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Papers which were presented at the APRO UFOhio Symposium are available from APRO Headquarters based on 
the following price schedule. Prices reflect copying costs at $.10 per page plus postage. Please order by number, 
title and author. 

1. “Old Magic and New“-Robert F. Creegan, Ph.D.$2.25 

2. “The Roswell Investigation, Update and Conclusions “-William L. Moore.$3.50 

3. “The Interrupted Journey Continued“-Betty Hill.$2.25 

4. “UFO Activity and Human Consciousness”-R. Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D.$2.75 

5. “The Night Surgeons “-Peter A. Jordan. $3.00 

6. “E.T.H.-Completing The Jigsaw“-L.J. Lorenzen.$2.00 

7. “UFO-The Cosmic Watergate“-Stanton T. Friedman.$2.75 

The presentations of Lt. Colonel Lawrence Coyne titled “My Encounter” (his encounter with a UFO while 
piloting a helicopter over Ohio) and Dr. Peter Van Arsdale, titled “Sociological Aspects of UFO Research’will be 
offered as soon as transcripts of the recordings have been obtained. 

* * * * * 

the apro bulletin 



Elias’ Drawing of “Entity” 

See Story at Right 


By Coral Loremen 

A couple of APRO members have forwarded copies of 
the “UFO UPDATE” section of the March, 1982 issue of 
OMNI magazine. In it, one Jeff Wells, does a stylistic 
(tabloid-type) hatchet-job on the Travis Walton case. 

Let me make it clear at the outset, that the article is 
not worth rushing out to buy, and I find it unfortunate 
that OMNI would stoop to the level of Wells’ yellow- 
journalistic yowling. 

The entire article attempts, by innuendo (no one is 
actually named) to label the Walton case a hoax. Travis’ 
(See Walton—Page Three) 

^ Three men are the subjects in this abduction case, the 
details of which include multiple physical phenomena 
affecting the witnesses and the vehicle in which they 
were travelling. 

This ease was uncovered during the question and 
answer period following a UFO lecture by APRO’s 
Brazilian Representative, Mrs. Irene Granchi. In follow¬ 
up interviews, Mrs. Granchi learned the following from 
Elias Seixas de Matos, 38, the truck driver, and passen¬ 
gers, Guaraci Fernandes de Sousa, 47, a photographer, 
and Elias’s 23-year old cousin, Alterto Seixas Vierra: 

On September 25, 1980, (at about 10:28 p.m.) the 
three were returning from a long trip which had taken 
them to Belem in Northeastern Brazil where they had 
delivered a cargo of oil cans. They were proceeding 
through Goias, and were in the proximity of Conceicao 
de Araguaia on their way home to Rio when the first 
phenomenon occurred. Mr. de Matos noticed that the 
truck’s headlights were blinking on and off so he turned 
them off but they continued to blink on and off. 

While this was happening, he simultaneously felt 
something which he described as like “cold liquid” touch 
the nape of his neck, and heard a voice in his head (not 
audibly) which said, “Elias, I want to speak to you.” He 
told Guaraci: “Look, I’ve been feeling something 
strange; let’s stop here.” 

At this point, Guaraci and Alberto saw a blue ray 
(more of a quick flash, which Elias didn’t see), come 
down from the sky and touch down on the hood of the 

Elias stopped the truck and the three men got out, 
whereupon they spotted what appeared to be a bonfire 
straight ahead and about a mile away. It was a fiery red, 
and approximately every second emitted a white flash of 
light and no smoke appeared to issue from it. They 
estimated it to be about one meter (40 in.) high, 6 meters 
(20 feet) long and cigar shaped. 

In later questioning, Mrs. Granchi learned that both 
Elias and Guaraci had always wanted to see a UFO and 
Guaraci is well informed on the subject. Alberto, 
however, did not want to take any risks and begged the 
other two not to proceed further. However, they did 
advance another 20 meters (70 feet) and stopped again. 
Elias had a new Super—8 movie camera with him, and 
decided to film the object, (he had been filming the 
Araguai River and Countryside during the journey). 

Mrs. Granchi has viewed the film which is only 8 
seconds duration, and it shows a fiery circle and four 
white flashes against the dark night background. 



VOL. 30, NO. 3 

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Published April, 1982 

(Continued from Page One) 

Guaraci, calling on his background reading on UFOs, 
attempted “mental contact” with no results. Alberto 
panicked, and they discussed the possibility of being 
abducted and never seeing their families again, so they 
hurried back to the truck and got in. There was no wind 
and the night was very still. 

