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The Internet Archive Software Library is the ultimate software crate-digger's dream: Tens of thousands of playable software titles from multiple computer platforms, allowing instant access to decades of computer history in your browser through the JSMESS emulator.

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This video has all 45 consoles handhelds and home computers I use on 0:00 (Emulation Loading Screen) 0:30 (Arcade) 1:00 (DOS) 1:17 (Apple II) 1:36 (Apple IIGS) 1:46 (ZX Spectrum) 2:06 (Commodore 64) 2:34 (Windows 3.11) 3:00 (Atari 2600) 3:14 (Atari 7800) 3:21 (Atari 8-Bit) 3:53 (Sega Genesis) 5:00 (N/A) 5:08 (Early Macintosh) 5:35 (Mac 7.5) 5:50 (Game Gear) 7:15 (PlayStation) 8:08 (LCD Handhelds) 8:42 (Master System) 9:36 (Bandai Super Vision 8000) 10:00 (APF-MP1000) 10:15 (Mega...
Topics: Version Comparison,, Arcade, DOS, Apple II, Apple IIGS, ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64,...