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Poster: lauzaucpa Date: Mar 23, 2006 4:58am
Forum: ap_courses Subject: Re: How do I get started?

Thanks, I see the link to container.html there, and in the AP History course there are a series of interactive media links for each topic. Beautiful! But in the AP American Government course there's no link! When I look at the files to download, I can't find a 'starting point' for the presentation either. Help!

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Poster: Xaero Chang Date: Apr 27, 2006 12:42am
Forum: ap_courses Subject: Re: How do I get started?

I tried it this way, and succeed.

1st, click "View all files: HTTP FTP" on the left side of the page, either http or ftp will be ok. While I suggest you click HTTP, in which way you can view it in the Internet Explorer later.

2nd, You will come to the page with a list of html and related files. download all to your computer or simply click the files with the extension file name being 'htm' or 'html'. then your can open it in your browser

ps: I would like to introduce your to Mozilla FireFox or Opera to view the page,which could be much more convenient then IE and what is more they are FREE!