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Disk Drives: Collections of Files from the Era of the Drive

With the introduction of offline storage (in the form of tape and punch cards, later floppy disks, hard drives and cards), computer users began to create and acquire all manner of data to use with their machines. Programs, textfiles, and later images, sound and moving image data would be collected in the course of computer ownership and maintenance. Over time, this collection would sometimes resemble a pile, or a library, or an archive. The unifying theme would only be that they were all on the ...

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From various sources - windows-related utilities, software, and programs from decades of Windows history.
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Disk Drives: Collections of Files from the Era of the Drive

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Culled from the FTP site (which has now removed them), this collection consists of legacy DOS device drivers for a variety of peripherals, including CD-ROM drives, EPROMs, EISA, IDE, LAN, Motherboards, Mice, Modems, Printers and Scanners. To browse the collection click here .
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