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System Requirements 

Game Control Options 
Starting a New Game 
Opening a Previously Saved Game 
Saving the Current Game 
Saving the Current Game Under a Different Name 
Quitting 9 
Setting Gameplay Preferences 
Accessing the Credits Sereen 
Using Keyboard Shortcuts 

Playing the Game 
Moving Around 
Manipulating Objects 
Interacting with Characters 

Quick Reference 

Technical Assistance 




um Hardware Configuration 

* 486/66 processor 

* Doublesspeed CD-ROM drive 

*16MB RAM 

* 15MB available hard disk space 

* L3" Super VGA display (640x480 pixels capable 
of displaying 256 colours 

+ Soundblaster or 100% compatible sound card 

* Mouse 

Windows 31 or Windows® 95 
* QuickTime 21 for Windows (included) 

Recommended for improved performance 

1 RC with Pentium® processor 

+ 20MB or more RAM 

* Quad-speed or faster CD-ROM drive 

* Fligh-quality headphones oc external loudspeakers 


lease take the time to review the Read Me file located in the "The Last 
Resort’ program group or folder. This file contains important information. 
about program optimization, known incompatibilities and other 

information too recent to be included in this manual. 
Installing 9 in Windows 95 
9 now supports Autoplay under Windows 95 and NT 40. To install 9, 

wert the CD into the CD-ROM drive and. 

simply start your computer, 
follow the onscreen instructi 

Installing 9 in Windows 3.1 

L Start your computer and insert thc CD into the CD-ROM drive. 

2 From the top et hand corner ofthe Program Manager Window, Click 
on Fil 

3. From the drop down menu, click on Run: 

4 In the Dialog bax type -DASETUPIGEXE file, where D: is the appropriate 
letter for your CD-ROM drive 

5. Click on OK and follow all on screen instructions. When installation is 
complete the installer will automatically restart Windows. 

6 To run the game after installation, double click on the ‘The Last Resort’ 

gram group in the program manager window. 
hen double-click the "Nine icon to launch the program. 


9 is designed to use the full multimedia capabilites of your computer. 
Werlormance may vary according to the configuration of your computer 
system and CD-ROM drive 

For best results do not use any other programs and turn off all 
background processes such as virtual memory, screen savers and 
networking services| while playing 9 

M you are having problems running 9, try the following: 

+ Mike sure you have an appropriate system configuration as described in 
the System Reqirements section of this booklet. In particular, make sure 
you have enough available system memory. 

+ Make sure you have installed both the 9 program files and the necessary 
system extensions including QuickTime or QuickTime for Windows For 
more information, refer to the Installation sectio 

this booklet. 

Y you are using a PC running Windows: 

* Make sure you have turned off any virtual memory and networking 

* Many video problems can often be traced to incompatible drivers for the 
video board. If all else fails it often works to substitute the generic 
Microsoft SVGA driver that comes with Windows. 

* Make sure your CD-ROM drive is properly configured and that the CD- 
ROM cache is not too large 

For more information regarding system configurations please refer to the 
documentation that came with your computer or contact your dealer 
For more detailed troubleshooting information, refer to the Read Me file 
‘on the CD-ROM 

Note: Depending on your system, you may experience delays of a n 
‘or more as 9 loads some of the larger puzzles into memory. Thi 
and docs not signify a problem with cither your system or the game. 


9s game control options are under the control of Isadora, the fortunc-teller 
To access Isadora anytime during gameplay, press # -M (Macintosh), or 
[Ctri}M (Windows) Isadora will provide you with options for starting a 
new game, opening and saving existing games and quitting. She will also 
enable you to set gameplay preferences and view the credits sequence. 

Note that if you have continued playing a game without saving, Isadora will 
prompt you to save your game before allowing you to start a new game, 
open another game or quit. 

When you summon Isadora, she will lay out cards identifying your options. 
Click the appropriate card to indicate your choice 

Starting a New Game 
From Isadora’s main screen, click the card labeled ‘New 

Opening a Previously Saved Game 

From Isidora's main screen, click the card labeled ‘Open’. Isadoi 
present you with a list of previously saved games. Select the g: 
to open and click the ‘Open’ card (or just double-click the 
the list}. Isadora will retrieve your previous 
Where you left off when you last saved the game 

Note: the ‘Open’ card will be disabled if there are no saved games available 

me you wish 
me's name in 
ind shell return you to 

Saving the C 
From Isadora's main screen, click the card labeled Save Isadora will save 
your current game, or prompt you to enter a name for the game if it 
has not previously been saved. She will then return you to your pt 
location in The Last Resort. 

