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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  June 28, 2010 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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boulevard. fairfax county police are investigating the death of a woman found in a car on a ditch off the side of the road and they don't believe it's an accident. >> it has been ruled a homicide and the investigators are looking at this from the point of view of foul play. >> reporter: the victim is 19- year-old vanessa pham of falls church. [ crying ] >> reporter: her family is devastated by grief. >> how could somebody do that to her? >> reporter: all day on monday fairfax police continued to collect evidence at the crime scene in an effort to determine how and why the college freshman was killed. i'm peggy fox in springfield where an early- morning fire that gutted two businesses and shut down four more is under investigation tonight. firefighters arrived within minutes after being called, the nearest fire station is only two blocks away. >> there was a lot of fire and smoke coming out of a video store on the front side of the
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video store. >> reporter: an -- an arson dog was found in. but investigators will pull in surveillance video for the possibility the fire was set. >> my neighbor's stores are burned. >> reporter: and he owns the jewelry business farthest from the fire. the building has to be rewired and there may be structural damage. >> the fire department said the roof trusses over the effected part are bowing. >> reporter: investigators may determine the cause of the fire by tomorrow. i'mel ex trevino where a dead plant could be the blame for a fire. rosemary dire found her deck damaged. >> the plant holder was a material that catches fire very quickly. >> reporter: frederick county fire marshall said her rectangular plant holder resembled this one. the dry grass-like material inside ignited. >> excessive heat and it's believe the straw type material
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heated up enough it was ignited. >> its plant was dried because we were on vacation for a week and when i came back the plant was dry and hanging and apparently around 1:00 when the sun was really hot it caught on fire and thank god somebody called 911 and they were able to maintain the fire. three burglary suspects picked the wrong apartment to invade today. police say they broke into an apartment on reno road but the man that lived there was home plus he had a gun. he shot one intruder and the other two ran away. the wounded robber died. right now police believe that he acted in self-defense but are checking to confirm his gun is registered. a 17-year-old boy is dead following a head-on crash in darnestown. justin dorsey riding with four other teen-agers in a toyota echo yesterday on river road
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when the car crossed the center line and struck head on into another vehicle. initial reports say the car may have hydroplaned on slick roads. friends in the car said dorsey did not have on his seat belt. 9 news now spoke with the victim's mother. >> he loved cars. cars was his passion. his absolute passion. there isn't anything to do with my son that didn't have cars attached to it. >> none of the other injuries were life-threatening. and an he is pee and only ring broken up. 10 have been arrested. three of the alleged spies live in arlington. now this video was shot by cbs news of the suspects leaving federal court in alexandria today. the three charged locally have been identified as michael zit olie, patricia mills and michaele simenco. a huge supreme court victory for gun rights advocates. high court ruled that americans have the right to own a gun for
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self-defense where they happen to live. now the case was spurred by chicago's handgun ban which will now likely be struck down. >> we're still reruing the entire -- reviewing the entire decision but it means that the current handgun ban is unenforceable. >> i would suggest that the mayor take the millions of dollars that he spent in litigation or continues to spend in litigation and use that to improve his educational system if the city of chicago. and supreme court senate hearing for ellen kagen is well under way. she praised stevens and his proven commitment to the rule of law. if confirmed she would become the court's fourth female justice. and we are on storm alert tonight. still heavy rain and thunder rock the area for hours earlier today. this video is from tenleytown in northwest. the welder on that rooftop just got whipped by the rain and the wind and topper is down in the
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weather center with more off what is on doppler. and it got sunny later on. you would almost not know it rained. >> no. we had a line between 2:30 and 4:30 and now the severe storm is gone. we talked about that at 6:00. we're not out of the woods completely. here is live doppler 9000. there are storms out there. one is south, north of la plata in charles county and a heavier storm out of prince william county into fairfax county and this has heavy rains with it. nothing severe, but around 12 and over toward 95 between lorton and springfield, this storm is heading your way. so heavy rain possible as it crosses 123 but don't see anything severe with that storm. let's go to the computer. look at the satellite picture, radar combined, the storms did move through this afternoon and crushed the beaches too. that's off shore. and now the cold front is still back to the west but all of the storms now will stay to the north of us. temperatures have rebounded. 97 was the high and we're back up to 88. even after we were rain-cooled.
