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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  September 1, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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prince george's county residents call for a safer intersection after a young mother is hit and killed using this crosswalk and her 3-year- old child is critically injured.
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>> icloud hacks, how it happened and is your information safe? >> are you ready for terrible traffic seuss? >> we had to issue a -- traffic tuesday? >> we had to issue a yellow alert for tuesday. we'll talk about which commute will be affected. >> and foodie enforcers multiplying. >> reporter: i'm looking for roaches and signs of mouse droppings. i'm from wusa9. >> you can't come in here. >> reporter russ ptacek restaurant reporting going viral. we begin with a devastating end to the labor day weekend. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm debra alfarone. tonight a mother is dead and her 3-year-old girl in critical condition both hit trying to cross a busy intersection late this afternoon in riverdale. >> mola lenghi is live in prince george's county where the investigation into what happened continues tonight. >> reporter: witnesses tell us that vehicles in two of the three lanes in this road stopped to allow the mother and
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child to safely cross that crosswalk, but they also say that a vehicle, an suv in the third lane, didn't stop, didn't even slow down, just sped right through here and hit them as they were trying to cross the street. a young mother with her child and groceries in hand crossed this busy prince george's county road. witnesses say she waited until it appeared to be safe. >> all the cars were stopped. only this guy keep on going. >> reporter: one vehicle is all it takes. witnesses say while two lanes of cars stopped for the woman and her child, an suv in the third lane came speeding through. >> i believe he was on the phone, probably texting or something. he was coming really fast. the only thing that i saw and heard was the woman scream. >> reporter: that may have been enough to save the child taken to the hospital in critical condition, but the mother killed. many folks we spoke to in the area say this is a potentially dangerous place to be a pedestrian. you've got a church, supermarket, commercialized
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stores, a bank. up the street you've got a middle school and metro stop and so many pedestrians end up here at this crosswalk ready to cross this very busy road. >> this intersection, it should be a streetlight or something. >> they should put something here to make this walkway a little safe are. >> reporter: with heavy vehicle and foot traffic those who live around here say a crosswalk is not enough, that a stop sign, a traffic light or flashing lights would make this a safer walk. >> any given time when you're crossing the road always stay in the crosswalk. always be aware of your surroundings. >> reporter: while witnesses tell us that the mother and child were, in fact, using the crosswalk and that the suv sped through here without slowing down, police are still investigating. detectives are recreating this accident to try to determine exactly what happened. based on that investigation they will determine whether to charge the driver or not. live in prince george's county i'm mola lenghi for wusa9.
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95 today with some thunderstorms, more storms tonight. consequently we had to issue a yellow alert for the afternoon storms. the p.m. commute will be impacted. the morning commute will be fine, keep of toasty. 3 p.m. now to 10 p.m. is the main time frame and we've talked about the traffic. it's always a bear after labor day. it's going to be worse coming home as you get showers and storms. 8:00 tomorrow morning it's going to be okay, probably need your shades early on, temps in the 70s, muggy to start. by 12:30 you could probably still walk to lunch around up to, toasty, 91 -- town, toasty, 91 downtown. back to the west showers and storms are forming in the mountains west of i-81. that will roll eastward going through the afternoon. even by 2:30 showers and storms already in martinsburg just west of leesburg headed toward manassas and culpeper. we'll come back, take you
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through the rest of the evening for the futurecast and also let you know if this cold front will break our heat. a suspect is in custody for the murder of an employee inside a popeye's in brooklyn park. 47-year-old laurel woman found dead in the restaurant on ritchie highway yesterday. friends say she was a wife and mother who worked two jobs to provide for her family. anne arundel county police plan to release more information in the morning. tomorrow counselors will be on hand at sherwood high school to help students cope with the death of classmate 15-year-old shawn gang love. shawn was in the back seat of aquarist -- shawn gangloff. shawn was in the back see the of a chrysler convertible. police are waiting for the driver's toxicology report but say the three teenagers were at a party just before that crash. >> you see someone leaving and they're intoxicated, you need to stay something and speak up and i don't think enough people
