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Software generally aimed towards younger audiences, ranging from education to entertainment. 

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Software Library: MS-DOS Games
by Coktel Vision

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Also For Atari ST Developed by Coktel Vision Published by Coktel Vision Released 1992 Pacing Meditative / Zen Educational Math / Logic, Reading / Writing, Typing Narrative Comedy Genre Action, Educational, Puzzle, Racing / Driving Interface Point and Select Gameplay Mini-Games Description Who's this little fellow on our screen? He's A.J., that's who. And he's about to invite you to his own "World of Discovery". A.J.'s World of Discovery is an educational game where kids can play...
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Software Library: MS-DOS Games

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Platform DOS Published by Vision Software, Inc. Released 1993 Genre Educational Educational Geography, History Misc Licensed Description ALF, a furry alien who for fear of discovery can't really leave the house, is Vision Software's choice to teach children about the wide range of geographical features found in the United States. Lesson one: A multiple choice quiz to test knowledge of geographical terminology. Hosted by ALF, who fires a cannon (!) containing your answer choice at a bucket....
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Software Library: MS-DOS Games

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Also For Macintosh, Windows, Windows 3.x Developed by MECC Published by MECC Released 1993 Genre Adventure, Educational, Simulation Perspective 1st-person Educational Ecology / Nature, Geography, History Sport Fishing, Sailing / Boating Misc Licensed Description The protagonist of the game sees a strange dream: a black jaguar appears and introduces himself as a servant of the Inca king. He explains that the Inca people are dying of malaria and endangered by the European explorers. The jaguar is...
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A Woz A Day

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"American Government" is a 1984 educational program published by Micro Learningware. It requires a 48K Apple ][+ or later.
Topics: apple2, wozaday
Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium
by Minnesota Educational Computing Corporation

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Arithmetic Critters is a collection of four programs designed to give kindergarten and first-grade children individual practice on early mathematics skills. Each program presents exercises that can be solved using counting skills. The exercises are presented in a way intended to reinforce the concepts behind the skills. In Animal Addition, students practice adding two groups of up to nine identical animals. In Fowl Play, students practice subtracting up to nine birds from a group of up to...
Topics: Educational, Basic Math