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ZX-Appeal Apr 87.pdf 29-Jun-2022 11:49 44.0M
ZX-Appeal Apr 87_chocr.html.gz 29-Jun-2022 12:24 811.9K
ZX-Appeal Apr 87_djvu.txt 29-Jun-2022 15:48 54.0K
ZX-Appeal Apr 87_djvu.xml 29-Jun-2022 15:42 771.9K
ZX-Appeal Apr 87_hocr.html 29-Jun-2022 15:40 1.6M
ZX-Appeal Apr 87_hocr_pageindex.json.gz 29-Jun-2022 15:45 261.0B
ZX-Appeal Apr 87_hocr_searchtext.txt.gz 29-Jun-2022 15:48 25.5K
ZX-Appeal Apr (View Contents) 29-Jun-2022 11:53 12.3M
ZX-Appeal Apr 87_page_numbers.json 29-Jun-2022 15:50 3.5K
ZX-Appeal Apr 87_scandata.xml 29-Jun-2022 15:50 7.0K
ZX-Appeal Apr 87_text.pdf 29-Jun-2022 15:53 6.9M
ZX-Appeal Apr 88.pdf 29-Jun-2022 11:50 44.8M
ZX-Appeal Apr 88_chocr.html.gz 29-Jun-2022 14:25 811.0K
ZX-Appeal Apr 88_djvu.txt 29-Jun-2022 15:50 55.1K
ZX-Appeal Apr 88_djvu.xml 29-Jun-2022 15:43 770.2K
ZX-Appeal Apr 88_hocr.html 29-Jun-2022 15:41 1.5M
ZX-Appeal Apr 88_hocr_pageindex.json.gz 29-Jun-2022 15:45 259.0B
ZX-Appeal Apr 88_hocr_searchtext.txt.gz 29-Jun-2022 15:45 24.6K
ZX-Appeal Apr (View Contents) 29-Jun-2022 12:07 12.2M
ZX-Appeal Apr 88_page_numbers.json 29-Jun-2022 15:53 3.2K
ZX-Appeal Apr 88_scandata.xml 29-Jun-2022 15:50 6.5K
ZX-Appeal Apr 88_text.pdf 29-Jun-2022 16:08 6.3M
ZX-Appeal Dec 85.pdf 08-Mar-2021 03:40 11.1M
ZX-Appeal Dec 85_chocr.html.gz 08-Mar-2021 04:31 521.7K
ZX-Appeal Dec 85_djvu.txt 08-Mar-2021 09:10 37.9K
ZX-Appeal Dec 85_djvu.xml 08-Mar-2021 09:00 592.8K
ZX-Appeal Dec 85_hocr.html 08-Mar-2021 08:57 1.3M
ZX-Appeal Dec 85_hocr_pageindex.json.gz 08-Mar-2021 09:06 212.0B
ZX-Appeal Dec 85_hocr_searchtext.txt.gz 08-Mar-2021 09:07 20.2K
ZX-Appeal Dec (View Contents) 08-Mar-2021 03:51 6.8M
ZX-Appeal Dec 85_page_numbers.json 08-Mar-2021 09:14 2.8K
ZX-Appeal Dec 85_scandata.xml 08-Mar-2021 09:14 5.6K
ZX-Appeal Dec 85_text.pdf 08-Mar-2021 09:55 2.7M
ZX-Appeal Dec 86.pdf 08-Mar-2021 03:40 16.2M
ZX-Appeal Dec 86_chocr.html.gz 08-Mar-2021 04:46 423.7K
ZX-Appeal Dec 86_djvu.txt 08-Mar-2021 09:13 29.7K
ZX-Appeal Dec 86_djvu.xml 08-Mar-2021 09:01 430.8K
ZX-Appeal Dec 86_hocr.html 08-Mar-2021 08:58 917.6K
ZX-Appeal Dec 86_hocr_pageindex.json.gz 08-Mar-2021 09:09 207.0B
ZX-Appeal Dec 86_hocr_searchtext.txt.gz 08-Mar-2021 09:09 14.7K
ZX-Appeal Dec (View Contents) 08-Mar-2021 03:52 9.5M
ZX-Appeal Dec 86_page_numbers.json 08-Mar-2021 09:14 2.9K
ZX-Appeal Dec 86_scandata.xml 08-Mar-2021 09:14 5.4K
