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Full text of "011 sierra dynamix news magazine volume 4 number 2 summer 1991"

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and MORE 

There’s an 

IBM PS/2 made for 

every student body. 

When you said you wanted an affordable computer, 
we listened. 

And we responded. So, as a college student, mem- 
ber ol the faculty or staff you can now get an IBM 
Personal System/2® Selected Academic Solution at a 
special price.* 

You’ll find that all the PS/2 Selected Academic Solu- 
tions have preloaded DOS 5.0 and Microsoft Windows^" 
3.0, a color display and a mouse. Some selected models 
are preloaded with Microsoft Word for Windows""** and 
Excel** to help you create impressive papers, graphics 
and spreadsheets. Also, great tools like a notepad, calen- 
dar and cardHle are provided. 

What’s more, the IBM PS/2 Loan for Learning is also 
available to help make paying for your PS/2® easier. 

With the special price for college students, faculty 
and staff, there’s never been a better time to buy a PS/2. 
Visit your campus outlet to find 
out more about the IBM PS/2 
Selected Academic Solutions. 

Or call IBM at 1 800 222-7257, 
and we’ll respond promptly 
with our information kit, 
or the location of the ^ • 

nearest participating IBM ^ ‘ 

Authorized PC Dealer. 

•This offer is available only to qualified college students, faculty and staff that purchase IBM Selected Academic Solutions through participating campus outlets or IBM 1 800 222-7257 or participating IBM 
Authorized PC Dealers. Orders are subject to availability. Prices are subject to change and IBM may withdraw the offer at any time without written notice. **Word for Windows and Excel are the Academic 
Edition ®IBM. Personal System/2 and PS/2 are registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation. Microsoft is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Windows and Word for 
Windows are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. 

©IBM Corporation 1991 




Volume 4. Number 2 


Larry's New Look... 6 

Meet the new, improved Leisure Suit 
Larry, star of Leisure Suit Larry 5, the 
new, re-illustrated Leisure Suit Larry 1, 
and Laffer Utilities. 

Jim Walls Q&A... 10 

A close-up and personal interview with 
the creator of Police Quest and 
Codename: Iceman. 

Police Quest 3... 13 

Real life action and real live actors in 
Sierra's most technically advanced game 

Red Baron Strategy... 14 

Hot game tips for the most popular and 
realistic World War I flight simulator in 

In Praise of One... 1 6 

A celebration of classic, series-starting 

Robin Hood... 20 

Before there was Kevin Costner, there 
was Errol Flynn and Sean Connery. 
Designer Christy Marx looks at Robin 
Hood in the movies. 

Willy Beamish... 22 

A sneak peek at the game destined to 
be the benchmark in computer game 

Roger Wilco and the Time 
Rippers... 24 

Check out Roger's latest, greatest 
adventure. Reprinted courtesy of 
Computer Gaming World magazine. 

Sneak Preview... 30 

Sierra presents 12 hot new products. 
Get a look at Ecoquest, 

Dr. Brain, Hoyle 3, and more. 

The Return of Gir 
Draxon... 34 

The evil overlord of Stellar 7 is back in 
Nova 9. 

How to Lighten Up the Deep, 
Dark, Dungeon Dilemma...36 

Zeliard and Sorcerian: Fantasy role 
playing at its finest. 

The Sierra Network... 38 

Now you can make friends by modem, 
coast to coast, playing games in Sierra's 
new 'electronic neighborhood'. 

King's Quest V 
Multimedia... 40 

Now you can hear the voices of King 
Graham, Cedric, and all your KQV 

Welcome to Sierra.... 42 

Every year, hundreds of people tour 
Sierra's home base. Join us for a 
walking tour of Sierra On-Line. 

History of Quest for Glory...49 

Designers Lori and Corey Cole tell how 
their world famous game series got 
started, and let us in on the future of 
Quest for Glory. 

Hot New Hintbooks... 52 

Sierra's incredible new hintbooks: you 
won't believe your eyes. 


President's Corner...4 

Top Ten. ..47 

Cartoon Page....48 

Technical Support 
Solutions.. .50 

Customer Support 
Solutions.. .54 

Hot Deals...56 

Contest.... 59 

Rumor Mill. ..62 


Whoa, what a line-up! 
Can this much fun be 
legal? You may recognize 
the two suspicious 
characters on the left, but 
who's that guy with the 
bow? How about the 
rowdy kid with the 
skateboard? That sharp- 
dressed dragon on the 
end sure doesn't look 
worried. In fact, all of 
these playful perpetrators 
will plead "no contest" to 
First Degree Fun. To 
ferret out the facts in the 
case of Sierra's New 
Games, see the Fall Line- 
Up Preview on page 30! 
Meanwhile, take a look at 
computer gaming's 'Most 
Wanted' list. 




Ken Williams 

Executive Editor 
John Williams 

Editor/Creative Director 
Kurt Busch 

Managing Editor 
Nancy Smithe 

Art Directors 
Stacy Mangum Holmes 
AND Greg Steffen 

Contributors This Issue 
Kurt Busch, Lori and Corey Cole, 
Chris Garske, Vince Geraci, 

Liz Jacobs, Jerry Luttrell, 

Dave Morrow, Christy Marx, 
Bridget McKenna, Lorelei Shannon, 
John Williams, Ken Williams 

Art and Production 
Kurt Busch, Rod Fung, John Gamache, 
Stacy Mangum Holmes, 

Andy Hoyos, Rick Lowry, 

Terry "The Toon" Robinson, 
Nancy Smithe, Greg Steffen, 
Barbe Woodfill 

Business & Advertising Manager 
"Crazy" Nick Medici 

Lifestyle Editor 
Larry Laffer 

The Sierra Dynamix Newsmagazine is our 
attempt to inform interested computer 
owners about improvements in 
Sierra/Dynamix products and the 
computer industry at large. If you think 
what we've written belongs in your 
magazine, please feel free to reprint it. 
When reprinting an article, please credit 
The Sierra/Dynamix Newsmagazine and 
the author. NOTE: The exception to this 
policy is the article reprinted in this issue 
from PC Game Player which is copyrighted 
by them and may not be reprinted without 
their written permission. 

The Sierra/Dynamix Newsmagazine 
is published by Sierra On-Line, Inc. 

P.O. Box 485, Coarsegold, CA. 93614. 

For advertising information, please 
contact Nick Medici at (209)683-4468. 

©1991 Sierra On-Line, Inc. 


Sierra On-Line is a public company. 
Sierra On-Line Stock is listed on the 
NASDAQ Exchange as SIER. 

by Ken Williams 


For Christmas 1988, I bought 
my parents a Tandy HX 
computer. Because Sierra does a 
lot of business with Tandy, 1 was 
able to get the special discounted 
price of around $1,250 for this 
turbo-charged 8088 machine with 
512K of RAM, a color monitor, 
and even a 360K floppy disk 

Obviously, this was a bit of a 
stretch as a Christmas present, 
but I figured at least my parents 
would finally be able to see what I 
do for a living. 

Now, less than four years later, 
it has been over a year since Sierra 
has shipped a new product that 
will run on my parents’ Tandy 
computer. Even worse yet, it 
would be cheaper and wiser for 
them to buy a new computer than 
to perform an upgrade. 

This is horrible, and I feel bad 
about it. But I know it could be 
worse! At least my parents’ 


software investment might be 
salvaged if they buy a new 

Imagine how you would feel if 
you were one of the unlucky 

people who purchased a 2GS 
from Apple. You now find that: 

(a) your machine is discontinued; 

(b) few, if any, new products are 
coming out for your machine 

none from Sierra); (c) you can’t 
upgrade the machine to be 
compatible with a Mac, no matter 
how much you spend and; (d) if 
you do switch to a Mac, Amiga, or 
a PC, all of your software will 
have to be repurchased. 

The problem is, computer 
technology is moving too fast these 
days. It seems like every computer 
more than a year old is 

Last Christmas, Roberta and I 
bought our son a PS/2, Model 
30/286 computer. This month 1 
spent over $1,500 to: (a) replace 


the processor with a 386SX; (b) 
change the 20 megabyte hard drive 
to 80 megabytes and; (c) add 2 
megabytes of memory (so he can 
run Windows). 

I wouldn’t be that unhappy, 
except that the 386SX upgrade 
seems incredibly flaky. Strange 
garbage keeps showing up on the 
screen, and I’m tired of trying to 
figure out why. Also, the PS/2 has 
a built-in VGA board which only 
has 256K of RAM and can’t be 
upgraded to handle higher 
resolution graphics. Now I’m 
considering giving up and buying 
him a new computer. 

I can't afford to buy a new 
computer every two years. It 
doesn’t make sense that I'm 
penalized just for being the first 
one on my block to invest in a 

If you were hoping that this 
was the paragraph where I’d 
provide some simple solution to 
this problem. I’m afraid I’ll have to 


disappoint you. Technology is 
evolving at a faster rate than ever, 
and the problem of computer 
obsolesence is getting worse. 

Sierra On-Line is frequently 
consulted by the major hardware 


companies as they design future 
versions of their computers. 
During a recent discussion with 
the head of one of these 
companies, the comment was 
made that the days of a once 
yearly model upgrade are long 
gone. Technology is moving so fast 
Product which does not take 
advantage of the latest technology 
will not get stocked on retail store 

Each day when I open my mail, 
I find letters from customers who 
are upset because Sierra’s newest 
products no longer run on their 
computers. This is extremely 
frustrating to me. The answer to 
why Sierra keeps advancing the 
minimum machine which we 
design product for is fairly simple: 
product which does not take 
advantage of the latest technology 
will not get stocked on retail store 

Sierra can only make products 
which we can sell. Even if we still 
made Apple 2GS or even 
Commodore 64 software, most 
retailers would not carry it. 
Retailers only want the hottest 
selling products for the machines 
they currently sell. 

A recent example of this is the 
EGA/Tandy versions of our MS- 
DOS games. The market for MS- 
DOS software has shifted over the 
last 12 months to VGA, which 
allows higher resolution and more 
colorful pictures. Two-thirds of 

our customers have VGA cards in 
their computers. 

Too many disks would be 
required for us to produce a game 
which contains both VGA and 16- 
color graphics in the same package. 
Therefore, we have now split our 
products into two different versions: 
a VGA package and an EGA/Tandy 
package. The bad news is that in 
many cases, our retailers are electing 
not to carry the EGA/TANDY 
version at all because the VGA 
version sells better and works on the 
machines that they are carrying in 
the store! 

We’re now facing this same 
dilemma with the Macintosh. We 
can’t ship a product with both color 
and black-and-white graphics. There 
would be far too many disks in the 
box. The color version of the game 
will outsell black-and-white 2-to-l, 
and retailers want to sell the Color 
Macs these days. This means that 
retailers won't stock the B & W 

We've had to ask ourselves 
whether we should produce black- 
and-white or color versions of our 
products if our retailers won’t offer 
the black and white version. 
Therefore, our future games will 
probably be offered to Color Mac 
owners only. 

I've actually over-simplified these 
complex issues. We also face such 
problems as our decision to avoid 
raising prices by shipping on high- 
density disks. Some of you have low- 
density disk drives and can’t run our 

Should we reduce the size of our 
games or raise prices.^ I really am 
opposed to either of these options. 
However, our shift to high-density 
disks adds to the overall problem of 
computer obsolescence. 

THE '90'S." 

What if there wasn't a hardware 
evolution.^ What if technology froze 
for the next ten years? It sounds 
crazy, but let’s explore this for a 


From 1978 to 1983 the personal 
computer industry was dominated 
by the Apple computer. The Apple 
II, which I purchased in 1979, served 
me well throughout this period. I 
remember many discussions with 
Steve Wozniak at Apple where he 
commented on his amazement at the 
applications his creation had been 
put to. 

He never imagined when he first 
created the Apple II how far the 
software community would push his 

In 1983, a company called 
Nintendo introduced the Family 
Computer into the Japanese market. 
In America, we call it the NES. It’s 
central processor is the same 6502 
processor that drives the Apple II. 

Each year, the programmers 
believe they have written the best 
possible games for the 6502 
processor and exhausted the total 
capabilities of the system. Yet, each 
year the programmers try to outdo 
each other and the games have 
consistantly gotten better. 

It’s important to point out that 


hardware is now evolving so fast 
that new computers are becoming 
obsolete before the software 
community even learns to program 

Why has Nintendo been so 
successful in penetrating almost 
every household with children in the 
U.S. and Japan? It's cheap, easy-to- 
use, and every cartridge sold runs on 
every Nintendo sold. 

Computers aren’t cheap, easy-to- 
use, or very standard. Even the 
Macintosh is starting to approach 
PC complexity these days. My 
suggestion to the hardware and 
software industry is that, we agree 
on a platform which should 
dominate the '90's . 

We cost-reduce it and make it 
simpler to use. The problem with 
this is that it isn’t going to occur 
(and, it may not even be legal). 

Hardware companies feel they 
must compete with each other on 
power and price, so they keep adding 
new features that make them 

On the other hand, television, 
radio, tape player, VCR, and even 
CD player consumer electronic 
companies have found ways to 
compete on features and price in a 
standard way which allows the 
software to run on hardware from 
different companies. 

All of us in the computer industry 
realize that this kind of conformity 
has got to evolve, but we can't seem 
to find a way to agree on anything. 
Maybe the recently announced 
relationship between Apple and 
IBM means standardization is 

The new, hot, evolving 
technology is “multimedia,” which 
generally seems to mean the use of a 
CD-ROM and a computer. Sierra is 
in the process of deciding what 
hardware we will support with our 
CD products. 

This is a trickier decision than 
you might think. Believe it or not, I 
have been told there are about 15 
(!!!) non-compatible CD-ROM 
based computer standards. Assuming 
the market evolves to one standard, 
then people who buy the other 14 
machines will occupy a special place 
in history alongside those with 2GSs 
and Beta VCRs. 

For the record, the only new CD- 
ROM based machine Sierra is 
definitely 100% committed to 
developing products for is: 

□ PC with MS-DOS 

□ 386SX or faster CPU 

□ CD-ROM Drive 
500 Ms or Faster 

□ Mouse 

□ Sound Card 
(Adlib Gold 

Tandy or PS/1). 

We plan to begin develop-ment 
for Color Macintosh with a CD- 
ROM drive, but that hasn’t actually 
gotten underway. 

We’re currently considering 
developing for the Sega Genesis with 

a CD-ROM, Super Nintendo (if they 
announce a CD-ROM) and Sony’s 
Play Station. CDI is also being 
evaluated, as well as several others I 
can’t talk about. 

I suspect I’ve done more to 
frighten you than was my intent. 
There really are two safe hardware 

(1) A color Macintosh 

(2) A 386 based PC 

I like the Amiga and would 
consider one, but I can’t honestly say 
it’s a “safe” decision if you’re about 
to buy a new computer. 

Here are 10 thoughts for you to 
consider when upgrading your 
computer, or as you counsel others 
regarding their computer purchases: 

1. Think about how much support 
you need after you make your 
purchase. You will pay more at some 
retail outlets than others and, 
generally, less through mail order. If 
you’ll need to call your dealer every 
5 minutes as you set up your 
machine, you’d be best served by 
paying full list price at a full service 

2. Buy a copy of Computer 
Shopper. If you know what to look 
for, and you’re willing to do a little 
research you’ll be surprised how 
cheap it can be to replace your 
computer. I just bought a 4 
megabyte 386/33 Mhz, 80 megabyte 
hard drive, high-density 5.2-inch and 
3.5-inch floppy drives. Super VGA, 
mouse, Windows, etc. system from a 
top mail order company for $2,295 
complete. It even came with the hard 
disk formatted, DOS 5.0, and 
Windows installed. All I had to do 
was plug it in!!!! 

3. Buy more than you need. Some 
retailers will try to focus you on not 
wasting money by buying more 
machine than you actually need. This 
is fine if you’re only going to run the 
applications that you initially 
bought. But every year’s software 
will need a faster machine to run, so 
it's good to prepare ahead. 

4. Buy an expandable ma-chine so 
you can upgrade. No matter how 
big a hard disk you buy, there’s a 
chance you’ll want a bigger one 
some day. Who knows, perhaps 
you’ll want to add a higher 
resolution graphics card. Machines 

continued on page 61 

; • •: -V ■ ■ 


His name is Larry; Larry Laffer. And he's a whole new man. If 
you've played Leisure Suit Larry 2 or 3, you know he's come a 
long way from his modest appearance in Larry I. But that's not 
the whole story. The Larry of the 90's is hotl 

It was a great idea for a game. You'd become Larry Laffer, still 
single at 40, nerd par excellance'. Your objective: To roam the 
streets of Lost Wages, learning the ways of the world on a quest 
to lose your you-know-what. Larry I was a runaway hit. 
It was only natural that Sierra decided to 
give this favorite a facelift. 

When the proposal to re-do Larry I was first brought up, Al Lowe 
thought it would be fun to use video-captured characters. 
Creative Director, Bill Davis still saw Larry as a cartoon 
character. After an epic debate, Al and Bill decided that a 
cartoon Larry would be much better for the wild visual humor 
they had planned. And wild it is. 

The world of Larry I is full of crazy characters, day-glo colors, 
and berserk, frenetic backgrounds with a beat. Inspired by the 
art of Picasso, Matisse and Mr. Magoo, Bill Davis and a talented 
team of artists bring you a Lost Wages with a life of its own. 

Larry I not only looks better, it's more fun. With 4 times more 
messages than the original, you can now interact with everyone 
(and everything) you see. Do any crazy thing you can think of, 
and you'll almost always get a totally outrageous response. 

How about some mood music? Written by in-house composer 
Chris Braymen, the new Larry I score has whimsical themes, 
musical puns, and just plain excellent tunes. One piece is even a 
clue, but we're not telling you which one. 

