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Firmware and System ROMs

ROMs, Firmware and chip dumps from a wide variety of sources.

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Firmware and System ROMs
by EZ-Flash

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Mirrored from FileTrip . Description: This download is only applicable to EZ5i users, it is not to be confused with the bootstrap updates of the earlier EZ5 models. Please note at present this has nothing to do with game compatibility, game compatibility is determined by the loader updates which all models of the EZ5 can use. Explanation/Guide: The EZ5i, unlike most other previous carts, is able to update the core/internal loader (ostensibly as a means to counteract any DSi updates) which...
Topics: filetrip, firmware, upgrader, ez flash, ez flash vi
Firmware and System ROMs
by ElSemi

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Patched 3.17 DIMM Firmware by ElSemi as described on Github.
Topic: Naomi CDR DIMM