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The Unofficial Redump Hoard

This is an unofficial collection of "Redump" uploads, claiming to be part of the Redump Disc Preservation Project, a longstanding effort to make archival copies of the CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs of various consoles and platforms over the years. They should not be considered canonical, although many will be accurate.

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Date Archived
The Unofficial Redump Hoard
by OPeNBooK9003

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The North American release of Yoot Tower for Windows 95 and Windows 98. ID 63529
Topics: Yoot Tower, Yoot, Saito, SimTower, Redump,
The Unofficial Redump Hoard
by On Hand Software

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Brain Games (USA) SHA-1: d39f7aec3b659aa839fc0a962130586534c54038
Topics: IBM PC Compatible, Redump, Windows, Windows 98, Windows XP