ZX-Appeal Dec 86_text.pdf 08-Mar-2021 10:32 3.8M
ZX-Appeal Dec 87.pdf 29-Jun-2022 11:50 34.6M
ZX-Appeal Dec 87_chocr.html.gz 29-Jun-2022 15:10 602.2K
ZX-Appeal Dec 87_djvu.txt 29-Jun-2022 15:50 43.2K
ZX-Appeal Dec 87_djvu.xml 29-Jun-2022 15:42 598.0K
ZX-Appeal Dec 87_hocr.html 29-Jun-2022 15:42 1.2M
ZX-Appeal Dec 87_hocr_pageindex.json.gz 29-Jun-2022 15:45 214.0B
ZX-Appeal Dec 87_hocr_searchtext.txt.gz 29-Jun-2022 15:45 20.3K
ZX-Appeal Dec (View Contents) 29-Jun-2022 12:11 7.1M
ZX-Appeal Dec 87_page_numbers.json 29-Jun-2022 15:50 2.9K
ZX-Appeal Dec 87_scandata.xml 29-Jun-2022 15:50 5.5K
ZX-Appeal Dec 87_text.pdf 29-Jun-2022 15:54 2.4M
ZX-Appeal Dec 89.pdf 30-Jun-2022 08:43 49.5M
ZX-Appeal Dec 89_chocr.html.gz 30-Jun-2022 09:44 842.3K
ZX-Appeal Dec 89_djvu.txt 30-Jun-2022 11:51 61.6K
ZX-Appeal Dec 89_djvu.xml 30-Jun-2022 11:44 856.8K
ZX-Appeal Dec 89_hocr.html 30-Jun-2022 11:43 1.8M
ZX-Appeal Dec 89_hocr_pageindex.json.gz 30-Jun-2022 11:47 251.0B
ZX-Appeal Dec 89_hocr_searchtext.txt.gz 30-Jun-2022 11:47 27.8K
ZX-Appeal Dec (View Contents) 30-Jun-2022 08:49 10.9M
ZX-Appeal Dec 89_page_numbers.json 30-Jun-2022 11:52 3.2K
ZX-Appeal Dec 89_scandata.xml 30-Jun-2022 11:51 6.1K
ZX-Appeal Dec 89_text.pdf 30-Jun-2022 11:58 3.3M
ZX-Appeal Feb 86.pdf 08-Mar-2021 03:40 11.3M
ZX-Appeal Feb 86_chocr.html.gz 08-Mar-2021 05:14 535.2K
ZX-Appeal Feb 86_djvu.txt 08-Mar-2021 09:13 37.7K
ZX-Appeal Feb 86_djvu.xml 08-Mar-2021 09:01 545.0K
ZX-Appeal Feb 86_hocr.html 08-Mar-2021 08:58 1.2M
ZX-Appeal Feb 86_hocr_pageindex.json.gz 08-Mar-2021 09:09 205.0B
ZX-Appeal Feb 86_hocr_searchtext.txt.gz 08-Mar-2021 09:08 18.4K
ZX-Appeal Feb (View Contents) 08-Mar-2021 03:54 6.8M
ZX-Appeal Feb 86_page_numbers.json 08-Mar-2021 09:14 2.8K
ZX-Appeal Feb 86_scandata.xml 08-Mar-2021 09:14 5.3K
ZX-Appeal Feb 86_text.pdf 08-Mar-2021 10:25 2.9M
ZX-Appeal Feb 87.pdf 29-Jun-2022 11:50 27.7M
ZX-Appeal Feb 87_chocr.html.gz 29-Jun-2022 15:14 474.4K
ZX-Appeal Feb 87_djvu.txt 29-Jun-2022 15:50 32.7K
ZX-Appeal Feb 87_djvu.xml 29-Jun-2022 15:42 475.6K
ZX-Appeal Feb 87_hocr.html 29-Jun-2022 15:42 1,004.8K
ZX-Appeal Feb 87_hocr_pageindex.json.gz 29-Jun-2022 15:46 212.0B
ZX-Appeal Feb 87_hocr_searchtext.txt.gz 29-Jun-2022 15:46 16.6K
ZX-Appeal Feb (View Contents) 29-Jun-2022 12:12 6.6M
ZX-Appeal Feb 87_page_numbers.json 29-Jun-2022 15:54 2.9K
