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tv   Chasing News  FOX  February 16, 2018 3:00am-3:31am EST

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>> a former new york city cop is suing the city same he deserves a bigger pension. another two grand a month. he said it was his job that made him fat. >> new jersey transit, an organization that hasn't made the trains run on time in a long time. they might have a solution, more trains on the track. a new jersey lawmaker takes her job to the people gone with the facebook video into an unemployment office. >> i went down there and then all hell broke loose. >> they wanted to expose how incompetent understaffed they
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are. and whether, it feels like spring. so most over. snow is coming back. >> breaking news out of the bronx has two men are arrested in a possible terror plot. two brothers were arrested on thursday after bomb making manual was discovered on a teacher issued laptop. please found bomb making materials and the brothers apartment and backpack with a note that read, under the whole thing, the small ones will know terror. there's no current or active threat. >> a former police officer suing saying he deserves a bigger pension.
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two grand more a month. he said it was the stress of a job that caused stress and made him fat. >> is a retired from the 42nd police precinct in 2014. he suing the police department saying health issues are result of his time on the force. he is a former marine said he was in the best shape of his life. but ten years and he developed severe health challenges. he remembers being in the hospital ten times in one year. >> in one night i flatlined twice. >> hypertension, heart disease and then sleep apnea. he gained a hundred pounds his first year. his colleagues say that he was known to scarf down entire roast chickens or pizza during his
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break. >> it's not about food it's about water retention. >> i never overeat, not any more than any other person. >> also says impairment of health caused by diseases of the heart resulting in disability while employed shall be presumptive it was incurred in the performance of duty. right now his pension is $4000 a month. the pension would get hurt them and not stress $2000 a month on tax. >> this is about all the officers in the city. if they don't follow this now what's to say the following the future. only 10% of his issues are related to police work.
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he was awarded 2006 cop of the year. the police department and law department did not comment. i'm that quick chasing news. >> thanks nate. let's bring in the panel. the caruso is here, lawyer and democratic strategists in a medical professional and nurse from the muslim community. thank you for being here. >> a former marine, pretty young but his tip in the scales. >> stress can cause these problems. people don't know they also didn't like this guy. his about 400 pounds. now he is heart disease.
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can you let the man collect his pension, what's the big deal? >> ramadi seine does it make sense? >> it's hard to know about his family history. was the job a good match to begin with? >> is this just another problem, where throwing money at every problem? he's retiring at 46 and two crack that every month. >> personal choices matter. sometimes were hearing the food choices he made, maybe you pack a lunch or get a killer tune instead and donate mcdonald's. your life choices matter. and i don't know if the public is responsible for that. >> there's a lot of medical issues that will come out.
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but to say the job made me go eat mcdonald's that's a tough claim. >> we have a chasing alert for you tonight, the shooter in the massacre in florida was in court on thursday. president trump weighed in on the tragedy. >> more than a dozen students are dead and officials are trying to find out what motivated this shooter. their learning more about him who carried out the shooting by himself. he legally purchased a ar 15 rifle. >> for a quick moment i thought, could this be the person. >> the suspects had a troubled past and was expelled from school a leader of a white nationalist in florida said he was a member of his group
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participated in trills but was [inaudible] police or fbi radar. students described him as troubled and prone to violence. students are meeting with trauma counselors. >> we thought it was a drill but then people started freaking out. there's no way to describe what happened. >> president trump will look work with officials to make it safer. he's putting it back in the spotlight of mental health to make sure gun stay out of the wrong hands. >> it's not enough to take actions to make us feel like were making a difference. we must actually make the difference. >> trump is making plans to meet with first responders. >> i want to bring in someone
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with a personal connection. he moved to florida a short time ago. his name is mike shapiro and he had kids in school nearby where this took place. >> what is a slight personally? you're in a nice part of florida, the expectation would be quiet and peaceful. >> we moved here because it was so similar to new jersey. a beautiful community with great schools everybody comes together. racine the outpouring of support people coming together. >> are your kids right? >> there hanging in there. my son is an elementary school and my daughter in preschool. i sent had a lot of trepidation about going to school what you say in light of something so
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horrific. >> i tried to explain that this has happened and we have to live with it. you can't let it define you. >> let's bring in the panel. the out there attacking the gun lobby. you have an immediate problem that kids are not safe. >> put a metal detector up in your school. they do it in the inner city where black kids are think you were going to kill each other and there has never been a mass shooting. in the white areas they don't want to accept that. >> do you agree with that? it has to be about law-enforcement school safety. >> i think safety is of concern.
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we need to do everything possible to keep our kids say. my friends cousin had two children there. the child said the swat team came at him and he had to protect himself to say i'm a student here. >> how do we know which student. >> twitter and social media all on fire. at what point are we not can have this broken record conversation? our leaders not talking about the fact the fbi knew about. >> from the standpoint of where were headed we need to learn the facts. the conversation now is when is the right time to talk about it what were trying to fix is a complex issue. were not rounding up every gun owner and taking away their guns.
