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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  July 16, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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appears that the gunman acted alone. derek? >> thank you, mola. that police officer who was among the three people injured in this morning's shooting is reported to be in stable condition tonight. it's not clear how the other victims are doing. and there's also breaking news that the jury has reached a verdict in the murder trial of alleged movie gunman james holmes. that verdict will be read at 6:15 our time. that's 4:15 in colorado. now holmes killed 12 people and injured 70 more in the attack nearly three years ago. there's no question holmes pulled the trigger, but the jury has to decide if he was sane at the time of that crime. his attorneys have argued that he suffered a severe psychotic breakdown. the former president of the rams left a howard county courtroom today after admitting to spying on video at one of the bathrooms of the popular restaurants. scott broom has more on what's next in this disturbing case. >> reporter: first creepy doesn't begin to describe what we heard in the courtroom
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today, especially when you consider the number of women who may have been victims of this and not even known it and they're still out there, victims of 37-year-old kyle muehlhauser. he's going to jail now after sentencing today, but the lawsuits have just begun in this case because tomorrows are convinced there are many more victims out there. in court today muehlhauser admitted to video peeping at his restaurant the ram's head tavern. he was busted when a hidden camera fell to the floor right in front of one of the victims. she took the camera to police. today a plea bargain this netted him two partially suspended two year prison sentences. he'll do 90 days in the howard county jail and do all the time if he violates the conditions of his release, but here's what else prosecutor joanna miller revealed today. >> it happened over the course of three years and we were able to identify multiple bathrooms on the camera that was found by the victim.
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>> reporter: so with the potential of other victims out there at least one class action lawsuit has been filed in this case. the attorney doing the suing is saying there could be thousands of victims. muehlhauser owned the ram's head tavern in savage mill, but he was president of the entire ram's head group that operates seven venues in maryland from taverns to major concert venues. muehlhauser's lawyer said he was stressed out and that triggered a voyeurism psychological disorder which he is being treated for now. coming up at 6:00 two statements read by victims who say they will be impacted the rest of their lives. reporting live, scott broom, wusa9. >> kyle mule mauser was ordered to pay two victim -- muehlhauser was ordered to pay two victims $250 in restitution. investigators in a child sex trafficking case say the suspects advertised girls available for sex through the
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website the man and woman reportedly operated out of an apartment in south east. detectives say a 14-year-old girl helped them close that case. the pair will return to court at the end of the month. caught on cell phone video a man being beaten for their bike. >> at least four others were violently attacked for their shoes, phones and bikes in the 1100 block of r street northwest. surae chinn talked with the victims. >> reporter: all of the victims are doing okay and are back at work. after this violent attack you might be surprised they were able to walk away with a broken nose and some bumps and bruises. we want to warn you this video is disturbing. the man in the white shirt is being beaten by a mob of people, stomped, punched and jumped on. that same victim agreed to let me interview him by phone. >> i believe if it didn't get stopped, i could have got killed or anybody could have been seriously injured because there was a lot of people. so they could have really done
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anything they wanted to really. >> reporter: why didn't you let go of your bike? >> it's just like that's our life like that's all we do. it's not really easy just to take off and just say -- >> reporter: he and his four friends had attended what he calls a bike jam in northwest on u street saturday afternoon. he took some people sight seeing around the district and when the group returned to get their cars near the skatepark more than a dozen people attacked him. they stole his shoes and iphone. they tried to tear him away from his bike, but he kept holding on. >> i wasn't going to give all that easy because that's just how i feel about how i ride bikes. that's just how i feel about it. >> reporter: but the violent crooks did get away with two of his friends' bikes worth $1,500 each and stole a second pair of shoes. >> hopefully they find the bikes and hopefully they're still the same. >> reporter: while several victims i talked with say a mob of up to 20 people attacked them, police are searching for
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five suspects, in particular caught on cell phone video. >> they're thugs, but it's always like it has been. >> reporter: he realizes it's unlikely his friends' bikes will ever be found, but he holds out hope. at the shaw skatepark in northwest surae chinn, wusa9. >> and people at that skatepark say the lights there are usually on, but they've been turned off for the fast week and a half. recognize any of those suspects in that video? police would love to hear from you. two prince george's county police officers are hurt in two separate incidents involving cars within the past 24 hours. one officer was hurt early this morning after he approached a driver inside a stolen car on wheeler road. that driver hit the gas, hit the officer with the vehicle and then fled the scene. on wednesday night an officer suffered a broken leg after a driver sped off while the savers arm was entangled in a seatbelt. that -- officer's arm was entangled in a seatbelt. that officer was dragged 100 yards before the car finally crashed into a tree.