ZX-Appeal Feb 87_scandata.xml 29-Jun-2022 15:54 5.5K
ZX-Appeal Feb 87_text.pdf 29-Jun-2022 16:09 1.9M
ZX-Appeal Feb 89.pdf 30-Jun-2022 08:44 45.4M
ZX-Appeal Feb 89_chocr.html.gz 30-Jun-2022 10:20 712.8K
ZX-Appeal Feb 89_djvu.txt 30-Jun-2022 11:50 51.3K
ZX-Appeal Feb 89_djvu.xml 30-Jun-2022 11:44 709.8K
ZX-Appeal Feb 89_hocr.html 30-Jun-2022 11:43 1.5M
ZX-Appeal Feb 89_hocr_pageindex.json.gz 30-Jun-2022 11:47 251.0B
ZX-Appeal Feb 89_hocr_searchtext.txt.gz 30-Jun-2022 11:47 22.9K
ZX-Appeal Feb (View Contents) 30-Jun-2022 08:51 8.7M
ZX-Appeal Feb 89_page_numbers.json 30-Jun-2022 11:52 3.3K
ZX-Appeal Feb 89_scandata.xml 30-Jun-2022 11:50 6.5K
ZX-Appeal Feb 89_text.pdf 30-Jun-2022 11:59 2.7M
ZX-Appeal Feb-Mar 88.pdf 29-Jun-2022 11:50 53.8M
ZX-Appeal Feb-Mar 88_chocr.html.gz 29-Jun-2022 15:03 1.0M
ZX-Appeal Feb-Mar 88_djvu.txt 29-Jun-2022 15:50 75.5K
ZX-Appeal Feb-Mar 88_djvu.xml 29-Jun-2022 15:42 1.0M
ZX-Appeal Feb-Mar 88_hocr.html 29-Jun-2022 15:42 2.0M
ZX-Appeal Feb-Mar 88_hocr_pageindex.json.gz 29-Jun-2022 15:46 259.0B
ZX-Appeal Feb-Mar 88_hocr_searchtext.txt.gz 29-Jun-2022 15:46 32.0K
ZX-Appeal Feb-Mar (View Contents) 29-Jun-2022 12:10 10.8M
ZX-Appeal Feb-Mar 88_page_numbers.json 29-Jun-2022 15:51 3.2K
ZX-Appeal Feb-Mar 88_scandata.xml 29-Jun-2022 15:50 6.5K
ZX-Appeal Feb-Mar 88_text.pdf 29-Jun-2022 15:54 2.6M
ZX-Appeal Jan 86.pdf 08-Mar-2021 03:40 10.8M
ZX-Appeal Jan 86_chocr.html.gz 08-Mar-2021 05:33 579.1K
ZX-Appeal Jan 86_djvu.txt 08-Mar-2021 09:13 40.8K
ZX-Appeal Jan 86_djvu.xml 08-Mar-2021 09:01 595.1K
ZX-Appeal Jan 86_hocr.html 08-Mar-2021 08:58 1.2M
ZX-Appeal Jan 86_hocr_pageindex.json.gz 08-Mar-2021 09:08 214.0B
ZX-Appeal Jan 86_hocr_searchtext.txt.gz 08-Mar-2021 09:08 20.1K
ZX-Appeal Jan (View Contents) 08-Mar-2021 03:56 6.7M
ZX-Appeal Jan 86_page_numbers.json 08-Mar-2021 09:14 3.0K
ZX-Appeal Jan 86_scandata.xml 08-Mar-2021 09:14 5.7K
ZX-Appeal Jan 86_text.pdf 08-Mar-2021 10:19 2.5M
ZX-Appeal Jan 87.pdf 29-Jun-2022 11:50 37.2M
ZX-Appeal Jan 87_chocr.html.gz 29-Jun-2022 15:23 689.2K
ZX-Appeal Jan 87_djvu.txt 29-Jun-2022 15:51 48.5K
ZX-Appeal Jan 87_djvu.xml 29-Jun-2022 15:42 686.9K
ZX-Appeal Jan 87_hocr.html 29-Jun-2022 15:41 1.5M
ZX-Appeal Jan 87_hocr_pageindex.json.gz 29-Jun-2022 15:46 259.0B
ZX-Appeal Jan 87_hocr_searchtext.txt.gz 29-Jun-2022 15:46 23.8K
ZX-Appeal Jan (View Contents) 29-Jun-2022 12:13 8.8M