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>> temperatures still in the upper 80s. culpeper is 93. we'll come back and look at a weather pattern change that everybody will like and we'll talk about tropical storm alex. well we know the weather was the cause of power outages at the forest glenn metro earlier. patranya has a back up there. >> you mentioned the problems at grosvenor station and right now trains are being delayed. they are being turned around at medical center and white flint. so this is a big problem for the red line for folks trying to get on the rain on the redline. and also on greenline, a problem at concord heights station where the power is out, escalators not working but the station remains open this evening. now let's hit the roadways where much better news out there, if you can see the sun is out and the rain -- showers are gone for now any ways for drivers heading home, so no big problems down to the mixing bowl. and on 270 for folks heading
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north, right now you can see all lanes are open. everyone moving at speed. that is good news. derek, back to you. the families of the nine people who died in last year's crash are eligible for a $50,000 insurance benefit through metro. and that is available to the families of other metro workers and the contractor who died in the call of duty when the particular insurance policy took effect. 20,000 young people went to work in d.c. today as part of the mayor summer jobs program. bruce johnson reports there may have been a good start but there were also plenty of glitches. >> how important is a summer job to you? >> it's important, you know what i'm saying, because of the fact it's money. >> reporter: the need is great in a city where unemployment rate for adults can be 50% in some neighborhoods, the district might be running the most ambitious youth programs job in the country. >> it's very important. it's supposed to show you and give you -- >> work experience.
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>> work experience. >> reporter: joe walsh runs the summer job program. >> 20,000 of those young people are out working and landed in their jobs today and out there working right now. >> reporter: but the first day on the job was a frustrating day for 800 teens and young adults. >> they messed up my summer job and they sent me to the wrong location and i had to come back down here. >> reporter: those who were not matched jobs with the right assignment ended up here at the fieldhouse in northeast. >> it was like, what's your name and my name wasn't even on the roster. >> my first situation was they put me in summer school and i'm not supposed to. >> you showed up at the job site and there was no manager there for you? >> correct. >> and then what did you do? >> i left. my mom came and picked me up. >> and if not embarrassment for administration, it occurred after a few young workers reported to the rfk stadium. and acourse cording to our --
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according to our sources three 19 years old showed up and after they went through the metal detector knives were reported and then some ipods were found missing. and though these were terminated and now there is a police investigation. we can't get a comment from the summer jobs program or the construction office. >> and the summer jobs program runs for ten weeks and next year it will be cut down to six weeks because of money problems. and beach-goers safety at risk. >> ghost sights, could this place be haunted? i'm lindsey mastis and we take a trip to the railroad museum to find out.
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the senate desk used by robert byrd is draped in black tonight. the 92-year-old democrat died earlier today. his senate career lasted 51 years and that is longer than anyone else in history and included the most votes ever cast. he was known for steering federal doctors to west virginia, one of the nation's poorest. flags at the white house and the capital are fly -- capitol and white house are flying at half staff. delia gone solves spoke to the constituents he fought for. >> this is a sad day for west virginia.
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>> he will be greatly missed. >> reporter: mourning in west virginia. >> to me he was more than just a man, he will be a legend. >> reporter: robert byrd a fierce advocate for his home state has died at the age of 92 but his legacy lives on through the funds he careers throughout his career. >> this coast guard is one of the 50 venues bearing the name of rob erd bird. these are some of the direct beneficiaries studying here at the robert byrd health science center. >> we owe a lot to him to provide us with this. >> reporter: in berkeley county, west virginia, delia gone salves. we have an important consumer recall to tell you about. the product may be in your medicine cabinet as we speak. plus details on why ocean city life guards can't do their jobs so effectively this time around and people's safety
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could be at risk. you'll want to stick around for that, along with toppers full forecast. we'll see you in a minute. it's the little things in life that make me smile --
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the latest on the breaking news out of bethesda. we have a picture from sky 9 looking live at the metro. power was shut off of the train as a body was spotted on the tracks. they found a man but he was deceased. obviously a lot more to know about this. how he got there and where he came from and who he is, we'll have the details hopefully when we get to the whole story at 11:00. meantime a train is stuck there. a lot of passengers on board and no air-conditioning. as we said, more updates as we get them. and there is mystery in brunswick, maryland. people there want to know whether one of the museums is haunted. some real-life ghost busters are investigating. lindsey mastis spent some time -- spent some time in the 104- year-old buildy and she has
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more on the spooky situation. >> reporter: some strange things have been happening inside the brunswick railroad mosey um. >> i had some volunteers thinking they are hearing voices. >> reporter: curator rebecca o'leary said it started last spring when they installed an elevator. >> the crew were talking about something someone dressed in white. >> reporter: others are afraid of the basement. >> one of the volunteers felt someone was watching her. >> reporter: real life ghost busters were called to investigate. >> they had found interesting things they couldn't explain. >> reporter: they won't know what they found until tonight. but the answers may lie in the building. >> this building opened in 1906 it was redman's hall, a social organization. but it served many different purposes through the years. >> during prohibition, you could obtain illegal liker here. >> many people died working on the railroad and some of their
