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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  October 29, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. this is 9news now. >> first on nine, in fairfax county, just as police are trying to step up their erts to crack down on a -- efforts to crack down on i string of targeting indian americans, we have exclusive video on tonight's stop story. >> reporter: detectives are still here tonight as they try to piece together this crime. i just talked with the family who says they were heading to a meeting about crimes targeting their community for gold when they became a victim themselves. crime scene investigators dust for crews and fingertips in one of the latest break-ins. becoming the victims is one of the last things the family imagined. >> my heart stopped beating. i was so scared. this is unimaginable that someone would really do something like this to us. >> reporter: they had plans to attend this meeting just seven miles down the road in centreville. the police chief was holding a packed town hall meeting trying
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to calm a community on edge, while detectives search for clue at the family's home. they weren't the only victims tonight. police were at this chantilly home where they say the same group of thieves struck and some families are getting the message to store their gold jewelry in banks. and that's exactly what happened in these most recent cases. the family was worried about the rash of break-ins and took their gold to the bank only a few days ago. >> my mom thinks it's god's grace that we weren't in the house and that our stuff has been put away safely. >> reporter: while the victims are becoming more savvy, some fear the crook's methods may change. they fear it could escalate to violence. >> it's always a fear but it hasn't happened yet. i don't tolerate burglary or invasion of homes. >> reporter: some get away but not the amount of gold they were hoping for. the suspects are described as two men hispanic or middle eastern in their 20s or 30s plus
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a hispanic female. these descriptions are very vague and after a year of these types of crimes, that's all they've got. i'm surae chinn for 9news now and >> thanks for the update. late breaking news. the washington post reports a confidential ethics investigation into the u.s. house of representatives has been leaked online. in the report, investigators scrutinized more than 30 lawmakers and several aids connected to issues including defense lobbying and corporate influence pedaling. house ways and means chairman are just two of the names listed in the report. and only on nine tonight, a dozen chickens at the center of a dispute is escalating to the point where they're getting letters every day for folks petitioning on behalf of the bird. brittany joins us with what all of the clucking is about. >> that's right. these are some of the emamz that
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the county en -- e-mails that the county is getting. a family in kensington keeps chickens as pets of the letters all say we love the chickens, they should stay. but the city and counties say those beloved pets are running a foul county code. >> this one is pip. she got stuck in a feed jar when she was little. >> reporter: unlocking the coop, they come to say goodnight to their 12 chickens. >> they all have names. this is sweetie. and she used to have a friend danzig the roster. >> reporter: she is now gone. it goes to animal categories and the whole nine yards. or 100 feet if you ask the county. >> this is the little chicken coop she has. >> reporter: these people live next door ten feet away. they're fine with the animals but the county says it violates
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this code when says any structure for animals or foul must be 100 feet from a dwelling. >> personally i think it's silly. >> reporter: just like people own cats and dogs, they say these chickens are their pets. >> if you look into set backs for dog houses, then it's only five feet. and we're within -- we are in compliance with that. >> reporter: margie collects testimony from neighbors who support her, including the guys next door. still a county inspector tells 9news now twooer trying to apply the -- we're trying to apply the code consistently. news that crushes tyler. >> there is nothing different about these guys. they're not threatening anybody. they're just another kind of nice animal. >> reporter: the county code enforcement officer says he will write them a ticket which will send this case to the courts. then a judge will have to rule whether those chickens qualify as pets. and i can tell you, derek, they're already gearing up for this argument they have