Note the ‘Save’ card will be disabled if no changes have been made to the 
game since it was last saved. 

Saving the Current Game Under a Different Name 

From Isadora’s main screen, click the card labeled Save As. Isadora will 
request a new name to identify the game and will then save the game under 
that name She will then return you to your previous location in The Last 
Resort. From this point on, any changes you make will be saved under the 
new name 

From Isadora's main screen. click the card labeled ‘Quit. Isadora may ask if 
you wish to save your current game before allowing you to exit. 

Setting Gameplay Preferences 

Isadora also grants you access to various gameplay preferences. To 
access preferences, summon Isadora's main screen and click the moon. 
labeled ‘prefs (the full moon image to the right of Isadora) 

The Volume Knob allows you to set the overall sound level for the game. 
By default, the sound level is set to 5. 

The Zip Mode Switch lets you enable or disable Zip Mode, which provides 
fast access to locations you have already visited in The Last Resort, By 
default, Zip Mode is disabled. (For further information on Zip Mode 
navigation, see the Moving Around section below) 

The Best Transitions Switch allows you to toggle between fully 
animated transitions and faster dissolve transitions as you explore The 
Last Resort. By default, Best Transitions are enabled. If you are running the 
game on a slower machine (68040 Mac or a 80486 PC) or in low-memory 
situations you may want to disable Best Transitions for improved 

The Preferences screen also provides a Color Wheel, grayscale strip and 
test image that you can use to adjust your monitor's brightness and contrast 
settings for an optimal match with The Last Resort color scheme. 
Viewing the Credits Sequence 

To sce a list of wandering minstrels who helped make 9 a reality, 
summon Isadora and choose the moon labeled Credits (the moon image to 
the left of Isadora) 

Using Keyboard Shortcuts 

Many of the game controls described above are also available directly via 
keyboard shortcuts (see the Quick Reference section for more 
information). When you summon Isadora by one of these shortcuts, she 
will immediately deal out cards relating to the specified shortcut. 


Exploring The Last Resort is very intuitive. All navigation, manipulation 
and movement take place by pointing and clicking the mouse cursor on the 

Moving Around 

‘To move around, simply point the cursor where you Would like to go and 
dick. If you want to move forward, click straight ahead. If you want to turn 
left or right, click on the left or right edge of the screen. 

‘The shape of the cursor will change as you move p 

it around the screen, indicating which directions EM ME 3 
are available to you. A Forward Arrow indicates 

llow you to move you forward; 

Left and Right arrows indicate that you can turn in the corresponding 
direction. In some locations it may also be possible to look up (Up arrow) or 
down (Down arrow), and to move forward in several directions (Forward-left. 
or Forward-right arrow) from the same location. Additionally, holding down. 
the [Shift] key and clicking will usually let you move backwards to your 
previous location. 

Best Transitions 

By default, the Best Transitions mode is enabled, providing fully 
animated transitions as you move around The Last Resort. To switch to 
faster dissolve transitions use the Preferences screen described in the 
Setting Gameplay Preferences section above, or press 2$ -T/ICtrl T. 
Disabling Best Transitions is recommended if you are running 9 on a 
slower machine (68040 Mac or 80486 PC) or in low-memory situations. 

Zip Mode 

Zip Mode allows you to jump’ directly to locations you have already A 
visited without stopping at intermediate locations, To enable Zip Mode, 

use the Preferences screen described in the Setting Gameplay Preferences 
section above, or press $8-Z/[CtelkZ. 