Guaraci had been sitting with his straw hat wedged 
between his back and the seat. Suddenly the hat flew out 
and onto the road. He persuaded Elias to stop, and they 
both went out to get it. After retrieving it, Elias felt 
drowsy and heavy-headed and asked Guaraci to drive. 
From this point on Elias remembers nothing. 

As they continued their journey, they encountered 
another truck, then a man whom they stopped and asked 
if he had seen the UFO (he hadn’t) and another man 
whom they asked if they were on the right road, because 
it seemed they weren’t making much progress toward 
their next stop at Guarai. Ordinarily this leg of the trip 
would have only taken four hours. Finally they arrived 
at Guarai, and they assumed the time to be only 11:30 
p.m. Elias went to have coffee at the gas station where 

he asked the time and was dumbfounded to learn that 
the time was 4:30 a.m. on the 26th of September! 

The next morning after the trio had rested, Elias had 
the fuel tank on the truck filled and was amazed to find 
that he had used only 1 liter, which was most unusual in 
view of the 143 kilometers they had covered from 
Conceicao de Araguaia, (their last stop) to Guarai, on a 
very poor dirt road. Elias later said that 20 liters of fuel 
Should have been consumed especially in view of the fact 
that while he drove, Guaraci had been driving at a 
reckless speed of 60 km per hour instead of the usual 20 
km per hour. They all noted that they had felt drowsy. 

Left to Right: Alberto, Elias and Guaraci 

On the next morning, September 26, the trio set out 
for Brazilia, a distance of 1200 kilometers and the 
journey was uneventful. Then they completed their trip 
to Belo Honzonte and then to Rio. The latter should have 
taken 20 hours of driving but they made it in 12 and none 
of them can account for the short time it took. 

Two days after their arrival in Rio de Janeiro, Elias 
discovered he had used only 270 cruzeiros worth of 
diesel, whereas normally it would have cost 3,000 
cruzerios and between 80 and 100 liters would have been 
consumed by the truck. 

Also upon their arival in Rio, they pulled up behind 
Guaraci’s station wagon in front of his house in the 
subdivision of Duque de Caxias, when the lights of the 
car (an old Dodge with a Mercedes-Benz engine adapted) 
began to blink on and off as the truck had done in Goias. 
Guaraci’s wife came out of the house, thinking her son 
was playing around with the car, but he was standing on 
the truck and the car was empty. 

When Elias arrived home (he lives in the Penka 
district) and got out of the truck, he crossed in front of 
it, and as he did so, the hood of the truck lifted up about 
20 centimeters and came down with a bang twice, as if a 
spring had been pushed and suddenly released. The 

VOL. 30, NO. 3 



hood had formerly given him trouble, sticking and 
refusing to open. 

Elias also noticed that a cyst which he had had for a 
long time on the back of his hand had disappeared. It 
apparently was gone for good. 

Guaraci and Elias initially sought help through Mrs. 
Granchi because they wanted to know just how real their 
experience had been. She interviewed them during the 
Seminar on September 30, and arranged for them to 
meet Dr. Sylvio Lago at his consulting room on October 
9. Both men were hypnotized by Dr. Lago and after 
reaching the point where they watched the “bonfire”, 
Guaraci had some sort of blockage and no further 
information was forthcoming. 

During Elias’ hypnosis, considerable information was 
obtained. He said he felt himself spinning, then found 
himself head-down and floating and then stuck to the 
walls of the inside of an egg-shaped object. He was 
pushed down to the bottom of it by some force and found 
steps leading to a large circular hall with tables attached 
to the floor. At the opposite end to his location, he saw a 
man facing one of the tables, with his back to Elias. The 
“man” was crouching and maneuvering levers of 
different colors. The room was all white, but the man 
was wearing a yellow overall with a belt which had a 
circular shape at the front with colored lites on it which 
corresponded to the colored levers on the table. 

Elias approached the man cautiously, but the man did 
not turnaround. “I’m afraid, what is this?” he said. Dr. 
Lago : “Ask the man,” Elias: “He does not reply.” 

Elias then went on to describe the being and his 
clothing. He was wearing a tight-fitting rubber-like 

garment which covered him completely, including his 
head. Elias then said: “my arms are dormant.” (Ed. 
note: this possibly means his arms were limp or 

Elias said he tried to get nearer but there was “a kind 
of a wall” (Ed. note: we assume here there was some kind 
of invisible barrier) so he could not approach further. He 
also noted a window on his right. 