ZX-Appeal Jan 87_page_numbers.json 29-Jun-2022 15:54 3.8K
ZX-Appeal Jan 87_scandata.xml 29-Jun-2022 15:54 6.9K
ZX-Appeal Jan 87_text.pdf 29-Jun-2022 16:09 2.4M
ZX-Appeal Jan 88.pdf 29-Jun-2022 11:50 38.4M
ZX-Appeal Jan 88_chocr.html.gz 29-Jun-2022 15:39 919.5K
ZX-Appeal Jan 88_djvu.txt 29-Jun-2022 15:51 64.5K
ZX-Appeal Jan 88_djvu.xml 29-Jun-2022 15:42 981.4K
ZX-Appeal Jan 88_hocr.html 29-Jun-2022 15:41 2.1M
ZX-Appeal Jan 88_hocr_pageindex.json.gz 29-Jun-2022 15:46 263.0B
ZX-Appeal Jan 88_hocr_searchtext.txt.gz 29-Jun-2022 15:47 32.3K
ZX-Appeal Jan (View Contents) 29-Jun-2022 12:14 12.8M
ZX-Appeal Jan 88_page_numbers.json 29-Jun-2022 15:55 3.3K
ZX-Appeal Jan 88_scandata.xml 29-Jun-2022 15:51 6.5K
ZX-Appeal Jan 88_text.pdf 29-Jun-2022 16:11 7.3M
ZX-Appeal Jan 89.pdf 30-Jun-2022 08:44 45.4M
ZX-Appeal Jan 89_chocr.html.gz 30-Jun-2022 11:28 820.4K
ZX-Appeal Jan 89_djvu.txt 30-Jun-2022 11:51 59.2K
ZX-Appeal Jan 89_djvu.xml 30-Jun-2022 11:44 793.0K
ZX-Appeal Jan 89_hocr.html 30-Jun-2022 11:44 1.6M
ZX-Appeal Jan 89_hocr_pageindex.json.gz 30-Jun-2022 11:48 258.0B
ZX-Appeal Jan 89_hocr_searchtext.txt.gz 30-Jun-2022 11:48 26.2K
ZX-Appeal Jan (View Contents) 30-Jun-2022 08:55 9.6M
ZX-Appeal Jan 89_page_numbers.json 30-Jun-2022 11:52 3.5K
ZX-Appeal Jan 89_scandata.xml 30-Jun-2022 11:52 7.0K
ZX-Appeal Jan 89_text.pdf 30-Jun-2022 12:00 2.8M
ZX-Appeal Jan 90.pdf 30-Jun-2022 08:43 40.2M
ZX-Appeal Jan 90_chocr.html.gz 30-Jun-2022 11:41 679.7K
ZX-Appeal Jan 90_djvu.txt 30-Jun-2022 11:51 50.7K
ZX-Appeal Jan 90_djvu.xml 30-Jun-2022 11:44 715.7K
ZX-Appeal Jan 90_hocr.html 30-Jun-2022 11:44 1.5M
ZX-Appeal Jan 90_hocr_pageindex.json.gz 30-Jun-2022 11:48 216.0B
ZX-Appeal Jan 90_hocr_searchtext.txt.gz 30-Jun-2022 11:48 23.6K
ZX-Appeal Jan (View Contents) 30-Jun-2022 08:56 8.4M
ZX-Appeal Jan 90_page_numbers.json 30-Jun-2022 11:52 3.0K
ZX-Appeal Jan 90_scandata.xml 30-Jun-2022 11:52 5.7K
ZX-Appeal Jan 90_text.pdf 30-Jun-2022 12:01 2.8M
ZX-Appeal Jul-Aug 86.pdf 08-Mar-2021 03:40 41.0M
ZX-Appeal Jul-Aug 86_chocr.html.gz 08-Mar-2021 06:33 1.6M
ZX-Appeal Jul-Aug 86_djvu.txt 08-Mar-2021 09:12 113.7K
ZX-Appeal Jul-Aug 86_djvu.xml 08-Mar-2021 09:00 1.6M
ZX-Appeal Jul-Aug 86_hocr.html 08-Mar-2021 08:58 3.4M
ZX-Appeal Jul-Aug 86_hocr_pageindex.json.gz 08-Mar-2021 09:08 487.0B
ZX-Appeal Jul-Aug 86_hocr_searchtext.txt.gz 08-Mar-2021 09:07 51.9K
