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Software Library: Macintosh

A collection of emulated software for the early Macintosh computer, created by Apple as the successor to the Apple II series. Simple, powerful and a new path in computing, the Macintosh's graphics-based operating system changed the face of computing permanently.

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Software Library: Macintosh
by Mindscape

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A game of realpolitik in the nuclear age. Maintain your chosen superpower's prestige without triggering Armageddon.
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Topics: Balance Of Power, Mac, Macintosh, Apple Mac
Software Library: Macintosh
by PBS

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You've built a car with a balloon "engine" and now its time to test it out. Hey, it goes pretty far, but will it go farther if you change some things? Try bigger wheels, or a smaller about a smaller opening for the balloon to fit into? Balloon Car Builder will have kids using their thinking skills and creativity to try to get the car to go the furthest it can! Good luck!
Topic: ZOOM
Software Library: Macintosh
by Showtime

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Includes all 4 games.
Topics: game, Boxing