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Poster: cuneiform Date: Mar 1, 2016 1:10pm
Forum: forums Subject: Hat off!

Dear friends, dear colleagues!
Ladies and Gentlemen!

I will take my hat off while thinking of your great marvelous project on the world's scale.
Along with my higher school colleagues, I have been using for a lot of years.
I don't think my scientific work would have been so much successful if I have not used books from
Now, I am going to say something controversial.
Yes, IT technologies and techniques are ruling.
Does it imply that the traditional as a category has no more place? - Traditional, this is a way that any professional in science like a university professor is thinking and using a library orderly.
However, what can we see now?
Anything, but not traditional, even seen positively.
Colors, search options, bringing results to viewing, bulk lined interface design, all that can be thought of as a total miserability. - For whom? - For boys, reading books on a smartphone while driving a car? What about professionals?
Apropos of the latter: Are you regularly consulting them?
Say, librarians with higher school degrees conferred upon.
I have been working at libraries for over 20 years, but never have I seen hundreds of keywords placed instead of a normal use with several ones for anyone of dozens of titles thus lagging any search procedures for many users at a while.
Can you follow this link:
Anyone who is looking for Kant and Hegel would be stopped by the intellectual terrorist who has placed such a braking stop for all the readership.
I am completely sure that a professional librarian would not have accepted such entries like those.
After all, I cannot imagine my life with your novel version after March 15th as a matter of fact since I am not an amateur in science,alas.