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Shareware CD-ROMs

One of the most historically important artifacts to come from the home computer telecommunications revolution was shareware CDs, compact discs put out by companies containing hundreds of megabytes of shareware. Initially containing less than the full capacity of the discs (600mb, later 700mb) these items eventually began brimming with any sort of computer data that could be packaged and sold. As material "ran out", that is, as sellers of these CDs found they were unable to easily find shareware ...

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Shareware CD-ROMs
Jan 14, 2014 Sirius Cybernetics Corp.

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TSCC is extremely proud to present you the biggest Atari Demo Scene archive there is... entitled: Fujiology. Based on the ashes of the No Fragments CD-series we gathered together as many Atari Scene releases we could find. The archive was compiled by yours truly (Lotek Style) mostly during the year 2013. The archive features 4 sections. The main section features releases for the Atari ST (11.280 Files). Then there are bonus sections for TT (16 Files), MAGS (3.021 Files), JAGUAR (471 Files) and...