ZX-Appeal Jul-Aug (View Contents) 08-Mar-2021 03:59 25.9M
ZX-Appeal Jul-Aug 86_page_numbers.json 08-Mar-2021 09:14 6.8K
ZX-Appeal Jul-Aug 86_scandata.xml 08-Mar-2021 09:12 12.7K
ZX-Appeal Jul-Aug 86_text.pdf 08-Mar-2021 10:12 6.0M
ZX-Appeal Jun 87.pdf 29-Jun-2022 11:50 29.9M
ZX-Appeal Jun 87_chocr.html.gz 29-Jun-2022 14:55 679.6K
ZX-Appeal Jun 87_djvu.txt 29-Jun-2022 15:51 45.8K
ZX-Appeal Jun 87_djvu.xml 29-Jun-2022 15:42 653.2K
ZX-Appeal Jun 87_hocr.html 29-Jun-2022 15:41 1.3M
ZX-Appeal Jun 87_hocr_pageindex.json.gz 29-Jun-2022 15:47 216.0B
ZX-Appeal Jun 87_hocr_searchtext.txt.gz 29-Jun-2022 15:47 21.5K
ZX-Appeal Jun (View Contents) 29-Jun-2022 12:10 10.7M
ZX-Appeal Jun 87_page_numbers.json 29-Jun-2022 15:55 3.0K
ZX-Appeal Jun 87_scandata.xml 29-Jun-2022 15:55 5.6K
ZX-Appeal Jun 87_text.pdf 29-Jun-2022 16:12 5.8M
ZX-Appeal Jun 88.pdf 29-Jun-2022 11:50 37.4M
ZX-Appeal Jun 88_chocr.html.gz 29-Jun-2022 12:36 654.5K
ZX-Appeal Jun 88_djvu.txt 29-Jun-2022 15:50 46.1K
ZX-Appeal Jun 88_djvu.xml 29-Jun-2022 15:42 709.7K
ZX-Appeal Jun 88_hocr.html 29-Jun-2022 15:41 1.5M
ZX-Appeal Jun 88_hocr_pageindex.json.gz 29-Jun-2022 15:47 215.0B
ZX-Appeal Jun 88_hocr_searchtext.txt.gz 29-Jun-2022 15:48 22.2K
ZX-Appeal Jun (View Contents) 29-Jun-2022 11:55 10.2M
ZX-Appeal Jun 88_page_numbers.json 29-Jun-2022 15:54 3.0K
ZX-Appeal Jun 88_scandata.xml 29-Jun-2022 15:54 5.5K
ZX-Appeal Jun 88_text.pdf 29-Jun-2022 16:13 6.8M
ZX-Appeal Jun 89.pdf 30-Jun-2022 08:43 29.0M
ZX-Appeal Jun 89_chocr.html.gz 30-Jun-2022 09:55 281.3K
ZX-Appeal Jun 89_djvu.txt 30-Jun-2022 11:51 20.3K
ZX-Appeal Jun 89_djvu.xml 30-Jun-2022 11:44 293.8K
ZX-Appeal Jun 89_hocr.html 30-Jun-2022 11:44 637.6K
ZX-Appeal Jun 89_hocr_pageindex.json.gz 30-Jun-2022 11:49 168.0B
ZX-Appeal Jun 89_hocr_searchtext.txt.gz 30-Jun-2022 11:49 9.7K
ZX-Appeal Jun (View Contents) 30-Jun-2022 08:50 5.1M
ZX-Appeal Jun 89_page_numbers.json 30-Jun-2022 11:52 2.2K
ZX-Appeal Jun 89_scandata.xml 30-Jun-2022 11:52 4.1K
ZX-Appeal Jun 89_text.pdf 30-Jun-2022 12:02 1.9M
ZX-Appeal June 86.pdf 08-Mar-2021 03:40 17.0M
ZX-Appeal June 86_chocr.html.gz 08-Mar-2021 07:04 683.3K
ZX-Appeal June 86_djvu.txt 08-Mar-2021 09:12 48.8K
ZX-Appeal June 86_djvu.xml 08-Mar-2021 09:00 740.4K
ZX-Appeal June 86_hocr.html 08-Mar-2021 08:59 1.6M
ZX-Appeal June 86_hocr_pageindex.json.gz 08-Mar-2021 09:07 214.0B
ZX-Appeal June 86_hocr_searchtext.txt.gz 08-Mar-2021 09:09 23.8K
