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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  March 22, 2017 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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tonight brad and angelina do an about face. the formerly feuding ex-s talking again, after a bitter custody battle and so much bad mouthing in the press, we'll tell you what changed. a new "dancing with the stars" feud. why william shatner is campaigning to get bachelor nick kicked off. and what nick has to say about it. >> check out the crowd eating a chicken sandwich. it's what happened before this you won't believe. this is where it's at, man.
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rprise coming. >> our on set sneak peek at the all new scene from "baywatch." >> we have to go undercover. >> yeah, a little too undercover. it's been six months since brad and angelina's marriage fell apart. are there signs they're making peace. >> we have exclusive new information that the exes are no longer letting their lawyers do all the talking. >> finallyal tking again? >> what? >> believe it. a source tells us the form irbitter exes who spoke only through their lawyers since last september now have been speaking directly. it's a big move. brad continues to keep a low profile, producing and sculpting in an arts studio. he and angelina are united. they are doing what's in the best interest of the kids.
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>> what is brad's life like today. a source who's part of the 53-year-old's inner circle tells us, brad is feeling much better, and is happy and relieved that the custody battle has died down in the media. right now, brad is splitting time between two homes. brad spends time here at the family's four house compound near hollywood. >> angelina for president. >> last friday, angelina and the children returned to l.a. from london, where she spoke at a u.n. lecture, now, the co parents are sharing duties. brad is spending time with the kids while they're in l.a. >> we will be stronger when we come out of this. that's what we're determined to be as a family. >> where does the divorce stand? they are making progress, privately and properly. oh, and get this, even though together brad and angelina were
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even split, they're still making money. they're home in france just launched a new line of olive oil to go along with their $28 pitt-jolie rose. it's an investment for their family and their children. >> good to see they're doing better. what about ben affleck. it was eight days ago, he announced he had gotten out of rehab for alcohol addiction. and still dealing with his broken marriage and co parenting. how is he doing? >> he was spotted spending the day with his daughters. it feels like a brand new ben since he wrapped up rehab. earlier this week, the notorious paparazzi hater asked them for directions after taking his kids to church
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it's a far cry from the bitter ben on display earlier this year, he was at the premiere of his film live by night. when a reporter asked about his upcoming batman movie. >> when i was doing this movie, it took me two years to get it together. they asked me, batman, batman, batman. >> soon after ben revealed he completed treatment for alcohol addiction, i'm happy to have the love of my family and friends, including my co parent jen. >> how are you feeling? great? i'm glad you're doing great, ben. a source close to the actor tells echlts t., ben is doing great, he's taken aback by the outpouring of support since making his personal announcement. he's enjoying spending time with his children and friends. >> he certainly has a lot of fans who love him too. on a much lighter note, there's one big star who's definitely not a big fan of the bachelor nick why i
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shatner begging people to get him kicked off "dancing with the stars." his no nick campaign started before the live show appeared on monday. when he took to twitter and said, my goal is to knock bachelor nick out asap. who is with me? the actor who turns 86 today, tweeted over 20 times during an after the show, urging fans to vote for anyone but nick. wanting him gone next week. now, shatner has never competed on the show himself, but he is a big fan of the series. >> i watched noah galloway keep trying to get brette and better. unbelievable. >> why is shatner so anti-nick saying, he lives up to the hom nymph his last name, it may go back to 2014 when nick first appeared on the bachelor franchise. >> if you weren't in
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me -- >> that's where shatner said nick starred at the journey. >> nick had a simple response to shatner's anyone but nick crusade. a simple sad face emoji. tina also tweeted out a crying emoji. >> i have a great herrer in. if i'm lucky enough to stick around it would be great. >> even tom bergeron is getting involved. happy birthday to my pal,@williamshatner, know way i can negotiate a truce. >> you can't say no to tom, can you? >> somebody needs to negotiate a truce between justin bieber and his overzealous fans. he's been getting mobbed. i guess if you need to get away. >> justin took
