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by Terry A. Davis

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A thorough collection of Terry A. Davis & TempleOS media. Timestamps are approximate and in UTC. NOTE0: New content will be uploaded as it becomes available. NOTE1: if the files are unable to be downloaded from the normal links try using direct server links : NOTE2: Independent torrents of this data is available as well. Newer versions contain all previous data. 2018-09-03:...
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Topics: TempleOS, Terry A. Davis, Terrance Andrew Davis, operating system, religion, LoseThos, SparrowOS
CD-ROM Images
by Terry A. Davis

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TempleOS is an operating system created by the late Terry A. Davis for the x86_64 platform, with a focus on single-user computing with a built in programmable interface, akin in concept to old home computers such as the Commodore 64. It is programmed in a variant of C dubbed HolyC, which is also used for the interactive shell. Davis claimed to be directed by the divine word of God in the creation of the operating system, leading to many Biblical references throughout the entire interface. He...
Topics: operating system, terry davis, templeos