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Papers which were presented at the APRO UFOhio Symposium are available from APRO Headquarters baaed on 
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1. “Old Magic and New”-Robert F. Creegan, Ph.D.$2.25 

2. “The Roswell Investigation, Update and Conclusions”-William L. Moore .$3.50 

3. “The Interrupted Journey Continued”-Betty Hill. .$2.25 

4. “UFO Activity and Human Consciousness”-R. Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D.$2.75 

5. “The Night Surgeons”-Peter A. Jordan .... . . $3.00 

6. “E.T.H.-Completing The Jigsaw”-L.J. Lorenzen.$2.00 

7. “UFO-The Cosmic Watergate”-Stanton T. Friedman. $2.75 

The presentations of Lt. Colonel Lawrence Coyne Titled “My Encounter” (his encounter with a UFO while 
piloting a helicopter over Ohio) and Dr. Peter Van Arsdale, titled “Sociological Aspects of UFO Research”will be 
offered as soon as transcripts of the recordings have been obtained. 



The second annual APRO membership meeting will be held in the Board room at 2840 N. 
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The first order of business will be the election of officers. 

the apro bulletin 



Istanbul, Turkey — See Column 1 


Accounts taken from the Christchurch “Star”, 
“Press” and “Sunday News” newspapers, in that 
order, have been forwarded by APRO member Kevin R. 
Berry, the details of which follow: 

On June 12, 1981, a tear-drop-shaped object with 
several white lights along its side, was observed in the 
vicinity of Wyndham by two forestry workers, and the 
pilot of a small plane. 

At 5:30 p.m., a forestry worker said, he saw the 
object, which had “sparks like a kid's firework 
sparkler” coming from the tail end, as it moved into 
the north at high speed in a flat, slightly downward 
trajectory and disappeared from sight behind some 
trees. It was visible for only a second or two. The 
witness whom Constable P. Reid of Wyndham 
described as a “very level-headed man with a 
responsible position who is not given to flights of 
fantasy” did not wish to be identified. The man had 
taken bearings with his forestry instruments, and the 
object was seen in the southeast at an elevation of 
about 10 degrees. He was unable to get any idea of the 
size or distance of the object. Another forestry worker 
(See New Zealand — Page Two ) 

APRO Field Investigator Mr. Selman Gerceksever 
has forwarded the available details of several sightings 
of unidentified flying objects which have been reported 
in Turkey during the past year and a half. The first, 
which took place on November 28, 1980, was observed 
by at least nine students and their teachers of the 
Safranbolu Kiz Meslek Lisesi (Girl's School) of 

The time was 8:30 a.m., the sky was partly cloudy 
and it was a clear, sunny day. Just as the students 
were about to come into the school yard, they sighted 
and discussed an object which appeared like a school 
desk made of marble, reflecting the light of the 
morning sun. The bottom part was not seen, as it was 
obscured by the top of the mountain (see Mr. 
Gerceksever's drawing), and no sound was heard. 

What seemed to be an “upright mast” was seen 
which protruded from the edge of the object. Soon 
after it was sighted, fog obscured the mountain and 
the object and when it cleared, the object was still 
there, but another protrusion was seen which was not 
quite as large as the first one observed. 

Two groups of students and their teachers saw the 
object during the intervals before two scheduled 
classes — one at 8:30 and one later. It was later 
learned that the county chief had ordered officials to 
make on-the-spot investigations but to date the results 
have not become public. 

The following are bits of information gleaned and 
translated from news accounts by Mr. Gerceksever, for 
which we thank him very much: 


January 7, 1982, the Istanbul press announced that 
the Kandilli Observatory had sent three astronomers 
to Aksaray to find out what had been happening there 
as various citizens in that area had been reporting 
strange objects in the sky over a period of 25 days. 
The press quoted one source: “When those...objects... 
move in the sky, they scatter bright lights around and 
while one of the objects is moving, the other four 
remain motionless.” The press also reported that 
television and radio sets developed trouble and 
automobile batteries “were discharged” when the 
objects were present. 


January the press reported that fishermen at Eceabat 
had sighted a bright object at an estimated distance of 
17 kilometers at two-hour intervals. The men were so 
frightened they pulled back into port and did not carry 



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Published June, 1982 


(Continued from Page One) 

out their fishing chores. There was no elucidation 
about the meaning of the “two hour intervals”. 