You've looked for love, pulsated your pectorals, and now you're 
ready for anything, even Leisure Suit Larry 5. Patti's a spy for 
the FBI. Larry's got to pick a hostess for the hit TV show 
America's Sexiest Home Videos. But look out, the mob is out to 
get them both. You'll have to take on organized crime, the FBI, 
the music industry, and Citizens Against Nearly Everything in 
this silly, sexy romp. 

Described by designer Al Lowe as "two adventure games in 
one", you'll play as both Larry and Patti, like you did in Leisure 
Suit Larry 3. But this time you'll be switching back and forth 
between characters through the whole game. 

The graphics are similar to the wild, funky look of Larry I, but 
“Passionate Patti Does A Little Undercover Work" has a style all 
it's own. The whole world's been Larryfied. 

The Larry 5 soundtrack was composed by Craig Safan, who is 
known for his work on the soundtracks of The Last Starfighter, 
Stand and Deliver, and other Hollywood films. His hot melodies 
will really keep you rockin'. Both Larry 1 and 5 use digitally 
sampled sound effects for maximum reality and silliness. Of 
course, they support all major sound cards. 


Leisure Suit Larry, Man of the worid. 
Lover. Spy. Fashion disaster. 

Set to know his new iook! 

For everything you do at the office 

that has nothing to do with work! 

It's MONDAY... 

You need a joke, want to send a funny fax, or 
just don't know where to go to lunch - and all 
your computer wants to do is WORK! 

WAIT! Don't throw that expensive PC away! 
Now you can unleash its entertainment abilities 

How much would YOU pay for a an 
interactive joke data base with a variable 
filth-o-meter? Would you pay $50? DON'T. 
Cuz it's included with the amazing LAFFER 
UTILITIES! But WAIT - there's more! 

You'd expect to pay hundreds of dollars for 

funny FAX cover sheets, humorous office 
forms, or programs that manage party sign-up 
sheets, BUT YOU GET IT ALL with the 
astounding LAFFER UTILITIES. But WAIT - 
there's more! 

Stop throwing away thousands of dollars on 

funny sound effects, humorous screen 
savers, automatic birthday reminders, and 
those messy office betting pools, cuz 

The absolutely unbeatable LAFFER UTILITIES 

even tackles the TOUGHEST office dilemma - 


NOW how much would you pay for the 
LAFFER UTILITIES? $2 million? $3 million? Your 
government did! But YOU can get the amazing 

LAFFER UTILITIES for the unbearably low 
suggested retail price of just 

$ 34 . 95 . 

America's first 
non-productivity too/. 


Dudley Beene III, age 15, Louisiana 


f^,rL:re/\Adi I'HGf/ 
I Wo.Ai To 

/ A«n I 

/ AJi We Sttyi’ri^ , te Gi'»c 
Geel(8 4 Chart oi 

/ Sui \ 

/Shiir|° Ore»a<.c( A^an 

James Paul Allen, age 13, Arizona 

Larry 5 Composer 
Nominated for Emmy 

Craig Safari, who composed 
the music for Leisure Suit 
Larry 5, has just been 
nominated for an Emmy. 
No, they haven’t opened a 
new category for computer 
adventure games. Mr. Safan, 
aiong with Mark Muelier, 
was nominated for the song, 
“The Bittersweet Waltz”, on 
the hit television show, “Life 
Goes On”. 

Congratulations, Craig! 

mtMtf LANPof t/4£ LOUNGC LIZAA?P3 

A. J. Ryan, New Jersey 

Al Lowe Sez: 


For the Mouse i 
That Scores! 

7” X 9" 
Mouse Pad 




...With these TWO great new 
Leisure Suit Larry Novelty Items! 


Enjoy Life in the Larry Lane! 

40“ X 52" Full Color Autoshade 

$ 5.95 

To order, see page 57 J 


It happened at nipht — A guy was driving a 
stoien ear. I tried to stop him, but he didn't 
want to stop. I ehased him around town, and he 
got up to around 55 mites an hour in a 
downtown area. 

photo lineupV 
r I I never 
forget his face, even now. 
While the suspect was 
awaiting his preliminary 
hearing, he escaped. They 
caught him right away that 
time. He was tried on 7 
felony counts, found guilty 
on all of them and 
sentenced to 23 years in 
Folsom Prison. 

While he was awaiting 
transportation to Folsom he 
told another prisoner that 
he was going to appeal all 7 
counts and if he got a 
retrial he was going to 
escape again and go after 
me. The guy got a retrial, 
came back, and sure enough 
he escaped. For a while I 
didn’t go anywhere without 
my gun. He was gone two 
years before they caught 
him in Florida. 

Jim Walls has been 
designing hit games for 
Sierra since his ground- 
breaking Police Quest in 
19 87. His games have 
always been outstanding 
in terms of hard-edged 
realism in a market 
dominated by fantasy. We 
talked to Jim about his 
games and the real-life 
events that inspired them 
while he was working on 
his latest accomplish- 
ment, Police Quest 3, due 
to be released in late 
1991 . 

Then he came to an 
intersection and stood on 
the brakes. I was right 
behind him, but he was out 
of his car waving a .357 
magnum before I could get 
out of my seatbelt. He blew 
my windshield out, then 
started running toward my 
car to finish me off. Just 
then his car started rolling, 
and that distracted him. He 
ran back to try to stop it, 
and that gave me time to 
get out of my car. 

We exchanged gunfire, 
and I hit him, though I 
didn’t know it at the time. 
He ran behind a fence and I 
heard another shot, which 
turned out to be him trying 
to shoot the lock off the 
fence. That was his last 
round, and since he wasn’t 
successful in shooting the 
lock off, he went over the 
top. Later we found blood 
on top of the fence — that’s 
how I knew I’d shot him. He 
ran a few blocks to a 
nearby shopping center, 
used his gun to commandeer 
another car and got away. 
The next day he checked 
Into a hospital with a 'self- 
inflicted’ gunshot wound. 

From the time I called In 
the pursuit til backup 
arrived was only 40 
seconds. It felt like a 
lifetime. Everything was In 
slow motion. I knew during 
those few seconds that I 
was going to die. 

The only thing I worried 
about was, was I going to 
feel that bullet going 
through my brain? 

After the shoot-out, I felt 
o.k. After any kind 
of incident lik 

always have to see a psy- 
chologist, to see if you’re 
all right to go back to work. 
The psychologist said I was 
fine, so I went back to 

I was able to pick the 
suspect out of a 12 man 






Q : \Ne know 
you spent 15 years in law 
enforcement, but other 
than that, very little is 
known about you. 

A:That’s the way I like it 
(laughs). I’m a private kind 
of a guy, I keep to myself 
pretty much — I guess I 
was born that way. 

Q: What else? 

All like all kinds of sports, 
outdoor activities like 
hunting and fishing and 
diving. I’ve got five 
children, 4 of whom are 
grown up, and one at home 
who’s 17. I’d describe 
myself as a middle-of-the- 
road kind of guy. I’m the 
kind of person who likes to 
make up my own mind about 
things, instead of letting 
other people decide for me. 
That’s gotten me in a lot of 
trouble. (laughs) It’s true. 

Q: We know you worked In 
other professions before 
you went into police work. 
What was it about law 
enforcement that made you 
want to make that your 

A: I was an optician for 7 
years before I joined the 
CHP (California Highway 
Patrol). Before that I had a 
lot of different kinds of 
jobs - sort of a jack-of- 
all-trades. While I was 
working as an optician, I 
met a guy who was going to 
the CHP Academy, and we 

got to talking about it, and 
he was so enthusiastic that 
I got interested. I decided 
that was what I wanted to 
do with my life. I was the 
third oldest In my academy 
class. The academy was 
fun, but it was tough. The 
first seven weeks is 
tougher than any boot 
camp, but it pays off. The 
CHP is one of the best- 
trained law enforcement 
agencies In the world. 

Q: You wrote Police Quest 1 
while you were recovering 
from the aftereffects of a 
very traumatic experience 
— a shootout with an armed 
suspect. How did the 
shootout and the events 
that followed it change 
your life? 

A : Well, at first it didn’t. 
After about a year. It 
started affecting me. I 
started having anxiety 
attacks — what they call 
a delayed traumatic 
response. It was making it 
difficult for me to do my 
job. Being that close to 
death can really shake you 
up. I went on leave of 
absence for a year, then 

Q: While you were on leave, 
Ken Williams asked you if 
you could translate your 
experience into a game. Did 
it help, being able to get 
the experience outside 
yourself, so to speak? 
AiBeing busy, working — 

that was the biggest help. 
When I was on leave, all I 
could do was sit around and 
think about It, so keeping 
busy helped me a lot. 

Q:Do you feel you were 
able to do justice to the 
subject of modern police 
work in a computer game? 

A :l think so. In a limited 
way. In the first game you 
had to follow strict police 
procedure to get through 
the game. I put as much in 
there as I could, to make It 
really authentic, but the 
memory was fairly limited 
at that time. Of course 
that’s gotten Increasingly 
better with each game. 

Q : Police Quest was a big 
hit, even with police 
departments. Was it this 
authenticity that made it so 

AiWell, Police Quest was 
the first of Its kind — a 
game based entirely on 
reality. At that time, just 
about every game around 
was a fantasy of some 
sort. I think the 
authenticity and that 
feeling of reality had a lot 
to do with the game’s 

Q:A couple of years ago, 
you took a vacation from 
police-based games, and did 
a high tech thriller. What 
made you decide to do a 
game like Codename: 
Iceman? ^ 

A:Well, I’d already done 

two games based on 
my experiences in law 
enforcement; police games 
were more or less right 
down my alley, so it’s 
pretty easy for me to 
write a cop story. What I 
wanted was to see if I could 
do something completely 

Q:So looking back, what do 
you think about the 

A:l liked the challenge, but 
that submarine was a 
killer. I’ll never put a 
submarine in another game 
(laughs). I didn’t know 
anything about submarines 
to begin with, so I had to do 
a lot of research. I used a 
couple of consultants who 
had actually served on 
nuclear subs, and the Navy 
was a lot of help — they 
gave me access to a lot of 
information I needed. The 
story Itself was easy, but 
the research was hard. 

Q: What brought you back to 
the world of Sonny Bonds 
for Police Quest 3? 
AiBecause there are things 
I can do now, with this 
game, that I couldn’t do 
with the others. This Is a 
much more complex game 
than the first two. Because 
the technology keeps 
advancing, each game you 
do is better, more 
Involved. The limitations on 


Rescue Mission, or Act of War? 

It is the 21st century. A global oil shortage grips the world. A United States 
ambassador has been kidnapped by terrorists. We stand at the brink of war. 

You are the last hope for the diplomat, and maybe for civilization. 

As agent Johnny Westland, you'll pilot a nuclear submarine into enemy territory, 
dive through treacherous waters, and confront deadly terrorists in an attempt to 
salvage international relations. 

Jim Walls, designer of the powerful Police Quest series, brings you this high 
tension techno-thriller. Codename: Iceman features a realistic submarine 
simulator, authentic Naval intelligence charts, 3-D animation, an exciting 
soundtrack, and realistic sound effects. 

Buy Codename: Iceman, 
and get an Iceman T-shirt FREE! 

Send in this coupon with your Codename: Iceman receipt and 
original registration form, and we'll send you a free Codename: 
Iceman t-shirt. Please specify small, medium, large, or extra-large. 

Free the Ambassador! Free the World! Free T-shirt! 





are changing, so you can 
put more in each game. It 
makes the storytelling great. I 
think these games just keep 
getting better. 

Q: kVeVe seen some of the art 
from Police Quest 3. It has an 
entirely different look and feel 
from the two previous games, 
doesn't it? 

A:Oh yeah, completely 
different. The new parserless 
interface Is one of the big 
differences. It means you have 
to find a different way of telling 
the story, rethink everything 
you used to know about 
designing a game. But this kind 
of Interface puts you into the 
game the way a typed-in 
interface can’t. It gives you a 
more real feeling if you don’t 
have to worry about what you 
have to type. It’s more intense. 
Q: Speaking of 'intense', there's 
a lot of talk about Police Quest 
3; that it’s the most realistic — 
not to mention the most brutal — 
game of the series. Do you feel 
that’s true? 

AiBrutal? I guess there are 
brutal things In the game, but 
it’s just pointing out how the 
world is. These things are 
actually happening — these kinds 
of people are actually running 
around out there, even if we 
don’t want to think about it. It’s 
not like we’re coming out in 
favor of brutality — the game is 
very much against violence and 
crime, like the previous two 
games. The game is intense, its 
subject matter is realistic, and 
with the tools we have now, the 
high-resolutlon graphics, the 
moods that can be created with 
the music and sound — well, it 
just increases that realism, 
reinforces it. It’s not a game 
for the faint-hearted, I guess. 

Q: What does the future hold for 
Jim Walls and the Police Quest 
series? What will you do to 
follow your own act? 

A:l tried to leave the storyline 
of Police Quest 3 open for 
another installment. In fact. I’m 
kind of putting the pieces of 
Police Quest 4 together in my 
head right now. As for following 
my own act, I guess that’ll just 
happen if it happens. I’ll come up 
with something (laughs). 

Q’.Such as, maybe. Iceman 2? 
AiWell, you just never know. 

Police Quest 3 

You may know that Police Quest 3 is the latest 
installment in the story of Sonny Bonds, police officer 
and hero. But did you know that it's the most realistic, 
intense, and technologically advanced game Sierra has 
ever created? 

Sonny's patrol car is a realistic driving simulation, not a 
silly, frustrating, arcade sequence. Pull over any car. The 
driver is a real person, but the characters are a bit wilder 
than real life! 

In the early stages of production, we decided that an 
ultra-real game like Police Quest 3 just wasn't suited to 
cartoon characters. That's why Police Quest 3 has the 
most extensive use of digitized live actors ever seen. 
Every character you'll talk to and interact with is a real 

First, the actors are captured on video or film by a process 
called rotoscoping. They are digitized into the computer, 
where they're artistically enhanced to make them fit into 
the look of the game. That's why the characters' actions 
are so realistic! 

is this the defense attorney 
from Police Quest 31 

Everyone you meet is a 
real person. 

Or is it Chris from 

The sound efrects are super-real. 

The computer-enhanced characters are placed on our 
hand-painted, digitized background graphics. Some of 
the props you'll see the actors using are real, and some 
are drawn into the scene. This is the most skillful blend 
of live actors, realistic animation, and top quality art ever 
put into in an adventure game. 

Police Quest 3 was designed to be a total cinemagraphic 
experience. That's why we commissioned Jan Hammer, of 
Miami Vice music fame, to compose the soundtrack. 
Supporting all major sound cards, the music is exciting 
and moody, adding depth and dimension to the game. 

Do vou r*o*H th* of d«g this ARogtd 
^;iol&tion took pUco? 

Jan Hammer is a world- 
renowned musician and 
composer. He is best 
known for his dramatic 
suspense themes in his 
music. One of his most 
outstanding credits was 
his work on the 
soundtrack for the TV 
show, Miami Vice. His 
music in Police Quest 3 
takes the action right off 
the screen and makes you 
feel like you are part of 
the scene. Jan Hammer’s 
music creates a whole 
new dimension in 
adventure gaming 


The feeling of being surrounded by sound and vision, 
prowling the streets of the city, is just incredible. 

Police Quest 3 utilizes Sierra's brand-new, no-typing, 
point-and-click interface. You'll still have to follow police 
procedure to get the bad guys, but this new system 
makes the action smoother and less frustrating. 

This latest Police Quest is in production for Multimedia 
compact disk. All the human actors will have individual 
digitized human voices! 

Police Quest 3 is the closest you'll ever come to actually 
being a cop. As suspenseful and intense as this game is, it 
may be as close as you'll ever want to come! 

Written by Jerry Luttrell 


Red Baron Strategy 

Suddenly you're 

And the dogfight 

You chuckle to yourself as the simulation begins. It 
asks If you wish to record your mission for later 
replay and review. You select “Yes” thinking it 
would be a good idea to have a lasting tribute to 
your first victory and the simulation begins. 

Von Richtofen dives out of the cloud cover and you 
clamp down on the fire button, spraying the sky 
with bullets. You decide it’s a good feeling, this 
one-on-one contest... nothing but you in the open 
cockpit with your machine gun blasting away. 
Imagine, a mere machine trying to match wits with 
your cunning. 

for the rear gunner toh 
you from this position. 

even in combat. It’s easy to become distracted In 
the heat of battle and let an enemy get behind you. 

Generally, you have the advantage when attacking 
an enemy from above. Conserve your altitude 
whenever possible. 

Don’t stay In a fight if you have been wounded, or 
your oil or fuel line have been hit. 


'S i 


d day for victory. 

The Baron dives below your gunfire and you nose- 
down to follow. There’s a blur of red and the Red 
Baron is gone. You look right and there’s no sign of 
him. You look left and that’s when you hear the 
bullets ripping into your plane. 

When escorting bombers or recon planes, don’t 
stray too far from the plane you are protecting. If 
you lose him, you may never see him again. 

If you're on the tail of an enemy plane and he starts 
to dive, follow him, but not too steeply. He may be 
trying a zoom climb or an Immelman turn. 

Before you can switch to the cockpit view several 
bullets rip into the wing of your plane. Another hit 
sounds and the screen begins to fade red. You 
switch to the back view only to find that this mere 
machine has outsmarted you. Von Richtofen lines up 
and delivers one last, fatal round of fire as your 
smoking plane tumbles from the sky. 

If this sounds all too familiar, don’t worry. Nearly 
eight out of ten pilots were shot down within the 
first few missions of their career. What made the 
difference between the pilots that crashed and 
burned and those who survived was simple practice 
and hard earned strategies. If you’re not the kind 
who wants to learn the hard way, or if you’re an 
ace and just want to brush-up on a few pointers, 
here are some tips from the pros. 