) At this point Elias noted the man was looking at him, 
and described his strange, long (horizontally-oriented) 
lilac eyes which had no pupil. The man’s nose was long 
and fine and his mouth was large but had no lips. 
Because the clothing covered his head, he saw no ears 
and only a triangular area of the neck, besides the face, 
was exposed. The man’s skin was Dale, and he had 
normal-appearing hands except that they were quite 
long. His arms were exceptionally long and he was tall - 
about 2 meters (6’8”). 

The being pointed to the window and Elias approached 
it and looked out. He said that he saw something very 
large and balls or spheres of several colors crossing the 
space beyond the window. He could also see stars 
moving across a blue background. 

This essentially is the gist of Mrs. Granchi’s 
preliminary report, and she feels more information can 
be elicited with further hypnosis sessions with Dr. Lago. 
Unfortunately, this has not been accomplished to date 
because it has not been possible to arrange the sessions 
so that they are convenient to all. 

Accompanying this article are drawings and 
photographs pertinent to the account. Mrs. Granchi 
calls our attention to the large number of E-M effcts 
observed, non-consumption of fuel, the filming, multiple 
witnesses, poltergeist effects as well as the abduction, 
leading her to conclude that this was a major UFO event. 



(Continued from Page One ) 

older brother Duane is not named, but it is obvious who 
Wells is referring to when he says, “The cowboy was one 
of the meanest, toughest-looking men I’ve ever seen 
. . . he . . . raked me with beams of cunning and hatred 
as strong as the flash from the spacecraft that sup¬ 
posedly had terrified his younger brother.” 

Let me point out that had this description been the 
part of a script for a TV special on the old west, the 
reader would have immediately labeled “he” as the vil¬ 
lain of the piece. Which is what Wells wanted the reader 
to conclude. 

Wells further labels, by innuendo, the psychiatrist 
brought in for consultation by the National Enquirer (for 
whom he was working at the time and we can only 



VOL. 30, NO. 3 

assume he is no longer employed by them) as a “hard 
drinker”, and a Berkeley, California professor, who did 
the hypnosis, as “eccentric”, apparently because he 
talked soothingly to Travis. 

Mr. Lorenzen was in Phoenix for the initial meeting of 
the Enquirer reporters (Wells was only one of a team) 
and the Waltons, and I had the opportunity of speaking 
to Wells early in the investigation. While I waited for 
Jim to be called to the telephone I asked Wells what had 
been learned to that point. He said that Travis was from 
a broken home, his dad had left the family when he was a 
small child, he was a mixed-up kid, and he frankly put no 
stock in the report. All of this opinion came before the 
hypnosis session, before the polygraph test, and before 
Travis was questioned by the psychiatrist. 

At this point, I could use Wells' tactics, and state that 
Wells had to be a psychic or into reading tea leaves to 
have known that much, but I won't—I'll just say simply 
that, like the polygraph operator, he had his opinion well 
before any investigation got under way. In other words, 
he was biased. 

This is pretty well explained in the concluding para¬ 
graph of Wells' poison pen job when he points out that 
he asked his editors at the Enquirer to kill the Walton 
story, but that it came out on the front page of that 
newspaper a few weeks later, anyway. Resentment 
because his “judgment” was overridden? 

If the Travis Walton case was such an obvious hoax, 
or if the preponderance of evidence had labelled it as a 
hoax, we have to ask ourselves why people still take up 
time and print to keep re-hashing it. The answer is 
obvious. Wells, like Philip Klass, jumped to an unwar¬ 
ranted conclusion early in the case, and simply did not 
have the grace to admit he had erred. The Walton case is 
one of those which sticks in the craws of the debunk¬ 
ers—it bothers them. And well it should. After the initial 
conclusion-jumping, careful time-consuming research 
turned up evidence which strongly indicates that Walton 
was telling the truth. 

Probably one of the silliest statements Wells made in 
the whole article was the conclusion which he con¬ 
tributed to the drunken, un-named psychiatrist (which, 
if we take Wells' word for his condition after the inter¬ 
view with Walton, would have disqualified him) that 
Travis had been acting out a childhood fantasy, nurtured 
since his father, a UFO cultist, had left him. And Wells 
seems to believe that! 

Just for the record—intense investigation showed that 
Travis had been 18 months old when his father left, so he 
had not really known him, had no memory of him and 
Mr. Walton was not a UFO buff. So where does that 
leave the debunkers? 

