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Full text of "2 TSN Times Volume 1 Issue 03 July 1993"

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Prodigy Alliance Announced 

TSN Link Will Bring Fun To Prodigy Members 

This is how the map will appear to those who sign onto TSN from Prodigy. 

Prodigy members will soon find that 
beaming to Cyberspace is as easy as 
a click of the mouse! The Sierra 
Network‘d has entered into an 
agreement with Prodigy to aliow 
access to TSN through the Prodigy 
service, a move that is iikeiy to create 
dramatic growth in TSN membership. 

This is the first aiiiance between 
two major on-line networks, and will 
allow unprecedented on-demand 
access to the single largest collection 
of on-line information and graphically 
rich entertainment in the industry. 

The Prodigy ser\1ce offers families 
with personal computers instant 
access to up-to-the-minute news, 
weather, stocks and sports scores: 
education and reference databases: 
games and entertainment: bulletin 
boards and e-mail; brokerage, 
banking, and Information for personal 
financial management; travel ticket- 
ing; and electronic shopping. 

New Multi-Player 
3-D Golf on TSN! 

Tee off with TSN's 3-D Multi-Golf. 

TSN is a nationwide electronic 
amusement park that brings people 
together for live. Interactive fun and 
games through personal computers. 
Its many action-packed multi-player 
games include Red Baron, the World 

On-Demand Access. 

War I combat simulator; The Shadow 
of Yserbius, a fantasy role-playing 
game; plus Backgammon. Bridge, and 
dozens of other classic games that 
can be played by two or more gamers 
thousands of miles apart. 

The alliance between these two 
services is a logical fit, because 
together they will provide everything 
an on-line user could want. According 
to James A. Galambos. General 
Manager of Prodigy’s Entertainment 
and Education Division, “Choice Is 
what today's on-line customer wants, 
and that’s what this alliance delivers 
in abundance." 

Prodigy users will soon be able to 
click on a TSN icon and access Cy- 
berspace. This will enable them to 

experience much of what TSN has to 
offer, especially real-time groups and 
chat. Prodigy users will not be able to 
access LarryLand or the Mall. In 

addition. Prodigy users will be paying 
for TSN access at Prodigy’s on-line 
rates, which offer access on a per- 
minute basis, as opposed to a 
monthly flat fee. 

Since Prodigy concentrates on 
other on-line services that TSN does 

not provide, access to TSN will allow 
Prodigy users exposure to multi- 
player gaming and unique TSN 
environments. “These two networks. 

while distinctly different, compliment 
each other well,” says Philip J. 
Monego Sr., General Manager of TSN. 
“Together, they run the gamut of 
Interests for all ages." 

Once Prodigy users have expe- 

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Home Improvement on TSN 

Everything An On-Line User Could Want 

see story on page 3 


Imside Tins Issi E 

ACBli Women's Trials 2 

Conference Schedule 4 

Controlling TSN Costs 2 

3-D Golf 3 

Home Improvement I 

Now Hear This! 3 

Red Baron Squadrons 2 

TSN Mall Specials 2 

This summer you may find that 
some of the TSN friends you’re 
playing with are television celebri- 
ties! Jonathan Taylor Thomas and 
Zachary Ty Bryan, from the hit 
television show “Home Improve- 
ment”. will be on-line this summer to 
play games, answer questions, and 
make friends. 


"They had just gotten 
on-line and already 
were having fun!" 

“Home Improvement” is a popular 
television series based on characters 
from Tim Allen's stand-up comedy 
routines. The number one-rated 




Jonathan Taylor Thomas Zachary Ty Bryan 


continued on page 3 


• Sports 

V.. :V621 

BKHoCloud,24,Tollo.hossoe, FL 

Why Should You 
Join a Red Baron’ 

TSN Bridge 
Members Qualify 
for the ACBL 
Women's Trials 

“What does BK stand for?" 1 am 
asked this question constantly. I tell 
the obvious newcomer to TSN. “It 
stands for Blue Knights — my 
squadron." They usually reply, "What’s 
the point of joining a squad?" 

There are many reasons to 
join a squad — nearly as many 
reasons as there are squads 
themselves. Here are some of 
the best: 

Squadrons keep you abreast 
of all the Red Baron events 
taking place on TSN. Most 
squads publish newsletters 
containing everything you need 
to know about tournaments, 
activities and various other 
TSN goings-on. 