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did that. >> the principal of sherwood high school sent out this e- mail today. "this is such a difficult time for the students involved in the accident, their families, staff and the community. we are heartbroken." a second floor outdoor deck collapsed during a party tonight at an apartment complex in towson, maryland, injured college students. a machine who was pinned underneath was rush -- a man who was pinned underneath was rushed to the hospital in serious condio when it came dow jennifer lawrence, rihanna and kate upton, what do mere mortals like you and me have in common with these a listers (more than you might think after these celebs got hacked in nude photos leaked online. we decided to investigates how safe we when are we're using what's common -- investigate how safe we are when we're using what's commonly called the cloud. >> they're beautiful. they're rich and they use their
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phones and pick their passwords just like we do. difference is they got hacked. their highly valuable nude photos were stolen from the cloud. so that begs the question if it can happen to them, can it happen to us? >> what the hack was on was on a particular account on icloud itself. >> reporter: david contreras is a cyber security expert at herndon virginia-based foreground security. if you use an iphone or many other types of phones, you may be using a cloud-based backup system. 300million people do and not even realize it. even if you delete the picture, contact, e-mail or anything else from your phone, you're still at risk. >> yes, you're deleting it from your phone. it's still out on the cloud for someone to see. >> reporter: contreras said hackers likely used a tool to try password after password until they hit the right one. here's how he said you and i can safeguard against that happening to us. >> let's go to not only a password but more or less a
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pass phrase. so let's go to longer characters, use upper and lower case, special characters in there to make these tools a lot harder to guess your password. >> reporter: while we may covet their flashy lives, this isn't part of it. never use the same password for all of your accounts. so what to do with all those tough to remember passwords. use an app or program like password keeper to help keep track of them. tomorrow doctors are expectedto assess the extent of damage to joan rivers' brain after gibrinng her out of a medically induced coma. the 81-year-old comedian is on life support in serious condition since thursday after going into cardiac and respiratory arrest during an outpatient procedure on her vocal cords. rivers daughter fears her motor
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skill have been severely compromised and she will be left either a vegetable or in a wheelchair. singer chris brown will be back in d.c. court tomorrow at 9 a.m. brown and his bodyguard are accused of punching a man outside w hotel last october. brown has rejected all offers for a plea deal so far. the jury is expected to begin deliberations tomorrow in the corruption trial of former virginia governor bob mcdonnell and his wife maureen. the mcdonnells are accused of accepting more than $165,000 in loans and gifts from former star scientific ceo jonnie williams in exchange for promoting his company. wusa9 has crews at the courthouse in richmond. we'll bring you full coverage tomorrow and we'll tweet the verdict the second we learn it. the american economy and american workers are better off than when i took office. >> president obama was in wisconsin talking about minimum wage and improving the economy. the terror group known as isis
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released the third issue of its english language online magazine. >> it featured pictures of the group executing syrian soldiers and blowing up homes of those who they say cooperate with police. it also calls for the beheading of u.s. journalist james foley who is a graduate of marquette university in wisconsin, a cooling bomb for the believers' hearts. it claims foley's blood is on president obama's hands because of airstrikes he ordered against isis fighters in iraq. last week the president admitted the u.s. still does not have a strategy for confronting isis in syria. the president will meet with european leaders this week at the nato summit. the pentagon says the united states has an operation regarding the al-shabaab network that is affiliated with al-qaeda based in somalia. it claimed responsibility for the mall attack last year that
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killed 67 people. be prepared to leave for work a little early tomorrow. it's terrible traffic tuesday. if you had to drive back for the beach today and thought it was bad, get ready for headaches in the morning. all area kids head back to class, plus most vacations are over. our traffic guru monika samtani will help you through this mess starting at 4:25 a.m. you can heck traffic any time tomorrow with the be with -- check traffic any time tomorrow with the wusa9 ipad app. before you step out the door or head home, you can see if the drive is going to be a headache. of course, the ipad app is free and available in the apple app store. restaurant health violators beware because those watching you are multiplying. investigative reporter russ ptacek tonight with a restaurant reporting system going viral. >> and a close call, maybe too close, for