Fortunately for UFO research, APRO continued the 
investigation, and based on the work we did, the Na¬ 
tional Enquirer did publish the story; otherwise, the 
fragmentary, often inaccurate press releases out of 
Snowflake (where the Waltons live) and Phoenix would 
have been the end of the story. 

Just for fun, we wonder if Wells would be willing to go 
to Phoenix (anywhere in town would do) and make the 
same statements about Duane Walton? (The cowboy) 
one of the meanest, toughest-looking men I've ever 
seen—a rodeo pro, a light heavyweight fighter, T-shirt 
packed with muscle, eyes full of nails, tense, unpredict¬ 
able (there Wells goes with his instant analysis again!). 

Come to think of it—why didn't he tell Walton what 
hfe thought of the case right then and there? 

There's something else Jeffrey Wells didn't 
know—Duane Walton—iron worker, rodeo pro, light 
heavy-weight fighter, was also attending night school, 
majoring in psychology. Perhaps we should ask him his 

impression of Jeffrey Wells? 



The last week of October, 1981, was declared “Na¬ 
tional UFO Freedom of Information Week” by two 
Washington, D.C. area organizations. The week was 
highlighted by a press conference led by Bronx, N.Y. 
lawyer, Peter Gersten, and the appeal of a Freedom of 
Information Act lawsuit against the National Security 
Agency, which is withholding at least 135 UFO-related 

Gersten discussed the NS A suit and announced a 
new suit against the Air Force for the release of 20-30 
documents concerning the 1975-76 UFO sightings over 
sensitive U.S. military bases. In the suit against NS A, 
the District Court ruled that the agency was justified 
in withholding the documents because of their effect on 
national security. Gersten said, although winning the 
appeal was unlikely, that at the very least “many 
people were there who heard our arguments.” Gersten 
had previously won the release of over 900 pages of 
UFO documents in a suit against the CIA and has 
written two articles concerning what the U.S. govern¬ 
ment knows about UFOs. 

Also present at the press conference were Dr. Bruce 
Maccabee, U.S. Navy physicist and chairman of the 
Fund for UFO Research; Stephen Bruce Eichner, a 
U.S. airman in 1975 who saw a UFO hovering over an 
ammo dump; nuclear physicist Stanton T. Friedman, a 
full-time UFO lecturer; and writer William L. Moore, 
author of The Philadelphia Experiment and co-author 
of The Roswell Incident . The gathering was sponsored 
by the Fund for UFO Research and Citizens Against 
UFO Secrecy (CAUS). 


VOL. 30, NO. 3 




By Lee Emery 

This data applies to those areas with a latitude of 
40 degrees north. However, since there are only minor 
variations for observers a few degrees north or south 
of this point, it can also apply to most of the U.S.A., 
Canada, Europe, Central Asia, and Japan. All times 
given are approximate and may vary up to 30 
minutes either way, depending on the observer's 
location in relation to his local time meridian. Also, 
add 1 hour for the beginning of the month, and 
subtract 1 hour for the end of the month. 

April 1982 

Prominent Planets: Venus rises in the eastern sky 
about 2V2 hours before sunrise at approximately 4 
AM. As usual, it appears as an extremely brilliant 
point of light in the pre-dawn sky. 

Mars rises in the east at sunset, appearing 
orange-red in color. Just to the left of Mars is 
another orange-red light source—this being the star 
Arcturus. By midnight, Mars is found about 60 
degrees above the southern horizon, and then sets in 
the west at sunrise. 

Jupiter and Saturn rise soon after Mars in the 
eastern sky—Saturn about 7 PM and Jupiter about 8 
PM. If you glance up at the sky around 9 PM, you 
will see all 3 planets lined up vertically, with Mars on 
top, Saturn in the middle and the brightest of the 3, 
Jupiter, on the bottom. From April 6th through the 
9th, the full moon will be in the same neighbourhood 
as these planets. By sunrise, Jupiter and Saturn both 
are found low in the western sky. 

Brightest Stars: Arcturus, rising in the east at 
about sunset, is characterized by its orange-red color. 
By midnight, it is about 80 degrees above the southern 
horizon, and by sunrise is located low in the western 

Sirius , the brightest star in the sky, can be found 
about 35 degrees above the southern horizon at 
sunset and sets at about 10 PM in the west. 

Procyon is found just above Sirius about 60 degrees 
above the southern horizon at sunset and sets before 
midnight in the west. 

Rigel , located in the constellation of Orion, is found 
about 40 degrees above the SW horizon after sunset 
and sets in the west approximately 9 PM. 

