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Console Living Room: Sega SG-1000


The SG-1000 (エスジー・セン Esujī Sen?), which stands for Sega Game 1000, was a cartridge-based video game console manufactured by Sega. This system marked Sega's first entry into the home video game hardware business, and while the system was not popular, it provided the basis for the more successful Master System.

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Console Living Room: Sega SG-1000
by Sega - Taito

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Elevator Action (エレベーターアクション) is an arcade game developed by Taito which was later ported to the SG-1000 exclusively for Japan. This is one of two Elevator Action games to be released on a Sega system, the other being Elevator Action Returns .
Console Living Room: Sega SG-1000
by Sega

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Exerion (エクセリオン) is a arcade shoot-'em-up released by Jaleco in 1983. It was ported to several systems including the SG-1000. Exerion is a very basic shoot-'em-up, however its main appeal at the time was its parallax backgrounds, whose positions would change depending on the coordinates of the player's ship. Unfortunately, the effects do not transfer well onto the SG-1000, as the scrolling is choppy. 1 shoots a single shot which you can shoot rapidfire. 2 shoots a double shot which...
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