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Full text of "ABUG Newsletter, Issue 49, 1987-07"

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ABUG #49 JULY 1987 


Diary l 
Eukeka* It's Archimedes l 
Acorn User Show 2 
ARUG Library 2 
What's in the Mags? 3 
Computer Repairs 4 
Cover Credits 4 
For Sale 4 


JULY 1987 


The next few meetings will be 

held on: 

5 August 
19 August 
2 September 
16 September 

All meetings are held at the Sheffield Trades and Labour Club, 
Duke Street. 

Please note that there is a three week gap untii our next meeting 
on 5th August. 


So, as predicted in our last issue. Acorn have introduced their 
new RISC-based machine. There are full descriptions of it in all 
the Beeb magazines, with reviews promised*for next month, so all 
I 'm going to do here is give a brief description of some of its 
main features. 

Acorn have announced two series of machines, the A300 and A400, 
with two models in each. The A300 series carry the BBC badge, 
and are available in small quantities now, and will go on general 
sale in September. The more expensive A400 series will carry the 
Acorn badge, and will go on sale next year. 

The A300 series have 32-bit processors, 512K of ROM, which 
includes an operating system called Arthur (why have they given 
it a silly name?) and BBC BASIC v. There are 18 screen modes, 
plus three extra for use with multi-synch monitors, with a choice 
of up to 256 colours from a palette of 4096. Because there is no 
dedicated teletext chip. Mode 7 occupies 80K, rather than the IK 
it takes in the earlier models! Text can be displayed up to 132 
columns wide. 

Sound enthusiasts have eight "voices" to play with, which can be 
spread across a stereo 'sound stage’ from far left to far right. 
There is provision for stereo headphones to be connected, and 
also an interface for outputting to a hifi, although there is 
only a single internal speaker. 

on the hardware side. Acorn have settled on 3.5 inch drives, as 
fitted to the Compact (and the new IBM PS/2). The 300 series 
have a single 1Mbyte floppy drive, with room for another to be 
fitted inside the case (for £144 in VAT). A 20 Mbyte winchester 
can also be fitted for an extra £574 inc VAT. The keyboard is 
considerably larger than earlier BBC models (103 keys) and a 
three-button mouse is included in the package. 

The two machines are designated the 305 and 310, with the final 
two figures indicating the amount of ram. The 310 has l.OMbytes, 
with the 305 having 'only' O.SMbytes, but this can be upgraded to 
the full 1M for an extra £102 inc VAT. 

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JULY j 987 


Arthur has a GEM-1 ike interface called Desktop, manipulated with 
the mouse, and including windows. Although the machine does not 
allow true multitasking, the speed is such that it can appear to 
be doing several things at once. Another new feature i ^ ° 

of ’ podul es ' , two of which can be fitted internal 1 v ft- 3 system 
time, to provide additional features. The backplane any ° ne 
this to be done costs £29 extra inc VAT. External podules aff 
also allowed, so watch for the add-on boxes to appear 
podules to be released shortly are a MIDI interface and a rdm 
extension. In the pipeline are a modem and an MS-nns 

co-processor. Acorn have produced a booklet detailing software 

available now or shortly for the new machines. 

The BBC has confirmed that it is to continue its association with 
Acorn, which has brought complaints from such as Research 
Machines (makers of the Nimbus). BBC Soft has already announced 
two titles for the Archimedes, one a comms package and the other 
a word processor. Both will be released later this year. 

Prices range from £920 for the 305 without monitor through £1235 
for the 310 with colour monitor, to £1810 for a 310 with colour 
monitor and Winchester 20Mbyte hard disc. These prices include 
VAT - note that the £799 which Acorn quotes in its advertisements 
excludes VAT. 