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there's a warrant out for 36- year-old danny lee harvell. tonight he's still on the run. police in bedford are making it very clear they are looking for more suspects in the alleged coverup and murder of the young lyon sisters. prosecutors unsealed murder indictments on wednesday against convicted child offender lloyd welch and brucellae slant there was when they revealed even -- bruce leshan was there when they revealed even more today at a news conference. >> reporter: in a new affidavit police say relatives knew in 1975 that lloyd welch was on the run from police in maryland, that he had two girls with him, that the parents of those girls were looking for them and yet none of the relatives made the call that might have saved the lives of the 10 and 12-year-olds. of, sheila and katherine lyon and -- 12-year-olds, sheila and katherine lyon, and prosecutors say they are still getting too little cooperation.
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prosecutors say lloyd welch, a carney and drifter abducted the girls from wheaton plaza in 1975 with the intent to defile them, but welch told investigators that he saw his uncle richard welch sexual assault one of the girls and the cops believe richard welch was involved. >> he remains and will be a primary focus as we move forward now that lloyd welch has been charged. >> reporter: a relative allegedly told police that in the spring of 1975 lloyd welch came by unexpectedly with a big duffel bag of bloody clothes that he wanted her to launder. another relative says he helped welch burn two 60 to 70-pound duffel bags with reddish brown stains and the odor of death. neighbors remember a fire on taylor mountain that burned for days and smelled like a
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cremation. relentless police work four decades after the girls' disappearance finally led to charges. coming up at 6:00 we will talk to two of the detectives, the lead detectives, about one of their aha moments. in bedford bruce leshan, wusa9. >> the attorney for richard welch told wusa9 today that his client had nothing to do with the disappearance of the lyon sisters. lloyd welch has also said he had nothing to do with their deaths. a judge in charleston, south carolina, has set a trial date for dylann roof. he's the man accused of killing nine people during bible study at a historic black church. roof appeared in court today to hear the charge against him. they include nine counts of murder, three counts of attempted murder and a weapons charge. roof's trial is set to begin in july of 2016. we are just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00. up next talk about a long way from home, find out why this sea cow was spotted in our area.
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top? >> well, we stole one from july today in terms of temperature and humidity. check out these temps. i mean this is the story. 85 downtown, but it's only 79 in gaithersburg. it's only 81 in leesburg and manassas. we'll come back and talk about when the heat and humidity return and why we had to issue a yellow alert already for sunday. >> reporter: president obama makes history touring a federal prison calling for criminal justice reform. i'm mark albert on capitol hill where the idea has bipartisan support.
