Hence, in any given teach- 
ing and learning situation there 
is more likely to be a portable 
to hand and some of the 
schools involved in the NCET 
research have logged far 
higher percentages for 
portable than desktop comput- 
er usage - an impre.ssive 80% 
in one case. 

Improved access also seems 
to generate a very strong sense 
of personal ownership, again 
crucial to pmmoting enthusiastic 
usage and learning. 

Pocket Book 

One of the surprising things 
which has come out of the 
research is the extremely 
positive response to palmtop 
computers such as the Pocket 

It would have been a fair 
assumption that teachers and 
pupils would prefer the A4. It 
is obviously far more powerful 
than the humble Pocket Book 
and there is an infinitely wider 
range of software available 
for it, bin that view has been 
confounded by feedback from 

Describing the Pocket 
Book's positive profile, Stuart 
France, the NCET manager in 
charge of the scheme, has said 
that, ‘Amongst the palmtops, 
the best of breed seems to be 
the Acorn Pocket Book - very 
reliable, now very popular 
and easy to link with an 

*As one teacher commented. 

with hindsight: “After being 
persuaded by NCET to use 
Pocket Books for the project, I 
had decided these Pocket 
Books were no use at all. How 
wrong I was! We have now 
bought more”.' 

The key to the take-up of the 
Pocket Book is its genuine 
portability. It can be used 
literally anywhere, in any 
department, at home and even 

Pocket Books are also, of 
course, cheaper. Given a limited 
budget, an IT co-ordinator can 
get more Pocket Books for his 
or her money than A4s. This 
means there are simply more 
machines to go round and 
many arc opting for volume 
over power. 

The Pocket Book comes 

with a built-in wordprocessor, 
spellchecker, database, spread- 
sheet and calculator. Schedule^ 
a diary program, and Plotter, a 
graphing application, are now 
available, plus the machine will 
run packages for the Psion 
Series 3 palmtop. 

However, the software base 
is still limited and, it has to be 
said, relatively unsophisticated, 
but that gives the Pocket Book 
its unique selling point. 

Simple, straightforward 
applications which, like the 
machine itself, are easy to pick 
up, enable a greater number of 
pupils to achieve a basic literacy 
in IT, so IT skills generally 
become more widespread. 

Pupil confidnece 

This in turn creates confi- 
dence and some students are 
consequently encouraged to 
develop their abilities further 
on more powerful desktop 

This applies to the educators, 
too. Many of the staff involved 
in the NCET research project 
commented that portables have 
been the key to converting their 
colleagues to computers. 

One secondary IT co-ordinator 
memorably confided that, until 
the advent of portables, it had 
been, quite frankly, an uphill 
struggle getting other teachers 
interested in IT. 

Now he has difficulty coping 
with demand for the machines 
because staff in all subject 

areas have realised that 
portables can be an extremely 
valuable productivity tool for 
them too. There has been an 
increase in enthusiasm from 
parents as well. Many of the 
schools involved in the NCET 
scheme made arrangements for 
pupils to take the machines 
home with them on a regular 
basis, generating a parallel 
family interest in IT. 

Parents have attended training 
sessions so that they can help 
their children with the tech- 
nology and there have been 
cases of siblings squabbling 
over access to the machines. 

In Japan, seasonal sales of 
portables already outstrip 
those of conventional desktop 
systems and the market for 
portables is undoubtedly 
opening up for business users 
in this country, particularly as 
capabilities for integration with 
other forms of technology - for 
example networks and cellular 
telephones - improve. The 
education community, it seems, 
is set to follow suit. 

People like portables. After 
all, they are cute, so cuddly 
that some pupils take them to 
bed to use by torchlight, and 
they could, Just could mind 
you, finally bring about that 
fabled IT revolution in schools. 

To register for a copy of the 
NCET report on portable com- 
puting in schools, contact the 
organisation's information 
officer on (0203) 4 1 6994. 

Acorn's Pocket Book Is cheap, portable and very flexible 

7 A ACORN [ fSFR ILJNF 1994 



6 Disc C D Rom Drives 
from only £499.00 


A choice of two 6 disc C^D-ROM drives — an ideal solution for schools with networks and for professional users. 

The unique advantage of the 602X and 604X is the built in six disc magazine and autochanger — in other w^ords 
these drives do the job of six separate CD-ROM drives. With the number of CD-ROM titles rapidly increasing, 
these drives are the simple and cheap alternative to wasting time swapping discs or buying more drives. It’s an ideal 
solution for networks, since this allows six discs to be available on the netw^ork, from just one drive. 

Both drivers are multi-session PhotoC.D compatible — they can also play standard audio compact discs and for 
added security the magazine can be locked into the drive. 

The 604X uses Pioneer’s unique technology to completely overcome the speed problem associated with many CD- 
ROM drives — by rotating the disc at four times the normal speed, the 6()4X can achieve a sustained 600 
KBytes/Scc transfer rate which makes it the only solution for users who regularly transfer large files, such as 
PhotoCD images. I’he 602X offers double speed — a sustained rate of 300KBytes/Sec. 

The package includes the drive and Computer Concepts drivers, manual, all cables, PC Sc Mac drivers and a free 
copy of Computer Concepts ArtWorks clip-art CD (containing over 700 examples of work created in ArtWorks, 
dozens of 24bpp photographs, a demo version of AudioWorks and some sample audio files). 

DRM-604X: £999.00 + £10 carriage + VAT (£1 185.57 incl.) 

DR.M-602X: £499.00 -I- £10 carriage -I- VAT (£598.07 incl.) 

Both drives arc suitable for any model of Acorn RISC computer with an Acorn compatible SCSI interface. 

They require CDFS 2.2 (contact your SCSI board supplier if you require an upgrade). 

The 604 X — MacWorld 'Editor’s Choice for the Best Performer’ July ’93; PC Magazine 'Editor’s Choice for Networks’ Dec ’93; 

PC Computing 'Most Valuable Product for Multimedia Hardware’ Dec ’93; BYTE Magazine 'Award of Merit’ Jan ’94; Personal 
Computer World ‘Best CD-ROM Drive’ Feb '94; Personal Computer World 'Editor’s CJfoice’ April ’94 

Computer Concepts Ltd 

GADDESDEN PLACE • HEMEL HEMPSTEAD • HERTS • HP2 6EX • TEL. 0442 63933 • FAX 0442 231632 • Email: 

Where are you with 

The KEY map system supplies: 

Maps from Bartholomew 

Choropleth (Distribution) mapp 

Cross-curriculum materials 

Counties of the British Isles (CD-ROM) 

Point, line and area mapping 

Operation on Acorn and Windows^*^ platforms 

Primary and Secondary materials 

Map suites of various countries 

Countries of the World (CD-ROM) 

Accuracy, clarity and speed 



M 440 r trunk 

H Roadtunnt) 

Facilities to create map data 

maps? ■ 

The KEY range of databases, 
spreadsheets and linked programs 
pro\ides the range of facilities you 
would expect, such as searching, 
sorting and graphing. It also 
includes a powerful mapping system 
which is continually growing to meet 
the demands of the curriculum. 

Many map suites sore available on 
diskette, and they have been joined 
by two CD-ROMs, which use data 
supplied by mapmakers 
Bartholomew. Data in any KEY 
Ccm be plotted to the maps - down to 
ten metres anywhere on the earth’s 
surface. Maps cluttered with data 
are a thing of the past! 

KEY PLUS allows point data to be 
plotted to maps, icons to be plotted 
onto the maps, and the icons can be 
scaled using numeric information. 

In addition, line and area data can 
be held in KEY PLUS datafiles - for 
instance all the rivers of Britain can 
be held in a file, selected through a 
normal search process, and plotted 
to any scale of map. All maps can be 
exported to other programs for 
presentation and reports. 

A photographic database can be 
stored with the location of the 
photos, holiday locations can be 
plotted, historic data can be related 
to land forms, environmental 
information can be stored - there is 
an infinite variety of uses! 

New Atlasfiles from Collins-Longman 
are being developed as part of the 
system. KEY DISTRIBUTION enables 
you to set up your own choropleth 
mapping modules. 

For full details of all the KEY range 
of products, ask for the latest KEY 

The integrated KEY system ^ 

from Anglia Television Education 


Television Limited 


*[ To: SCA (Anglia Television), Dept U5, PO Box 18, Benfleet, Essex SS7 lAZ 
' or phone/fax 0268 755811 

Middle I I Secondary 

The 1994 catalogue 
from Anglia includes i Tick Box: Q Primary Q 

details of the range j Name 

of CD-Roms, ' Address 


starting at £25.00 

KEY initiatives 


E arthwarp is produced by 
Longman Logotron to 
support the BBC's schools' 
television programme ‘Look 
and Read.' Aimed at the 7-9 
year old age group, the Look 
and Read programmes are 
designed to stimulate an interest 
in reading as well as aiding 
language development. 

The supporting computer 
software follows the original 
television story, offering a 
variety of activities to enhance 
and extend the work. 

The story has Ollie as its 
main character. He hails fiom 
the planet Gla and is helped by 
his friends from Earth, Martin, 
Jenny and Amina. Ollie has 

beach makes it impossible for 
Ollie to pick up the signal from 
the probe, so the children have 
to clean up the beach by using 
co-ordinate points, before the 
probe can be located. 

Ollie then has to fit his Mk 
II ‘flidget' into the probe to 
turn it off. Unfortunately, this 
doesnT work and he needs an 
Mk in version which he 
doesn't have. He needs to 
contact his sister, Ellie, so 
that she can bring the correct 
flidget but he has lost the 
Orb that he needs to make his 
communicator work* 

This can be found on the 
other side of the river which 
has to be crossed and the 

With the planets named, Ellie can land safely 

We have 


come to Earth to search for a 
probe which was left a hundred 
years ago to monitor pollution 
on the planet. Unfortunately, 
pollution is getting so bad at 
South beach, (the programme’s 
location), that the probe is 
now in imminent danger of 
exploding. The user must stop 
this happening by completing 
a series of tasks. 

The children are working on 
a wordsearch puzzle when 
Martin ask.s them to go to the 
beach. They arrive there to 
find Ollie trying to use his 
wrist computer to locate the 
probe. The pollution on the 

Colin Rouse looks 
at Earthwarp 

children have to follow a 
coloured sequence of stepping 
stones in order to do this. On 
the other side of the river is a 
factory which the children have 
to enter and search until they 
find the Orb, encountering 
problems along the way. 

Once the Orb has been 
recovered and the spaceship 
located, they find that the ship 
is damaged and has to be 
lepaiied. Once done, the children 

then have to repair the 
communicator by joining pipes 
containing root words. 

Using the communicator, 
Ollie is able to contact Ellie 
and call for help. Ellie needs to 
be guided across the solar sys- 
tem from Gia, using angles and 
degrees, and the planets of 
our solar system need to be 
identified so that she can 
recognise and land on the right 

Once she has landed, the 
children have to help Ellie 
assemble and insert the Mk ID 
flidget so that the probe is 
made safe, by solving anagram 
puzzles in a race against time. 
Luckily, the disaster is averted, 
Ollie feels better and a report 
is compiled for the local news- 

Although Ollie has tried 
hard, he has made spelling 
mistakes in his report which 
have to be comected. The program 
ends with the children reflect- 
ing on how earth can be better 
looked after, while Ollie and 
Ellie return to Gia in case their 
help is needed elsewhere. 


This is a stimulating program, 
which is well thought out. The 

content level of the program is 
well matched to the abilities of 
the average 7 to 9 year old, 
although it could equally be 
used across all of Key Stage 2 
at various levels. 

The National Curriculum 
correlations are well docu- 
mented in the handbook, with 
reference made to specific 
Statements of Attainment and 

The handbook contains a 
comprehensive guide to using 
the program in the class- 
room, guiding the non-spe- 
cialist IT teacher and providing 
a useful range of extension 
activities for each of the pro- 
gram's stages. 

It also provides starting 
points for class topics based 
around the program and ideas 
for extending this. Children 
using the program have 
found it challenging but fun 
to do, with a sense of achievement 
when they have completed it. 

One option which is pariicu- 
larly useful is the facility 
which allows the children to 
return to the point they 
previously reached if they run 
out of time. 

My only criticism with the 
Archimedes version of the 
software is that it doesn’t really 
make use of the enhanced 
capabilities of this series of 

The mouse has only limited 
use and the program may have 
more appeal if an outline font 
rather than an enlarged system 
font were used. However, 
Earthwurp would be a useful 
addition to any Key Stage 2 
curriculum software collection* 


Digital Services Ethernet Cards 

Htjiemet Card (8 bit) A3000/4000 139,00 

Ethernet Card ( 16 bit) 

A300/400/500/5000 139,00 

Bridge Card (16 bit) 

A300/400/500/5000 I 69 .OO 
NB Cards are amHab/e to suppoft A UN or 
Access networks, and with a choice of 10 
Base 2 (thin ethenmt), or 10 Base T 
(twisted pair) connecto)^ 

We beHeee these to be the fcistest cards 
citrrently available for Acorn computeiS, 
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Netgain for Ethernet 

The fastest application accelerator auailable 

Ethernet Cables and Connectors 

Thin Ethernet Cullies (2m) 

Single Drop 3,99 
Dual Drop 13 SO 
Quad Drcvp 22.45 
j'Vi^ Dual and Quad d}X)p cables use secure 
goalpost connecWm to ensure network 

Twisted Pair ( 10 Base T) 

2 m 






5 m 


Til in ethernet cable /metre 

(Beldon 9907) 


Serv er Pack +10 User Licence 
10 User Licence Pack 

Thin Ethernet Repeaters 



2 Port 
4 Pori 
8 P on 







\ Bridges/Routers 

Bridging Router POA 
2 Port dedicated bridge 


cup to 12 different network 
ports with support for co-ax^ 
twisted pair or fibre) 





I'wistcd pair ethernet cable /metre 
Ethernet BNC Terminators (eacli) 

BNC T Piece (YandF pieces available) 

Make Before Break Ethernet socket 

10 Base T Hubs 

8 Port 10 Base T only POA 

8 Port {with 1 X BNC & AUI) POA 

12 Port (with 1 X BNC & AUI) POA 

16 Port (with 1 X BNC & AUI) POA 

32 Port POA 

Digistore Professional SCSI Tape 

60Mb ff Tape Drive 499.00 





250Mb 7/ Tape Drive 799,00 

525Mb 7j” Tape Drive 899 00 

2.0Gb DAT Drive 1149,00 

Installation and Consultancy 

Our specialists would be happy to quote 
for high-cpialiiy network installations in 
most parts of die country. 

Professional consultancy is available to 
enable you to maximise the efficiency of 
your net. Please contact us for details. 

Prices do not include VA71 which is 
changeable on all items at the standard rate 

9 Wayte Street, Cosham, Portsmouth 
Hampshire P06 3BS Tel 0705 210600 

Authorised Education Dealers 

yd /s ystems 

0^0 A 

561111 ^ 

47 Winchester Rood 
Four Marks 

Hants GU34 5HG 


The Windmill Inn 

Winchester Road (A3 1), Four Marks, Alton, Hampshire. 

Saturday 21st May, 1994. Warn - 4pm. 

Featuring Acorn's new RISC PC, Computer Concepts, Longman Logotron, and others! 

We have the complete range of ACORN equipment in stock and for demonstration in our showroom. 
mi We also have a full technical support team for repairs, fraining, and network installations. 


i En marcha ! 

la ctudl^ 


lEn Harcha! 

jEn Marcha!, a Spanish CD-Rom from Yorkshire Television 



Geoff Preston looks at the bargains 
on offer in the Computers 
for Schools scheme 

F rom 18th April to 1 2lh 
June, Acorn and Tesco 
will be running their Computers 
for Schools scheme. For each 
£25 spent in Tesco, parents 
will receive a voucher which 
should be sent to school 
This year, vouchers can 
be used to 'buy’ Acorn hard- 
ware, third-party hardware, 
CD-Roms and books. What 
each school purchases will 
depend largely on how many 
vouchers they collect, but for 
many, a computer is going to 
be out of reach. 

However, if you are saving 
for a computer, then the 
A3020 with multiscan monitor 
(Order A 1 08 -- 3000 vouch- 
ers) looks about the best buy. 
Later, this could have a Ram 
upgrade to 4Mb at a cost of 
about £90 and will provide a 
powerful machine that will 
last for several years. 

This will be particularly 
useful for primary schools as 
this computer, with its in-built 
hard disc, could provide the 
basis for a small network. 

Acorn Access — the network 
aimed at primary schools - 
will get a full review in the 
July issue of Acorn User. The 
Tesco/Acorn scheme offers 
Acorn Access kits (Order 
A 120, A121, A 122 - 1500 
vouchers each). 

The actual cost of an Acorn 
Access pack is £145, about the 
same price as many of the CDs 
{Direction 2000^ for example). 
However the CDs are offered 
for only 700 or 800 vouchers. 

This scheme will give many 
schools, especially primary, 
the opportunity to bring existing 
computers up to the latest spec. 

If anyone is still using the 
old operating system, an 
upgrade to Rise OS 3 should 
be at the top of any shopping 
list Of particular note is the 10 
pack upgrade (Order Al 10 
- 1 800 vouchers). 


Most secondary schools have 
had CD-Rora drives for a couple 
of years, but only in the last 
1 2 months have we seen some 
really good discs. 

Thomas Nelson has taken 
over Interactive Learning 
Productions and hence has 
inherited some of the best 
CD-Rorns which are pro- 
duced in conjunction with 
Yorkshire Television. 

Direction 2000 (Order 

T159 - 800 vouchers) was 
reviewed back in January and 
the verdict was an excellent 
resource which makes full use 
of the medium. 

In the same series is /En 
Marcha! (Order N° AllO - 
800 vouchers): a Spanish ver- 
sion. This too comes with a 
microphone for speech sampling. 
Both of these would cost £150. 

Science discs. Elements 
(Order N“ TI50 700 vouch- 
ers) and Materials (Order 
T151 - 700 vouchers) are avail- 
able and these too are excellent 
resources and ones which 
should be considered either 
with or without the Tesco/ 
Acorn scheme. For Geography, 
The Physical World (Order 
T149 - 700 vouchers) is well 
worth considering. 


Primary schools have just been 
given some funding to buy 
CD- Rom technology and so 
many will be attracted to the 

Flying Boot Reading Scheme. 

Various materials for the 
scheme are on offer: a six- 
pack kit (Order N“ B 1 64 - 1000 
vouchers) and an accompanying 
CD (Older T1 61 - 500 vouch- 
ers) being the main items. 

Most of the component parts 
of the starter pack are also 
available and so schools can 
double up on the parts diought 
to be most useful. These smaller 
items will also be handy for 
using up spare vouchers after 
the initial target has been 

Whenever you are offered 
vouchers, even if you don’t 
have children in school, 
please don’t refuse them. 
Instead, accept them and then 
give them in to your local 
primary or secondary school, 
or even give them to one of the 
neighbour’s children to take in. 

Every little helps, and after 
all, you’re only doing what 
you would normally do — go 
shopping for food. 

Computers for Schools voucher, but don't use this one 


Advert produced with Photodesk - on an A5000 


■ hotodesk is a totally new 
studio-quality imaging 
application designed to bring all 
aspects of professional graphic 
design and photo-retouching to 
the RISC OS desktop . . , 


9 Full 24-bit colour processing with highly flexible 
8”bit mask channel 

0 Exhaustive complement of artistic and image 
processing facilities with complete 
interoperability between effects and tools 

^ Accepts a wide variety of industry standard 
image formats including Draw files 

^ Uses Virtual Memory' for virtually unlimited 
multiple image handling 

^ Takes full advantage of the new 24 bit hardware 
and all third parly graphics expansion cards 

0 E169.95 Excluding VAT 


imaging technology 

Contact Spacetech for release information: 21 West Wools, Portland, Dorset DT5 2EA Tel 0305 822753 Fax 0305 860483 

** Teachers Scheme now includes Rise- PC 
We are fully accredited Acorn Education Dealers 

ee it 
Touch it 
Smell It 

(Well it is new) 


217-219 Wood Street 

London E17 3NT 

081 521 1784 tel 
081 503 6072 fax 
0860 477113 mobile 


The Dearing 


John Woollard's personal view of the implications 
for information technology 

B y the time you read this 
the world may well be 
very different. We are awaiting, 
with great expectations, the 
release of the draft revised 
orders for each subject. 

The big question was: will 
IT (Information Technology) 
exist as an order in its own 
right, will it be 'tacked onto' 
Design and Technology simply 
because information technology 
contains the word technology 
or will IT manifest itself 
entirely within the orders for 
the various subjects? 

Dearing is emphatic upon 
its suggestion that the 

basic knowledge, skills and 
understanding of IT will 
be identified within the 
Technology order (4.2 1 ). 

Dearing does raise the status 
of IT by including it alongside 
literacy, oracy and numeracy 
as ‘the basics of learning at the 
primary stage' (2.9). 

The reassurance that the 
basics of IT are part of the 
core of the curriculum begs 
the question: how basic? Will 
IT be represented solely by the 
basic use of a wordprocessor, 
database and a picture painting 
package? Perhaps we may lose 
the diversity of IT activities 
that exist in the full range 
of subject areas of the sec- 
ondary school. 

Sir Ron has gone into some 
detail regarding the amount of 
time spent on each National 
Curriculum subject at Key 
Stage I and 2. Very specifically 
he has put the tag of 27 and 36 
hours per year respectively. 

Importantly, that lime ele- 
ment is not in addition to the 
other subjects but is part of the 

time allocated to them. 

What are the implications of 
the 36 hours per pupil per year 

30 pupils requiring 36 hours 
each over a 39 week year 
means the computer needs to 
be switched on and used for 
over 27 hours a week, that is, 
five and a half hours a day ! 

Three major factors that 
help arc: 

1 Sometimes children work in 
pairs or threes on the computer. 

2 Some IT work is related to 
discussions regarding the use 
of it in everyday life, ranging 
from pupils talking about the 

way equipment responds 
to signals or commands to 
discussing the environmental, 
ethical, moral and social issues 
raised by IT. 

3 There are other items of 
classroom/school equipment 
that give experience of IT and 
meet the requirements of some 
of the current Statements of 
Attainments. For example: 
Roamer, teletext, laptops and 
programmable toys. 

Paragraph 5.19 of the Dearing 
Report reflects the greatest 
uncertainty for the future of IT 
within the curriculum. 

I am certain that English, 
mathematics and science must 
remain in the core curriculum 
for all students to age 16. The 
position of IT is less clear. 

There are those who argue 
that it should be taught as part 
of the statutory core. Others, 
however, think that pupils 
should have received sufficient 
instruction in basic IT skills by 
the end of Key Stage 2. 

i recommend that the subject 
groups generally, and the 

technology group in particular, 
advise the School Curriculum 
and Assessment Authority 
(SC A A) on this issue. 