Betelgeuse , also located in the constellation of 
Orion, is an orange-red star found above Rigel in the 
sky. It sets about 10 PM in the west. 

Aldeberan , located to tne right and slightly above 
Rigel, is found about 40 degrees above the western 
horizon after sunset and sets about 9:30 PM. 

Capella is found about 70 degrees above the 
western horizon after sunset and sets in the north 
about 1 AM. 

Vega rises about 9:30 PM in the NE, by 1 AM can 
be seen about 45 degrees above the eastern horizon, 
and by sunrise is found almost directly overhead. 

Meteor Showers: The only significant shower this 
month occurs on April 22nd. The Lyrids peak at 
approximately 10 AM which means the only suitable 
viewing areas are in Asia and Hawaii. 

Moon Phases: First quarter — April 1 

« Full moon — April 8 

Last quarter — April 16 
New moon — April 23 
First quarter — April 30 

May 1982 

Star positions are basically the same as they were 
in April except rising and setting times are about 1 
hour earlier in the first half of the month and 2 hours 
earlier in the second half of the month. 

Prominent Planets: Venus' position remains basical¬ 
ly unchanged from April. It still rises about 
hours before sunrise in the east. 

Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter are all located very close 
together in the sky this month. At sunset, they can 
be found about 35 degrees above the eastern horizon. 
By midnight, they are about 45 degrees above the SW 
horizon before setting after 3 AM in the west. 

Meteor Showers: The Eta Aquarids peak on May 3 
at about 11 AM EDT which is only suitable for 
viewing in Asia. The same shower peaks once again 
on May 5 at about 2 AM EDT which is suitable for 
viewing in North America. 

Moon Phases: Full moon — May 8 

Last quarter — May 16 
New moon — May 23 
First quarter — May 29 



(The following is published in the interest of pre¬ 
senting theories as they surface . APRO does not, how¬ 
ever, find anything of substance to support the Lam¬ 
bert theory ). 

UFO FORECASTER Gary Lambert became inter¬ 
ested in UFOs about 14 years ago when there was a 
series of sightings in Nebraska. Since then he has 
studied UFOs as a hobby, traveling extensively to 
interview witnesses and gather data. By comparing the 
collected data at home, Lambert believes he has de¬ 
tected patterns that enable him to predict some events 
that are going to come about. 

“I knew in 1978 there would be a UFO flap that 
would last through the fall and winter and it happened 
just like I said it would. I predict right now that there 
will be another one in the fall and winter of 1983." 



VOL. 30, NO. 3 

Gary also says that sightings are not random, but that 
“they”, the UFO occupants, select some person be¬ 
cause of symbols needed to convey their message. 

He claims some symbols have to do with things that 
are coming in the future, what the dangers are. “For 
instance, before the oil crisis of the WTO's we had 
blackouts repeatedly in the 1960’s. We also had oil 
based products left behind where UFOs had been. 
Substances like asphalt or oil, or tennis courts would 
be tom up. Once the oil shortage began in 1973 they 
no longer had to warn us about it so they started 
switching their signs.” He believes that the recent 
rash of cattle mutilations is a sign that a food shortage 
is coming and says it is already starting to surface in 
places like Cambodia and Africa. 

Gary also believes that the town of Mosinee, Wis¬ 
consin, is a prime target for a UFO sighting. He says 
the numbers 1, 3 and 5 are important, and that “they” 
like the words water, bridge, Lincoln and the French 
word for water, eau. Mosinee is near a tremendous 
amount of water, the big and little Eau Pleine Rivers 
run just south of town, Highway 153 runs through 
town and there is a Lincoln Street and a bridge. 

Lambert, of Omaha, Nebraska, is currently doing 
some work in the Mosinee area but that's not the only 
reason he's there. He believes something big is in the 
air and when it happens, he plans on being around to 
put the missing pieces into place. 


Bill Leet was piloting a B-17 when he and his crew 
set off on a dangerous “lone wolf” raid on Salzburg in 
November, 1944. Because they lost a supercharger on 
takeoff they diverted to Klagenfurt, some 100 miles 
closer. They made a surprisingly clean drop, turned for 
home and the unusually quiet skies gave the entire 
crew a perfect view of the visitor that suddenly ap¬ 
peared just off the left wingtip. 