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dictionaries to talk about what pet means in different ways. >> you held the chicken. you were petting him or her or whatever. what was it like? were they like holding what? >> they're kind of cute. >> you liked the chickens? >> yes. >> okay. let's get to topper with the forecast. >> it's hard to get them to sit and stay, though. i've always had trouble with the sit and stay, though. they come pretty well. we're looking at a little cloud cover tonight. and a relatively mild night now. here is your forecast tomorrow morning getting the kids out the door. really not bad. temperatures in the 50s. that's a bargain for this time of the year. a lot of clouds. we're going to call it mild. mostly cloudy skies. believe it or not, still putting the finishing touches on tomorrow's forecast and the trick and treat forecast. we'll have that coming up thext. in tonight's new alert, h1n1 affected as many as 5.7 million americans in just the first few months of this epidemic. i'm in the 9news now web center looking at some computer animation which just shows how a
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new virus could spread so quickly to people with no existing immunity. let's take a look as we put this into play. a company created this to help scientist develop new technology to cure and manage viral infectionings. it shows how a -- infections. it shows how a person's sneeze can infect other people very easily. this underscores the importance of covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze. now, there will be another h1n1 clinic tomorrow from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at five health department locations. the prince williams county location will also hold vaccines at the offices but the one in manassas will be closed. if you would like to take a look at a detailed list go to and click on h1n1. new at 11:00, an apology almost 50 years in the making. back in 1961, then civil rights
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worker john lewis was on the receiving end of some her ren dust beatings -- horrendous beatings. tonight at the canadian embassy, congressman john lewis stood side by side with one of the men who beat him. elwin wilson. wilson came to lewis's office to say he was sorry. and lewis said he was deeply moved. >> it took courage for him to offer me his hand. and all i had to do was to give him mine. he didn't have to do it, but he did it. he said will you forgive me? and i said yes. . >> thank you for not having me put in jail and thank you for
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forgiving me. you are my friend. [ cheers and applause ] >> the common ground awards are given each year to honor those who make great progress in resolving conflicts and basically finding ways to get along. also new at 11:00, new video in to 9news now from a worship service in support of same sex marriage. tonight dc residents and some religious leaders came together at the united methodist church. they held this event. eight restaurants in the dc metropolitan area are closed because they failed to pay their taxes. they used certificates yesterday keeping them from selling food and beverages. they owe sales taxes collected from customers. sales of a murdered man posted flyers tonight. they're hoping the flyers will
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lead to the arrest for those responsible for the murder of the 29-year-old this past weekend. he was visiting his mom when he was shot and found in a pool of blood just 100 feet away from her moment. he worked at the library of congress. her lender got a bailout but now the bank won't give her one. why a mother and her family could be on a street because of a major mixup. and in tonight's consumer alert, the dangers of halloween face paint and your child. plus. >> thumbs up for education. >> what went wrong? that's what the dc council wants to know after hundreds of teachers were laid off. we're watching 9news now at 11:00.
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singing criticism. they took chancellor michelle ray to task for firing 200 teachers j and if i understand -- >> and if i understand what happened here, you rolled that $9 million over into the riff so people lost their jobs because you decided you weren't going to do summer jobs. >> that's correct. >> at issue, why the council budget calculations which did not include layoffs were so different. 400 school workers including 229
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teachers were fired this month. outside in the street teachers and students and parents protest dz the cuts. ask and you shall receive, dozens of skins fans sounding off against the owners. plus halloween is just two days away now in tonight's living smart consumer alert, what you need to know before getting your child dressed up.