TRAFFIC STOPPED .January 11, 1982: The 

Istanbul “Hurryet” carried a short piece which stated 
that an object which had been seen on the night of the 
ninth, had been observed again on the night of the 
10th in the sky of Aksaray county. Described only as 
a ‘bright object” it was estimated to be at 1,000 
meters altitude in the southwest part of the county 
and traffic was held up on the Ankara-Adana Highway 
at 8 p.m. when drivers stopped their vehicles to watch 
it as it illuminated Highway E-5. 


January 15 issue of Hurryet carried an article which 
described activity in the village of Arpac, Havsa 
County in Edime Province, which is near the far west 
border of Turkey. This time the object was described 
as egg-shaped, giving off yellow and green lights as it 
soared at between 500 and 600 meters altitude in the 

The Village leader had the following to say about 
the incident: 

“We were sitting at the coffee house and watching 
television. All of a sudden the TV developed trouble, 
and at the same time we heard the shouts of people 
outside the building. We immediately dashed out and 
saw an egg-shaped the sky. Eventually it 
disappeared from view.” 

A Mr. Mahir, who sighted the object while driving 
outside the village, said: “I followed the object for 17 
kilometers. I was driving 80 kilometers per hour and in 
my judgement the object was flying at 120 kilometers 
per hour, following a straight line.” He said it gave off 
yellowish smoke from its rear, and that he lost sight of 
it near the flour mill which is almost one kilometer 
beyond Havsa county. 

1964 REPORT .Mr. Ahmet Dogay was 15 years 

old when, in May, 1964, he was returning from school 
with friends one day (exact date not remembered) at 2 
pm. and stopped to watch a game of marbles on the 
playground. It was then that he spotted a 
melon-shaped object moving over a tree about 100 
meters distant and at an angle of 45 degrees. The 
object seemed to be vibrating while it hovered over the 
trees and the way it reflected the sun reminded him of 
a fluorescent light. Dogay watched the object 
periodically during the next five hours until 7 p.m. 
when the object suddenly began moving at great speed 
and disappeared from sight. Mr. Dogay, now an 
electrical engineer, says he knows of no contemporary 
aircraft that is capable of speeds as great as that of 
the object he observed nor does he know of any 
material which could withstand the great heat 
generated by atmospheric friction at such tremendous 

This concludes the UFO news from Turkey, which, 
although not as detailed as we would like, nevertheless 
indicates that the UFOs are making themselves known 
in all parts of the world. Mr. Gerceksever is to be 
commended for his diligence in collecting and 
translating these reports on behalf of APRO. 


New Zealand 

(Continued from Page One) 

saw substantially the same thing from a location about 
3 kilometers from the first observer. The pilot of a 
small plane also reported seeing something in the same 
area which he reported to the Invercargill control 
tower. Constable Reid, at the time that the press 
carried the article had not fully investigated, but 
thought it could have been some sort of space debris 
or meteor. 

VOL. 30, NO. 5 




A month after the Wyndam sighting, on July 12, 
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Thew of Timaru, reported that they 
saw a brilliantly lit object with gold, red and green 
lights, which paced their car along a South Canterbury 
back road shortly after midnight that morning. The 
object seemed to approach the car, then stopped 
abruptly at about 200 to 300 meters away, then 
changed direction and began to pace them. The couple 
said they opened the car window when the object came 
close, and there was no sound. They said that they 
knew by the hour of the morning, the maneuvers and 
the closeness of the object, that it was not an aircraft 
of any sort. No further details concerning duration of 
the sighting, how it disappeared, etc. 


Mr. Dan Saunders of Takapuna, was traveling to 
Auckland on the Northener (a passenger train) when 
he observed a large object parked on a hillside. He told 
the “Sunday News” that he was “counting sheep” 
trying to get back to sleep when he spotted the thing 
when the train was about 20 miles south of Te Kuiti, 
at 5 a.m. on January 15, 1982. 

“At first I thought it was a farmhouse, but as the 
train got closer, I could see it was a UFO. It was the 
size of a very large container truck and from the angle 
I was looking at it, it appeared to be oval shaped”, he 
said. He estimated that he watched it for a total of 
three minutes. 

Shortly before spotting the object, he said he had 
gotten dressed and took a walk through the train and 
everyone else was asleep.When he got back to his seat 
and was trying to go back to sleep, he saw the object 
while looking out the window. 

“It had its nose tilted up and you could see tripod 
legs supporting it. The incredible thing about it was 
the amazing light it was throwing out. There was a 
blood-red light coming from the square windows and 
underneath a brilliant white light lit up the whole 
hillside. It appeared to be about a quarter of a mile 
from the train,” Saunders said. 