Note that Zip Mode access, when enabled, is only available for locations you 
have already visited. Be careful not to miss any details in the areas you are 

Manipulating Objects 

If you want to examine, manipulate, or pick up an object, just click on it, or 
click and drag it as you would in real life. Some objects are portable; click to. 
pick them up or put them down 

Use 9% cursor feedback to discover objects of interest as you explore The Last 
Resort. For instance it is possible to move levers turn valves and interact. 
aging th n. If an 
aged, your cursor will change to a grabbing hand. [^] 

If an object hasa button or key to press the cursor will change to 

a pointing finger qq 

Some objects may be picked up for closer examination or may have other 
special significance. When you see the [9] cursor, a click will let you access 
the object 

with other objects by di jate direc 

a in the appropr 

‘object can be dra 

Portable Objects 

As you explore you will also encounter objects that can be picked up and 
moved from one location to another When you are carrying such 
the cursor changes to include a small red dot. @p To sce the object you are 
carrying, simply press the space bar and the 

object will appear for a few moments. The object will also appe 
automatically if you move the cursor to a location where portable objects 
can be picked up or retrieved. You can then click to place the object in the 
designated area. Not all objects can be placed in all designated locations and 
can only carry a si rying 
something when you encounter a new object, clicking will cause the objects 
to switch places 

n object, 

gle object at a time. If you are already 

Also note that some objects are more valuable than others, consequently, it 
can be unwise to leave certain objects out of your possession or in an 
aprotected location. 

When a portable object is returned to its correct’ location, the object locks 
into place and can no longer bc removed. 

Interacting with Characters 

9 is populated with a variety of muses and other characters — pay attention, 
their stories may give you valuable insights in your quest to unravel the 
mysteries of The Last Resort! 


The following keyboard shortcuts are available at any time during gameplay: 





-N/C EN 


Turns the volume down. 

Turns the volume up. 

Temporarily displays the object you arc carrying, 
if any. 

Displays a Backward cursor allowing you to move 
back to your previous location. 

Toggles between Best Transitions and Fast 

Enables or disables Zip Mode Navigation. 

Summons Isadora and displays 9's 
Main File screen. 

Displays Isadora’s New Game sereen. 
Displays Isadora's Open Game screen. 

Saves changes to the current game, or displays 
Isadora's Save As’ screen if the game has not 
yet been given a name. 

Displays Isadora's Quit Game screen. 

Technical Assistance 

‘Technical Support in the case of faulty disks, you should return 
the disks ONLY, not the packaging Return the disks with a 
covering letter containing details of the fault, your name and 
address to: 

GT Interactive Software (Europe) Ltd., Willow Grange Church 
Road, Watford, Herts WDI 3QA, 
ited Kingdom. 

We will attempt to replace the disks within 28 days of reecipt, 

If you encounter technical problems with the disks you should 
write to the above address or call the Technical Helpline which 
operates between the hours of 9am and 6pm (Central European 
Time), Monday — Friday, please ensure that you are sitting in 
front of your computer or have full details of your computer 
configuration and the problem you are encountering with you 
when you call. 

English speaking customers call 01923 209145. 

Featuring the Voices of: 
James Belushi as Salty 

Cher as Isadora 

Steven Tyler and Joe Perry as the 
Twins and Christopher Reeve as 
‘Thurston Last 

Executive Producers: 
Robert De Niro. 
Jane Rosenthal 

Directed By: 
Buzz Hays 

Art Direction: 
Mark Ryden 

Produced By: 
Buzz Hays 
Peter Rosenthal 

Game Design, Animation, and 
David Greene 
Marc Blanchard 
Nikos Constant 
Buzz Hays 
Larry Kaye 
Brian Kromrey 
Neil Lim Sang 
Jesse Lindow 
Joc Pasquale 
Todd Pound 
Peter Rosenthal 
Michele Thomas 

Robert Dorsett, Steve Goodale, 
Nooshin Navidi, Carolyn Skrzydlewski, 
Paul Montwillo Jonathon Krop 

Laura De Young 

Special thanks to Harry Rubin, Chris 
Garske Stewart Kosoy, Max Taylor, 
Dennis DeSantis Allyne Mills and the 
Computer Graphics Department of the 
‘Academy of Art College in San 

For a complet list of al those who helped make 
9a reality summon Isadora and choose the 
moon labelled Credits 

prse más type Compe ne uc tne ti ene 

Sys our sla pecs Ve E nm ei Drone RR ER E Ms am PERI 


GT Interactive Sofware 
(Europe Lid. 

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inrcr rr 

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