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UFOhio Symposium Papers 

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1. “Old Magic and New” - Robert F. Creegan, Ph.D .$2.25 

2. “The Roswell Investigation, Update and Conclusions” * William L. Moore .$3.50 

3. “The Interrupted Journey Continued” - Betty Hill .$2.25 

4. “UFO Activity and Human Consciousness” - R. Leo Sprinkle .$2.75 

5. “The Night Surgeons” - Peter A. Jordan .$3.00 

6. “E.T.H. • Completing the Jigsaw” - L.J. Lorenzen .$2.00 

7. “UFO - The Cosmic Watergate” -Stanton T. Friedman .$2.75 

8. “Sociological Aspects of UFO Research” - Peter VanArsdale, Ph.D. .$3.50 

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the apno bulletin 

VOL. 32 


NO. 12 

California “Response” Report 








First ejected object - see column two 


By Jerrald Blankenship 

□n January 29, 1985, I was listening to the World 
Service of Radio Moscow when I was somewhat surprised 
to hear a brief report of a UFO that was sighted by 
the crew and passengers of a Soviet airliner while 
flying over the Russian state of Georgia. Although 
some of the short wave transmission was garbled, 
enough was received to make an accurate report 

The Soviet commentator stated that the airliner 
was en route to the city of Tbilisi sometime in 
January (exact date not given). At 4:10 a. m. the 
crew spotted an object described as an unblinking 
star in front of and somewhat below their aircraft. 
As they got closer to the apparently stationary 
object, it took on the appearance of a green cloud 
about the size of a copper coin. 

^ [Editor’s note: The following report arrived at 
APRO Headquarters in early March, and was sent by one 
of our trusted investigators who would characterize 
himself as an informed skeptic. He is known to some 
of us at Headquarters, having visited us on a couple 
of occasions. He is a careful and thorough 
investigator and we think his experience should be 
given careful consideration as fact.] 

The fact that UFOs appear to react to the thoughts 
and words of some witnesses seems to rattle the 
reality box of certain experts. I believe that this 
attitude is due, in some degree, to the fact that 
this appears to be a relatively new aspect of the UFO 
enigma, or our awareness of it is relatively new, at 
least. On the other hand, some researchers fail to 
see the forest for the trees, letting old opinions 
and prejudices cloud their objectivity in this and 
other areas. Still others prefer to be media stars 
or UFO gurus, leaving the serious research to others. 
It is much easier, and safer, to defend old theories 
than it is to break new ground. 

I would now like to relate to the membership a 
series of experiences I have had over the last 
several weeks. They include not only multiple 
sightings but also what appeared to have been a UFO 
reacting to my very words. Being both witness and 
investigator, I have tried to remain as objective as 
possible and report only the physical aspects of the 
various events while keeping my own theories and 
feelings to myself. I would like to add this, 
however: After the events of the past few weeks I 
will find it very difficult to disbelieve any person 
who claims a psychic link or reaction to UFOs in the 

On January 26, 1985, at around 6:30 p.m., I was in 
the process of closing window curtains when my 
attention was caught by a bright object about 30 
degrees above the western horizon. The object was 
orange in color and appeared to be moving toward me 
(east) at a slow rate of speed. At first I thought I 
might be watching the landing lights of an 
approaching airplane but because no other lights were 
visible on the craft, I quickly discounted that 
possibility. After watching the object for a minute 
or so through the window I stepped outside to get a 
better look. As the object passed slowly overhead I 
could make out a round object, about the size of 

(see Soviet - page four) 

(see “Response” - page two) 



VOL. 32 NO. 12 

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Published May, 1985 

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(continued from page one) 

Venus, still displaying the steady orange glow. 


No sound was heard as one might expect from even 
a high flying jet or other type of aircraft. A short 
time later I noticed a jet airliner approaching from 
the east. The airliner was flying in a westerly 
direction at about 5,000 feet on final approach to 
Los Angeles International Airport which is located 
about 20 miles away. As tne airliner passed overhead 
it flew directly under the orange object, momentarily 
blocking it from view. Even using the airplane as a 
reference point, it was impossible to determine the 
actual size of the object and at what altitude it was 

flying. My best guess would be that it was a rather 

large object flying at between 30,000 and A0,000 
feet. The object continued moving slowly to the east 
for a short period of time and then suddenly came to 
a complete stop and hung motionless in the sky. 

