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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  July 8, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>>aaa water main broke up at glen and norton road. it took time for officials time to see who was responsible for the repairs. >> reporter: it roared from the ground with enough force to make it look like it was hit by a monsoon. >> it feels like niagara falls. >> it had enough power to have
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tree branches fall. police closed south glen road. >> we have to go on the other side and around on the back and park the car and we walked across the neighbors. >> reporter: the 24" water main broke at 4:30 and blasted water in the air for hours. >> they should figure out how to stop it. this is unbelievable. >> what is taking so long? it just happened. >> reporter: it is 8:30 at night. we did not learn about this until 5:45. >> reporter: the water commission got the call at 3:30. the crews arrived and it took time to see the pipe was owned by rockville. >> i cannot explain the distance of time here. i have no idea who did what or when. >> reporter: they are providing support and providing water to
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rockville. rockville has ordered restrictions at 8:00 tonight in case the storage tanks get depleted. >> we will assess the situation overnight. >> reporter: it could be lifted in the morning? >> it could be. >> reporter: the pot of gold at the end of this rainbow will go to the contractors. >> again, those water restrictions are in effect right now. officials are expected to assess water pressure and make a decision on whether those restrictions will stay or go. the federal government is said to be negotiating a spy swap with russia. >> reporter: officials are not saying if the biggest spy swap in decades is about to go down. >> i would have to refer you to
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the justice department. >> reporter: according to a family of a member accused of spying, that is what has happened. his brother accused of passing information to the cia is among the group of prisoner -- prisoners who could be traded today. u.s. officials would want some sort of confession before a swap takes place. could guilty pleas mean both countries avoid a high profile trial. wednesday, the spies arrested in boston were transferred to new york to face charges today. >> what the tea leaves seem to suggest is if this is a deal to be struck, it can be struck
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effectively. >> reporter: the suspected deep cover agents apparently did not do much damage. much of the information is widely available on the internet. >> if the swap happens, it would be the largest since 25 prisoners in eastern europe were exchanged in 2004. two people were injured on a boat that collided with a duck boat. the collision sent 37 people on the boat overboard. rescue teams pulled them to safety. the district uses similar tourist boats, but they are operated by another company with a better safety company than philadelphia. police have released
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surveillance camera video connected to the murder of a 19- year-old woman. the video shows vanassa sam's car 30 minutes before she died. the tape was released the same day her family gathered to bury her. >> this is too sad. >> police say they have been able to piece together the last few hours before sam's death. they know she left her house at 12:00 p.m. at 3:00, she drove into the parking lot at the fairfax shopping center. at 3:09, she updated her facebook page from her cell phone. before leaving the parking lot, she stopped 30 seconds before crossing into traffic. 10 minutes later at 3:34, she crashed into a ditch. if you have any information,
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you are asked to call police. no major damage has been reported after an earthquake struck southern california. the 5.4 quake struck 130 miles east of los angeles. a second quarter struck further to the north in alaska centered 50 miles north of anchorage. police in los angeles believe they captured the grim sleeper serial killer. he is believed to be responsible for 11 deaths over the last decade. dna evidence has connected the killing of 10 women and 1 man since 1998. and more people will receive more time off just as they begin a furlough program. and americans are returning
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to the shopping malls. it is 4:38 and 83 degrees. you are watching 9 news now. ban -- 9 news now.
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. it is smooth sailing traveling westbound on route 50 making your way from the bay bridge toward bowie and toward washington. it is angie and i will have a look at the tieups to avoid on this thursday 0 coming up. it is time for the first "living $mart" report of the morning. jessica doyle has the headlines. good morning. >> investors are waking up with smiles on their faces this morning. a two-day rally has taken the dow up above the 10,000 level. this is the market's first back to back advance since mid june and already today asian stocks are higher, as well. nikkei up 2.7% today. the dow stands at 10018 after surging 275 points yesterday. the nasdaq is up 65 and the s&p
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500 rose by 32. today retailers report june sales report results. analysts are thinking hot weather drove shoppers to the malls and gave sales a boost. there is potential for bad news in the numbers. a survey finds luxury shopping dropped 4% in june. that's the first drop since november. people could be getting more paid vacation time. about 9,000 government workers could get more days. nonunion workers and municipal members could get 26 more paid hours away from work and union firefighters could get up to 48 additional hours. it is not more money but it is at least something. >> quality of life, right. for more "living $mart" headlines, log on to and click on the "living $mart" tab on the front page.
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a boulevard supply shortage in our region has one community considering a new bill proposal. it is 4:42. here's howard. heat advisories will go up for us. and the weekend holds promise with much-needed rainfall. the full forecast when 9 news now returns.
