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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  March 18, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> after toronto 24 and after daytona 17 and after indy it is just 12. tomac wins again. ♪today you got to sleep in, ♪'cause your alarm was set to p.m.♪ ♪when you're morning is hell just go to taco bell.♪ and let us make you breakfast. like the dollar grilled breakfast burrito. only at taco bell. [sfx: bong]
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ryan dungey also finishing on the podium. earlier you told me the starts an area you worked on and you had a good start today. are you satisfied? >> considering a few things. it was a little rough for us today. but just the way it goes you know. andsy can't really explain why other times are harder than not and -- but we did our best in the practices. everything was good and the times were right and not too far off and the heat race bumped us back and the main event we had that inside gate and i was able to get out good and sneak out through there and put a little pressure on them for a bit and then just fell off the pace. just plain and simple. gave it all my all but considering where we were started and how things were i'm happy with the day. good to be up here. you know it's easy i'm speechless but we're going to keep on it and give it our all.
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it's a race you know. i got to remember it's just a dirt bike race and bigger things in life. >> and ryan dungey has been a model of consistency. 9 podiums this year this season. >> in next one up is detroit and you'll see it next week live on fs1 and dungey is not won at detroit or new york. tomac has won detroit and has won in new jersey. 6 races to go, jenny and it's going to be a wild race to the title in dayivegas. >> it raour write pwrao /* you're right into that. congratulations to zack osborne and eli tomac. good night from indianapolis. we'll see you next week.
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♪ this march score the perfect basket. buy 8 participating products in one transaction and get a
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fandango movie ticket. up to $10 total value. only at my giant. ♪ >> coming up next, bracket bracs busted nova fans can't believe it. what they're saying about their tea's early round loss. >> caught in the act. hell aids toes around an elderly woman. the consequences she's face to go night. keep it here. your news starts in 30 seconds much
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live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10:00. i'm kind of in disbelief. it feels like a shock especially after last year. >> indeed a sad saturday night for villanova fans after a stunning early round defeat in the ncaa and there will be no repeat for the wildcats. good evening, everybody. i'm joyce evans. >> i'm dawn timmeney. a trip to the suite sweet 16 was on the line but it just was not meant to be for the overall number one seed. of course everyone asking tonight, what went wrong? >> yeah. ron burke is in the studio sulking with all of us tonight. ron? >> joyce and dawn, this is knots not how the script was supposed to play out for the defending champs ands those warning signs we saw in the first round they resurfaced today. jay wright's number we are overall seeded wildcats not able
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to find the usual rhythm in the first half and this time it cost them against wisconsin team like villanova experienced and tested in the tournament. things were looking promising for nova when donte did he vincenzo went to work with five minutes to go in the game you're thinking nova will pull it out threat build seven-point lead on his three pointer. 57-50 largest lead of the game. he had 15 off the bench. nigel heys one of wises were senior leaders gets layup for 64-62 lead. heys scored 19 and so now what's nova going to do? 3.4 seconding to the cats are down three. brown misses the free throw. the badgers defense the pass attempt well. brunson heave it times expires and defending champion wildcats call 65-62 a tough harsh way to go out in the second round. >> great college basketball ga game. um, just fun to be a part of it, and, um, give wisconsin a lot of credit. they played great game. proud of our guys.
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we played tough. battled, um, these ncaa tournament games come down to. >> unbelievable gutty performance that you know against a terrific team. we didn't play perfectly, but we played well enough and we had enough perseverance to be able to get things done in the timely -- in the amount of time we had. >> and so the last team standing last year becomes the first number one seed to fall in this tournament this loss closes the door on a prolific run by nova' senior class coming up later in sports, we'll hear from one of the seniors on the way his career ended so soon in this his final tournament much joyce. >> ron, we'll wait for that, and many nova fans probably already had their sites set on the sweet 16. but now they're going to have to make other plans for next weekend. our sabina kuriakose watching the fans with the fans on campus tonight as this drama unfolded. >> what's the mood like sabina? i can't imagine very good. >> reporter: oh, not at all. i mean the tears were freely
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flowing here at the connelly center. [ inaudible ] >> i'm kind of in disbelief. it feels l feels like a shock specialsly after last year. >> reporter: agony of defeat written on the faces of these villanova wildcat fans. watching their top seed team fall to wisconsin. the final seconds the saturday's ncaa tournament game. >> it was a nail biter the wildcats were down. they were up, they were down again. the campus watch party, students felt strong. their belief in the defending ncaa title holders. >> really close. hoping for the best. we don't want an early exit. >> i'm using this as a stress ball. >> i knew we were going to fight for it. >> reporter: fight they did in this campus cafe full of students. you didn't need the tv screen to check the score on the faces of the fans.