His description continues: “It was standing on the 
side of a very bare hillside. How the hell it stayed 
there I don’t know. As the train came closer, the 
lights dimmed and as it passed the lights were 
completely extinguished. I thought when the train had 
passed it might light up again, but I didn't see it 

Mr. Saunders, a retired naval driver, said he had 
never seen a craft like it before and rejected the 
suggestion that it could have been a helicpopter. 
“There'd be no helicopter that big in New Zealand. 
Apart from that, the light was so incredibly bright.” 

He said he had hesitated before contacting the Sunday 
News because of public reaction. 

* * * * * 


By Bob Van Der Velde 

The next day, when they again turned on the tele¬ 
vision set, it was still impossible to obtain an image, 
and the set had to be repaired. “Some tremendous 
magnetic force must have been responsible,” Don 
Tonna surmised. A barbed wire fence in the area where 
the light had been seen was charred black, and nearby 
a large circle of grass had been burned away—the first 
of the infamous “Aurora Circles.” “The area could not 
have been burned by lightning, for there had been no 
bad weather, and it had been a beautiful late spring 
night,” Don Tonna explained. (November, of course, is 
spring in Argentina, for the seasons are reversed south 
of the equator.) 

The most memorable, and nearly disastrous sighting 
at La Aurora was the third one, which took place on 
November 18, five days after the first one. As was his 
custom, Don Tonna awoke at four a.m. to milk the 
cows. He switched on the generator, then turned on 
the exterior lights, some 20 in all, varying from 
40-watt bulbs along the walkways, 100-watts in the 
outbuildings and a brilliant mercury lamp atop a tower 
on the roof of the house, which illuminates a large 
area. Accompanied by his dog, Topo, a cross between 
a bulldog and a German shepherd, he headed for the 
milking building. He had almost reached the building 
when all of the lights went out. 

“Suddenly a bright light illuminated the area 
between the feed building and the house,” he recalled. 
“Thinking a short circuit had started a fire, I ran to 
the spot, acccompanied by Topo. As we rounded the 
corner of the house, we were confronted by a large, 
fiery disc. Both of us stood entranced by it. Then, 
suddenly an electrical shock struck me. It was like 
someone hit me a blow. The cows went wild. I yelled 
at them, for fear I was going to be trampled by them. 

“Topo was always a good watchdog, courageous and 
alert at night. He was torn between fleeing and pro¬ 
tecting his master. For a moment, he put himself 
between me and the light, then turned tail and fled. 

“The light grew brighter. Night turned into day. 
The light couldn't have been more than 20 meters 
above the treetops. I could see three small flaps, 
wing-like objects that discharged powerful flashes at 



VOL. 30, NO. 5 

me. They were like electrical shocks, tingling all over 
my body. The heat grew intense, and my entire body 
started to itch. I don’t know why I didn’t run away. It 
was as if I were rooted to the spot. To protect my 
face, I threw up my arms. 

“The object, still flaming, moved at a right angle to 
the south about 100 meters over a meadow where there 
was a bull and a horse. It hovered for a few seconds 
over the cattle bath, then moved northward, 
overtaking Topo. As Topo ran into the darkness, the 
object turned back toward me, approaching within 20 
meters, paralyzing me and temporarily blinding me. I 
calculated the diameter of the object to be about three 
meters. The next thing I knew the brilliant white light 
turned a vivid red. Slowly gaining altitude, it headed 
toward the woods where the first object had been seen 
five days before. Once it reached the woods, it shot 
into the sky at tremendous speed and disappeared.” 

Author Van Der Velde measures pod impressions. 

Don Tonna was examined by doctors and found to 
have radiation bums over the entire upper half of his 
body. The most seriously burned area was his fore¬ 
arms, which he had used to protect his face. Many 
electrical cables had been burned, and a heavy steel 
wire fence around a corral had completely vanished as 
if vaporized. The pistons and rings in the generator 
were destroyed and had to be replaced. Many trees 
around the house were down and burned. And three 
days later, a cowboy found Topo’s body in a nearby 
pasture. The veterinarian diagnosed his death as radia¬ 
tion poisoning. 

At this point, a 24-hour guard was established. And 
four nights later, the object reappeared, witnessed 
from several vantage points by eight visitors as well as 
dozens of news reporters, photographers and the 
police. Around 11 p.m., a brilliant light came out of 
the southeast, passed over the house at a low altitude 
in a zig-zag motion, and disappeared into the north¬ 
west sky, visible for about three minutes in all. 

Two nights later (November 24), there was another 
sighting. A brilliant light came out of the southwest, 
following the high tension wires that cross the ranch. 
Don Tonna described it as “a beautiful sight, con¬ 
stantly changing colors, but it was a long way off.” 