“This thing did not approach us from above or 
below or either side. It was just there, like a light 
switch being turned on,” said Leet. He described it as 
a perfect circle without any third dimension to it. “The 
closest thing I've ever seen to it is the amber light on 
a traffic signal. But it didn't look like any earthly 

The object stayed alongside the plane for about 45 
minutes. Then, “like a light switch being turned off,” 
it was gone. 

Eight years later, Leet was co-pilot on a C-47 
transport plane carrying troops on leave from Korea to 
Japan when he and his pilot spotted a dull, metallic 
sphere flying alongside the plane. He began to talk to 
other airmen and learned that quite a few of them had 
sighted flying objects that they could not explain. 


By Joe and Doris Graziano 

ARGENTINA - October 31, 1981 - Cordoba - The 
pilots of two commercial flights, Pedro Heslop of Aus¬ 
tral Airlines flight 408, and Alberto Paracampo on 
Aerolineas Argentinas flight 510, both said they saw a 
^bright, round, huge object in the middle of which 
there was another, smaller bright object” flying 
through the sky around 9:15 p.m. Heslop said he saw 
the object as he was just about to come in for a land¬ 
ing and Paracampo's report agreed with that of his 
colleague. The object was at an approximate altitude 
of 180 meters but could not be seen from the ground 
because of prevailing weather conditions. 


Date & Exact Location Unknown . Andrew Snyder 
was serving as Radar Operator on the USS Belknap 
and was in communication with the lookouts via 
sound-powered phones. One night while crossing the 
Atlantic enroute to Spain, a lookout reported 4 planes 
in formation moving at incredible speeds. 

Snyder stepped outside to see if he could spot the 
objects, just in time to see them come to a halt almost 
directly over the ship and hover for 30-45 seconds. All 
of a sudden they bolted in a northerly direction in a 
blast of orange, reddish light and were out of sight in 
2-4 seconds. 

CANADA - February (?), 1981 - Delbume, Alberta - 
Marlene Ribucan was backing her car out of the drive¬ 
way around 6:25 p.m. when she saw a huge object 
about 100 feet from the ground. It was coming down 
very slowly and “was just like the shape of a 747 or a 
big shark in the ocean.” 

As she watched, a big light “like a searchlight” 
came on and stayed on for only a few seconds. The 
light went off and the object turned in a northerly 
direction and “took off at 100 miles an hour.” Ribucan 
said there was a red tail light and she rolled the car 
window down but could hear nothing. 

July 22 - September 4 & 6, 1981 - Red Deer, Alberta 
- Stan Haywood was driving to work around 2:30 p.m. 
when he saw a “flashing in the sky” to the east. As he 
looked out the window he saw “a stainless steel 
circular object with a disc on top that was whirling 
counter-clockwise and pipes coming out of it.” That 
was on July 22nd. 

On September 4th at about 6:40 a.m. Haywood was 
again on his way to work when he saw a “real bright 
star.” The object had no definite shape and was “fly¬ 
ing about as low as a small plane would fly.” 

On September 6th, Haywood was standing in his 
backyard when he saw an object hovering about 300m 

VOL. 30, NO. 3 



above the ground between two rows of trees. He ran In 
the house to get his binoculars and the object still 
hadn’t moved by the time he got back. “It was about 
half as long as a DC-8, but it didn’t have any wings 
although something was sticking out the sides. And it 
had a fin-like tail with a red stripe down the back part 
of it. The only thing it could be is a helicopter, but 
there was no noise from it,’’ he said. 

CANADA - September 16, 1981 - Charleston Lake, 
Ontario - Mel Coons was watching TV around 9 p.m. 
and was getting up to change the channel when he 
noticed something peculiar. He looked out the living 
room window and saw 3 objects that “were like big, 
red moons.’’ 

The first object came in over the lake at tree height, 
flew towards the house and then banked left over the 
water. Coons drew the attention of his wife and son 
and they grabbed binoculars and went outside for a 
closer look. The first object traveled “fast as light¬ 
ning” and disappeared over the point on the east side 
of a bay, about 1,000 feet away from the Coons’ home. 
The other two objects stayed over the water and “van¬ 
ished into thin air” shortly after the first one disap¬ 
peared. The son thought he could see several small 
lights on the objects. 

October 14, 1981 - Nakina, Ontario - Carol Luxton 
and Olef Solmonson were driving buses carrying stu¬ 
dents from a dance around 12:30 a.m. when they 
sighted two moving white lights in the sky. Solmonson 
stopped his bus and as he got out, the lights moved to 
the east and out of sight. He said the two lights were 
about 50 feet apart and resembled “a radio transmitter 
being dragged across the sky.” Both drivers said none 
of the students saw the lights because they were 
listening to music and ignoring the road. 