General Tips 

Never turn away from an attacking plane. Doing so 
will give your opponent an easy shot on your tail. 
Instead, run toward him. Even though this will 
cause you to fly through his line of fire, your 
opponent will be unable to follow you through his 

Use the throttle to control your airspeed carefully. 
If you can match the airspeed of an enemy plane 
when you are on his tall, you will be positioned for 
better shooting. This is especially helpful when 
attacking bombers and reconnaissance planes. 

Get in close before you fire. This will maximize the 
effectiveness of your ammunition supply. 

When you encounter concentrations of enemy flak, 
avoid straight and level flight whenever possible. 
Stay below the two-seat reconnaissance planes 
when attacking them from behind. It is impossible 

Zeppelin nilachs 

Zeppelin airships are bristling with machine guns 
and can take a tremendous amount of punishment. 
You will have greater success killing zeppelins if 
you bring along an extra wingman (or two or 
threel). It’s also a good idea to have a plane 
mounted with two machine guns. The best approach 
to flaming a zep is to attack from slightly above or 
below the rear and at a shallow angle to the right 
or left. If you’re really daring, try cutting the 
throttle on the inward attack to maximize your 
attack time. In all likelihood, it will require several 
passes to down the craft. 

mber Bashiny 

These huge, lumbering beasts might seem like easy 
targets but they pack a powerful defensive punch: 
namely, three heavy machine guns which can ruin a 
pilot’s day In a hurry. The most effective way to 
down a bomber Is to cut back on the throttle and 
attack from the same altitude directly behind him. 
However, make sure you really are directly behind 
him, otherwise the rear gunners will use you for 
target practice. One last note; taking out the 
bomber’s escort planes first will make your attack 
on the mighty craft much easier. 

Still having problems? 

If you’ve tried these tips and are still feeling a bit 
frustrated, swallow your pride and set the skill 
level to a lower setting. After you’ve successfully 
logged a dozen or so missions and have more 
experience, then try the higher levels of 
difficulty... you have to walk before you can fly! 

Good luck and happy hunting! 


It’s no secret that Sierra game sequels are the industry’s hottest sellers. But as 
much as we here at Sierra love to get that next exciting installment out the door, 
we also love the classics; those first-in-a-series adventures that started it all, 
like the original King's Quest, Space Quest, or good old Leisure Suit Larry in 
the Land of the Lounge Lizards. 

Written by John Williams 

King's Quest I: The Quest for the Crown. It began in 1983 as a product for the ill- 
fated PCjr. In many ways, King's Quest is the exemplary model for what was best 
out of the early days of computer adventure gaming. While it was a little light on plot 
and storyline compared to today's massive efforts, it offered a straightforward challenge 
with lots of puzzles and rewards. 

The search for the magic items of Daventry presented a good old-fashioned treasure hunt to 
players. King Graham and his search became a topic of conversation at computer stores and 
computer users' group meetings throughout the country. The young CompuServe service 
absolutely buzzed with questions and hints about the game, and Sierra was flooded with requests 
for solutions to the game puzzles. (Hint books and hint lines from Sierra were still years in the future.) 

In 1990, Roberta Williams revised the original King's Quest, bringing it up to today's standards for 
animation and music support. The old game is still there though, and it's as challenging and fun as ever. 

That dragon didn't look so bad But in 1991 - Oh, dear... 
in 1983. 

Roberta Williams, 
designer of the 
King's Quest series. 


He Came to Clean Up the Cosmos 

By 1985, two of the guys working on the King's Quest projects, a programmer named Scott Murphy and 
his partner, artist Mark Crowe, went to Ken Williams with their own design for "Star Quest," a silly, off- 
the-wall sci-fi parody. The name was later changed to Space Quest and the game launched the careers of 
these two designers now known as "The Two Guys from Andromeda." 

Space Quest anti-hero Roger Wilco was the star of this new show, and his questionable beginnings as a 
janitor promised to be anything but adventurous. While King's Quest presented the treasure hunt side of 
adventuring. Space Quest was something of an interactive sci-fi sit-com. Rather than looking for 
adventure, Roger stumbles from situation to situation, never quite in control, and never quite safe from 
the fate that the galaxy has handed him. Almost everyone can relate to that. 

Space Quest also introduced the concept in adventure gaming of "death by amusement." While in King's 
Quest, an ill-timed move might have Graham fall to his death or drown in a fast moving river. Space Quest 
featured Roger Wilco's pitfalls in a more humorous way. Roger explodes like an overfilled balloon in one 
scene, and in another he's crushed to a sphere and dribbled like a basketball. 

Roger Wilco has personified the pinnacle in bumbling heroes. His original adventure game has been remade 
as a full-blown software masterpiece, and will soon be released in a series of comic books. 

Mark Crowe and Scott 
Murphy, the Two Guys 
from Andromeda 

The Keronian Rock Palace then... 

...and now. Whoa, what a party! 

Enter the Lounge Lizard 

Just as King's Quest spawned Space Quest, Space Quest designer Mark Crowe 
branched out with designer Al Lowe to create "Leisure Suit Larry in The Land of 
the Lounge Lizards" and launched the career of Larry; Larry Laffer. 

From a career standpoint, Al seemed somewhat Ill-suited to the task of bringing Larry to 
life. His last three game designs had been "Donald Duck's Playground," "Winnie the Pooh 
in the Hundred Acre Wood" and an adventure game called "The Black Cauldron" for Sierra's 
Disney software label. No one would have thought that Al would be the one to breathe life into 
this adventure, or that someone like Al could bring forth an alter-ego as bold and obnoxious as 
Leisure Suit Larry. He and Mark Crowe got so "into it" that we got a little worried. Throughout the 
development of the game, Al would call us all into his office with "Hey, look at this! Hey, get a load of 
those!" His talent for sight gags, double entendre and just plain irreverent humor had finally found an 
outlet, and we created a monster. 

The release of Leisure Suit Larry is still a sort of dubious landmark in the computer game industry. Some 
magazines refused to advertise the game. We received some pretty strong letters of protest, and for a 
while we were worried that we might never get a computer store south of the Mason-Dixon line to carry 
the game. It was touch-and-go for a while, but soon Larry took on a life of his own. While Larry was 
working his way to his rightful place next to Graham and Roger Wilco in the hearts of adventure game 
players everywhere, Al Lowe and Jim Walls went to work on yet another computer game that would 
become a series starter. 

Al Lowe at work on the He used to look good... 

latest Larry. 

but now he's simply irresistable! 

I n 

r 3 

of On 

Just the Facts on Police Quest 1 

Helen Hots A 
Fenale b '2 IBSa 
, HRIR Black 
I EVES Blue 
‘sDOB 2/1 -<1/66 
202 Gyrate Ct 
Lytton^ Ca 

Police Quest 1 is totally realistic. 

- 4 ’ 

K Police Quest 3 is almost too real. 

Jim Walls had come from a different background entirely. He hadn't packed a keyboard, he'd 
carried a badge, and computer game development was as alien to him as the inside of a jail cell 
would be to most people. While Jim had the story for Police Quest under his gun belt months 
before he even started working at Sierra, he had absolutely zero experience in the development of 
computer games, so Al Lowe helped pull the project together to get this first game out the door. 

Police Quest represented yet another view of what computer gaming could be, and, in many ways, 
opened up computer gaming to new schools of thought in storytelling. The complexity of the story 
was pretty incredible, and the characters were very well developed. The bad guys had motivation, 
the good guys had their bad sides, and even trivial characters like janitors in the locker room proved 
to be likable enough for a player to want to hang around and chat with. 

It was obvious that Jim's work was mostly autobiographical. The fact that everyone knew Jim had 
come to Sierra after retiring from the force early, and the retirement came after he was nearly 
taken out by a lunatic during a routine traffic stop, gave the programmers and artists on the project 
a sort of sober outlook. The darkness and hardness of the story really came through.. 

People here at Sierra were a little worried when they surveyed the final Police Quest product for the 
first time. It was radically different than what we'd done in the past. It had a hard edge to it. It 
didn't seem like something that someone would want to "play." But the edge to the game brought 
out the people who were reading the Joseph Waumbaugh novels and watching Hill Street Blues. 

Police Quest not only became a bestseller, it attracted a whole new audience to adventure gaming. 
The game was even picked up and used in police stations for training. 

Ultimately, it was Police Quest that gave Sierra the courage to go out and "experiment" with doing 
different kinds of games. We no longer felt like a game had to be funny or a fantasy to be a hit. 

We also lost our worry that someone had to be a computer programmer (or in the case of Roberta 
Williams, married to one) to figure out how to tell a story in the computer adventure game medium. 

Jim Walls, ex-cop and Police 
Quest designer. 

A Fistful of Firsts 

Quest for Glory I - The start of an 
epic series. 

Looking outside of our own stable of designers, we tapped David and Barry Murray to do a harder- 
edged science fiction game that eventually ended up as Manhunter: New York. Christy Marx was 
hired out of the movie studios of Hollywood to take a more mature look at the old legends with her 
"Conquests of Camelot." The husband and wife team of Lori and Corey Cole were hired on to 
explore fantasy roleplaying as a medium and came up with Hero's Quest (now known as Quest for 
Glory). A team of brothers, Ken and Doug MacNeill, tapped out the code and design for the Gold 
Rush! adventure game based on real history. We even hired a management trainer to design a 
game based on how to get ahead in the work place. (This idea was so ill-founded that it never got 
off the ground.) 

While we went out looking for new talent, our current designers were turning their early efforts 
into an industry. Players demanded sequel after sequel, and the individual series took on lives of 
their own. King Graham introduced Princess Rosella and young Prince Alexander as characters, and 
Leisure Suit Larry picked up Passionate Patti. 

Conquests of the Camelot 
launched a series based on 


Getting Serious with Series 

Designers like Jim Walls and Roberta Williams not only turned out sequels to their current hits, they 
actually went out and started new ones. Jim Walls created the "Codename: Iceman" techno- 
thriller, and Roberta Williams created "Mixed Up Mother Goose," and a mystery game called "The 
Colonel's Bequest." These three games will get sequels over the next year. Al Lowe's Leisure Suit 
Larry is just about to star in a utility product that Al claims will be the first "office non-productivity 

We bought a company in Eugene, Oregon called Dynamix, and they had their own adventure 
games in the works. It seemed that suddenly, in early 1990, adventure gaming had become as 
diverse and complex as the books found in the fiction shelves of the local library. 

Christy Marx's Conquests of Camelot has done very well on its own, but somehow the original 
concept, which was to do a series of games based on the Knights of the Round Table, went away. 
Now a Conquests game can mean any conquest based on legend or myth. Robin Hood is Christy's 
next focus in Conquests of the Longbow (and her version of Robin Hood fits the bill more than 
Kevin Costner.) 

The CoIoneTs Bequest - The first 
Laura Bow Mystery. 

And New Series are in Store 

I Jim Wall's Codename: Iceman is 
expecting a sequel next year. 

There are some other series startups coming soon. EcoQuest is going to be a topical series about 
saving the planet. It stars a young boy and his dolphin companion. The Adventures of Willie 
Beamish will also hit the streets soon, and looks good to start its own series. 

It's a shame that many first installments in a series of adventure games and series can't be found on 
retail shelves these days. The enjoyment of starting with King's Quest I and progressing to King's 
Quest V can be even more fun than playing them backwards from V to I (which is the way most 
people play them now). 

Take it from the Top 

Next time you're looking to start a new adventure game, think about starting a whole new 
adventure game series. Space Quest I, Larry I, and King's Quest I have all recently been rewritten 
from their original 1980's versions, and products like Police Quest I and Quest for Glory I are due 
for a face lift next year. Heart of China, Rise of the Dragon, Colonel's Bequest and Conquests of 
Camelot represent a chance to get in on the ground floor of a new adventure series in the making. 

Although the playing these "firsts" may be reward enough, you can also save money on these 
products when you use the rebate form below. 

Happy adventuring! 


jWhen you buy any of Sierra's "Firsts" games, you'll save $10 dollars! 

■Send in this coupon with your order when you buy direct from Sierra and deduct $10 from the| 
■total payment price. Or call toll free 800-326-6654 and mention offer #00120. When you buy any| 
Cof these games from your local software dealer, just send us your original, dated receipt with thisr 
Lcoupon and we ll send you a $10 rebate check (Only one coupon may be redeemed per household., 
[Not good with any other offer, except the offer on page 19.) Offer expires March 31, 1992. 

You can save even more when you check out the deals on page 56. 

Heart of China: Lucky Jake 
Master's first adventure. 

] orvfl v;« I • • :• \ : ; - if ; 

TTk " -.'35 Vt LilJ- I: - : - A 

Red Baron: first of a series of 
great flight simulators? 

Willy Beamish looks like the start 
of a series to us! 


You'll he totthfiilled hy the udveuttm 
iwJ thrilled hv the rouuwee. 

Somewhere withiu the fair grotimls 
is the scholar who can lead you to 
the Queen's st?\. 

As }^ood King Richard returns front 
the Crusades he is captured and held 
for ransom hy King I.eopold of 


Yw hen I sat dotm to 
do my initial research 
into my version of Robin 
was faced with the usual 
dilemma of anyone who 
wants to retell these 
classic stories. 

wa.s to 

true to 

of the 

et’s face it, Robin Hood 
is a simple, down-to-earth 
hero. He’s been wrongly 
outlawed, hangs out in the 
woods, shoots a mean bow, has 
a loyal bunch of buddies, a 
terrific eirlfriend named 
Marian, robs from the rich and 
gives to the poor. 

What fascinates me is that in 
spite of the simplicity of these 
basic legends, or maybe 
because of it, storytellers have 
been coming up with their 
individual takes on the legend 
century after century. It seems 
there’s always room for one 
more new slant, one more 
twist. Let’s take a look at some 
of what’s been done for film 
and TV. 

On the silver screen, the 
Errol Flynn movie had all the 
wonderful elements of a 40’s 

Photo courtesy of Vit^nraph, Inc. 

Errol Flynn and Basil Rathbone come to 
grips in "The Adventures of Robin Hood.** 

swashbuckler: grandiose sets, 
straightforward good-vs-bad 
storytelling, and a lot of action. 
Errol was the total hero, always 
ready with a quip and smile, 
always noble, bigger than life. 
There was the magnificent 
sword duel with Basil 
Rathbone that went on forever. 
It was truly a classic. 

The 50’s Disney version was 
also a swashbuckler, but it 
began the trend toward more 
realistic settings and paid more 
attention to historical accuracy. 

The truest and most real of 
them nil is ROBIN AND 
MARIAN, which starred vSean 
Connery as Robin and Audrey 
Hepburn as Marian. Robin’s 
old enemy, the Sheriff, is 
excellently played by Robert 
Shaw. For the first time ever the 
Sheriff was written as a real 
person with depth and 
character, not the usual 
cardboard cutout of a villain. 

The medieval times are 
shown realistically. It was a 
dirty, tough time, not a romp in 

Photo courtesy of Columbia Pictures 

Maid Marian (Audrey Hepburn) and 
Little John (Nicol Williamson) help 
Robin Hood (Sean Connery) from the 
battlefield in “Robin and Marian.” 

the glade. Most of all, Robin is 
a real man, not an infallible 
hero. It’s a bittersweet film full 
of real people. When Robin 
and the Sheriff have their final 
confrontation, it’s a down-and- 
bloody two-handed sword fight 
that is truly medieval. 

In the 80’s, Showtime 
produced a series starring first 
Michael Praed and then later, 
Jason Connery (yes, Sean’s son) 
as Robin. 

Once again, we saw a dirty, 
grimy and realistic version of 
the Middle Ages, but with yet 
another storyteller’s twist: 
magic and Celtic mysticism. 

women become even tougher, 
reflecting our growing 
appreciation of strong women 
characters who can fight. Robin 
is more fallible than ever. 
Magic has been introduced in 
the form of the Sheriff’s witch- 
partner. I loved the deliberate 
irony of having Sean Connery 
show up as King Richard. 

is a rather schizoid film. I think 
this film was confused about 
whether it was a swashbuckler, 
a mad parody or a serious 
adventure and ended up being a 
mix of all three. 

So what approach did I take 
LONGBOW? 1 decided to 
bypass the stories of Robin 
meeting up with his men. 
They’ve been done too often. 

I reread my favorite version 
of the tales by George 
Cockburn Harvey, published in 
1923. I went back to the 
original ballads. I pored 
through my English history 
books. I read medieval 
romances and epic poems. 1 
read detailed studies about real 
medieval outlaws. 

I sent away for special 
material from the historical 
library in Nottingham and was 
able to obtain original maps of 
the town in 1193, drawing of 
the castle at that time and lots 
of other valuable background 

I threw all this into the 
creative pot, stirred it, let it 
bubble. As a basic plotline 
developed, 1 went looxing for 
the unique elements that turn a 
story into a game. I added some 
more ingredients: Druidic tree 


lore, magical objects, the Green 
Man as the guardian spirit of 
Sherwood Forest. 

My goal was to remain true 
to the basic nature of the Robin 
Hood legend. Though he’s a 
great archer, he achieved most 
of his goals by cleverness, 
cunning and trickery. 

You’ll find a familiar cast of 
characters, but I’ve added my 
own new twist to Marian, 
giving her a strong role and a 
secret identity of her own. 

Like a few other storytellers, 
I based the backbone of my 
story on the historical fact of 
King Richard’s capture in 
Austria on his way back from 
the Third Crusade. Though the 
basic goal of the game is to 
raise a ransom and rescue the 
King, there are many subplots, 
daring rescues, schemes, battles. 

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Inc. 

The Sheriff of Nottingham (Alan 
Rickman) fights Robin Hood (Kevin 
Costner) for Maid Marian (Mary 
Elizabeth Mastrantonio) in “Robin Hood: 
Prince of Thieves. ** 

romance and magic. 

Talented teams of artists and 
programmers are helping put 
together what may be the most 
complex game I have ever 
designed. Mark Seibert is 
composing wonderful music 
using authentic Medieval 
instrument sounds and based 
on the ancient tunes of original 
Robin Hood ballads. 

