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Full text of "Introducing The Atari 2600 Computer"

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N ow you can turn the ATARI VCS into a smart, friendly, and very 
affordable home computer with enhanced graphics! 

The ATARI 2600 Computer is designed to fit right on top of the VCS 
game console. 


■ A professional-style computer keyboard with raised tactile keys 

■ Super improved game graphics 

■ Enhanced game-play - the keyboard and added memory offer 
greater playing options, more screens and more fun! 

■ Powerful 8K RAM - user expandable 

■ Built-in 16K ROM 

■ Easy to use BASIC 

■ Supported by a wide selection of computer software 

■ Expansion capability - accepts additional memon/ and low 
cost peripherals 

■ Easy attachment - just plug into the ATARI 2600 VCS cartridge slot 

■ Accepts all ATARI 2600 cartridges 

■ Retail price under $90! 

The ATARI 2600 Computer 
is an exciting and very 
affordable way to enter 

the computer age! 


A Warner Communications Company 

Available mid-1983. 

ii;i) 1983 AlAKI. INC., All Right, Reseived. 9o0 fdinled in USA