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Poster: TwoNucker Date: Jun 24, 2017 1:38pm
Forum: ote Subject: Re: Uncle Floyd is King - Long live Ken Do!

Where else can anyone find the cultural treasure that is "The Uncle Floyd Show"? As someone who enjoyed Uncle Floyd as he traveled through WBTB, WTVG and so many other stations, I am aware of the importance of the show to local performers and anyone who loved humor. Uncle Floyd's playing of vaudeville songs and his use of jokes that were out of date in 1890 set the bar high for cable access shows. Although these shows may be under copyright, there should be a presence by Uncle Floyd on the Internet Archive for the sake of History. Perhaps UncleFloydsAgent could upload some approved shows so that people will come to know Uncle Floyd better. I suggest something from the period where the station was so underfunded they only had one camera with a white spot in the image. It was a disappointment to me when the dot was covered with a dark mask. Bones Boy Forever!
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