ENGLAND - September 10, 1981 - Plymouth - Ac¬ 
cording to a story in the Western Evening Herald, 
Denise Bishop was walking up the steps to her home 
between 11:15 and 11:30 p.m. when she “saw a spaceship 
that was the same shape as the body of a crab.” She con¬ 
tinued, “It was a massive ship with pink, purple and 
white lights—the colors were pastel shades, not vivid 
colors. The shell of the ship was metallic grey.” She esti¬ 
mated its size as 125 feet long and said it was “abso¬ 
lutely silent.” 

As she reached for the back door of the house, a lime 
green beam came down on the back of her hand. Denise 
was unable to move until “the beam went back into the 
ship and I could move.” The object then went up higher 
and moved off slowly before disappearing from sight. 

A mark appeared on Denise’s hand where she says the 
beam struck her and she had to wash off the congealed 
matter which had formed there. Several weeks after the 
incident, a prominent mark like an almost healed bum 
was still visible on her hand. 

October 30, 1981 - Worthing - Mr. Derek Stenning was 
driving home from Patching at 7:30 p.m. when his son 
Simon spotted what he described as “a large colored disc 
hovering above a clump of trees.” One half was red and 
the other white and the two colors flashed alternately, 
transposing positions as they flashed. The object had 
two exhaust-type projections from which sparks were 
appearing. As Simon pointed out the object to his father 
it suddenly rose in the air and “seemed to come towards 
the car”, then it accelerated away towards the sea “at an 
incredible speed.” 

ENGLAND - November 12, 1981 - Wrexham - 
David Crewe contacted police after seeing a bright cir¬ 
cular shaped object pass near his home at 11:30 p.m. 
He said it was traveling extremely fast in a straight 
line but appeared to dip towards the Minera Mountain. 
He also said it had a light larger than that seen on 
aircraft traveling at night. 

November 13 (?), 1981 - Bradford - Mrs. Alma 
Metcalfe was in her flat with her husband at about 
6 p.m. when they saw a bright light in the sky 
towards Low Moor. They could not tell exactly how 
big it was, even through binoculars, but they watched 
it hovering for some time before it slowly receded 
toward Queensbury. 

“At first I thought it had something round the mid¬ 
dle, but when we looked with the binoculars we could 
see at least 7 large spikes radiating from the center. 
Then, to my complete surprise, we saw a smaller ver¬ 
sion move away from it, shortly followed by another 
one. They moved off toward the Richard Dunn Centre 
and we lost track of them,” said Mrs. Metcalfe. 

SCOTLAND - October 20, 1981 - Brucehill - Kath¬ 
leen Gillespie noticed a red light which appeared to 
hover over Dumbuck Hill around 7:15 p.m. It moved 
out of a cloud and she could see that the object was 
circular in shape. It changed to a bright white color as 
it passed over the Foster Wheeler Works and then 
shot off at an unbelievable speed over the Clyde. 

October 21, 1981 - Silverton - Jim Kerr had just 
gotten out of bed at 5:45 a.m. and was looking out the 
window when he saw a large, round object “traveling 
at unbelievable speed over the Clyde.” It was de¬ 
scribed as bright orange with a “bright white streak 
on its orange circular shape.” 


ALABAMA - October 14, 1981 - Mooresville - Jeff 
Wydner was returning from Huntsville around 9 p.m. 
when he noticed a low-flying object drift over the high¬ 
way. “It was the size of a football field and hovered 
about 100 or 200 yards over me,” he said. “I drove a few 
more yards and started to pull off the road and looked 
back and it was gone.” 



VOL. 30, NO. 3 

Wydner described the object as egg-shaped with many 
white lights and one bright orange light at the end of a 
pole in the center. “It appeared to have thrusters or 
something across the bottom,” he said, “but I was right 
beneath it and couldn’t hear a thing.” He estimated that 
the object hovered for about 15 seconds before it 

CALIFORNIA - September 15 & 17, 1981 - Corte 
Madera - At midnight on September 15th, Jerry and 
Lori Morgan claim they saw an enormous craft hover 
over their house and move slowly toward San Fran¬ 
cisco. Seven months earlier, on February 19th, the 
Morgans had their first encounter with a UFO. 

Late that night Jerry noticed a gray metallic craft 
shaped in the form of a rounded disc the size of a 
house hovering above the trees. A pink and blue aura 
surrounded the craft and it had square “head lamps” 
emitting light of diamond brilliance. 

