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Poster: MKA707 Date: Feb 10, 2022 8:40am
Forum: software Subject: Bulk upload various software files (installers, folders, executables)

I have a few 15-20 year old CDs with various software installers and executables that I downloaded at the time. I would like to bulk-upload them.

I began by selecting "Upload" (obvious) and dragged and dropped a few installer, for example:

- Netscape6.exe
- netscape472.exe
- Opera402e32 - Browser.exe
- winamp2666_full.exe

I entered description and metadata for what I thought was for only the first file (Netscape 6), but later on I realized it uploaded *all* files to a collection named "Netscape 6".

It's impractical to upload dozens or hundreds of files/software one at a time.

What would be the best approach? I thought of creating a "Software" collection and uploading everything there. But then how would I include metadata for so many different files, that are totally different from each other?

Grateful if someone can give me some advice. I have literally hundreds of files to upload and many/most are individual stand-alone installation files.


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Poster: Jeff Kaplan Date: Feb 10, 2022 7:49pm
Forum: software Subject: Re: Bulk upload various software files (installers, folders, executables)

upload each one to its own page if it has unique metadata.