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Disk Drives: Collections of Files from the Era of the Drive

With the introduction of offline storage (in the form of tape and punch cards, later floppy disks, hard drives and cards), computer users began to create and acquire all manner of data to use with their machines. Programs, textfiles, and later images, sound and moving image data would be collected in the course of computer ownership and maintenance. Over time, this collection would sometimes resemble a pile, or a library, or an archive. The unifying theme would only be that they were all on the ...

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Disk Drives: Collections of Files from the Era of the Drive
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This item is a compilation of images acquired from a 12,000+ floppy collection of one of the members of the cracking group "Bamiga Sector 1". It was in an attic in Belgium for roughly 25 years and is in the process of being imaged by a small set of volunteers.  The collection is expected to grow over time and will be noted here when it is complete. The website for the project is For easy downloading, the collection will be a set of .zip files, which can...
A variety of .ZIP files from BBSes, including history around 1980 up through the late 1990s.
Capture of the file section of The Devil's Doorknob in 1996, put to CD-ROM in 2003.