Parents may be asking 
whether IT will be mandatory 
to a level sufficient to meet the 
future needs of their children. 

On the other hand, wdll IT 
be compulsory so that they 
have no option but to 
choose a curriculum with 
more music, modern foreign 
language or art opportunity 
and a lower input of informa- 
tion technology? 

Governors may be wonder- 

ing how they will meet the 
resouice requirements of deliv- 
ering IT, especially within sub- 
ject areas where there may be a 
greater need for some clusters 
of computers. 

Teachers may be asking 
how much assessment of the 
IT skills of pupils within their 
class will they need to make. 
To what level of detail will 
their record-keeping need to 
be? Will they have to report to 
parents the performance of 
their pupils in IT? 

What are the implications of 
starting a new range of GCSEs 
in September 1996? (8.12) 
How will the development of 
GNVQs effect developments 
in the teaching and use of IT 
within the school? 

And I nearly forgot., .what 
could the pupils be asking? 

• Will we be able to use com- 
puters to help LIS understand 
our work? 

• Will we be able to use com- 
puters to help us present our 

• Will we learn to use com- 
puters to help us when we 
leave school? 

Let us hope that the result of 
the current round of changes 
will allay the fears, meet the 
needs and fulfil the aspirations 
of all concerned. 

The Dearing Report 

The National Currkuiutn and its Assessment was a report 
created after a series of consultation nfieetmgs between 
teachers and the School Curriculum and Assessment 
Authority (SCAA), 

The report, chaired by Sir Ron Dearing, was published in 
December 1993 and contains recommendations regarding 
changes to the Nationai Curriculum and its assessment. 

The report is divided into nine sections and each para- 
graph is individually numbered. For convenience those 
numbers are included in the article. 




fe- U s ' 




Acorn computers have always 
been ideal for hooking together, 
but one subject which is 
guaranteed to cause confusion, 
is networking. In our Network 
Special, we’ll explain exactly 
what all the different types of 
network are, and which ones are 
suitable for your needs. 
We’ll also be looking at the best 
software available for network 
managers, how to ensure your 
setup runs as quickly and 
smoothly as possible, and what 
extra hardware you’ll need on 
top of the cabling to make the 
most of networking. If you 
want to get to grips with one 
of the most important areas 
in the Acorn world, don't 
miss next month’s issue 


Photo retouching 

With the advent of the exceptional 
graphics capabilities of the Rise PC, a 
large number of photo retouching 
packages have been released. We 
exclusively test out all the new- 
comers, and decide which are robe sure of 
Photoshop contenders, and which 

please fill in 

are not. 


the coupon 
below and 
hand it to 

Millions of people use the newsagent. 
Internet every day to communicate ^ 
with each other, and millions of subscription, 
people wish they could but can’t which 
understand the jargon. Don’t 
worry: we’ll explain how to get seethe 
into electronic mail without get- Subscriber's 

Page for 

ting involved in modem speeds details 
and handshaking protocols. 


your issue of 
Acorn User 

16 JUNE 



Acorn User is published by Europress Enterprise Ltd, Europe House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield, SK10 4NP 
Distributed by COMAG (0895) 444055 



Single disc dipart containing 
approx. 50 high quality draw 
format dip art images, each 
on a single subject. Comes 
with mono reference sheet, 
12 subjects are available 
now. Please specify when 
ordering. Site licences are 
£16+VAT per disc, please 
ring for further details. 

Showroom o pe n Mon-Sat 1 0-18.00 hrs (All prices exclude VAT) 

TopicArtO - Dinosaurs 

+ VAT 

per disc 

Laminated A3 Colour 
reference sheets are available 
for each disc at E4+VAT each. 
Full set of sheets are £604 VAT 



1 - General 

2 - T ransport 

3 - Costumes 

4 - Entertainment 

5 - Bugs 2 Slugs 

6 - Road Signs 

7 - Sports Equip 

8 - Sports Figures 

9 - Dinosaurs 

1 0 - Symbols 

1 1 - Tools 

Buy 4 
discs get 
one free 

not inci SpeclaiArt 

Training E504VAT 

RtscOS Computing For Beginners 

Although Acorn RiscOS computers are the easiest 
to use, it is essential for even the most basic user 
to understand the fundamental principles, some of 
which are rather difficult to learn. Once 
mastered the computer will be able to be used 
efficiently and to its maximum potential. 

This friendly informal one day course held at 
our premises is designed to provide you with 
these essential skills enabling you to work 
wonders with your Acorn computer. Topics 
covered incJude optimising your computer set 
up, running/using applications, understanding 
computer jargon, using printers, managing files, 
troubleshooting, expanding your computer, plus 
many more. Ring for details of special 
introductory offers and dates. 


. -oi ■ 



TopicArl12 - AnimalsGB 



Special Art(xmas or Signs) £204VAT (each) 

Special editions of TopicArt consisting of a minimum of 4 discs full of clipart 


DIY Ink Jet Refills 

Why throw away empty inkjet 

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fraction of the cost 

Colours available include 
Cyan, Magenta, Black, 

Red, Green, Blue^ Brown 

Single Refills (req an orig cartr.) £7 
Twin Refills (req an ortg cartr.) £12 
1 25ml / 400ml Cleaning Krt £4 / £1 0 

These dO‘it-yourself refills can be used with any 
printer where Ihe head and ink reservoir are 
combined, ie, DJ‘500, BJ 10/200. Pfease do not 
send empty cartridges. Please noie fhal colour 
quality may nol be 100% from a black cartridge 
refilled with another colour. We cannot 
guarantee agains! dried up empty cartridges 
and/or blocked nozzles. If you wan! 100% 
reaulta only buy original cartridges or buy a 
colour printerl 

QuickTile vi.01 E25+VAT 

Up until now it 
has only been 
possible to 
print posters 
from Draw & 

Sprite files. 

Now with 
QuickTile you 
can create 
posters from 

Impression. Simply enter the si^e of 
poster required 4 select PRINT from the 
application! QuickTile does the rest, 
printing each tile with crop marks and tile 

Roquiros RISCOS 3,10 or tater 
Send vl.OO disc back for free upgrade. 
Upgrade from Tiler for El 5+ VAT 

Hardware, Software & Books (All prices exclude VAT) 


, Ring now for details 
of the new machine!! 
: Pocket Book/Psion 

Acorn Pocket Book El 69 

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Action Pack £336 

TV output, 1Mb RAM, FD, Zool, WP 

Learning Curve System £620 

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As above less Lng Cfv & joystick prts 

60Mb Hard disc System £800l 

As above with 60Mb Hard disc 

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Add £43 for AKF52 MultiScan Mon. 
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A5000 4MHD160 Sys £1420 

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Add £64 for AKF50 0.2adp Monitor 

Learning Curve 

Learning Curve Software Pack £42 

tncludes Advance, PC Emulator & 


Home Office 


Home Office Pack 

Includes EasiWrit0r2, DataPower, 
PipeDream4, PC Emulator, & many 
cFemos of popular games S, applies. 

The above packs cannot be 
purchased WEth A301 0 or seperatefv. I 

Acorn A4 Senes 

Free PC Emulator 

A4 4MHD Portable 


Acorn AKF30/40 Standard Mon £210 I 
Acorn AKF52 MultlScan Mon £259 
I Microvitec Cub Scan 1440 £379 [ 

0.23dp, 40 preseta & 3yr Warranty 

Hardware Upgrades 

ARMS (25MHz, tnc FPA socket) £159 I 
Joystick Interface (alt m/c's) C2B 
Midi Expansion Card £65 

Poworpad (dual) (Qamasware) £34 
ScanlighI Video 256 £215 

ScanLighI Professional £549 

Vision Di^l isor Col Int £9a/Ext £112 
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I Mono-Hi £120 I 

I RAM Upgrades 

I A3000 Up 10 2Mb £55/4Mb £129] 
A301 0 Up to 2Mb E45/4Mb £149 

! A3020/A4000 Up to 4IVlb £89 

! A5000 Up to 4 Mb £39 / 8Mb £349 
I A40D RAM £45 per Mb | 

Hard Discs/MagOpt 

The fotlowing are complete systems. 
IDE A300/A400 Series Internal /Eirt | 
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540Mb 12ms Cache £499 

A3000 NCCS HardCarda 
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80Mb -k User Port £229 

A3010 HCCS HO MultFPodule 
20Mb -H User Port £215 | 

80Mb + User Pori £299 ] 

SCSI Archimedes Internal 
127Mb 17msCache £319 | 

24SMb 1 Sms Cache £409 ] 

SCSI 128Mb Magneto Optical Drive 
12BMb Internal Mag-Opt Drive £549 1 
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I 128Mb Mag^Opt Blank Discs £35 j 
SCSI CD-ROM Drivaa (Esccl Card) 

Ext Toshiba caddy loading £399 ] 
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Printer Consumables 

BJ-10/SJ-200 Ink Cartridge £1 e/E1 9 
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I Printers (Inc cable) 

Canon BJ-IOsx/ Turbo £175/ £210 
Canon BJ'tO Sheet Feeder £50 
Canon BJ-200 / Turbo £240 f £275 
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I RiscOS 3.1 Upgrades 

A30Q/A440 Series £97.88 

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Bulk Pack of ten upgrades £339.00 

Books (No VAT) 

I Aoom RISCOS3 PRM's £99.08 
Add £7+VAT carriage for PRM's 

Acorn SBC Basie VI Guido £19.95 
Acorn AASM Manual £25,00 

Aeom ANSI C v4 Manual £25.00 
Artworks Made Easy (Dabs} £1 4.95 
Begin s Guide to WIMP Prog £12,95 
DTP on the Archimedes fSig.) £1 2.95 
Fli^t steps in prog RiscOS (Sig) £14.95 
Game Maker's Manual (Sigma) £14,95 
Mastering lsl Word+ (Dab$) £13.95 
R iscOS 3 First Steps ( Dabs) £14.95 
T erms EC residents add 17,5% 
VAT to all prices except books. 
Carnage Ire® in UK (except books), 
elsewhere at cost. Orders MUST be 
accompanied by a phone number, 
Prices and spec’s subject to change 
without notification. Goods subjeot lo 
availability. Goods not ottered on trial 
basis. Restocking feb on non'faulty 
returns. Official orders welcome, chq 
with order < £50. 

Whereto Find Us 

Application Software (Games Software (conto] 

I Advance (Acorn) 

Advantage (^Longman) 

Almanac! (Stallion) 

i (Stallion) 

Artworks ^D) £124 

With Free Topic Art disc 
AudloWorks (CC) £49 

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Compression (CC) £35 

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Desktop Thesaurus (RISC Dev) £19 

Digital Symphony (Cretan) £41 

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Illusionist fCltares) £79 

Image Animator (IOTA) £58 

Impression 11 (free u/g to Fubl)£124 
Impreaaion Publisher (CC) £135 

Impression Style (CC) £95 

Free TopicArt disc with Impression 
- Is^ ‘ 



3 (Clares) £49/ £79 

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PlayBack (RISC) 

Poster [4Malion) 

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Result! (Colton) 

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Sfeuth (RISC Dev) ^£^ 

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Squirrel 2 Database (Dig Ser) £130 
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TurboDrivere BJ or HP (CC) ea, £42 
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Worda (Colton) £77 

Games Software 

Alded^aran (Evolulion) £26 

Axis (TBA Software) £19 

BattleChess (Krisalis) £22 

Birds of War (4D) 2Mb £25 

Black Angel (4D) £25 

Break 147 S Superpool (4D) £25 

Carnage Inc (4D) 

Champions (Krisalis) 

Chocks 2 Compendium (4D) 

Chopper Force (40) 

I Chuck Rock (Krisalis) 

The Crystal Maze (Sherston) 

I Cyber Ches^ (4D) 

Demon's Lair (4 D) 

Diggers (Miillenium) 

Dreadnoughts (Turcan) 

“ ^ : D)2Mb 

Elite (Hybrid) 'New Low Price' 

Enter the Realm (4D) 2Mb 
Exotic Adv of Sylvia Lane (40) 

Fun School 2/3/4 ea. (5, 5-7, >7) 
Games Wizard 2 (Gamesware) 
GODS (Krisalis) 

I Granny's Garden (4Metion) 

Guile (Dream) 

Haunted House {4D) 2Mb 
Helmdall (Krisalis) 2Mb 

i Hero Quest (Krisalis) 

James Rond (Krisalis) 

James Pond 2 RoboCod (G/W) £28 
■ ■ ■ ■ £22 
£20 ea. 
£25 ea. 
£19 ea. 

Krisalis Collection 

2 K.V. (High Rise) 

Lemmings (Krisalis) 

Lemmings 2 Tribes (Kris) 2Mb 
Lotus Turbo Chall 2 (Krisafis) 

Magic Pockets (Renegade) 

Noddy's Playtime (J/Bean) 2Mb 
Oh Ho More Lemmings (Kris) 

Omar Sharif's Bridge (Krisalis) 
Pandora's Box (40) 

Play it again Sam 1/2/3 
Populous (Krisalis) 

Powermonger (Krisalis) 

Premier Manger (Gremlin) 

Quark (Oregan) 

Real McCoy 2/3/4 (4D) 

Repton 3 / 4 (Superior) 

Saloon Cars Deluxe (4D) 

Sensible Soccer (Renegade) 

, Sim City (Krisalis) 

Simon the Sorcerer (G/W) 2Mb £31 
Smalt (Virgo) 

Spheres of Chaos (Malt Black) 

Stunt Racer 2000 (4D) 

SWtV (Krisalis) 

10/10 Eariy Essenllals <:7yr 
10/10 English 6'l6yrs 
ID/10 Maths (Number) 6-16yrs 
10/18 Maths (Algebra) 6-l6yrs 
Virtual Goll (40) 2Mh 
Xenon 2 (Gamesware) 

' ZooJ (Gremlin) 

DesMop Rroiects Ltd Tei: 061 -474 0 778 

Authorised Acorn Dealer {Fax No. 06I 474 078 1) E & OE 

Unit 2A, Heapriding Business Park, Ford St, StOCkpOft. Ches.SK3 OBT 

Squirrel Deafer 


T he Date: 15 April 1994. 

The Venue: The Cumber- 
land Hotel, Hyde Park, 
London, The Event: The 
launch of the Rise PC from 

Many will call the Rise PC 
Acorn’s finest computer ever. 
Innovative and radical, it is 
arguably superior to all other 
currently available computers 
in terms of features, perfor- 
mance, expandability and 

But then each new generation 
of Acorn computers has set 
new standards. In 1981, the 
BBC micro was the first to 
offer 80-column text with 
high -resolution colour graphics, 
a superbly fast Basic inter- 
preter with a built-in assembler, 
and all this on top of a massive 
potential for expansion. 

Six years later. Acorn 
became the first computer 
manufacturer to launch a 
Rise processor - based PC. 
The Archimedes 300 and 
400 systems, with their Arm! 
processors, were hailed as 
the fastest microcomputers in 

The team behind the Rise PC 

was known internally, and over 
its lifespan about 20 other peo- 
ple were indirectly involved. 

Unlike previous projects, 
such as the BBC micro and 
Archimedes, the entire Rise PC 
team was brought together 
geographically in an open-plan 
floor at Acorn’s headquarters 
in Cambridge. 

An independent consultant 
trained the team at the start of 

would sell for. Every poten- 
tial component in the Rise 
PC" was weighed in terms of 
meeting this cost target. 

rhe result of this was that 
certain features that were 
w ritten into the original specifi- 
cations of the Rise PC, such as 
16-bit sound and built-in SCSI 
compatibility, were left out 
of the final product. Volume 
controls on the front of the case 

The team also wanted to 
create a computer that was 
as easy to use as possible, espe- 
cially in terms of expandability 
and upgradability. The innova- 
tive case design, which allows 
it to be opened in a matter of 
seconds, is not only good for 
you and me. but it’s also good 
for the factory production line. 
It lakes half the time to build a 
Rise PC as it does to build an 

When the project began. 
Acorn had a long shop]:>ing list 
of technology that could be 
used in the system. One of the 
questions the team faced was 
whether to use the 'latest and 
greatest’ chips w'hich could do 
"everything', but hadn't been 
exhaustively tried and tested, 
or stick with well-known 
existing chips. 

in one case during the project 
they went though three succes- 
sive issues of a potentially 
fantastic new^ chip, before 
finally dropping it in 
favour of a slightly less pow- 
erful but more reliable alierna- 


o r re VO 

the world. Many of you may 
have missed seeing Acorn's 
full page advert in The 
rimes on the 15th March this 
year, congratulating Apple on 
the launch of the PowerMac - 
Apple's first Rise computer. 
Better late than never? 

One month to the day after 
this advert appeared. Acorn 
introduced to an expectant 
audience at the Cumberland 
Hotel its .second generation 
Rise computer - the Rise PC, 

The Medusa 

The development of the Rise 
PC began early in May 1992, 
although the concept had been 
floating around Acorn for 
several montivj prior to this. 

A core team of 20 people 
was assigned to work full-time 
on the Medusa project, as it 

the project in a management 
technique known as concurrent 
engineering, 1’his technique 
entailed all members of the 
development team, from sales 
and marketing to engineering, 
working together to ensure that 
the Rise PC was manufactuied 
within the specified lime and 

Acorn’s goal was to produce 
a single computer motherboard 
that it could use to create an 
entire range of computers. The 
Rise PC can support a potential 
15,000 different hardware 

Even before any work had 
been done on the system, 
almost complete technical 
specifications for the Rise PC 
had been written. 

Acorn also knew exactly 
how much it wanted each sys- 
tem to cost, and thus what it 

were even considered at one 

When the team had to decide 
how many SIMM memory 
sockets to put on the mother- 
board, they debated wheitier to 
follow^ the example of many 
PC systems and have several 
sockets that could only take 
SIMMs of the same capacity, 
or use only a few sockets, and 
allow them to take any combi- 
nation of SIMMs. 

They decided on two 
sockets, resulting in the size 
and cost of the mol hci board 
be i ng d rast i c al I y reduced . 

At this stage rhe team also 
faced an interesting dilemma 
concerning two very important 
components, the VI DC 20 
and lOMD. Neither of them 
physically existed, and as they 
w^ere both new chips, it was 
not even possible to simulate 

In September 1992, the first 
VIDC20 was inserted into a 
prototype Rise PC mother- 
board, A command w^as entered 
to draw^ a red square on the 
screen, and lo and behold, up 
popped a blue square. Usefully, 
the opposite also applied, and 



the engineers^ soon discovered 
2 pins incorrectly wired. 

Late in the evening of the 
8th June i993 the final piece 
of the Rise PC jigsaw puzzle 
was put into place. The very 
first batch of lOMDs arrived at 
Acorn, and the engineers 
immediately set to work 
soldering the massive 208 - 
pin chip onto the board. 

One and a half hours later 
the full Rise PC was working, 
almost. Staff involved in 
the project do admit that it 
was a night to remember, and 
that there were one or two 

The Exemplar 

As part of the concurrent 
engineering approach, infor- 
mation about the Medusa 
project was released nearly a 
year and a half ago to a dozen 
independant hardware and 
software developers. 

These 'Exemplar' companies, 
together with other registered 
developers who were supplied 
with details later in the 
project's life, played an 
extremely important role in the 
development of the Rise PC. 

Until shortly before the 

official launch however, no 
developer knew what the 
computer was actually going to 
look like and be called, when it 
would be launched, and how 
much it would sell for. 

A total of 45 Medusa systems, 
badged as A5000’s, were 
supplied to selected developers 
under extremely strict non- 
disclosure agreements. 

I know of one company, and 
Tm sure that others did the 
same, that threatened dismissal 
to any employee who disclosed 
information about the Medusa 
A 5000 to anyone who had not 
signed an NDA. 

The systems were used by 
the companies for ensuring that 
their existing products worked 
correctly with the new tech- 

In the first of a new 
series which 
investigates what 
really happens 
inside the ivory 
tower at Acorn, 
James Harrison 
looks at how the 
Rise PC went from 
the technical 
drawing board to 
completion, and 
how the project is 

nology, and for developing new 

Acorn also provided a fully- 
equipped room at its headquar- 
ters for many other third 
parties to try out their vari- 
ous packages. 

Because of all this, software 
and hardware products have 
been available for the Rise PC 
from the day it was launched, 
and Acorn has, more impor- 
tantly, been able to honestly 
claim that 90% of all existing 
Archimedes titles will work on 
the Rise PC. 

This is a very impressive 

achievement when one considers 
that there is more compatibility 
between the Rise PC and an 
Archimedes running Rise OS 
3.1 than there was between an 
Archimedes running Rise OS 
3. 1 and one running Rise OS 2. 

The Future 

Where is the computer as we 
know it going? The evolution 
of colour capability from 
monochrome to 8, 256 and now 
16 million colours has been, in 
a sense, predictable, and the 
same can be said of the mas- 
sive increase in memory and 
hard drive capacities and 

It is probably realistic to 
assume that we will never need 
more than 32-bit colour and a 
couple of Gbs of memory, 
which is well within the capa- 
bilities of current technology. 

So what will we need in 
future Acorn computers? My 
own belief is that we need 
better user-interfaces, and the 
faster the computer is, the 
better the user-interface can be. 

Current Wimp-based operat- 
ing systems are certainly more 
intuitive than having to type in 
obscure instructions at a com- 
mand line, but theyVe still not 
exactly easy-to-use. 

The OS of the future should 
scrap the need for a keyboard 
and mouse in favour of an A4 
touch-sensiiive pen-pad, simi- 
lar to Apple's Newton, and true 
voice control, and it must be 
100% accurate. 

With the potential for 
lOOMHz and higher processors 
sitting in the Rise PC in a few 
years time, this step might not 
be so far off. 

Until then however, weTl 
have to make do with existing 
operating systems. Later this 
year weTl be able to turn the 
Rise PC into a fully fledged 
486 PC at the touch of a button, 
thus opening up the professional 
world of Windows 3.1 soft- 

There is no technical reason 
preventing someone turning the 
Rise PC into a Power (Rise) PC 
instead, with a PowerPC card, 
thus giving access to the Mac's 
System 7 OS. 

An Apple spokesperson 
claimed that Apple, 'will look 
to licence our operating system 
to partners when we choose to'. 
Make your own conclusions on 
the incredibly exciting future of 
Acorn from that. 