The object was first sighted at 10:10 p.m., and it 
remained visible for about 25 minutes. Shortly after it 
was first spotted, the police from the Seventh District 
telephoned La Aurora and said that they could see a 
high tension tower on the ranch property glowing 
bright red. The tower was too distant, however, to be 
seen from the ranch house. “The program we were 
listening to on the radio was interrupted for a news 
flash,” Don Tonna recalled. “It stated that there was 
a power outage affecting the entire city of Salto, and 
that unidentifiable lights in the sky had been seen 
from several towns in the area.” 

When the UFO shot off into the sky, the lights 
came back on in Salto, after being out about 10 
minutes. Later that night, the Tonnas heard on the 
radio that a second power outage was affecting Salto. 
Don Tonna went to the telephone, which is located on 
a table near a window, and looking out, he saw a 
bright light hovering over a nearby high tension tower. 
He called a friend in Salto and kept him on the line 
until the light rose from the tower and vanished in the 
darkness. “The lights just came back on,” his friend 

On November 28, starting at 3:17 a.m., a UFO was 
observed in the sky east of the house by several 
people, including two lawyers, a doctor, an engineer 
and a representative from CEI (Centro de Estudios 
Interplanetarios, or Center for Interplanetary Studies, 
in Barcelona, Spain) who made both still photographs 
and motion pictures of the object. The property was 
still under 24-hour guard, with men stationed around 
the house and at the main gate by the highway. The 
guards also watched the UFO hovering over the tower. 

On December 16, a “great flash” was seen in the 
northeast sky around 11:25 p.m. “We could make out 
an object gyrating, as if out of control,” Don Tonno 
said. “Huge sparks fell from it to the ground. The 
object seemed to be descending, as if for a landing, 
then it suddenly rose at tremendous speed and disap¬ 
peared in the sky.” 

Later that night, the Tonnas and a group of friends 
were watching TV in the living room when the screen 
went blank. Unidentified flying objects were seen three 
times that night, and the power went out again in 
Salto as one of the objects hovered over the high ten¬ 
sion lines. 


VOL. 30, NO. 5 



On December 17, a UFO was spotted in the north¬ 
east sky which made the dogs and cattle on the ranch 
extremely nervous and agitated. Up to this point, 
written records of all the sightings were kept by Don 
Tonna. For some reason, they end here, even though 
dozens of further sightings occurred over the next few 

“One night I saw the nave madre (mother ship),” 
Don Tonna told me with great enthusiasm. “It was a 
huge, cigar-shaped object silhouetted against the sky 
and as large as three football (soccer) fields placed end 
to end.” 

Lois and I visited La Aurora in July, 1980, and 
there had been sightings about two weeks before our 
arrived. On June 15, at seven p.m., an Aerolineas 
Argentina jet, landing at the seaside resort of Mar del 
Plata, about 400 kilometers south of Buenos Aires, 
nearly collided with a luminous object hovering over 
the runway. The pilot later stated that a collision 
seemed inevitable, for it was too late for him to gain 
enough altitude to avoid it. At the last second, the 
object rose, allowing the airliner to pass beneath it. 

That night, UFOs were reported seen over a vast 
area of the interior of Argentina and Uruguay. Some 
were individual lights, others were fleets flying in 
formation. Four soldiers on guard at the Mar del Plata 
Airport witnessed the near crash. UFOs were also seen 
that night at La Aurora, watched by hundreds of 
people, for the Uruguayan Army had 300 men bi¬ 
vouacked on the property to study the phenomena that 
by now were commonplace on the ranch. 

The June 16 sightings were widely reported in the 
Argentine press. El Popular stated, “All Argentina 
had a close encounter.” The front page headline of La 
Cronica said, “The country invaded by UFOs.” The 
Government meteorological service, a branch of the 
Argentine Air Force, made an official statement, 
claiming the objects seen all over the nation “were not 
clouds or any other form of meteorological phenomena.” 

The newspaper La Nacion reported a second near 
collision between a UFO and an aircraft the same 
night, this one at the suburban Buenos Aires Airport 
called Jorge Nembery. A glowing “vertical disc” was 
spotted by Julio Cantero, who was in charge of the 
control tower. He said he first saw it when it was less 
than a kilometer away, traveling at a speed no greater 
than 125 kilometers per hour and at an altitude of 
about 400 meters. Narrowly missing two planes 
coming in for a landing, the UFO was on a collision 
course with the tower. It then went into the normal 
landing pattern for aircraft, circling the airport several 
times before disappearing into the distance. Jorge 
Nembery Airport, which serves national flights and a 
few international ones, had to be closed briefly while 
the UFO circled. The event apparently took place 
simultaneously with the near collision at Mar del Plata 
and while other UFOs were seen over a radius of 

hundreds of miles. 