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reversal of fortune is bitter. >> wow! we can lose. people definitely had high expectations. so kind of a bummer. >> reporter: of course hope brings eternal. >> you can only be upset for one year march madness will be back again. >> reporter: there is always next year. but of course that is cold comfort now we are waiting for the team to arrive back on campus at any moment tonight. joyce and dawn, back to you. all right, thanks a cena. on your radar tonight the weather matches the mood those nova fans. a rainy, dreary chilly day across the delaware valley. and now snow is moving in. overall just not a great day to spend much time outside. meteorologist monica cryan joining us when are we going to seat sun again, monica? >> i think actually tomorrow we'll see some peeks of sunshi sunshine. this system that you can see behind me on your ultimate doppler radar, is going to move through overnight. a lot us asleep. notice the snow. here was the snow line up
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through the mountains. and now it's continuing to push down towards the south. towards the pennsylvania and maryland line. so we'll be watching that moving in possibly as snow as we head through the next few hours. here's what's actually reaching the ground. it's taking its time to move towards lancaster county, and you can see maryland most of this is starting off as rain, it's pushing into areas like delaware as rain. but at times we could see a bit of a switch over to rain and then into a mix light accumulations expected temperatures into the 30s in the city the suburbs into the low 30s as well. those northwesterly winds pulling in that colder air and that once again is what's going to give us the chance for some of this to mix in as sleet and snow move out of here by tomorrow morning. i've got the full forecast coming up in just a bit. back to you. >> thank you monica. and if this wild march weather has proven one thing, that's you really need to have your fox 29 weather app handy with you. download it now for apple and android devices.
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happening now, a nationwide hunt is underway for a teenager who was kidnapped by her teach teacher. 55-year-old tad cummings and 15-year-old elizabeth thomas have been missing for six days now. cummings was fired from his school in columbia, tennessee, on tuesday. when authorities began investigating him for sexual contact with a minor. there have been more than 250 tips so far to come in. but nothing credible. the fbi helping with the investigation and they say at this point that the two of them could be just anywhere. cummins is believed to be armed with at least two guns. tonight the justice department is asking a federal judge in hawaii to clarify his restraining order on president trump's revise revised travel p. fox's garrett tenney has more for us from washington. >> reporter: the white house has been very clear that it plans to fight for the president's executive order all the way to the supreme court if necessary. but that process could take months to play out. so in the meantime, the administration is working to get
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as much of the order reinstated as it can. this week in hawaii, us district judge derek watson ruled the travel ban was likely unconstitutional much if his decision, he cited statements that president trump made on the campaign trail about banning muslims from the us if clear evidence the order was meant to target muslims and thus is unconstitutional. judge watson received alate lot of criticism from legal scholars including those on the left for using her trump's campaign rhetoric to justify his ruling. this morning on fox and friends famed liberal attorney alan durr show witnesses doesn't agree and ultimatultimately he this the cs will decide with the white house. >> the list all foe for a different purpose was originally designed by president obama. how can you say that the inclusion of the six countries on the list was motivated by what mr. trump said when he was candidate trump? that's just not good legal analysis. >> reporter: late friday the justice department filed a motion with judge watson asking