After about three minutes the object began to move 

northeast and gain altitude and was lost from sight 
about three minutes later. The object did not pass 
from view over the horizon as one might expect an 
airplane or satellite to do, but finally seemed to 
remain in one spot in the sky and slowly diminish in 
size and fade away The total length of the sighting 
was ten minutes. 

On Saturday, February 9th I sighted another object 
very similar to the one seen on January 26th. 


At around 8 p.m., I was leaving my home to run a 

quick errand. As I walked out the front door I 
glanced to the west and noticed a dull orange ball of 
light hanging in the sky about 35 degrees above the 
hotizon. Again, this object appeared about the size 
of Venus but was in a section of the night sky where 
no planets or large stars are located. At the same 
time I also noticed a very small, but very bright, 
point of silver light located just below and to the 
left of the orange object. I continued to watch the 
motionless objects for another two minutes or so, 
then decided to get on with my errand. After getting 
into my car, I turned north onto Lakewood Blvd and I 
was still able to see the two objects to my left 
through the car window. I also noticed two airplanes 
some distance to the south of the objects and the 
difference in appearance was quite obvious. A few 
moments later I turned east on Telegraph Road and 
lost sight of the objects. Upon returning home about 
ten minutes later, I could no longer locate the 
objects in the western sky, although several 
airplanes were clearly visible in the same general 





On Friday, February 22 another object appeared in 
the night sky, but this time the craft brought 
friends along for the ride. 

VOL 32 NO. 12 



At 8:45 I left my home to make a quick trip to the 
market. As I was walking to my car I noticed another 
orange object approaching from the southeast. The 
object looked exactly like the roundish craft seen on 
January 26, except that it appeared somewhat larger 
and looked to be flying at a lower altitude. As the 
craft moveo closer I noticed tnat it was displaying a 
slight pulsation at about two second intervals, as 
well as apparently traveling in absolute silence. 
The object continued on until it reached a point in 
the sky just south of overhead, near the Orion 
constellation, when something very bizarre occurred. 


As I stood in my driveway watching the slow-moving 
UFO pass overhead, I half-kiddingly said: "Okay, show 
me something spectacular." I had no more than uttered 
the words when the craft slowed to almost a dead stop 
and ejected a smaller, elongated object out of its 
side. The smaller UFO was a torpedo-shaped affair 
displaying the same brilliant orange color as the 
larger object and was trailing a bead-like substance 
that looked to be some type of exhaust. The 
bead-like substance looked almost like plasma or 
solid bubbles and was the same orange color as the 
two objects. The smaller object moved rapidly away 
from the larger one, still trailing the plasma-like 
exhaust and then seemed to disappear from front to 












Second object ejected 

A split second later a zig-zag line of the exhaust 
beads formed behind the larger UFO, giving the 
impression that the darkened smaller object had made 
a hard left turn and passed directly behind it. Just 
as the last of the exhaust substance vanished. 

another torpedo-like object shot from the side of the 
larger UFO and quickly disappeared to the south. The 
larger object then began to move to the northwest, 
blinked on and off three times, then disappeared. Of 
course, I realize that my experience does little to 
prove any UFO-psychical connection. Even I have a 
problem believing that UFOs fly over Southern 
California just for my benefit and enjoyment. On the 
other hand, the incident did occur just as I 
described it. I asked the unknown craft to show me 
something spectacular and it did! 

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The following article contains excerpts from "The 
UFO Connection", taken from OMEGA SCIENCE DIGEST for 
March- April, 1985, and forwarded to us by our 
Australian Representative, Bill Chalker. 

The continuous ties of UFOs to national security 
and the claims of constant secrecy surrounding 
government UFO documents, are the main themes of a 
new book entitled CLEAR INTENT (Prentice-Hall, 1984). 
EXPERIENCE. The authors, Lawrence Fawcett and Barry 
Greenwood, present a strong case. Some conclusions 

1) UFOs are real, material, physical phenomenon, 
completely unidentifiable in conventional terms. 

2) UFOs display intelligence of a very high order. 