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a growing number of foodie enforcers are helping health inspectors shut down restaurants for health violations. investigative reporter russ ptacek shows us how the reporting of unsanitary restaurants is becoming contagious and how you can get
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in on it as well. >> reporter: it all started when i tweeted about another closure at a different au bon pain when a customer from this one facebooked me telling me about what she'd seen coming out of the kitchen here twice. >> i saw a mouse. >> reporter: jamiejeimi flournoy -- jeimi flournoy said it came out of that door. >> i'm going to e-mail the headquarters. >> reporter: she even gave them a second chance and then on her next visit she said she saw another one. >> i saw a mouse coming out of the kitchen going into the sitting area. >> reporter: when i heard from her, i had just sent out this tweet about a different au bon pain closure on north capital. >> i sent wusa9 a message on facebook. >> reporter: she facebooked saying i should investigate the au bon pain at 406 10th street. >> and you responded saying i edment and that's what i did. >> reporter: her call resulted in a complaint inspection that
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ended in a summary suspension citing mouse droppings observed in various areas, live cockroaches and heavy amount of cockroach carcasses. they shut them down. >> it was like a day or two. it was pretty fast. >> reporter: she's part of a growing army of wusa9 foodie enforcers. remember this woman from last summer? >> what is that? >> reporter: she snapped it, complaint valid. closure issued. or this foodie enforcer from last fall who contacted me on facebook, too. >> i saw a rat run across the kitchen area. >> reporter: boom, closed the same day. >> yeah. >> reporter: this is an order to stay closed. still a different complaint prompted the july 31st closure of the au bon pain on north capital. inspectors there cited roaches in soap dispensers, crawling on bread slicer, crawling on wall in baking prep area.
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flournoy had been a regular. we found this character roach looking carcass on the floor and a manager told us we couldn't look for more. i'm looking for roaches and signs of mouse droppings from wusa9. >> you can't come in here, sir. >> reporter: a spokeswoman said we are committed to maintaining our cafes in the highest state of cleanliness and took immediate comprehensive action. we apologize. both au bon pains and the others passed reinspection and reopened. at we've posted contacts for you so when you see food dangers, you can shut them down, too, by contacting your health department. >> they shut it down, that's correct. >> reporter: so it works. >> it does. >> reporter: i'm investigative reporter russ ptacek wusa9. >> if you want to know about restaurant closures or see food danger, tweet russ ptacek or message him on facebook. it was a hot 1 out there today and tomorrow promises to
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be just as sizzling. visitors on the national mall tried to keep cool by taking breaks on the agree, plus drinking fountains were flowing -- grass, plus drinking fountains were flowing. pepco is asking customers to cut back on electricity between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. those who do so will get a credit on their next bill. summer lives on in some of the d.c.'s water attractions, the district keeping on all spray parks as well as oxon run and east potomac schools. they were scheduled to close this week, so that's some good news. >> my daughter will love that. heat not the only concern for tomorrow, topper raising a yellow flag for some storms. >> we'll add showers and storms into the heat mix. our main concern tomorrow will be heavy downpours which could result in flash flooding. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, never a good
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sign the dew points are in the mid-70s. yellow alert tomorrow for afternoon storms, time frame 3 p.m. to 10 p.m., effect on the evening commute no doubt. we've talked about it being terrible traffic tuesday, the day after labor day always a mess. we'll add some showers and storms in the mix. expect to take extra time on the way home tomorrow. bus stop dry in the morning, temperatures 68 to 80. the kids may get wet coming home. might want to pack a poncho in their backpack. 92 at 1:00. we're dry through the morning, just toasty. by 3:00 it's 94 downtown, 90 in leesburg, 92 manassas, already even by 3:00 showers in leesburg. you go out route 7 or 50, showers. you've got showers out 66 past manassas and also pretty good showers around culpeper. notice the orange and yellow. watch that as i advance it. it gets red in addition to the yellow and orange, pretty good line of showers and storms move