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okay, parents. listen up. halloween face paint used to turn children into ghost and goblins can have some real scary stuff inside. test done by the campaign for safe cosmetics found lead and heavy metals in every one of the ten samples sent to the lab. >> in lead there are no known safe levels and we want to minimize exposure whenever possible. >> while the levels of lead in the face paint is pretty low,
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there is no way to tell by the label if it's in there or not. and costumes that don't require face paints or masks at all is best. >> wow. >> that's -- shouldn't they do that to me anymore? >> it might explain some things ] laughter ] >> i won't get that strawberry there anymore. speaking of halloween, it's about that time we find out what the weather is going to be like. >> it is. >> kids waiting. >> it may require a drum roll. we may have to do one tomorrow too. the next three days we have clouds tomorrow. maybe a sprinkle overnight on friday but not much. 65. we've kept saturday warm. windy. 76. we do have a shower, maybe a sprinkle early in the morning and maybe a couple of showers during trick-or-treat time. but for the most part not much happens on saturday either. the main event is sunday with the front or late halloween night into sunday morning. that's going to be the best chance for showers and thunderstorms. we have the walk now for autism
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speaks at 10:00 on saturday. 7th and madison street. get there early. and, of course, we gain another hour on saturday. move your clocks back one hour as we go back to standard time and replace the batteries in your smoke detectors. weekend flanking me. forecast in detail. tonight mostly cloudy. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. tomorrow morning about the same. mostly cloudy and cool. 40s and 50s. winds southeasterly at ten. howard is here at bus stop forecast at 4:55 a.m. by afternoon mostly cloudy. that is actually a shade above average for this time of year. and notice the winds are turning to the south a little bit. southeasterly at ten. that's a big deal. trick-or-treat forecast, partly cloudy and mild. slight chance of a shower. the sun will go down at 6:09 if you're trying to get the young ones out early and back early. nine micro cast model tomorrow morning dry and cloudy. we've had a lot of clouds. it's going to persist through
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tomorrow. we could see a couple of breaks late in the afternoon. we may see breaks around 4:00 or 5:00. if you're west of the continental divide in the mountains, you'll be having a decent day with sunshine. on saturday we're going to keep it dry, a couple of showers possible right around 8:00 but really not much happens with the front itself as it rolls through early saturday night. the best chance is late saturday night, early on sunday with the front. all right. next seven days, 65 tomorrow. maybe a sprinkle late. and then a shower or sprinkle early on saturday and then a better chance in the evening. but, again, not much. this is the main event. saturday morning with showers and maybe even thunderstorm and rain. behind it cooler. we're back in the 60s. and then 60s on monday. okay trick-or-treat forecast. at least it's warm. >> that is nice. >> pack your umbrella. >> you're not face painting
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anymore. >> i used to go as a hobo but i'm not going to do that anymore. >> if you come to my house, no candy for you. >> thank you, topper. we move on to the obama administration. we set aside $75 billion this year to help homeowners who are sinking under the weight of their mortgages. unfortunately that life line is not reaching a lot of the folks that need it most. >> lesli foster found out how one woman found herself in it a loan modification mess. >> i didn't build this home for somebody to take it from me. because financially, i fall short of our economy. >> reporter: when the economy went south, so did pj's day care in woodbridge, virginia. >> in november i lost 13 children. 13 children times 500 is -- do the math. we started off with the alphabet, the colors. >> reporter: but with an empty classroom, her $6,000 monthly income dwindled to zero. and for the first time in a
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decade, she could not afford to pay her house note. >> so i called my lender and i talked to them and i told them over and over i would like to apply for the loan modification that i have a hardship. >> reporter: she is learning the hard way that doing all the right things doesn't always add up to a happy ending. >> i was told in august that i would get a certified document. i haven't gotten that. i got this. >> reporter: her lender, bank of america, sent her a foreclosure notice. >> there is some disconnect between the fact that the money is available and actually getting it to the people who need it. >> reporter: and some industry experts say big companies like bank of america that got huge taxpayer bailouts are slow to help pay. according to the treasury department, bank of america gave 4% of their clients trial modifications. >> she's the exact person that president obama wanted to help with this money. how do we get it to her now?