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belongings are inside the museum,. >> we do have a wicker victorian body basket and that was used to remove body parts to the nearby funeral home. >> reporter: a spirit could have been brought here or disturbed by construction crews or it's just people's imagination. o'leary said soon we'll all know. in brunswick, i'm lindsey mastis, 9 news now. >> so do you believe in ghost? lindsey will meet with the company tonight and we'll share them with you tonight on 9 news now at 11:00. and a consumer alert on a mouth wash recall. there is a recall of 35,000 bottles of scope original mint mouth wash. they say the cap does not meet child resistant child standards. it can cause serious injury or death if ingested by children. those if ocean city are
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dealing with vandals. life guard chairs are being destroyed or buried or toppled or thrown out to sea. the city carpenters fix the chairs as fast as they are being knocked over. >> it makes it really difficult for our guards to do the job if they can't be above the crowd. they need the visibility to do the job effectively and when you mess with the life guard stand, we're making it hard for that guard each day to do their job. >> the life guards are close to not have enough chairs to monitor the 9.5 miles of beaches. they think college gradates could be responsible. i was driving to work in the afternoon and it was just a monsoon out there. and after i get to work and i mail a letter when i go out and it's just fine. >> it's still bright and sunny. and there is one storm on doppler that we are semi concerned about. but the watch is over and we're in good shape. and you're going to love the extended forecast. now for the next three days,
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hot tomorrow but less humid. 90. but it's better than the 97 today. 83 on balance and 82 on thursday. and when we get temperatures in the low 80s, we'll be in the 50s in the suburbs next week -- or early this week. upper 70s in the morning. mid-80s with sunshine at lunchtime. and still warm to hot with temperatures around 90. but less humid and that is a good deal. it will feel much more comfortable for tomorrow. for tonight a thunderstorm is still possible and otherwise partly cloudy and muggy. lows between 70 and 75 and winds turn northwesterly after the front goes through. let me show you live doppler 9000. and there is one lonely storm here and for the most part we are in good shape. and this has gotten morein finance in the last 30 minutes but heavy rain from burke, south of springfield and crossing 95 and head over toward 1. and we'll put this on future cast and the storm will
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move off to the south and to the east across 1 and eventually across the river. we'll track that for you. that's the only one we have any concerns about at this time. we'll go back to the computer. temperatures have rebounded. they were in the upper 90s before the storm and then fell into the low 80s and now 88 at national, 88 at gaithersburg. generally 80 but a sprinkling of 90s. 91 in leesberg, 92 in winchester. and now tomorrow morning partly cloudy and warm. 70s and 80s. winds northwest at about 10. air quality code yellow which is moderate which is good for this time of year. by afternoon, partly cloudy and breezy and hot. but less humid. high temperatures around 90. winds northwesterly at 10-15. we'll take you down to the tropics. this is tropical storm alex and he'll become a little better organized and he'll intensify as he moves into the open waters of the southern gulf of mexico. where is he going to go? well all indications are he's going to make landfall probably late wednesday afternoon or wednesday evening south of
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brownsville. winds right now are 60 miles per hour, gusts are to 70. so it's a high-end tropical storm and it will make landfall with winds of about 90 miles per hour. nothing is written in stone. all of this information is on our website at go to the weather tab and follow the drop down menu to tropics. here is what the computers are forecasting. notice the confluence, everything is between tampico and brownsville. with one outlier taking it over to houston. we won't discount that completely but we are seeing signs that we are fairly confident it will hit south texas or mexico and not interfere with the cleanup. but we do have a watch south of bath and bay, and a hurricane warning is in effect. 90 tomorrow and hot but not humid but then we'll call it cool because it will feel that way, low 80s on wednesday and thursday. nice on friday and saturday. mid to upper 80s. and then for the fourth, we'll throw a thunderstorm in there but it looks pretty nice. isolated storm possible on
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sunday and monday. temperatures in the low 90s by monday. >> nice. >> not bad. >> not bad at all. should be cool. well from our weird news file tonight, a story just too strange not to use. to a village in indonesia where nagura was being forced to marry a cow. it's kind of a shotgun wedding. he was found standing naked in a field with a cow and he believed it was a young woman who had seduced him. of course he became a widower as his new bride was drowned as sea. >> what?
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>> it was all funny until the last part: for your comments go to mail bag at 9 news now will return in a moment.
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well the new twilight movie doesn't get started until later in week but there is a special showing in northwest d.c. at the uptown and look at the twi- hards. they can't wait to get inside. and the weather, the weather is doing them a favor. well that's our report. topper and brett and i will be back here tonight at 11:00 and we're working on digging up more info on the alleged spies arrested in arlington. we'll see you then. bye-bye.
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angelina's new brad confession. this is "entertainment tonight." >> angelina jolie's hot pants photo spread. is the sexy mom ready to wed. >> she's lucky she found someone she would like to grow old with. >> kids, pregnancy and marriage. angelina tells all in the new vanity fair blowout. >> breaking sandra bullock news, the divorce is final. >> marie osmond on the death of her son. >> the chris brown breakdown. why some critics are calling his bet tears totally fake. >> madonna, oprah, beyonce, johnny depp and lady gaga. forbes reveals the most powerful stars of 2010. who is number one? >> she garnered more press than anyone else on this list.


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