The Morgans went outside and watched the object 
for about a minute before it started moving slowly 
over them. Its rounded shape was illuminated by a 
blue light on its underside and it made a sound like a 
hydroelectric plant or heavy machinery—“low pitched, 
but intense.” The craft hovered over them for several 
minutes and then almost instantly disappeared from 

At 9 p.m. on September 17th, a Kentfield family 
claimed they saw exactly the same thing. They de¬ 
scribed the object as the size of “four intersections” or 
“five 747s” and “making the noise of an earthquake.” 
Checks with NASA, the FAA, Mill Valley Air Force 
Stations, Civil Defense and several other agencies 
revealed that there weren’t any experimental aircraft 
flying on either of these evenings. 

CALIFORNIA - November 2-3, 1981 - Sacramento - 
Joe Johns was driving on Highway 49 around 11:10 
p.m., approaching the bridge over the South Yuba 
River, when he spotted an elliptical shape of white 
light. He thought it was going to fall straight down 
into the canyon, but it stopped level with the moun¬ 
tain tops. The object left a trail of light as it de¬ 
scended, then suddenly darted back up, without a 
light trail, and disappeared. An unidentified caller 
reported to the sheriff’s office that he saw a similar 
object at the same time. 

The following day at 2:20 p.m., Tim Blanchard 
sighted “an extremely bright and shiny object about 
1,800 to 2,000 feet” in the northwest sky. The object 
made no sound, and when Blanchard looked down for 
“a split second” it had disappeared. 

Several other sightings have been reported in the 
area recently. Tom Gates, an astronomer at Foothill 
College, said there have been 12 to 15 reports in 
October, including some “very close encounters.” 

ILLINOIS - November 6, 1981 - Peoria - Leroy 
Guy, Jr. and Phyliss Marks reported sighting “a large 
white light that had red and blue running lights on the 

side” between 5:30 and 7 p.m. An off-duty policeman, 
Manny Russell, confirmed that he also saw something 
out of the ordinary while standing with the couple. 
Chris Duncan, the investigating officer, related the 
incident to officer Robert Baer and Baer stated he, 
too, saw the object while en route to work. 

November 17-18, 1981 - Tremont - Policemen from 
Tremont, Minier, Stanford, Hopedale and Mackinaw, 
along with state police, reported seeing a bright object 
in the sky southeast of Tremont after it was reported 
to authorities at about 10:45 p.m. According to Tre¬ 
mont policeman Tom Conover, it appeared as a bright 
white light with a rotating red light. Conover said he 
watched the object for over 2 hours. 

Minier policeman George Nolan said the light was 
hovering at an altitude estimated at 1,000 to 3,000 
feet, “then it would move off and come back and hover 
again.” Control towers at Greater Peoria Airport and 
Scott AFB said they had nothing in the air near Tre¬ 
mont at the time. 

MAINE - October 14 & 24, 1981 - SomesviUe - 
Shortly after dark on the 14th, Malcolm Salisbury, Jr. 
spotted an object that looked like a mini-comet. He 
said the object went down on the north side of Sargent 
Mountain, but “there was no explosion like you would 
expect with an airplane or something.” 

Ten days later, Southwest Harbor Police and the 
Coast Guard reported sighting a similar flying object. 
Subsequent investigation revealed that military exer¬ 
cises involving a B-52 bomber and several fighters 
were conducted on the However, a spokesman 

said these planes never under 5,000 feet. Sargent 
Mountain is only 1,373 feet high. 

VERMONT - November 10, 1981 - Bakersfield - 
About 7:50 p.m.,, Joseph Cofelice was driving his son 
James to a friend’s house when they saw 2 lights in 
the sky to their left. “They followed us a ways and 
turned in a manner which placed them directly in front 
of us about 500 yards away in the western sky,” said 

He was able to make out 2 objects as they hovered 
over one another. One would turn its light on, then the 
other off, and the light “lit up the field around us.” 
Cofelice stopped the car and the objects approached 
the car, stopping at a point about 200 yards away and 
200 yards above the ground, he and his son exited the 
car and started walking towards the objects. 

“They both took off, making a hard grinding noise. 
It didn’t sound like a jet or anything, but machines 
working hard.” The objects had made no noise up to 
that point. When the objects left they headed in a 
northeasterly direction, and each had 7 lights on their 
underside which came on. Reportedly, someone else 
called the Air National Guard after seeing strange 
lights over Bakersfield the same night. 


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