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>> reporter: we reached out to bank of america to ask the question and they told us they were researching the case and they would get back to us, but we're still waiting for an answer. >> i'm angry. i'm real angry. >> reporter: she's trying to hold on to her family home with a looming foreclosure deadline just days away. >> i have yet to make sense of this nonsense. >> reporter: 9news now and >> she was supposed to lose her home tomorrow. but the foreclosure has been postponed. after our questions, bank of america now says they are processing her modification and she should know more about that by tomorrow. our living smart team says it will stay on top of that story. the benefits of sports for kids well known, but there's an injury kids can get that is often ignored. and if it's not treated the right way, it can be life altering. tomorrow at 11:00, the injury and what you can do to head off
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danger. alex ovechkin is rocking the red already. >> do you smell that? do you know what i smell? i smell a cup. and i think it's coming. how do you feel about a third? alex ovechkin has another one of those nights. we'll show you what he did in atlanta. plus the redskins may sensor you, but we will not. more of your posters and comments. 9 sports coming up. - five dollars for a sub! - but no drink? no chips?
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man, that's roughing the wallet. now this is the total package. the $5 madden nfl box. choose from 6 kfc favorites... with a side and a madden nfl cup. unthink... and taste the unsub side of kfc. it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> game two of the world series and already a must win for the yankees. that's what happens when you lose game one at home. if the phillies could somehow head down the turnpike up two games to none, there is an excellent chance they won't be driving back. game two just ended. it looks like the yankees are still pedro's daddy.
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solo shot matt. one of the four yankees veterans with four rings. yankees win 3-1. the series is even at a game apiece. hockey tonight, caps bringing their five-game winning streak. they slide it over to ove. caps jail break and look who is out of everybody. ovechkin again. 12th of the year. 2-0 caps. fast forward to the third, that muchers pull the goalie. -- thrashers pull the goalie. caps win 4-3. their sixth straight. if espn puts one more virginia tech game in prime time, tonight marked the 20th time since the dawn of thursday night football that the worldwide leader has featured the hokies and they have only lost four of their meetings. hokies down four in the 4th.
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taylor in on the option. two minutes left. tech has the ball. williams fumbles. carolina takes over and moments later they take the game winning field goal. heart break to the hokies. they fall 20-17. by the way football tomorrow night. ground crews at seneca valley and spring brook. sky nine flying over osborne park and robinson. all of the highlights tomorrow 9news now at 11:00. baseball news the longest tenured oriole is an oriole no longer. they have declined their option for next year on melvin mura. he spent nine seasons with the o's playing third base longer than anyone. redskins fans tonight continue to demand their freedom of speech and continue to get no love from the team. the sign ban and the interview ban stay in effect on the property and we continue to provide an online forum for your
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voice to be heard. it's called skins signoff. if you had a sign sensored at fedex monday, upload it at we'll put it on tv. some of the posters we've gotten tonight, this is actually a program for the memorial service you may have seen. washington dead skins including the singing of the him amazing disgrace. then we have this t-shirt that will not be duplicated for the schneider family holiday card. you can check out all of this at finally tonight, another celebration of the sports fans in philly. this is in the aftermath of their nlcs win the other night. a bunch of men dancing on the taxi cab. but the taxi takes off and the guy in the red sweatshirt falls on his head. and that's the moral of the story. if you're going to dance on a taxi, make sure it is parked. and that's phillies for you. >> just lucky the driver didn't back up. >> then he would have fallen the other way. >> i mean after. >> oh. [ laughter ] >> that would be really ugly. >> if the driver were a yankees
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fan, would he have. >> we have to go. letterman is up next. >> don't forget we're always on at have a good thursday night.
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i'm steve shannon, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. in this attack ad, ken cuccinelli says, "it's a study in contrasts and judgment," and it is. steve shannon was a fairfax county prosecutor who convicted hundreds of drunk drivers. ken cuccinelli has no experience as a prosecutor. and ken cuccinelli opposed tougher penalties for repeat drunk drivers. he said, quote, "a suspect might not recall a previous dui arrest." that's the true contrast.
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president obama: we are americans. we're a forward-looking people. last year, virginia, you helped lead a movement...
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of americans who believed that their voices could make a difference. that's what we need to do in this race. that's what creigh deeds is committed to. i need every one of you to get fired up once again so that we can go towards the future with creigh deeds leading the great commonwealth of virginia!


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