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zeal anned. >> how far will he go to stay away from his fans. bieber is back and pleading with fans to leave him alone. this time we can't blame him. check out that crowd trying to et a glimpse of the pop star snacking on some chicken in australia. >> a police escort had to be called in to make a barrier and earlier before lunch this happened. bieber chased by a mob of fans through the streets of sydney. all this comes after bieber said he would no longer take photos with fans, because it makes him feel like a zoo animal. >> he just says, he wants it to be on his terms. >> don't touch my face. don't touch my face. >> i don't think
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get any easier for him once he gets back to the states. his first day back on tour is july 29th. let's turn now to a big event happening this weekend. it's an emotional one. debbie reynolds and her daughter carrie fisher who died one day apart, will be remembered in a huge sendoff. i poke with todd about how much he misses his mother and sister. >> my mother said to me, the night that carrie died, i didn't know what was happening, but she was setting me up for her leaving the planet. she literally looked at me and said, i want to be with carrie. i'm okay with debbie's exit not so okay with carrie's exit. carrie was in the middle of her finest hours. >> her public memorial on saturday will be at forest lawn hills. >> have you heard from harris
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mark both, both of them are traveling, there's big star wars stuff going on right now, they're on the same schedule, the two of them. they've written some beautiful things, notes to us. >> when mark and harrison say to you, immediately following the passing? >> i'm without words, i'm stunned. i h aave depth of loss. >> carrie's daughter billy lord ill attend, it's too emotional for her to make any speeches. >> she's dealing with two gigantic losses, i'm letting her breathe. she needs to breathe. ♪ you're beautiful you're beautiful ♪ >> jimz blunt composed a tribute song for the event. he was friends with carrie. and the song will play over a photo montage. >> they were very dear friends. >> he writes you're beautiful in her bathroom, because there's a piano in the bathroom. they inspired each other. >> carrie was godmother to james' son. if you want to w
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memorial service, it will stream live on saturday. young and the restless led everybody with 25 nominations, we were with the ladies of the talk when they found out they had received more than ever before. tieing ellen with eight nominations. >> congratulations on eight nominations. >> it never gets old. >> i've been doing this seven seasons, it never gets old to hear our names nominated. 12k3w4r we're also pretty happy with our nomination as well. still to come, we get to know the real oprah through the eyes of her big screen besty reese witherspoon. >> she's like, hello. nicole kidman gives us a sneak peak at the new big little lies. just released scenes from the baywatch movie. >> are you hear for the qualifier. >> i don't have to try out, i have two gold medals. >> matt brody, yes. closed captioning provided by --
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harrison ford was honored as the stars remembered the likes of
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. aparent liz orlando bloom really is ready to take the plunge. the newly single actor having fun cliff jumping in saint barts. nothing like a little
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rush to get your day going. >> check out the crazy stunts that dwayne johnson and zac efron pulled off in these new released scenes from baywatch. >> welcome to baywatch. >> in baywatch, dwayne is mitch, the team leader. enter zach the new guy, out to prove himself. >> hey, one direction, you here for the kwau filers. >> i don't have to try out, i have two gold medals. >> matt brody, yes. >> we still don't -- >> yeah, there's plenty of sexy shots in the sand. i found out on my set visit, this isn't the baywatch i grew up with. >> it's going to be grit yes, dirtier. >> everything's -- stop it, i can't save you if you're being -- >> why does she always look like she's running in slow motion? >> she's the reason i believe in god. >> it's an r rated comedy. it's definitely a different feel than the tv show. >> i get it. i'
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>> these are the firemen of the beach, which will involve our big boats that we have, ski jets that we have. >> am i the only one that thinks this is clearly a job for the police? >> what we set up is going to be phenomenal. >> things take a nasty turn when brianca chopra comes to town. >> some people are up to no good. >> watch out, because i got you. >> we have to go undercover. >> undercover. >> a little too undercover. >> jason born got some -- >> the toughest of all those stunts, check out what zach tweeted today. mad respect to all the ladies -- one of my hardest stunts ever on baywatch. > finally someone who unrstands. >> still ahead, was it really like hanging out with oprah. >> who wants coffee.
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pretty crazy stories to tell. then, our nicole kidman closive. does the success of big little lies mean she'll do more tv? >> faith hill's beauty tips for looking great at any age. >> it's okay to have wrinkles. >> spehe ons up about her past fashion regrets. >> i used to have awful styles.