My own goal is for you, 
male or female, to BE Robin 
Hood, to really LIVE in the 
12th century. Let me know 
whether or not I’ve succeeded. 
See you in the merry (ireenwcxxl! 

Everywhere you go Willy is getting into an 
outrageous situatioin. Remember what it 
was like to be a kid? 

Each time Willy gets out of trouble there*s 
something else he has to deal with. 

The hand-painted digitized scenes are 
colorful and detailed. They may remind 
you of some places youWe been to. 

In the winter of 1991, Jeff 
and a crew of nearly 35 
writers, animators and 
artists will release their 
first interactive cartoon 
adventure. Meet the home 
computer's first fully 
animated cartoon hero, 
nine-year-old Willy Beamish. 

So ambitious was the project 
that it was eight years in 
development. Seven full- 
time animators combined 
traditional hand-drawn cell 
animation techniques with 
state-of-the-art digitizing. 

First he created the futuristic thriiier. 
Rise of the Dragon, where a grizzied 
P.l. faced a city on the edge of 
destruction. Then came the visuaiiy 
stunning romantic adventure. Heart of 
China, which took the piayer on a 
journey that spanned the giobe. Now 
Dynamix designer Jeff Tunneii is 
preparing his most ambitious project. 

The project required the 
construction of completely 
new tools for development 
and marked a major evolu- 
tion of the Dynamix Game 
Development System (DGDS). 

Unlike Jeff's earlier projects. 
The Adventures of Willy 
Beamish features fully 
animated on-screen charac- 
ters. Willy and friends come 
to life on your computer 
screen with animation as 
detailed as Saturday mor- 
ning cartoons. Characters 

are controlled by an 
improved and simplified 
version of Dynamix' point- 
and-click interface. 

"My biggest goal was to 
bring a personality to life," 
says Jeff Tunnell. "Not just a 
little character on the screen 
but one that's believable and 
involving, with appeal for 
both adults and children." 
Jeff assembled an un- 
matched cast of talents to 
bring the elements of story 
and visual style together. 

Written by Jerry Luttrell 

Writers from NBC were hired 
to pen Willy's adventures. 
Veteran animators (with 
credits such as Walt Disney's 
The Little Merma/d™,Hanna- 


Barbera's Jonny Quest and 
AKOM's The Simpsons™) 
were enlisted to bring Willy's 
world to life. 

Many months were spent on 
the fundamental issues of 
characterization and story 
refinement. Jeff knew that 
these key ingredients had to 
be given foremost attention, 
even over the technnical 

Look out! It can get really rough in the 
world of Willy Beamish. 

This is just one example of the animation No matter where Willy goes bizarre events 

techniques used in the creation of Willy are bound to occur. 


elements of the project. The 
result is truly amazing. 
Computer Gaming World 
says "The Adventures of 
Willy Beamish. ..may well 
be the benchmark in 
computer animation that 
Snow White was for 
cinematic animation." 

So, just what should 
adventure gamers expect 
from Willy? "A lot of fun,” 
says Jeff. "Imagine stepping 
into your favorite cartoon 
and determining the 
direction it takes. ..solving 

puzzles, getting into and 
out of trouble, and 
interacting with a cast of 
characters that are as zany 
as any you've ever seen. " 

Calling the cast of Willy 
Beamish "zany" may be a 
serious understatement on 
Jeff's part. The characters in 
Willy Beamish could keep an 
analyst busy for years. 

First, there's Willy's family. 
His mom's gone totally over 
the edge in her quest to be 

the ultimate yuppie. And 
his dad's a serious neurotic 
who plays with toys and 
borders on daily nervous 
break-downs. His little 
sister epitomizes the 
phrase "tag-along" and 
his big sister gives 
new meaning to the role 
of the confused teenager. 

As if these characters aren't 
enough, Willy must also deal 
with the ghost of his 
grandfather, a hyperactive 
pet jumping frog, the little 

girl down the street, 
school officials out for 
revenge, the town bully 
out for blood, and two 
deliciously evil baddies 
determined to blow the 
city's sewer system sky high. 

Throw in a demonic 
baby-sitter, a group of 
ninja tourists, kidnapping, 
mystery, and a good 
dose of seriously warped 
humor and you can begin 
to imagine the wild 
world that Dynamix and 
Jeff Tunnell have crafted. 



P ou can t go home again, 
according to the proverb. Or 
perhaps in Roger Wilco's case, 
"You shouldn’t go home 
again." Sure, after many years 
of spacefaring adventures and 
harrowing brushes with death, 
a relaxing visit to Roger's home 
planet. Xenon, would be a nice 
change of pace. That's not what 
Roger gets, however, when 
he's unceremoniously 
dumped into a time-rip corri- 
dor by some guy carrying what 
looks like a hair dryer with a 
glandular condition. 

Roger Wilco pilots his trusty spaceship, 
the Aluminum Mallard, toward the 
planet Magmetheus in search of some 
welcome rest and recreation. 



Getting into trouble with the Sequel 
Police is bod enough, but it pales in 
connparison with the realization that 
Roger’s old nemesis, Sludge Vohaul, is 
once again out for revenge. 


* w 

When Roger arrives on his home planet 
of Xenon, he doesn’t get the sort of 
homecoming he had anticipated. 
There are no marching bands, beauty 
queens, or planetary officials to greet 
him — only the devastation of a once- 
vital world. 

1 !■ r r '■ r 

Wf ;0m ft 

only too tv 



As usual, Roger ends up blowing all his 
buckazoids on drinks for the house. 
Still, it’s a small price to pay for an 
attentive audience. 

Before Roger can ask for an explana- 
tion, he’s pushed into a time rip. (It’s not 
nearly as much fun as it looks, kids, so 
don’t try this at home.) 

The few remaining denizens of Xenon 
seem to be under the control of some 
external force. If you get this close to 
one of them, you can bet that an exter- 
mination drone can’t be far behind. 

After some fancy 
footwork and a daz- 
zling rope trick, Roger 
makes his way to this 
sewage control sta- 
tion, where he’s about 
to learn about more 
than waste treatment. 

Dropping onto the surface 
of Xenon, our hero immediately 
notices a few changes since his 
last visit — a new shopping 
center over here, a couple of 
new restaurants over there, and 
utter devastation everywhere. 
With his jaw scraping the frag- 
mented pavement, Roger real- 
izes that someone, or somethittg, 
has laid waste to his beloved 
(well, at least tolerated) Xenon. 
From the brief discussion he had 
with a couple of Sequel Police 
goons just prior to his time trip, 
he suspects that the perpetrator 
is none other than his old 
nemesis. Sludge Vohaul. Now 
it's up to Roger to prevent fur- 
ther exploitation of his home 

From the very start, it's ob- 
vious to Roger (and to you, of 
course) that the answers lie 
somewhere else besides Xenon. 
But how can Roger escape the 
shattered planet? And further, 
how can he escape this time 
period? A little ingenuity gets 
Roger into the Sequel Police 
enclave, where it's a simple 
matter (yeah, right!) to make off 
with a time pod. Considering 
his nearly nonexistent knowl- 
edge of time-travel mechanics, 
it's no surprise that Roger ends 
up in the most unlikely of places 
— the planet Estros. Eventually 
taken prisoner by a comely 
young amazon, Zondra, who 

“-'T. . 

) 1 

Though his eyes water from the pungent 
vapors of the sewers, Roger con still 
recognize a Sequel Police patrol ship 
when he sees one. The question is, how 
to board it? 



No one ever said that Sequel Police 
were recruited for their brains. If you’ll 
just head straight for the entry hatch, 
you should be able to hitch a ride 

- :.c« ' 

•jes. y. fy 

^ (i 

It’s probably not healthy to linger too 
long inside the Dome. You’ll need to 
return later, but for now, you must get 
off Xenon as quickly as possible. 

The time pod’s controls are fairly simple, 
but unfortunately, Roger is even sim- 
pler. If you keep punching in codes, 
you should end up in the right place. 
Just don’t forget to jot down the code 
for Xenon first. 


The fabled planet of Estros is populated 
entirely by women — or so says the 
legend. But this isn’t Leisure Suit Larry, so 
Roger needs to get his mind on the job 
at hand. 

If you insist on standing in the wrong 
place, you’ll have to expect rough 
treatment from the local fauna. In this 
case, the bird’s interest in you is wel- 

^ ^ < ?f b5lros 

The view from here is 
great, though the hu- 
man bones scattered 
about do detract a bit 
from your enjoyment. 

; Waitfor some company, 
then make your way out 
of the nest. 

This scene looks like something out of a 
B-grade movie made on Earth in the 
1 950s. However, Roger has other things 
on his mind. 

Why can’t Roger remember this 
woman? Time-hopping leads to some 
interesting paradoxes. 

!♦ fiMMtiit ftmr 

Things don’t look good for our hero. All 
these women seem to be intent on 
making Roger pay, but for what? 
Maybe he’ll learn something by going 
along with them, but don’t bet on it. 

Madame Thoreen doesn t appear to 
have Roger’s best interests at heart, but 
then you might be bitter, too, if you’d 
been literally ripped off by a defective 

The sea siug is fearsome, but it can be 
beaten if you think of it as a big, inflat- 
able beach toy. Use the laser to buy 
some time. 

With the sea slug out of the way, Roger 
accompanies a grateful Zondra and 
her girlfriends to that monument of 
wretched excess and rampant capi- 
talism — the Galaxy Galleria. 

Roger could have 
sworn Zondra went in 
here, but there’s only 
the android salesper- 
son and the delight- 
fully animated mani- 
kins. A part-time job 
flipping burgers might 
help Roger with his 
fashion problem. 

vows retribution against Roger 
for walking out on her (Roger's 
memory is conveniently fuzzy 
on this point), he regains her 
trust, and survives, by defeating 
a giant sea slug. 

On a celebratory shopping 
trip to the Galaxy Galleria with 
Zondra and her girlfriends, 
Roger once again runs afoul of 
the Sequel Police. But, as always, 
he comes up with a novel 
method of escape. 

Space Quest IV: Roger Wilco 
and the Time Rippers is, in the 
grand tradition of Sierra ad- 
ventures, a difficult but hilarious 
game. As always, the items you 
manage to uncover and how you 
use them form the basic strategy 
of the game. To be sure, there 
are times when you'll probably 
be banging your head for a so- 
lution. But then, that's all part of 
the fun, isn't it? In particular, 
note that in a couple of places 
(such as the Galaxy Galleria), 
success requires a specific se- 
quence of actions. Thanks to the 
simple save-game procedure, 
you can experiment freely. 

Space Quest IV may be the 
ultimate in self-referential 
gaming. It contains so many 
references to itself and to other 
Sierra games (both real and 
imagined) that it threatens to 
implode like a neutron star. You 
actually "visit" other install- 
ments in the Space Quest series. 


'.jr^ a 


going back to Space Quest II: 
Voliaiil’s Revenue and jumping 
ahead to Space Quest X: Latex 
Babes of Estros — all while 
operating from Space Quest 
XII: Vohaul's Revenge II. There 
are obviously some warped 
minds at work here, but they 
do manage to pull it off. 

With the new 256-color 
VGA graphics, a great 
soundtrack, and a newly de- 
signed icon-based user inter- 
face (Sierra veterans may not 
initially feel comfortable with 
it). Space Quest IV is a prime 
example of why Sierra is at 
the top of the computer gam- 
ing world. And Sierra's up- 
coming CD-ROM version of 
the game should really be 

If you haven't played the 
three earlier installments of 
Roger W ilco's adventures, you 
can still enjoy Space Quest IV, 
but you'll miss some of the 
references. Even though the 
ending leaves you with the 
feeling that you've been de- 
liberately set up for yet another 
sequel, it's still a marvelous 
game. Who can wait to dis- 
cover the dark, unspoken se- 
crets of Roger's future — or is 
it his past? In the Space Quest 
series, you often don't know 
whether you're coming or 
going. But then, that too is 
part of the fun. 

This game review is photo 
reprinted with permission. 
Copyright ©1991 
Signal Research, Inc. 

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If clothes make the man, what does 
this dress make Roger? Still, if Roger 
expects to make that purchase of a 
lifetime, he’ll have to find some way of 
fooling the automated teller machine. 

Considering the physical fitness stan- 
dards for galactic garbage collectors, 
it’s all Roger can do to swim to the top 
of the zero-G rec area. Fortunately, 
Sequel Police standards appear to be 
even lower. 

^ ! ■ 1 ; 

These refugees from a bad Macintosh 
game are spoiling for a fight. After they 
toss you out, try giving their parked 
bikes a shove. You’ll need something 
from the bar before you leave. 



Once his walk on the wild side is over, 
Roger needs to find a way off the Gal- 
axy Galleria. The arcade could pro- 
vide an answer, if he can find the right 
spot on which to stand. 

Just when Roger thought he’d never 
have to see Ulence Flats again, the 
stolen time pod deposits him back in 
time — complete with EGA graphics. 

Back on Xenon, you’ve made it into 
the computer access tunnel, with the 
help of something special from the jar 
you’ve been lugging around. A little 
smoke might help you align the laser 

AlU Wfthb 

The computer complex, 
you’ll discover, was appar- 
ently designed by M.C. 
Escher. The tension is thick 
enough to cut with a chain 
saw as Roger steps hesitat- 
ingly toward a rendezvous 
with.. .what? 


'.•/ W v*/ 


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iOl The Cipher 

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Hoyle Book of Games: 
Volume III 

Fun for the whole family! This col- 
lection of favorite board and dice 
games is sure to have something for 
everyone. Now you can play 
Backgammon, Checkers, Dominoes 
and many others with your friends, 
or against the computer and your 
favorite Sierra characters! Most 
game boards and pieces can be cus- 
tomized, and special children’s 
games have lively animated playing 
pieces. Beginners can learn games, 
and experienced players will thrill to 
exciting new challenges! 

Conquests of the Longbow: 
The Legend of Robin Hood 

Become the Noble Prankster, 
cutting a swath across the cin- 
emagraphic beauty of Old 
England. Take up arms with 
your Merry men as you try to 
raise a ransom for the good 
King Richard! But beware, the 
wicked and clever Sheriff of 
Nottingham will oppose you at 
every turn. And some say Prince 
John himself will do anything 
to prevent the return of his 
brother. Gorgeous visuals and 
realistic animation bring the 
legend of Robin Hood to life! 

Space Quest I: 

The Sarien Encounter 

Strap into your seat, grab your 
keyboard, and get ready for a 
wild outer space adventure! It’s 
the original Roger all right, but 
with all-new, hand-painted digi- 
tized graphics and hysterical 
3-D animation! You’ll have a 
blast trying to save the hapless 
planet Xenon from the slimy 
Sariens. With the look of a 
1950’s science fiction movie, 
Space Quest I puts you in the 
spotlight. The brand-new music 
card compatible stereo sound- 
track will blow you away! 

Nova 9: 

Draxon's Revenge 

Attention space warriors! Nova 9 
is a supercharged arcade adven- 
ture from the designers of 
Stellar 7. The dazzling color 
graphics and 3-D animation 
will explode on your computer 
screen with all-new evil aliens, 
battle strategies and bizarre, 
high-tech weaponry. You'll bat- 
tle Draxon’s forces on nine 
worlds of ever-increasing dan- 
ger and difficulty. The music 
card compatible stereo sound- 
track will have you cruisin’ 
space in style! 

Leisure Suit Larry in the 
Land of the Lounge Lizards 

The original Larry is back and he’s 
better than ever! Join the Prince of 
Polyester on his quest for the ulti- 
mate babe. This classic game has 
been entirely re-animated in boda- 
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you dancin’ all night long and into 
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The Bookwyrm's 
Mixed-Up Fairy Tales 

“Can you help me?” asks the 
Bookwyrm. And your child is 
launched on a learning adventure! 
Journey to the Land of Books, 
where early readers will have fun 
improving their skills and learning 
new ones. Five classic fairy tales 
have been mixed up by the cranky 
old Bookend, and it’s up to your 
child to put them back together 
again. Familiar fairy tale charaaers 
will help along the way, and charm- 
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your child’s every success. 

Leisure Suit Larry V; 
Passionate Patty Does A 
Little Undercover Work 

EcoQuest I: 

The Search for Cetus 

The Castle of Dr. Brain 

Patti’s a secret agent spy, work- 
ing undercover (and under the 
covers!) for the FBI. Larry’s a 
videotape rewinder for the 
porno TV show, “America’s 
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Laffer Utilities 

Waste time at work efficiently! 
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Join the crusade to save the 
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Adam, a twelve-year-old boy, 
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Battle toxic waste, oil spills, 
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You must find the great Whale 
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Pdke Quest III: 

The Kindred 

The most realistic and intense 
Police Quest yet! You’re detec- 
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Journey to an amazing world of 
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Brain’s lab assistant, but first 
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The Adventures of 
Willy Beamish 

Enter the wild world of Willy 
Beamishl You’ll have to deal 
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neurotic yuppie mom, a frus- 
trating dad who plays with 
your toys, and a ghostly grand- 
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ily, and endless quest to evade 
the school bully will keep you on 
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You can't keep a good man down... 
Shown is a background painting of 
Dr axon's escape pod after crash landing. 


It's been two 
years since you 
defeated Gir 
Draxon and his 
forces on the 
planetary system 
of Stellar 7. With 
the disappearance 
of Draxon, order 
was restored and 
lasting peace 
finally seemed 
like a reality... 

...until now. 

Cute and cuddly... 

Early sketches of some Nova 9 inhabitants 
that are about to join the endangered 
species list. 

Home Sweet Home... 

Pencil sketch of your secret base where 
construction of the Raven II has taken place. 

The few, the proud, the universe's only hope... 
Early drawings of Sarah, the engram computer. 

The awesome, yet untested Raven II awaits... 
Early technical sketches of the totally new 
assault craft 

Deep in space, Draxon has 
been waiting. He has 
developed new weapons of 
destruction, found new allies 
in his quest for domination, 
and chosen a new target 
from which to launch his 
conquest of mankind; the 
planetary system of Nova 9. 
Now you must meet his 
challenge once again. 