Watford Electronics 

Jossa Group of Companios - Established 1972 

Mail Order & Showroom: Jessa House, 1 Finway, Dallow Road, Luton LU1 1TR 
Tel: 0582 487777 Fax: 0582 488588 

Showroom Only: Jessa House, 250 Lower High Street, Watford WD1 2AN 
Tel; 0923 237774 Fax: 0923 233642 

M RiscPC 

The new RiscPC from Acorn offers all the 
traditional strengths of RISC processing, and a 
great deal more, at a remarkably alfordable 

Based on Ihe 30MHz ARM610 processor, the 
RiscPC simply leaves the competition 

It is the world's mosi cost-effective, efficieni 
32 -bit RISC computer. The graphics on the 

RiscPC are astounding - 24- bit colour (with 
VRAM fitted) and up to 1600 x 1200 pixels. 
The memory capacity starts at 2Mb and can 
be expanded to a massive 256Mb. A special 
slot for a 2nd processor allows you to add 
another ARM610 or any other processor^ so 
allowing you easy tow cost access to DOS and 
Windows applications. 

The standard sound system offers 8 stereo 
channels, which can be upgraded wiih ihe 
oplional 16'bit sound card- Networking opiions 
include Econet, Acorn Access and Industry 
standard Ethemeb There is also a choice of 
either 14" or 17" monitors. 

Features of the RiscPC series: 

* 30MHz ARM610 processor 

* 2Mb RAM expandable to 25$Mb 

* 210Mb IDE hard disc 

* up to 1 eOO X 1 200 dpi resolution 

* 24-bil colour graphics 
« 2nd processor slot 

m RISC OS3V3.5 

* up to 8 32-biL expansion slots 

* 3-5" 1 .6Mb floppy disc drive 

* 3.2S" drive bay (eg CD-ROM) 

* chores of 14" or 17" monitor 

* 12 months On-site warranty 

AKF60 AKF85 
Monitor Monitor 

• RiscPC 600 2M Hn210 £1199 £1599 

• R isc PC 600 5M HD2 1 0 £1 299 £1 699 

• R isc PC 600 9M HD420 £1 599 £1 999 

{AKF60 - 74" SVGA. AKF&5 - 1 7* SVGA) 

Upgrade Options 

• 2Mb RAM upgrade 


• 4Mb RAM upgrade 


• 8Mb RAM upgrade 


• 1Mb VRAM upgrade 


• 2Mb VRAM upgrade 


• 250Mb Hard Drive upgrade 


• 340Mb Hard Drive upgrade 


• 420Mb Hard Drive upgrade 


• 486 PC Card upgrade 


• Acorn Access for RiscPC 


• Eihernet Neiwork Interface 


• Eccnel Network Interface 


• Case Module upgrade 


Purchase a 486 PC Card at 
the same time as a RiscPC 
for only £99* 

{deUve/y of PC Card Sept. 1994) 




• A3010 Action Pack 

• A3010 Learning Curve 

• A3020 2Mb FD 

• A3020 2Mb HD60 

• A4000 2Mb HD105 

• A5000 2Mb H080 

• A5000 2M HD210 

• A5000 4Mb HD210 

• A4 2M FD 

• A4 4M HD60 

Acorn 32-bit RISC Computer Systems 





































Sensible Soccer 
with A3010orA3020 

Learning Curve 
with any A5000 syslem 

Battery Pack 
with any A4 Notebook 


0% Finance 

available on A4000, A5000, A4 and RiscPC* 
Caii 0582 745555 for details. 


Archimedes IDE Hard Disc Upgrades 

The Watford IDE interface allows IDE hard 
disc drives to be connected to an 
Archimedes computer. Speeds in excess 
of SCSI, but ai a fraciion of the cost. 

Features include: 

• Fast 16-bit interface (S-brt on A3000) 

• Password protection and write protect 

• Supports 2 drives per interface 

• Up to 4 drives attached to a machine 

• Optiooaf on-board 2.5" drive 

• Power save mode on supported drives 

• Interrupt driven MEMC interface 

• Conforms with Acorn IDE specification 

All kits are supplied with interface (except 
A3020 upgrade), connecting cables, fixing 
screws and comprehensive instructions. 

A3000 internal version is also suitable for 
A3010 and A3020. 

A5000 version is for replacement of 
original drive, if drive is to be used as a 
second unit the 2nd drive accessory kit will 
be required. 

A30D/A400 Internal IDE Drives 

Part rio. 


Access. Tim# 


ADA 0550 




ADA 2000 




ADA 201 0 




ADA 0680 




ADA 2030 




A5000 Internal IDE Drives 

Part Hq. 


Access Time 


ADA 2040 




ADA 2060 








ADA 2060 




A3000 External IDE Drives 

Part No. 


Access Tim# 


ADA 1020 




ADA 2070 




ADA 2080 




ADA 2170 




ADA 2180 




A30QO Internal IDE Drives 

Part No. 


Access Tima 


ADA 0730 




ADA 0720 




ADA 0730 




ADA 1070 




AOA 2090 




A30Q/4D0 IDE Hard Cards 

Pan He, 


Access Time 


ADA 0690 




ADA 0670 

80 Mb 



ADA 0680 




ADA 1070 




ADA 2090 




A3D20 Internal 

IDE Drives 

Part Ho. 


Access Time 


ADA 2120 




ADA 2130 




ADA 2140 




ADA 2160 




ADA 2160 





• A5000 2nd drive accessory kit tIO •IDE ROM Upgrade to v2.10 £16 

^Acorn PocketBook 

• PockelBook 25SK computer El 69 

• PocketBook Class Pack £1699 

• A-Link (requires RISC OS 3,1) £42 

• Parallel Unk £26 

• 12flK RAM Disc £51 

• 256K Flash Disc £59 

• 512K Flash Disc £85 

• Mains Adaptor £12 

• Schedule £19 

• Plotter £29 

^^RISC OS Upgrades 

• Single User Software Upgrade £74 

• Hardware Kit (3007440) £24 

• Buik Software Pack [10 users) £31 9 

^ARM3 Turbo Card 

Using the latest surface mount teohnotogy on 
a high quality 4 layer PCB, ihe ARMS Turbo 
Card will increase the speed of your A300, 
A400 or A3O0O computer by up to 6 times- 
The upgrade can be fitted by the user in A300 
and A400 machines, but for owners of the 
A3 000 we can collect, fit and deliver your 
computer back for an additional £21. 

Owners of A300 and old A440 models will 
need a MEMC1A upgrade to use the ARy3. 

Special Offer 




^an256 Handscanner 

If you need a 256 grey ^ale handscanner for 
your Archimedes or A3000 (external), then 
look no further. 

Scan25S gives you up to 256 grey levels at a 
maximum resolution of 400dpi and is supplied 
with state-of-the-art software. This makes it Ihe 
only sensible scanning and image processing 
solution for the Acorn 32-bit range of 

Features include: 

• Mulliple copies of an image in memory at 

• Advanced innage processing tools 

• Convolution digital filtering with over 1 00 

• Adjustable scale & size during scan 

• Save images in indusiry standard formats 

• True brighiness, contrast and gamma 

• Selectable scanning modes 

• 105mm scanning widlh 

• Ability to rotate and shear Ihe image 

only £155 

• Scan2S6 for ASOOO £175 


^ I/O Expansion Cards 

• A3000 User PofVMIDl card £44 

• A3000 Analogue/User card £35 

• I/O Podule - User/Ana/1MHz £79 

• Archi Analogue/User card £55 

^ Disc Controllers 

• E)itcrnal Floppy Disc Interface £15 

• Backplate/Lead for above £9 

• 8-bit SCSI card £129 

• 16-bit SCSI card £149 

• 16-bil SCSI card - 16Kb cache £169 

• 1 6-bil SCSI card - Acorn £249 

• ST506 Hard Disc podule £49 

• 16-bit IDE interface - A300/A400 £69 

• 8-bfl IDE interface - A3000 internal £85 

Ultimate Expansion 

Ultimate Expansion - A5000 


Ultimate Expansion - A3000 


Ultimate Expansion -A30 10 


Ultimate Expansion -- A3020 


SCSI uPoduie 


Vision Digitiser uPodule 


Analogue u Podule 


Serial Port uPodule 


MIDI uPoduEe 


Scanlight 256 uPodule 


PSU Kit for Uilimate Exp. 


fpflease can' /ar|»nd'iiff of atoM andf wi!tt SDE hjnd dTri/ies 

Graphics Cards 

• Colour Card Gold £239 

• C h roma 500 Genlock card £4 1 9 

• Chroma 1 50 PAL Encoder £1 69 

• C hr oma G en I ock ca rd £209 

• Hawk VS MKII Digitiser £189 

• Eag le M2 M ulti media card £319 

• Vision Colour Digitiser £99 

• Hi Vision Colour Digitiser £149 

* Spectra Colour Handscanner 

* Scanlight 256 - A300/400 
» Scanlight 256 - A3000 

* Scanlight Professional 
> Scanlight Video 256 


• Ethernet card - A300/400 

• Ethernet card - A3000 

• Econet Module - A300/400 

• Econet Module - A3020 

• Econet Module - A4 

• Econet Interface - RiscPC 

• Ethernet III card 

• Ethernet interface - RiscPC 

• Acorn Access - A3D00 

• Acorn Access - A3020 

• Acorn Access - A5000 

• Acorn Access - RiscPC 

• AUN/Level 4 FiJeserver 

• TCP/IP Protocol suite 


• Floating Point Accelerator 

• 3B6lMbPC Card-A3020 

• 486 4Mb PC Card - A3020 

• MIDI Expansion card 
*MEMC1 A Upgrade 

• 4 PoduJe Backplane 

• Fan for Backplane 

• PowerPad Single joy pad 

• PowerPad Dual joy pad 

• Arc to BBC Serial Link 

• Microlin FX Modem/Software 

• Archi 906 Tablet (OS 2 only) 

• Archi 1212 Tablet (OS 2 only) 

































Archi Cordless Mouse 

No more tangled mouse cables when 
you use the Archi Cordless Mouse. 

• High resolution 20Cdpi 

* Auto power off after 20 minutes. 

only £29 

Cum ana CD-ROM Drives 
Enter the worid of Muilimedie on the Arc with 
the Cumana range of CD-ROM drives and 





300 Series - iow cost drive 

• 300 CD-ROM Drive/I nlerface 

• 300 CD-ROM Pack 1 

• 300 CD-ROM Pack 2 

• 300 SLCD Interface oniy 

600 Series - SCSI dri ve 

• eOO CD-ROM Drive only 

• 600 CD-ROM Drive/interface 

• 600 CD-ROM Pack 3 

• 600 CD-ROM Pack 4 

{CD-ROM Packs incftMiff Dnva. imorfacQ 
Cabfos^ Sterso Speakers afjd same CDs/ 

Pioneer Multi-Disc CD ROM Drive 
A new range of SCSI CD-ROM drives which 
accept 6 discs at the same lime. 

• ORM602X Dual Speed CD drive £499 

• DRM604X Quad Speed CD drive £999 




Multimedia & CD-ROM 

Acorn Multimedia Expansion 
The ideal CD-ROM expansion system for I he 
Archimedes. Styled 10 malch the A4000 end 
A50CM) this unit wili fil neatly on top. Supplied 
'With 8-bit Of 16-bil SCSI card and cables. 

• Muitimedia Expansion £485 

• Muitimedia Expansion - 1 6 bit £585 

• Mu itimedia Expansk>n - 8 bit £565 

HCCS Ultimate CD-ROM Drive 
A duai speed CD-ROM drive supplied 
complete with interface. 

• Uilimate CD- ROM for A300/A400 £289 

• Uilimate CD- ROM for A3000 £289 

• Uilimate CD-ROM for Ultimate Exp, £289 

Aries RISC PC CD-ROM Drive 
The ideal CD ROM drive for the RISC PC. 
Based on ihe Toshiba 4101 Drive. The kit is 
intemal fixing. Available with or without SCSI 

• RISC PC CD ROM Drive/inlertace £279 

• R1 SC PC CD ROM Drive on ly £1 49 

CD ROM Software 

Artworks £129 

Artworks Clip Art £18 

British Birds £150 

Castles £40 

Countries of Ihe World £40 

CO - 4 Disc Set £149 

CO Francais £120 

Creepy Crawties £90 

Diclionary of Living Wo rid E 1 75 

Dinosaurs £124 

Fronlier 2000 CD £125 

Grooves £90 

Hulchinson Multimedia Encyclopaedia £49 
Illustrated Holy Bible £23 

Illustrated Shakespeare £23 

Image Warehouse £53 

Revelaiion If £98 

Sherfock Holmes £23 

Space Encyclopaedia £57 

Really Useful CD vl £47 

Really Useful CD v2 £47 

Times & Sunday Times £1 95 

Tekkie CD £99 

Pro Artisan v2 £149 

Memory Upgrades 

A310to2Mb RAM 


A310to4Mb RAM 


A3000 to 2Mb RAM 


A30O0 to 4Mb RAM 


A3010to 2Mb RAM 


A3010to4Mb HAM 


A3020/A4000 to 4Mb RAM 


A410/1 to 2Mb RAM 


A410/1 to 4Mb RAM 


A420/1 to 4Mb RAM 


A540 additional 4Mb RAM 


A5000 to 4Mb RAM 


A5000 2Mb to 8Mb RAM 


A5000 4Mb to 8Mb RAM 


RiscPC additional 2Mb RAM 


RiscPC additional 4Mb RAM 


RiscPC additional 8Mb RAM 


fA310 upgrades are deafer fit only - 

we wiU 

cvliecK fii and dslivsr computer back for £35} 

LaserDIrect Printers 

Print at high speed up to 600dpi 
resolution with Computer Concepts' 
LaserDIrect printers. 

• LaserDirect Hi Res 4ppm £799 

• LaserDirect HIRcs 8ppm £1099 

• LaserDirect card for LBP4-t- £37 

ArcLaser Printers 

This range of direct-drive laser printers 
for the Archimedes gives excellent high 
speed printing. Models available range 
from 300dpi A4 si^e to 1200dpi A3 size. 

• A rcLaser A4 300d pi £895 

• ArcLaser A4 1 200dpi £985 

• A rcLase r A3 1 200dpi £4995 

VIDC Enhancer 

The Watford VtDC Enhancer for the 
Archimedes 300/400 and A3000 
corriputers. caters for afl types of 
Muttiscan and VGA monitors. 

A disc of utilities is supplied to allow you 
to define your own modes, and change 
existing ones. A desktop mode selector 
is also supplied 

• Multiscan VIDC Enhancer £15 

• SuperVGA VIDC Enhancer £29 

• 9 to 15 pin VGA Adaptor £9 

Archi Hand Scanner 

Watford's MKII band scanner for the 
Archimedes and A3000 has a maximum 
resolution of 400dpi, and a scan width 
of 4". The software is supplied on ROM. 
so there are no discs to load. Features 
include: cropping and scaling images, X 
flip and Y flip, and edge detection 
allows you to transform solid images 
into outlines. 

• A3CK)/400/A5000 version £89 

• A3000 externa l versi on £109 

• vl .lOROM Upgrade £20 

Upgrade to A4 Scanner 

For existing users of the WaWord MK2 
Hand Scanner we can offer you an 
upgrade to the A4 Scanner for only £129 

Archi A4 Scanner 

The 216mm scanning width can cope 
with both desktop scanning of single 
sheets, photographs, etc, with its 
detachable sheet feeder, or used as an 
A4 wide hand scanner. 64 grey levels 
are produced from the scanner at 
resolutions up to 400dpj. The software 
included on ROM allows you to adjust 
contrast and brightness of the scanned 
image, rotate, shear and cut out 
sections of the image. The scanner 
uses a green light source which gives 
improved contrast on images over 
conventional red light scanners. 

• A4 Scan n er f o r A300/A400 £1 99 

• A4 Scanner for A3000 £229 

• Sheet Feeder for A4 Scanner £69 

PC Cards 

Transform your Archimedes so you can 
run standard PC MS-DOS software and 
even Windows 3.1 with the Aieph One 
range of PC cards. 

• 386 1 Mb RAM - A3020/A4000 £225 

• 486 4Mb RAM - A3020/A4000 £420 

• 486 25MHz 0Mb RAM - A5000 £369 

• 486 25MHz 4Mb RAM - A5000 £529 

• 486 50MHz 0Mb RAM - A5000 £449 

• 486 50MHz 4Mb RAM - A5000 £609 

Coming soon... 

a revolutior in scanning technology for 
your Archimedes or RiscPC computer. 
Call 0502 745555 for more details 

• A3000 Keyboard Dustcover £5 

• A3000 Combined Dustcover £9 

• A3O10 Keyboard Dustcover £5 

• A300/400 Dustcover £9 

• Archi Keyboard only Dustcover £5 

• A5000 Dustcover £9 

• 14‘ Monitor Dustcover £6 

• Perspex Keyboard Cover £8 

• A3000 Monitor Stand (Acorn) £29 

#A3000 Monitor Stand (WE) £16 

• A3000 Podule Case £15 

• A3000 Ca rry Case £1 0 

• A4 Notebook Carry Case £35 

• A4 Notebook Battery Pack £49 

• A4 Notebook Mains Adaptor £69 

• Archi Keyboard Extension Lead £8 

• Replacement Mouse (Acorn) £39 

• Archi MK4 Replacement Mouse £29 

• Quest Tracerball £25 

• Mouse Port Splitter £10 

• Vollmace Delta Cat Joystick £25 

• Archi Cordless Mouse £29 

Fax/Modem Bundle 

Now you can use your Archimedes 
computer as a fax machine. Prepare a 
fax, send it using the ArcFax software. 
Receiving a fax is simple - display on 
the screen or print out on any RISC OS 

• Fax/Modem with ArcFax software £199 

x Archimedes Spares 

• Cased Archimedes keyboard £99 

• Replacement Archimedes 

keyboard £75 

• A3000 replacement keyboard £35 

• A300/A400 power supply unit £79 

• A30(K) power supply unit £49 

• A540/R260 powe r supp ly u n it £79 

• A5000 power supply unit £69 

• 3.5 " FDD for A3000/A400/A540 £49 

• 3.5 ' FDD for A5000/A4000 £49 

• ARM2 CPU £29 

• MEMC 1 A memory controller £25 

• VIDC video controlle r £39 

• IOC i/O controller £39 

• Fan filter £4 

• Digitech mouse cable £12 

• Logitech mouse cable £12 

• Logitech mouse ball £7 

• Replacement keyboard cable £17 

• 1 .2v NiCad battery for A3000 £5 

• A A batteries for A300/A400 (2pk) £2 

• Function keystrip holder £4 

• Eject button for Citizen FDD £2 

• Loudspeaker £6 


or FAX YOUR ORDER on 0582 488588 M "WWm# W W 


Below are listed the more popular software titles for the Archimedes. If you cannot see 


1 0 out of 10 Eariy Essentials £18 

1 0 out of 1 0 Junior Essentials £ 1 8 
1 0 out of 10 Maths - Number £18 
1 0 out Of 1 0 Maths - Algebra £ 1 8 

1 0 out of 1 0 Maths - Statistics £ 1 8 
1 Q out of 10 English £18 

10 out of 10 French £18 

10 out of 10 Dinosaurs £18 

1 0 out of 1 0 Orivi ng T esi E 1 8 

Advantage £32 

Animated Alphabet £18 

Animated Numbers £16 

An Eye lor Spelling £31 

Arcventure I - Romans £24 

Arcveniu re 1 1 - Egyptians ^4 

Arcvaniu re I II - Vikings £24 

Around the World sn 60 Days TBA 
Aztecs £37 

Badger Trails £64 

Best Four Adventure £34 

Best Four Language £34 

Best Four Maths £34 

Body £17 

Bookbinder £43 

Bookstore - Primary £35 

Bookstore -Secondary £52 

Britain since 1 930 £26 

Burnper Disci £14 

Bumper Disc 2 £14 

Connections £27 

Gonverta Key £9 

Crystal Rain Forest £34 

Desktop Stories £36 

Dream Time £19 

Export^ Trade and Industry £34 

First Page £39 

First Logo £20 

Farm (5-7 years) £18 

Fieot Street Phantom £22 

Food for Thought £17 

Fun School 3 Blue (under 5) £17 

Fun School 3 Red (5-7 years) £17 
Fun School 3 Green (over 7) £17 

Fun School 4 Red (under 5) £17 

Fun School 4 Green (5-7 yrs) £17 
Fun School 4 Blue (over 7) El 7 
Qeordle Racer £24 

Glimpse £6 

Craf^ IT £17 

Hilighter £30 

Insight £66 

Investigallng Maths £34 

Jigsaw £16 

Landmarks - Azteo £1 7 

Landmarks - Civil War £17 

Landmarks - Columbus £1 7 

Landmarks -- Egypt £1 7 

Landmarks - Elizabeth I £17 

Landmarks - Rainforesi £17 

Landmarks - Victorians £1 7 

Landmarks - World War II £17 

Linkword - French £32 

Linkword - German £32 

Linkword - Spanish £32 

Magpie £56 

Making of the UK £35 

Mapping Skills £25 

Mapventure £22 

Medieval Realms £35 

Naughty Stories vol.l £46 

Naughty Stories vol.2 £46 

Numerator £33 

Picture Book £14 

Podd £23 

Recall £36 

Seelinks - Ourselves £26 

Seelinks - Pondwatch £34 

Seelinks -Tourism £54 

Seelinks - Transport £34 

Selladore Tales £23 

Setllement £30 

Snippet £31 

Space Mission Mada £22 

Splash £16 

Slig of the Dump £21 

Story Starts £24 

Talking Pendown £59 

Teddy Bears Picnic £22 

Topographer £62 

Viclonans £19 

Viewpoints £33 

Wizards Revenge £16 

Adventures of Sylvia Lane 


Air Supremacy 




Arcade 3 Compilation 


Battle Chess 


Birds of Wa r 


Slack Angel 


Boogie Buggie 


Break 1 47 6 Supe rpool 


Bug Hunter in Space 


Carnage Inc. 




Champions Compilation 


Chess 3D 


Chocks Away Compendium 


Chocks Away Extra Mrssions 


Chopper Force 


Crystal Maze 


Cyber Chess 




Demons Lair 






Ego Repton 4 




Enter the Realm 


E-Type Compendium 


E-Type Extra 100 Miles 






Galactic Dan 


Games Wizard 




Grevicus Bodily Arm 


Haunted House 




Hero Quest 


Holed Out Compendium 


Interdictor 2 




Jahangir Khan Squash 


James Pond 


James Pond 2 - Robocod 




Lemmings 2 - Tribes 


Lotus Turbo Challenge II 


Mad Professor Mariati 


Magic Pockets 


Master Break 


Man at Arms 


Manchester Ufd in Europe 




Oh No! More Lemmings 


Omar Sharif's Bridge 


Pandora's Box 


Pipe Mania 


Play It Again Sam 1 


Play It Again Sam 2 


Play It Again Sam 3 












Real McCoy 2 


Real McCoy 3 


Real McCoy 4 


Return to Doom 


Repton 3 


Saloon Cars Deluxe 


Sensible Soccer 


Sim City 


Simon the Sorcerer 


Stunt Racer 2000 




Sylvia Lane 






The Last Ninja 


Twin World 


Virtual Golf 






White Magic 2 


Xenon 2 







Sensible Soccer 


Simon the Sorcerer 


Crystal Maze 



Impression Junior 


Impression 11 


Impression Borders Disc 


Impressicn Business Sup. 