Squadrons provide a wealth 
of Red Baron lore and 
experience to their new 
members. Novices can learn 
from seasoned veterans of the 
electronic air. Squads must 
inherently share tactics and 
flight secrets if they are to 
survive their rigorous tourna- 
ment schedules. 

Also, to the dismay of solo 
pilots. Red Baron tournaments 
are often squad-based. If 
you’re not in a squad, you can't 
join. The tournament organ- 

izers aren’t being snobs. Their 
decision is done from necessity. By 
keeping tournaments squad-based, the 
tournament organizers only have to set 
up matches between each squad. The 

Below is a list of all squads as of 5/1/93. 
The source is the Red Baron Squadron Poll 

O Insignia/Name-Net-Founded-Founder: 

OAK/Arabian Knights-2/92-AKCobra 
0 BK/Blue Knights-TSN-4/27/92-BKSteve 
O DP/ Dawn Patrol-TSN-9/3/92-DPGunner 
O £go/Ego-TSN-5/23/92-EgoBruiser 
O FC/Fiying Circus-TSN-7/20/92-Snoopy 
O FD-Flytng Devils-TSN-8/92-LordFD 
0 FS-Forum Squadron-4/92-FSSamurai 
O JG-Jadgeschwader-TSN-6/1/92-Von Helton 
0 JR-Jolly Rogers-TSN-7/1 0/92-JRFIyboy 
0 lC(STORKS)-Les Cigognes-TSN-7/15/92- LCHawker 
0 LEA-League of Electronic Aviators-TSN- 6/92-HomeL£A 
0 LL-Living Legends-TSN-7/1/92-CaptainLL 
0 NCT-Naked Crisco Twisters-TSN-4/1/93- 
0 NF-Night Fiiers-TSN-4/4/93-NFUFO 
0 PF-Phantom Flyers-T5N-3/20/93-PFtceinan 
0 PS-Pig Stompers-T5N-6/92-P5SirRonK 
O SD-SunDowners-TSN-1/93-AttaSD 
O SE-Screaming Eagles-TSN-8/92-RockySE 
© TA-TheAnnihikrtor5-TSN-9/92-JoeyTA 
0 TE-The Exxorcists-TSN-8/27/92-ExxoTE 
0 WFT(RT)-Women's Fiying Team-TSN-6/92-CandtRT 
O WM-Widow Makers-TSN-1/93-5kyLordWM 
O WW-Wing Waikers-TSN-4/27/92-lronWW 

squad leaders can then choose and 
contact the individual pilots to fly 
the matches. If tournaments were 
not squad-based, the organizers 
would have to keep track of 
hundreds of individual pilots. 

Finally and most im- 
portantly. squadrons provide 
a great way to meet people. 
Like any group or organiza- 
tion. a squadron is a social 
gathering. Several life-long 
relationships have started in 
squads on TSN. 

My typical conversation with 
a newbie ends with them 
asking, “So which squad is the 
best?" Unfortunately, there is 
no definitive answer to this 
question. I could cite which 
squad won a certain tour- 
nament, or war, or point them 
to the BGB ladder. However, 
the truth of the matter is the 
best squad is the squad that 
you like the most. Each squad 
has its own ideals, rules, 
activities and members. The 
best advice I cai^o^r is to fly 
and. more Importantly, talk to 
members of several squads 
and pick the one with which 
you’re most comfortable. 

TSN Certificate provides hours of fun! 

Give the Gift of Time 

Pi KLiSIlf-lK 

Philip J- Moncgo, Sr. 

P\i;<u Ti\i' Pdiiok 

John Williams 

Man.vci^c Pditok 

Rick Beardsley 


Rich Monosson 

Art Dirkctor 

Lori Imcia 

CoM'RiBtTORS This Isstk 

Macia Bridgman 
Jeff Leihowitz 
Michele Monosson 
Rich Monosson 
John Williams 
liCslie Wilson 

The TS\ Times represents our 
attempt to inform TSN members 
about new developments on The 
Sierra Nelnvrk. 

rS.N Times is published monthly by 
The Sierra Network. P.0, Box 1 1, C.A ‘KhiJ-i-llOO. 