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vice president joe biden went to capitol hill today to brief the senate foreign relations committee on the agreement between iran and members of the p5 plus one
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nation. those members include the united states, the uk, france, china, russia, germany and the european union. biden is urging senate democrats to support the nuclear deal with iran. he held a similar meeting wednesday with house democrats. today president obama became the first sitting president to visit a federal prison. >> he toured a facility in oklahoma and he met with several of the inmates there and as mark albert tells us, the president is trying to build momentum for criminal justice reform. >> reporter: in cell 123 president obama got a look at what life is like for the 1,300 inmates at the medium security old reno federal penitentiary near oklahoma city. >> so many young people end up in our criminal justice system. it's not normal. it's not what happens in other countries. >> reporter: the u.s. prison system is eight times larger than it was in 1980 costing taxpayers $7 billion a year. >> we have to reconsider
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whether 20 year, 30 year, life sentences for nonviolent crimes support best way for us to solve these problems. >> reporter: the issue appears to be gaining rare bipartisan traction here on capitol hill including support from the house speaker john boehner. >> we've got a lot of people in prison frankly that really in my view really don't need to be there. >> reporter: several bipartisan bills would try to reduce the prison population by boosting inmate education programs, cutting sentences for those with good behavior and overhauling mandatory minimum sentencing rules. about half of federal inmates are nonviolent drug offenders. mark albert, cbs news, washington. >> now the congress has created a blue ribbon task force to find ways to reduce the prison suspect's social and financial costs while still insuring our safety. its recommendations are due by the end of this year. a gruesome discovery in connecticut, police detectives
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find three severed human limbs scattered within 1 city block in downtown new haven. early this morning police found two human legs in a wooded area near the city's train station. just a few hours later a man walking along a bridge noticed a strong odor and called police. investigators showed up and found a plastic bag. inside was something awful. >> detectives from our forensic unit opened the bag and found what appears to be a human arm, at least one human arm. >> police say all of those to be badly decomposed and at this point they can't tell if they belong to one person or several people. well, nearly three dozen pilots landing at major airports reported laser attacks last night. now the glaring green light seen here in the fbi simulation video are pretty small, but when they are aimed at the cockpit, they can temporarily blind a pilot. last night's att one in newark, new jersey, were so dangerous air traffic control had to change the landing patterns of several
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flights. >> there's someone shooting a laser about 4 or 5 miles back off our left wing. >> that just happened again? >> affirmative, just maybe about 4 or 5 miles back. >> i'm sorry. that's 334 and we're getting a laser at 10:00 now. >> who is getting a laser at 10:00? >> american 330. >> american 1976 checking in with you. we have just got the laser here at 3,000. >> whoa. by the way, it is a federal offense to point lasers at planes. if convicted, offenders face 20 years in prison and fines of up to $250,000. a manatee is spotted in a tributary of the chesapeake bay. that manatee was seen tuesday near st. york island which is in st. mary's county -- st. george island which is in st. mary's area. they live in florida and normally head north in the summer eating the sea grasses found in the chesapeake bay
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area. they say if you find 1, give it a lot of space and contact the aquarium. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> it's been a while since we've had a manatee around. >> bessy or something in 1994? >> i have a vague memory. >> a long time ago for us. let's talk about the 3-degree guarantee. we kind of got away with one today in terms of humidity and temperature. we went for a high of 84 and we'll let you know how we did tonight at 11:00. right now we'll say this, let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam it's 85, so things are looking good. it was about 70 yesterday and i said hey, the dew points are going to fall into the 60s and by 11:00 they did. now they're in the 50s. when you have dew points in the 50s in july, you should do a back flip. relative humidity 38%.
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you can turn your ac off, it's a good layer day, it's a relief because you're stealing 1 from july. climatologically it's about the hottest time of the year. not as cool tonight but still comfortable. tomorrow will be warmer, but the humidity remains in check friday which is important. heat and humidity roll in this weekend. that. , they set up camp this weekend. weevil already issued a yellow alert -- in fact, they set up camp this weekend. we've already issued a yellow alert for humidity on sunday. even gardening or cutting the grass or lawn work can lead to problems when you have heat indices at 110. 10:00 tonight comfortable, 68 in leesburg, 71 in manassas, low to mid-70s downtown, a few clouds coming in tonight, partly cloudy. i'm going to ignore those green blobs for now. we could see some showers on the east side of the bay. 9:00 tomorrow morning we're back in the low to mid-70s,
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partly cloudy and by 1:00 we're 83 downtown, 81 in manassas, 82 in leesburg and we think with those partly cloudy skies temps will keep it down a little bit tomorrow, but again the good news, humidity is fine. 85 by 5:00, 82 in gaithersburg by 5:00, only 84 in manassas, leesburg and la plata and also 83 in bowie. now by 8:30 tomorrow you have plans, won't be as cool tomorrow night, but it will be okay if you want to cook out. there will be a couple showers out toward oakland and petersburg, but that's about it. it won't be as cool. the muggy air will arrive friday night. tonight partly cloudy, not quite as cool but comfortable, lows 62 to 70, light winds. 72 at 7:00, 80 by 11:00, 83 under partly cloudy skies by 1:00. so saturday hot again, 92 and then yellow alert on sunday,
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very hot, 98. record high at dulles is 98 on sunday. record high at national is 102. that could be safe. next couple days it stays hot. any three consecutive days 90 or above is technically a heatwave. nats in town through next wednesday, nats on 9 tomorrow and also sunday. >> thank you, topper. well, d.c. centrals had provided food to the needy for more than two decades. >> but now the community kitchen has teamed up with a franciscan monastery to harvest fresh local produce right in the district of columbia. today volunteers packed over 100 pounds of fresh vegetables from the monetary's garden in northeast. >> so all the produce that we're getting is actually not seconds or things that would otherwise not get harvested. it's really top quality first produce that they're donating to us. so it's a really unique relationship that we hope to
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continue. >> d.c. central kitchen says it's working with several local farms to provide fresh and healthy food to those in need. coming up see how man's best friend helps track child pornography by using his nose. >> and recalls for subaru owners is affecting thousands of cars on the road.
