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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  June 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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right now, the first day of summer will bring storms. a weather alert has been issued tomorrow. it is shaping up to have an impact on your commute. thank you for joining us. >> i am bruce johnson. let's head to the weathercenter. topper, what are we looking at?>> bigger storms in the afternoon. let's break it down in terms of the threat. we could see wet roads in the morning and on your return home
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you'll need your umbrella. hail and strong wins -- winds are the main threat, not like last thursday when we had threats in the low -- high range. a couple of showers here and there in the morning, nothing crazy. a fair amount of clouds. at the time we get to eight, 77 downtown, 74 at fx, 75 in the week. by 10, we're in the 80s despite cloud cover. low 80s, 82 in la plata. by noon, temperatures in the low to mid 80s. showers forming up to the north towards hagerstown. into the afternoon is when the showers and storms form right along i 66. the bull's-eye will be i 66 south, the best chance for showers and storms. we will take you through the rest of tuesday and look ahead to thursday. we may have another weather alert mac. we will explain. a metro spokesperson tells us ridership
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dropped 55%. that's not necessarily bad. >> they needed to stay that way as phase 2 begins. as we hear from stephanie ramirez, it won't get easier. we find stephanie live at the minnesota avenue station. what are you hearing?>> reporter: if you didn't take the train and today, metro is asking you to do the same thing tomorrow. i'm told there are no more plans to add shuttles tuesday even though they are anticipating commuters and more delays. this commuter says he left at 6 pm, the trip that normally takes 15 minutes took over an hour. >> a connecting bust -- bus was really packed. there was a lot of stress. not enough buses to take people around.>> reporter: he and many others stood in dl
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us they only had about half the ridership today. tuesday, the wait is expected to get worse when people come back from telecommuting and their long weekend. it's phase 2 of metro's plan, some of the busiest stations connecting dc to st. george's county. if you go to the armory, it is closed. shuttles are taking people from minnesota avenue to eastern market.>> we have to wait at least 20 minutes for a shuttle. there were a lot of people.>> reporter: by the time he got home there were shuttles galore.>> it wasn't that bad later. there wasn't a whole lot of traffic right now.>> reporter: that was around 8:00. nervous about tomorrow, he says he has no choice but to leave an hour early. he says there is no way he is driving.>> i am not willing to pay $20 parking. let's take that out of
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equation.>> reporter: if you do decide to drive, give yourself an extra 30 minutes. a spokesperson tells me the commute this morning was as bad as the friday rush to the shore. stephanie ramirez, wusa nine. >> here is another hiccup for travelers during peak hours. there is no rail or bus service between arlington cemetery and roslyn. you have got to rise through a different pleasant instead. this instagram user post of the line for the shuttle. we heard people talking about that in stephanie's story. david has good things to say, tweeting shuttles and arriving and departing. good first say track day at eastern market. alex tweeted, taking orders for i survived say track t-shirts. this is a mess. hang in there, everybody. check out # wusa nine on metro e
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and download the wusa nine app to get the best alerts and the latest updates 24/seven. in the aftermath of orlando, poll after poll shows the majority of americans support some kind of gun control. tonight numbers of the senate voted on a number of proposals that would have restricted access to guns and despite that overwhelming public support, the bills did not pass. one senator had led a 15 hour filibuster just to get the legislators to agree on a vote. wsa nines allison barber is in the satellite center. where does the debate go from here?>> reporter: it actually is not over. there's a possible fifth option that could come up for a vote this week. in terms of today, the senate considered four different measures related to gun control and started voting around 5:30 this afternoon. by the time most of us finished dinner, everyone
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republicans.>> i feel like they are jumping a gun. you shouldn't take away all gun laura writes because there are bad guys in the streets because -- that have guns.>> it doesn't make sense to me to have somebody on a no-fly list -- no- fly list and not have them a list of no guns.>> reporter: the proposals from the democrats would have expanded background checks, requiring them to include guns bought online and at gun shows. another would've prevented people in the no-fly and terror watchlist from buying a gun. the republican measure would of given the fbi three days to get a court order and block the sale of firearm. other side came to an agreement.>> i am mortified by today's vote. >> i am not surprised. it's an election year. they have been having a hard time agreeing on a lot of stuff.>> reporter: a gunman shot gabb
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a town hall in arizona. since then, lawmakers have introduced gun proposals. all have failed. >> the motion is not agreed to.>> reporter: for more joined the list today.>> susan collins, moderate republican, is the person planning to introduce the fifth option. she describes her repose was a compromise between all the managers we saw today. reporting live, i am allison barber, wusa nine.>> we will see what happens. a jury finds casino guilty of murdering his estranged wife. prosecutor say he suffocated miss still -- michelle castille with a pillow and tried to make it look like a suicide. her body was found hanging in a shower in 2014. the jury will be called back tomorrow to recommend the scene's. he faces life in prison. arlington county po
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woman was sexually assaulted in her home. the attack happened around two 2 am sunday morning at a woman's apartment in the 3900 block of fourth street in north arlington. the suspect went into the 28- year-old victim's apartment, threatened her with a weapon and sexually assaulted her. the man took off. the woman was able to lock yourself into the bathroom. if you saw anything suspicious in that area, contact police. an arrest and now a temporary correct active -- protective order for peter niebuhr, also known as came from the cane show. last friday, he was charged with second-degree assault against his estranged wife. today a judge issued that protective order, forcing him to stay away from natasha dealer and the home where she lives. she accuses them of grabbing her and throwing her into a wall in front of the -- the couple's daughters.