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him to reconsider his decision to block the president's order as a whole and to allow some portions to remain in effect such as the temporary suspension of the us refugee program. that's what federal judge in maryland did in his ruling this week. blocking the ban on new visas for six muslim majority countries allowing the government to enforce the remaining parts of the order. the justice department filed a note late friday as well it still plans to appeal that decision. the white house will do the same in hawaii and anywhere unelse it's challenged. garrett tenney, nos fox news. u.s. congressman from pennsylvania is making a first tonight. scott perry holding a live town hall meeting. he's the only pennsylvania republican house member to hold live town hall since president trump took office. >> that's how it went. congressman perry facing a feisty crowd near harrisburg. fielding questions about health
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care, climate change, immigration and more. some people expressed some concern about the gop's plan to replace obama care. perry was clear about his opposition to the current proposal. folks wanted to hear how the congressman could continue supporting president trump in the midst of controversial actions like the executive order on immigration. >> i actually tell some folks that, you know, that are talking to me they're frustrated or disappointed or dislike this president and i literal vol told them, if i close my eyes, it's the exact same conversation i heard the first four years i served in congress but with a different name attached to it. >> the congressman actually snapped at the 400 person crowd for not letting him actually answer the questions before interrupting by booing and screaming. he was legendary musician who helped create an entire genre. tonight chuck berry is dead at the sage of 90. row might not even have rock and roll without this music icon.
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>> and the hall of fame musician's hits are still well-known today. fox's adam housely has a look back at chuck berry's incredible life. ♪ >> reporter: keith richards call his guitar work perfection. >> ♪ >> reporter: and john lennon once said if you try to give rock and roll another name you might call it chuck berry. >> you invented rock and roll, didn't you? >> the father of rock and roll was born charles edward anderson berry in 1926. growing up in st. louis, a local jazz artist taught him guitar. he listened to big band, jazz, blues and country a combination that would become the back bone of his rock style. in 1952, he joined legendary blues pianist johnny johnson's trio. plea years later he met his idol muddy water who's introduced him to the head of chess records.
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the first demo he handed in was maybelline. a song rolling stone credits with starting rock and roll guitar. >> ♪ >> reporter: a string of hits followed. his pop blues style was like no other. and neither was his guitar playing. with his signature double string plucking and that famous duck walk. his success start totter fade in '59 when he served time for quote immoral reasons involving an underaged girl. then came the british invasion of the 1960s and while berry himself wasn't as visible ♪ -- >> his songs certainly were. berry performed in the decades that followed and his last album of the new material was in 1979. he also had more legal trouble with drug abuse and tax evasion chargecharges. but despite that, he remained a legend.
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in 1985 he was one of the first to be inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. >> it's very difficult for me to talk about chuck berry. i liked every everything he ever played. >> in 2000 sand he was presented with the president's kennedy center honor. >> we call it rock. we call it rhythm and blues. call the what you may. i play what i feel. i love what i feel. >> reporter: adam housely, fox news. one of a kinds. so why did the duck cross the road? to get away from police officers and catch a train of course. >> how is one man able to disrupt the flight of 3,000 people?