Impression Style 


Impression Publisher 


Impre^ion Publisher QPI 




Desktop Thesaurus 




Show Page 




Sleuth OCR 


Type Studio 


Optical OCR 


Lword Processors 

DeskEdit 3 


Data Word 


Easiwriter tl 


Easiword Plu$ 




Pendown Plus 






Eureka £95 

ProSheet £39 

Resultz £105 

Schema £89 

DalaVision £66 

FJexifile £88 

Genesis Project £49 

Genesis Professional £119 

Knowledge Organiser £75 

Masterlileltl £45 

MulliSlore v2.01 £99 

Pinpoint v2 £83 

Pinpornl Junior £23 

Reoordz TBA 

S-Base v2 Developer £139 

S-Base v2 Personal £69 

L Integrated 

Acorn Advance 


Desktop Office 


Pipedream 3 


Pipedream 4 




L Languages 

Acorn Desktop Assembler 


Acorn Desktop G 


Acorn PC Soft 


Control Logo 


Easy C 


Logotron Logo 


RiscBAStC Compiler v3.0 


RiscFORTH Compiler 


Robo Logo v1 .1 


Advance Primary Licence 


Advance Second ry Licence 




Impression Style 


Impression M 


Ovation DTP 




Pipedream 4 




lyi^ommunicatrons | 

ArcTerm 7 £64 

Hearsay 2 £75 

ArcFax £35 + VAT 

the title you require, please call for price and availability. 


New Release 

ProAn 24 is the latest addition to 
Clares range of graphic packages. 
Written for the new RiscPC, this 
powerful software takes advantage 
of the machines 24-brt coloor 
capabilities and more. 

ProArt 24 


Artisan 2 


Autosketch 11 










Craftshop 1 


Craftshop 2 


Euclid 2 


Film Maker v5-1 




GraphBox Professional 




Image Animator 


Kid Pix 






Presenter GTI 




Pro Artisan 2 


ProArt 24 


Render Bender II 




Revelation II 


Revelation Image Pro 


Solids Render v5.1 




Arc PCB v1 .8 


Arc PCB Professional v3.2 


Arc PCB Schematics v5.1 




SolidCAD v5.1 


SolidTools v5.1 




Excellon DriEI 


Oak Parametric Design Tool 




Business Accounts System £275 

Business Account Mcdules £35 

Payroll Manager v2.0 £88 

Prophet Accounts £131 

Home Accounts £33 

Rnancial Accountant £225 

Shareholder Professional £195 

Micro T rader System £275 

Mic ro T rader Modu les £75 

PlanING £95 

Project I NG £295 

L Music 

Rhapsody 2 


Rhapsody 3 






Vox Box 


Score Draw 


Printer Drivers 

Expression PS £19 

Citizen Golou r Driver - OS 2 £ 1 5 

Doskjel 500C/550C Driver £15 

Epson JX Pri nter Drive r £1 5 

Star Colour Driver - OS 2 £15 

TurboD river - Canon BJ £39 

TurboDriver’ Epson Stylus £39 

TuiboDriver - HP £39 

Show Page £139 

Repro £42 

Printeia upgrade disc £5 

I mageMastar scanner software £35 
Twain drivers for scanners £20 

IHelp - RISC OS 3 £10 

IHelp - Draw £16 

Archimedes Assembly Lang. £15 

Archinrredes Curating Sysi. £16 

A3000 Technical Manual £29 

A5000 Technical Manual £65 

A3010/A4000 Technical Manual £30 
A540 Technical Manual £66 

A4 Technical Manual £65 

A4 Portable Handbook £7 

A4 Welcome Guide £10 

Ansi C Rel.4 User Guide £26 

Acorn to PC £5 

Artworks Made Easy £15 

Archi Games Maker Manual £ 1 6 
ABM Technical Data Manual £10 

BBC BASIC Reference Guide £20 

Budget DTP on the Arc £13 

Beginners Guide to Wimp Prog. £13 
Basic Wimp Programming £15 

C: Dabhand Guide 3e £17 

C Programming Language £27 

Control on the Archimedes £10 

First Impressions £28 

File Handling for All £10 

First Steps in Prog RISC OS £15 

Good Impressions £25 

Graph ics the Arm £1 5 

Impression II - Dabhand Guide £15 

Mastering 1sl Word Pius £14 

RISC OS Slyle Guide £10 

RISC OS 2 Prog. Ref. Man. £79 

RISC OS 3 Prog. Ref Man. £99 

RISC OS 3 Apps^ser Gd. £20 

RISC OS 3 First Steps £15 

RiscPC 600 Welcome Guide £5 

RisePC 600 Technical Man. PDA 

Wimp Programming for All £13 

Software Bundles 

■ Arcventure £65 

Romans, Egyptians, Vikings 

* Linkword £87 

French, Genman, Spanish 

* Lemmings 6 £27 

Oh No! More Lemmings 

* Crystal Maze & £44 

Games Wizard 

• Artworks i £119 

Clip Art CD 

• Impression II & £130 

Business Supplement 

-PC Emulator & £155 

Acorn Advance 

• Ovation Sl Thesaurus £69 


• Acorn DTP £15 

• 1 St Word Plus £10 

• Lemmings £10 

• Quest for Gold [HD) £5 

• Pacmanla £5 

• Genesis £15 

Printer Drivers 

AUN/Level4 Filesen/er 


TCP/IP Protocol Suite 




Investigator 3 




DPS Reader 










Hard Disc Companion v2 


Oak Logic 




RISC OS 3 ID Utilities Discs 


RISC OS Upgrade - TV DigE 


Laser Printers 

All User printers (excluding HP Lasers) 
include 12 Months On -Site maintenance 
Brother HL6 6ppfn £422 

Brother HL6V Sppm £465 

Canon LBP4+ t .5M RAM 4ppm £635 

Canon LBP4U 4 ppm £480 

Canon Userjet 4i £480 

Canon L8P-8 Plus MIR 8ppm £1559 

Canon LBP-S IV 600DPI Sppm £925 

Epson EPL5000 6ppm £433 

Epson EPL-5200 6ppm £483 

Epson EPL-7500 PS 6ppm £1135 

Fujitsu VM600 6ppm £529 

HP Laserjet 4 ML 4ppm £745 

HP Laserjet 4 Sppm £949 

HP LaserJet 4L 4ppm £466 

HP LaserJet 4M Sppm £1284 

HP Laserjet 4P 4ppm £71 6 

HP Laserjet 4MP 4ppm £975 

HP Laserjet 4Si I6ppm £2175 

HP Laserjet 4Si MX 16ppm £3259 

NEC 610 Super Script 6ppm £422 

OKI OL400EX 4ppm £379 

OKIOL410EX 4ppm £523 

OKI OL 850 PS Sppm £770 

Panasonic KX-P4400 4ppm £360 

Panasonic KX-P4410 5ppm" £424 

Panasonic KX-P4430 Sppm* £527 

Panasonic KX-P4440 lOppm* £777 

Panasonic KX-P5400 PS 4ppmi £599 

Star L8‘5 5ppm £365 

Star LS-5 EX (RISC Based) Sppm £499 

Star LS-5 TT Tn^e T ype+Mac Sppm £530 

‘2 years on-site warranty 

Laser Toners 

Canon 2, 3 & 4 


KX-P4400/5400 £12 

Canon LBP4U 



Canon 8/Slar LPeE52 



Canon LBPS-IV 




Epson GO 


NEC 290 


EPL 40/41/4300 £63 

NEC S6C1/60P/62P £89 

EPL 5200 


OKIOL40a/800 £19 

EPL 71/7500 £117 

OKI OL400e 


HPII/D, lll/O 






Star LS5 




VMaOO 8K pages£99 

HP Laserjet 4L 


Qume Crystal [3) £99 


RAM Upgrades 






HPtiP; lll/P/D 








HP nisi 














EPL 50/5200 




KX44 10/30 












Jetpage Postscript Cartridge 





Various Add-Ons 

# H P Prem ier Font Cotlection £ 1 9 

# Userjet Various Font Ctridges from £45 

# HP Postscript Module for LJ4 £270 

# Laserjet 4 Powered envelope feeder£1 99 

# Jetdirect Ethernet Card for Laserjet 

lllsW4Si £339 

# 500 Sheet paper cassette {3rd Bin) £205 

# H P II P/I MP Lowe r Cassette T ray £1 1 5 

# Canon LBP-4 Lower Cassette Tray £96 

# Ozone Filter P4420 £9; P4450/55 £20 

Despite appearances, we offer you very little choice. 

At Watford Electronics, we will only offer any product when we are convinced that we can sell it 
at ttte best price with the right level of support. It s an approach that our thousands of customers 
appreciate, for we are now celebrating twenty-one years in the business. So as you look through 
all the lists of items that follow and discover how competitive we are, you'!! dts(X3ver just how little 
choice you have. You simply must calf us. 

\ Panasonic Printers 11 \ Epson Printers 

















El 09 















# Includes 12 months on-site warranty 

• Colour Kit for KX-P2180; KX-P2123 

andKX-P2124 £30 

• Dustcover for 80 column printers £6 

• Serial Interface for above Printers £46 

• Black Ribbons for Pi 081, 1180, 1124 £7 

• 32K Buffer for above Printers £1 6 
P.ST. Our original Panasonic Ribbons are 

guaranteed to last 3 million characters. 

non Bubblejet Printers 





































LC15 £179 

LC10OC £89 

LC24-15Mk2 £235 
LC24-20 Mk2 £113 
LC24-30C £148 

LC24-100 £95 

LC24-3O0C £178 

SJ48 £162 

SJ1 44 colour £266 
XB24-200C £320# 
XB24-250G £385# 
2A200 £265 

ZA250 £315 
























































LQ 150 Col 








































Stylus 300 




Stylus 800 

El 82 



Stylus 1000 




Epson RS232 Interface 
Standard £28; +8K Buffer £75 

• LOlOO Tractor Feed 






Black Cart, for BJC600 £6; BJC8O0 £13 

• Optional Battery Pack for 8J10EX/SX £33 

• BJ10E/10EX/10SX/200/230 Jumbo Ink 
Refill pack {twice cartridge volume) £1 2 

* inctudes 12 months on site warranty 

Citizen Printers 

120D+ parallel £90 Switt2O0 £138 

120D+ Serial £109 Smft200C £148 

Swift240 £165 

ABC 24pinCol. £135 

Swift 90 £115 Swift 240C# £185 

Swift 90C £122 Swift 24X £235 

2 years warranty on Citizen Printers, 

# FREE Windows Printer Driver 

• Swift 24 Ribbons; Black £4 Colour £13 

• Cut Sheet Feeder for 80 coL printers £75 

# Citizen 1 20D Ribbons £3.50 

star Printers 

• FX850/LQeOO/e50 Tractor Feed £69 

• FX/LQ1 050 Tractor Feed 

• LQ2500/2550 Tractor Feed 

• Dustcovers for 80 col printers 




NEC Printers 




























• Black Ribbons P20: P32 £6 

• Ribbons P60/70/P90 Black ES; Coir £14 

• P60/70 Colour Option Kit £59 

• CSF for P20 £59; P60 £09 ; P70 £89 

Universal Printer Sharers 

Connect up to 4 Micros to 1 printer or 4 
Printers to 1 Micro wHh our combined, 
Sharer/Changer switch boxes. 

Standard Low Cost Sharers 
Connects Serial Parallel 

• 2tOl £8 £9 

• 3to1 £11 £12 

• 4to1 £15 £16 

Professional Sharer Units 


• 2 to 1 

• 3 Id 

• 4 to 1 










uto Printer Sharer Switch 

^ _ 


• 2 to 1 

• 4to 1 

• 8 td 








# Includes 12 nnonths on-site warranty 

• Black Ribbons for Colour Printers £5 

• Serial SK I face LC1 0/1 5/24/200 £52 

♦ 32KBufferLC/XB24-10; 15;20O £52 


AT- HP-ScanJel IIP £500; ItC £949 
PS/2 - HP-ScanJet IIP £501; IIC £950 
HP Auto Doc Feeder IIP £229; IIC £365 
HP ScanJet 11 CX £689 

Epson A4 Scanners: Supplied complete with 
Pic Publisher LE, Omni Direct OCR, 

Interface card & Cables 

GTX6500P £535; GTX65O0S £599 

GTXaOOOP £699; GTX 8000 S £760 

256 K Multi Spooler 

These Parallel Auto printer sharer switches 
have built-in 256K Buffer. 

• 2 In/ 2 out £99 • 4 In/ 2 out £115 

• 8 In /1 out £149 

[Cables for all printer switches are Irom £5 
each please specify the type required 
when ordering.) 

Compact Converter Unit 

Serial to Parallel & Parallel to Serial £32 

INKJET Printers - Trial Pack 

Five sheets of various different quality 
Inkjet paper for Colour and Monochrome 
printers plus two sheets of transparencies 


ewIett-Packard Printers 

DJSlOMono £166 D-WriterSIO £169 
DJ310CoLKit £28 HP310 with CSF £205 
DJ520 £186 D-Writer500C £260 

DJ500C £255 D-Writer 560C £375 
DJ560C £375 Paintjel XL300-^£1 61 9 
DJ1200C £1080 Paintjet XL300PS£2575 

OJ1200C PS £1625 DJ Poiabie+CSF£205 
+ Includes 1 2 nnonths on-site warranty 
3 years on-site mainlenance avallaibie as follows; 
DeskJet & DeskWriter mono £55 

DeskJet Sl DaskWriter colour £65 

• Paintjet Cartridge Black £17; Colour £27 

• DJ Portable CSF £49; Carrying Case £49 

Desk Jet 500 Accessories 

• ink Cartridges Black £13; Colour £21 

• High Capacity Ink Cartridges Black £20 

• 256K RAM Cartridges 510/500C/550 £49 

• Epson FX Emulation Cart.{500 mono)E45 

• D J 500/51 0/550 Dust Covers £6 

• 636G 50 X Transparencies A4 £35 

• 636J 50 X Glossy Paper A4 (also XL) £35 

• 630Z 50 X Out Sheet Paper A4 £15 

• 500 Sheets A4 SOgms Cartridge paper £7 

Plug In Font Cartridges for DJ 500 
22706B - Prestige, Elite, Line Draw £55 
22706C - Letter Gothic & HP Line Draw £56 
22707P - Preprint Emulation Cartridges £57 


: • HP Deskjet - Twin Pack 


• HP Deskjet - Five Pack 


• HP Deskjet - High Cap. Twin Pack 


• HP Oeskjet - High Cap. Five Pack 


• HP Tri-Cofour - Original Ink Cartridge + 

4 sets of 3 colour refills 


• Canon BJIOejf/Sx - Twin Pack 


• Canon BJ1 Oex/sx - Five Pack 


• Canon BJlOex/sx - Original Cartridge + 

3 additional refills 


• Canon BJaOO - Original Cartridge + 

3 additional refills 


Roland Plotters 

DXY1150 £575 DXY1250 £725 

DXY1350 £939 DPX2600 EPOA 

Sketchmate A4 £335 A3 £520 

Printer Labels 

(On continuous fanfold backing sheet) 
1 ,000 90 X 36mm (Single Row) £4.50 
1 ,000 90 X 36mm (Twin Row) £4.60 

1 ,000 90 X 49mim (Twin Row) £4.95 

1 ,000 102 X 36mm (Twin Row) £4.70 

Laser Printer Labels on A4 Sheets 

2400 - 70 X 37mm (3 Rows x B) £1 5.25 

1600- 105 x35mm £15-25 

1400- 105 x38mm £15.25 

Listing Paper (Perforated) 

« 1 ,000 Sheets 9.5 " k 1 1" Fanfold £5,50 

• 2.000 Sheets 9.5" x 1 T FanfokJ EB 

• 1 ,000 Sheets 9.5*^ x 11 " NCR 2 Part £21 

• 1 ,000 Sheets 15“ x 1 1" Fanfold £7,50 

• 2 ,000 Sheets 1 5" x 1 r Fanfdd £1 1 .50 

• 1 ,000 Sheets tme A4 Fanfold TOgms £9 

• 2,000 A4 Fanfold Paper CIS 

• 500 Sheets A4 SOgms Bond £2.50 

• 500 Sheets A4 9Dgms GaiHidge 

for Ink JeULaser printers £7 

Printer Leads 

• PC Parallel 2m £4; 5m £8; 10m £13 

• 25pin D Male/Male 2 m £4; 5m £8 

• Centronics Double Ended 4' £5; 6' £6 

• flS232 Leads Various £POA 

• PC Keyboard Extension lead coifed £5 


or FAX YOUR ORDER on 0582 4S8588 

0582 74555 

Microvitec Monitors 

• Cub 3000 • 1 4" Medium Res for Arc £195 

• Cub 1440 - 1 4" Multiscan for Arc £389 

• Cub 1450 • 14 * Multiscan for Arc £689 

• Touchtec SOI for BBC £239 

• Touchtec 3000 for Arc £239 

Acorn Monitors 

• AKF30 1 4* Med Res RGB £ 1 85 

• AKF40 1 4* Med Res RGB £185 

• AKF52 14* Multiscan £249 

• AKF50 14' Hi Res Multiscan £299 

• AKF60 1 4* SVGA Multiscan £31 9 

• AKF85 1 T SVGA Multiscan £989 

Multiscan Monitors 

• Eizo T240i 


•Eizo F340i-W 


• Eizo F550i-W 


• Eizo T560i-T 


•NEC 3FGe 


• NEC 3V 


• NEC4FGe 


• NEC 5FGe 


• Panasonic TX-13MAB 


• Philips 7CM3279 


• Philips 7CM5279 


• Philips 4CM4270 


• Taxan 787LR 


• Taxan 788LR 


• Taxan 789LR 


• Taxan 795 Trinitron 


• Taxan Ergo 580LR 


• Taxan Ergo 685+ 


• Taxan 875+ 


• Taxan Ultra 1075LR 


Aries Monitors 

Aries A-Scan Pro 14" Monitor 

• 14' high resolution colour display 

• 0.28mm dot pitch, non-glare tube 

• 29KH2 to 70KHz horiz. frequency 

• Low radiation MPRII standard 

• 1280 X 1024 non-interlaced 

• complete with connecting cable 


Aries 6500 15" Monitor 

• 15* high resolution colour display 

• 0.28mm dot pitch, non-glare tube 

• microprocessor control & LCD display 

• 29KHz to 70KHz honz. frequency 

• complete with connecting cable 


Aries 7000 17" Monitor 

• 17" high resolution FST display 

• 0.28mm dot pitch, non-glare tube 

• 1 280 X 1024 @ 70Hz (N/l) 

• microprocessor control 

• 29KHz to 70KHz horiz. frequency 

• complete with connecting cable 

Arles 7500 17" Monitor 

• 17" high resolution colour display 

• 0.28mm dot pMtch. non-glare tube 

• 29KHZ to 75KHz horiz. frequency 

• front panel controls 

• complete with connecting cable 

Aries 7560 17" Monitor 

• 17' high resolution colour display 

• 0.28mm dot pitch, non-glare tube 

• 29KH2 to 75KHz horiz. frequency 

• LCD display 

• complete with connecting cable 





Monitor Cables 

• BBC to Philips 8833 £3.50 

• BBC to Microvitec Cub £3.50 

• BBC to SCART lead £7.50 

• BBC to Phono lead £2.50 

• BBC to UHF TV lead £2.50 

• Arc to Philips 8833 Mk2 £7.50 

• Arc to SCART Stereo lead £9.50 

• A301 0 to Philips Mk2 £7.50 

• A301 0 to SCART Stereo lead £9.50 

• Arc to VGA Monitor adaptor £9.00 

• 15pin to 15pin VGA lead £12.00 

• 15pin VGA Extension lead £12.00 

Printer Cables 

• BBC Parallel cable - 4ft £5 

• BBC Parallel cable - 6ft £6 

• PC/Arch i Parallel cable - 2m £4 

• PC/Archi Parallel cable - 5m £9 

• PC/Archi Parallel cable - 10m £13 

• 25 D* M to 25 D* M cable - 2m £5 

• 25 'D*M to 25 D M cable -5m £10 

• 36 to 36 Centronics cable - 4ft £5 

• 36 to 36 Centronics cable - 6ft £6 

• 36 to 36 Centronics cable - 5m £10 

• 36 to 36 Centronics cable - 1 0m £ 1 5 

Disc Drive Cables 

• Single Disc Drive Data lead £4 

• Dual Disc Drive Data lead £6 

• Single Disc Drive PSU lead £3 

• Dual Disc Drive PSU lead £4 

• Data Duck - connect 2 drives £ 1 4 

• Power Duck - connect 2 drives £8 

Disc Storage Units 

» M35 - Holds 50 5.25" discs £4.95 

» M85 - Holds 1 00 5.25* discs £6.95 

► M25 - Holds 25 3.5* discs £4.95 

► M40 - Holds 40 3.5" discs £6.50 

► M80 - Holds 80 3.5" discs £6.99 

► DLC1 - Holds 5 X 3.5“ discs £1 .50 

► DLC2 - Holds 10 x 3.5’ discs £1 .90 

► DLC3 - Holds 5 x 5.25“ discs £1 .60 

► DLC4 - Holds 1 0 X 5.25“ discs £2.00 

3M Diskettes 

10 X 5.25* S/S D/D 40T (744) 


10 X 5.25* D/S D/D 40T (745) 


10 X 5.25* S/S D/D 80T (746) 


10 X 5.25" D/S D/D 80T (747) 


10x5.25" D/SK/D 1.6Mb 


10 X 3.5" D/S D/D 


10 X 3.5" D/S D/D Formatted 


10 X 3.5" D/S H/D 


10 X 3.5* D/S H/D Formatted 


Disc Albums 

• DW1 - Holds 6 X 3.5* discs 

• DW2 - Holds 6 X 5.25" discs 

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The finished routine as seen on the Acorn User Cover Disc 


^ ^ In the last of his three-part series, 

TT Mark Hobson reveals how to plot 
I J I I static and moving sprites and add 

music to your demo 

I n last month’s article, wc 
looked at two more modules 
that can be implemented into 
our ever-growing demo system. 
Unfortunately, this month sees 
the end of the series, but luckily 
I have hand -crafted three more 
m i n d “ n u m b i ng I y amazing 
modules to top off the demo. 

So to ease you in this month, 
1 w'ill start by showing how 
large sprites can be plotted in a 
rather fast and cunning way. 



Most demos tend to have a 
large sprite as a backdrop, usually 
a logo or something similar, 
either stationary or moving 
around in the background. 

