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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  December 18, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> it was a nightmare on m track . at least a half dozen people are dead after a train derailed. this is what we're talking about tonight at 5@6:30 our deepest sympathies and most heart felt prayers for the victims of the train derailment in washington state. we are closely monitoring the situation and keerd coordinating with local authorities. it is all the reason why we must start immediately fixing the infrastructure of the united states. >> the president reacting to the deadly derailment in washington statement of six dead, dozens injured after the train yum ped the tracks south of seattle. the impact
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cars down onto the interstate blow. let's bring in fox5's kristin leone who has been track ing the investigation. >>reporter: this is what we know so far. this morning's run was the first for passengers on a faster, brand new route with brand new tracks. but as you're about to see here, the high speed train on that run plunged onto the overpass and onto several cars on that highway killing six people that we know of and injuring dozens of others . this all happened a little before 8:00 this morning about 40 miles south of seattle we're told about 830 people were on board that amtrak train at the time of the derailment. the train itself was moving alt around 80 miles per hour officials say and was heading to portland. dozens were taken to the hospital, including people who were hit while driving on the highway. you just saw right there how many emergency crews were out there helping those victims off the train and roadway and
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hospital. not to mention several of those passengers cars right behind there just dan ling off the overpass. when we got to the scene it was obvious there were some fatalities and a lot of injuries and some people were able to get off the train. multiple cars and trucks were struck by train cars that left the train tracks and went down onto the row. the people that were in all the vehicles even though when you see the pictures it's pretty horrific. at this point nobody in any of the vehicles is a fatal. >> the train's new route is part of a $180 million project de signed to speed up service and bypass traffic. amtrak says those new tracks were tested out weeks prior to this first run. so keep that in mind. officials including the national transportation safety board are investigating what caused the train to go off their tracks. they're actually in route as we speak. we'll let you know what comes out of that investigation six people on board that train were kil
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they expect that number to go up >> kristin, a lot of people may not know this. you worked in seattle. you're familiar with the area. if you live in suburban area here. is train commuting, is that a big thing in seattle or is this sort of an experiment, this brand new line they put up there. >>reporter: matter of fact, it's actually a very big thing out there. traffic like here in washington, d.c. is just as bad, if not comparably -- a little bit worse in washington state. i5 is that big major highway a lot of people do take. transit is huge and this is something that they were hoping as i mentioned to combat that to bypass traffic in this case. i also want to mention here trump in his tweet talks about crumbling railways and again referencing this crash. this was a brand new track. these were brand new tracks that put out there. this is something unfortunately that happened and
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very devastating to say the least. amtrak has been a hot potato issue because there's a lot of people that say do you keep funding amtrak. >> a loft money does go into it. >> another big story we are following tonight, president trump unveiling his administration's first national security strategy including de veiling the strategy towards chien china and russia. >>reporter: it was a very interesting style and way to present this national security strategy because i'll tell you for the first 15 minutes it really felt like a look back on the past year. the president took us back to election night talking about what voters wanted when he won back in 2016. he spoke about his decision to leave the transspecific particulate innership, to leave the paris accord to decertify the iran nuclear deal, to increase sanctions against
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you will. almost like a campaign still speech before he even got to his national security agenda. and when he did, it was very trump escalator if you will, focusing on america first, focusing on the ideas that we have heard from the president in the past, the idea of increasing bortder security, increasing prols perth here at home, talking about things like tax reform and limiting regulations in a national security speech might not necessarily be what you expect, but certainly something you might expect from the president now, the idea of this style of leading in with a campaign-style set of remarks, if you will, that focused on what he feels are his accomplishments of the first year and then pivoting to these points of his national security agenda very interesting and unusual style. i spoke with michael oh lan on
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ings institute to get his thoughts and if it was effective . the speech sowned like donald trump the candidate and of course he began by attacking all that was wrong with america in his eyes. he saw this as a necessary contrast to set up the ideas in his national security strategy. so the substance of the report is to me pretty good, but again in the speech, by the time he got to any of that we were already 15 minutes in to what was largely a campaign speech against his american dough mess stick opponents. given the world where we live, a campaign is never far away, i should never be surprised. i was a little bit struck and disappoint ed. q. this was the plan and strategy go into this speech because even though the words he was saying very much felt like what he might say at a many contact pain event, the style did no. he was reading from a script on the tell he prompter.
