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Files for DIRECT-OA-CRAWL-2019-CRL


Files marked with lock are not available for download.

Name Last modified Size Status
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DIRECT-OA-CRAWL-2019-CRL_archive.torrent 11-Apr-2019 04:46 41.4K lock
DIRECT-OA-CRAWL-2019-CRL_files.xml 02-Jul-2020 20:02 9.0K
DIRECT-OA-CRAWL-2019-CRL_meta.sqlite 19-Apr-2019 23:01 36.0K
DIRECT-OA-CRAWL-2019-CRL_meta.xml 02-Jul-2020 20:02 799.0B
DIRECT-OA-CRAWL-2019.cdx.gz 12-Apr-2019 03:00 990.9M
aminer.html 12-Apr-2019 02:46 22.9K lock
aminer.seed_doi 12-Apr-2019 00:12 23.9M lock
aminer.sqlite 12-Apr-2019 02:40 146.9M lock
aminer_doi.html 12-Apr-2019 02:46 26.0K lock
aminer_doi.sqlite 12-Apr-2019 02:40 143.1M lock
core.html 12-Apr-2019 02:46 16.1K lock
core.sqlite 12-Apr-2019 02:40 1.1G lock
direct-oa-crawl-2019-wbgrp-svc279-crl.tar.gz 11-Apr-2019 04:43 2.0G
direct-oa-crawl-2019-wbgrp-svc280-crl.tar.gz 19-Apr-2019 23:01 175.3M
missing_core_20181016.schedule 11-Apr-2019 20:51 228.8M lock
missing_core_20181016.seed_identifier 11-Apr-2019 20:53 258.0M lock
missing_s2_sha1_id_url.schedule 11-Apr-2019 20:52 538.7M lock
missing_s2_sha1_id_url.seed_identifier 11-Apr-2019 20:54 791.4M lock
narcis.html 12-Apr-2019 02:46 14.6K lock
narcis.sqlite 12-Apr-2019 02:41 166.6M lock
narcis_9640_urls.schedule 11-Apr-2019 20:52 41.6M lock
narcis_ref.sqlite 12-Apr-2019 02:41 211.5M lock
pmc_oa_20190214.schedule 11-Apr-2019 20:53 204.2M lock
pmc_oa_combined_20190214.seed_identifier 11-Apr-2019 20:54 226.2M lock
pubmed.html 12-Apr-2019 02:46 16.3K lock
pubmed.sqlite 12-Apr-2019 02:42 1.2G lock
s2.html 12-Apr-2019 02:46 26.6K lock
s2.sqlite 12-Apr-2019 02:46 3.5G lock
s2_doi.html 12-Apr-2019 02:46 21.1K lock
s2_doi.sqlite 12-Apr-2019 02:45 3.1G lock