ZX-Appeal June (View Contents) 08-Mar-2021 04:01 10.3M
ZX-Appeal June 86_page_numbers.json 08-Mar-2021 09:14 2.8K
ZX-Appeal June 86_scandata.xml 08-Mar-2021 09:11 5.2K
ZX-Appeal June 86_text.pdf 08-Mar-2021 09:48 3.5M
ZX-Appeal Mar 86.pdf 08-Mar-2021 03:41 10.7M
ZX-Appeal Mar 86_chocr.html.gz 08-Mar-2021 07:27 483.2K
ZX-Appeal Mar 86_djvu.txt 08-Mar-2021 09:11 34.7K
ZX-Appeal Mar 86_djvu.xml 08-Mar-2021 09:01 565.1K
ZX-Appeal Mar 86_hocr.html 08-Mar-2021 08:59 1.3M
ZX-Appeal Mar 86_hocr_pageindex.json.gz 08-Mar-2021 09:07 214.0B
ZX-Appeal Mar 86_hocr_searchtext.txt.gz 08-Mar-2021 09:06 17.7K
ZX-Appeal Mar (View Contents) 08-Mar-2021 04:03 6.3M
ZX-Appeal Mar 86_page_numbers.json 08-Mar-2021 09:13 3.0K
ZX-Appeal Mar 86_scandata.xml 08-Mar-2021 09:13 5.7K
ZX-Appeal Mar 86_text.pdf 08-Mar-2021 09:41 2.3M
ZX-Appeal Mar 87.pdf 29-Jun-2022 11:50 27.0M
ZX-Appeal Mar 87_chocr.html.gz 29-Jun-2022 14:13 599.8K
ZX-Appeal Mar 87_djvu.txt 29-Jun-2022 15:50 40.4K
ZX-Appeal Mar 87_djvu.xml 29-Jun-2022 15:42 581.0K
ZX-Appeal Mar 87_hocr.html 29-Jun-2022 15:41 1.2M
ZX-Appeal Mar 87_hocr_pageindex.json.gz 29-Jun-2022 15:48 211.0B
ZX-Appeal Mar 87_hocr_searchtext.txt.gz 29-Jun-2022 15:46 19.9K
ZX-Appeal Mar (View Contents) 29-Jun-2022 12:05 9.2M
ZX-Appeal Mar 87_page_numbers.json 29-Jun-2022 15:51 2.7K
ZX-Appeal Mar 87_scandata.xml 29-Jun-2022 15:49 5.2K
ZX-Appeal Mar 87_text.pdf 29-Jun-2022 16:07 5.7M
ZX-Appeal Mar 90.pdf 30-Jun-2022 08:43 42.7M
ZX-Appeal Mar 90_chocr.html.gz 30-Jun-2022 09:09 681.4K
ZX-Appeal Mar 90_djvu.txt 30-Jun-2022 11:50 48.9K
ZX-Appeal Mar 90_djvu.xml 30-Jun-2022 11:44 695.4K
ZX-Appeal Mar 90_hocr.html 30-Jun-2022 11:43 1.4M
ZX-Appeal Mar 90_hocr_pageindex.json.gz 30-Jun-2022 11:48 260.0B
ZX-Appeal Mar 90_hocr_searchtext.txt.gz 30-Jun-2022 11:47 22.7K
ZX-Appeal Mar (View Contents) 30-Jun-2022 08:47 9.2M
ZX-Appeal Mar 90_page_numbers.json 30-Jun-2022 11:52 3.7K
ZX-Appeal Mar 90_scandata.xml 30-Jun-2022 11:52 7.0K
ZX-Appeal Mar 90_text.pdf 30-Jun-2022 11:53 2.5M
ZX-Appeal Mar-Apr 89.pdf 30-Jun-2022 08:43 46.5M
ZX-Appeal Mar-Apr 89_chocr.html.gz 30-Jun-2022 11:14 795.2K
ZX-Appeal Mar-Apr 89_djvu.txt 30-Jun-2022 11:50 58.7K
ZX-Appeal Mar-Apr 89_djvu.xml 30-Jun-2022 11:44 796.1K
ZX-Appeal Mar-Apr 89_hocr.html 30-Jun-2022 11:42 1.6M
ZX-Appeal Mar-Apr 89_hocr_pageindex.json.gz 30-Jun-2022 11:46 262.0B