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in tonight's consumer alert wall street's markets closed in positive territory by the closing bell. the dow rose 70 points. the nasdaq was up by 64. now is a good time to check the freezer to see if you have any aspen foods stuffed chicken breast products. the manufacturer koch poultry company is recalled the chicken due to possible salmonella contamination, p1358 establish u.n. beer with use by dates of -- establishment number with use by dates marked. this time subaru recalls,
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an air bag problem impreza four door and station wagon vehicles may be prevented from inflating in a crash for the 2012 model years. dealer will fix the faulty air bags for free. turbo tax users who have their returns stored in the company's cloud may start wanting to download their files. intuit says it's going to stop warehousing copies of customers' tax returns starting july 21st. if you use the software, you're going to have to safe the records the old-fashioned way on your computer hard drive. taxpayers are calling into the irs this filing season, but they were frequently cut off. according to the national taxpayer advocate report, employees at the tax agency hung up on more than 8 million people who called into the free help line. the survey says those lines were overloaded because of the rise in identity theft and complicationed related to the healthcare law. a canine trained in kentucky is getting worldwide attention. a dog named bear is just one of three in the country who are
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actually capable of sniffing out electronic storage devices during child pornography investigations. the company that trained bear says this dog can sniff out sd cards, thumb drives, even external hard drives and other storage devices. >> we took that idea to the scientists with some sim cards and they isolated a by-product after about a year that the dogs would lit on. >> and there you go. bear was most recently used in the search of the former subway spokesman jared fogle's home. the company says over the past three years it has sold some 250 dogs to law enforcement agencies. the primetime emmy nominations were announced earlier today. see how some of your favorite shows on cbs fared. >> but first some members of congress are calling into an investigation into
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one day after investigators announce an indictment in the lyon sisters' disappearance the case turns to others who could have been involved in the crime or perhaps the coverup, but if those girls were abduct today and not in 1975, would they have had a better chance of being rescued. about. >> peggy fox joins us live from the center for missing and exploited children, a place that did not exist back in 1975, peg. >> reporter: well, that's right and it took nine more years and two other high profile kidnappings, etan patz
5:29 pm
in new york and john walsh in florida where congress established the national center for missing and exploited children. the justice department primarily funds this center which helps locate children reported missing. there were cheers in cleveland after three long missing girls were found alive. they had each been abducted and held captive. stories like that are inspiring for parents of missing children says robert lawrie with the national center for missing and exploited children. >> what happened with the girls in cleveland, jaycee dugard, elizabeth smart are inspiring, but sadly there are outcomes like we saw yesterday. we all, i guess, we all face the same realities when it comes to long term missing children. >> reporter: for the past 40 years the lyon family did not know what happened to sheila and katherine. for years their parents kept their rooms as they left them hoping they'd come home someday. >> what most of them tell us is the not knowing is what the hardest part is, but hope is
5:30 pm
what drivers them each day. -- drives them each day. >> reporter: when the lyon sisters were abducted in 1975, there was no amber alert system, no national database or center where there is today. now license plate preceders can help track suspect -- readers can help track suspects. >> getting the public engaged and having them look at these individual photographs and reporting what they know to law enforcement, that's what solves these cases. that's what brings these children home. >> reporter: lawrie credits the center and all these other changes with helping to reduce the number of kidnappings. he also says the fact that cameras are everywhere serves as a deterrent to kidnappers. i'm peggy fox reporting live. back to you. >> peg, thank you. the case against lloyd welch may have to proceed without bodies. the same thing happened in another high profile case in