For information please contact 
Rick Beardsley at (209) 642-0700. 

TSN is a subsidiary of Sierra On- 
Line. Sierra On-Line. Inc., a public 
company whose stock is listed on the 
NASDAQ E-Xchange as SiER. 

© 1990 The Sierra Network 

Invite your friends to the on-line 
party! Give them the most exciting 
computer experience there is - The 
Sierra Network. Our Fun Certificate is 
their ticket to hours of computer 
entertainment with folks from all over 
the country. 

TSN offers two certificates: one for 
current members and one for poten- 
tial members. If you’d like to order a 
gift certificate, simply enter the Mall 

Has this ever happened to you? 

You’re having such a great game or 
conversation on-line that you lose 
track of time. The next thing you 
know, your monthly charge Is much 
higher than you’d banked on. 

Well, before you get a loan from the 
bank, consider TSN’s solution - our 
new billing limits option. Just call 1- 

and order The Sierra Network Fun 
Certificate. Or, If your friends don't 
have a modem, give them the TSN 
Game Modem that comes with $30 in 
TSN time. You can also order 
certificates through the Member 
Services department at 1-800- 
SIERRA-1. So invite your friends to 
our nationwide parly; give them the 
gift of fun! Baa 

800-SIERRA-l to let our friendly 
Member Services folks know you’d 
like a dollar limit imposed on your 
account. With this service, you will be 
prevented from accruing charges over 
your present limit. 

This is just one more way we're 
striving to make TSN the happiest 
place in Cyberspace! Q 

New Way to 
Control TSN Costs 

Every year, the American Contract 
Bridge League (ACBL) sends two 
open teams and two women’s teams 
to the world championships. These 
teams are selected by a series of 
team trials. 

In order to qualify for the team 
trials, a team must do well in 
preceding national events. 

TSN members Karen Singer and 
Karen Allison are one of only seven 
teams to qualify for the ACBL 
women’s trials. 

Singer and Allison live on opposite 
coasts, providing little opportunity for 
them to practice in person, given that 
they are “normal" folks and cannot 
afford the time or money it would 
take to fly and meet. 

TSN provides them the opportunity 
to practice as a team several times a 
week and follow their games with in- 
depth discussions about their hands 
in a chat room. 

The team plays four-card majors, 
weak no-trumps (12-14 points) and 
weak two bids. 

"TSN is wonderful for keeping us 
tuned-up” says Singer. “I play very 
few live’ sessions anymore, maybe 20 
a year.” 

In their spare time, both women 
read and post to the Pets, Recipes 
and many other of TSN’s bulletin 

Look for their postings in the 
Bridge Club’s bulletin boards on 
interesting hands from the trials. 

Let’s all get together and cheer them 
on during the upcoming trials. ^ 

July 1st-15th: 

Family Fun Pack $ 29.95 

(Gobliiins I, Hoyle 111, Conquests of 
the Longbow, Screen Antics) 

Sierra Award Winners ....$ 49.95 
(King’s Quest V, Red Baron, 

Rise of the Dragon) 

The Incredible Machine. ..$ 29.95 
The Incredible Machine 

Add-on Disk $ 12.95 

July 16th-31th: 

Football $ 39.95 

Screen Antics $ 19.95 

Heart of China $ 12.95 

Nova 9 $ 12.95 

Rise of the Dragon $ 12.95 

Stellar 7 $ 12.95 

July 1993 

Play Poker Iiv A Polite 

Polite Place has been set apart 
from the other LarryLand rooms and 
maintains the same Community 
Standards as the family areas of TSN. 
Here, adults 18 years of age or older 
can go and play Poker, Blackjack, 
Slot machines and Roulette and still 
experience the same family-oriented 
atmosphere you expect in all the 
other lands of ImagiNatioa. 

Star Spangled Trivia 

What would the Fourth of July be 
without fireworks? You won't have to 
find out because TSN will be there to 
celebrate with you! Grab your 
blanket and sit down in the “Star 
Spangled Trivia” conference room in 
Tech Tower from 6 pm to Midnight on 
Sunday. July 4. TSN and the people 
who bring you trivia games seven 
days a week invite all members to 
join them for a six-hour djsplay of 
trivial pyrotechnics. Each hour, a 
Sierra On-Line game will be awarded 
to the member whose point rocket 
goes the highest. Please join us as 
we commemorate our nation’s birth 
of independence! 