There are tw'o ways that one 
can plot sprites, cither by writing 
a llexible sprite routine that can 
handle any sprite under any 
circu instances, or by writing 
several fast but specific sprite 

By a specific sprite routine I 
mean, for example, a piece of 

code that can only handle a 
certain size sprite, with no 
sprite-clipping facilities. 

An average flexible sprite 
routine w^ould plot a sprite byte 
by byte, row by roW' with 
masks if necessary, w'hilst 
checking whether to clip the 
sprite. This method is too slow 
when wonting speed -critical 
programs such as demos. 

By known ng the width and 
height of the sprite to be plotted, 
we can speed the program up 
considerably. Because the 
width is a known value, the 
code to plot one line of the 
sprite can be optimised by 
removing the need for a loop, 
and replacing it wdth the min- 
imum number of LDM and 
STM instructions required. 

We can also remove the loop 

to plot each line of the sprite, 
by assembling the code to 
display one line the necessary 
number of limes. This will be 
executed faster because it 
removes the instructions to 
decrement the count, compare 
it with zero and branch if not 

For large sprites, these 
changes can be highly m>tice- 
able, not only because it 
removes three extra instruc- 
tions for each line plotted, but 
because a branch instruction 
breaks the pipelining process 
of the Arm chip. 

Usually the Arm works on 
three instructions at a time: 
processing one, decoding the 
next and fetching the third 
from memory. This requires 
the instructions to occupy 

consecutive words in memory. 
Every time the program 
branches, the processor must 
^discard' two instructions and 
start again, with a consequent 
time penally. 

The module on the cover 
disc displays the Acorn User 
logo; a sprite with dimensions 
of 236 by 69 pixels. 236 pixels 
is 39 words of four pixels - 
seven blocks of eight words 
with one block of three extra. 

The program can be altered 
to display different size sprites, 
because 1 have used a macro 
function to assemble the fastest 
code possible for a given 
wridth, breaking the width 
dowm as above. 

As the module is introduced 
into the demo, the sprite 
appears to emerge out of the 

water. This is achieved by 
changing the destination 
address of the .sprite each 

The module supplied 
doesn’t support a method for 
the sprite to be moved each 
frame. This could quite easily 
be rectified, by building a table 
of destination screen offsets 
through w'hich the program 
would cycle. 

A possible table could allow 
the sprite to move vertically 
in a sine wave fashion. 
Remember though, that the 
screen offset must be word- 
aligned, thus limiting horizontal 
movement to steps of four 
pixels at a time. 

Bouncing balls 

This module allows a number 
of fixed-sized sprites to be 
bounced within a bounding 
box. There are three main 
stages in c i e a t i n g such a 

1 EDeciding upon what data 
structure is needed 

2 Plotting the sprites with 

3 Moving the sprites w'hilst 
applying gravity 

Firstly, the data structure 
required must be considered. 
For a bouncing object, we need 
to know not just the screen 
position of the sprite, but the x 



and y coordinates, as they will 
need to be changed indepen- 
dently later on. 

Obviously, the velocities in 
both dimensions must be 
known to calculate the next 
ptjsition for each frame. 

Because of the way the 
balls are introduced, the 
program also needs to know 
the vertical velocity after 
the object has hit the 
g ro u n d ; this will be co\ ered 
in more detail later. Thensfore, 
each object will need the 
following data: 

• X and y position 

• horizontal and vertical 

• sprite number 

• vertical velocity after bounce 
and these will be stored in a 
table wdien the module is 

To display the sprites, each 
frame requires a loop to scan 
through the table, plotting the 
necessary sprite at the given 
coord inate.s. The screen 
address is calculated from the 
X and y coordinates (in pixels), 
by multi plying y by 320. and 
adding x to the resulL 

In assembly, this can be 
performed using shifts, which 
are faster than multiplication: 

screen offset = (y ' 3Z0) + x 

- ty ^ ? 56 ) + ty * 641 + X 

= ty * t«El t ty * 1«6) * i 

- (y « S) + (y « 6) + K 

Plotting the sprite at this 
address uses the same method 
as the logo module does, but 
with masks. So now all we 
need to concern ourselves with 
is the problem of creating a 
realistic bounce effect. 

Consider bouncing an object 
within a bounding box w-iihout 

gravity. Every frame, the 
horizontal velocity - positive 
to the right, negative to the left 
- would be added to the x 
position, and the vertical 
velocity - positive downwards, 
negative upwards - would be 
added to the y position. 

When the object reached one 
of the edges of the bounding 
box, the cone spending velocity 
would be inverted: negative to 
positive and vice versa. Now 
w^e must simulate a gravita- 
tional pull upon the object. For 
this effect, a constant value 
must be added to the vertical 
velocity each frame; this will 
produce a parabolic velocity. 

The constant value is a mea- 
sure of the strength of gravity, 
which is a measure of accelcra^ 
tion towards the base of the 

Purely for effect, the module 
allows the balTs initial posi- 
tion to be above the top of the 
screen, so the ball can be intro- 
duced by scrolling dowm into 
the screen. 

This has one sidc-cffcct; 
w'hen the balFs vertical velocity 
is inverted after colliding w iih 
the ground, it would eventually 
return to its initial height which 
is off the top of the screen, and 
therefore keep appearing and 
disappearing from view. 

Correcting this involves 
resetting the vertical velocity to 
a preset value - held in the 
table - after hitting the ground. 
The preset value is, in effect, a 
measure of how high the ball 
will bounce, regardless of its 
initial position. This may go 
against the rules of physics, but 
it sure does look good. 


Just about all demos these days 
tend to have some sort of music 
playing to set the atmosphere. 
One of the most common forms 
of widely available music are 
SoitndTmcker files. 

In case you do not already 
know-, SoundTt acker originated 
as a public domain program 
on the Amiga which allowed 
people wdth little musical 
knowledge to create reasonable 
tunes. Fairly recently, several 
reincarnations have been pro- 
duced for Acorn machines 
which allow the creation of 

For a long time, stand-alone 
programs to play SoundTracker 
music have been readily available 
in Ihe public domain. An 
exact explanation of how the 
play routine w^orks would be 
out of ihe scope of this article, 
therefore I have provided a 
module which can be used 
w it bin your ow n demos, w ithout 
your needing to know the tecli- 
niques behind it. 

The module was developed 
from the source code of a play 

routine written by The Serial 
Port several years ago. It has 
been adapted to w ork just like 
any other module does under 
the modular demo system, so it 
does not require an extra Rise 
OS play routine module. 

When compiled, the module 
takes a SomrdTracker file 
called Music within it's direc- 
tory, and outputs a module 
composed of the play routine 
code and music data. 

When the demo initialises 
and finalises the niodulc, the 
music starts and stops respec- 
tively, W ith each frame the 
next part of the music is 
played, therefore it docs not 
run on interrupts as the Rise 
OS module versions do. 

If you do wish to understand 
how^ the module plays the 
music, the source code is fully 

The music module is not 
actually used within the demo 
on the cover disc because the 
processor cannot handle all six 
modules running at 50 frames 
per second. 

By limiting which modules 
are run, music can be played 
alongside the demo. Arm 3 
machines should be able to 
cope, as well 

And that, Tm afraid, is the 
end of our demo writing series. 

I hope that it has helped 
to clarify the complexity sur- 
rounding the process of creating 
your own demos, and ha,s 
presented a system to simplify 
the development. 

DoiTt forget, if you create 
any modules or demos for use 
with the system, send them in. 
You never know, the best ones 
may even get published on the 
cover disc. Until then, happy 

27 word, 108 byte sprite row 

( I ! II 

Split into blocks of 8 words, with an 'extra' block of 3 

I r r rjrjrjr-z: ^ -Z-j r _ . . i l 

Passed to screen memory using LDM and STM and register blocks: 

3456789 10 34 5 6789 10 34 56 78 9 10 345 

How to plote a fixed-width sprite to the screen quality 


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In the penultimate article on Basic 
programming, David Matthewman looks 
at reading and writing files 

F XFiles are a common 
and useful means of 
transferring data to and from a 
program. The program reads 
the data in the file in inuch the 
same way as it reads data from 
DATA siatemems, which were 
covered last month. 

There are a number of 
advantages to reading data 
from files. The data can easily 
be changed without editing the 
program, and the program can 
itself write data to a file. 

Basic provides a number of 
powerful commands for 
manipulating files. 

Opening and closing 

First, open your file. There are 
three related Basic commands 
to do this. All lake a string 
variable containing the file- 
name and return an integer 
containing the file handle. 

The file handle is a number 
that the Rise OS filing system 
will use to refer internally to 
the fie. You will never need to 
know the value of this handle, 
but you should check that it is 
not zero, as this indicates an 
error when opening the flic. 

The three commands are: 

handle^=OPENrN { filenames) 
handle^=OPENOUT( filenames ) 
handl e%=OPENUP ( f i lename $ ) 

OPFNIN opens a file for input, 
OPEN OUT opens a file for 
output and OPEN UP opens 
one for both, 

A file of the right name must 
exist when using OPENIN, but 
if it exists when using the other 
two commands it w ill be deleted 
and overwritten. 

Once the file has been 
opened, EXT#handle% will 
give the size of the file, and 
PTR#handle% the current posi- 
lion in the file, in bytes. 

Both of these can be set, for 

PTR# handled = PTR#handle^+4 

w'ould move the file pointer on 
four bytes - one word — and 

EXTlhandle^ = EXT#handle% 


would make a file Ik shorter. 

Byte by byte 

At the simplest level, files can 
be read and written one byte at 
a time using BGET# and 

Both of these increase the 
value of P'FR# by one automat- 
ically, and so sequences of 
BGET#s and BPUT#s can be 
used to read and write blocks 
of bytes. 

When the last byte in the file 
has been read, EOF#handlc% 
is set to TRUE. This can be 
tested for to avoid running off 
the end of the file. The central 
loop of Listing 1 is of the form: 

NOT EOP#handle"^ 
var^o = BGET# handled 
. , . do something . , , 


which reads in the entire file, 
byte by byte. 

Listing I takes a text file and 
prints it to the screen, printing 
the percentage of the file read 
between each line. 

in order to run Listing I , you 
must first run the Set Dir file in 
the Basic Frog directory. This 
tells the program where to find 
the File! file. 

If you copy the files in the 
BasicProg directory to another 
directory, remember to copy 
the SefDir file and run it to let 
the program know' where it can 
now find the Fikl file. 

When you have finished 

with a file, you should use 
CLOSE#handle% to let the fil- 
ing system know. This is 
essential when writing to a file, 
as output is buffered and the 
last block of a file will not be 
w ritten if it is not CLOSE#ed. 

Formatted input 

Reading one byte at a time is 
all very well, but sometimes 
we w'ant to read several bytes 
at one go. to input a string or a 
large number. The statements 
to read and write blocks of data 

INPUT #handle%j <data> 

PRlNT#handle"^, <data> 

where <data> can be one or 
more string, integer or real 

Listing 2 shows how to use 
these statements in a program. 
As in listing 1. the program 
loops until the end of the I lie is 

This lime though, instead of 
reading the file byte by byte, 
each INPUT# statement reads a 
siring from File2, and each 
OUTPUT# statement whites the 
string back to file 3. prefixing 
each line with a line number. 

Because listing 2 w^rites out- 
put to a file, it cannot be run 
from the cover disc and must 
be copied to another disc first. 
Remember to copy at least the 
SetVar and File! programs as 
w'cl I . 

Line I 8 of listing 2 sets 
FileJ^s filetype to TEXT. The 
filctype affects the file’s 
appearence on the desktop, and 
dictates what happens to the 
file w'hen il is run. When a 
TEXT file is run. Rise OS 
loads it into a text editor. 

If you look at Fi!e2 and 
File 3 in a text editor, you will 
see that they are not in a "plain 
text' format. All the strings are 



backwards and the numbers 
are unrecognisable. 

This is because Basic reads 
and writes variables using 
INPUT# and PRINT# in a 
special format related to the 
foimat in which it stores them 
in memory. 

Strings arc stored wdth the 
characters written in reverse 
ordci\ prefixed by ;icro and the 
string length. Integer variables 
arc five bytes long: 4^40 and 
four bytes of data. 

Reals are six bytes long: 
&:FP\ four bytes representing 
the digits of the number - the 
mantissa - and one byte for tlic 
exponent. In the case of the 
numbers this makes storage 
considerably more compact, at 

Listing 1 

the expense of easy readability. 

If you havenT recognised 
the text already, then inserting 
the line 

PRINT in$ 

in the WHITE loop in listing 2 
wail display it. 

* commands 

There are a number of operating 
system commands wdiich, 
while not themselves part of 
the Basic language, are very 
useful for manipulating files. 
There are two ways of using 
them from Basic. The first is to 
use a star UO command as in: 

*L0AD Sprites 3000 

This is unfortunately very 
limiting. The two parameters. 
Sprites and 3000 cannot be 
variables and must be the 
verbatim name and load 
address of the file to be loaded. 

Furthermore, there cannot be 
any statements on a line after a 
star command - the usual 
method of separating state- 
ments with a colon doesn't 

Fortunately, Basic provides 
another way of using operating 
system commands. OSCLl. 
1’his is used as follow s: 

OSCLl (^'LOAD Sprites 3000") 

The text inside the brackets is 
sent to the oj>erating system as 
before, but it may be a string 
variable, or even several vari- 
ables joined together. For 

OSCLl F'LOAD "+filename$+" 
"fSTK$(a.ddress^^) ) 

would be a valid statement, and 
generally ol more use in a pio- 

In addition, because OSCLl 
is a valid Basic statement and 
not an operating system com- 
mand, it can be followed on the 
same line by other Basic state- 
ments separated by colons. 

Operating system commands 
which may be useful for file 
manipulation in Basic include: 







the last of which appears in 
listing 2 and was mentioned 

The syntax of these com- 
mands can be found in the user 
guide that came with your 
compLiier - there isn’t room to 
dc.scribe it in detail here. 

I’haFs enough on files for this 
month. Tm sure you're itching 
to rush off and experiment with 
your new-found skills in load- 
ing and saving data. 

Next month I will wrap up 
the series with a look at how to 
access the memory of the 
machine directly, and will have 
a round up of what books are 
available, w'hich tackle Basic 
programming more extensively 
than is possible here. 

REM >Listingl 

REM Reads and displays a text file 

file$ = "<BackToBa3ic3$Dir>*FileL" 
handle'^ = OFENIN(file$) 

IF handled = 0 THEN PRINT "File not found*": 


MILE NOT E0P#Mndle% 
hyte% = BGET#handle^fi 
IF {byte^«=10) OR tbyteV=32) then 
PRINT CHR$(byte"^); 




IF (byte%=10) PRINT ^lNT{PTR#iiandleVi00/EXT#han- 




Listing 2 

REM >Llsting2 

REM This program will copy a text filei numbering the 


£ilein$ = "<BackToBasics$Dir>,File2" 
fileout$ "<BackToBasics$Dir> .File3" 
handlein^fe - OPENIN|filein$) 

IF handlein^ = 0 then PRINT "File not found*": 


handleout% = 0PEN0UT{fileout$) 

WHILE NOT E0F#handlein% 

INPUT#handlein%; in$ 

PRINT#handleout^jr i%t in$ 
i% += 1 

CLOSE #handlein% 

C LOSElhandle out?i 

♦SETTYPS "<EackToBasics$Dir>*File3" TEXT 


Part Exchange 

T/ii^ /v/on- shous {>/ itir /^akmce yo/t can cx/}eci to /;av \chert (tart 

exchanging your oid systetn, but please fonc ftrxt to coufirtn 

til 4 sysicni 

1 new 

xM aster 






1 A4000HDSO 





very sill v 

Rise PC6(K) 2M 






Rise PC600 5M 






Riso PC600 9M 






AKF85 t?" moniior add £400. Al] Riw; PCs irtcludc I yearon-s,ke warranty 

Acorn Monitor 
Fart Exchanges 

AKF 1 2y 1 7/40 to AKF52 - £ 1 69.00 
AKFI 2/1 7/40 to AKF50 - £229.00 
AKFiS to AKF50 - £169.00 

AJS Computers 

123 New London Hoad 
Chelmsford Essex CMi oQT 
tel/£ax 0245 345263 

All prices plus VAT 

Cullcclion mid delivery .service 
£ 20 , 0 U for luonttor 
£ 30 iJ 0 for computer amt moniior 

^ 6econd Hand 1 

1 A5tXK) + Moniiw 

£74.S.ft() 1 

1 A4000+ Moniior 

C645.0() 1 




£345.00 1 

MiiMcr 1 2£ 

£125.00 1 

AKFIS muriiloni 

£l65.tXl 1 

AKF12 moniiors 

£100.00 1 

3S6DX4t> (iystemii 

£595.00 1 


* Bargain Basement 1 

Irnprcssian II 


PipeDrcani 4 


PC Emulator 1-82 


Ep'&fMi Siylus 800 


Cumaoa CD358 







Complete and versatile personal accounts program. Consistently acclaimed! 
"data entry is a detight.., proiessional. excettent product” 
impressed. Jdeai,,. easy to use" 

Enter cheques and receipts. Automatic dale sequencing. Reconcile 
statements. Search, amend and delete. Analyse expenditure. Forward cash 
flow forecast. Budgets. Up to 36 Bank accounts online^ inter account 
transfers, 9999 standing orders. 99 anafysis headings, unlimited postings 
(depending upon disk space). Reports to screen or printer. Mix foreign 
currencies, graphics, password, file recovery, field editing, programmable 
reports. Arc RAM disks, wild card analysis enquiries, sort and more. 

Bank Manager £25.00 


For the club accounts or small business user. Prints a “trial balance- or “P&L 
reports’* via the programmable spreadsheet generator. Needs the Bank 
Manager. Saves hours of work. 

Business Util Pack £12.00 


Quickly learn to touch type Over 90 smoothly graded lessons graduate you 
from the basic home keys to complete keyboard mastery. Word scan or exact 
key checking, targets may be revised, rhythm metronome, key click, free 
format options. Recommended for adult education. 

New version 3 for the Archimedes. Typing Tutor £19.00 


Low cost, versatile spreadsheet 26 cols by 900 (Arch) or 99 [BBC B) rows, 
loaded with many functions and facilities inc program mabJe report writer and 
input scripts. 

Spreadsheet MK V disk £15.00 

Add £1 p^p per order (Overseas £3.50), Programs suitable for all 
Archimedes. A3/4/SOOO, BBC Master, Compact and BBC B series. State 
computer type (eg A3O0O, BBC B etc) and disk type 
(eg 3>5 " or 5/^" 80 track or 40 track) 


(Ref AU), 15 Woodlands Clos^e, 

Cople, Bedford MK44 3UE 

Tet: 0234 838347 



DUAL RS423 SERIAL INTERFACE - two additional RS423 serial 
interfaces for communicating with RS423 or RS232 devices eg 
modems, printers, plotters, instruments, etc. Up to four cards 
can be fitted in a computer. Now available with software to 
enable operation at up to 38400 baud 

IEEE488 INTERFACE - enables up to 14 test and measurement 
instruments, from well known manufacturers such os Hewlett^ 
Packard, Fluke, Philips, Tektronix, etc, to be connected to the 

16 BIT PARALLEL I/O - provides two separate 16 bit input/ 
output ports. Other facilities include four 16 bit counter/timers, 
two 8 bit shift registers and eight interrupt inputs Applications 
range from measurement and control to high speed data input 
emd output. 

12 BIT ADC - provides eight single ended inputs each with an 
input voltage range of -5 to +5 Volts Up to 166,000 samples per 
second con be taken. 

STEbus INTERFACE - overcomes the limitation of a maximum 
of four expansion cenrds in a computer by enabling the use of 
industry standard STEbus boards in an external input/output 
sub system for measurement and control applications. 

FORTRAN 77 COMPILER - supplied with linker, symbolic 
debugger and utility library. Acomsoft FORTRAN 7? Compiler 
Upgrade available. 

FORTRAN 77 COMPILER FRONT END - !roitrc£n77 - compile, 
Mk and execute FORTRAN programs in the RISC OS Desktop 
environment. Supplied with DrowF, Graphics, SpriteOp, Utils 
and Wimp libraries. 




FORTRAN subroutine graphics libraries. 

IfUeiligent Ittteifaces are Bnidly Assoekties distrihiaor for GINO-F JD, 
CINOGFAF and GINOSURF for Acorn RISC OS-baxed coniputers. 

SCSI DEVICES - internal and external hard disc drives, 
magneto-optical removable disc drives, SyQuest internal and 
external 105 Mbyte removable crisc drives, tape streamers, CD- 
ROM drives, etc, 

Interfaces were established in 1981 and have enjoyed a long 
relationship with Acorn Computers. This places them in an 
idecd position to advise on, supply and support systems 
purchased from them. 

Intelligent Interfaces Ltd 

P O Box 80 



S053 2YX 

TeL 0703 261514 

Fox: 0703 267904 




characters, monitor 
compatability, Rise 
OS 3.1 upgrades 
and more in this 
month’s column 



Rise OS 3 makes entering accented characters easy 

Q I have an A410/I at 
home and use Ovation to 
write most of my letters. 
However, I frequently want to 
use accented characters ~ ‘e’ 
for example - and find it hard 
to remember the code for this 
character that will enable me 
to type it in using Alt and the 
numeric keypad. 

It is also awkward to enter 
it using the CharSel application 
by picking it from a grid of 
other letters with the mouse. 
On the Mac in my office. 1 can 
use *Opt-e, e' - why doesn't 
the Archimedes have such a 
useful utility? 

.lilies Benoit 

A The solution is to 
upgrade to Rise OS 3, if 
you have not already done 
so. There are a number of 
Alt-key combinations in Rise 
OS 3 which were not avail- 
able in Rise OS 2. 

Accented characters are 
produced by typinj* an Alt- 
key combination, followed 
by the letter to be accented. 
The relevant keys are all 
clustered around the Return 
key at the right of the key- 
board, and Alt-key combina- 
tions are as follow s: 

' (acute) - Alt | 

' (grave) - Alt 1 
* (dieresis) - Alt ; 
(circumflex) - .Alt ' 

(tilde) - Alt , 

° (ring) - Alt . 

, (cedilla) - Alt / 

Naturally, these will only 
work if the characters 
actually exist in the system 
font. ‘Alt [, c’ will generate 
an unaccented ‘c% ‘c^’ can 
only be produced by 
negative kerning, as there is 
no such character in the 
system font. 

Other characters used in 

foreign languages can be pro- 
duced by the following com- 
binations (the capital 
versions come from Shift-Alt- 
key combinations): 

le & /E - Alt a (and Shift- 
Alt a) 

& - Alt d 
0 & 0 - Alt o 
& - Altp 
B - Alt s 

Regular readers should 
also see the *INFO pages of 
the .January 1994 i.ssue (No 
138) w here the Accent program 
allowed other symbols to be 
entered by combination key- 

Rise OS 2 users can look 
back further to the August 
1992 issue, where the original 
Accent allowed them to enter 
accented characters. 