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he calls the charge unfounded. leaders pay a visit to the memorial bridge to sound an alarm about repairs and the need for the federal government to pony up the money. the park services it might have to be shut down by 2021 without a safety overhaul. we should know thursday morning about the officer facing the most serious charges in the death of freddie gray. sezar goodson opted against a jury trial on charges including second-degree murder and manslaughter. prosecutor say he was criminally negligent for failing to buckle gray into a seatbelt or call a medic. donald trump's campaign is dealing with the loss of the second high-level staffer. michael cupido resigned
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celebratory tweet about the firing of a campaign manager. he was poised to serve as director of communication. he tweeted dingdong, the witch is dead. trump fired lewandowski, who headed the campaign. a man arrested in las vegas at a trump rarely saturday said he tried to grab an officer's gun to kill the candidate. a complaint in nevada charges michael stanford with an act of violence on restricted grounds. a special agent said sanford told officers he drove from california to kill drop. sanford went to a gun range the day before to learn how to shoot. hillary clinton and her family have a lot to celebrate tonight. the clinton family left lennox hospital in new york after chelsea clinton gave birth to her second child, 80, saturday. you can see bill clinton is there an chelsea's husband. tomorrow, alarcon will be back on the campaign trl.
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virginia. we're going to take you to a local community that organized a very special show of support with the victims of the orlando massacre. new information the death of an young actor. the dangerous error that killed him. check your freezer. a story has t a lo
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alright guys, we've brought you to this construction trailer to talk about trucks today. which truck brand offers engines with best in class v8 towing or fuel economy? are we moving? where we going? it's the answer to the question baby! silverado. oooh that's cool. it's truck month.
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plus, find your tag and get $8,250 total value on this silverado all star. find new roads at your local chevy dealer the fbi has released a more complete version of the transcript of omar but team's conversations with authorities during the orlando asked her. the updated version confirmed to pledge support for the islamic leader of the united states. we have also learned his body -- -- his body is no longer being held
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we do not know when the body will be released in with they are refusing to release autopsy information. a community gathered to share their support for victims of the orlando tragedy.>> people are being asked to stand united for a special photo.>> reporter: more than 800 miles from the deadly crime scene that in orlando nightclub, this group of people is thinking of those picture -- victims 800 miles away.>> you should feel the energy of these victims.>> we are here to show these people we are altogether.>> reporter: posing for pictures from the ground in the air.
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police, the fire, the ambulance, they are community. we support people in orlando. >> i want them to know that they're not alone. we are together in soul and heart and the spirit.>> the best way we could show that is to be present with each other outside of orlando.>> there are a lot of people outside orlando that care.>> reporter: what is taking a picture in falls church going to do for people in orlando? police say more than you might think we are a community, whether we're in this parking lot are in the us, we are all members of the same family, whether we live in fairfax county or orlando or overseas.>> reporter: love and support go the distance. however far that may be.>> people all over the world care. there are more good people than bad.>> reporter: -- pi you can see more of the
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our mobile app. fiat chrysler will conduct a thorough investigation of the crash that killed antioch. friends found him yesterday and by his jeep grand cherokee against the gate post outside his california home. the jeep was under voluntary recall. investigators say it is too mac early to know what caused the accident. check your freezer for veggies. they may be under recall. the national frozen foods corporation has recalled rosa green peas and mixed vegetables for listeria contamination. they were sold under several names including great value. you can find all the details on our wusa nine at. at 5:00 today in la, it was 100 degrees.>> triple digit heat is hearing the south west. it is fue
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mage -- making them harder to fight. forecasters say people out west will have to bake at least one more day. the heat warning will be in effect until tomorrow evening. strawberry moon quite visible out there. >> heat advisories and warnings of the southwest.>> it's bad.>> strawberry moon, check this out. this is the first time that strawberry moon and summer solstice coincided 70 years data --. look at the bottom portion of the street -- screen. you will see an airplane fly through year. it's kind of cool. martians. kind of cool video. welcome to summer. 3 degrees guarantee. this was interesting. went for a high of 94. early this evening, the high was 90 and jumped to
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we will go 90 for a high tomorrow even though clouds will come in. 79 right now. dew points are way up now. is getting uncomfortable in the upper 60s. early shower, some -- thunderstorm possible. that's not the main event. in the afternoon, a critical time. 2 pm to eight 2 pm to 8 pm, the best chance of big thunderstorms. fairfax south is where the highest chance for thunderstorms will be tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. 6 am, you see a few light showers, 71 in rock hill, 73 in silver springs. by 9 am, we are upper 70s, near 80. looking at 77.