For sheer numbers of UFO sightings, however, La 
Aurora certainly has any other location in the world 
beat hands down. And almost all of them are multiple 
witness sightings by highly reputable people. 

What was discovered by the Uruguayan Army after 
stationing 300 troops at La Aurora for 30 days, 
however, remains a mystery, for the army has released 
no information on its activities. Several days before 
Lois and I arrived at the ranch, the troops, who had 
with them many heavy vehicles, had pulled out. The 
operation must have been considered of prime impor¬ 
tance, for a general was in charge of it. Pedro 
Romaniuk and I both knew this and wished to inter¬ 
view him, but we missed him by one day. 

Pod impression showing vegetation beginning to 
re-establish itself. 

Don Tonna, Pedro, Lois and I piled into a car and 
had a ranch hand drive us across the pampas to the 
site where the army had been encamped. Don Tonna 
became very upset. Heavy trucks had been driven 
right through barbed wire fences. Much of the 
grassland had been torn up with tire tracks. “I have 
lost a lot of valuable acreage,” he said. When I asked 
if he could not get some form of reimbursement from 
the army, he laughed bitterly and said, “This is not 
the United States.” 

There is always the thought in the back of anyone’s 
mind under such circumstances that he just might be 
the victim of some monstrous hoax. Could this be the 
case at La Aurora? It is possible, but unlikely. It is 
possible because we saw not one single piece of evi¬ 
dence that could not have been manufactured. 

We did not have time to check if there had really 
been power outages in Salto. We did not have time to 
visit the Seventh District Police Headquarters and 
interview the officers stationed there to see if they 
had, indeed, seen a high tension tower glowing red. 
Nor did we have time to check with doctors and veter¬ 
inarians to confirm that Don Tonna had suffered from 



VOL. 30, NO. 5 

radiation bums and that his dog and prized stud bull 
had been killed by them. But we have names—the 
names of people from all over the world who have 
visited this exciting spot and who have, presumably, 
seen UFOs there. It will involve a long and pain¬ 
staking series of correspondence, and the end results 
are unpredictable. 

Then there are the gnawing questions, if it is a 
hoax, why? And who? Don Tonna is a responsible, 
educated man. Before abandoning the “rat race” and 
becoming a cattle rancher, he was a lawyer. The 
events at La Aurora have gained him nothing. On the 
contrary, they have cost him considerable. He con¬ 
fessed to me in a moment of weakness that sometimes 
he feels like declaring the ranch off-limits to all out¬ 
siders. “But then I realize that that would be 
extremely selfish,” he muttered. “What is happening 
here on this ranch may be of utmost importance to our 

There is a postscript to this story. Last December 
Lois and I received a Christmas card from Pedro 
Romaniuk, who had just returned from another visit to 
La Aurora. He wrote that on the Saturday before 
Easter Sunday, 1981, a giant cross was discovered 
burned into the ground on the pampas. And a few 
days before Christmas, a second, smaller cross was 
discovered. “I feel that something extremely important 
is going to happen at this place soon,” he wrote. 



By W.J. Vogel 

The date of this sighting is during the first week of 
February, 1982. 

On this date, I became aware of a nightlight 
sighting by a Yakima Indian Tribal Police Officer. I 
contacted him and the following is his report from 
notes that I took: 

Approximately three weeks ago at about 0330 I 
was on routine patrol westbound on the Fort Road 
(Highway 220) when I noticed a bright light several 
miles south of me. Believing it to be a house on fire, I 
turned south on Lateral C and proceeded towards the 
light. As the road was quite rough, I did not keep my 
eyes on the light, but watched the road quite closely. 
When I reached the Marion Drain, I stopped and was 
unable to see any light at all. Thinking that the light 
might have come from a brush fire along Toppenish 
Creek (a mile or so south of this location) I shut my 
lights off. I still could not detect any light or lights. 

‘Suddenly ahead of me where the road crossed 

Toppenish Creek, two bright objects raised up from 
behind the trees along Toppenish Creek. There was one 
on each side of the road and they rose at about the 
same time. They were more or less cylindrical, sort of 
half-moon shaped on the bottom and I would estimate 
at least as large as a house. The entire object (s) gave 
off a white light which while bright, was not blinding. 
The ground underneath each object lit up as they 
raised. There was no visible flame or such coming from 
underneath nor noticeable floodlight-type light, yet the 
ground underneath each object was brightly lighted. 

