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Australian National OS9 Newsletter (1988-1994)

The Australian National OS9 Newsletter was a Color Computer-oriented newsletter created by Gordon Bentzen, Don Berrie and Bob Devries. Issues were produced from July 1988 to August 1994. Credit to CoCoCoding for issue information and summary.

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Date Published
Vol 6 No 7 August 1992: A C Tutorial Chap 9, Are your VEF pictures squashed?, Australian CoCoFEST!, Microware's 'pipelines', Hard Disk Interface Options, Add a 2nd port to your Deluxe RS-232 PAK, 6309 Bechmarks
Topics: file, vef, burke, newsletter, command, program, printf, pin, solder, australian, bob devries, hard...
Vol 6 No 1 Jan/Feb 1992: Trojan Horse for OS9?, Patch for Deldir, Patching Kevin Darling's GFX2, Index of Rainbow OS9 Articles (Jan-Dec '88), Modules in my OS9Boot, Create a Customized OS9 System Disk
Topics: data, gime, coco, puckett, dale, newsletter, disk, kissable, gihe, australian, gime gime, gihe...
Vol 6 No 5 June 1992: A C Tutorial Chap 8, Index of Rainbow OS9 Articles (Jan-Dec '90), Converting Amiga 8SVI Sound for compatibility with PLAY, Verdisk - Disk verify command for OS9, More
Topics: pointer, variable, prograi, char, file, froi, pointers, ida, newsletter, breakpoint, int type, disk...
Vol 6 No 4 May 1992: Send - Another Neat Utility, DeUnixification of Text Files, DUPing paths in OS9 C, MM/1 Expansion Information, A lesson in rationalization, OS-9 for Windows 3.0 or going portable, More on OS9 for Windows 3, CoCo3 Dhrystone rating, Floptical Drives!!???
Topics: signal, char, oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, australian, module, boisy, infomation, newsletter,...
Vol 6 No 9 October 1992: A C Tutorial Chap 10, FAT Display Program, OS9 Attitude, From the Librarian (Ed & Rev Numbers)
Topics: file, program, commands, directory, system, newsletter, disk, command, filename, pointer, domain...
Vol 6 No 8 September 1992: A Patch to the Kernel, A C Tutorial Chap 9, More Patches (WindInt)
Topics: program, input, newsletter, function, string, variable, file, output, data, integer, utilities...