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Disk Drives: Collections of Files from the Era of the Drive

With the introduction of offline storage (in the form of tape and punch cards, later floppy disks, hard drives and cards), computer users began to create and acquire all manner of data to use with their machines. Programs, textfiles, and later images, sound and moving image data would be collected in the course of computer ownership and maintenance. Over time, this collection would sometimes resemble a pile, or a library, or an archive. The unifying theme would only be that they were all on the ...

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Disk Drives: Collections of Files from the Era of the Drive
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Contributed by Charles Shrader, this is a collection of Amiga .ADF files, ready for use in an emulator or writing out to floppies to boot on original Amigas. The general collection was assembled around 2000 and transferred recently. The pile of floppies was from an unknown owner, and acquired through eBay, so no direct information is available. In total, there are roughly 1,000 .ADF images in this collection. They contain games, utilities, and documentation files.  To browse the directory of...