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Mature CD-ROMs

CD-ROMs and DVDs of adult material, often digitized images or (very) short film clips. Popular for a short time in the era of the 1990s before DVD availability and lower costs of duplication ended the market.

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Mature CD-ROMs

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The month is June – the time when high school girls change into their summer uniforms. Azumi Risa, who has now moved on to her second year of high school, has been hearing around campus that the new freshmen are bubbling over with excitement over the Best Couples poll. Risa herself was selected as a Best Couple along with Ayase Miya due to her classmates’ misconceptions, and although she rejected it at the time, the two of them now share a fully mutual love as they spend their passionate...
Topics: Visual Novel, R18, Yuri, Yurin Yurin
Mature CD-ROMs

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Haruki has very bad luck. A lot of trouble always gathers around him, or does he invite trouble? One day, he receives a parcel. No sender name, no address. The only thing written on it is "creature". He wasn't expecting it. It's a girl. According to her, she is a goddess and came here to remove his misfortune. Like this, she starts living at his house. However, her personality causes various troubles, involving other people. Will he be able to live a fortunate life amid such a...
Topics: R18, Visual Novel, Eroge, Yuzusoft, Yuzusoft PENTA BOX, ADV, School, Comedy, Slice of Life, Romance