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>> forget the political debate, you have to protect the schools. >> 60 degrees, hopefully you get a chance to get outside. skies were mostly cloudy to overcast most of the day. who cares with temperatures 20 degrees above normal the calendar still says february say no it's not can last forever. we'll see a return to wet weather overnight in the cool down will take effect friday afternoon. was tonight in the 50s with a return to rain. friday starts warm your 60 degrees will drop into the 40s by late afternoon and evening. then highs only in the 30s even though we should cease sunshine. there's a storm sister moving in
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and it's shaping up to be a snow maker. from 60s to snow in two days. the storm is tracking temperature dependent. i'm thinking 3 inches is likely. could we see six or 8 inches? it's possible north and west of the city. >> more chasing is coming up after the break. the judge equipped acquitted a police officer after he killed the schizophrenic women. >> not guilty. >> plus undercover assemblywoman. .
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>> welcome back to chasing news. we have more show for you tonight. nj transit is plagued with problems. which we see the video taken by new jersey lawmaker. >> first, i want to bring in john who has the story of new york city police star who was acquitted by a judge of murder. >> he faces serious second-degree murder charge but will not be going to prison. the judge found the officer not guilty of all charges stemming
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from the student shooting death of a mentally ill woman. according to testimony this is your call please because the two had gotten into an argument. tanner suffered from schizophrenia. when officers arrive she refused to drop a pair of scissors. when police approached she picked up a bat and the woman didn't swing the bat but just the way she was holding was aggressive enough to make them fear for his life. he fired two fatal shots. the judge agreed the shooting was justified. >> not guilty of murder in the second degree. not guilty of manslaughter in the second degree. the shooting touched upon several controversial topics.
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the issue of the alleged use of force, mental illness, race, police training he did not use a taser. at the time of the death mayor diblasio had strong words of criticism. he said something went horribly wrong he concluded the nypd failed and he could face a departmental trial now that the other one is over. >> let's bring in the panel. plus we have a nurse with us certainly this statement something went terribly wrong is accurate regardless. but is this because of the victim was black and this is a racially charged issue?
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>> i think race plays a process and how people respond. but the police had a taser. what i law-enforcement doing when they're approached? is a better way to deal with it? >> you don't know unless you're in that situation of life and death. cops are making a split-second decision. >> i cannot second-guess was going through his head as he standing there protecting himself and other people in the room. clearly something went wrong. whatever this was it was wrong. there is a mentally challenged person on the other end of this that had there been better training there could've been a better result. i'm happy to hear he wasn't convicted of a criminal act.
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>> i know you're going to talk about race but is it more about mental health and people have schizophrenia on relatives and capable of keeping them under control. >> it was not a life-and-death situation. a taser since electronic shock, she wasn't a big person, he should he used it as the first line of defense. because she was black he looked at her like she was a criminal. >> as a healthcare professional are police officers could work in conjunction we do not use guns in our psych to take care
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of our patients. >> when a cop is called 911 and someone is being threatened and you're in a life or death situation by definition. >> new jersey transit has a new chief, here's a solution, were trains on the tracks. >> new jersey governor opened his conference at the trenton transit center speaking as a father for and also for many people massacred on wednesday. >> the governor joined by transportation commissioner and ahead of nj transit they laid out initiatives to help frustrated writers. >> the first 20 cars removed
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from service will be returned to service as passenger cars. to further maximize the available new jersey transit is accelerating its current repair to get cars back into service faster. >> there focusing on safety and hope agencies can meet the deadlines. the equipment will be installed on 400 cars more than a thousand employees will be trained on it. >> you have to a lot of things there's issues that hold cars back. have to get people to get those cars out. >> when asked when writers can notice a difference they said hopefully over the next few weeks.
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each agency plans to put new cars on the track to eliminate this where people are packed in worst like sardines. >> on another angle of what government is not doing right take a look at this video. that is holly on facebook live walking through the unemployment office. needless to say folks in there looking for help or not getting it. >> i want to hear what is happening. >> it is monday morning at the unemployment office and they have one person process. >> why can't i record? >> i want to introduce you. holly joins mina. >> why did you do this? you're in the unemployment office filming and they're not
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happy. >> one of the volunteers in my campaign had been posting on facebook the problem she was having. she was asking for help, for any elected official to come see firsthand. so on a whim i made a detour on monday went down there and walked in and all hell broke loose. >> what happened? get a phone out? it was close to. >> he was mad. >> essentially i was talking to the people in they said he's coming to get you. i don't even know who he was. i wasn't even sure who the individual was. it escalated to the point where if i was handing out my card.
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>> honestly think so many people complain about politicians, the fact that you went and did something i love it. >> community it again. >> stay there. more shows coming up after the break. will chase all your headlines including traveling through the airport to get harder as the tsa has new rules for tr
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>> welcome back. i'm bill spadea let's check out the headlines including the tsa. they're talking about security but seems like they're making it harder to get through the security line. >> a school was put on lockdown after reports of someone
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carrying a gun. when approached the student fled and was taken into custody. a 15-year-old student in maine was taken into custody on thursday after posting comments wednesday night threatening that he would shoot at the school. the student was arrested and found have a knife but no gun. >> had no firearms at the time he was apprehended. the tsa increasing security for carry-ons and airports. travelers will have to remove electronic devices tsa pre-check travelers will not have to go through the new screening measures. >> i will be out for a few days through presidents' day holiday. but
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this is fox 29 news at 11:00. >> a powerful picture, hundreds gathering praying for healing in south florida. message, hope. raw emotion as we learn


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