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Software generally aimed towards younger audiences, ranging from education to entertainment. 

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A Woz A Day

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"Freedom!" is a 1992 educational game developed by Rich Bergeron, Beth Daniels, Charolyn Kapplinger, John Ojanen, John P. Wlazlo, and Kamau Sebabu Kambui, and published by MECC. This is version 1.0. It requires a 128K Apple //e or later.
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A Woz A Day

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"Math Shop Jr." is a 1989 educational game designed and programmed by Cary Hammer and Laura Jeffers, illustrated by Steve Sullivan, and published by Scholastic. It requires a 64K Apple ][+ or later.
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Software Library: MS-DOS Games
by Sierra On-Line, Inc.

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Also For Amiga Developed by Sierra On-Line, Inc. Published by Sierra On-Line, Inc. Released 1991 Genre Adventure, Educational Perspective 3rd-person (Other) Educational Pre-school / Toddler Description This is an updated version of Roberta Williams' Mixed-Up Mother Goose . This version utilizes Sierra 's SCI game interpreter and features enhanced graphics and sound. The gameplay remains the same as the previous version; all of the nursery rhymes in Mother Goose Land have become mixed up! Your...
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