‘After rising 100 to 150 feet in the air, the objects 
moved south to Toppenish Ridge, went up the hill and 
over the top of the Ridge. (The Toppenish Ridge would 
be about a mile or so south of Toppenish Creek and 
approximately 1500 feet above the valley floor from 
which they rose). As they went up to the top of the 
Ridge they were moving in more or less a figure “S” 
pattern and although pretty much side by side, each 
moved in an independent “S” pattern somewhat differ¬ 
ent from each other. As they moved across the Valley 
floor and up the Ridge, the ground under each was 
brightly lighted. It took them approximately 4 to 5 
seconds to top the Ridge and disappear from sight 
from the time they rose from along Toppenish Creek. 

‘The night was clear, no wind and no moon. 

‘The objects made no sound. After they disappeared 
from sight over the Ridge, I left the area and did not 
see them again.” 

Investigator's Note: I have received a number of 
reports of bright, headlight type (but a little larger 
and brighter) lights moving up and down Toppenish 
Ridge along this same stretch over the past several 
weeks. However, where they have been seen, there are 
no roads or if near a road, no vehicles appear at the 
bottom of the Ridge where the road comes down. 
Several ranchers have ascended the roads and found 
nothing. During the past 10 years, this same area has 
been the site of many strange phenomenon and night 

Officer X is a reliable witness. 

No further investigation appears warranted at this 
time as the location where the objects rose from is 
difficult to enter at this time of the year. No other 
witnesses have been located but this is most likely due 
to the lateness of the hour. 

* * * * * 


By Coral E. Lorenzen 

In 1969, during a vacation trip to the Middlewest, I 
stopped in Chicago where I made an appointment to 

VOL. 30, NO. 5 



have dinner with Dr. J. Allen Hynek and a colleague 
of his. While in Chicago, I spent a good deal of time 
with Mr. and Mrs. A., who are members of APRO, 
and Mr. A. kindly drove me to the Hynek residence as 
I had ho transportation. The three of us enjoyed a 
discussion of UFOs before the dinner hour, during 
which Mr. A. mentioned the fact that he had seen on 
the order of thirty plus UFOs in his life. Dr. Hynek 
did not question the man’s statement at the time, nor 
did I; however, Dr. Hynek later brought it up during 
our UFO discussion at dinner. His position was that it 
was extremely unlikely that anyone would see a UFO 
more than once, and hypothesized that most of the 
objects which Mr. A. claimed he had seen were prob¬ 
ably explainable as balloons, planets, stars, etc. As I 
recall, I offered no opinion one way or the other 
because I frankly had not discussed Mr. A’s sightings 
with him on a one by one basis. I didn’t know whether 
they were seen all in one night, one week, one month, 
one year or ten, etc. 

I think it is possible that, over a period of ten years 
(or even less) one could see thirty plus truly unidenti¬ 
fied objects if one had the opportunity. 

The frequency with which it is possible to spot a 
UFO generally depends on three things—1. the 
amount of time one spends out of doors, 2. whether or 
not one is in a position to be called upon to view a 
UFO (“alerted”, in other words), 3. and how familiar 
one is with usually mis-identified objects. 

I could go into a long discussion of the above, but 
think I can more graphically demonstrate my premise 
by briefly describing my own sightings: 

1. Summer 1934. I was playing on a school yard 
with two friends. I happened to be facing west while 
waiting my turn at hopscotch, when I saw the white 
hemisphere-shaped object go from due West to 
North—Northwest and disappear over the horizon. I 
called the attention of my playmates, Dorothy 
Wet hem and Barbara Stringer to the object but they 
gave it only a cursory glance. I, however, watched it 
until it was out of sight and it, in fact, was responsible 
for my immersion in the study of Astronomy (on an 
amateur basis) from that day forward. 

2. June 10, 1947. I was sitting on the back door 
stoop at night watching for meteors and hoping to see 
another “something” as I had hoped for all of thirteen 
years. I saw a tiny, round, ball of light appear or 
“grow” on the side of a mountain due south of me in 
Mexico (Mr. Lorenzen and I were living in Douglas, 
Arizona at the time, which is right on the Arizona - 
Sonora, Mexico border and I was familiar with the 
surrounding mountains). Almost immediately, the 
“thing” rose into the atmosphere, and appearing to go 
straight up, was lost among the stars in just seconds. 