HE'S MAD... 

Imprisoned in his escape 
pod, Draxon floated through 
the vast reaches of space. 
Near death, only his hatred 
of you has fueled his will to 
live. It's a hatred that would 
have followed him to the 
grave if not for the magnetic 
field of a remote and 
mysterious system known as 
Nova 9. 

Now, after crash landing 
on the system's first planet, 
things have changed. Draxon 
is back, more powerful than 
ever. Installing his ominous 
Warp Links on each of the 
nine worlds, Draxon has laid 
waste to the entire system. 
He's established planetary 
arsenals to expand his 
domination. He has secretly 
rebuilt his army, given them 
new and deadly powers, and 
positioned them on each of 

the diverse planets that 
make up the system of Nova 
9. From a world composed 
of ice to another ravaged by 
lightning and electrical 
storms. Lord Draxon has set 
the stage for the final 


On a research station 
hidden in the Rained Asteroid 
Belt, you have spent the last 
two years in seclusion. Though 
the battle of Stellar 7 was 
victorious, no war is without a 
price. Many lives were lost, 
including that of your wife. 
Hidden deep in space, you 
have devoted your energy to 
rebuilding the nearly 
destroyed Raven. You were 
alone except for Sarah, a 
prototype "engram 

computer," and a service 
drone named Sparky. 
Construction on the vastly 
improved Raven II had just 
been completed when the 
distress signal came in. It was 
a call for help from the ninth 
planet of the Nova 9 system. A 
cry against a nightmare come 
back to life and a warning to 
all... Draxon is back. 

Now, return to the battle 
in an all-new adventure. 

With the newly refitted 
Raven II, you will battle a 
reborn Gir Draxon and his 
forces on nine worlds of 
ever-increasing danger and 

But, BE WARNED... 
this is not Stellar 7. 

Your previous battles will 
not prepare you for what 
awaits. There are nine worlds 
unlike anything you've seen. 
Nine worlds, each a living 
nightmare and each one 
governed by it's own laws of 

You will encounter beings 
of living energy that grow 
with each firing of your 
weapons, and beings formed 
of ice that melt away before 
your eyes. You'll journey to 
worlds where gravity warps, 
where insects rule and where 
beasts of prehistoric fantasy 
tower over you. 

It is a challenge of wits, 
skill, and revenge. Maneuver 
through force field mazes. 
Use land formations to leap 
obstacles and launch 
airborne attacks. Think your 
way out of deadly traps. 
Discover the incredible new 
abilities of the Raven, and 
unlock the mystery of 
Draxon's new power. 

There's so much to do, so 
much to learn, and in this 
battle, so little time. The final 
confrontation with Lord 
Draxon slowly unravels one 
secret from your past that 
could mean certain doom for 
the galaxy. 


Is it time to take a stab at Sword and Sorcery^ 

By Kurt Busch 


You buy a game based on the box art and 
the screen shots, open it up and find a 
stack of disks, an obtuse map, and a 
reference manual as thick (and as clear) as 
a college calculus text. You boot up 
anyway and find yourself staring at a 
character on a tiny play field, surrounded 
by columns of confusing statistics. You 
walk around, run into monsters, and get 
greased with alarming alacrity. 

Fun, huh? 

Welcome to the always hostile, sometimes 
frustrating, but never boring world of 
Fantasy/Role Playing. 


Fantasy/Role Playing games (sometimes 
called “Dungeon Games" by the more 
hard-core hack-and-slashers) offer hours of 
satisfying action for the initiated. 
Involvement is intense and emotional 
connection with your character can get 
pretty pronounced. Your wits and 
weaponry steer your party through 
dangerous encounters, complex character 
development, and seemingly 
insurmountable obstacles. 

But for a lot of game players, these magical 
marathons are a tad too dense to get into 
quickly. You have to recruit team members, 
gain experience, and master complicated 
magic and weapons systems. Worse, you 
absolutely HAVE to read the 
documentation (a real chore for us 
impetuous adventurers) if you want to get 
a real handle on what makes this particular 
little universe tick. 

If you want to explore this highly addictive 
genre and get into the action quickly, 
check into the dungeon duo of Zeliard 
and Sorcerian. This two-step introduction 
will ease you into the world of Fantasy/Role 
playing and may make you a spell-casting 
convert in the process. 

I ) 1 ^ 

You'll encounter mysterious 
magic and untold riches. 


Crave action? The monsters 
will be happy to oblige. 


Zeliard is a perfect "first game" for the aspiring dungeoneer. This light-hearted, 
high-octane action game will introduce you to all the elements of Fantasy/Role 
Playing without making you memorize a volume of spells and strategies. Zeliard 
is a multi-level dungeon adventure that sports high-resolution scrolling screens, 
major music card support, and a stirring stereo soundtrack that features a 
different music theme for each level. 

But don't think Zeliard is a cakewalk. A kingdom is held in the grip of terror by 
an evil demon. You must battle your way through seven levels of dungeons, 
collect nine stolen jewels, and save a princess who's been turned to stone. Along 
the way, you'll encounter a myriad of monsters, cross dangerous terrain, puzzle 
your way through mazes, and fight battle after battle with might and magic. 
Between each level you'll discover a new town where you'll learn new magic 
spells, outfit yourself with better weapons, repair your armor, and gain valuable 
clues through conversations with town folk. 

Zeliard differs from the standard dungeon epics in a number of ways, all of 
which make it easier to get into and ultimately more playable for the uninitiated 
dungeon adventurer. Here are just a few of the Role-Playing challenges: 

Magic: Magic spells are "taught" to you by the sages, wizards, and wise men 
who inhabit the subterranean towns. In other words, you're rewarded with a 
new spell at each level. These spells are deployed with a simple keystroke (no 
mixing esoteric ingredients or typing in arcane formulas). You can also 
purchase magical items in each town, some of which will allow you to heal 
wounds, mend armor, increase your attack power, etc. 

Zeliard takes a big step forward in the action-adventure field... this is a game you can simply fall in love with, 
it stands out as one of the few primarily action-oriented examples of its genre. - Game players Guide 

If someone were to take the best bits of Sorcerian and the best bits of Zeliard, 

he would have a true classic on his hands. -Tom GalvIn, CompuServe 

Experience: The deeper you go, 
tougher you get. Simple, huh? 


Weapons: Each town hosts a weapons 
shop where you can buy increasingly 
powerful swords and shields. You carry 
only one of each at any given time, so 
there's no complex switching of 
weapons during battle. Of course, some 
items you'll just have to find on your 

Battle: The critters that haunt these 
dungeons are not friendly (and they get 
worse the deeper you go). You're going 
to have to deal with fire-spitting frogs, 
giant spiders, disembodied one-eyed 
heads, ice turtles, zombies, and worse. 
Battle is mainly swordplay, augmented 
by the spells learned on each level. 
Passing from one level to the next can 
only be done after an encounter with a 
BIG monster. If they get the best of you, 
you won't actually die - just find 
yourself borne gently to the surface by 
the sages of the land. 

Conversation and Interaction: No 

need to keep a detailed notebook of 
your conversations, translate answers, 
or search for the right subject during 
questioning. Just click on any of the 
town folk you meet and they'll let you 
in on valuable information (though 
some of these people are in league with 
the demon, so don't believe just 
anything you hear). 

Zeliard is sort of “Dungeon Lite" - all the 
great taste of Fantasy/Role Playing without 
the extra mental calories. You'll get healthy 
heapings of action and adventure, but 
you'll get to spend your time playing 
instead of leafing hopelessly through an 
obtuse reference manual. Once you've 
mastered this fun-packed fantasy, you're 
ready to take on the more meaty challenge 
of Sorcerian. 


This is one of the best-selling Dungeon 
games in Japan and a full-on Fantasy/Role 
Playing adventure. In it, you must lead your 
party of four through 15 different action 
adventures. Like Zeliard. the point of view 
is from the side, with richly detailed 

scrolling scenes capturing the action as you 
leap from battle to battle. The world of 
Sorcerian is richer, deeper, and more 
complex than Zeliard's. There is an 
elaborate magic system. Your party is made 
up of men and women with various 
professions and attributes. Characters can 
master many weapons and gain experience 
through training and adventure. 

The most unique aspect of this system is 
the passage of time. Characters start young 
and actually age as the game progresses. 
You'll see them mature physically as they 
gain experience and wisdom. 

You begin an adventure by forming a 
party. There are four standard characters, 
but you can choose from a field of 20 
adventurers, all of which have distinct 
personalities. You travel through 
dungeons, strange kingdoms, hostile 
outposts, and mysterious mountains, 
searching for items and locations that will 
help you complete the quest. Opposing 
you are bats, wizards, gnomes skeletons, 
hydras, and a host of other evil creatures. 

These adventures become increasingly 
difficult as you progress in power and 
abilities. Areas to explore become larger 
and more complex, and the items needed 
become more numerous and elusive. 

Goals and quests involve a lot more than 
hacking and slashing your way through 
walls of monsters. You must convince a 
young woman to leave the red dragon that 
tricked her into marriage. A mysterious 
gem that causes madness must somehow 
be neutralized. The son of a seafarer 
refuses to leave a dangerous ship. Potions 
are lost, rivers are dammed by demons, 
magicians are kidnapped... in short, you've 
got your work cut out . 


Action, adventure and involvement. These 
are the elements that make for any good 
computer game. And there's no shortage 
of these three in the magical realm of 
Fantasy/Role Playing games. If you've 
written off the Dungeon genre, check into 
Zeliard and Sorcerian. This may be just 
the pair to ease you into a whole new 
world of computer action adventures. 


Get Zeliard for 
$5.00 when you 
buy Sorcerian. 
see page 56 




Sierra announces the grand 
opening of their 'electronic 
playground'. The Sierra 
Network. Now you can hook 
up to game players coast-to- 
coast and thrill to 24-hour 
non-stop entertainment. 

TSN is a lot more than a 
computer network or ‘on-line 
service’. It’s a nationwide 
‘electronic neighborhood’. 
People meet one another, play 
games with friends and have a 
great time! 

But hang on to your keyboard, 
you’re gonna dig this! 

When you enter The Sierra 
Network you become an on- 
screen character. You choose 
the shape of your face, your 
nose, your eyes and mouth. 
Then, you fill in your personal 
interests, game preferences, and 
your skill levels for various 
games. Now sit back and watch 
your computer light up. 

People from coast-to-coast 
will be asking you if you’d like 
to play a game of backgammon, 
chess, bridge, cribbage, hearts, 
or checkers. And soon there will 
be many other games you will 
be able to challenge your 
‘electronic neighbors’ to. Or, 
you can always simply watch 
others play and pick up their 
clever game strategies. 

TSN’s graphic-user interface 
allows anyone with a PC and a 
modem to start up immediately. 
No prior computer experience is 
necessary so it’s great 
entertainment for children, adults, 
and even ‘computerphobics’. 



The chess game on The Sierra 
Network is visited often by 
world-class chess masters. Hal 
Bogner is a frequent player on 
TSN. He's a chess master and 
also writes a chess column for 
the Orange County Register 
newspaper. And there are at 
least three bridge masters 
waiting to challenge you. Lou 
Dubin is a Life Master Bridge 
competitor you can look for on 

It’s ‘tele-kinetic’! Imagine 
playing interactive games like 
chess, backgammon and bridge 
with people anywhere in the 
U.S.A. in real-time. Imagine 
getting first-hand scoops from 
cities all over the country from 
‘network friends’ long before 

Take a look at your 'electronic 
neighbors sit down and chat awhile. 

your local TV news reports 
them. And imagine all this 
cross-country gaming, news, 
conversation, and entertainment 
being available 365 days a year, 
24 hours a day. 

If you have an IBM- 
compatible computer and a 
modem, now there’s a way you 
can do all of this and more. It’s 
The Sierra Network (TSN), a 
nationwide game network created 
by Sierra On-Line, the experts in 
computer gaming. 


You can make a self-portrait on TSN 
and become an on-screen character or 
create a whole new you! It's easy. 

On The Sierra Network neighborhood' all kinds of 
people play exciting games with each other, send 
messages and enjoy casual conversations coast... 


; !♦( 


1 4f 


itlor 1 ^ 


■Ace I- 

iir S' 


•?.ir Cl 



I# Rothes 

^ Glasses 

■ Etc 

Check out Nick's crazv low-price on modems. 

See back cover for details. 

You can challenge chess masters or just 
watch them play. You can pick the 
opponent of your skill level. 

Bridge is a fascinating game on TSN. 

You can play with your regular group or 
choose players at random and make up 
your own team. 

Relax in your home, put your feet up 
and have a friendly game of 
Backgammon with a neighbor on the 
other side of the continent. 

Your regular Saturday night Checkers 
partner is waiting for you. It's so much 
fun to play and chat with all your new 

Nothing to dof Take heart and play a 
game of Hearts with a TSN gamer. 

the system. And John Hennessy 
is a 35-year veteran of the 
game. But don’t forget you can 
simply watch these masters play 
and pick up valuable tips that 
will help your game. On TSN 
everyone’s skill levels are 
displayed so you can pick just 
the right partner for your level 
of expertise. 

What makes TSN different 
from other on-line services is 
the focus of The Sierra Network 
— bringing people together for 
good old-fashioned fun. 

The interactive structure of 
TSN allows people to hold 
‘real-time’ competition and 
conversations. Talking to a 
neighbor living half a continent 
away is as simple as chatting 
over the backyard fence. You 
and your bridge or chess 
partners can get together for 
your regular game, at your 
regular time, even though you 
all live in different states. 

TSN has a NO-RISK trial 
offer that allows you up to 3 
hours to try the service. If you 
like it, the monthly membership 
fee is $4.95 per month plus 
$2.00 per hour (evening) and 
$7.00 per hour (daytime). TSN 
membership is $11.95 per month 
in California for unlimited use 

(an unheard of industry low- 
price). This flat-rate price will 
become available in more states 
as TSN membership grows. 

The money you save by 
getting Sierra game hints on 
TSN rather than paying 
long-distance bills will pay 
for TSN in no time. 

You can subscribe to TSN 
with your credit card by calling 
800-SIERRA-l or write to: 

The Sierra Network 
P.O. Box 485 
Coarsegold, CA 93614 

The TSN bulletin hoard gives you hints 
on Sierra games, lets you leave messages 
in your friends' electronic mailboxes, get 
reference info, and so much more! 

We’d love to hear what you 
think about TSN. Write us a 
letter or contact us on-line 
through TSN on your modem 
and leave us your suggestions, 
ideas and comments on The 
Sierra Network Bulletin Board. 

And look at this! 

The Sierra Network is planning 
computer theme parks. You'll 
experience thrills, adventure and 
endless fun on your computer. 
You'll have games, projects, skill 
challenges and so much more. 


Under construction at TSN. You'll be 
able to play games at Wilco's Arcade. 
Bring a date and play miniature golf. 
Get some help with your homework 
from the 'electronic chalkboard'. Wait 
till you paint and sculpt your wildest 
ideas. And when you're finally ready to 
relax, you can hang out with your 
'Sierra Buddies' and have a frosty drink 
and burger at the Hard Disk Cafe. 


Under construction at TSN. Larryland 
promises to be the most fun you can 
have on your telephone line without 
dialing 1-900! Think of it multi-player 


We've received lots of letters about The Sierra Network. 
Some are from parents of small children who love 
playing checkers with other children halfway across the 
U.S. Our favorite letter is about a 93-year-old woman 
that loves to play cards on The Sierra Network. 

Here's more: 

"It gets to the point where you would rather do that 
(log-on to TSN) than watch television." 

John Hennesy — Woodland Hills, CA 

"You don't have to know anything about 
a recreation therapist, I think that there can be no better 
recreation therapy than TSN." 

Dore Zwingman — Oakhurst, CA 

"TSN allows me to keep up-to-date on things that are 
happening in the midwest. " 

Rebecca Perry — Anaheim, CA 

’7f *s (TSN) the best game service I have seen, 
bar none. “ 

Joshua M. Harris, president Jupiter 
Communications Company, quoted in the 
New York Times, June 18, 1991. 

Leisure Suit Larry. You'll play bar 
games, take a swing at 18 holes of 
golf There'll be hotel amenities like an 
outdoor Jacuzzi (it can really get hot 
in there). You'll even be able to order 
room service. Maybe you'll visit the 
Yak 'N Yuk Comedy Club. Or you 
might get lucky and win the jackpot in 
the Casino. It's fun and exciting! 

...-to-coast. It's as easy as picking up the phone or 
chatting over the backyard fence, hriends are as close 
as your computer keyboard. 


-■mm ■ 

The Ultimate 



Close your eyes and hear the screech of a harpy, a wizard's incantation, the 
battle cry of a king. Imagine your faithful companion Cedric calling out a 
warning in the nick of time. 

In the CD ROM version of King's Quest V, the characters come to life like 
never before I With the talents of over 50 voice actors, Daventry will seem 
as real as the world outside your front door, and just as close. But what else 
makes Multimedia special? 

Multimedia makes your g2uning 
experience totally realistic 

With Multimedia, you'll be dealing with a few compact discs, not a 
multitude of floppies. You won't need to clear out your hard disk to make 
room for the game, because you won't be using it. 

Super-real sound effects will plunge you headlong into the world of King 
Graham. Instead of distracting text appearing on the screen, you'll be 
interacting with lip-synched characters who have digitized human voices. 

You're asking yourself, "But what kind of equipment will I need to hear 
these voices?" Don't worry. All you need is your soundblaster to hear both 
the voices and the original music. KQV CD will support all major sound 
cards. If you want to hear the music at its beautiful best, you can use your 
soundblaster in tandem with a Roland MT-32 multi-timberous sound 
module. It's like a symphony orchestra in your living room. 