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welcome back to 9 news now. tonight, we may finally learn who lebron james will be playing for next season. the basketball superstar, who recently became a free agent, has been aggressively courted by several teams. he's expected to announce the new team during a primetime special on espn. he has played for the cavaliers since joining the nba in 2003. the money is going for the heat to far even though it is less than the cavaliers would give him. >> we'll see. he wants a championship.
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bottom line, it is interesting but he is just a basketball player. >> i know. there are people who are listening this time of the morning, counting on your forecast. dave the detailer says. >> sorry, dave. >> how many cars can he get in and how early should he start. >> probably stop in the mid-90s so there's a little hope. >> over the weekend, dave, you are going to get a lot of cars done, assuming you have an overhang. i have a backup here. i can't believe i just did that. we have a heat advisory going in to affect at noon. i want to talk about that, for the washington and baltimore immediate metros. not everybody like we have had but dealing with temperatures which didn't cool off much. 80 or higher in washington. so that's why these folks noon to 8:00 for heat advisories. looking at the day at a glance.
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mid 90ed by noon and hang out there the afternoon. a chance of a shower or thunderstorm today. breaking it down. this morning hazy and warm, an isolated shower, in southern maryland, 70s and 80s and light winds. not as hot but still shot. a few thunderstorms and around 95 degrees. that is better than 102. muggy with a passing shower and storm. it is still 80 on the bay from lou anne in annapolis. easton is 73. that's cooler than winchester 75. they were 101 yesterday. 80 in orange and fredericksburg and here a toasty 83 with a heat index of 88 thanks to the dew point which is up to 71 degrees. it is more humid today. thanks to all the moisture off the atlantic. the ridge, which has been over us the last three days, is shifting to the southeastern u.s. and this area of low
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pressure. this is not a surface low, so don't get excited about the tropical nature of it but it is inching toward us. this area of high pressure is shifting to our south and west and allows the moisture to return. you can see the showers along the coast. again we have had a couple across charles county, st. mary's county and northern neck of virginia. we will watch the area move to the east. a front to the west will help us out big time on saturday. as we look at the future cast, i'm going to step out. two areas to watch. one on the east and one to the west and they are both coming toward us. the eastern one brings us a chance of showers and thunderstorms. that will be around a little bit tonight and again on friday and the western one starts to firm up as we head to saturday morning. you can see the front lining up here. that's friday afternoon. a couple of showers around tomorrow afternoon. there's the front on saturday coming through pittsburgh. this will be with us, i think, for saturday. saturday has a good chance of
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showers and storms. potentially this could be one of our biggest rain makers in a couple of months. although, a half an inch to an inch would be would be sadly the biggest rain maker in three months. it has been dry around here and a lot of folks are hurting for that. maybe not even 90 in new york and up in boston and roanoke to the carolinas to atlanta. they will be pushing triple- digit numbers once again. the seven-day forecast, you will see the changes as we head to the weekend. we have highs in the mid-90s, low 90s. storms here and there. tomorrow and friday. saturday abetted of scattered thundershower showers and storms. sunday we dry out near 90. here's the heat, 94 on tuesday with another piece of energy on tuesday, tuesday night. it is 4:48. angie, enjoying friday eve. >> that's right. we cannot get close to the weekend soon enough. hope you are off to a great start on this thursday.
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obviously we're not when we talk about the roadways. we have tieups to tell you about. water main break. it is closed glen and norton road. the alternate will be to use river. move to the outer loop in maryland where the roadwork remains here at cherry hill and branch. this is a live shot at university now. all the roadwork should be clearing in the next 15 minutes max. 95 and the bw parkway. we will get there. show you out of baltimore you are fine past 198 to powder mill on both roads. the beltway in virginia is checking out great. we have construction still lingering around on the outer loop around the braddock road exit as well as route 50. looking at a one hour drive if you are traveling up 95 making your way out of fredericksburg past lorton to the mixing bowl. andrea, over to you. we have good and bad news to report about local transit agencies. the good news, they are providing commuters with more trips. however, the rising cost of those trips continues to
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outpace overall ridership and that is putting a burden on the transit agencies, riders and taxpayers. according to the washington examiner, the cost of running metro has jumped 28% in the last four years. that's roughly five times faster than the growth of ridership during the same time period. taking a look at the living well headlines. the dc region is in need of blood donations. according to the examiner the blood supply in the district is so low a bill has been introduced that will lower the legal donation age. if approved it would allow 16- year-olds to donate blood without parental consent. maryland, virginia and 35 orstates have similar laws in place. researchers may have discovered a new way to treat parkinsons. the brain has stop and go circuits which control movement it is believed they malfunction in parkinsons patients. scientists implanted a hair-
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sized fiber optic wire in the brain of a mouse and were able to activate the go circuit allowing normal movement. more research is needed before the technique can be tested on humans. fish oil may help protect the body from breast cancer. a city of 3 -- a study of 35,000 women found those that took it regularly had a 32% lower risk of developing the disease. this is the latest study to find a benefit from fish oil. previous studies showed it can protect the heart, blower loop and decrease the risk of dementia. fewer people are dying from cancer every year in the u.s. it dropped 1% because les people are smoking and there are better ways to diagnose and treat cancer. lung, prostate and colon cancer are the most deadly accounting for half of all cancer deaths. everyone is trying to save money these days and some people are even playing let's make a deal with their doctors.