5:31 pm
1989. kayla pews was convicted of a murder even though the victim's body was never found. sandra bland was arrested friday for assaulted on a public servant. she was found dead monday in her waller county jail cell. the coroner ruled bland killed herself, but her family and friends say they're not buying that. >> we want answers about what happened to our loved one sandra bland. we heard that she had passed away. we heard that she was found hanging in a jail cell. we know, all of our friends, all the people that know her and love her and care about her, just know that she was never the kind of person to do this to herself. >> according to the waller county sheriff's office, the 28- year-old bland was pulled over friday morning for making an improper lane change. the sheriff's office claims she was arrested after she became combative. in athens more protests overnight and this time they were violent as some 12,000
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people took to the streets and some of them hurled gasoline bombs and torched cars. the demonstrators are angry over the greece bailout plan. parliament approved the plan which includes tax hikes and more spending cuts. it also raises the retirement age there. newly released video shows the moment a colombian helicopter came under attack and exploded. the blackhawk helicopter came down last month about 64 miles northeast of bogota. the military says an explosive was set off manually. four soldiers were killed. six others were injured. an egyptian navy vessel catches fire off the coast of sinai after exchanged gunshots with militants. egypt's military said the ship came under attack by terrorists. planned parenthood is on the defensive tonight after an undercover video surveillance faced showing one of its top executives discussing body
5:33 pm
parts. >> as jan crawford reports, three congressional committees are now getting involved. >> a lot of people want to know. >> reporter: in graphic detail planned parenthood's senior director of medical describes how to save valuable fetal tissue during an abortion. >> i'm not going to press that far, maybe press below, and above. >> reporter: over wine and salad she answered questions about the organization providing fetal tissue to researchers typically for a fee. >> i would say it's probably anywhere from 30 to $100 depending on the facility and what's involved. >> reporter: congress announced it will investigate. >> i don't care how much political weight planned parenthood throws around this town. no one is above the law. >> reporter: but planned parenthood said that it is above the law, that it provides the tissue legally for
5:34 pm
scientific research with signed consent and no financial benefit. any fees are merely to cover costs, a point the doctor made repeatedly. >> the surgeons are not looking to make money. >> reporter: planned parenthood blasted the work of the video as anti extreme abortion activists. david leaden is founder of the group that took the video. >> planned parenthood is receiving $50, sometimes $100 per specimen per fetal part. >> reporter: he has up to a dozen videos of top officials from planned parenthood across the country which he's going to be releasing in the days and weeks to come and we asked planned parenthood for an interview, but so far no one has been made available. >> governor scott walker called the allegations outrageous and disgusting. coming up find out why this model is scarfing down oodles of noodles in a pretty big hurry.
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>> all right. we're looking at a very nice evening, not quite as cool as yesterday but still nice for july. pollen, got a break on that, too, weeds and spores are low. you can always find that on our website on we'll come back and talk about the heat and humidity return and why we're on a yellow alert for sunday. >> reporter: a major announcement about a criminal enterprise operating in our area. i'm andrea mccarren in greenbelt. i'll tell you all about this highly unusual case coming up in a live report.