Poetry Workshop Works 

If you are an aspiring poet or have 
an interest in poetry, consider 
attending the Poetry Workshop on 
Fridays at 8 pm in the Country Club. 

Each week the group discusses a 
poem written by one of the members. 
If you plan to attend, let HAL9000 
(17066) know if you want a copy of 
the poem ahead of time. 

Bridge Tournament Set 

A Bridge tournament will be 
starting this month. TSNBridget 
(982) will be taking sign-ups for the 
double-elimination event through 
July 10. Entries will be in either 
“Open" or “Standard Card." 

ImagiNation To Have It's 
Own Set of "Links" 


An HIV/AIDS Information Con- 
ference has been set for Wednesdays 
at 6 pm in the Singles Club. 
Registered nurse darlenem (22991) 
will be available to answer your 

Meet Your TSN Friends 

The Seattle picnic is set for 
Saturday, July 17 at Magnolia Park. 
Contact SeattleDav (49053) for 
directions and information. 

An Ohio TSN get-together is set 
for Saturday, July 17 and Sunday, 
July 18 at Kings Island Amusement 
Park in Kings Mill. Contact Melinda 
(41319) for details. 

Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio is 
the place for another TSN event on 
Saturday, August 7. Contact JimWise 
(17774) for more Information. 

The first NATIONAL TSN gathering 
is organized for Thursday, October 
14 through Sunday. October 17 in 
Dallas. Texas. Contact kathyf 
(21020) for information. 

OutToLunch (30973) is organizing 
the fourth TSN GROUP CRUISE from 
Friday, December 10 to Monday, 
December 13, sailing round-trip 
from Los Angeles. Write him for 

Vacation Sciiedlle 

The TSN Conference Director and 
TSN Editor will be on vacation 
during the first half of July. We 
apologize for any inconvenience this 
may cause. ^ 

This fall. The Sierra Network proudly 
presents the answer to a computer 
golfer’s prayers. By combining cutting- 
edge technology with state-of-the-art 
graphics, TSN's 3-D Golf has made a 
quantum leap forward in computer 
golf games. In a few short months. 
TSN will offer this playable, realistic 
golf game on-line. 

If you’ve ever played computer golf, 
you know that the major drawbacks are 
graphics and speed, in addition, golf is 
a social game, and it’s hard to recreate 
friendly competition and camaraderie 
in a solitary environment. 

Speed. The main complaint com- 
puter golfers have is with the speed at 
which golf programs run. The graph- 
ics are gorgeous, but unless yours is a 
high-end machine, the software is so 
slow you could probably play an 
actual game of golf faster — without 
a cart. 3-D Golf is exceptionally fast, 
which means you won’t die of old age 
waiting for the graphics to redraw on 
the twelfth hole. 

Graphics. Or maybe the game isn’t 
too slow, but you settle for low- 
resolution graphics so primitive that 
you have to keep looking at the game 
box to reassure yourself that you’re 
playing golf. 3-D 60/7 provides 256- 
color VGA graphics so realistic you’ll 
want to replace your divots. 

Socializing. Computer golf is 
usually a solitary game so you can't 
do the fun stuff, such as making 
wagers (non-mone^ry, of course) and 
boasting about your game afterward. 
This fall, on TSN. you will be able to 
do all that, plus poke fun at the other 
players, and spend time in a golfers’ 
club chat room discussing the fine 
points of your technique after the 
game. \ou'll be able to compete with 

Get to the green through realistic 
obstacles - make side bets on each 
shot with other players! 

up to seven other players in a real- 
time environment unmatched by any 
computer game. 

Novices to computer golf will find 
the TSN environment particularly 
conducive to learning the game. With 
so much potential competition on- 
line, it will be easy to locate players 
at any skill level. Soon you’ll be 
playing like a pro! 

