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Micro Kids

Microkids was one of a handful of magazines that had emerged in the early 80s with a focus on family members as it’s audience, in this case tweens and teens. Other slicks of the day included titles such as Family Computing and Enter, magazines that made their way to the racks as a result of a newly growing global demand for personal computers.

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Date Reviewed
MicroKids - Issue 01 Volume 01 No 01 (1983-12)(Microkids Publishing)(US)
Topics: computer, microkids, hchar, atari, computers, call, program, color, commodore, call hchar, call...
MicroKids - Issue 02 Volume 01 No 02 (1984-03)(Microkids Publishing)(US)
Topics: computer, print, microkids, dirk, disk, program, atari, data, goto, commodore, computer camps, disk...
MicroKids - Issue 03 Volume 01 No 03 (1984-05)(Microkids Publishing)(US)
Topics: computer, microkids, software, atari, print, program, modem, disk, commodore, ibm, disk drive,...