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in hollywood the nominees are in for this year's primetime emmys. >> topping the list the hbo drama game of thrones, 24 nominations. >> you like that show. >> the show madmen was nominated for best drama in its final season and also better call saul, homeland, house of cards and orange is the new black, those last two on netflix. >> nominated for best comedy are modern family, parks and recreation, louie, silicon valley, transparent and unbreakable, veeped and
5:39 pm
comedian andy sander co-hosts the emmy awards and he is pretty hilarious. the wife of actor johnny depp has been charged with illegally bringing the couple's two dogs to australia. remember this story? >> i do. amber hurd was charged with two counts of bringing those dogs into the country illegally and one count of producing a fake document. the plight of the dogs gained global attention after depp was ordered to get those dogs out of the country or they could be destroyed. if convicted hurd could be convicted of 10 years in prison and a fine of $75,000. they do not play. >> they take that very seriously down there. it's funny competitive eaters never look like what you would expect. they're always like tiny and little and they keep it's oning. >> somehow -- and they keep eating. >> somehow it's possible she
5:40 pm
weighs about 100 pounds, but she devoured that 5-pound bowl of ramen noodles in 10 minutes. that's 5% of her body weight. last year she beat out guys three times her size in eating a 2-pound burrito in about five minutes. now she's got her sights set on nathan's hotdog eating contest and that's the big one. >> so she spends her life eating and weighs 100 pounds. >> she's got skills. >> she's got the metabolism of life. all right. what does baseball have to do with star wars? holden kushner will tell you in tonight's inside pitch. >> reporter: why do so many rape kits go untested while so many rapists walk free? i'm debra alfarone with a wusa9 usa today investigation.
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5:43 pm
just a few moments ago president obama made some remarks on today's deadly shooting in tennessee. >> he said the fbi will lead the investigation and here's more. >> we've also been in contact with the department of defense to make sure that all our defense facilities are properly attend active and vigilant --
5:44 pm
attentive and vigilant as we sort through exactly what happened. my main message right now is obviously the deepest sympathies to the american people, to the four marines that have been killed. it was a heartbreaking circumstance for these individuals who have served our country with great valor to be killed in this fashion. we take all shootings very seriously. obviously when you have an attack on a u.s. military facility, then we have to make sure that we have all the information necessary to make an assessment in terms of how this attack took place and what precautions we can take in the future. >> we'll have more on the deadly attack on wusa9 news at 6:00. in the meantime after experiencing the horrific crime of rape victims often undergo
5:45 pm
an invasive four hour exam where a nurse collects dna evidence from their bodies for a kit that would then help the cops find that rapist. >> there's a problem here today. there's a joint wusa9 usa today investigation found tens of thousands of those kits sit untested all across the country letting rapists go free. here's debra alfarone. >> if there was the ideal family, i guess we had that life. >> reporter: that changed for debbie smith of williamsburg, virginia, when a stranger dragged her into the woods and raped her. >> i just went into total shock. i couldn't make myself believe what was going on. >> reporter: debbie reported the crime and went to the hospital for a rape imam. >> it destroys what you even have left of yourself -- exam. >> it destroys what you even have left of your self-esteem, but you do it because you know that it will give you low. >> reporter: hope that when the kit is tested, scientists will fine the dna profile that will be entered -- find the dna profile thatwill be entered
5:46 pm
into a dna national database, but a wusa9 usa today joint investigation found police departments failing to give victims their chance for justice. records reveal they're holding more than 70,000 untested rape kits. the primary reason? costs. >> i will tell you this is a very personal issue for me, though. my rape kit sat on a shelf four years and it was ultimately destroyed. >> reporter: listen to just how one break can dole out justice exponentially. at 18 former anne arundel county executive lauren newman was raped at gun point. the crime went unsolved for nine years. then newman insist her case be reopened. newman learned if they are rape kit had -- learned if her rape kit had been tested right away, it could have saved 12 more victims. >> to have gone through that exam and take that exam and put it behind a locked door is a travesty. >> reporter: on average it costs 1,005 hundreds to test a
5:47 pm
rape kit. congress just approved $41 million in grants to help police clear backlogs. after. , wusa9. >> our news partners -- debra alfarone, wusa9. >> our news partners at usa today say police have no ideas how many untested rape kits they have in their property rooms. of all 50 states only 11 are legal rei required to state -- legally required to track them and virginia is one of them. the confederate battle flag a symbol of racism or southern pride? a lot. campers at a southeastern music -- a lot of campers at a southeastern music festival in belmont county, ohio, made it clear they're going to display this flag. >> i don't even know why they're making a big issue of it. it's not coming down. no one is going to put it down.