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♪ the scene is unbelievable. a house in the washington, d.c. suburbs leveled by an explosion. the blast was so powerful it was felt for miles away, and shattered the windows of nearby homes. fire crews say the only thing left was a pile of bricks. the house that exploded was in foreclosure. but authorities say the man who lived there was currented for. search and rescue crews have been out since early this morning. the cause of that explosion is still under investigation. we are following a developing story for you from overseas tonight. it was panic and chaos inside a paris airport after french
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soldiers shot and killed a man. >> he tried to grab one of their rifles. fox's john huddy has more on that. >> reporter: screa screaming pee running gunshots, just some of the descriptions of the airport attack in france and french officials say the attacker was known to security forces suspected of islamic radicalization. paris top prosecutor says the 39-year-old man born in france attacked and wrestled away a female soldier's assault rifle while she was on patrol this morning at paris airport. officials say he he held gun to the woman's head, screaming that he wanted to die for allah. >> translator: he managed to resist. they thought it was necessary and they were right to open fire and protect her above all protect all the public who were nearby. >> reporter: they killed the attacker who french officials said tossed gasoline container to the ground. about 90 minutes before the airport incident, fishes say the man used pellet gun to shoot a police officer at a checkpoint
10:27 pm
north of paris and then carjacked a vehicle before heading to the airport. >> this man said he was at check in counters were he saw people running and screaming someone is shooting. he took off running, too. the airport was evacuated for several hours after the attack, the flights suspended or diverted to charles due gallon airport disrupting travel for 3,000 people the airport is back to normal tonight. french officials call the attacker a radicalized muslim who's home was among the many that were raided by police after the paris attacks in 2015 and who had reportedly been arrested on charges in the past including armed robbery and drug trafficking and now france's president front coys holland says he's being investigated to see if he had a quote terrorist plot behind him. in jerusalem, john huddy, fox news. famous faces in disguise tonight and it's all for a great cause. the convention center bustling tonight for the annual mayor's
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masked ball. it's all about raising scholarship money for the united flying dough college funds helping students achieve higher education goes. education leaders and supporters from all local communities came out to back up the u.s. pf slogan a mind is a terrible thing to waste. this is the fifth year for the mayor's masked ball. school principals are often pushing their students to aim high and reach for the stars. but today one local principal led by example and made dream come true for one of his students with special needs. fox 29's jennifer joyce has our heart warming story. >> reporter: he did it. >> i win! >> reporter: big win after a big feat ten-year-old andrew sylvester of woodbury, new jersey, completed his first 5k race. andrew has autism but he also has angels. >> hi andrew. >> reporter: whose wings helped him glide across the finish line at the haddonfield adrenaline 5k.
10:29 pm
>> it was amazing feeling i've ever felt. >> reporter: twin brother austin held on tight toll andrew's racing chair and assisted the school principle vincent myers from west end memorial elementary in pushing andrew to the end of the race. >> we wanted to give him the thrill of what it's like to cross that finish line. >> great job. great job! >> reporter: it was also a thrill for the boy's teachers, friends and parents on the side lines excited to cheer on both of their sons in a sporting event. >> that is the best feeling in the world. that they can do this together. >> reporter: myers invited the brothers and their classmates to do the race with him through ainsley angels a non-profit that helps children of all abilities compete in raises. >> our goal in woodbury so personalize everything we do and today i know we lived up a whole lot of lives. >> it's an amazing feeling. that he asked us, that he thought to even ask us and that he asked austin as well. >> i think we will definitely be doing more of these in the
10:30 pm
future and spread the word that, you know, there's inclusion events like this. >> it feels so good, and it make the world good. >> reporter: with high five an smile, it feels good for andrew, too. >> i'm so happy. >> reporter: in haddonfield, new jersey, jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. >> you might be looking at the newest eagles cheerleaders. a group of ladies tried their luck in south philadelphia today at the eagles cheerleading open call auditions. anyone 18 years old could try out. panel of judges cord scored the women on modeling and dancing. new cheerleaders will be chosen on may eighth. sixers and temple university are pairing up for great cause. >> it certainly is. it's all to bounce out the stigma of autism. 30 children with autism spectrum disorder joined sixers head coach brett brown for a day of hoops. group enjoyed a three hour clinic at temple's pearson hall focusing on passing, shooting
10:31 pm
and dribbling. a woman in her 90s tossed about like a rag doll. what's being done by this. >> police need add local family's help but rude their car in the process so the question who pays.