ZX-Appeal Mar-Apr 89_hocr_searchtext.txt.gz 30-Jun-2022 11:45 27.1K
ZX-Appeal Mar-Apr (View Contents) 30-Jun-2022 08:54 9.1M
ZX-Appeal Mar-Apr 89_page_numbers.json 30-Jun-2022 11:52 3.5K
ZX-Appeal Mar-Apr 89_scandata.xml 30-Jun-2022 11:52 7.0K
ZX-Appeal Mar-Apr 89_text.pdf 30-Jun-2022 11:54 2.6M
ZX-Appeal May 87.pdf 29-Jun-2022 11:50 30.2M
ZX-Appeal May 87_chocr.html.gz 29-Jun-2022 14:01 647.5K
ZX-Appeal May 87_djvu.txt 29-Jun-2022 15:49 46.0K
ZX-Appeal May 87_djvu.xml 29-Jun-2022 15:42 642.9K
ZX-Appeal May 87_hocr.html 29-Jun-2022 15:41 1.3M
ZX-Appeal May 87_hocr_pageindex.json.gz 29-Jun-2022 15:45 214.0B
ZX-Appeal May 87_hocr_searchtext.txt.gz 29-Jun-2022 15:44 20.5K
ZX-Appeal May (View Contents) 29-Jun-2022 12:04 7.1M
ZX-Appeal May 87_page_numbers.json 29-Jun-2022 15:51 2.7K
ZX-Appeal May 87_scandata.xml 29-Jun-2022 15:49 5.2K
ZX-Appeal May 87_text.pdf 29-Jun-2022 15:57 2.1M
ZX-Appeal May 88.pdf 29-Jun-2022 11:50 31.8M
ZX-Appeal May 88_chocr.html.gz 29-Jun-2022 13:57 682.8K
ZX-Appeal May 88_djvu.txt 29-Jun-2022 15:49 45.9K
ZX-Appeal May 88_djvu.xml 29-Jun-2022 15:42 666.6K
ZX-Appeal May 88_hocr.html 29-Jun-2022 15:41 1.4M
ZX-Appeal May 88_hocr_pageindex.json.gz 29-Jun-2022 15:43 202.0B
ZX-Appeal May 88_hocr_searchtext.txt.gz 29-Jun-2022 15:43 22.6K
ZX-Appeal May (View Contents) 29-Jun-2022 12:03 9.5M
ZX-Appeal May 88_page_numbers.json 29-Jun-2022 15:51 2.8K
ZX-Appeal May 88_scandata.xml 29-Jun-2022 15:51 5.0K
ZX-Appeal May 88_text.pdf 29-Jun-2022 15:58 5.6M
ZX-Appeal May 89.pdf 30-Jun-2022 08:43 27.3M
ZX-Appeal May 89_chocr.html.gz 30-Jun-2022 09:25 516.6K
ZX-Appeal May 89_djvu.txt 30-Jun-2022 11:49 37.4K
ZX-Appeal May 89_djvu.xml 30-Jun-2022 11:44 528.7K
ZX-Appeal May 89_hocr.html 30-Jun-2022 11:42 1.1M
ZX-Appeal May 89_hocr_pageindex.json.gz 30-Jun-2022 11:45 172.0B
ZX-Appeal May 89_hocr_searchtext.txt.gz 30-Jun-2022 11:45 17.6K
ZX-Appeal May (View Contents) 30-Jun-2022 08:48 5.3M
ZX-Appeal May 89_page_numbers.json 30-Jun-2022 11:52 2.0K
ZX-Appeal May 89_scandata.xml 30-Jun-2022 11:49 4.0K
ZX-Appeal May 89_text.pdf 30-Jun-2022 11:55 1.9M
ZX-Appeal Nov 85.pdf 08-Mar-2021 03:41 10.2M
ZX-Appeal Nov 85_chocr.html.gz 08-Mar-2021 07:47 399.8K
ZX-Appeal Nov 85_djvu.txt 08-Mar-2021 09:11 28.8K
ZX-Appeal Nov 85_djvu.xml 08-Mar-2021 09:01 493.4K
ZX-Appeal Nov 85_hocr.html 08-Mar-2021 08:59 1.2M
ZX-Appeal Nov 85_hocr_pageindex.json.gz 08-Mar-2021 09:06 214.0B