5:48 pm
>> they're selling like wildfire. we don't have enough to keep in stock. it's ridiculous. >> live nation which owns that venue did not immediately respond to requests for comment on whether they'd allow those confederate battle flags inside the facility. wildfires keep popping up in the pacific northwest and one of the largest of them burning in washington state right now and it's already burned more than 1,500 acres of a rainforest. firefighters say because of the drought up in the pacific northwest this fire season could be brutal. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. no drought around here, though. >> no, no. we've already had pretty much our yearly rainfall average already. >> but it was beautiful today. >> but out in the pacific northwest they haven't had any rain like two months. of course, they live for their summer season because they have to suffer through the winter when it never gets sunny, but they need some rain. we on the other hand, no.
5:49 pm
we're in pretty good shape, but i'll tell you what's coming our way, heat and humidity. you can't keep them at bay very long in july. it's just impossible. right now let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam 85, 35% relative humidity, about as good as it gets. today at national we got down to 66. that was only the third morning we've been in the 60s for this month. okay. want to show you something. these are temperatures, actual temperatures. it's kind of an anomaly, 85 in d.c. if you look around, upper 70s to low 80s which is why it's so hard with that 3-degree guarantee figuring out just how warm national is going to get. now i'm going to factor in the humidity and watch. concentrate on the 85 in d.c. and maybe the 81 in leesburg. it doesn't change. so when there's low humidity, it is what it is in terms of temperatures and when you exercise, you can perspire. it evaporates and that's what cools you. when it becomes humid, that doesn't happen. that's going to happen tomorrow
5:50 pm
night. not as cool tonight but still comfortable. friday will be warmer but not humid and then heat and humidity return this weekend. in fact, they set up camp. sunday we had to issue a yellow alert already. give you a heads up. we're talking about heat indices about 110 on sunday and temperatures 95 to 100. 10:00 tonight pretty comfortable actually, 70 in manassas, leesburg, 74 downtown, 60s up 270 into gaithersburg and frederick. i'm ignoring these little blobs here. i just don't see that happening tonight. there will be a southeast flow as we get into tomorrow morning and yes, some showers possible by the bay, but i think we're just looking at a mix of sun and clouds tomorrow. by 9:00 partly cloudy, 80 in bowie, 82 in leesburg. by 5:00 low to mid-80s but nothing crazy hot. the heat and humidity is just waiting in the wings, so to speak. by 9:00 tomorrow night notice temps aren't falling much, still 80 downtown and still in
5:51 pm
the mid- to upper 70s in the burbs. in fact, tomorrow night we'll hold in the 70s. so enjoy tonight and tomorrow. 72 at 9:00, 75 at 11:00, 83 at 1:00 with partly sunny skies. saturday hot again, not quite yellow alert worthy, though, 92, isolated storm, but then on sunday very hot, high temperature 98. 98 is the record high at dulles. 102 is the record high at national, probably safe. the 90s stay here for a while, mid-90s monday, low 90s tuesday, low 90s wednesday, still 90 thursday with isolated thunderstorms. nats in town through wednesday and nats on 9 friday and sunday. now wusa9 game on sports with dave owens brought to you by xfinity. >> and speaking of those nationals, knee gained quite a reputation for game day promotions, but this one may well take the cake, gang, or the lifesaver and now you're
5:52 pm
wondering what the heck am i talking about? well, holden kushner is here to explain in today's nats inside pitch. >> reporter: the nationals host star wars day on sunday. the team posted various players in a cloak with a light sabre on may the 4th which is national star wars day. get it? may the 4th be with you. so without further adieu the washington national and the star wars characters they most resemble. if you aren't familiar with star wars or the nats, that is on you. ryan zimmerman as obi-wan kanobie. then these two are both covered in fur. tanner roark missed the nod by a hair. bryce harper as luke skywalker, e thyoung jedi night with powers that are unrevelled in
5:53 pm