This fall, TSN will offer 3-D Golf 
game at a special preview rate. Watch 
The TSN limes for moK details'. ^ 


continued from page 1 

rienced the benefits of on-line 
gaming, TSN and Prodigy will both 
gain thousands of new and happier 
members. For current TSNers, the 
advantages of the alliance are 
obvious. First, the number of on-line 
neighbors to play with will increase 
dramatically. But more importantly, 
more members means that The Sierra 
Network can continue to provide its 
members with high-quality entertain- 
ment at extremely low rates. 

So give a warm welcome to our 
Prodigy guests. The more the merrier! 


Home Improvement 

continued from page 1 

show, which airs on Wednesday 
evenings, deals with the trials and 
tribulations of a suburban family with 
a father who hosts "Tool Time,” a 
home improvement TV show. 

Zachary TV Bryan plays Brad Taylor, 
the oldest of Tim Allen’s three TV 
sons. Jonathan Taylor Thomas plays 
the middle son, Randy. Both Zachary 
and Jonathan are excited about being 
on-line, and TSN is looking forward to 
hosting them. 

Jonathan and Zachary will be 
playing TSN on IBM PS/1 computers 

courtesy of IBM, and their hard disks 
have been stuffed with an assortment 
of Sierra Games as well as TSN’s 
ImagiNation. The computers were 
delivered to them personally at their 
homes by The Sierra Network's 
Director of Marketing, Jeff Leibowltz. 
Mr. Leibowltz showed each of them 
how their computers worked. First 
Zach, and then, on the following day, 
Jonathan. "While we were showing 
Jonathan TSN, Zach found us on-line 
and immediately the two of them 
began playing together.” said Mr. 
Leibowltz. “They had just gotten on- 
line and already they were having 
fun!" Q 

veryone at TSN is pleased when 
our members make new friends on- 
line. We are particularly delighted 
when we get mail about TSN being 
where couples meet and fall in love. 

TSN is proud to announce that we 
have been a part of some very happy 
couples finding each other. 

MazzUSMC asked Shellie for her 
hand in marriage on Friday, April 9 
and the wedding is scheduled for 
Saturday, July 10 in Camden, New 

JRsLADY (aka MsPetite) and 
JRBlack met on TSN and will wed this 
September. They wish to thank TSN 

for bringing them together. 

PRISM and QUARTZ met on TSN in 

February and will also be getting 
married in September, They were 
introduced by a mutual friend, they 
played a few games, and the rest is 
blissful history. 

Maverick and Charly (aka LeslleD) 
met on TSN back in December and were 

engaged on Valentine’s Day. They are 
planning to be married January, 1994. 

Thorston and Juliette (aka Velvet) 
met on-line and want to thank 
everyone at TSN for being the vehicle 

that brought them together. A date 
has not been set yet for their 

Lloyd and Margo were just married 
on June 3, 1993 after having met on 
TSN only three months before. We are 
told they are very happy. 

Darknlght and SonjaD will be 
getting married on October 31, 1993 
exactly one year after they met on 

Congratulations to these and all the 
other couples (you know who you are) 
that have met and fallen in love on 
The Sierra Network. ^ 


Conference Schedule for 

The Sierra Net%'ork offers special 
rooms for clubs and conferences on 
a vast variety of subjects, 
addressing as many of our members 
needs as possible. 

This is where you will find 
Yserbius Guild and Red Baron 
Squadron meetings. You will also 
find trivia and role-playing games 
(RPGs) on a regular basis. In 
addition, you will find clubs and 
discussions on a multitude of 
special Interests from politics, self- 
help groups. poetr>' to comic books 
and video games. Only your 
lmagi\ation can limit the number 
of topics available to members. 

The following is the schedule of 
conferences for the month of July as 
of June 1 1 . The schedule Is subject 
to change. Conferences marked 
♦Private* or *Pvt* require approval 
from the conference’s host or 
moderator to attend. If you have a 
question regarding a specific 
conference listed here, please write 
to the name and box below the 
conference name. Trivia questions 
should only be sent to box 996. All 
times listed are Pacific Time, 



3 pm LDS Teen Conference *Pvt* 
(Angella+ 31866) 

5 pm Cactus Air Force *PrNate* 
(CAFVlklng 64483) 

5 pm Cindy Crawford Fan Club 
(Eric 33457) 

8 pm Teens and TSN 
(.4sten 35280) 


* On the hour 10 am to 5 pm * 

* New User Orientation * 

6 pm Les Clgognes Squadron 
(LCHawker 20506)(2nd,4th) 