3) UFOs have overflown U.S. military and other 
government facilities since Id.Id. II as evidenced by 
official U.S. document releases from a variety of 
federal agencieso 

4) This activity has extended to other nations, as 
evidenced by official U.S. government document 

5) Despite tight security regarding release of UFO 
documents, government officials most closely 
associated with UFO data of national security 
importance probably do not have a definite "answer" 
to the UFO problems, but they monitor the phenomenon 
in pursuit of a solution. 


Following are examples of incidents which 

demonstrate the theme of the book: 

October 28, 1975,Loring AFB (a Strategic Air 
Command base near the U.S./Canadian border) a dark 
aerial object hovered over a nuclear storage area. 
Object about 60 feet long, five feet in the air, and 
only 300 feet from the observer. Object was 
reddish-orange in color, made no noise. 

Early November, 1975, near Lewiston, Montana 
Minuteman silo site. The Sabotage Alert Team 



VOL. 32 NO. 12 

reported a huge glowing disc over the silo site. 
Object departed, missile in the silo was later 
replaced, supposedly because the on-board computer 
had been tampered with. 

14 September, 1976. Iranian Air Force F-4 fighter 
sent up to intercept an intruder, returned to base 
with damage to its weapons system after trying to 
fire an AIM -9 missile at the object. 

August, 1980, several intrusions by UFOs over the 
Manzano Weapons Storage Area at Kirtland Air Force 
Base in New Mexico. In one instance a security guard 
observed a bright light close to the building where 
the security alarm had been tripped. His radio would 
not work, so he approached the round disc with a 
shotgun. The object then departed vertically at a 
high rate of speed. 


Further along in the book there is the experience 
of two U.S. Navy personnel on Oct. 25, 1973. It 
should be noted here that we are referring to a part 
of the Australian continent known as North Cape, 
where the U.S. Agency called NSA (National Security 
Agency) operates a top-secret electronic intelligence 
gathering station. At any rate, these two officers 
observed a large black object hovering over the 
station. Each officer made his observations from a 
different point, but the accounts are quite similar. 
The object first hovered, perhaps for half a minute, 
then took off at unbelievable speed. There was no 
noise at any time. On the same day, October 25, all 
U. S. bases in Australia were put on full nuclear 
alert, without the Australian forces being let into 
the action or the reasons behind that action. 

One other incident covered in this book seems 
worthy of note. It seems that in Sepember and 

October a series of nuclear weapons tests were made 
at a site in Australia named Maralinga. Several 
witnesses reported that about dusk one evening they 
observed a silent, glowing, metallic aerial object 
hovering above the airfield. This sighting lasted as 
long as 15 minutes, and was terminated when the 
machine swiftly left the scene. Since this was a 
nuclear test area, all cameras had been checked in, 
hence no pictures were taken. 

The concluding paragraph sums it all up: Based on 
the Australian experience alone, it would be unwise 
to dismiss UFO sightings as having no "national 
security significance" and no scientific relevance. 
The time for secrency and apathy has passed. 
Instead, the need for open public study and 
substantial scientific investigation should now be 

(Editor f s note: The Australian incidents lend 
considerable support to the book T s content. We found 
it extremely tedious wading through the many often 

blurry copies of government documents to get to the 
"meat" of the book. However, the latter were 
necessary as backup for the claims made. This writer 
found the dates of the intrusions at Manzano 
interesting, because the earliest we were aware of 
was during the "flap" of November 1957). 

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 


(continued from page one) 

Suddenly a brilliant yellow column of light was 
emitted from the object, illuminating the ground and 
houses below. The light was described as being 
cone-shaped with the large end pointed at the ground. 
Shortly a second column of light appeared, 
surrounding the first light. Finally a third column 
came on around the first two. Shortly thereafter, 
the object must have become aware of the approaching 
airliner because it then trained the yellow beams of 
light on it. The object then began to gain altitude 
until it was flying parallel with the Russian craft, 
which was flying at 10,000 meters. It was not clear 
which side of the aircraft the UFO was on or if the 
yellow beams of light were still trained on the 
plane. The green, cloud-shaped object then began to 
emit bright sparks from its surface. The object then 
changed its shape until it took on a form that 
resembled another airliner. 