the universe. thankfully bryce has two hands. let's call gio gonzalez as hans solo. and last but not least, matt scherzer as darth mal. it's got to be the eyes. you can watch them friday night at 7:00. the star wars game can also be seen on wusa9 at 1:30 and that's your nats inside pitch for wusa9 sports. i'm holden kushner. >> we wouldn't have put them together that way until holden sort of showed us what they looked like. >> he does a fantastic job with that series. >> how desperate are you for sports? >> very, very slow sports week. >> i give him a perfect 10 on that. i really do. >> you know, you could have showed some tour de france. that's all i'm saying. >> come on. that still going on? >> is that still going on? get out of here. coming up, this might be
5:54 pm
better, the befuddling world of tiger woods continues. his golf game, gang, not tournament ready again, eek, pretty bad. >> reporter: despite a crippling drought one city in the desert has water to spare. i'm chris martinez in las vegas. i'll tell you about the city's fastest effort to conserve coming up. >> reporter: the owner of ram's head tavern in savage today pleads guilty to video peeping on his own unsuspecting customers. i'm scott broom. he goes to jail, but now
5:55 pm
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call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v at devry university's keller graduate school of management. you can learn to unlock the leader inside you. so if you want to own the room not just be in it. you're our kind of different.
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keller graduate school of management. learn more at while many communities out west struggle with drought conditions las vegas has some water to spare. >> chris martinez shows us how the city in the middle of the desert meets demands of more than 40 million visitors a year. >> reporter: las vegas, sin city, may be known for excess, but one thing it's not gambling away is water. >> when the drought hit, it was very evident to us that we were going to have to be the first community to react. >> reporter: along the failed strip businesses like caesar's palace are helping out. low flow fixtures in every room have cut water use there by 17%. >> that equates to about 430 million gallons of water saved per year. >> reporter: las vegas quickly adopted tough mandates about a decade ago when the drought
5:58 pm
started including recycling nearly 100% of water used indoors back to its source, lake mead. for every gallon of drinking water removed another gallon is returned to the lake. >> all of the water this we use indoors gets reclaimed, treated to near drinking water standards and then we send that water back out to lake mead. >> reporter: the city has also cracked down on water wasters. investigator ray garris says he used to issue as many as 35 tickets a day but not anymore. >> right now probably anywhere from one to five. >> reporter: vegas has cut overall water use by 30% even as the population has grown by more than a half million. bronson mack believes the drought has changed habits across this desert city. >> conservation is a way of life in southern nevada. >> reporter: a way of life leaders believe will serve as a model for other communities. chris martinez, cbs news, las vegas. >> and officials say evaporation from pools and resort fountains remains their
5:59 pm
source of water loss throughout vegas. the city offers rebates to homeowners who agree to use pool covers to help minimize that sun effect. new questions tonight about this man, the owner of the ram's head group and just how many women he secretly recorded at nightclubs and concert venues. thank you for joining us. i'm lesli foster. >> i'm derek mcginty. kyle muehlhauser pled guilty and he's in the howard county jail now. scott broom will tell us about a class action lawsuit that may cover thousands of unsuspecting victims. scott? >> reporter: that's the potential out there. muehlhauser heard from two of his victims today in court, victim impact statements. those were the two cases he was convicted on, but we learned in court today that this video peeping at the ram's head tavern in savage was apparently not an isolated incident.
6:00 pm
ram's head tavern owner 37-year- old kyle muehlhauser sentenced to a pair of partially suspended two year prison terms today. he'll do 90 days in the howard county jail and all the time if he violates the conditions of his release. prosecutor joanne in miller. >> it happened over the course of three years and we were able to identify multiple bathrooms on the camera that was found by the victim. >> reporter: we have three -- >> we have three named clients in the lawsuit. we expect that there are thousands of potential class members. >> reporter: that's attorney g. russell donaldson who is bringing a class action lawsuit against mule hawes other behalf of all -- muehlhauser on behalf of all the women who may have been victimized and not knowing it. one of the women told the judge today i'm constantly afraid somebody is out there


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