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Poster: Cragsand Date: Nov 8, 2021 8:10am
Forum: software Subject: Uploading homebrew RPG game gives error

I'm trying to upload a backup software of a game made by the Twitch streamer Roflgator known as The Legend of Roflgator back in 2014 but I get an error message saying "Please reduce your request rate." and the error code 836a207c-eab2-4525-8de2-b1ddc917f79d I've retried three times now and get the same error every time.

It is a freeware homebrew game made in RPG maker in classic Japanese RPG game style similar to the Final Fantasy series.

The original source of the game on Mega went down and the only place I thought of to safely archive it for the future was here. It is distributed in an exe file self extractor, maybe that is what is causing it to fail?

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Poster: Cragsand Date: Dec 21, 2021 10:28pm
Forum: software Subject: Re: Uploading homebrew RPG game gives error

For future reference putting the executable in a zip archive instead of 7zip and exe seems to have worked around the problem!

Legend of Roflgator - now works!