At this point, the crew contacted Air Traffic 
controllers at Tbilisi Airport and reported what they 
were seeing. They then asked the controllers if 
their radar showed any other aircraft in their 
immediate vicinity. The controllers replied that 
their radar was painting three objects. The Russian 
airliner and two objects following it. The airliner 
proceeded on to Tbilisi without further incident and 
the crew filed a report with officials. It was later 
learned that another Soviet airliner, traveling in 
the opposite direction, had also seen the obect. The 
Radio Moscow broadcast failed to mention how long the 
object (or objects) trailed the airplane or at what 
point it departed before the aircraft landed in 

Another important but obvious piece of information 
that was also omitted, by the broadcast I heard at 
least, was the departure point of the two Soviet 
aircraft and the direction each was heading. Since 
Tbilisi is located in Southern Russia, very near the 
Soviet and Iranian borders, one can only assume that 
the first airliner had departed from a point in 
central Russia and was heading south. 

The broadcast went on to say that the Soviet 
Acadamy of Science had investigated the sighting but 

VOL. 32 NO. 12 



could come up with no explanation for what the Soviet 
pilots saw and had classified the object as "of 
unknown origin." 

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The two different type faces appearring in Vol. 
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Another phase of that same effort will be directed 
toward sustaining and elevating the quality of our 
published material. In doing this we take into 
account the fact that there is not a steady flow of 
good quality UFO information to choose from. In 
addition, the health of the Editor will not tolerate( 
according to her doctor) the stress of a demanding 

As a result the Bulletin will not maintain a 
regular publishing schedule. The basic unit of 
renewal will continue to be 12 issues( one volume ) 
and the dues/subscription rates will remain the same. 

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On April 9, 19B4, the pilots of four airliners 
flying northwest of the coast of Japan saw a sight 
they will not soon forget. In the space of three 
minutes or less, a huge cloud billowed up from the 
ocean below, grew to 200 miles or more in diameter 

and rose to a height of almost five miles. 
Minutes later, the cloud was gone, leaving no 
turbulence and very little atmospheric pollution to 
mark the place where it had been. 

For some strange reason, no governmental agency, 
either Japanese or American, has shown more than 
minimal interest in this strange event. The Japanese 
Air Self-Defense Force sent an F-4 fighter out to 
collect air samples, which, when analyzed, showed no 
radio-activity. One of the observing pilots, flying 
a Boeing 747 for Japan Air Lines, had his craft 
checked for radiation at Anchorange International 
Airport. There was none. Another plane, flying for 
KLM Dutch Airlines, was also checked for radiation at 
Elmendorf AFB in Anchorage. Again, no sign of 

There are several theories being dvanced to 
explain this peculiar occurrence. 

1) It could be an eruption of an underwater 
volcano. Professor Dan liialkter, University of 
Hawaii, checked the printouts from a line of 

underwater hydrophones close to Wake Island in the 
Pacific. He could find no trace of volcanic 

2) It might have been a small nuclear device. 
Capt. Charles McDade, flying for JAL, was fearful 
that his plane would be destroyed by the shock waves, 
and accordingly, turned the plane around to fly away 
from the source of the cloud. He maintains there was 
no discernible shock to his craft. 3) One 
explanation concerns the possibility that the 
Russians have been making giant strides in the field 
of particle beams. Nuclear engineer Thomas Bearden 
theorizes that a pair of such beams arranged to cross 
at a particular spot could cause such an atmospheric 
disturbance that moisture could be sucked up from the 
sea and cause a vast cloud of moist air to flow 
outwards from the place of intersection. There have 
been quite a number of unexplained clouds or plumes 
detected by satellites flying over the Soviet Union, 
one of which was reported only the day before ths 
cloud-ball was seen by the airline pilots. 

All of the above merely serves to heighten one’s 
suspicion that scientists in the U.S. know full well 
what is going on out there, and are therefore not 
concerned, or else they realize that whatever is 
playing tricks with the atmosphere could best be left 
alone, since apparently no harm has come from the 
disturbances so far. 

(Editor ! s note: Of particular interest, in view of 
the recently publicized but dated sighting in the 
Soviet Union, is the fact that this mushroom-shaped 
cloud was seen nearly a year ago, as was the other 
case, yet they are both being publicized at 
approximately the same time. 

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 


Several visitors to Headquarters have expressed 
interest in Dr. Robert Creegan, who has been a 
frequent contributor to these pages. Although Dr. 
Creegan ! s background was presented to readers via the 
Bulletin, that was several years ago, and in light of 
his recent contributions, an update is overdue. 