7 pm Stiver Chalace *Prlvatc* 
(AlafonGM 33826) (2nd/4th) 


1 pm PaganAMccan Conference 
(Slmone+ 37543} 

5 pm Street Fighter 2 Club 
(Larf 38173) 

6 pm AEGIS Guild Meeting 
(Oracle 38919) 

6 pm Political Forum 
(Antipode+ 13021/JeanB+) 


1 0 am Greater Powers RPG 
(GrtrPwsDM 37754) 

Noon LOTR Meeting 
(Bltzhal 34018) 

4 pm Marvel Comic Books 
(Jason 31504) 

6 pm Ranger’s Guild Meeting 
(Skye 56154) 


4 pm Covenant Guild *Prlvate* 
(Darkoath+ 40763) 

4 pm "C" Programming 
(Paco+ 40142) 

5 pm Illuminati ‘Private* 

(TRAYK 35442) 

6 pm RIFTS ‘Private* 

(AdmlralDek 20101) 


10 am Dvorak on Computers 
Live On-line Radio Simulcast 
4 pm TTG TTlvla Madness 
6 pm TTG TTivIa Madness 

8 pm TTG Trivial Matters 
8 pm Caesarean Section 

(CAESAR 19615) 


8 am Savage Frontier RPG 
(Ouar 70001) 

4 pm Edge Guild 
(LadyJ 42024) 

5 pm Companions Guild 
(Ucarro 24055) 

6 pm Rifts RPG 
(Gambit 53453) 


Noon Air Raider/Rangers Squad 
(Bruce 36102) ‘Private* 

4 pm Berserkers ‘Private* 

(SIRC 56712)) 

6 pm Wing Walker Squadron 
(WWBlueMax+ 18340) *Pvt* 

6 pm Sky Wars 
(BKHavoc 18621) 


1 pm Church of KOY ‘Private* 
(Penney 51657) 

4 pm HonorBound Guild 
(BuIldozer+ 55241) 

6 pm Rap Thang 
(DJBigRed 36795) 

7 pm Gamers' Cavern 
(JohnathanK+ 45469) 


1 1 am Haunted Halls RPG 
(BlllyDM+ 20902) 

4 pm Skull Squadron 
(RoyFokker 20908) 

7 pm KGB Squad 
(KGBXanth 60915} 


3 pm Bard's Guild ‘Private* 
(Shileandre 70395) 

4 pm Scorpion’s Thle ‘Private* 
(Beyond 47866) 

6 pm Laurendell .AD&D 
(FreedomF 57037) 

7 pm Taladas AD&D ‘Private* 


Noon KOTRT Guild 
(KlngMe 70840) 

5 pm SclFl/Fantasy Writers Club 
(Rlc 62912) 

8 pm Hard Rock Cafe 
(BrlBrl 54192) 


2 pm Star Wars RPG 
(Ackbar 62338) 

7 pm Sunday Night with The G.U.I. 

(RobDMind 30655) 

7 pm Dining Room Thble 
(ArcyC 23489) 


4 pm KHAN Guild 
(NarvaKhan 60810) 

5 pm SCA Clan Mcbaud 
(Tlmoth 70395} 

7 pm TORG RPG ‘Private* 
(Stormer 71389) 



6 pm TTG Sooper Lemming Trivia 

8 pm Blue Monday Trivia 
(NlckChrls+ 23850) 

10 pm Mil’s Lemming Thivia 
(Milano 53824) 


5 pm DragonLance 
(ChrlsJM- 23001) 


6 pm Bridge Clinic 
(BridgeDr+ 38985) 


6 pm 1 2 Steps to Sobriety 
(Wisteria+ 46608) 

9 pm CvberAnIme 
(Akira 24626) 


6 pm Excallbur Guild ‘Private* 
(Diana+ 67958) 

6 pm Spam 
(Wilco- 24331) 

6 pm Pardoner's Dragonlance 
(Pardoner 65616) 


8 pm Xanadu RPG 
(Laston+ 16223) 


7 pm Raleigh EQds 
(Zack 47973) 


7 pm RPGO 
(Santa 52645) 


3 pm Michigan Madness 
(STEPHEN 48475) (1x6/14) 