Other non-keyboard char- 
acters can be produced with 
Alt-key combinations. Alt- 
Space gives a ‘hard’ space 
and Alt-hyphen a ‘hard’ 
hyphen (minus sign). 

These will not be used by 
word proce.ssors as places to 
split words, as in the num- 
ber()81-81l 8055, which will 

not be split over consecutive 

Other characters are 
produced as follows, includ- 
ing Alt-Shift combinations: 

& ; - Alt 1 & Alt ! 

Alt 2 
Alt 3 
V4- Alt 4 
V2- Alt 5 
‘V4- Alt 6 
± - Shift-Alt 9 
V- Shift-Alt y 
§ - Shift-Alt s 
Shift-Alt f 
« - Alt z 
» - Alt X 

Alt c 
p cS: “ - Alt 111 
X - Shift Alt , 

- 5 - - Shift Alt . 

- Shift Alt ? 

Alt ' (the top-left key on 
the keyboard) gives ‘-i’ on 
most computers, but ‘I’ on 
the A4; Shift-Alt ' gives on 
both. ‘I’ is Shift-Alt \ on all 
Rise OS 3 machines except 
the A4. Only the A4 will give 
the ‘n” sMiibol using Shift-Alt 3. 

A version of the Key Caps 
desk accessory on the 

Macintosh is sorely needed 
on the Arc.... 

Q I have decided lo buy 
some hardware for 
my machine, which is an 
A5000 with 4Mb upgrade. I 
am interested in a Colour Card 
Gold from CCAVild Vision. 

However, recently in many 
magazines I have been hearing 
bad things about the AKFI8 
monitor - which is w'hat I have 
- with references to its ‘unreli- 

Personally 1 have experi- 
enced no problems with mine, 
and don't know what the fuss 
is about. My only concern is 
that if I buy the Colour Card 
Gold, 1 could run into 

Would it be worth spending 
my money if I am going to get 
no, or very little, difference in 
graphics quality? 

Gavin Jenkins 

A The Colour Card will 
work with the AKFI8 
and you will be able to take 
advantage of 15-bit-per-pixel 
modes using the monitor. 
The problem w ill come if you 
try to use high resolution 
modes, since, although it is a 
multisync, the .AKF18 is a 
relatively low -resolution 
monitor, and high-resolution 
displays may look fuzzy. 

There have been a number 
of reliability problems with 
the AKF18. Using the high 
resolution, high frequency 
modes which the Colour 
Card can generate could 
reduce the life of the monitor, 
but if you stick to standard 
resolution modes you should 
be OK. 

In these modes, the 
Colour Card will have two 
advantages. You will be able 
to get more colours, and the 
processor will not be slowed 



down, resulting in a flicker- 
free display^ 

Q I have a 1991 A,i000 with 
Rise OS 3, version 3,00, 1 
find that some programs 1 try 
to run can only be run under 
Rise OS 3.1 or later, I have 
seen advertisements for Rise 
OS 3,1 for £75. but surely as 1 
already have Rise OS 3 an 
upgrade to 3.1 should be less 

If such an upgrade exists, 
where can 1 obtain it from and 
how much would it cost? 

G King 

A When Rise OS 3.1 was 
released. Acorn offered 
it at a low introductory price 
in order to encourage Rise 
OS 2 and 3.0 users lo 
upgrade. The standard 
upgrade was made available 
at around £50, with a cheap^ 
er A5000 upgrade for around 

This was because the 
A5000 upgrade did not 
include Rise OS 3 manuals, 
since these would already 
have been bought with the 

At the end of October last 
year, the ASOtKI upgrade was 
discontinued, and the price 
of the standard upgrade 
raised from £50 to £80. 
Unfortunately therefore, you 
will now have to pay the full 
price for the upgrade. 

To those of you thinking 
that - since 3.1 was in effect 
a bug-free version of 3.0 - OS 3. 1 should have been 
offered free to A5000 buyers, 
we can only say *Yoii may 
very well think that, we 
could not possibly comment’. 

Q l am looking for a way of 
using my Acorn A5000 
for E-mail via Internet, and to 
make contact with special 
interest groups, my interest 
having been aroused by an 
article in Acorn User suggest- 
ing that Demon were the most 
Acorn-friendly service 

However, 1 have found that 
the whole procedure for the 
software is complex and 
fraught, and not at all the 'plug 
in and play’ that I naively 

Can you help? In particular, 
where can 1 find Paul Allen's 
explanation of how to use the 









■ i, “ 

and n 





© © e 

IScrap FSysteii Am 






Frss fids 







Confjwat Leu 















fEsppies Hot PrihUf 

S » o 





■ Irab 





Koi^O^rd Heiwrif Sfiand 





c ■ ■ 


E S ife 

Fontf Nlivdovs Hf p t i ons 




■- ^ 










y.. : 






jt in. 

Bad configuration may lead to your desktop looking off-colour 

software mentioned in the 
Com ms column of the April 

Mike Colvin 
North Duhvich 

A Getting set up to use 
Internet and finding 
your way around once you 
are using it is difficult. We 
will shortly be running a fea- 
ture on this subject. 

In the meantime, Paul 
Allen’s article can be found 
on the Arcade bulletin 
board, under file 033318, 
using KA9Q. Arcade is on 
081-654 2212. It was origi- 
nally written for The Arm 
Club, who very kindly 
allowed it to be uploaded 
onto bulletin boards. 

Q Please help me. 

Whenever 1 start up my 
computer, the desktop comes 
up in a horrible black-and- 
white stippled mode instead of 
the usual colour one, 

I can get to a colour one by 
using the Paiette utility, but 1 
would like my computer to 
start in a colour mode if possi- 
ble, like it used to. 

Joe Baker 

A There could be several 
reasons for this. The 
first suspect is the configura- 
tion of your machine. You 
can check this using the 
ConJJgtire application, or by 
typing ‘status’ at the com- 
mand line. 

The likely configur- 
ation option at fault is 
‘WinipMode’, which sets the 
mode that the desktop starts 
up in. If this is set to a two- 

colour mode - and you did 
not set it to this - then your 
configuration options have 
become corrupted. 

The most likely culprit in 
pre-A540 machines is a 
battery that needs replacing. 
You should change the 
batteries in these machines 
every year. 

If the mode is not a two- 
colour mode, then it may be a 
mode defined in a software 
module on your hard disc, 
which for some reason isn’t 
being loaded. 

Check that you haven’t 
recently moved or deleted 
any system resources. Also 
check that you haven’t 
moved or deleted some other 
program which may anto- 
niatlcaliy load in an extended 
mode module, such as one 
from CC. 

If you have a boot file, try 
commenting out sections In it 
by using the ''P character at 
the start of each line. 
Concentrate especially on 
applications which enhance 
the desktop. 

Pinboard-style applica- 
tions like Larger can object if 
they can’t find their back- 
drop sprite, and it can he 
easy to delete or move this by 

Q l notice that the ArmblO 
chip runs at 30MHz, 
which is not that much faster 
than some Arm3 chips, but 
slower than others. $0 why are 
we told that the desktop on the 
Rise PC runs twice as fast - 
where does the extra speed 
come from? 

B Phillips 

Jfc There is more to the 
^^speed of operation of 
these chips than raw clock 
speed. The Arm3 was much 
faster than the Arm2, largely 
as a result of having an 
onboard 4K Ram cache 
which could be accessed by 
the processor much faster 
than it could read and write 
from main memory. 

The Arni610 includes a 
write-back buffer and 
Memory Management Unit 
(MMU), This brings some of 
the functions previously han- 
dled by the MEMC chip onto 
the Arm processor, speeding 
operation np considerably. 

The increase in speed is 
therefore due to improved 
design more than increased 
clock speed 

Advice given 

Nick Pearson from Ipswich, 
who sent us the lips about 
speeding up the booting of 
fFonts, also sent us this tip 
about Pri lifers. 

The Printer Manager is quite 
slow to get going, but this can 
be improved upon a little bit in 
most cases. 

Look inside the Priiifers 
application (Shift double-click) 
and you will see a number of 
directories. Mine has dp^ 
Pakntes, PDiimpers. ps, and Id 
as well as the usual I Run and 
ISprire files. 

These are all the standard 
directories, except for Id which 
is for a Computer Concepts 
direct drive LBP8 laser printer. 

On start up, the Printer 
Manager has a good look in all 
of these to see what is avail- 
able. If you are only going to 
use a particular printer then you 
do not need the other directories. 

Move them (Shift drag) to a 
new directory next to Printers 
called PrintOIrs for safekeep- 
ing. if you have a dot matrix 
printer you need the dp 

PostScript devices use the ps 
directory. Most Hewlett- 
Packard and some Apple printers 
need P Dumpers as well as dp 
or ps. 

Most printers need the 
Paleftes directory, but my laser 
printer doesn't. The rule of 
thumb is: take it out and print 
some shaded graphics. If you 
get a self-explanatory error 
message, you need it'. 

Further thanks to Nick for 
that tip 


M' ! ' I ! I M 

Mrcro Laser Designs, 105 Midford Road, Combe Down, Bath BA2 5RX 
Tel/Fax (0225) 833266 

Prices correct at time of going to press. Subject to change without m 94 «;e. E & OE 
Carriage FREE on all orders over £25.00, otherwise please add £2.50 \ 

All prices exdude VAT Please phone / v\/rite for our full colour supplies Kalogue. 

A301 0 Actio n Pa ck £3 39^00 

A301 0 Lea rni ng Cur w £63 5-00 

A3020 FD System £675^00 

A3OZ0 H D 60 System £S2 5- 00 

A4000 HD^g^J'System £SSO-00 

HomelOftice Pack for A4000 £50-00 

A5000 2M HD 80 Multi&can 
ASOaO 4M HD 160 Multiscan 
A50O0 8M HD 160 Multiscan 
A5000 4M HD 160 + 17* Multiscan 
ASOOO 8M HD 160 + 17“ Multiscan 






A4 2 M FD Syste m £439^-00 

A4 4M HD 60 System £169’4-00 

FREE Battery Pack & Shduia'er Bag 
Pocket Book £169-00 

Acorn Multi Media Expansion £499-00 


NEW MACHINE ? - Phone for details! 

FREE Learning Curve Pack with A4000, Free Home Office Pack with ASOOO. 

Upgrade ASOOO system to AFK50 for £25 

When buying a system, upgrade A3010 LC, A3020, A4000 to AKF52 for just £25, or to AKFSO for £50, add a 386 iMb PC card for £200 

LaserDirect Hires 8 

La serDi rect H i res 4 

BJCaoo Turbo 
BJC 600 Turbo 
Publishing Pack 
Eagle M2 Card 
Lark Card 
CofourCard Gold 

£979-00 Pioneer 6CD Drive £899-00 

£729-00 ScanLight Professional £519-00 

£1299-00 with SCSI £639-00 

£489“00 Scan ZS6 / Video Combi £199-00 

£475-00 Impression Style £89-00 

£289-00 Impression Publisher £139-00 

£189-00 OPt Supplement £179-00 

£239-00 Artworks £139-00 

Turbo Drivers £44-00 

Hawk V9 m 11 £259-00 

Grey Hawk £95-00 

Chroma-Genlock £200-00 

SCSI Interface £139-00 

CACHED SCSI Interface £189-00 
Ethernet Card £149-00 

Syquest 44 M b £249-00 

Improved PC Cards, choice of ZSMhi / 50Mhz 
486 SLC upto 16Mb RAM, Windows S/W incl. 
Aleph One 4a6PC Card 25 Mhz Bare £350-00 
Alepb One 486PC Card 25 Mhz 4Mb £500-00 
Aleph One 486PC Card SO Mhz Bare £425-00 
Aleph One 4S6PC Card 50 Mhz 4Mb £575-00 
4Mb SIMM RAM {16Mb Max) £160-00 

A3000 2Mltt. - / 

' £58-00 

Parallel Printer Cable 


Philips Monitors 


A3000 4Mbv ^ 


2 way Manual Sharer 


2120DAS 21“ 

A310 2Mb * * 


3 way Manual Sharer 


4CM2799 20" 


A310 4Mb * 


4 way Manual Sharer 


4CM4770 17" 


A3010 2Mb 


Centronics to Centronics Lead 


Taxan Monitore 


A3Q10 4Mb 


SCSI lead (2m 50 w - 50 w> 


SV787LR 14 ' 

A3020 / A4000 4Mb 


SCSI lead (2m 25 w - 50 w> 


UV107SLR 20" 


ASOOO eMbfOT25Mhz* 


SCSI Terminator 


UV109SIR 20'* 


A5000 8Mb for 33Mhz 



9 way - 15 way monitor adptr 


MV865LR 17- 




* Includes collection, fitting & delivery 

This is Just a small selection of leads and 
sharers available. Please ring with your 

acorn AKFSO 




requirements for Acorn, BBC. PC, Mac etc 


Due to popular demand, we 
are starting a new user group 
for Bath and the surrounding 
area (or further afield I >. 

There will be regular group 
meetings and news letters and 
we will offer extra discounts 
to members. 


Please let us know if you are 



liCSMliiMi E!«l«|e 

Tel: 0532 374746 

376 Meanwood Road, LEEDS, LS7 2JH 

BBC Model B Computers 

Originally built for export, these 
unused model Bs are also fitted with 
8271 disc interface, Econet interface, 
Speech processor and ViEW 2.1 ROM. 

now only £89 + VAT 

Full specification sheet available on 
request - 6 month warranty 
Range of 5.25" 40/80T switchable disc 
drives available from £75 + VAT 

I Jlkf A3000 Multi-IO Board 

Upgrade your A3000 with this modular internal 
expansion system. The Primary Board fits in the 
internal expansion socket & replaces your internal 
floppy drive with the newer 1.6MB drive, and gives 
you the option of fitting a 120MB IDE hard disc 
internally as well! 

Adding a Secondary Board provides your ASOOO 
with a second serial port and a second parallel 
port Chi-directional). The Hard Disc option is 
supplied with an external power supply unit. 
RISC OS 3 is required for all upgrades. 

Primary Board + I.eiVIB floppy £199 + vat 
120MB Hard disc + PSU £290 4- vat 
Secondary Board £40 + vat 

Please Note: Some software not written to Acorn 
guidelines may not run from the new disc filing system 
supplied - please ask at time of order 

teeifleU ^ of tAeoc fin«deceto - fiAone 

Tel: 0532 374746 LeSIllilMI Bfhfe Tel: 0532 374746 


Acorn Customer Hotline 

Essential information for all Acorn Users, compiled by Dave 
Walker of Acorn Customer Services 

Questions and answers 

Following the release of Printers 1.22 this month's top quesdon 

Q Printers 1.22 asks for a new version of CoiourTrans when 
I load it; I have looked in my System. Modules directory and 
can't find h. 

A There is a new version of CoiourTrans included with 
Printers 1.22; it's in !System.3lO in the Printers suite. Use 
SysMerge to update your master copy of System, and ensure 
that you reset the machine before running the new Printers, 

A Typical A-Link session 

This month we concentrate on file transfer between the 
Archimedes and the Pocket Book using A-Link, This is how a 
typical session goes: 

L Ensure that the Pocket Book and the Archimedes are 
switched off 

2. Connect A-Link to Archimedes 

3. Switch on Archimedes 

4. Load Pocket FS software 

5. Connect A-Link to Pocket Book 

6. Switch on Pocket Book 

7. On Pocket Book, set the Remote Link to On 

8. On Archimedes, click on Pocket FS icon 

At the end of an A-Link session, remember to dismount the 
A-Link correctly. The procedure below should prevent any 
problems with the A-Link and Pocket Book; 

1. Dismount A-Link via the PocketFS menu 

2. On the Pocket Book, set Remote Link to OFF 

3. Quit PocketFS software 

4. Switch off Pocket Book 

5. Remove A-Link from Pocket Book 

Note - when using the A-Link it is advisable to use a mains 
adaptor; communications place a heavy load on the batteries 
and reduce their expected lifetime. The A-Link will not work 
if there is less than 5 OK free memory on the Pocket Book. 

More memory can be made available by quitting 
applications which arc running in the background or by 
deleting files from the Ram disc, 

^ Transferring files 

Although the Acorn A-Link can be used to transfer any type of 
file between the Archimedes and Pocket Book, the most 
common use of the A-Link is to transfer files to and from the 
applications supplied with the standard Pocket Book. 

As Write, Abacus and Cards formats are not understood by 
Archimedes applications, it is necessary for the A-Link 
to convert the files into an appropriate format. The following 
are used: 

for a given field separated from the entry for the adjacent field by 
a comma. 

Files from other Pocket Book applications - such as Schedule — 
can be transferred to and from an Archimedes without performing 
any conversion. This is also useful for installing new Pocket Book 
applications distributed on floppy disc. Choose the *Open $' 
option from the PocketFS icon bar menu, and use the filer 
displays as normal. 

^ Errors reported by the A-Link 

• Already opened by another process - the file you wish to trans- 
fer is currently being used by an application on the Pocket Book. 
To make this file available for transfer, you need to quit 
the application by highlighting its icon on the desktop and press- 
ing ‘Acom-Q', The following command will then appear: 

• The A-Link can no longer find the Pocket Book - this may be 
the result of a bad connection between the machine and the 
Pocket Book. Check connections, start again and wait for the 
message: ‘Backing up files from the Pocket Book'. 

• When backing up fiie.s from the Pocket Book, it is possible that 
the files, when stored on an Archimedes formatted disk, will have 
their names truncated. This can lead to difficulty when 
re-installing the backed-up files. 

As the structure of a PC formatted disc matches that of the 
Pocket Book more closely, files which are backed up to a 
DOS-formatted disk on the Archimedes will not be truncated. For 
this reason, we recommend that Pocket Book files should be 
backed up to DOS -formatted floppies. 

Erratum; In April's Customer Hotline, the second SYS call 
on the right should be SYS 6,162, 188, (A% OR 1«7), 
Apologies for the misprint 

Application Name 




A-Link file format 




Acorn Customer Services, Acorn 
Computers Ltd, Acorn House, Vision 
Park, Histon, Cambridge CB4 4AE 

CSV (Comma-Separated Variable) format means that items of 
data are stored sequential ly as a string of ASCII, with the entry 



Finance On the NEW 

Acorn RiscPC 

Ram for the Acorn RiscPC 

Please phone for further details during normal working hours or ring our 

‘Special RiscPC Inquiry Desk’ on 0903 213361 

Open Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays 5.30-7.30 p.m. until the 7th of May 

12 Years of Acorn Experience 

'^'Finance is subject to status. Written details available on request. 

78 Brighton Road, Worthing, Sussex. BN 1 1 2EN. lelephone 0903 213361 Fax 213901 




Dave Lawrence and Dave Acton continue their 
monthly look at programs, for all Acorn Users 

WorldTime plus 

One of my favourite applica- 
tions of all lime appeared back 
in July 1993 PE Marshall's 
WorldTime. This showed a 
map of the world as it looks at 
the moment, with those bits in 
daylight and darkness shaded 
accordingly and the local 
times in a range of cities 
updated each minute. 

I particularly liked running 
it just as the sun was going 
down, just to confirm that all 
was still well with the Earth's 

With the advent of Rise OS 
3, Mr Marshall realised that 
his creation needed updating 
to be compatible. He explains 
why the new version (1.41) is 

‘Rise OS 3 introduces the 
concept of territories and time 
zones. Under Rise OS 2 the 
computer clock would be set 
to local lime, whereas under 
Rise OS 3 it is assumed to be 
set to UTC (Universal Time 

‘Most of the new time and 
date conversion SWI's now 
produce a result corrected to 
local lime, as do the old ones 
when used in Rise OS 3. 

For instance OS_Convert- 
StandardDaleAndTime is now 
merely passed on to 
AndTime (&4304C for short!) 
which adds in the local offset, 
ie. the configured TimeZonc 
and BST setting.’ 

This is a bit of a pain when 
it comes to writing programs 
like Mr Marshall’s, which 
ignore our temporal peculiari- 
ties completely. The only rou- 
tine not to add in the local 
offset, the catchy-named 
I'erri ior>'_Con veriTi meToU'I'C 

Ordinals, comes to the rescue. 

This takes in RO, the territory 
number (-1 for the current 
one), Rl, a pointer to a 5-byle 
UTC time, and R2, a pointer 
to a 32-byte buffer, and fills 
the buffer like this:: 


















day of w eek 

For those who missed the 
original, there’s little needed 
in the way of instructions. A 
simple menu allows you to 
select those display options 

required and the cities shown 
can be chosen from a list. 

These are stored as data 
within the program and you 
can add a line for your own 
town easily in the form: 

DATA name, lat, long, gmtd- 
iff, ds 

where name is text, lai and 
long define the position on the 
globe, gmtdiff is the differ- 
ence from GMT in hours and 
ds defines what ‘daylight sav- 
ing’ time scheme is used. 

0 means none, 1 = US Day- 
light Saving Time, 2 = 
European Summer Time and 
3 = British Summer Time. 

One of the best features of 
WorldTime is the Step option 
- when clicked, lime is 

stepped forward in amounts 
that can be set in days or minutes, 
so changes throughout the day 
or year can be observed. 

For those few' still with Rise 
OS 2, lime zone set-up has 
been simplified. The computer 
clock is assumed to be set to 
local time. An option on the 
program menu Local Offset 
should be set to the difference 
between your local time and 
UTC. For the UK this w ill be 
0 in winter and 1 during BST. 

Under Rise OS 3, the com- 
puter real-time clock should 
be set to UTC with the BST 
Hag set if appropriate (use Set 
clock in Alarm to do this). The 
TimeZone must also be con- 
figured correctly for where 
you live (0 for the UK), 

.Author: P K Marshall 



AAsm labels 

And now, a first for Ar on? User and Info, a tip for AA.v?/? 
(Acorn's Arm assembler). One of the main criticisms of .A/iv/n is 
its lack of named local labels - quite often main routines need a 
label called loop' or 'skip' for example, and without local labels 
these would have to be written out as 'translationjoop\ making 
the code ver>' bulky. 

It is possible to use numbered labels in conjunction with the 
Rout directive, but these are not necessarily very clear, have a 
clumsy notation and, quite annoyingly, cannot be passed as 
macro labels. 

Most assemblers on other machines allow subsections of code 
to be labelled in some different way from normal, say prefixed 
with a dot, or an Any references to dotted’ label would then 
refer to the dotted label within that section: 



.loop , , , 

B , loop 


B . loop 

Having developed a number of large Arm programs, I have often 
wanted a means to use a system like this in AA,?/h and until now 
I've used a number of very unsatisfactory bodges. Nick 
has provided three very cunning macros that provide a way out. 
On the disc you will find a file called Loco I Label which 

Crossword finisher 

In January of this year we brought you Anagram, a little wordy 
utility, Kell Gatherer continues the theme with an aid for cross- 
word solvers every' where. 