Dr. Creegan pursued liberal arts studies at 
Oberlin and Marietta Colleges, and then earned his 
M.A. and Ph.D degrees at Duke University. He majored 
in philosophy with a strong psychology minor. 

After teaching briefly at several colleges in 
various parts of the U.S., Creegan was called to 
establish a department of philosophy at State 
University of New York at Albany. Since 1972, the 
professor has taught among other courses, his 
specialty, BORDERS OF SCIENCE, with an emphasis upon 
UFO problems. Enrollments have varied between 60 and 



VOL. 32 NO. 12 

Dr: Robert Creegan 

ov/er 200, mostly Seniors with a feu other undergrads 
and occasional graduate students. Controversial 
topics are presented in uays designed to be fair to 
all contending parties. The ideal of liberal 
education is foremost. Topics include: What is 
Science? Cosmology. Extra-terrestrial Intelligence. 
UFO Reports. Anomalous Aeroforms. Investigative 
Methods. Remote Vieuing. Anomalies of Memory. 
Psycho-Kinesis. Public affairs issues. 

Creegan is a contributor to professional journals 
as uell as the APRO Bulletin. He conducts special 
intervieus all over the U.S. and has done so abroad 
in the United Kingdom, France and Australia. He has 
had especially instructive Canadian contacts. 

Readings in the Borders course include excerpts 
from his oun books, THE SHOCK OF EXISTENCE and THE 
MAGIC OF TRUTH. Students urite journals of their 
oun, as uell as taking general examinations. 
Professor Creegan is scheduled to retire in the 
summer of 1985 but hopes to have the privilege of 
teaching his favorite course at Albany or elseuhere. 
Obviously, his intervieuing uork uill continue and 
perhaps increase. Much of that relates to UFO 
interests among others. 

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 


Many residents of Seoul, Korea, claimed that they 
sau an unidentified flying object hovering over this 
capitol city on December 2. The object reported uas 

described as dish-shaped and uas first reported 
flying over the Midopa Department store in dountoun 
Seoul at about 4 p.m. It uas spotted three more 
times at ten minute intervals until 4:oo p.m. The 
local media received calls asking if the object uas a 
UFO. Lee Changyon, an employee of the department 
store heard about the report, searched the sky but 
could see nothing. 

^Again, at 6 p.m., others reported a strange object 
over uestern Seoul at about 6 p.m. According to Dr. 
Kim Duhuan of the National Astronomical Observatory, 
"Those illuminated objects may have been artificial 
satellites uhich can be seen uhen the sky is clear. 
I also suspect that the object spotted around 6 p.m. 
may have been Jupiter, Mars or Venus.” 

A photo, although not very clear, uhich 
accompanied the article in the Korea Herald for 
December 4, shoued an illuminated object uhich in no 
uay resembled a man- made satellite reflecting the 
sun's rays. 

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 


A brilliant light described as a "blinding” uhite 
light uas reported over the Cantuell area on January 
8 this year. "It uas not an aircraft", according to 
John Wallace, uho said he sau the phenomenon uhile 
stopped at the Reindeer Mountain Lodge on the Parks 
Highuay. He said "It lit the sky up for 3D or 40 
seconds and completely illuminated the mountain range 
around it for 15 or 16 miles." Wallace, uho has spent 
the last 13 years checking Alascom's microuave sites 
along the highuay, said he has never seen anything 
like it before. 


He said it passed overhead quite fast, at an 
estimated three miles altitude, climbed over the 
mountain and disappeared. He said it had no shape 
and all he could see uas the light. He called Clear 
Air Force Base but they uouldn't tell him anything. 
"Someone must have tracked the thing", he said. 


Jack and Shirley Lauson, uho run the Lodge, said 
several people had seen the light. Mrs. Lauson said: 
"I didn't actually see it moving but I sau it behind 
the mountain and the mountain uas completely 
illuminated as if the sun uas rising right then. But 
it uas uhite, like floodlights. I thought maybe 

VOL 32 NO. 12 



there were 10 or 15 snow machines driving around back 
there, but it wasn f t moving. 11 

Leon and Elizabeth Smith, who run the Igloo Lodge 
at Nile 188 on the Parks Highway, said they did not 
notice anything this week but they have seen a 
similar object in the past. 

