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Poster: molly Date: Oct 8, 2004 5:39am
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Comic books from WW2 era

Hi! We would love to have comic books from WWII, however I'm concerned about rights issues. Are these books out of copyright, or do you have the rights associated to upload them?

That aside, we are in the middle of some major upgrades to our book contribution process. In the past, a user could only upload a URL to a book that they hosted (not very useful, eh?). But now we are making it so that users can upload their own books in various formats.

Feel free to email if you are having trouble uploading things. We are certainly interested in this collection!


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Poster: Marble River Date: Oct 8, 2004 10:41am
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Comic books from WW2 era

I'd be very interested in how best to determine who owns the rights to comic books from the '30s and '40s. Obviously DC, Marvel, Archie and EC retain rights to their back catalogues, but what about defunct publishers such as Fox, Centaur, Nedor and others? I've been scanning my old comics since 1999, but am unsure about the legality of posting.
Do I need to retain an attorney to find out?

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Poster: molly Date: Oct 13, 2004 4:15am
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Comic books from WW2 era

Hrm. This is a tough one. We don't have any copyright experts on staff, and we rely on the uploader's statement that they have the rights associated with the file. Feel free to contact with more specifics, and you will be forwarded to the Collections Director who can give you a better answer. I'd personally love to see some graphic novels and comic books in our text collection, though!