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happy birthday. >> i thought i would spend my birthday with you. >> how nice. >> reese witherspoon got a jump on her birthday celebration last night on conan. >> do you know that she does a mean oprah imitation? >> yes, she does. >> what
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working on their new movie. >> she's amazing. you couldn't believe -- sometimes she would do the voice, hello! >> hello! >> who wants coffee? >> oh, my god, she's doing the voice. >> the oscar winner on conan admitting filming with lady o in new zealand was not her typical movie making experience. >> it was different than being in a normal hair and make-up trailer. you know what book i really love? and everybody gets silent. pull out a pen. >> you know what the most important thing i ever learned in my life? everyone's like -- you can hear a pin drop. what? >> what are you doing? >> and reese says oprah isn't just known for her wrap party margaritas. >> she also just loves to bring everyone muffins. but not like a regular muffin, she has muffins flown in from napa.
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two people, she gives them to the entire crew. >> during filming, reese had to leave her kids in l.a. for school. she said she was still able to live her best life with another fun co-star. >> i forced mindy kaling to be my child and i grabbed her. here's what we're going to do, work monday through thursday, and friday, saturday, sunday we're going to have the most fun. >> if that were oprah she would have said okay! >> let's not forget therese is also one of the stars of big little lies, which is fantastic and getting rave reviews. >> it's the cast, are you kidding? they're all fabulous women we're used to seeing on the big screen. >> like nicole kidman. >> what's been the reception? >> i'm not used to being in people's living rooms on a sunday night, which i love, by the way. >> i interviewed nicole on a disney working
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both she and reese are producers on big little lies. five mothers whose lives unravel to the point of murder. set in affluent monterey california, we don't even know who's dead yet, but the incredible performances are keeping us on the edge of our seat. >> will you do more tv because of this? >> i would love to, actually, i really enjoy -- >> i mean, the great thing about this is, there's fantastic roles for five women. people are watching it around the world, also, which is really fun. i have people in australia calling me, e-mailing me and texting me going, what happens next? what happens next? >> that's fun. >> nicole appears to have the perfect marriage to alexander skarsgard. >> it's complicated. >> because she beats her, and she keeps the dark secret from everyone but her
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>> when are you going to leave him? >> this show is getting so good, and by the way, nicole hasn't abandoned the big screen, that interview took place on the set of her new movie untouchable with kevin hart and brian cranston, that will hit theaters next year. do you recognize that little budding baton twirler? that is faith hill who -- i mean, evidently has been adorable every single day of her life, no one is more issmpreed by her natural beauty than her hubby tim mcg raw. >>o make-up, crazy frizzy, curley hair. before i put it up in a ponytail, he's like, leave it down, that's my favorite. >> they give us undeniable relationship goals. >> making a point to never spend more than three days apart. and they tour together every chance they get. >> what do you like most about touring together? >> being
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her sing every night, it's pretty special. ♪ i'm so in love with you >> we're loving their love story. what's even better, faith's total honesty when it comes to her style evolution. >> i used to have awful style, it's sometimes entertaining to go back and look at some of the outfits, the hair, the make-up, i've chosen over the years. my favorite thing to wear is black. >> faith also gets candid about aging in the new latest issue of beauty magazine. she tests out lots of skin care products on herself and tim. she isn't afraid to look her age. >> it's okay to have wrinkles and show that age. >> the truth is, it does start with what you put into your body. >> i love junk food. i really could eat a bag of potato chips every single day. i'm not talking a snack bag. a bag of chips. i will eat the entire bag. >> mad she does that and s
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still thinking positively. >> that's all at travel consideration provided by -- tomorrow on e.t., james cordon on his new car pool karaoke series. ♪ >> i believe i -- you are not going to believe it. it's been 14 years since love actually hit theaters, so many people love that movie, we have been waiting for a sequel. >> the cast is getting back together for nbc's red nose day special and to spread the word, they reenacted one of the movie's best known scenes. ♪
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>> since they're having a little competition there, they all look good. >> they do. the red nose day special is a fund-raiser to end childhood poverty. >> love th
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>> jeff: previously on "survivor," a surprise switch shook up the game. we are changing from two tribes to three tribes. at the nuku tribe, j.t. was outnumbered. >> it's 5-1. tr jeff: at the tavua tribe, oyzan had no control. >> it's troyzan versus everyone. >> jeff: at the mana tribe, brad held all the power. >> it's going to come down to either hali or caleb. >> jeff: and at tribal council, brad rallied the tribe to vote out caleb. >> caleb, the tribe has spoken. >> jeff: 17 are left. who will be voted out tonight?


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