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anita brickman shows us how to save thousands on health care. >> reporter: steven tries to save none any way he can. he even asks his doctors for discounts. >> health care is important but there are other places we'd rather spend our money than health care are this father of two says he has saved thousands by haggling for health care. $200 off of ear hearing aids, hefty discounts at the dentist and negotiated a better deal with the doctor by of thing out of anesthesia. >> he said instead of $3,300 it will be 1100 and i went i can take a lot of pain. >> reporter: haggling for medical care doesn't have to be painful. according to a survey by angie's list, 74% of consumers said they got a discount when they asked for it. how can you tell if you are getting a fair price. >> a few phone calls can save a
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patient thousands of dollars. >> reporter: jeff rice runs health care blue a website devoted to telling what some of the most common procedures should cost. >> if you need an mri or colonoscopy, there maybe a 300 or 500 price comparuation. >> he says negotiating has led to better care and saved him money. >> i never felt i compromised anything and maybe i have gotten better out of the education process and out of the conversations. >> reporter: anita bring man, 9 news now. >> if you want to haggle for your health care, shop around. offer to pay cash and offer to pay up front. but one important reminder, don't just base your health care decision on price. make sure you research the doctor and their medical history. for more living well headlines, log on to our website at click on the living well tab on the front page. west virginia leaders begin
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the task of trying to fill the senate once held by the late senator robert byrd. parents in arlington, virginia, are having a tough time keeping their kids cool and it has to do with recent budget cuts. right now it is a warm 83 degrees. you are watching 9 news now. to more hd channels than cable. it's also the ultimate on-demand hd movie experience with the movie poster gallery. and the ability to search your hd titles by content or actor, not just title. by changing that old cable technology, your hd tv can finally reach its lofty potential. it's time for fios. visit call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. this is power with efficiency.
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gold bond therapeutic foot cream. penetrates the deepest layers like others can't. look for the healing seal. gold bond foot cream. serious relief for dry, cracked feet. welcome back to 9 news now. two nonprofit organizations are pushing for campaign finance reform. the two groups want a proposal that will require political
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candidates to use mostly public money to finance their campaigns. it is intended to reduce the influence of big business in politics. west virginia governor joe mansion wants a november election to fill the senate seat left vacant by the death of robert byrd. mansion says he will consider running for the seat himself, but he will not appoint himself to the senate. the west virginia democrat said he wants an opinion from the state's attorney general on whether the election should be held this year instead of 2012. that's the year byrd would have been up for re-election. after undergoing six weeks ofs restore ration work, the servicemen statue at the vietnam wall memorial site is finally complete. the statue will be unveiled this morning at 10:00 a.m. in a rededication ceremony. for a lot of kids and adults, keeping cool on these steamy days could include a run through a sprinkler, but in arlington, virginia, some of the parks designed to give people that truant dry this
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week. the budget is the bottom line. >> reporter: a refreshing spray of cold water on an oppressive hot day. are you happy the water park is open today? >> all: yes! >> but parents may be in if a surprise. a locked gate. as part of the $19.8 million cut to balance the budget, the parks department sliced in to their own. that means the water will be turned off at the area's three spray parks, one day a week until labor day. the move will save $20,000 a year in water costs. >> i can understand the city and the county need to do things like that, but it is disappointing if you don't know and show up. >> i understand the fact they are trying to save but the kids need something. it is hot out here. >> i'm glad it is here when i
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came. >> the water park versus something from education, water park. >> at least we have another alternative go to. >> whether you are at play or hard at work the weather is brutal. heath bailey has been through it all, delivering mail in rain, sleet and snow and now 100-degree heat. >> i condition stop sweating. >> reporter: as for these kids they are soaking in the fun at the neighborhood spray park while they can. the department is considering extending service hours until p.m. because so many parents have complained. you can find a complete list of the schedule at our website. it is and good morning. and thank you for watching 9 news now at 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. angie will be along in just a moment with the traffic. right now howard bernstein is here with a look at the forecast. another day whether you want to try to get in to a sprinkler or pool. >> we


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