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audience broke into applause, they were very support ofive, but not the ruckus nature. the way he laid out this plan it was definitely intended to be that way. back to you, jim and sarah >> in the meantime president trump says he is not considering firing special counsel robert mueller. that disputes a rumor that has been flying around. whether there is collusion between the russian and officials. mueller had gained access to e-mails sent and received by trump. before his took office. mule ers spoarks man says the e-mails were obtained in an appropriate manner. >> let's talk a little bit about the president. apparently he has been boosting behind the scenes. he says mueller is going to clear him. where is this coming from? it wasn't that long ago where he was pretty concerned about his position in this i
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think that trump is trying to project an air of confidence, whether that's real or not i would be surprised if he actually knew that this was going to wrap up. i'm not saying it is or isn't about to wrap up, but i would be very surprised. prosecutors and agents don't usually give people a heads up as to exactly, you know, when or where the investigation is headed or going to end. there have been big developments in the past, you know, couple of months as we know, the guilty pleas, the cooperation, the charges and i think those are going to take sometime to play out. i think trump may be trying to -- the president may be trying to project an air of confidence because, you know, that's more political than -- not necessarily based on specific knowledge. the president hasn't necessarily said specifically about his take on where the investigation is leaning. there was a lot of controversy about some text
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between fbi agent and an investigator, one of whom was involved in the investigation for a whievment i feel like there's a lot of people around the president who seem to be down playing and trying to suggest that there is some overt bias with robert mueller's investigation and setting that expectation for whatever the end result may be. absolutely. you know, i think that those texts that were release between the fbi agents who mueller dismissed when he found out about them are unfortunate in that they caused the public to lose some kind of trust or faith in the investigation. but the reality as a former prosecutor i can tell you, you know, agents and prosecutors, sure, everybody has their personal political beliefs . we're human beings, but you separate that from the investigation that you are doing . i think that a lot is being made out of these to try and discredit the team, the mueller team,
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circling the wagons, as the investigation is heating up. this is an attempt to discredit whatever those findings may be. which may lead me to the next point here. is that also what you think they're doing in terms of -- i'd like your analysis on whether or not the musclier team obtained some of these e-mails improperly. do you think that's just the trump side trying to discredit him or from what we know do you think there's a possibility that they did get those inappropriately? >> look, i absolutely do not think that they were obtained improperly. we're talking about e-mails that were on an employer 's server. so first of all, most people don't have a right to privacy in their work e-mails. >> sure. whether it be the government or some other employer, but especially when you're talking about, you know, the government and you have. golf in your e-mail address you don't have an expectation of
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privacy. we all know that work ing for the government we knew that as prosecutors that people can access our e-mails and they can turn them over. i think that when musclier mueller put out that statement any e-mails we've obtained we've obtained by con seventh the owner or by proper legal process , i think, i think what that meant is we obtained con sent here from the government meaning. gof, the owners of that individual, not the individuals because they don't have a right to privacy in those. are there specific legal challenges that could be raised in a court of law to those e-mails? for example, attorney-client privilege, i don't think so, but i don't know that for sure, but that's not the form in which they were raised and that's not even the challenges that are being made. they're saying a general right to privacy. you mentioned attorney-client privilege that opens up a whole new discussion which we heard with donald trump jr. last week we have to leave it at that. i appreciate your
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this because there aren't many people that can get in the minds of investigations like this. thanks for having me. >> congress shifting the focus on the whole sexual harassment focus these days. we're looking at private businesses now. we're going to talk about that when fox a at 6:30 comes right back.
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>> well quom back at 5@6:30. at least four senators including two democrats are now urging senatorial franken to rescind his resignation. joe mansion told politico the wave of democrats calling for franken to reresign was quote, the most hypocritical thing he's ever seen. patrick lahey had a private talk with franken. he regrets pushing for him to re sign. franken said earlier this month following allegations of sexual misconduct. taffies smily is calling out pbs
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smily said he never coarsed anyone into a relationship but only had concept tall relation ships in the workplace which is not against pbs's policies. pbs says they have uncovered multiple credible allegations. as congress continues to struggle with sexual harassment on the hill, there is a new bill that would aim at new laws to pull back the secrecy of settlements. tom fitzgerald is live on the hill. in recent weeks both democrats and republicans have been going back and forth trying to out do each other on who has the better system to end sexual harassment on the bill. now, today there was some developments in that two members of congress, one democratic, one republican announced that they were leaving congress. not right away, but eventually would start with republican blake f
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he's a texas republican who has faced increasing sexual harassment in recent weeks. he will not seek recent reelection there was nevada congress keun who has seeing these allegations build. a second accuser has come forward. keun is leaving congress and in the seeking re election. this all came on a day when congressman maloney introduced a new bill. on the one hand businesses will no longer be able to deduct sexual harassment settlements that they reach in congress off of their taxes. they would also every year have to report to the equal opportunity employment commission on my reported cases of sexual harassment they have within their qup annually. when employers don't have to disclose these internal settlements when there's no public
