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Poster: OctoRuslan Date: Apr 8, 2022 8:37am
Forum: software Subject: PuPu Lady: lost IOS game

So I've found this odd lost game called "PuPu Lady" for IOS made by japanese developers. The only video of it was made by Appbank site, and is now deleted. There is a description of the game and some screenshots on Appbank:
The 49 second long video of it made by Appbank and uploaded on youtube is deleted right now. Does anyone have any further information in any way, shape or form on this topic?

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Poster: AussieBrapLad Date: Apr 9, 2022 9:42pm
Forum: software Subject: Re: PuPu Lady: lost IOS game

I am looking for this game too. It's just too interesting to leave it be. If you're interested in helping each other search for this lost game together, then feel free to drop your discord in the replies and we can work together.

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Poster: OctoRuslan Date: Apr 10, 2022 12:34am
Forum: software Subject: Re: PuPu Lady: lost IOS game

Hello there, thanks for your reply. After this post I found out that this game also has a Metacritic page, thought there isn't any info. I can imagine how many games are lost to time like this one.
EDIT: if you wanna contact me for any reason, hmu on discord (Octo?#0697)
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