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Australian National OS9 Newsletter (1988-1994)

The Australian National OS9 Newsletter was a Color Computer-oriented newsletter created by Gordon Bentzen, Don Berrie and Bob Devries. Issues were produced from July 1988 to August 1994. Credit to CoCoCoding for issue information and summary.

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Date Published
Vol 5 No 2 March 1991: Four Drives!, CoCo Windows Vs Windows 3.0, Basic09 Parameters, File De-fragmentor (Part 2)
Topics: coco, device, module, newsletter, windows, screen, drive, australian, color, windowing, register...
Vol 5 No 5 June 1991: A Basic09 Tutorial (Part 2), A C Tutorial Chap 1, ERRATA - DIRL Correction from last issue, Clusters, Modpatch Problems, FREE - A bug-free version (Part 1)
Topics: cluster, errata, file, sectors, print, coco, newsletter, disk, naae, australian, root directory,...
Vol 5 No 6 July 1991: A Basic09 Tutorial (Part 3), A C Tutorial Chap 2, FREE - A bug-free version (Part 2)
Topics: print, bentzen, prograa, qld, bsr, newsletter, devries, endif, goto, ieax, executable stateaent,...
Vol 5 No 1 February 1991: Patch Mfree for 1 Meg, Tutorial in 'C' Programming, File De-fragmentor (Part 1)
Topics: stateaent, data, syntax, australian, prograaae, goto, aay, newsletter, soie, aeaory, bob van,...
Vol 5 No 7 August 1991: Where we stand on the MM/1, A Basic09 Tutorial (Part 4), A C Tutorial Chap 3, An Index of Rainbow OS9 Articles
Topics: tne, loop, puckett, tnat, executed, kissabie, oss, software, stateaents, australian, frank hogg,...
Vol 5 No 3 April 1991: Getting SAS-sy with your Disks, Document files and MAN
Topics: bitaap, disk, froa, sectors, file, australian, oss, newsletter, char, clustersize, oss newsletter,...