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through montgomery county, the district. fairfax and prince george's county and charles county between 3 p.m. and 4:30. by 4:30 they're still heavy in northern calvert county. by 6:30 the first batch moves through. we're still 92 degrees. more showers back to the west and some of these will move through between 8:30 and 10:00 up toward frederick maybe a shower, maybe a couple showers down 95 past dale city. then you can walk the dog tomorrow this time tomorrow night. don't expect a shot of fresh air behind the cold front, 81 still at this time tomorrow night behind the cold front. it will lower humidity is the good news. day planner, 70s to start, 82 by 9:00, 89 by 11:00. we're almost 90 before 11:00. 92 at 1:00 but dry through that period. yellow alert tomorrow with afternoon storms, hot but not humid on wednesday. we're still 90 and hot with isolated storms possible thursday, temperature around 90, not that crazy humid,
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though, on thursday either. next seven days nats come back into town and it's going to be hot, low 90s. then saturday another cold front approaches, showers and storms that may impact the nats game. then we're looking at cooler weather sunday and monday, good news for the nats and the ravens' home opener sunday. >> i don't like all those 90s. >> i like it warm. i will say. not in here anyway. >> thanks. if you went to the beach this weekend, here's some video you'll be glad you saw today. here you can see two swimmers in destin, florida. that is a shark nearby right there. they only noticed the shark after it started splashing around while chasing a stingray. the swimmers as you can see made a beeline back to shore and they did make it back safely, but that sucker is big. >> too close for comfort. that's like sport.
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speaking of sports, got some baseball tonight. the nats are out west in los angeles. they're continuing their home run streak out there, but tonight an unlikely hero comes up big fo kid: hey dad, who was that man?
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> the washington nationals have gone from walkoff wizards to king of the long ball. they've hit 14 home runs in just the last four games. even a guy like denard span who doesn't go deep too often is getting in on the action tonight. denard clutch hitter as usual but had just 29 home runs in his career coming into tonight. in the 3rd he breaks a tie game with this solo shot. it's his third home run of the year. the team's third home run of the night. then in the 5th he does it again, no. 4 for second career two-home run game that matches his total from all of last season with four home
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runs. the nats had four solo shots tonight and go on to win 6-4 the final. orioles in a labor day game against minnesota. day games haven't been too kind to the bird this season. today was no different. in the 8th joe mauer breaks a tie with a single to left, four r.b.i.s today. twins win 6-4 avoiding the four- game sweep. as the washington redskins prepare for their season opener in houston they have to do so without safety brandon meriweather. so with the hole to fill they're quick to scoop up the young safety out of danger. despite starting 17 games last season including the super bowl for the broncos duke ianacho didn't make the 53-man roster. it's a different system in the defense than he's used to playing in, but his new teammates are hopeful he can contribute quite quickly. >> any time you can pick up a guy that started in the super bowl and played as many games as he played and be an impact player, it's not often you get
11:26 pm
that opportunity. for us i think it was a good get. hopefully he can get acclimated to our system fast enough to make some plays out there sunday for us. is that this year's feel good story is that of silas redd, an undrafted rookie running back from usc impressive enough in the preseason to slide up the depth chart and make the final roster. today he hit the practice field for the first time since cut day. he could breathe a little easier, but knows his work is far from done. >> college is a lot of adversity, being undrafted and really coming in as a sixth running back, not really having a chance, just a test appear to my hard work and how -- testament to my hard work and how i was brought up, my family and stuff like that. i couldn't be more happy. finally tonight novak djokovic is known for his post match dancing whether it's gang numb style or izzie azalea. tonight at the u.s. open after winning a straight set the crowd got him going, wanted to
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see a little dance. he broke out a little bit. >> that's a little weak. >> maybe if he wins the whole tournament. >> he'll shake his booty a little more. >> that's a derek dance there. >> yes. you know that very well, right? >> i'll never be able to unsee it. >> we'll be right back.
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he got sick. you never know what we're talking about. >> we'll leave you with a look at the labor day parade and festival. >> bands, dance groups, schools and businesses all took part in the 47th annual event. take a look at it. letterman is next. have a great evening, everyone! >> good night. [ band music ]
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plus 24-month special financing. hurry ends monday! know better sleep with sleep number. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the heart of broadway, across the nation and around the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter.


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