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by 1:00, not a whole lot going on, a couple of showers here and there. we're in the mid to upper 80s. a little more humid and then we'll stop at 6:00. a little line of showers dropping south of my 70s -- i- 70. future cast has the heaviest opportunity near baltimore. future cast has been all over the place. in terms of exact location, difficult to pinpoint. saw a little our -- area of showers between 6 pm and 10 pm. temperatures generally in the low to mid 70s. then we clear out nicely. for overnight, partly to mostly cloudy, a bit muggy. winds out of the southwest at about 10. on the day planner, a couple of sprinkles possible, not a huge problem for commuters. then sunshine by 8:00. thunderstorms possible by 1:00 as we get into the afternoon to walk to lunch, ma
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the next three days, nice on wednesday. in the wake of the front, 87. another cold front approaches thursday. may have to issue another weather alert on thursday. highs near 90. the next seven days, the thursday is our only problem. righties fine, saturday is fine, sunday's fine. for the most part, after tomorrow afternoon in thursday, pretty good. >> very good. >> will we ever resolve this crisis?>> topper has a lot of opinions about what happened at the u.s. open. all the other golfers came to johnson's a, bashing the usga. it will be interesting to see what happens there. the focus this week is quicken loans. everyone is talking about the controversial ending to the
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now, wusa nine, game on sports with kristen berset, brought to you by xfinity.>> tonight was supposed to
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the best friday in baseball, strasburg versus kershaw. strasburg, a late scratch from tonight's game with his upper back strain. we're waiting more on his injuries. pedis, the first start for the season. he hit a bump in the first season -- inning, giving up this home run, making it one him-zero dodgers early on. he settled in and got going in the third. at the plate, he's please one through the infield. breaks up a little clayton kershaw no-hitter he had going for a couple of innings. pettit, five of 114. he gets the first hit of the game. did not lead to a run but right now, 2-0 dodgers. he promised the title for his hometown and lebron james is bringing one back to cleveland. the cats down three-one him. they were able to top roll the warriors. the team arrived this
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lebron hoisted the trophy. his shirt reads ultimate warrio this is the first championship in franchise history and the first of any kind for cleveland and 52 years. the parade is wednesday. you know what is going to be crazy. dustin johnson has come so close to, -- winning his first major championship. he finally got it done on sunday, winning the u.s. open. johnson had to play the final 13 holes not knowing whether or not he would be penalized for a slight movement of the ball. this happened on the fifth hole. the one stroke penalty didn't happen until after the round was over. it didn't matter. a1: by three strokes. the usga was blasted by golfers on social media. today they put out a statement, theyd stanby their ruling but did apologize for all the distraction caused by taking so
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still, watching the video, i don't think i caused the ball to move. usga, they said i did, so i don't even understand the rule, but i got a penalty. it didn't matter at the end of the day. that's it.>> the scenario, it was so long after it happened. what did you think of that?>> i don't even know what i was thinking. i wasn't worried about it at that point.>> tiger woods will be on high out -- on hand for the 10th anniversary of his tournament. our live coverage begins tomorrow. dj has the trophy in the majors. >> and he got the check.>>
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situation. that's what is so weird.>> are you talking about lowry? it was a whole weird thing. even rory and jordan, they moved backwards. it was a weird kind
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you are such a great dad. what did you get?>> i got some cologne. >> he got a shark. a 900 pounds shark. >> we went fishing off the coast of florida. ingram spotted a fan in the water. bang, ingram hoped the bad boy. then they played tug-of-war for an hour and 20 minutes. ingram won. orr first timeout.>> beginners luck, but i will be back. a great father's day present.>>
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caught a 300 pound shark.>> how is that a gift? you don't keep the shark. what do you do, you get it out?>> bragging rights, what do the other guys get?>> now is on tv. >> you don't get to keep it.>> i did not get cologne. what did you get?>> the good news is they did need a bigger boat. big storms in the
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>> stephen: hey i'm so happy >> stephen: hey i'm so happy you're here, alexander skarsgard. >> skarsgard. >> stephen: skarsgard. >> skarsgard. >> stephen: do you become a long line of skarsgard? >> it came from lars skarsgard. he smokes cigars, and played guitars, his mother marge, met lars in the yard, his yard was bottom barted, got hit by shards of rebar. >> stephen: did he have a star? >> he had a sc


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