King's Quest 1/ Multimedia is the benchmark for computer gaming. It has 
ail of the plot and action of the original game, and the character 
enhancement is incredible. More dialog has been added, but the text boxes 
have been deleted. When you talk with a character, you get more than just 
a closeup. The character's face has more expression and animation, and his 
speech is fully lip-synched. He could be sitting across the table from you. 

Sound like fun? Well, from Jones in the Fast Lane on, most new Sierra 
products will be available on CD ROM. You'll be able to hear the voices of 
Laura Bow, Sonny Bonds, Leisure Suit Larry, Roger Wilco, and the rest of 
your Sierra favorites! 

Roberta Williams has let us in on a few Multimedia rumors. It seems that 
even now, she's working on a Gothic horror game, to be released 
exclusively on CD ROM. Don't expect it on the shelves for a year and a half 
to two years, but it will be well worth the wait. 

Design has begun on King's Quest VI. All Roberta will tell us is that Prince 
Alexander is the main character in this adventure. 

KQV CD will be the same price as the VGA version, $59.99, but it gives you 
so much more. Scheduled to be released at the end of the summer. 
King's Quest V Multimedia is the start of an exciting new chapter for Sierra 


Warp speed and warped humor . PC Games 

Suggested retail price 

$ 59.95 


UPGRADE directly from Sierra for 

$ 25.00 

Use order form on page 57 



mrs our lo cveni^ 

riff UNIWlCSi 





If you were looking for the perfect environment to develop the 
world's most intriguing, most visually stunning and most 
creative computer games, where in the United States would 
you go? New York? Los Angeles? The Silicon Valley? Nope, 
it’s right here in Oakhurst. California. 

(See map on how to get here.) 








Surrounded by national forests, at the 
doorstep of Yosemite National Park, Sierra 
On-Line has become a 'computer game 
artists colony'. Founders, Ken and Roberta 
Williams' idea was to gather master artists, 
musicians, writers, designers and computer 
programmers in a magnificent mountain 
environment. There they would create the 
most astounding computer game magic in 
the world. The idea worked. 

But it doesn't stop there. Sierra is dedicated 
to being first and best in computer game 
technology and it shows. If we can't find 
the best and most sophisticated equipment, 
we design it ourselves (wait till you see 
what we can do in our video studio). Even 
our disk copying machine is the most 
advanced in the industry. 

Many people have expressed an interest in 
seeing the way we develop and produce 
our computer games. So, we're offering an 
open invitation to everyone. Come on up to 
our Hi-Tech/Creative Compound in 
Oakhurst, California and take a tour of 
Sierra Adventure Game Land. 

Ken and Roberta Williams, the founders of Sierra On-Line, are 
the driving forces behind the advancements and creativity of 
Sierra’s growing line of adventure games. 



Imagine trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle while all the pieces keep 
moving around the table! The computer programmers at Sierra do 
something like that with every game. 

First, they must gather up all the ingredients of what will become a 
game; the script, the art, the animation and the sound. Then, they 
combine each 'ingredient' of the game by connecting computer 
programming code to all the individual pieces. 

■ ■■ 

The programmer must be both a technician and an artist. They follow 
certain guidelines but they must also be capable of inventing new 
guidelines where necessary. 

The next time you see King Graham or Roger Wilco on your computer 
screen think of the programmer who gave them the spark of life. 



Where do you start? Designers create the 'idea' of a game. A game designer is like the screenplay 
writer of a movie. Only these writers have to craft a 'movie' where you can interact with the 
characters and advance the plot through your choices. 

Sometimes designers get together in a 'think tank' and brainstorm a game's look and plot, and 
how the characters will think, talk and act. Other times, individuals design games strictly from 
their own imaginations and experiences. 

Roberta Williams created the King's Quest series. Al Lowe is responsible for Leisure Suit Larry (so 
blame him). Jim Walls, an ex-cop, uses his police experience when he designs the Police Quest 
series. On your tour, you may actually run into any of these designers (more about this later). 


With so many ideas and 
varied assignments how does 
a game come together? In a 
word, producers. 

Just like Hollywood movie 
producers. Sierra's producers 
are the conductors in this 
symphony of game creation. 
They set schedules, check the 
quality and (here's the best 
part of their job), make sure 
each game is fun, challenging 
and an adventure worthy of 
the Sierra name. 




Once a game is designed, we divide it up. Each of the 
individual creative disciplines are assigned and game 
production begins. 

The writers follow the game 'script' and create 
dialogue that may occur between characters. That 
may sound like an easy task, but if you've played a 
Sierra game, you know there are dozens of player 
questions and answers that must be recognized. 

Sierra's writers come from a wide spectrum of 
backgrounds. Mystery writers, horror and science 
fiction/fantasy writers, romance novelists, and crime- 
detective writers all contribute their unique talents to 
give Sierra games the biggest variety of adventure/ 
arcade themes in the world. 

Sierra employs one of the rarest of human creative 
species, the computer artist. They must have superb 
technical and computer skills as well as extraordinary 
creative graphic and artistic talents. 

Never before has computer artistry been given such a 
medium. The 3-dimensional depth and perspective of 
Sierra's games 'push the envelope' of techno-artistry 
to it's limits. You don't just play the game, the 
graphics pull you Into every scene and you actually 
feel as if you are taking part In the animated action. 




Sierra developed their own 
video-capture software that 
enables us to videotape 
actors in action scenes and 
transfer the movements of 
the actors into game action. 

On your tour, you may see 
some of our employees that 
look just like the characters 
in your favorite games. For 
instance, Nancy Smithe, the 
Administrative Head of our 
Creative Service department 
is the 'bag lady' in Police 
Quest 3. Greg Steffen, our 
Art Director/Print Producer 
was video captured and 
turned into Jessie Baines for 
the Police Quest series. 

Sierra has always been a 
family oriented business. We 
not only work as a team to 
make the world's best games, 
with video-capture we ac- 
tually take part in the games. 


What's that? You haven't installed a music card in 
your computer? It's hard to describe how totally 
different a Sierra game is when you play It and hear it 
with its theater-quality digitized stereo soundtrack. 

You might say it's like the difference between driving 
a Volkswagen Bug or a Cadillac. They both get you 
where you want to go, but in totally different styles. 

Sierra's sound studio Is equipped with DAT (Digital 
Audio Tape) recorders, panels of equalizers and 
mixers, and computer MIDI interface equipment. 

But, it doesn't stop there. Being 'state-of-the-art' isn't 
good enough for Sierra. When we get a new idea, 
we create the technology to make it work. We 
combine actor's voices, soundtracks composed and 
performed by professional musicians (Including Jan 
Hammer of 'Miami Vice'), and sound effects to give 
you the most thrilling game experience possible. 

And we've learned a lot! For instance: All Sierra 
games are interactive; that means you control the 
action. Instead of the game soundtrack pausing 
between actions, we layer the elements (music, voice 
and effects) of the soundtrack. In that way, the music 
continues but the voices and sound effects change to 
follow the action. It's just like a movie soundtrack 
except you control the action. 




Once a game is put together it must pass through the exacting scrutiny of our Quality Assurance experts. These folks love to 
find things wrong with any part of a game. Actually they try to find bugs, problems in design, inconsistencies in 
performance. ..anything that could go wrong with a game. And they're tough critics. Not one game leaves Sierra without 
QA's seal of approval. 

Each game must also pass through Quality Control. This is where the disks are checked, the compatibility is assured and 
every technical detail is gone over with an unforgiving eye. Quality Control makes sure that when you pop in your game 
disks, you start playing immediately. 

How can we ship as many games as we do with such quality standards enforced? Sierra is an innovator in disk duplication 
technology. Our duplication machines not only copy data, they carefully check each disk. If there is the slightest data error or 
disk problem, the machines automatically eject the disk. 

Sierra is so sure of their game product quality, we offer a money-back or replacement guarantee on all of our games. 


While game producers are busy creating the games. Marketing is busy creating ways to tell you 
about them. Artists create box covers and other artwork using state-of-the-art computer design 
tools, as well as traditional paint and brush techniques. 

Writers are in constant communication with game designers and producers (and the 
competition) to give you the absolute first-hand word on what's new in computer gaming. This 
News Magazine, the Sierra Catalog and any Sierra game magazine ad you've ever seen is 
produced by the combined efforts of the artists and writers at Sierra. Sometimes we use ideas 
sent in by our loyal Sierra fans in our advertising, so keep those letters coming. We love 'em. 

(C^ (C?* H 



Sierra On-Line is located in the heart of the Sierra National Forest. Nearby are some of the 
world's most famous sights and attractions. 

Sierra On-line is a short drive from the awe-inspiring Yosemite National Park, Sequoia 
National Park, home of the largest trees in the world, and the incredible splendor of King's 
Canyon National Park. 

Beautiful San Francisco, the fishing port city of Monterey, and the artists' colonies of 
Carmel and Big Sur are 3-4 hours due west by car. 

Lake Tahoe, one of the world's largest and most beautiful mountain lakes, and the old 
west gambling town of Reno, Nevada are a quick trip northeast through some of the most 
dramatic scenery in North America. 

Hollywood, the motion picture capital of the world, Los Angeles and the shopping 
phenomena of Beverly Hills are an easy drive to the south of Sierra On-Line. 

Whether you live in California or are planning a trip to the West, put Sierra On-Line on 
your itinerary. We'd love to meet you and show you how we create the world's most 
exciting, adventurous and fun games. 


Call Sierra On-Line for 
reservations and directions at 


Sierra gives our customers a lot more than top-of-the-line 
entertainment software. You get the best customer support 
service in the industry. 

We handle more than 100,000 inquiries a year. We take each 
customer inquiry individually. And, we take them seriously. If 
you need information on your computer's compatibility, how- 
to-install a game, or any game problem at all, just call 
(209)683-8989 and one of our representatives will work with 
you until your needs are met. 

We feel our Customer Service is the best in the industry. If you 
don't believe it, just try us. We'll prove it. 


Each day a different designer 
will be available for tours. You 
might get the autograph of ex- 
cop and game designer Jim 
Walls of Police Quest fame. 
You might see Ken and 
Roberta Williams in the halls. 
You might even run into those 
2 guys from Andromeda, 
Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy. 

The designers will be happy to 
answer any questions you have 
about the production of a 
game, how it works and 
maybe even give you some 
hints. If you purchase a game 
while you're at Sierra or bring 
in your game sleeve, the 
designers will be delighted to 
autograph them for you. 


The Sierra On-Line gift shop carries all 
Sierra games and much more. You can 
browse among posters, towels, 
sunshades, game books, hint books, 
coffee mugs, hats, buttons, yo-yos, T- 
shirts of your favorite games and more. 

Wait till your friends see your car with a 
Larry and Passionate Patti sunshade. 
Wait till you show off your King's Quest 
poster. And wait till your friends see 
you sporting a Heart of China T-shirt. 

^ The Maeazine For Computer Newcomem' I 


Choosing Your first 
Personal Computer 



The Parts and The Phyers 

Industry news . . . manufacturing trends . . . practical hints . . . 
technological breakthroughs . . . user profiles . . . they’re all covered in PC 
Today! Stay abreast of the changing world of PCs, learn the latest 
computing techniques, and increase your general computer knowledge. 
Read PC Today: For The Savvy Computer User. 

smm MOW... RISK mv. 

That’s right - subscribe now and if you are not completely satisfied, you may cancel your subscription at any time 

and receive a full cash refund - no questions asked. 

Call now to order your RISK FREE subscription. Receive a full year (12 issues) of PC Novice or PC Today for only $24.00, 
a savings of 32% off the cover price! OR subscribe to BOTH for only $38.00, a savings of 46% off the cover price! 


Sierra's Top Ten Best Sellers 


King's Quest V: 

Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder 

Good King Graham's family is missing, 
along with the whole royal castle. Aided 
only by a talking owl named Cedric, you 
must face the dangers of the dark forest, 
scale towering mountains, cross a 
burning desert and a cursed sea as you 
try to rescue the royal family. It's an epic 
contest of wits and magic between you 
and the evil wizard Mordack. (Don't miss 
the article on KQ5 Multimedia CD ROM on 
page 40 !) 

Quest for Glory II 

Only you can save the twin cities, Hero 
of the Kattas! From the busy markets to 
the dangers of the burning desert, you'll 
have to battle men, monsters, and magic 
in this exciting adventure. The setting 
and vivid characters conjure up tales of 
the Arabian Nights. Create a new hero 
for this game, or import your veteran 
from QFG I! (Be sure to read the Quest 
For Glory II article on page 51!) 

Space Quest IV 

Join Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers on 
a rollicking 3-D romp to the future and 
beyond! Blunder through time and space, 
trying to stay one step ahead of the 
savage Sequel Police. They're out to make 
sure this is the last Space Quest ever! 
You'll love the hand-painted graphics and 
wild, warped humor in this latest and 
loopiest Space Quest saga. (Look for 
the Space Quest IV article on page 

Stellar 7 

Sizzling arcade action! You're the 
commander of the Super-tank Raven, 
and you're about to launch into a 
ferocious battle spanning seven planets! 
You'll fight more than 20 different 
enemies, each with his own battle 
strategy. With 3-D graphics, hot 
interlude animation, and stereo sound, 
you're entering a whole new world of 
arcade adventure. (Don't miss the 
article on Nova 9, a new game from 
the designers of Stellar 7,on page36!) 

3 Red Baron 

Soar back in time to World War I, when 
battle first took to the skies! Choose 
from 17 classic airplanes and fly spy 
missions, hunt zeppelins, or dogfight with 
the most deadly aces of the era. You can 
start a career, progressing in rank and 
skill as you gain experience. Red Baron is 
the most realistic and accurate World 
War I flight simulator ever! (Check out 
the Red Baron Strategy Tips article on 

8 Leisure Suit Larry 3 

Take a silly look at love from both sides! 
Not only will you become Larry, Prince of 
Polyester, you'll get to be Passionate 
Patti! This tropical tryst is filled with sexy 
fun, romance, and good-time adventure. 
Face surly doormen, wild pigs and true 
love as you chase the object of your 
adoration through the jungle! 
(Get an eyeful of "Larry's New Look" 
on page 6!) 


A-10 Tank Killer 

Take command of the most indestructible 
and devastating plane ever built, the A-10 
Thunderbolt II! Fly low and dirty through 
smoke-filled battlefields, blowing apart 
enemy tanks with your 30mm "tank 
killing" cannon. Return victorious, 
leaving your enemies in a smoking heap 
of slag! This incredible flight simulator is 
now available in a 1.5 version, featuring 
new flight models, improved graphics, and 
14 new missions, including 7 from Operation 
Desert Storm! 


Heart of China 

You're a down-on-your-luck pilot, and 
you've just been made an offer you can't 
refuse! The daughter of a ruthless 
American land baron is being held 
prisoner in the mountains of China. You 
have just a few days to rescue her, or 
else! Digitized live actors and 
breathtaking hand-painted graphics make 
this 1930's adventure as beautiful as it is 
exciting. (Look for the Heart of China 
hints on page 54!) 


Oil's Well 

Thrilling arcade action and hilarious 
cartoons await you in Oil's Well. Slater 
the Petrosaur will be your guide through 
this exciting and funny tale of life 
beneath an oil field. Guide your drill bit 
through increasingly tough underground 
mazes, gobbling up oil and avoiding 
nasty subterranean creatures who are 
out to put you on the lunch menu! 

Space Quest III 

Oh, no! Somebody's kidnapped the Two 
Guys from Andromeda! They're being 
held by Scumsoft, the sleaziest computer 
cartridge software company in the 
universe. You've got to rescue them 
before they're forced to start churning 
out silly second-rate arcade games! Only 
you can save the world from another 
obnoxious installment of Astrochicken. 



Q; You entered the Sierra 
cartoon contest, but didn’t win. 
What should you do? 

A, Send more cartoons, and don’t give 
up on the old ones! If your cartoon isn’t in 
the next issue, it could still be in an 
upcoming issue. We put your cartoons in 
a pool, and we draw from that pool for up 
to a year. Due to the huge volume of 
cartoons we receive, we can’t respond to 
every entry. We wish there were room for 
all of them, but we can only publish a few. 
If you are a winner, you will be notified. 
Here are some simple guidelines. If you 
follow them, your cartoon will be 
seriously considered for the magazine. 

-ALWAYS draw your cartoons on white, 
unlined paper. Other colors reproduce 
badly, and lines show up on the camera. 
-USH black ink. Other colors just don’t 
show up well. 

-DO not draw in pencil! Pencil is 
impossible for us to photograph. 

-DO it like a Pro. If you don’t like 
drawing in ink, draw your image in light 
blue pencil, which won’t show up on 
camera. When you’re finished, go over it 
with black ink. Do this with your lettering 

-LETTER carefully. If your caption is 
unreadable, your humor may be lost. 

-NO colored work. We’re unable to print 
your cartoons in color, and we can’t 
convert them to black and white. 

-SMALL scale work is fine. We may have 
to reduce it down anyway, so your 
cartoon doesn’t need to be big. 

-A good, clear photocopy is always 
acceptable. As we are unable to return your 
work, you may wish to send us a copy. 

-DO not reduce work too small. If you 
send us a reduced copy, don’t reduce it 
down to the point that details are lost 
and lettering is unreadable. 

-PLEASE do not fold. If you fold your 
cartoon, the creases will show up on the 

-NO extra tape, staples, or adhesive. 
Extra stuff in the envelope makes life 
harder for us, and can actually damage 
your cartoon. 

-USE good taste. Hey, we’re a family 
magazine! ‘Nuffsaid? 

-DON'T send other correspondence with 
your cartoon. Your game question, order, 
magazine request, etc. may be overlooked 
if it’s in your cartoon envelope. 

-WRITE your information on the back of 
every picture. Whether you send us one 
cartoon or one hundred, write your 
name, address, phone number, and age 
(if under 18) on the back of every entry. 
Happy cartooning, and keep ‘em coming! 