3. May, 1952. I was on a routine assignment for a 
newspaper, and one of several people on the Main 
Street of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, called my atten¬ 
tion to an object in the Northeast sky—because he 

knew I was interested in UFOs. 

4. I don’t have the exact date, but the sighting was 
so fleeting I didn’t record it (however it probably is on 
an old telephone record notebook in APRO’s files). My 
best recollection is Spring, 1973. A group of volunteers 
at the APRO office was getting a Bulletin ready for 
mailing, when a telephone caller informed us that a red 
UFO was in the Northeast sky. Several of us rushed 
outside and, running to the end of the block to get an 
unobstructed view of the Northeast sky, saw a steady, 
red light travelling generally from South to North. We 
viewed it for only seconds before it blinked out. Later, 
careful checking of the weather Bureau, local airports, 
the local USAF base, etc. led us to the conclusion that 
the light was unidentified. 

5. March 29, 1981. While waiting in the car in the 
parking lot of a shopping center for my husband to 
come out of a store, I was trying to read the printing 
on a store directly ahead and some distance away. 
Movement above the store attracted my attention to a 
tiny, round, white ball in the North which proceeded 
steadily in a slightly ascending trajectory into the 
Southeast where it disappeared into the clouds. 
Duration: Approximately one minute. 

(To be concluded in the next issue) 



By Joe and Doris Graziano 

NEBRASKA - October 19-22 , 1981 - McCook - 
Members of three families reported seeing multi¬ 
colored lights west, southwest and northwest of the 
city on both the 19th and 20th. One woman spotted 
the lights at about 8 p.m. on the 20th and said they 
stayed in sight for 30 minutes before fading from view. 
She described them as blue, red, green and yellow- 
colored, and moving in a counter-clockwise direction. 

Another person reported seeing red, green and white 
lights hovering along the western horizon just after 8 
p.m on the 19th and between 7 and 7:30 p.m. on the 
20th. He and nine other members of his family saw the 

Mrs. Ron Vogtman, of Norfolk, heard the family 
dog barking about 6:30 a.m. on the 20th and looked 
out the window to see a strange object in the. sky. She 
said it looked like a large red star moving rapidly from 
the northwest to the south. % 

Around 8 p.m. on the 22nd, a man was returning 
from Indianola when he noticed two cars on the side of 
the road; their occupants looking at something toward 
the south. When he pulled over and asked them what 
they were looking at, they pointed to an orange glow 



VOL. 30, NO. 5 

in the valley which they thought might be a fire. After 
a few minutes an object rose up out of the valley, 
hovered for a few minutes, then slowly flew off into 
the sky. The object was estimated to be about the size 
of 3 automobiles and had multi-colored lights rotating 
around it. 

Three McCook police officers also saw an unusual 
object the same night. Two officers in one car and a 
third officer in another car watched a bright, star-like 
object through binoculars and saw rotating colored 
lights. A woman who lives 8 miles S.W. of McCook 
also reported seeing a red and yellow flickering light 
the same evening. 

Similar sightings were also reported in the North 
Platte area on the 19th and 20th. (See Press Reports 
in last issue for details.) 

OHIO * November 3, 1981 - Marion - Marcia Stone 
was driving south on Ohio 203 shortly before midnight 
when she noticed lights near the horizon in the east. 
She stopped the car and watched the lights for 3 or 4 
minutes as they moved slowly westward behind the 
car, and then receded more rapidly into the northwest. 

There were blue and white lights, but the brightest 
were red. Stone rolled down the car window but did 
not hear any sound. She said the lights, which roughly 
formed a square pattern, had no distinct outline, but 
she thought she saw a “smooth ridge” along the bot¬ 
tom. A friend, Boe Hall, and Stone's 5-year-old son 
were in the car and also saw the lights. A spokesman 
for Wright-Patterson AFB said there were no aircraft 
from that facility over Marion County at that time. 

PENNSYLVANIA - November 8, 1981 - Pittsburgh 
- UFOs have been reported in unusual numbers in the 
Pittsburgh area over the past few weeks. Some people 
at the U.S. Steel Duquesne Works spotted an unusual 
object over the Mon River at about the same time as a 
15-minute power failure. 

The most dramatic sighting came on November 8th 
when a family in Regent Square reported a low-flying 
formation of strange objects heading over Frick Park. 
About a half hour before, a 17-year-old youth from 
Dorseyville had seen a similar formation heading in the 
direction of Regent Square. 