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abuse it can cause great arm harm to victims, other employees who may not know they're working in a harass l environment or who the harassers are and even the public at large. oh may not know, environments where employees are harassed, if this sounds familiar it's because it sounds a lot like what is going on on capital hill in recent years. the system of congress has set up for itself requires accusers to sign these non-disclosure agreements. taxpayers have paid out millions of dollars in settlement since the late '90s. we don't know who most those harassers are because of those non-disclosure agreements. this bill was aimed at private businesses is up ending this system has protected us here up on the hill for decks
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decades. if you tell the people who lift the settlements if you want to come forward, nobody has tried to put that into some sort of legislation yet, have they in >> there is the me 20 act. it would basically rip apart the system that has existed with the office of compliance since the late '90s. that was put into place when the old senator pack wood. >> oh, my gosh, that name. >> h this is going back some 25, 30 years. effaced numerous allegations of sexual harassment and was forced out and they came up with this system. this is a system make no mistake that protects hard arrested dylaners on the hill. until that ends congress should not be turning around telling people to run their house when they haven't gotten their own house first. >> to a major announcement out of charlottesville, virginia, after the deadly
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>> new information in the death of american solder large audience david johnson. a military investigation found that rnlg safety agencies event johnson died in a battle with isis-linked terrorists who killed three of his comrades in any jer gabbing in october. johnson was hit with as many as 18 bullets. his body wasn't found until two days after the ambush. his death received a lot of investigation when his pregnant widow criticized president trump for a phone call he made after his death. >> alfred thomas made the announcement two weeks after a report found his department respond responded poorly to a violent white supremest recall yivment a group of white nal lists gathered in august. deadly violence broke out a
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women. thomas served as police chief only since 2016. >> john mack keen is back in arizona after undergoing treatment for brain cancer. senator mccain will miss the tax reform vote coming up in the senate. he underwent surgery back in july to remove a blood clot in his brain after being diagnosed with a clee oh blast tome a. we'll be right back. you're foxing 5@6:30.
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>> perhaps you were still look ing for the perfect gift for the politics buff in your life. you might want to check out the trump tore. it is believed to be the only store dedicated to the president. hi, welcome to the trump store. that's what you'll hear if you find yourself walking into the trump store in show low, arizona. the owners believe they truly have a one of a kind
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president. we don't know if anyone has ever taken a campaign headquarters and converted it to a store and been successful with it. they were running a campaign headquarters and then these two united to open a store . we've always been the grass roots up here. when the president was nominated in the primary we stepped t up. the store's storer is hard to miss. even a year after the election the owners say they still get a steady extreme of visitors from all over the world. they come in and feel that it's only the place that actually supports our president, our country and the next generation. and sometimes you'll get people from both sides of the oil. we've had a half a dozen extreme liberals come through. we tell them it's private property. in august the tore was actually vandalized. no one has been arrested yet but it may have been a
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disguise. that weekend we had non stop people coming in politically to come in and buy things. we haven't had any problems since. we've installed cameras inside and out so we'll be more prepared. the original red hat, make america great again. >> it's amazing. i can't tell you how many reactions you'll get that. we wear most of our t-shirts in and around town. we even go to convention wearing these and the reactions is high lail yourself. the store has become a pseudo trump shrine. we looked all over the place to get things that the trump supporters wanted. i just sold an apartment for $15 million. >> some customers from birmingham, alabama popped in while we were there. they don't have places like this around berming ham. it's actually fairly
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and ma key on say their business is doing so well they'll actually be expanding soon. we started off with coffee and pastries here. did you like that picture of -- clearly that wasn't donald trump, but shirt less donald trump on the shirt. >> how do you know he doesn't have tattoos. you don't know. do you think he has a six-pack, too. >> okay. maybe not so much. the thing, the interesting thing is any time you see anything sold with the trump name on it you don't see the trump name specifically. it's trademarked when you saw the talking pen. >> which you have one. >> i do. >> it says the donald trump talk ing pen. they can move in on that. although i do believe when you look at that building with the trump name and all the flags outside i don't think the folg president will have a problem with that. i do feel that donald trump jr. is following it. any liberal that is feeling
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. the news continues on digital. we'll see you later. bye-bye.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- charles: the impossible happened, nick young and iggy azalea had a loving reunion. >> is this the reunion? that was how nick made it seem anyway. >> iggy azalea tore nick young apart. she responded on twitter, i hope all of your christmas gifts contain boxes of dried up chips of dog [bleep] for trying to even imply i would have a dinner date with my ex who created a full human behind my back. [laughter] >> colin kaepernick and p. diddy want to buy the carolina panthers. >> i would be the best nfl owner that you could imagine. >> jerry richardson, who owns the panthers, he said i'm going to sell the team and diddy came right out and said, yeah, nfl, it's time for some diversity. >> i read this morning if diddy bought the carolina panthers they would rename the team the carolina black panthers.


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