Winners are chosen at the sole discretion 
of Sierra On-Line, and all entries become 
the property of Sierra On-Line. 

Submit cartoon/drawing entries to: 

Cartoon Contest 
Sierra On-Line 
P.O. Box 1103 
Oakhurst, CA 93644 

i fake 

your home unj all your 

It seems oWe the 


Chad Brewster. Maryland 


A.]. Ryan, New Jersey 
Flynn Barrison, age 1 0, New York 
James Paul Allen, age 13, Arizona 
Amir Yaacobi, age 1 7, Israel 
Chad Brewster, Maryland 
Andrew Coniglio, age IS, Florida 
Chris McDonnell, Alberta, Canada 
Dudley Beene III, age 1 5, Louisiana 
Michael Daniels, age 13, Arizona 

rise ofW 



Andrew Coniglio, age 15, Florida 

Flynn Barrison, age 10, New York 
UraJf'e U cs/iCnri trig ^ 

Chris McDonnell, Alberta. Canada 

Amir Yaacobi. age 17. Israel 


Hero's Quest was really a great 
same. 1 thoroughly enjoyed the 
Challenge and the visuals 
great. When are you coming out 

with a seq^^^ jackson, Austin, TX 

Hcj/jr "lake" we have. It s called 



host computer fonresij gomes fit neatly into one of tuio cotegories. There ore fontosg 
adventures that revolve around puzzle-solving and story-telling, and "computer role- 
playing gomes" [CIIPG's] mhich are built around character development, combat and magic. 

We set out to create a game series which 
would combine two genres. We wanted the player 
to participate in creating a story for their character 
to develop and change during the 
course of the game. The Quest for 
Glory series was the result. 


in adventure 



- Compute Magazine 

Lori: I wanted the player to really 
identify with the character from the 
beginning. The player determines the 
character’s abilities and personality*. 

Then the character is turned 
loose in a world of magic, 
mystery and danger. The player 
controls how the character reacts 
to the world: cunning and 
cowardly or slash and crash. 

Corey: We want the player to 
actively participate in the game, 
rather than to “watch a movie.” 

We think of Quest for Glory 
as a story framework rather than 
a preset story. The tale develops 
from a combination of game 
setting and the player’s actions. 

The “story” doesn’t really 
exist until the player as Hero 
starts his or her part. 

However, we want the player to feel that he 
has entered a living world, where the people and 
creatures he meets have their own lives and goals. 

Lori: Quest for Glory was conceived as a series. 
I wanted to take the character from novice 
adventurer and "wannabe" hero to seasoned 
adventurer and true Hero of the World. It’s not 
something that happens overnight. 

The world of Q.F.G. is a fantasy analogy of our 
own world. There is more to do and see than we could 
ever fit into a single game. The series was originally 
supposed to be four games, but it evolved into five as 
we worked on it. 

Corey: You see, we had this all worked out - 
four games representing the four seasons and the 
four classical elements (Earth, Fire, Air, and 
Water). But our planned Gothic horror setting for 
game 3 seemed too extreme for the character after 
"Trial By Fire'\ so we slipped in an additional 
game to fill in the gap. 

In "The ^ages of War'\ the Hero will visit 

Beware of ambush and dangerous 
canyons. All of the scenes have 
beautifully hand-drawn digitized scenes. 

Rakeesh and Uhura’s homeland, learn more about 
honor and friendship, and prepare for the 
challenge of "Shadows of Darkness". 

"Wages of War" fits naturally into the overall 
series storyline. It advances the player's character’s 
development into an archetypal Hero. 

Lori: One of our goals in 
making this series is to give the 
player control and success. 

Most of our puzzles have 
multiple solutions, and the game is 
filled with options. We want the 
player to succeed, but we aren’t 
always going to make it easy on 
him or her. 

The games balance puzzle- 
solving and action. Most obstacles 
rely on the cleverness of the player 
and the skill level of the character 
rather than on quick reflexes. 

Watch it. You may walk the tight-rope 
between danger and glory. 

Corey: I believe that balance 
is what makes a great role-playing 
game. The player should always 
feel challenged, yet somehow 
manage to succeed. 

We aren’t here to antagonize 
the players. We work with them in 
a cooperative story-telling effort. 
If the player fails, everybody loses; 
we want to see everyone win. 

Still, victory is only worthwhile 
if it takes effort to achieve. We want the player to 
have a real feeling of accomplishment. 

Lori: Our most important goal is to make the 
game fun. Whether it’s exploring a beautiful and 
magical world, the feeling of accomplishment from 
defeating a foe, or 
just the satis- 
faction of solving 
a small puzzle, we 
want the player to 
enjoy the game. 

After all, in 
the Quest for 
Glory series, it is 
the player who 
creates the ad- 
venture game 

And so that 
means you are 
the real Hero. 


800 - 326-6654 


$.75 1st MINUTE, 













I couldn't believe it. Recently, we equipped our tour 
video room with a big-screen computer projector . And 
theatre-quality stereo sound system. When I got my first 
chance to play a Sierra game on the video theatre system, 
I thought I was watching a movie. 

I'd read about the music-card compatibility of Sierra 
games but I really didn't know what difference it made in 
game playing. I had been used to the little bleeps and 
boops of my computer sound system. When I heard the 
real sound quality built-in to Sierra games, I was 

Sierra's games have a completely hidden identity that 
people without sound cards are missing. And what a 
difference it makes. The soundtracks are awesome. The 
quality is as good as Hollywood movie soundtracks, and 
just as exciting. In fact, they're more exciting because you 
are controlling the plot while the multi-layered music 
spirits you through the story. 

Imagine confronting a criminal in Police Quest 3 and 
the music builds in suspense and explodes as you make 
the attack. Imagine a blood-curdling scream from the 
Cyborg in Space Quest. It's chilling. 

And imagine hearing the Mixed-Up Mother Goose 
characters sing their nursery rhymes with human voices 
and real musical instruments. On the CD ROM version of 
Mixed-Up Mother Goose the characters can sing and 
talk in 5 languages. 

Sierra sells several different kinds of sound cards, all of 
which bring out the full impact of game adventure action 
with true stereo sound. The difference is so incredible it's 
like a movie action-adventure where you control the 
action of the main characters and the environment. 

But wait. Sierra offers more. Now you can get an 
internal modem card (or external modem) for an 
outrageously low price. (See Back Cover). You can scoop 
up hundreds of dollars of 'shareware' with a modem 
when you dial into the more than 2,000 computer 
bulletin boards. Plus, Sierra's own BBS is a cornucopia of 
game and service information. What's more, it's fun! 


It might seem scary to open your computer and insert an expansion card like a music-card. But 
computers are designed to accept expansion cards. It's a common and easy procedure. That's why 
you'll find those slots in the back of your PC. We've outlined the installation steps for you below to 
show you just how fast, safe and easy it is to install any expansion card. You'll be getting the 
maximum potential from your PC and you'll be having fun. 

Unplug your computer and 
remove the three to five 
screws on the PC's cover. 
Carefully slide the cover 
back. Toward the back, you'll 
find a number of expansion 
slots. Some are short slot 
and the others are full slots. 

Choose a slot that your 
music card will fit into. 
Remove the metal plate at 
the rear of the computer. 
Simply loosen the single 
screw that holds the plate in 
place. Now, firmly insert 
your expansion card into the 
slot and make sure the screw 
hole from the card aligns 
with the screw hole on your 
computer. Replace the screw 
and replace the cover of 
your computer. That's all 
there is to it. 

Now hook up your stereo 
system to the music card, fire 
up your game and get into 
what you've been missing. 
Wait till you hear the 
dramatic difference the real 
game soundtrack makes in 
your gaming experience. 
Wait till you hear game 
characters speak to you in 
their own voices. And, wait 
till you feel the impact of the 
awesome sound effects. 


If you have any problems or need some help, call our 
technical service representatives at (209) 683-8989 and 
we'll help you in any way we can. We're always willing 
to help out a fellow gamester. 

Don'l Be ShifNess 

Con'i Point and Clich? Point 
and Shift. 

If ijou don't hove a mouse, 
you may hove noticed that 
the icons in our neui yomes 
move yuite a bit mhen you 
press the arroui heys. This 
speeds up the action, but f 
sometimes mahes it hard to 
accurately place an icon on a 
certain spot on the screen. 

If you press the Shift hey at 
the same time you press the 
arroui hey, the icon mill 
move only a tiny bit at a 
time. Instant accuracy. So, 
if you're haviny trouble 
orobbing that unstable 
ordnance in Space Quest IV, 
you hnom mhat to do... 



Check out our new hintbooks! You'll find 
helpful suggestions, carefully masked so they 
won't give too much away. You'll find object 
and point listings, plus accurate maps. 

You might also find a history of how the game 
was made. Or how about an interview with 
the designer? Maybe you'll find some technical 
information, or early sketches of a game. Our 
new hint books are more than just an 
education. They're entertaining. 



[ Tin/i Uied I 
[Spjcr Ships 


Irverlof , 


In the Space Quest IV hintbook you'll find an 
interview with the Two Guys From Andromeda aka 
Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe. Plus there's a 
character profile on the Time Ripper and a flow 
chart of the game's direction. 

The Heart of China hintbook, starts out with a section 
called The Making of Heart of China. You'll find out how 
the concept for the game was born, and how different 



various roles for 
of sioryboatdlnfl 
»~.«a(iwas put to 

B eart of China began 
1989. Originally sene 

up to the technology 
the Dragon. Heart of 

into a showcase of D 
Several new elements went 
(HOC) that made It substan 

different than 113 predecesK 

of the Dragon. First, and for 
was the use of live actors. ^ 



from that original concept it turned out to be. See photos 
of the production process, from storyboards to the live 
actors' costuming and makeup. Learn the secrets of the 
technological magic that made Heart of China come alive. 

Of course, you could call the Sierra/Dynamix hintline. But 
then you'd never find out why the character of Kate 
Lomax almost had to be recast three months into 


Roger wilco and the Time Rippers 

Editors Note - Lost in space? Feeling like a space cadet? If 
you're aimlessly careening around the cosmos, take heart. 
We're here to help you master those pesky interplanetary 
puzzles from Space Quest IV. And, for the first hint, 
we've asked the Cosmic Custodian, Roger Wilco himself, 
to describe how he managed to escape the Buttes of 
Estros before being toasted by the Sequel Police. 

"Where the heck am I? This doesn't look like 
Xenon, at least not in this century... I've never seen 
so many big buttes in my life. And look at all the 
narrow, winding little walkways in between... 

"Say, I wonder what the deal is with these 
wide, flat steps. 

“Ahhhhh! What was that? That was 
definitely a prehistoric something that just flew over my 
head, and boy was it big! Maybe I should move away from this 
open area and explore a little more to the west. 

"I'm beginning to dislike the feel of things around here. I think I'll just hightail it 
back to the time pod and try another set of coordinates. 

"Well, there's my time pod again... Saaay, there's another area I haven't yet explored. I could take a quick look down 
that other rock stairway to see if it leads to water. What could possibly go wrong in that amount of time? I don 't see any 
prehistoric birds flying around, so I'm sure a quick look will be safe; then I'll leave. 

"Ahhhhhhh! Help! Heeeeeeelp! Let me go! Ahhhhhh! I don't believe this I I've been captured by a pterodactyl ... " 

Excerpted from The Official Guide to Roger Wilco's Space Adventures 

by Jill Champion and Richard C. Leinecker 

up In Heart of China? 


De Plane! De Plane! 

One of the first tasks in 
Heart of China is to enlist the 
aid of Zhao Chi, the Chinese 
Ninja. He can be found in 
Ho's Bar, but he is not an 
easy man to see. 

Assuming you manage to 
talk to him, there is one 

other difficulty you must 
overcome: his fear of flying. 
Being somewhat provincial, 
Zhao Chi is understandably 
skeptical about the idea of 
air travel. You must convince 
him that the Yankee Eagle 
won't simply fall out of the 
sky once it is airborne. To 
accomplish this, you need to 
get the piece of paper from 

the street outside of Ho's Bar 
and fold it into a paper 

Pick up the piece of paper 
from the lower center of the 
screen in Hong Kong street 
scene and drop it in Lucky's 
inventory. Next, open the 
main inventory and drop the 
piece of paper on Lucky and 
presto! A paper airplane. 

Now go back into the bar 
and drop the plane on Chi. 
He will now agree to 
accompany you on your 
perilous quest, provided you 
promise to keep a supply of 
doughnuts handy. 

Everyone needs a healing 
hand to hold onto. 

After you've rescued 



Absence Mahes The HearTGo Vonder 

Getting an icy reception in the Great Mountains? Can't see the Dark 
Forest for the trees? Feeling endlessly deserted? Then check out The 
Official book of King's Quest, a travelling companion for all five 
episodes in the series. While this book won't exactly give you the 
answers, it will provide maps, offer inside information, and nudge you 
with just enough hints, tips, and clues to keep you from getting a 
king-sized case of the crazies. 

Q: How can I catch the little elfin the Dark Forest? 

Oj^e of the stickiest points in King's Quest V is how to capture an 

Is there something you could use to make a sticky mess on the forest floor? 

Is there something you could toss out to attract an elf to the sticky mess? There are three elves; 
do you have three of anything? 

Q: I know I'm supposed to do something in the desert beside dry up. What's out there? 

Eventually you'll want to get into the Temple that looks like it's left over from an Indiana Jones movie. 

From a safe place, watch how the bandits open the door - then find the bandits. 

Forget the piles of treasure. You should know by now that Graham isn't the type to mess with riches when his family's 
welfare is at stake. 

Spend too much time in the Temple and you'll get dusted. 

Take only two things from the Temple. 

Excerpted from The Official Book of King's Quest 
by Donald B. Trivette 

Here are a few "globe spanning, crash landing" hints to get you going again. 

Kate, you must make her 
comfortable and tend her 
wounds in Katmandu. If you 
don't, Kate will die in the 
freezing Himalayan winter, 
leaving you with a lot of 
uncomfortable explanations 
to make to her father. 

There are several steps 
you must go through in 
order to save Ms. Lomax. The 

first thing you must provide 
for Kate is shelter from the 
elements. Get the tarp and 
the blanket from inside the 
Yankee Eagle. Be careful 
inside the fuselage; one false 
step and you'll send the 
precariously balanced plane 
plunging into the abyss. Cliff 
diving is rather hard on 
airplanes (and adventurers). 

After you retrieve the 
necessary items from the 
plane, cover Kate with the 
blanket and use the tarp up 
as a windbreak. Now you're 
ready to give Kate the 
healing herbs from Madam 
Wu's in Hong Kong (you DID 
get them, didn't you?). 

Finally, Chi must apply 
the Shaoling Healing Touch 

to Kate. To use it, click and 
hold the right mouse button; 
The mouse icon will turn into 
a hand. Move the hand icon 
over Kate and click the left 
mouse button. This will keep 
her alive long enough for 
Lucky to bring back help 

Leisure Suit Larry 1 $59.95 
Police Quest 1 $49.95 

King’s Quest I $49.95 

Space Quest I $59.95 

•*^'^^Thexder 1 $34.95 

Leisure Suit Larry 2 $59.95 
Police Quest 2 $59.95 

King’s Quest II $49.95 

Space Quest II $49.95 

Thexder 2 $34.95 

Offer not good in conjunction with other Space Quest, Leisure Suit Larry or King's Quest upgrade discounts or with other coupons 
or promotions, except $10 rebate coupon found on page 19. Offer expires October 31, 1991 and is subject to availability. 

Midnight Modem Madness 


Order after Midnight and get an additional $10 off any order! 

f Check out the crazy software and hardware specials on the Sierra BBS. 

You won’t see these advertised elsewhere. Place your order through the 
Sierra BBS between midnight and 4am (ESI) and you’ll get an additional 
A $10 off any order of $80 or more! 

^ CALL THE SIERRA BBS at (209) 683-4463 ^ 
' or ★ 



Buy Sorcerian for $59.95 get Zeliard for $5 more!!! 
(Read about these great games on page 36.) 

Offer not good in conjunction with other offers. 

Expires October 31, 1991 and subject to availability. 

Offers expire October 31,1991 


_^Cut ^ong this line ^Cut along this line ^Cut along this line 

Ordering Instructions • See Reverse Side 

Check your retail outlet first. If you can’t find the Sierra product you’re looking for at your local software store, you can order it direct from Sierra. 

Call 1-800-326-6654 

I = Product is available □ = Product is not available at this time t = 5.25" are HD V = AGI Version * = Requires I Meg ** = Requires Music card with DAC 
^ = Box contains EGA & VGA 



Leisure Larry Towel 


The Official Book of King's Quest (Second Edition) ( I-V) 


Leisure Suit Larry Bedside Companion (No. 1 ) 


The Official Guide to Roger Wilco (Space Quest I-IV) 


Heart Of China T-Shirt (S M L XL) (Circle One) 


Leisure Suit Larry Mousepad 


Leisure Suit Larry Autoshade 


Supra 24(X) Baud Modem Offer (internal) (back page) (Reg. $99;:^) 


Supra 24(X) Baud Modem Offer (external) (back page) (Rm. $149:95) 


1 ni 

All prices are in US DOLLARS. 

\1 1 Sl( (' \RI)S *Sec /< verse sUle / ' Mni'i'Hi-- deiails 

Price 1 

CM-32L IBM Consumer Package MS-DOS 


HOT DEAL! CM-32L Micro Channel MS-DOS (Reg. $645:00) 


CM-32L for Macintosh 




LAPC-I MIDI Interface Connection MS-DOS 


LAPC-I & MIDI Interface Combo MS-DOS 


HOT DEAL! SoundBlaster MS-DOS (Reg. 


HOT DEAL! SoundBlaster Micro Channel MS-DOS (Reg. $349.95) 


SoundBlaster MIDI Connector Box Bundle MS-DOS 


We recommend ihai all CM-32L and LAPC-I orders be placed by phone to insure the proper model for 
your computer is shipped. Please call 800-326-6654 prior to ordering to verify order information. 