The Smiths went on to describe a "very bright, 
white light, hanging low around treetop level which 
faded in and out but did'nt move and appeared very 
beautiful. The Smiths, who fuel helicopters at the 
Lodge, were positive that the light was not an 
aircraft. Leon said that he watched it for an hour 
one time along with other witnesses but no one could 
identify it« 

The latter sounds much like the many sightings of 
Venus, Jupiter or Mars, either rising or setting, 
which are often sighted and identified by 
Headquarters . The sighting by Wallace and the 
others, however, which described a bright object 
which lit up the ground and was in sight for 30 to 40 
minutes, does not in any way resemble the other 

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Comment from Michel 

(The following quoted letter is self-explanatory; 
however we would like to point out that Michel, like 
many others, encountered "impossible"information 
about the discs as early as 1954. In APR0 T s case, we 
published the information as it presented itself 
(quite likely a mistake on our part) beginning with 
the cases coming out of South America in 1954. This 
may be a large part of the reason that we were dubbed 
"irresponsible", etc., by some elements in NICAP at 
that time. Looking back, we feel that "daring" might 
have been a better or at least preferable adjective, 
in our opinion) Mr. Michel f s letter: 

In your volume 32, No. 10 issue, Page 1, you quote 
describe my 1957 book as "excellent". Indeed, there 
is something excellent in this book, something even 
which becomes better and better as time passes. But 
it is not the book. It is the 1954 witnesses, their 
fresh, unspoiled spirit and memory. 

Within those few weeks, countlesss people who 
never heard of "flying saucers" reported to me, 
without any frills, stories which later were found to 
encompass nearly the whole of UFO lore. Had I dared 
to report everything I heard, then, yes, my book 
really would be excellent. 

Case histories of Close Encounters 1,2,3 (not 4) 
and 5 were reported to me. Unfortunately I decided. 

after two years of reflection and discussion, that 
the most incredible did not pertain to UFO research, 
so I left them out. 

"Well,those cases Michel quotes, I read them like 
you read books about ghosts", Hynek writes (The Edge 
of Reality, page 196, Chicago, 1975). I myself 
listened to some of the stories I was told in 1954 
like ghost stories. 

Now it is no more possible to listen to fresh, 
unspoiled witnesses. Even the survivors of 1954 are 
no.more so in 1985. 

Then are those cases definitely lost? I hope some 
of them will be saved because the French like to 
write their experiences. Those, I hope, will be 
known eventually. 

Your Friend, 

Aime Michel 


I have long suspected that the last of the 
strictly factual UFO cases, and especially those 
dealing with "contact" and "abductions" may have been 
reported in the early 1970s There is too much 
evidence to indicate that percipients have absorbed 
much of the details contained in the popular 
literature prior to or shortly after reporting their 
alleged experiences. One particular incident 
involved a woman who claimed abduction and 
examination. Much of her description matched those 
of prior cases. The Field Investigator attempted to 
dissuade her when she started to read anything and 
everything she could locate which related to UFOs. 
The percipient became angry and would no longer 
cooperate with the investigator. At the time we 
chalked it up to personality clash, but later 
realized that she was adding to her original story 
and the information she was adding was very similar 
to that of cases contained in the literature she had 

It is partly because of this turn of events that 
APR0 has hesitated to participate in public 
gatherings of UFOlogists because of the wide 
dissemination of information about cases still under 
investigation during such meetings. 

Coral Lorenzen 

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 


By Doris and Joe Graziano 

January 1 and July 4, 1978, Oxnard, California. 
Floyd Hallstrom, who has more than 40 years of 
aviation experience, took off at 12:35 p.m. on 



VOL. 32 NO. 12 

January 1 from Oxnard Airport in his Cessna 170A, 
following a friend, Jim Victor. At 1:07 p.m., 
Hallstrom called Victor on radio to report he was 
seven miles behind Victor*s plane. Looking ahead to 
see if he could locate his friend f s aircraft, 
Hallstrom saw a black spot in the sky. 