The application, XSolve - which works with Rise OS 3 only “ 
also makes use of the ImpressUmSpei! module: Xsolve will 
refuse to run unless the filer has already 'seen' ImpressiotL 
Just enter what letters you know using - or any non-leticr 
character - for the blanks and click on Start to begin the search. 
The current w'ord number is shown to give you an idea of how 
the search is progressing and any matches are also dis- 
played and recorded in a file. 

At the end, the text file is run so the list of matches appears in 
an Etiit window. The working text file is actually called 
Sohukyns and lies within XSolve. Of course if you provide a 
whole set of blanks. * his file can get quite big, and the search can 
take a while. 

XWord makes use of the fact that searching can be speeded if 
either - preferably both - of the first two letters are known. If 
they are both blank the search may take a little longer, because 
of the way dictionaries are stored. 

Kell’s original updated the various icons each time a new- 
word was tried, which slowed it dowm a bit. We've added a couple 
of lines so update occurs only every 1 6 words. 

Kell's program is properly multitasking, so you can carry on 
with something else while a search is going on. In fact, you 
could search for the solutions of several clues simultaneousiy 
while you read the rest of the paper. 

A word on other things word wise. After some requests for 
word- finding utilities for those without Impression or with other 
dictionaries, w'e are planning on providing a PD dictionary and a 
little application combining our anagram- finder with 
some crossword-solving capabilities like KelFs. We' II bring it 
to you as soon as we can. 

Author; Kell Gatherer 

should be placed wath your other AA^ni header files and included 
in the assembly process wdth GET. You will also find an example 
file TestProg, and a file called Regs to define the register names, 
w hich demonstrates the use of the macros. 

The LocaiLabel file contains a detailed description of how' to 
use the calls and can either be used for reference or cut dow n to 
save on space. 

To use local labels in a sub- routine, include a call to the macro 
Local Labels, This defines the global variable ‘F (lower case L) 
which is guaranteed to be unique. You can then use this like the 
dot in the above example. It can cither be a suffix: 


B l0GP$l 

or a prefix: 

$l,loop . , , 

B $1 . loop 

Note the extra dot needed in this case so the assembler knows 
w here the end of the string substitution should occur. Pick a style 
and stick to it. In either ease, labels remain local between calls to 
Local Labels. 

The other two macros provided allow local labels w^ithin macro 
definitions. All you need to do is call the macro MacroLabels at 
the start of your macro and MLEND at the end (just before the 
MEND).f'or more information have a look at the example files. 

Author; Nick Craig- Wood 

More Rom Apps 

Philip found our November 1992 Register utility 'very useful 
for storing applications in the Apps window^' but points out 
quite validly that registering w'hole applications there can 
soak up a lot of memor>\ 

'For example, Printers uses up about 190k. If you want to 
be able to start the application by clicking on the icon in the 
Apps window', which can be easier than hunting 
through various directories on your hard disc, then there is a 
belter method.’ 

Philip's solution is to create a mini- version of the application 
which simply runs the full one. This mini-application can 
then be put in Resources. For the Printers example, proceed 
as follows: 

! , Create another directory called Printers 

2. Create an obey file with the line: 

Fi Ier_Riin scs i : ; For tyMeg * $ , Apps .Utils,! Printers 

or whatever, substituting the pathname appropriate to your 
own hard disc structure, and save as Run in your new 
Printers directory. 

3. Use Register to put the dummy application in Rom - it 
will create a module called RFSnwd. 

4. Delete the new' Printers. 

5. Double-click RFSmod (or load it in your boot sequence) - 
Printers will appear alongside Paint and Edit in 
Resources: S.Apps - double-click on it and the real applica- 
tion will be loaded off your hard disc. 

Obviously this method requires that you don't move the origi- 
nal. la general, all likely candidates wdll have been in the 
same place on your hard disc for yeais so no problems there 

Author; Philip Beckett 




A month with submissions from both Jan and Jan must be 
good even if one of the programs is a Mandelbrot and Julia 
set plotter* Our normal rule about the M word applies - a 
program must be significantly different or faster to warrant 
inclusion* Jan’s is both, so here it is* 

The program employs a novel technique to speed up the 
generation of fractals* It tries to track only the path 
hetw'een two domains of colour* When the border of these 
domains is caicuiated the rest of the points are easily filled 
in. This scheme leads to significant time reduction since 
fewer pixels need to be calculated* In high resolution modes 
the speedup can especially he great. 

The program supports the 256 colour modes 13, 21 and 
28, and also the 16 colour modes 20, 27 and 31 are sup- 
ported* The control of the program is by means of the key- 
board and the mouse. To perform a fractal generation each 
time, a key has to he pressed: 

Key Generation 

M generates a mandelbrot fractal 

J generates a Julia fractal 

R redraws the initial fractal 

S prompts for a name of the screen to be saved 

C ^ D used to cycle the colour palette. 

V to switch on and off the video DMA, turning off 

means shorter generation dine since no DMA overhead occurs, 
N used to switch to another screen mode 

H shows help 

The mouse buttons do the following 
left zoom out 

right zoom in 

middle start generation 

When you are asked to enter the number of iterations 
pressing Return causes 100 iterations to be selected. You 
can interrupt the generation by pressing Escape, The initial 
help can be removed by pressing Space* 

When switching to Julia-generatjon the current mandeb 
brot screen is saved. When switching hack with ‘M’ it is 
reloaded, so ensure that a disc is inserted when you only 
have a floppy-drive* Saving the screen to floppy may actu- 
ally be slower than redrawing, so you should set the filing 
system to Ram with "^-Ram and make it big enough, or set 
the variable Save on the third line to false. 

The program uses a fairly big chunk of memory on top of 
the system stack* This amount of memory increases with 
the complexity of the fractal. It is therefore advisable to 
allocate at least 3(M)kb before starting the program* 

Author: Jan Vlietiuck 

Some Rise PC notes 

Now' the Rise PC is generally available, we hope to see a flood 
of new submission to Info and probably quite a pile of 
revamped Vibelike demos. In the latter case we’ll probably 
collect the whole lot together and do a VibeA^lietinck/Whoever 

Until then, here’s a handful of graphical orientated pointers 
to get you started: 

Selecting a mode is no longer a case of remembering a 
‘magic’ number, be it 13 or 31. The Basic MODE command 
can now be given a string (as can the desktop mode selector). 
This specifies the resolution, number of colours and frame rate 
of the mode. For example: 

MODE "X640 Y430 C16" 

would select a standard 16 colour VGA mode. 

MODE ^^X800 Y600 Ci6M" 

would select a 24-bit colour, SVGA mode (like old mode 3 1 ). 
16M selects 16 million colours, 32T selects 32 thousand 
colours (16 bpp). Grey scale modes can also be selected using 

Note that when selecting a C256 mode, the palette is set up 
as per VlDCl and cannot be reprogrammed. To create a com- 
pletely reprogrammable palette you need to select a G256 mode. 

There is a way of selecting a programmable mode without 
forcing a grey palette, but this is slightly convoluted and we’ll 
come to this next month. An extra F parameter can be added to 
select a frame rate for the mode. The mode with the closest rate 
will be cho.sen. 

One thing to be aware of is that Basic now uses 
‘^'WimpMode to change mode for new VIDC20 modes. This 
means that the mode you select in Basic will be used on return 
to the desktop. 

Selecting colours is now best done with a SWI call (although 
in 24 bpp modes you can use GCOL RGB to choose a colour). 
OS_SetColour takes two parameters. The second is a colour 

number, the first consists of the plot action (0 = plot, 3 = EOR 
etc) in the bottom 4 bits. 

Bit 4 selects foreground (clear) or background (set) colour. If 
bit 5 is set, this changes the second parameter to point to a 
pattern rather than a colour. Bit 6 set will change the text 
colour, clear the graphics colour and finally bit 6 clear will set 
the colour and set will read it. 

Setting the whole of the 256 colour palette in one go is 
easiest with a call to CoiourTrans. ColourTrans__WritePaIette 
should be called with rO set to -1, rl set to 0 and r2 pointing to 
256 BBGGRROO words describing the palette. 

If you take a look at GCircle or Fire from last month's cover 
disc, you'll see these three features used. We will be covering 
more features of the Acorn Rise PC and Rise OS 3.5 over the 
next months. 

As soon as you have written anything for your new machine, 
do send it in to us for inclusion, but don't forget our usual rules 
about the M and J words! 

We will be offering a small prize for the best programs to 
display the full 16-miIlion colour palette in two categories; 
firstly the program that displays the most number of colours in 
the most interesting way on one static screen and secondly, the 
most colourful swirly one! 

Useless corner 

We are now taking votes in the ‘Most Useless System Calf 
polls. If you’d like to nominate a call send it in and we’ll 
publish the findings. To set the ball rolling, we’d like to put 
forward a couple of our personal favourites: 

OS_Byte 241. ReadAVrite user flag: ‘This OS_Byte accesses 
a location which is guaranteed to be unused by the OS. You 
can use this to pass results between programs’. 

OS_Byte 216. Read/wriie length of function key string. 
This call reads and changes the count of characters left in the 
currently active function key definition'. 

Alternatively, if you can send us a program which proves us 
wrong and demonstrates the shear usefulness of any the 
MUSCs printed we will be for ever quite grateful 



Vibe trio 

In hts usual tradition, here is a trio of graphic demos 
from the Danish maestro, Jan Vibe 

Tekno^ which really needs an Arni3 or better to run at 
a decent speed, apparently simulates the background Jan 
saw in some video or other. 

I suggest, as a quick test of your Basic programming 
abilities, that you run the program first and then try to 
work out how the effects are produced from Basic. The 
answer follows shortly. 

Map works along the same lines as a one-liner we carried 
way back in, well, absolutely yonks ago anyway, It‘s a 
go<^ deal better than the original 

The idea is that lines (be they roads, railways or some- 
thing else of an urban nature) feel their way out from the 

centre of the screen. Occasionally they split, and the 
map is built up until the screen is filled. 

Each tendril changes colour in stages so that when 
the palette is cycled, waves of colour ripple out from the 
middle. Jan uses SIN to set the palette to a spectrum of 
colours which ^ wraps around^ and this spectrum also 
shifts slowly at random, so new' colours appear as time 
goes on. 

Crop! IS an updated version of Ailister Jenks origi- 
nal crop-circle simulator from September 1993. Jan’s 
updated version produces a ^plaited’ rather than 
merely ‘flattened’ effect - definitely more like a ‘real’ 
crop circle. 

If anybody could supply us with a Draw file of a 
drunken farmhand pushing a roller then we can 
complete our one-line venture into praedlai phenomena. 

Oh yes, Tekno* Well, you take two sprites, one with 
a mask. The first you keep shifting to the right with a 
rectangle move plot code, while adding new coloured 
rectangles on the left. 

The other, the one with the mask, you do likewise 
with, but shift it the other way. In both cases output is 
switched temporarily to the sprites, but you also redirect 
output to the mask (of the one with the mask) and then 
use rectangle move again to shift the whole mask up. 

Circles are cut out of the mask as it goes (not using 
CIRCLE FILL, but a line at a time using a bit of 
Basic). These circles are in fact EORed. Then the two 
sprites are plotted on the screen, the one with the mask 

Where a circle appears in the mask, the second 
image peeks through. Because of the EORing, where 
two circles overlap the original image comes through. 
Simple really. 

Author: Jan Vibe 

One liners 

And in the oncdine dcpanmem this month we have: 


A vaguely coelenteratoid animation. This pi ograni nses the dreaded 
system sprite memory and a lot ofii - so you 11 have to drag its 
allocation up to about 130()K before running. After pressing 
Escape, type *Snew to reclaim the memory. 

Author: Robert Bergs 


Another mouse type one-liner from Nick, but this one isn1 quite 
as useful. Unlike the pointer hider utility we published a month or 
two ago, this one puts the pointer on ice. Literally. 

Run it - you 11 see what mean. Press Alt-Q to quit, if you 
can1 get to the task manager window... 

Author: Nick Kennedy 

Mouse step/time 

This is a oneline desktop utility that allows the mouse step setting 
to be altered. Clicking on the icon with the left mouse button 
speeds up the mouse, the right button slow's it dow n and the mid- 
dle button removes the icon and quits the tool (as a menu was a 
little hard to include in one line). 

Time is along similar lines (sic). A one line icon bar clock, 
again, a middle click over the icon will remove it. 

Author: David Barrow 

A String in the Taie 


Send your contributions to *INFO, Acorn User, 
Europress Enterprise Ltd, Europa House, Adlington 
Park, Macclesfield, SKIO 4NP. 

Please write your name, address and program title on 
every disc and include a text file containing the same 

An SAE will ensure your disc’s return. Instructions 
on how' to use your program are also welcome and any 
extra detalts about how' it works or diagrams fas Draw 
files etc) will be appreciated. 

1 06 ACORN USER JUNE 1 994 

-y ■■r-K'.>s 

itlu^tration fr^m 

Explore with Fiossy the Frog 

Our customers range from professional printers 
to four year olds. Our products range from the 
strictly serious to the unashamedly bizarre. 

Over the last 1 1 years we’ve earned ourselves 
an enviable reputation for innovation, technical 
expertise, quality, and a sense of humour. 

Whether you’re a teacher, a parent, a graphic 
designer or a four year old, you can find out more 
about us and our exciting software collection by 
sending for the latest issue of 4Matwn News. 

4Mation • 14 Castle Park Road • Barnstaple • Devon • EX 32 SPA 
Tel. 0271 25353 Enn ail: Fax. 0271 22974 

Schneider & Scholz GbR, Reichenberger StraBe 8, D-89257 lllertissen, Germany 
Tef: (0 73 03) 61 50 Fax: (0 73 03) 23 32 

The Draw File Effects Processor 

Globally thicken just thin lines ^ 

Change a coiour fiie to negative nVIl ^ ^ jU i i J i l 

Selectrveiy change a graduated til i llpfl iH] JJ. j 

Globally/selectively (ighten/darken image I |s|9|| I ^ ^ | 

Supports impression Styie OLE transfers i UN ' | O ^ | 

Full, online CfearView iHelp system ^ ; I 

Easy drops drag icon prog ram mi ng system il 

£34.00 (£39.95 inc VAT) for all Acorn RISC OS 3 machines 

The Impression Style Resource Disc £7,95 

With over 100 borders, a range of specially drawn clip ari and a sefaction of hints & tips fiies 

The Party, Wedding & 

Anniversary Clip Art Collection 

2 discs for £14,00 

Military Aircraft £7.95 

WW1.WW2toJets Clip Art 
Hand Tools Clip Art £7.95 

Woodworking, Decorating, Electrical and 
Engineering tools and Joints. 

Famous Buildings £7.95 

Key Stage 2 upwards Clip Art 
Parish Magazine Colfection 3 discs ot dip a/t, 1 of KJ AV Kew Testament £16.98 

Send £1 for the Catalogue/C lea rVrew Demo disc. School orders accepted 

Please add VAT at 17.5% & £1 postage to all orders 


Dep AU6, PO Box 97, Exeter, EX4 4YA Phone Fax 0392 221702 

The Electronic Font Foundry 

Fonts for AcorrT, WindowT and MacintosfT computer systems 

Monotyp^Typeface Library 



tSKUSE dtpfypes 



Plus the complete EFF original library of over 600 high quality Typefaces 

The Studio • Gibbs House • Kennel Ride • Ascot • Berks - SL5 TNT 
Tel 0344 891355 • Fax 0344 891366 

Bar Coding Systems 

A range of high quality bar code readers from 
(/) Europe's largest manufacturer, integrated into the 
RISC OS 2 or 3 desktop. 

O Processing software allows bar codes to be input 
{/) into any application, including databases and 
0 accounts packages. Uses include book checking in libraries, 
o product labelling and POS facilities. 

^ We also produce software to create numerous formats of bar 
^ codes yourself, including the EAN family, 2/5 family. Code 39 and mK 
^ Codabar etc. These enable all kinds of information to be stored and ^ 
jQ then read back into any application by using a reader, 
o A colour infotmatior. pack is available. || | j| ||| f ||||| 1 1 |j ||| 1 1| ||| ||| ||i 1 1 1|| 

^ g A3010 Action 

S A3020 

O A3020 2/601 

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CO Please call befc 


%vii I 


Computer Systems 
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4 Colour Star 24 Pin (Reload) £14.95 

4 Colour Seikosha SL95 £29.95 

4 Colour Seikosha SL95 (Reload) £14.95 

1 Colour Citizen 120D/Swift £11.95 

1 Colour Star LClO £11.95 

1 Colour Star LC200 9 Pin £11.95 

1 Colour all Star 24 Pin £11.95 

1 Colour Epson FX80/LQ400/MX80..£11.95 

1 Colour Epson LX80 £11.95 

1 Colour Epson FXlOO £11.95 

1 Colour Panasonic KXP 1080 £11.95 

1 Colour Taxan/Carwn 1080A £11.95 

otHiilable for a unde range of printers 

All Prices include VAT and Carriage 
How to order: Enclose cheques /PO made payable to 
CARE ELECTRONICS or use Access/ Visa. 


Dept ACU, 15 Holland Gardens, Garston, 
Watford, Herts, WD2 6JN. 

Tel: 0923 894064 Fax: 0923 672102 



(Outside working hrs) 



83675 Brit C 


7 Blackhorse Crescent 

HP6 6HP 
United Kingdom 

Cheques payable to 
Oo^ySoft. Most 
credit cards accepted. 

If you have a modem, 
phone the DoggySoft 
support BBS, 24 hours, 
speeds to 14k4, ANSI; , 

>lo 14k4, ANSI;, 

{\A X *3 t Al 41 

1 / 





Desktop Hacker is the ultimate in games utilities. 
You can stop a game while iPs running, slow it 
down, save it to continue with later, and above 
all find cheats, with the huge range of flexible 
features from The Hacker, and more. You can 
then make your own stand-alone cheats which 
anyone can run, without having to buy software 
- 140 nnodules containing a massive 543 cheats 
are supplied with Desktop Hacker. What's really 
new is the interface. Instead of providing its own 
WIMP-style interface, like The Hacker, Desktop 
Hacker allows you to go back to the easiest 
interface yet - the RISC OS desktop. You can run 
a game and then go back to the desktop where 
you can hack It, and use all your other programs 
before continuing with the game as if nothing 
had happened. It's so easy; you don't need any 
experience of ARM code to create your own 
cheats. If you can use the desktop, you can use 
Desktop Hacker. 

Price: Just £10. Or £5 if you send back your 
original The Hacker disc and an SAE. 



Acorn User Back Issues 

Have you missed one of our previous issues? Well, now's your chance 
to bring your collection up to date - but hurry, stocks are limited 

Issue 133 -August 1993 

• Video editing • Quark • Robin Saxby interview 

• Ovation-based newspaper • Printer drivers 

• Acorn User Morpher 

oaa m Th(r rr>(ii|jirlnv lor A<wn 


Issue i 34 -September 1993 

Can herns Eottwara 
be excltirigr addictive 

We get the kids' 

• Kids Lab • A4 and Pocket Book add-ons • CEip 
art round-up # Compose Worid • Rise OS 3 PRMs 

• Storage media 

issue 137 “December 1993 

• Games supplement incEuding Top 1 DO Games 

• Scribe OCR • Using your scanner • Scan Light 
Video # AudioWorks • Cal li graph laser printer 

Issue 138 -January 1994 

• Education special • Impression Style • Solids 
modeller • Artist package on disc • 1993 review 

• Easy C • Guide to the Nationai Curriculum 

Issue 139 “ February 1994 

• Programming special • C Interpreter on disc 

i BETT Preview • Sibelius 7 # CD-Rom round-up 

• Artificial Intelligence • Elite tips 

Issue I4b- March 1994 

• Graphics special • Monitor round-up • OCR 
packages • ProjectING • Fireworkz • Horizon 
Project • Primary school software 

Issue 14 1 “April 1994 

• Spring show special # Eagle M2 • Databases 
compared § Colour hand scanner • Frontier 2000 

• Writing graphics demos Pti • Sibelius demo 

Issue 142 - May 1994 

• Rise PC special # CD-Rom drives • Photo CD 

• Sound boards § Second hand machines 

• Diggers, Speedball 2, Sensible Soccer 

□ IssueI33, August 1993 £2.80 

□ Issuel34, September 1993 £2.80 

□ Issue 137, December 1993 £3,95 

□ Issuel38, January 1994 £3.95 

□ Issuel39, February 1994 £3.95 

□ IssueHO, March 1994 £3.95 

□ Issuel41, April 1994 £3.95 

□ Issuel42, May 1994 £3.95 



Tel No. 

Please allow 14 days for delivery. Send cN&qires payable to: 

Euro press Enlerprist at Europa House. Adlingten Park, 
Macdesfteld SKt0 4NP 


I or phone Vicky 0625 878SBS (9-3Dami - Ipm) 
■J quoting you r credit card no. 






A hugs tangs of quality lowcosr sofiw^ure. 


1000 DISC 


No PD Library o^ers a choice o/PDas wiiie as 
SkyfaiJ does. So doft't bother cotlecfing other PD 
libraries catalogue discs. Send for the one that 
counts. And choose Sky/alL 

Please send £I for the Pnried Catakgue & D&no Disc w, 

PO Box 2220, B'ham, B43 5RZ. 
Enquiries: 021 S58 7078. 

Five star 


Our latest demo 
for just £1 




Draw Clipart Pack 1: 

Famous, People, Sport, Maps, Animals, Biolagy, 
Flags, lusectSf Travel, Cartoons, Objects. 

Games Pack 1: Umorm, TBVG, Modulus, 
Lemings, Ghouls, Domain, Powerup, and more. 
Games Pack 2: Miner, Try nth. Risk, Future, 
Darts, Dinosaw, ArchiPat, Gauntlet, 8 Tetri.s 
games and more. 

Utils Pack h Translator, Creator, Grabber, 
QRT. PacDir, Formatters, Backups, copiers. 
Utils, Bins, ^ssi Menon, Hacker, BlQkHole2, 
Aidon, DiscLabel, SirongEd2, Organize, 
HelpGen, and many more. 

Each pack has three discs with, the best ftiUy 
archived selected software for only £3. 75. 

Buy any two packs and get our demo disc free. 
Five Star Marketing, 4 Shepberds Walk, 
Bnshey, Herts. WD2 ILZ. 


Statistics with j ;; 
Graphic s _J|1 

1st, Istjr, and IstL lead the way. 

Our ESTABLISHED products cover 
[_ i&vel$ from school ^GCSE) 10 advaiTced research. 