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♪ another attempted security
10:34 pm
breach at the white house tonight. the second in a week. the secret service says a man jumped over the bike rack on pennsylvania avenue to get to the white house fence. he was apprehended before he could get any closer. criminals charges against the intruder are pending. the incident comes about a week after a man breached a 5-foot fence at the outer perimeter. he scaled the 8-foot gate to get on to the white house grounds. oil could be flowing through the dakota access pipeline as soon as monday. this after an appeals judge refused to halt the project. the standing rock and sue tribes have been trying to stop the pipeline over concerns it could harm their water supply but today the court denied their request for an emergency order. tonight a boston area family is horrified and heart broken. >> this is after a nanny cam captured two health aids ting around a 93-year-old loved one. this video allegedly shows a staff member at the nursing home
10:35 pm
being very rough with a great-grandmother known only as dorothy. the 93-year-old has dementia and the aids appear to be tossing her around aggressively. the family hid the nanny cam after the room after suspecting something was wrong. >> she's one of the mape woman in my life. she helped raise me. so i just don't like seeing this happen to her. >> she cannot really hurt you. she's 98 pounds her. they were picking her up and whipping her around. >> both of the aids have been fired and their faces assault and battery charges. the nursing homes says it is working with authorities. this march weather has been pure madness but did it ruin the cherry blossoms? and this duck really wanted to hop a new york subway but police weren't having it. monica? >> guys, ever since that snow that we had earlier this week, it's been cold. i'll let you know when temperatures start to go back up and a look at your full foreca forecast. stick around.
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♪ recently appointed executive director of the philadelphia parking authority has reportedly made 12 new hires. >> bruce gordon explains why getting the job may be less about what you know and more about who you know. only in philly. >> reporter: i'm bruce gone tour. the philadelphia parking authority has had well we'll call eight rough the authority's after thedirector vince fenerty philadelphia inquirer exposed not one but two sexual harass many cases a female subordinate. to say the ppa board was asleep at the switch on the fenerty scandal would be an understatement but ultimately he was out, replaced by clarena tolson former philadelphia deputy mayor for transportation. as reported by the inquirer, tolson took the job promising to
10:40 pm
restore quote moral, integrity and professionalism to an agency best known as a patronage haven you may remember republicans took over the parking authority years ago promising to run it more efficiently than democrats had. in fact they promised it would be so efficient, millions and millions of dollars left lying around each year and take that money and hand it to the philadelphia school district. shockingly that promise wind fall never materialized. as for the new and improved moral and are, integrity and professionalism, according to the inquirer, one of tolson's first hires as the new boss was her daughter's roommate selected to fill a newly created $48,000 a year post as administrative assistant. when questioned by the paper, tolson described her daughter's roomy as over the top qualified. i'll tell you what's over the top, the attitude of so many public servants that every hire they make must be part of some friends and family plan. that jobs must be created out of
10:41 pm
thin air just to give junior or one of his or her buddies a paycheck. parking authority scandals proved one thing, while tolson is a democrat the ppa is run by republicans. who have proven over and over again that they can screw things up just as effectively as philly's dominant political party. tolson's daughter's roommate may indeed be a perfectly good administrative assistant but how can tolson be so oblivious to the message it sends other parking authority workers? oh, that's right, many of them are actually friends or family of top bosses. so next time you get ticket the on philadelphia street for over staying your parking meter by a minute or two, rest easy with the notch your fine will go toward propping an agency that redefines the term it's not what you know, it's who you know. as for that claim of improved moral, integrity and professionalism, well, it's all relative. only in philly.
10:42 pm
♪ a duck strum bells into the jefferson street el station in brooklyn new york and made its way on on the tracks prompting a nail biting rescue by nypd. the mallard gave two detectives the run for their money for about two minutes before they safely coralled it. service on the el line was disrupted for only a short period of time. >> glad the duck is safe. fox 29 investigates, for many in philadelphia their cars are their lifeline. for work, shopping and carting around their children. but a city woman lost her wheels when a bullet pierced her car during a homicide and police have had to pry it out. >> then she had to fight over who was going to pay the bill. here's our jeff cole. ♪ >> reporter: it was around 9:00 on the chilly first night of november when anna rivera walked into her grand parent's juniata home and realized she needed to make a trip back
10:43 pm
outside. >> in front of my house there was no parking and i forgot my boots in the car for the next morning. >> reporter: 19-year-old saw her chance to move closer. the car her boyfriend's mom kindly let her borrow. sherryparked the 1994 toyota corolla and headed back inside. >> like five minutes later, um, there was gunshots. >> reporter: a man anna doesn't know was wounded on the sidewalk. she called 911 and watched from the door as police arrived. >> i just wanted to make sure he was okay but unfortunately he wasn't. >> reporter: lycombing street was a wash in red and blue flashing lights as officers searched the murder seen with flashlights. also, struck by gunfire the car anna borrowed. she took a photo of bullet hole. before towing away the car, a detective said they needed to take it and the bullet lodged inside for evidence telling her.