As the spot drew nearer, "It took on the form of 
an aircraft, but there were no wings on it. 11 When the 
object was off Hallstrom f s left shoulder, about 30 to 
AO degrees below, it took on the "full shape of a 

Hallstrom reached for a piece of paper and began 
sketching the craft. He could see a dome on it that 
"looked like a half-sphere” and estimated the object 
to be 30 feet in diameter. He later charted the 
flight and concluded that the object was in sight 
about 25 seconds and traveled at about 650 mph. 

On July A of the same year, Hallstrom was flying 
with a friend, Keith Sorenson. At about 3:30 p.m., 
the flyers spotted an object about A feet in diameter 
with a dome on it. It was going an estimated 900 mph 
and came straight toward the airplane, passing just 
over the right wing. 

Tingsryd, SWEDEN, February, 198A. Ante Jonsson 
was driving home about 1 a. m., when he saw an object 
about 80 meters across and 5 to 10 meters high off 
the road ahead of him. The object disappeared and 
Jonsson went home to get his camera. 

When he returned to the spot, there was nothing 
there. He was about to turn around and go home when 
the object suddenly appeared again. This time 
Jonsson tried vainly to start it, ”ETs” poured out of 
the object and came toward the car. ”0ne of the ETs 
opened the door and pulled me out. I screamed and 
managed to get free and flee for my life,” he said. 
”1 reached a deserted house off the road and hid 
there, but more came after me.” 

A heavy timber truck then approached and slowed 
down at the spot where Jonsson had left his car. He 
ran back to his car and collapsed. When he came 
around, the ”ETs” were gone, but two policemen were 
ready with questions Jonsson could not answer. 

Police records show that a man named Bengt 
Johansson had called police emergency to report a 
flying saucer. He is believed to be the driver of 
the timber truck. 

Immediately after the incident, Jonsson was sent 
to a mental hospital for psychiatric tests, but was 
discharged after two days, described as ”fit as a 
fiddle” with no mental problems. 

Nyack, NEW YORK, July 2A, 198A. A dozen security 
officers at the Indian Point 3 nuclear plant watched 
an object hover overhead for 15 minutes. One 
security officer said the object was 100 feet long, 
looked like helicopters in a V-formation, made some 

noise and hovered 300 yards above the plant. He said 
guards "broke out the shotguns.” 

Other reports indicate that the National Guard was 
also notified, but officials of the New York Power 
Authority will not release details about what 

happened. There was allegedly a similar incident on 
June 1A. 

Gloucester, MASSACHUSETTS, November 26, 198A. Ana 
Ho&l and her husband. Per, were walking their dog on 
Shore Rd. about 6:15 p.m. when they noticed a bright 
light over the ocean. It was stationary, hovering 
low and shining a bright spotlight downward. 

The couple watched the light for ”6 or 7 minutes” 
and then it started coming directly toward them. 

They could then see two blinking red lights on either 
side of the object. 

As the craft passed directly over them, just above 
the treetops, they could see a triangular object 
between 120 and 1A0 feet long on each side, darkly 
colored, with a darker strip along the edges. The 
spotlight they had seen was at the front point, with 
a red light at each of the rear points. About a half 
dozen other white lights were on the underside, along 
with a clear window similar to a skylight. 

The object passed slowly over them, making no 
sound, and banked off toward the center of Magnolia. 

They saw it briefly, farther down the coast toward 

Kettle Cove Beach. 

After the Hoel's story was published in the 
GLOUCESTER TIMES, they received calls from several 
other people claiming to have seen something similar. 
Air Force and Coast Guard officials said they had no 
aircraft near the area at the the time of the 

Dotsero, COLORA00,March 16, 1985. Lloyd Rauchfuss 
was watching TV at about 7:30 when his mother, Edna, 
spotted a light in the sky. The entire family went 
outside and saw a saucer-shaped object hovering about 
2,000 yards away and 2,000 to 3,000 feet high. 

The object gave off an intense white light and a 
number of smaller red, green and blue lights 
surrounded it. It' would hover, shoot up and hover 
again, moving with "bullet quickness.” 

David, Lloyd's son, observed the object through 
the crosshairs of the 18-power scope on his rifle for 
about A5 minutes, until the object disappeared behind 
a mountain. The disappearance was followed by a 
bright flashing light from behind the mountain. 

The family then drove toward a relative's ranch a 
few miles to the south and again spotted the object. 
Seconds later, their car stalled. The engine started 
moments later and David said the late model car had 
been trouble-free before the incident. 

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