The youth said he saw 8 objects in line formation 
while driving on Route 910, and stopped for a few 
minutes to watch. He got back in the car and drove 
about a mile up the road where he saw a gigantic tri¬ 
angular object, white lights at each tip, hovering 
about 500 feet above his car. Underneath was a spin¬ 
ning red light with a blue beam in the center. The 
object made a low, rumbling noise like the sound of 
distant thunder. He watched it for a minute, became 
edgy, and drove home. 

VERMONT - November 12-13, 1981 - Richford - 
Police Chief Homer Combs was on Golf Course Road 
about 7:30 p.m. on the 13th when he saw two bright, 

orange lights to his west. One was about 3,000 feet 
high and the other was about 1,000 feet above it. The 
lights would alternately go off and on, and sometimes 
both would be on or off. 

Combs called Roland Smith of the town ambulance 
service and he also watched the lights for about 10 
minutes. The lights disappeared when one went out 
ajid “the other one made a sharp turn and moved 
across the sky like you wouldn't believe.” Diane 
Gendron and Laurie Kennedy also saw the lights at 
the same time and offered similar descriptions. None of 
the witnesses could hear any sound from the lights. 

The chief's brother, Carlton, and a hunting com¬ 
panion, Elton Duniken, saw similar lights the previous 
night at 7:30 p.m. When they looked at the lights 
through their rifle scopes, they appeared red, but were 
orange when viewed with the naked eye. 

NEW HAMPSHIRE - November 9 , 1981 - Bristol - 
Dave Norman was stopped at the comer of Peaked 
Hill Road and Route 104 when he sighted a string of 
white lights in a “V” pattern. He watched the lights 
for 5 minutes and the pattern held unchanged for a 
long time. The lights seemed to be getting closer, 
made no noise and were at about the same altitude as 
a jetliner might fly. 

Similar lights were spotted November 10th over the 
skies of Laconia. Norman's account marks at least the 
5th such sighting in this area in the past 2 weeks. 

NORTH CAROLINA - November 22 , 1981 - Stevens 
Mill - Three Wayne County residents say they saw an 
unidentified object hovering over a field near Stevens 
Mill between 8:30 and 9 p.m. Treva Pennington saw it 
as she drove toward her home and she told her sister, 
Reva Renfrow, and a friend, Lin wood Jones, and they 
all went to investigate. 

They said it had bright yellow and red flashing 
lights, but made no sound. It started moving away 
just above the trees and they tried to follow it in the 
car but lost sight of it. When they returned, it was 
again hovering over the field. The last time they saw 
the object it was once again heading over the trees 
toward Goldsboro and they tried to follow it, but lost 
it behind the trees. 

Mrs. Julia Jones, who lives in the same community, 
says she saw the object on the ground in the field 
early on the 18th, but did not report it for fear that no 
one would believe her. Reverend Elbert Daughtry said 
he, his family and several church members saw an 
unidentified object a week earlier near US 13, two 
miles south of Goldsboro, around 7 p.m. He described 
it as a “huge round object” with lights. 

Seymour Johnson AFB officials said they had no 
aircraft in the area at the time and also denied a rumor 
that two jets had been scrambled as a result of the 
earlier sighting. 

U F O M E D 

In October, 1981, Dr. Richard C. Niemtzow, APRO Consultant in Medicine and former 
Representative for APRO in France, instituted the “National Investigation of Medical 
Injury Associated with alleged UFO Close Encounters”, the enshortened title of which is 

We suggest that interested medical doctors iand psychiatrists contact Dr. Niemtzow at 
the following address and telephone numbers: 

Richard C. Niemtzow, M.D. 

166 Cannon Drive 

Travis AFB, CA. 94535 


Office: 1-707-438-2140 
Home: 1-707-437-6279 

The purpose of UFOMED is described in the title of the project and APRO urges the 
cooperation and participation of all qualified medical personnel. 

In the event any medical UFO reports are generated in the field, APRO Headquarters 
would appreciate a copy for our own general files. 


Because of the extreme weather experienced by nearly all of the country during the past 
winter, and general economic conditions, Headquarters initiated few investigations. How¬ 
ever, we are hoping that the coming months will offer some respite and perhaps we can 
carry out and complete investigations although they are somewhat outdated. If you receive 
such a request, please do your utmost to comply; we depend on our membership in the field 
for this service. 

We often receive a press clipping relating to a case which is weeks and sometimes months 
old, accompanied by a note to the effect that the sender “just remembered” it. If you come 
across a UFO-related clipping, try to send it immediately, especially if it seems to deal with 
an exceptional case. It will be much appreciated here, and will contribute to a better 
informed membership and more interesting Bulletin. THANK YOU!