Upgrada paths, Site licerrces and Loan copies are all available 

Serioue Statiatlcai Software, Lrfiwood. 
Oenty Heath Lene. Willaeton, South Wlnral 
^ Lj@ 4 tSD Tel 051 327 42€S 


IS for.** disc ^ id mis series of 

qMallty drawings created entireiy with 

Discs A,B,C.O.E BiF 
_ are now ovatlable . 
Each disc contoins over 
1 .5 MB 0 # archived Orovt/ings besed 
on 0 ietter of the 

- 1^ . 



Each disc is only £fl or £20 for three 
01 send £1 coin for examp/e disc 
^ ABCATt.TidcwaYS.Soutti Rd-Brean-SomersetJASlSE j 


Dairiada DalaTecWo^', 145 AlNon Stieet. KENILWORIU 
\teksliiK,C\'S2Fl[’. Plior.e(092(i) 53901 


CCCO/^C/ICT Software tor 
f Serious Science 



9000 files, free Draw Guides, friendly 
fronfend. includes SITE LiCENCE 

Chemical Modeller (3.3) £52.50 

Needs 2Mb min., manipulate pre-drawn 
molecules, view in 3D, ball + stick, space 
m, Van der Waal, dot surface + design 
your molecuies on screen with ease 

Draw PracticBl Guides £12.60\ 

100 page book ^ 2 compressed fioppies 

Graphics Libraries (each) £10.50 

(Chemistry, Molecules 132, Physics, E3L 
Boards, Alphaboards, Oei! Biology, 
Electronics, Technology 1, 2, 3 3, Utilities, 
Body Bits, Update 1 and interfacing discs) 

Add vat above. Send NOW for more info 
or cheque to SSEBC (AU), 24 Bernard 
Terrace, Edinburgh BH8 9NX or 
TeL 031 668 4421 or Fax. 031 667 9344 

fOsHictn^ MS/ 1Q usa. 

I HMal Har serial ariC rpcKiH t:S«. $alveand 
OiAufto EnnKr S 'Qraw 
I DtCicos^. sample purltis, inaikjal arid 
QijSlsffs ar xKlodisd. IX)SvB<^i1 Mxm 

IQfiiyEStt^ (site licence £3S|. 

I FANtJA DISCS, rx-pUBAll]), 

Four Scisons, Tuikirrs Lane, 
j BRF.WOOD, SLiffs . ^TltJVDF. 

J Touch A Lrarn for fft* oodcBpr 
1 11 4-46 tor edmx, mawal a(i<t sarnphis. 

! Oo frtft disc ct ai Pirtda pfoifca* f* tifamoui tkiv* f sny 
|!Ftnd» ssm* Jv £t4D (hD cKitts ior E2 mt] 


PO Bax 2S, Poiiadi/wn. Craigavuit, BT63 5VT. 

I Tel/Fax (1762 34251(1 iAccess/\%n wefanrtej 

CrBStOr II iv the btcsi version £49 

of our popul:ir De.dgner. Features include 
aiairiiaEcd sprites, music and soEind elTeci,^, screen and 
5 map designers, paths, bargrapits. st rcijj icw. stiirfieids, 
pbirtimts, ladders, doors, 100 page User Guide cte. So. 
w he i tier yyu ^vinit to produce a fast'action bkisi, a 
lehallirnging |>kLiroTTii f^aine, or even a cool tie mo. 
Creator JI is veliat you ticed. W liai s ou dun't need ix 
prograninting experience' Add ona: Mmk Dhes 1-5 
I £i.5(i each, Stiund FX Disc 1 and NEW Disc 2 £5.UB 
each. Sprites IS.flO, LltraSomc \Imic Editor £3(1 

Other products: .4 TPS adventure creator £,M;95, j 
Cyborg £25.95. .\ A’h ColleeUatt t i5. 

fjjrpf^FfreducaiEonai space game £30 

Wliy no^ sctid a blank disc and 3bp SAl: tor our 
.\E\\ Product GuiJe/Deiiio disc 
Adtl JEI.OCI to wands pAp EC £2.50, Outside EC £4.50 1 

The £asf Midlands Specialist Dealer for 

Acorn Computers 

Sound PioctBiii Advic* ’ DomotutatiwM Doytune^ Evenings and Wwicerxis 
BiEomorr Upgtodfrs • HokS Dtsc Drives ^ Printers - Scanners - ScftwfDe 

AoKfermc^ - Teachers - Studenrs PuL'chese Scheme ■ Mad Order AvoUeWe 
0^ and law Cost Flmmce Terms Avo^Ecible (^vb^ecl to Status) 
TclephQne Hut Line Teduuca! Support - Spores and Eepenrs - Home TUilion 

High Definition Mono Scanning ^ Mono and Colour hinting Service Aruliahle 




Tulephpn» and FAX 
(0332) 690691 

sold Gate Avenu*. Wmten on T»nl . DerbyiMi&. DC7J 3B£ 


CF Computing 

■ Your Southwestern Acorn Dealer 


Special Needs 

Educational Dealer 
Latest Hardware and Software 

57 Wesibury Hid 
Bristol BS9 3AD 
Telj {02721 6i?4553 
Faj. (0272)491:^1 




10/10 Software 36 

1st Computer Centre 34 

4Mation 107 

SStar Marketing 110 

A.J.S, Computers Ltd 97 

ABC Art 110 

Alsystems 78 

Anglia TV 76 

Apricote 93 

Armtecli 66 

Atomwide OBC 

Automatic Services 80 

BeebugLtd 18,20,iBC 

CJE Micros 102 

Care Eiectronics 108 

Circle Software 94 

Ciares Micro Supplies 48 

Colton Software 12 

Computer Concepts .IFC,3,54,71,73 

Contex Computing 97 

CSS Ill 

Dabtiand 30 

Dalriada Datatech 110 

Dee Data 107 

Desktop Projects .83 

Digital Services 78 

Doggysoft 108 

Electronic Font Foundry 107 

Explan Software 72 

Focus IT 51 

Gamesware ...62 

ICS (Ian Copestake Limited) ...6-10 
IFEL 60 

Integrex 43 

Intelligent Interfaces 97 

lota Software ^ 17 

Leading Edge 65 

Liguid Silicon 108 

Longmon Logotron 15 

Micro Laser Design 100 

Morley Electronics 56 

Norwich Computer Services 72 

Oak Solutions 33 

Oregan Software 24 

Pineapple Software 46 

Fling Boot 72 

Selective Computer Services ...110 

Senlac Computing 93 

Serious Statistical s/w 110 

Sherston Software 22 

Simtec Electronics 51 

Skyfall PD 110 

Soft Sector 111 

Spacetech 80 

SSERC 110 

Technology Matrix 68 

The Datafile 40 

The Datastore 108 

The Serial Port 94 

Themis UK Ltd Ill 

Turing Tools 68 

Vertical Twist 68 

Watford Electronics 86-90 

Inkjet Refills 

for Ail 



Outstanding Bubble- Jet 


Support Service! Caftndges 


Full Range 

Quality Products Save ££££s 

Themis UK, CaHor Send for Our 

No . 1 Wd fesi ey Rara d e, Corriprehenslve Brochures 

481 Godstone Road, 

Whvtdeafe, Surrey, - I a ^ ^ ^ 0883 623366 

CR3 OBL Environmentally Conscious 0533 626777 

CSS Computer Centre 

Acorn Education Centre 
Acorn Unix Centre 

Showroom open 9-5.30 
Six days a week 
Training. Free fitting add ons 
Repairs and maintenance 


Unit 3A, Townfoot Ind. Est., BRAMPTON 
S 06977 3779 


TIk clpAi«e ef expiries 



Specialists in 

All repairs carried down to component level 
^ All work carried to BS5750 Standard 
All work guaranteed for 3 months 
^ Fixed Price Labour Charge 
^ All Orders accepted from Educational depts. 

For Further DeUiils Please Contact: 



Phone 08 1 -965 4056 Fax: 08 ] -96 1 7313 

Tel: 0962 863225 


(Sutfset lo avaitablfity). 100% Certified Guaranteed Error Free 
Packs of 10 supplied with FREE Library case 

DSDD ......E5.30 5 25“ DSDO 

DSHD £7 ,60 5.25' DSH D - £6.1 1 

Labels included. Envelopes &. labels included 

Enquiries welcome for bulk orders 


SO Cap 5.25" ...E6.75 each 

100 Cap 5.25" £7.99 each 

40 Cap 3.5" £6.25 each 

50 Cap 3.6" £6.95 each 

100 Cap 3.5" .............E7.75 each 


Library Cases 10 Cap 5 2573.5". ..El. 20 each 

Mouse Mats Red, Blue, Grey, £2.75 each 

Disk Labels 3.5" £1 .40 per TOO 

Disk Labels S 25" ....... .£l .60 per 100 

Disk Envelopes 5,25" £3.65 per 100 

200 Cap 3-5", File Drawer. Sell Assembly £12.99 
Printer Ribbons Toner cartridges - Original and Compatible --Ring for Prices 



SOFT SECTOR 58 Andover Road, Winchester, Hants $022 BAG 


Take out a year's subscription to Acorn User, the best-seiiimg Acorn magazine, for just £35.40 

and receive all this... 



Packed with games, education resources, heipfui utiiities and compiete appiications. 



A compiete game 

This ciassic game from leading 
games company, Fourth 
Dimension, combines fiight 
simulation with gripping 
arcade action. Chocks 
Away sees youi^^^^^^^ 

iandscapes \ 
and seascapes, \\ ^ 

everything in 
sight. You can fiy 

solo missions or with a friend: either way 
this rates as one of the alt-time greats 

Get the most from your 
machine with this indispensable 
48 page guide of.. .time-saving tips 
...jargon P 

busting... key g 

shortcuts... ^ 

software advice... ^ ||Hr|[!^ 
hardware options... J | || 
plus a beginner's iT; U -fr I 
guided tour 


Featuring some of the best shareware ^ ^ 

around, including... 

ZAP: One of the best file editors 

PROCESS; Scratch, ripple and twist with this 
brilliant image-processing package 

HACKER: Hack into your favourite game 


Packed with classroom resources, this 
disc has a range of materials that explore 
all areas of the curriculum. 

BLACKHOLE: Tidy up with a desktop dustbin 


ARMCode, AutoFocus, FastBrotS, File Tree, 
InfoScoop, Makro, Mode, ModeView, Postcalc, 
PtrWrap, Status, WinCtrl, XHelp. 

Use the dinosaur clip art in Datasweet, 
tackle data collection with ready-made 
forms for Junior Pinpoint, discover 
probability using Eureka, teach letter 
recognition with My It^or/cl examples and 
much more. 

i psticxrrs ,:hi 


The Acorn User Shareware disc contains an essential selection 
of the best public domain and shareware software available, all 
with the full permission of the authors. Just look at what you can 
get for your machine: 

ARMcode: For all you Arm code programmers, this little appli- 
cation converts between Arm mnemonics and the values they 
have in memory. 

.AutoFocus: Some Wimp-based systems automatically give the 
input focus to the window under 
the pointer, which can be invalu- 
able if you arc working on two 
documents and keep swapping 
between them. With AutoFocus. 

The caret moves with the point- 

BlackHole: The best ever desk- 
top dustbin, U,se your dustbin as 
a way of deleting files, and if 
you suddenly realise you 
shouldn't have deleted some- 
thing, you can always drag it 
back out of the bin. 

FastBrot3: Possibly the fastest 
Mandelbrot set plotter for the 
Archimedes, this plots sets in a 
matter of seconds. 

FileTree: This application dis- 
plays the contents of discs in an easy-to-read hierarchical tree. 
With this type of display you can see the contents of your disc at 
a glance, and can search for missing files easily. 

The Hacker: Contains hacks for the following games: 
Aldebaran, Arcade Soccer, Axis, Caverns, Spheres of Chaos, 
Cycloids, Elite, Fervour, Gods, Lemmings, Lotus Torbo 
Challenge 2, Mad Professor Mariati, Ncbulus, Pacniania. 
Populous, Sim City, SWIV, Top Banana and Zool. Now you can 
cheat with confidence. 

InfoScoop: Have you ever wanted to be able to point at a win- 
dow, and instantly know all the gory details abt)ut it. like its win- 
dow handle, its dimensions, all its window flags? Well, look no 
further than InfoScoop. 

Makro: A neat little desktop application to save you typing the 
same text all the time. 

Mode:* Another handy little utility, this shows a small window 
containing fight numbers, which you can set up yourself. 
Clicking on any of these numbers changes the desktop screen 
mode to that number. 

Mode\'ie\v: This displays the mode number inside the Palette 
icon, so you'll always know the screen mode. 

Postf 'alc: Calculate exactly how 
much it will cost you to send 
your packages, inland or over- 

Process: A very comprehensive 
image processing packages, 
incorporating features found in 
some of the most expensive 
image processors in the commer- 
cial market. 

PtrWrap: A simple program 
which makes the pointer ‘wrap 
mound' the screen: in other words, 
when you move tlie pointer off the 
edge of tlie screen, it reappears on the 
opposite side. Apparently, some 
people like the pointer to do this. 
Status: If you’ve ever tried to 
write a multi-tasking program, 
you'll know how important it is to keep in touch with other pro- 
grams in the Wimp environment. Status allows you to do just 
that, by monitoring any messages passed between applications. 
WinCtrl: If you’ve wanted to be able to move windows without 
title bars, or scroll windows without scroll bars, the WinCtrl is for 
you. If you've tried to design a w'indow in FonnEd w'ith no resize 
icon, you'll know how' hard it is: but not w'ith WinCtrl. 

XHelp: This provides a complete hyper help system, w ith which 
you can create help files containing dynamic links to other parts 
of the text. 

Zap: Widely regarded as one of the best file editoi^ iiround. Zap forms 
a complete substitute for Edit, and has features to complete with 
all the commercial program/text editors. And ifs blindingly fast. 



flpps RrcFS 2 RDFS 4 

1 Nisc 1 

j Markers 


Tab node 










liilLl i 

1 Basic 1 



Drop into 6RSIC 

rB 1 


r\i [ 

Run then quit 


Save and run 


1 Save, run, quit 

ri \ 

Subscription form for Acorn User 

Please enrol me as a subscriber to Acorn User 
magazine (£35.40 for 12 issues- UK),(£49 - EEC), 
(£69 - World) All subscriptions will commence with the 
next available issue 
My surname (Mr/Mrs/Ms) 

First names 




2 I enclose a cheque/posta 
order for £ 

subscription(s) made payable to 
Acorn User 

or Please debit my D Access CH Visa 
Expiry date 

Card No. 


3 Now send your completed form and payment to Acorn User, Europress Direct, FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port, L65 3EB. Back issues 
are also available. Please state if credit card billing address is different from delivery address. Photocopies or handwritten 
versions of the above information are acceptable, but please quote the code above. Contact the number below for subscription 
rates outside the U.K. Europress Enterprise Ltd offers you the chance to receive Information about other organisations goods and 
services. Please tick the box if you prefer not to take advantage of this. □ 

Message to existing subscribers: if you would like to renew your subscription early to receive these free gifts, please call the hotline. 



We’re aiming to 
become flie supplier 
of fonts on the 
Acorn platform 

B owthorpe is real subur- 
ban Eng i and. Nestled 
unobtrusively just outside 
the centre of Norwich, 
the housing estates and 
landscaped lawns hide one 
of the up-and-coming 
companies in the Acorn 
c o ni m unity: I . O O K 


Adrian Look is LOOK 
Systems. He's the MD. He's 
the accountant. He's the 
programmer. He's the coffee 


If Dave Clare (see last 
month’s intervievv) is typical 
of the Acorn generation u ho 
started with the Issue One 
Model B and grew with the 
market* then Adrian Look is 
part of the new breed of 
younger Acorn business- 
men* who have never known 
a world without Acorn 
computers. Oi a w oiid w ith a 
Laboui’ govci nmeni. 

'rhe story behind LOOK 
Systems proves that one 
man’s recession is another 
man's chance to set up his 
own company. After gradu- 
ating in accountancy from the 
University of East Anglia, 
Adrian went to work for 
Norwich Computer Services, 
where he had been helping oul 
during his summer holidays. 

Although he only w^orked 
there for three hours a day, the 
experience he picked up by 
giving technical support to 
customers was invaluable. 

’NCS got me used to the 
commercial world,' says 
Adrian. ’Having to answer the 
phone and give technical 
support to anyone and 
everyone makes you really 
appreciate where people have 

This is w hat sparked off the 
idea of LOOK Systems. 
Adrian had written a few 
programs (or NCS which had 
sold reasonably well, and 
w'hen he left UEA* he realised 
he could make money out of 
piT)g ra in m i ng h i m se I f . 

And his first success, 
Archifiu'des Disc Rescue ^ was 
written to cater for a need he 
had noticed while giving tech- 
nical support. 

T noticed various gaps in 


the market,’ Adrian explains* 
'one of w hich was the need for 
software to repair damaged 
discs* Archimedes Disc Rescue 
was a success because it 
had absolutely no rivals, so 
dealers were passing customers 
wdth faulty discs through 
to me: this word-of-mouth 
recommendation worked 

But LOOK Systems was 
still a small company, with 
Adrian working as a fme lancer 
for NCS. The big break came 
when Adrian noticed another 
gap in the market: Acorn users 
had no genuine fonts from 
other platforms. 

Until recently* The Electi onic 
Font Foundry effectively had 
a monopoly on Rise OS fonts, 
but with the conversion of the 

Monotype library by l,.0()K 
Systems and the ITC library by 
The Datable* this isn’t the case 
any more. 

’We’re aiming to become 
the supplier of fonts on the 
Acorn platform/ says Adrian* 
and to do this wc need to beat 
EFF at ihcir ow n game. There 
arc two points with fonts: 
design and technical accuracy. 

‘We're ahead on design 
because the fonts have been 
designed by a professional 
typographical company, and on 
the technical side any differ- 
ences betw'cen conversions and 
Acorn -spec i fic fonts are 

Indeed, Adrian says that 
when the representatives from 
Monotype visited him to talk 
about him buying a licence for 

converting their fonts, he 
took one of their PC fonts 
and converted it on his 
Acorn in front of their eyes. 

Apparently they coukln't 
believe what they saw': they 
had never seen any of their 
fonts anti -aliased on screen 
before, and the result 
impressed them immensely. 

But it’s not just a case of 
bashing the Monotype fonts 
through a program and 
having a product in your 
hands. Nothing’s that easy. 

’Em not a typographer. I'm 
technical,’ says Adrian. ‘I 
recognise a good design 
company w^hen I sec one* 
and 1 lake what they’ve done 
and convert it for the Arc. 
Hie hard bit is that we have 
to add the hinting lines by 

For ‘■we’ read T': at the 
moment Adrian is sitting in 
front of his computer, 
adding little lines to each 
character in the fonts he's 
converting* That's about 
20,000 cliuiracters in 100 
fonts: not a trivial task. 
How^ever, that's when the 
technical expertise comes in. 

Tve already written a 
program to add hinting semi- 
autoniatically/ says Adrian* 
‘and I've nearly finished an fully-automatic hinier, 
enabling me to convert fonts 
really quickly. Apparently it's 
supposed to be impossible to 
write an automatic hinter, but 1 
haven’t found that.’ 

LOOK Systems' annual 
turnover tripled last year. It 
should triple again this year* if 
things go according to plan* So 
what is it that makes this 
suburban company such a 

‘I look at other markeis, .see 
what they have that the Acorn 
world doesn’t have, and 
implement it for Ri,sc OS,’ 
explains Adrian. 

And with that he smiles 
wryly, knowing that he’s 
running his own company, his 
way, with his own rules, and 
with complete control over 
what happens. 

Jealous, me? Never. 

Mark Moxon 


r OFFER 1 ^ 


Worth £135 

RRP inc VAT 

The powerful dedicated spreadsheet 

package with upgrade route to 
Schema 2. 

\ “There can only be one 
\ recommendatiom buy It. ’’ 

\ Archimedes World 

^ OFFER 2 


Worth £45 

RRP inc VAT 

Comprehensive art package. With upgrade 
route at special prices to Revelation 2 or 
,, Revelation Image Pro. 
the most exciting art package 

L that fve seen in years'’ A 

The Micro User. Jjm 


from RISC User .. 

Subscribe now 
and choose 
one of these 

Price E1 .90 


Reen to learn mor^ educational circles. 

RISC User is highly reg rriarketplace. 

atfST mews Up to the minute news beginners and 

• LATEST ccaTIIRES Essential read g . ^gg of topics. 


• SlfscBfprflM^nd much more 

RISC User Subscriptions, “ 'waeve/opmenrs 

117 Hatfield Road, St Albans, Herts, AL1 4JS Tel: 0727 840303 Fax: 0727 860263 

to RISC User couldn’t be easier. Fill in the coupon and return it together with your remittance or credit card details. 

Alternatively phone us on 0727 840303 or fax us 0727 860263 

I would like Schema LJ 

Revelation (tick your choice) 

Post Code... 

Credit Card 

Number ______ 

Expiry Date, 

For subscription 
rates abroad 
please contact the 
subscriptions dept. 


The Complete Solution 

Acorn Rise PC600 

If you ore looking to improve the 
performance of your new PC600 machine or 
ore considering repiocing your existing Acorn 
file server with o new RiscPC mochine. 
Atomwide con help you buiid a system that 
ideally suits your needs. 


Atomwide con supply everything from one 
ANT Ethernet interface right up to a complete 
network insfaliofion. If you are planning o 
network installation then contact one of our 
staff for support and advice. 

10base2 £1 10.00 C£129.25inc) 

1 ObaseT £1 1 0.00 (£1 29.25inc) 

ANT Ethernet cards are available for every 
type of Acorn machine, with a range of client 
ROMs (eg. Acorn Access). 

Backplane upgrade kits 

All kits come complete with a 2nd PSU, 8 slot 
backplane, cables, the relevant number of 
case slices and detailed fitting instructions, 

2 slot to 8 slot POA 
4 slot to 8 slot POA 

Acorn Rise PC600 memory" 

All Atomwide memory upgrodes comply with 
Acorn's recommended chip counts and 
specificotions. Please phone for details of 
exchange prices on memory SIMMs. 


4Mb £120.00 

8Mb £220.00 

16Mb £499,00 

32Mb £999.00 

Larger SIMMs POA 

(£258. 501 nc) 
(£1 173.83inc) 


1Mb £99.00 (£n6,33inc) 

2Mb £199.00 C£233.83inc) 

l'2Mb £85.00 C£99.87inc) 

Acorn Rise PC600 machines 

Custom built and standard systems are 
available with and without the standord 
Acorn monitors. Please phone for a 
competitive price on your system. 

All PC600s bought from Atomwide are 
supplied with on extra 1 Mb of VRAM free. 

A T O M W I D E 

7, The Metro Centre, Bridge Road, 
Orpington, Kent, BR5 2BE. 

Tel 0689 838852 Fax 0689 896088