7 pm TTG Training 
(TSNThalia 996) (1x6/21) 


8 pm Blue Knights Squadron *Pvt* 
(BKMcCloud 18621) 



7 pm SGLA ‘Private* 

(Chlkara+ 35806) 


5 pm Political Differences 
(Shannon 41550) 

7 pm KAAOS Meeting Hall *Pvt* 
(CHAOSIUM-h 34945) 


7 pm Beginning Bridge Lessons 


6 pm TTG Word Play 

7 pm TTG Word Play 

9 pm TTG C & B’s GrabBag Trivia 


6 pm Zero Hour ‘Private* 

7 pm WTT Squadron ‘Private* 
(JenniWFT- 1633) 


6 pm DPC RPG ‘Private* 
(.AragornDM 69872) 



6 pm TTG Trivia Madness 

8 pm TTG Trivia Madness 


6 pm Black Watch Guild 
(SirArtosBW 9835) 

8 pm Lovecraft 
(DaveWW 39759) 


7 pm Fellowship Guild 
(Haggard 39127) 

7 pm Vigilantes 
(Manta 45578) 


5 pm They Might Be Giants 
(MeatLoaf 12937) 

6 pm Champion’s RTC 
(Chris 401 56) 

6 pm Fandom Weyrs of Pern 
(N’lson 44111) 

7 pm Kev Club 
(Ahpoo- 24760) 


7 pm Black Unicom Inn 
(Naton 43812) 

7 pm Greyhawk 
(MlghtyMet 70809) 


6 pm Evil Ways 

(Archangel 58301) (lx 19th) 

7 pm Camelot Guild ‘Private* 
(Moidred+ 14169)(2nd/4th) 


8 pm Flying Circus Squadron 
(FCSev 16785) ‘Private* 


6 pm Shores of Oceania RPG 
(Creldeiki 51660) 

7 pm Amazon/Kentaur Guild 
(Pentesilea 62786) 

7 pm CABAL Guild 
(Raven 49146) 

7 pm Vampire RPG ‘Private* 
(MlkeP 65156) 


7 pm Computer Crime Awareness 
(ScottM 35821) 


6 pm HIV/AIDS Info Conference 
(darlenem 22991) (6/23) 



6 pm Comedy Conference 
(Groucho 46892) 


6 pm Star TTek Convention 
(LtWorf- 22358) 

7 pm Star Wars Conference 
(KrlsB 32350) 

7 pm TSOY Guild Masters ‘Pvt* 
(Kestrel+ 24571) 


6 pm TTG TVlvla Jamboree 

8 pm TTG "Mvla Torture 


8 pm TeenLife 
(Genyosha 35344) 


7 pm Chess Club Business 
(LadyJay 58237) 


6 pra Beyond AD&D 
(Beyond+ 47866) 


6 pm Vampire; Masquerade RPG 
(JohnSteed 40035) 

6 pm Hockey Conference 
(TomM 52836) 

7 pm OS/2 Users Group 
(FrankW' 21493) 

7 pm Batman RPG 
(Thnya 66284) 


7 pm Beginning Bridge Lessons 
(Socrates-i- 19277) 


7 pm Imaja Myth 
(Oryon 59842) 



6 pm Jade Tower RPG 
(SirAce-^ 19752) 


5 pm BBS SysOp 
(IRSBBS 47329) 

5 pm Dragon’s End Campaign 
(Kruzer 69307) 

(Cable.Scorplon 24133) 


6 pm Ranger’s Guild 
(Levlathon 37309) 

7 pm Fellowship of the Wyvern 
(Archmage 22364) 

(Chris 44013) 

1 2 am Midnight Snack Club 
(DanielC- 23835) 


6 pm Groupness RPG 
(Hydra+ 22364) 


6 pm Empire of Fear RPG 
(DonnaElisa 23097} 

7 pm Ravenloft RPG 
(Zellaid 9285) 

8 pm Poetry Workshop 
(HAL9000+ 17066) 


6 pm Bounty Hunters Elite 
(Legacy41812) ‘Private* 

7 pm TTG TVlvia Madness 

8 pm Bible Trivia 
(HlLoule 1083) 

9 pm TTG Itlvla Madness 


5 pm The MST3K Forum 
(Jeff 49240) 