ZX-Appeal Nov 85_hocr_searchtext.txt.gz 08-Mar-2021 09:02 15.3K
ZX-Appeal Nov (View Contents) 08-Mar-2021 04:04 6.4M
ZX-Appeal Nov 85_page_numbers.json 08-Mar-2021 09:13 2.9K
ZX-Appeal Nov 85_scandata.xml 08-Mar-2021 09:13 5.7K
ZX-Appeal Nov 85_text.pdf 08-Mar-2021 09:34 2.2M
ZX-Appeal Nov 86.pdf 29-Jun-2022 11:51 41.6M
ZX-Appeal Nov 86_chocr.html.gz 29-Jun-2022 13:46 720.9K
ZX-Appeal Nov 86_djvu.txt 29-Jun-2022 15:48 51.1K
ZX-Appeal Nov 86_djvu.xml 29-Jun-2022 15:42 727.7K
ZX-Appeal Nov 86_hocr.html 29-Jun-2022 15:40 1.5M
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ZX-Appeal Nov-Dec 88.pdf 30-Jun-2022 08:44 15.4M
ZX-Appeal Nov-Dec 88_chocr.html.gz 30-Jun-2022 09:16 216.6K
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ZX-Appeal Oct 85.pdf 08-Mar-2021 03:41 10.2M
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ZX-Appeal Oct 86.pdf 08-Mar-2021 03:41 18.4M
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ZX-Appeal Oct 89_text.pdf 30-Jun-2022 11:57 3.7M
ZX-Appeal Oct-Nov 87.pdf 29-Jun-2022 11:51 49.5M
ZX-Appeal Oct-Nov 87_chocr.html.gz 29-Jun-2022 13:39 991.7K
ZX-Appeal Oct-Nov 87_djvu.txt 29-Jun-2022 15:49 71.5K
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ZX-Appeal Sept 86.pdf 27-Mar-2021 15:25 14.9M
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ZX-Appeal Sept 87.pdf 29-Jun-2022 11:51 26.9M
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ZX-Appeal Summer 87.pdf 29-Jun-2022 11:51 95.4M
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ZX-Appeal Summer 88.pdf 29-Jun-2022 11:51 59.9M
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ZX-Appeal Summer 88_text.pdf 29-Jun-2022 16:05 7.7M
ZX-Appeal Summer 90.pdf 29-Jun-2022 11:52 70.1M
ZX-Appeal Summer 90_chocr.html.gz 29-Jun-2022 14:45 1.4M
ZX-Appeal Summer 90_djvu.txt 29-Jun-2022 15:49 99.0K
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ZX-Appeal Summer 90_hocr.html 29-Jun-2022 15:42 3.0M
ZX-Appeal Summer 90_hocr_pageindex.json.gz 29-Jun-2022 15:43 394.0B
ZX-Appeal Summer 90_hocr_searchtext.txt.gz 29-Jun-2022 15:43 44.7K
ZX-Appeal Summer (View Contents) 29-Jun-2022 12:09 22.2M
ZX-Appeal Summer 90_page_numbers.json 29-Jun-2022 15:51 6.1K
ZX-Appeal Summer 90_scandata.xml 29-Jun-2022 15:51 10.9K
ZX-Appeal Summer 90_text.pdf 29-Jun-2022 15:57 8.6M
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