Ordering Instructions #00311 

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First Each 

product additional product 

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Roland CM-32L $7.00 $20.00 

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music cards $4.00 $ 7.00 

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U.S. and Canada. Sierra On-Line Ltd. (UK) carries music cards and 
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destinations, and the fluctuating cost of delivery to some locations, all 
international orders will be by credit card only. Actual shipping and 
handling charges, including a small fee for customs stickers and in- 
surance (when necessary) will be added to the credit card total. Most 
orders are delivered by air mail/parcel post. 

THE SIERRA NO RISK GUARANTEE. If you are not completely satisfied with any product you purchase from our catalog, for any 
reason, return it within 30 days and we will promptly exchange the item or refund your purchase price. A software product is only as good as 
the company behind it. Hardware items such as Music Cards are provided by other companies for resale by Sierra. While Sierra attempts to 
insure the value of these items, it makes no warranties or claims for them above those of the original manufacturer. Sierra will refund or ex- 
change any hardware item provided it is returned within 10 days in its original packaging. 

Photo copy this order form for future use 

^Cut along this line VCut along this line S>.-Cut along this line 

Sierra fart Thomas 
Logue sent us this 
picture. He certainly 


Be a Lounge Lizard! Be a Lounge Lizardettel 

Tell the truth, now. Do you have any polyester in your closet? Is the word "babe" an important part of your 
vocabulary? Do your gold chains weigh more than you do? Then you just may be a lounge lizard at heart. Show 
your true colors and enter the great Lounge Lizard and Lizardette Costume Contest! The winners will each receive 
the free Sierra software product of his or her choice. Al Lowe, the Leading Lizard himself, will be the judge! 

Put together a lounge lizard suit, take a color photo of yourself, and send it to us. Become Larry's Lady Lizard or 
Patti's Prince of Polyester. You can have more than one family member or friend's photo in the same envelope. 
Remember to write your name, address, and telephone number on the back of the photo. 

Winners will be chosen at the sole discretion of Sierra On-Line, and all submissions become the property of Sierra 
On-Line, Inc. In the cases of winners under 18 years of age, parental permission and release is required. All winners 
will be required to sign appropriate releases to make our insurance people and lawyers happy. 

Crazy Cut-Ups Solution 

Crazy Cut-Ups 
Contest Winners 

Andrew Smith, England 
Emerita Rose Farber, New York 
Urko Zalduegi Biat, Spain 
Charles B. Graves, South Carolina 
Adam Buerman, Minnesota 
Janice Simmons, Missouri 
Christopher V. Johnson, Ohio 
Julie A. Hupp, Michigan 
Torsten Nielsen, Canada 
Brian Christian, Tennessee 

azy Cut Up Contest 
ution contributed by 
^sten Nielsen 
rth Vancouver B.C. 

Oops! We looked 
everywhere for that 
missing piece of 
Passionate PattPs leg. 
It finally turned up... 


J.R.R. TOL] 

The legendary tale lives on, as 
The T<wo Towers^ picks up where the 
critically acclaimed The Lord of the Rings, 
Vol. I™ left off. The wicked Lord Sauron 
persists in his quest to capture the one true 
ring of power. But now the Evil Wizard 
Saruman, with his insatiable lust for power, 
is after it as well. 

You, the player, control a party of 
benevolent characters in this captivating, 
role-playing adventure as they battle ores, 
trolls, wargs, ghosts, and oliphaunts. 

You’ll travel through the dark and 
mysterious Forest of Fangom, over 
treacherous mountain passes, past the 
great fortress cave complex, through the 
ghastly marsh of the eternal spirits and, 
ultimately, come face to face with the 
mysterious two towers. 

All the color and imagery of 
Middle-earth comes to life with state- 
of-the-art, 256 color VGA graphics, a 
new and enhanced interface, full 
musical score, digitized speech, and 
colorful animations. 

Pursued 6^ the deadliest servants of 
die Dor& Cord... 

The Two Towers™ is a stunning 
sequel that will involve you deeply in the 
Tolkien experience. 

■ Staruis alone as a game or plays 
as a sequel 

■ Automapping 

■ Full screen, 256 color VGA mphics 

■ Complete musical score and aimtized 
speecn and sound effects for all major 
sound boards 

■ Enhanced, easy to use, point'and<lick 

■ Thousands of screens of Middk'earth 
terrain to explore 

To order The Two Towers™, call 

The Two Towers™ 
is available 
for MS-DOS 
at $59.95. 

Interplay Productions 
3710 S. Susan, Suite 100 
Santa Ana, CA 92704 
(714) 549-2411 

The propam is published with the coopp-adon of the Tolkien Estate and 
their publishers, George Allen 6? Ununn ( publishes) Ltd. The pbt of The 


g, characters of the hl^its^ and the ojhp characters from 
xings are ©Geoi 
1974 1979 1981 ©1991 Inte 

the Lord of the Kings are ©George Allen & Unwin Publishers Ltd. 1966 
. . J979 1981 ©1991 Interplay Productions. All rigfits reserved. 
J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Kings, Vol II: The Two Towers 

trademark Interplay Productions, I^. MS-DOS is a trademark of 
MS-DOS Screens Pictured. Microsoft Corporation. 



continued from page 5 

with the graphics built into the 
motherboard are prone to 
obsolescence. Get lots of slots and 
drive bays. 

5. Don't buy an expandable 
machine and plan on obsolescence. I 
realize this is the complete opposite 
of number 4 above, but think about 
this. If you buy a PS/1 or a Mac LC, 
you have a greater chance of having 
to replace your machine next year. 
(Even within Amiga the 500 isn’t as 
upgradable as the 2000). But, it’s 
possible you could be dollars ahead 
buying the cheapest possible 
machine that meets your needs for 
the next 24 months. Then re- 
evaluate, rather than pay $1,500 
more to allow for expansion you 
may not do. It wouldn’t surprise me 
if the $1,500 you save now can buy 
a whole new faster machine next 

6. Fear new technology. I was the 
first person I know to buy a tape 
back-up unit for my hard disk. 
Imagine how I felt after paying 
$2,000 for a device which would 
back up my hard disk in an hour on 
6 tapes when, if I’d waited 90 days, I 
could have bought a unit for $700 
that would do the job in 10 minutes 
on 1 tape. 

7. If you own or buy a 386, get 
DOS S.O. I’ve seen DOS 5.0 as low 
as $39.95, and it is a delight to run. 
Even with a CD-ROM drive, I 
suddenly have 600K of free RAM. 
Dr. DOS 5.0 and QE'MM are good 
alternatives. I think our future CD- 
ROM products will require DOS 5.0 
because of the higher amount of 
available memory. 

8. Take a techy to lunch. Seriously! 
Pick the person you know who is the 
most knowledgeable about com- 
puters and be extra nice to them. 
Don’t always trust in advertisements 
or in people who are trying to sell 
you something. Ask the opinion of 
someone you trust before you buy. 
Then talk them into helping you set 
it up or installing it. Alternately, 
check out CompuServe or Prodigy. 
They both have hardware forums 
where you can talk to fellow 
computer owners about potential 

9. Ask lots of questions. The most 
important question to ask is whether 

you can return your purchase if it 
doesn’t work. Pay with a credit card 
so you have a little extra clout in 
getting a refund. Beware of fly-by- 
night vendors, especially if you buy 
through mail order. Ask if the 
product is in stock and when your 
order will arrive. Many reputable 
dealers have a satisfaction 
guarantee. I’d rather pay more and 
know that I’ll be happy with my 

10. Be a good sport. No matter 
what you do, from time to time 
you’re going to feel like you’ve been 
burned. If you buy a 386 computer 
for $2,000, expect to see a 486 for 
$1,900 next week. Computers are 
coming down in price and they are 
getting faster. Relax! When I was in 
college, a computer with the 
computing power of a Mac Classic 
cost about $3 million. In the U.S., 
we’re getting higher quality 
hardware at a lower cost than in any 
other country in the world. 

As a final thought, if you’re feeling 
broke (like me) and don’t want to 
buy a new computer, but are feeling 
left behind, cheer up! Even if retail 
stores don’t have any games you can 
run, call us at (800)326-6654. My 
guess is that we have something you 
can run — even if you have a 
Hercules equipped 8088 or a floppy- 
based Mac. When you’re ready to 
splurge for a new computer, you can 
bet we’ll be there, too! 

See you next issue. 

If you've got software for 
your old Atari or Apple lIGs, 
and you just bought a new PC 
or Mac, you won't have to go 
out and re-buy your favorite 
Sierra games. If Sierra makes 
the same titles you own on 
either of these machines, we 
will let you upgrade to the 
new machine version for only 
$10 per product (this cost 
covers our expenses). 

To make the swap, find out 
what titles you have that you 
can convert to the machine 
(See our latest order form). 
Then, send your old software 
along with $10 per title to be 
swapped to: 

Sierra On-Line, Inc. 
Fulfillment Department 
P.O. Box 485 
Coarsegold, CA 93644 

Make sure you send along 
a short letter detailing the 
machine format and disk size 
(3.5" or 5.25") you want to 
swap your old product for. 

Also, please double check 
to make sure that you have 
included your return address! 
Please include a daytime 
phone number so we can 
contact you if we have any 

This price will be higher if 
you live outside of the 
continental United States due 
to shipping expenses. 

Any questions regarding 
this policy should be directed 
to Sierra Customer Service 
(209) 683-8989. 


Get on board with hot, affordable PC audio! Thunder Board packs 
everything you need into a PC sound card for games, programs and 
audio production. Fully AdLib and Sound Blaster compatible, Thunder 
Board lets you hear all of the digital sound effects, synthesized music and 
voices on the hottest new games. It's like having a miniature digital 
stereo inside your PC! • On board FM synthesizer • Built-in joy stick • On 
board digital recording/playback - Power amplifier Only $169. 

Call MediaVision and get an earful about Thunder Board, the hottest 
PC audio board, priced to get you on board! 


47221 Fremont Blvd., Fremont CA 94538 
MediaVision and Thunder Board are registered trademarks of Media Vision. Inc 


The big rumor in the 
hallway is that Mark Crowe, 
one half of the Space Quest 
design team known as “Two 
Guys from Andromeda” is 
jumping ship. Mark Crowe is 
leaving the Sierra stable to work 
for Dynamix, Inc. Mark won’t 
comment on the reason for the 
move, but the scuttlebutt is that 
it’s the lure of the big city life in 
urban Eugene, Oregon that 
prompts the change. 

Based on this factoid, a less 
responsible rumor-monger 
might leak that Mark’s move 
spells an end to “The Two Guys 
from Andromeda” and thus the 
end of the Space Quest series. 
But product release schedules 
lifted from Sierra management 
memos already show plans for 
Space Quest V to be released in 
late 1992. Could it be that Scott 
Murphy also plans to go to 
Eugene as well? Or that the 
Two Guys will work together 
using long distance phone lines? 

Also, could Mark’s moving 
to Dynamix mean that Space 
Quest V will be programmed 
under the Dynamix GDS system 
(used on Heart of China and 
Rise of the Dragon) instead of 
SCI? Watch this column for the 
facts as they become available. 


Last issue, which hit the 
mails right around May 1st, 
grilled readers for info on 
Sierra’s top secret modem based 
gaming project. On May 2nd, 
Sierra President, Ken Williams 
went public with information 
on the The Sierra Network 
(TSN) gaming network. By May 
4th, well ahead of the time most 
readers got their last magazine, 
details on this project were in 
newspapers like U.S,A. Today 
and the Fresno Bee. 

Despite the fact that the 
cover on TSN had been blown. 

WARNING: Often right, more often wrong, and occasionally even 
wildly inaccurate, Johnny Magpie is Sierra/Dynamix Magazine's 
least controllable and most controversial pseudo-journalist. 
Management does not endorse, and in fact barely even tolerates, 
the inclusion of this feature in our publication. 

(or maybe because of it), the 
Magpie’s mailbags were 
bombarded with a barrage of 
bad info and basic baloney 
designed to enlighten me on the 
subject. Most of the 
information was taken right off 

the Sierra press releases, but 
very little of it gave me an idea 
of what was REALLY up. I 
won’t regurgitate the facts (I’m 
sure it all appears elsewhere in 
this mag), but it does deserve 
note that one of my readers 
went way overboard. 

She not only spilled the 
whole can of beans on the TSN 
service, but also provided an 
unauthorized copy of the 
software to tap into the system, 
a phone number for the service, 
and even xeroxed copies of the 
documentation and her own 
“confidentiality agreement.” 

By doing all this, she 
completely blew her supposed 
“confidentiality agreement” and 
generally made a mockery of 
the whole secrecy process. 

I won’t reveal this little tattle- 
tale’s name to you, but she will 
receive a customized “I Spilled 
the Beans for Johnny” T-shirt, 
(sure to be a collectors item). 


Every year at this time. 
Sierra announces its new 
products to be shipped for 
Christmas of the year. Since this 
article is always the last in the 
magazine, you’ve probably 
already read your fill on new 
products like Police Quest III, 
Robin Hood, EcoQuest and 

Nova 9. As these games are 
finishing their development 
cycles, designers are looking 
ahead to their next projects. 

The 1992 game development 
schedule is already shaping up, 
and here are the interesting 

projects that got my attention. 

Flash! There's a new Willy 
Beamish sequel in the works! 

Dynamix’s '‘^Adventures of 
Willy Beamish"' is not even 
released yet, but everyone who 
has seen it believes it’s going to 
be a huge success. After the 
presentations of the product at 
the recent Consumer Electronic 
Show, Sierra expects it to be a 
best-seller to rival even Sierra’s 
most anticipated sequels. 

Based on this success, "'‘The 
Further Adventures of Willy 
Beamish" is already underway. 
This is probably the first time in 
software history that the sequel 
to a product has started design 
before the original has even 
been released. Also from 
Dynamix, Damon Slye will 
follow-up the success of Red 
Baron with Aces of the Pacific. 
This product is scheduled for 
early 1992, but the notes show 
that it might even be available 
for this Christmas season! 

Designer Roberta Williams is 
finally wrapping up work on 
King's Quest V. (She’s been 
working on multimedia King’s 
Quest V). In the next year, her 
time will be divided between 
two new projects. One is 
tentatively called “Scary Tales,” 
obviously a horror game. The 
other is King's Quest VI. 

Jim Walls will again leave 

the Police Quest series and turn 
out another Johnny Westland 
spy thriller. Also, his original 
Police Quest 1 will be released 
in a new VGA version sometime 
early in next year. 

Lori Cole initially planned to 
have Quest for Glory III ready 
to go early in the new year, but 
it mysteriously disappeared 
from the product schedule 
recently. According to reports, 
the project hasn’t been 
cancelled, just postponed. 

As mentioned before. Space 
Quest V is also in the plans. 

News on the Local front: 
Ken Allen, composer of 
numerous Sierra soundtracks 
including Oil's Well, Space 
Quest IV and others, will 
release his own first album 
somewhere around Christmas. 
Composer Mark Seibert (King's 
Quest V) is busy composing 
lullabies for his new daughter. 
Customer Service Manager and 
longtime SierralDynamix News 
Magazine contributor Liz 
Jacobs has a brand new baby 
girl at home, as does Craig 
Harding, Sierra’s corporate 
attorney. It seems the Sierra 
Family is expanding rapidly 
these days.. 

Next Note: An apology to 
Apple owners everywhere. It’s 
come to my attention that 
recent mentions I’ve made in 
this column regarding Sierra’s 
move away from the Apple II 
have been taken as quite callous 
and prompted pain and 
frustration on the part of Apple 
II owners everywhere. No 
offense was intended folks. The 
word in the hallway, by the 
way, is that an announcement 
will come down shortly that 
Sierra Apple II products will 
soon be published by another 
major publisher. Watch for this 
news as it comes. 


On a more serious side, I 
would like to take a quick 
moment to note the passing of 
Tod Zipnick, who recently lost 
a battle with cancer. 

Tod's early work in graphic 
adventuring was an inspiration 
for everyone here. But more 
than that. Tod was a friend and 
we're going to miss him. 

- Johnny 

By Johnnie Nagpie 


Presenting Media Vision's 
Multimedia Upgrade Kit. 
The most affordable way 
to turn your 286, 386 or 
486 PC into an MPC 


Mullimedia PC 

As gamers know, images that talk, sing and move are much more 
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exciting as King's Quest, presentations as interesting as Leisure 
Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards, or learning applications as fun as 
Mixed Up Mother Goose. Recently, a group of top PC hardware and software 
companies endorsed the minimum hardware and systems software requirements 
to run Multimedia-the MPC Standard. Now Media Vision makes that standard 
an affordable reality. 

he Multimedia Upgrade Kit from Media Vision includes: The Pro 

'"The Audio board 
inserts inside your PC 
and gives you a range 
of sound capabilities. 

Record and play back your own voice or draw on libraries 
of digital effects and music, in stereo. Your choice of 
internal or external Sony CD-ROM drive. Plug into a new 

galaxy of multimedia data. Massive memory and the hottest new software await you. The software 
environment necessary to transport you and your PC to multimedia includes Microsoft 
Windows™ 3.0, Multimedia Extension 1.0 and the Hyperguide 
CD-based on-line user manual for Multimedia Windows. CD 
software demos from leading developers to whet your appetite 
and Sierra On-Line's wacky multimedia game "Jones in the 
Fast Lane" Call us. We'll share our vision of the future today. 

1 - 800 - 845 - 5870 . 

The Multimedia Upgrade Kit 

With internal Sony CD-ROM drive, $995. With external Sony CD-ROM drive, $1295. 

47221 Fremont Blvd., Fremont, CA 94538 

Media Vision and Pro AudioSpectrum* are registered trademarks of Media Vision. Inc All other trademarks and registered trademarks are those of their respective companies. 


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The SupraModem 2400s have been running the Sierra 
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