7 pm Overeaters Anonymous 
(Della+ 32155) 

8 pm Red Dwarf 
(NltzerEbb 30413) 


6 pm L(^t Legion Guild ‘Private* 
(IronWolf 14367) 

7 pm MOAV Guild 
(Cerebus 35097) 

(Darkrose 21967) 

9 pm Collectable Comic Books 
(Gene 32599) 


5 pm Force Ten ‘Private* 
(AssaultFlO 47087) 

7 pm Sky Warriors 
(Dustin 54008) 

7 pm Flying Fortresses 
(FFAndrewC 47377) 


9 pm Punx Conference 
(Everglade 46040) 


4 pm Castle of Cool 
(KingCool 49915) 



4 pm Multimedia Club ‘Private* 
(MKareemE 52273) 

7 pm Golf 
(Dorothy 51819) 

8 pm Cyberpunk ‘Private* 

(GooB 32802) 

9 pm WVOST 
(TbeWeeler 5892} 


8 am SM Squadron 
(NiteHawkSM 22602) 

Noon Flying Helpers 
(REN 58848) 

7 pm Joke Ete. 

(BDOG 47325) 


4 pm Mos Eislev Star Wars Club 
(Lynx 67609) 

6 pm XM Squadron 
(JoeLXM 24233) 



6 pm Shores of Oceania 
(Kevin 39494) 

8 pm Hood Ouesters Guild 
(Elof 62549) 

9 pm K & G ‘Private* 

(Garrett- 50204) 

12 am Midnight Snack Club 
(DanielC- 23835) 


4 pm Sacred Guild of Unity 
(Pug 36056) 

6 pm Jagdeschw'ader 
(JGBam 22061} 

7 pm Christian Conference 
(DonRxCC+ 12419) 

8 pm Black Dragon RPG 
(Gherkin 24944) 


6 pm TTG Tthia Madness 
8 pm Dev & Dera's TTG TVivla 

10 pm TTG Trivia Madness 


1 1 am Keepers of the Light Guild 
(Rummy 22759) 


4 pm AD&D SpellJammer 
(TheAztec 32515) 

6 pm Comic Books Qub 
(Tbchg 45654) 

6 pm Youth Bible Study 
(Mindy 461 34) 


10 to 5 - New User Orientation 

4 pm Red Baron Flight Club 
(A9Larry 53452) (2nd/4th) 

6 pm VDstits Guild 
(Krishna 42335) (3rd) 

6 pm Royal Guard Guild *Pvt* 
(PrinceDan 55691)(lsl13rd) 

8 pm Underworld ‘Private* 
(Lurker+ 20068) (lst/3ixl) 

8 pm ShapeShifter Guild 
(Aigeron 62338) (lst/3rxl) 


10 am Darkside ‘Private* 

(Vader+ 892) 

Noon KOY ‘Private* 

(Rainstorm+ 892) 

5 pm TA Squadron ‘Private* 
(RobertTA+ 22611) 

6 pm Mystery of file Syivaest 
(LacurlsDM 60369) 


9 am LaFayette League ‘Private* 
(Chris 31538) 

7 pm Triumvirs Guild 
(Lorac 54641) 

8 pm Shadow Horde Guild 
(Slash 22569) 

9 pm Shadowrun RPG 
(BradK 56790) 


Noon Mgilantes Meeting ‘Private* 
(Manta 45578) 

1 pm The Dark Guard 
(Khome+ 42473) 

8 pm Star Wars RPG ‘Private* 
(Kadorto 24370) 


1 0 am COCO Amateur Radio 
(N60WQ 35390) 

1 pm Robotech RPG 
(Akasha+ 20908) 

6 pm Realms RPG 
(Goldstar+ 22838) 


1 pm Guild of Sacred Sword 
(Charlies 59792) 

4 pm SRII-SRGM RPG ‘Private* 
(SRGM 65560) 

5 pm Floating Vagabond RPG 
(Steve 66163) 

7 pm Guardians ‘Private* 

(Klyhar 37446) 


6 pm Hood Ouestors 
(cmk 17582) 

8 pm Hlglilander's Guild 
(GeorgeJr 57842) 

All times listed anywhere in 
ImagiNation are Pacific Time.