10:44 pm
>> they were not going to damage car in any way if they couldn't take it they was going to leave it as is. >> reporter: anna broke the news to her boyfriend angel mercado cruz and his mom doris cruz. >> it could have happened to anyone like, you know what i mean? >> reporter: but when the trio went to get doris' car from a police lot three days later, they found this. >> i seen this big hole in the car. i was like -- i was like i just mad because the detective said they wasn't going to do nothing to the car. >> reporter: doris cover the damage with cardboard and tape to keep the metal from cutting anyone. >> we still got measurements on the car. this is where the bullet hole was. >> reporter: in the trunk they found a crowbar. >> this is what they you've the rip the hole open. >> reporter: police said the cruz family should file a damage claim. they only have liability insurance on the car. damage estimates were between
10:45 pm
2200 and $3,000. it took the city until januar january 20th, more than two months, to acknowledge the claim and request more paper work. after getting the car back from this police lot the family couldn't drive it because it won pass inspection with that big hole in the side. it took them about two and a half weeks to gather all the documents the city wanted. but one day after they sent them, they learned their claim had already been denied. the city is not responsible for the criminal acts of a third party the letter said adding that the police report stated this was a homicide investigation. not only was the claim denied, the file was closed. >> she says she just want help. it had to come to this to call you guys to help us but she just want help that she don't got money to buy new car. >> reporter: why did they call fox 29 investigates? they found online one of our stories from last spring about a woman's parked car that was hit by a
10:46 pm
city trash truck in south philly. the public works driver even left a note on a city form with the truck's number. risk management told the own are in a private contractor may be responsible but when we got involved, they quickly paid her $1,000 deductible. one day after we called about doris' car, her phone rang, too. the city says she's getting a thousand dollars. >> i'm very happy that my mom getting her car fixed to take my brother and sister to school, go to appointments and stuff like that. >> reporter: the city says our call prompted a second look and police did excessive damage extracting the bullet. that one grand is the car's replacement value. a manager can review denials but the cruzs say the adjuster wasn't calling back. so far no arrest in that homicide. jeff cole, fox 29 news. and still to come a blood test that detects autism before
10:47 pm
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♪ right now a box that keeps human organs alive is on trial
10:50 pm
they're testing it out at indiana university. that's exactly what it looks like. a heartbeating inside the box. that's what it is. doctors and researchers say that it may be able to help extent the amount of time that organs can go between being he can tracted and getting transplant the. they say four hours is the maximum time limit to get a heart into a recipient. and with the heart in a box, that time has been more than doubled because the organ stays in the working mode as it if were still inside the body. also tonight in your health, the cdc is taking a closer look at opioid addiction. the department studied patients prescribed painkillers who are not being treated for cancer. >> and it found opioid dependents may start quicker than originally thought. the centers for disease control found the odds of long-term
10:51 pm
opioid use increased sharply after five days of taking the drug. it inn creed 13% for eight days or more. health expert you were patients to discuss the use of narcotics painkillers when prescribed by their doctor. innovation being hailed as the first of its kind a blood test that researchers can detect autism early with get this a 98% accuracy. the new method is the first to analyze metabolic markers which become before behavioral changes all of this coming from researchers in new york at the rensler polly tech institute. autism disorder affects one point 5% of all children. cashier at a mcdonald's restaurant near miami florida being hailed a hero tonight. >> fast food worker who jumped through the of drive through window to save life. on tuesday 22-year-old pedro, was working at the drive through window when an off police
10:52 pm
officer drove up with her two children in the back seat just as he was handing her the food she suffered a medical emergency without a moment's hesitation pedro jumped through the window to help. the car hit a curb and came to stop. now yesterday the hero was recognized for his quick action. >> i just feel good about this. it feels good. like i'm telling uh-uh need to celebrate this. >> the vehicle began to roll forward through the drive through lanes basically without a driver. not only was the sergeant in serious peril, her children were at risk. >> wow. miami's mayor is often -- offering have a pedro a chance to join a government internship program. >> this march weather has been pure madness but did it ruin the cherry blossoms? monica cryan is tracking the forecast. guys, we had snow knocking on our door.