Dave Brown 


The 1987 Acorn User Show is being held at the Barbican in London 
from 24 - 20 July, where the Archimedes is sure to be the star 


Below is the present state of the Library: 

BOOKS (Lending fee: £1) 

Advanced User Guide Bray, 

Advanced Graphics 
Assembly Language 

Forth on the BBC Microcomputer Richard de 

Functional Forth for the BBC computer 

Graphic Art for the BBC computer 

Making Music on the BBC Computer 

Disk Systems for the BBC Micro 

Interfacing the BBC Microcomputer 

Guide to the BBC Rom 

Advanced Sideways RAM User Guide 

Service Manual 

Using Wordwise Plus Xwith disc) 

Wordwise Plus Programming Ideas (with disc) 

Dickens & Holmes 
Ange11 & Jones 
Ian Birnbaum 
Boris Allan 
Boris Allan 
Ian Waugh 
Ian Sinclair 
Colin Opie 
Don Thomasson 
Bruce Smith 
Paul Beverley 
Paul Beverley 

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JULY 1987 

SOFTWARE (Lending fee: £l> 

Masterfile (40 track disc with instructions) 
Spellcheck (2 x 80 track discs with instructions) 
3D Graphics Development System (2-40track discs + 
Graphito (cassette + manual) 

Solidisk Volumes 1-10 (4 x 80 track discs) 
Multifile (cassette) 

MAGAZINE SOFTWARE (Lending fee: 50p or 25p if not taken away) 

Micro User Cassettes: Vol.1 No.2, Vo1.3 No.4 to Vo1.4 No.2 

Discs: Vol.2 Nos.11 & 12, Vol.3 No.5 to Vol.4 No.7 
(we no longer subscribe to Micro User software) 

Acorn User Cassettes: Graphics, July, Aug, & Sept '85 

Discs: Graphics, Gallery, from July '85 to date 

manual) Glentop 




Cassettes: from Vol.2 No.10 to date (except Vol.3/8&9) 
Discs: from Vol.4 No.2 to date 

Mike Robinson (The Librarian) 



A & B COMPUTING, August 1987, Vol 4, #8, lOOpp, £1.50 

Features: ... ~* 

Archimedes / Data transmission / Packages for home office / 
i Learning Logo / Variable structures in Pascal 

Spell Master utilities for Wordwise Plus / Skywatcher 3 
astronomy program 

Acorn 'Co-Pro Adapter’ /Music 4000 Keyboard / Barry Box / 
Arcade Games / Unistat II statistics software / Educational 
software for language teaching / Microbrush Graphics System 
/ Electron Plus 5 / Printers under £300 

THE MICRO USER, August 1987, Vol 5, #6, 140pp, £1.25 


Archimedes / Online adventures / Midi / Writing a book / 
Using sideways ram for data storage / Adventure games, inc 
Snowball map pt 4 / Ceefax guide for July 

Survive game / Wallpaper estimator / Snapper upgrad'e / 
Adventure programming: accepting players’ instructions / 
Program library / Mailing lists 

Arcade games / Key educational database 

Page 3 


JULY 1987 

ACORN USER, August 1987, #61, 162pp. £1.30 


Archimedes / AU Show Guide / Music teaching / Multiply and 
divide in assembler / Making music / Uses of micros f 

Programs^ compressi0 n / calendar / One line graphics programs / 
Multi-tasking in BASIC / view function key program 

Games / Genie desktop program / ACP’s Advanced Control Panel 
/ Avon's crashproof / KM's System Utility rom / Flight 

Dave Brown 


In the last issue we mentioned a Guardian report about Model B 
spares drying up after 1989. Acorn have written to The Micro 
User calling this story ’utter rubbish’. They say that the 
Master contains all the customised components used in the Model 
B, and state that they will be available for at least five years 
after the Master is discontinued, ’and we don t know when that 
will be’. They told Micro User, ’As long as there is a demand 
for parts, we’ll keep supplying them’, and pointed out that they 
are still supplying spares for the Atom. 


This month’s cover was designed by Ian Brown. 


Oki Microline 80 dot matrix printer. 40/80/132 column 
printer with block teletext type graphics. Centronics standard 
interface. Friction or form feed. £75. 

TRS 80 line UII (DMP100) 80 column dot matrix printer. Dot 
addressable graphics. £80. 

LVL/Leasalink 40 track dual drive. No data or power leads, 
will separate. £40 each or £70 for both. 

Torch (CPN) Z80 second processor. 64K ram. Perfect Writer/ 
Speller/Filer/Calc integrated software, BBC (Z80) Basic and 
manuals. £180 or will consider exchange for Music 5000 or 
Teletext Adapter. 

For any of the above, contact Pete Frith on Sheffield 459165 
(after 6pm). 

Acorn graphic printer AP 100 A, in good condition, complete with 
manual and leads. £100 ono. Telephone Dronfield 416230 after 

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