10:53 pm
coming up a look at the full forecast, your future cast and we can time it atingle out when it will be exiting. i got that full forecast coming up.
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bitter cold temperatures caused widespread damage to many of the cherry blossoms but the good news is there still will be plenty of pink in the nation's capital this spring. the national park service says d.c.'s mid march cold snap did damage about half of the delicate blossoms many of them were right on the verge of blooming when the dc region got hit with snow and cold earlier this week. and back to your fox 29 weather authority now. it's a miserable night across the delaware valley as we look live into wilmington, delaware. after a chilly rainy day there's now some snow on the way. meteorologist monica cryan is here to tell us all about that. >> guys, temperatures are already dropping. right about 36 degrees and we reached highs in the upper 3030s low 40s here's how it panned out within the last four hours. we were in the upper 30 30s abot
10:57 pm
38 degrees until 7:00 o'clock and now we're just hitting 37. so we're lowering those temperatures with that northeasterly wind ushering in that colder air. so it's 36 degrees for those of us in reading. 40 degrees back in millville. 37 degrees for those of us in wrightstown. because our temperatures are starting to lower, we're talking about snow. some of us are at that freezing mark a little bit above it. which is why this isn't going to be a clean snow if anything does fall it could be bit of a mix. a snow to sleet to some snow her's a look at your current setup. starting to push into the delaware valley reaching into some of our western counties. looking at your current setup here's the low pressure system. where this low pressure system is in relation to us, is putting us under those northwesterly winds. so i'll draw that for you that's that counterclockwise rotation. that we see behind low pressure systems. so here's that northwesterly wind. that's really pushing some of that colder air down towards the south.
10:58 pm
which is why we are talking some snow possibly. but what it's also doing it's pushing some of that precip down south. so look at your future cast. notice it moves through. it could be kind of skimming right along our western counties lancaster into berks and even down into delaware. then it starts to move down south so that we lose some of those rain chances and those snow chances as we head into early tomorrow mornin. decreasing cloud cover by tomorrow afternoon. so sunday afternoon might offer a little bit of sunshine. more sunshine as we head into monday. here's your overnight lows. we've got 36 degrees in philadelphia. 37 degrees in millville. 32 for those of us in pottstown. wilmington also coming at about 34 degrees while lancaster is getting to that freezing mark again. there's starting to switch over to snow. anything that is hitting the ground could be a mix. 47 degrees is your high for tomorrow. decreasing cloud cover, but winds will be high. we're talking from ten to 20 miles per hour out of the north. so we'll stay on the cooler side
10:59 pm
for tomorrow. our average high for this time of the year low 50's. we're still below that. we can't really seem to shake some of that colder weather. not until later. here's where we start to hit the 50's. just as spring hits. upper 40s sunday. we're still in winter. spring hits as we head into monday. we'll be into the low 50s as spring begins we're talking around 6:30 actually more like 6:29 into early monday morning is when we'll start to, h spring begins and then look at that. 57 degrees as we head into tuesday. so it will start to feel more like spring. especially since we're talking lots of sunshine into tuesday. and then we're right back into the 40s it doesn't last very long we've got 43 degrees into wednesday. it is going to be a bit sunny and breezy as we head into wednesday not the best setup for the midweek. but then we head into thursday. it will be chilly again. and then we are looking at some sunny and cool conditions as we head into friday.
11:00 pm
all right. we'll zen it to your powerball numbers now.


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