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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  June 2, 2017 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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>> thanks for joining us here at ten:30. the news at 11 starts now. this is fox5 local news at 11. right now at 11, a fox5 exclusive. a maryland school district is paying \million\mills of dollars to keep some employees on leave. then another violent metro attack caught on camera. tonight we asked the mayor what needs to be done to ensure passengers are safe. the paris accord will undermine our economy, hamstring our workers, weaken our sovereignty. president trump says that's it to the paris climate accord, but not everyone is praising his latest decision. the news at 11 starts now. and we begin tonight with a fox5 exclusive. thank you very much for joining us this evening, i'm tony perkins and i'm shawn yancy. we've been reporting on the hundreds of staffers in prince george's county public schools placed on leave
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district investigates allegations of abuse and misconduct against them. it's all the result of strict new policies and reporting alleged abuse and tonight we've learned the staggering amght of money that's being paid to those staffers placed on leave. lindsay watts has this fox5 exclusive. lined shawn and toy when staff members are put on leave because of abuse allegations they still get paid that's required bylaw and not to evenings mention the majority of employees accused of abuse have been cleared. employees off the job and have been paid have been paid nearly $10 million this year. for staff members under suspicion and placed on leave it's far from a paid vacation. it's hard for us, for me, very hard. >> bus driver ja ja what tara has been on leave since february. >> the gicial say i curse at her. did you curse at
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>> no. >> while employees accused of abuse are sent home, this is what happens to bus drivers in that situation, they have to report to work but they're in the allow to drive. they pass the time playing cards and watching tv. it's like i'm in jail. >> another driver who didn't want to be identified says she doesn't even know why she's on leef. i don't know why i'm sitting there. it makes you feel like you're not trusted. it makes you feel like you could lose your job at any time. >> whether it's playing cards or sitting at home, prince george's county had paid nearly $10 million to school staff on administrative leave this school year. that's up nearly 1500 percent since the 2014-2015 school year, before new policies were created on reporting alleged abuse. the district paid more than 34 million for substitutes so far this school year, but that's on track with costs from 2014-2015 which
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totaled about 40 million. the district says that's because ththey're using fewer teacher retirees who cost more per day. they ought to find some way to fix this thing. >> there have been nearly 800 cases of alleged abuse and misconduct this school year. watching tv tara says initially his case fell through the cracks. they lost your case is what you understand. >> yes. >> since we interviewed him child protective services has cleared him, but for now he's still sitting, still getting paid to play cards. he has a meeting with district staff next week. >> the district provided this written statement. it says in recent years prince george's county public schools has increased our focus on protecting every child. the number of employees oned a meteorologistive levies substantially higher due to heightened emphasis on mandatory reporting of suspected child abuse and neglect. correspondingly administrative leave pay has increased. pgps is legally required to pay these
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salaries. however our substitute position costses are lower. we will announce changes in june to student safety administrative polys with additional employee training and other systematic changes we expect improvements next year. we have been asking for weeks what is the plan for next week to prevent this kind of situation and this is the first time the dists has announced it will be changing course for next years. >> caught on camera, a group of people visionally attacked a woman at the metro safety. they knocked her to the ground, kicked her in the face. unfortunately this is the first attack in a metro station. >> shawn, a lot of people have the very same questions we pose, is metro safe and you'll see the video that you were just talking about. it speaks for itself really. surveillance cameras down beneath here at the waterfront station in southwest d.c.
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teens there on your screen and near the escalator, a couple approached from behind by what appears to be a single teenager and the woman sucker punched present hyped. the blow so hard she falls on the ground. you'll see the group walking away seemingly laughing. tonight we caught up with mayor bowser and we wanted to ask her about the safety on metro. here is her response. here is video of an assault on memorial day. >> i haven't watched it. >> i'm showing it to you. >> i'm not going to watch it to you now. you're happy to share it with my staff. i can't answer a question about something i haven't seen. >> residents here in southwest much more voark al after watching the video. this was their response tonight. we have to find why -- you think it's safe to ride
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>> disevment. it's not if they're behaving that way. it just needs more people, more police action out here. people would feel more safe with more police action. >> do you see metro transit police down there? >> not that often at all. >> we want and looked for the mayor today and we asked her to show her this video and she said she was unaware that this had taken place and she did not want to react to it. >> she needs to step her transit game up because this is not fun no more. i don't feel safe going into metroizations at all anymore. now i have to walk every where i want on go. that last young man you just heard from says he doesn't want his h face shown or be identified because he, too,s was recently a victim on metro. aggravated assaults also known as part one assaults are down 29 percent compared to the same time period last year. >> live tonight in southwest, marina
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>> a senior member of the house committee on homeland security is calling on the justice department to investigate what she calls an up tick in racial threats at the national museum of african-american history and culture and elsewhere. congress woman she will yeah jackson lee's request comes after a noose was found in the museum's gallery on segregation. fox5's teisha lewis has more. at the end of the day we don't let acts of cowards like this deter us. we, if anything, even more vigilant and even more determined to tell this important story. >> hate crimes popping up across the district and beyond, the latest, a noose spotted wednesday by a tourist here at the national museum of african-american history and culture five dayses earlier, a smithsonian police officer discovered a noose hanging on a tree outside the her
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museum. we live in a complicated world. there are people who for whatever reason can't seem to find a way to live with their fellow human beings. >> on the surface, sean your ba& ski appears to be one of those people. he's charged with murder after fatally stabbing army second lieutenant richard collins the third at a bus stop the bowie state university student was visiting the university of maryland l college campus when he was killed. your ban ski was reportedly a member of a racist hate group on facebook that has since been dreeted. and then back to back noose incidents first at american university, bananas hanging from campus the same day an fraip woman became a president for the first time in the school's history and another noose discovery at crofton middle l school in maryland. we do know that hate crimes reported to police are up this year compared
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though it remains a mystery why as for this noose incident at the national museum of african-american history and culture we're told there is surveillance video of the person believed to be responsible, though it has not been release. >> tissue lewis, fox5 local news. >> tonight we're getting our first look at the man arrested on weapons charges at the trump hotel in d.c. ryan moles left court today charged with unlawful possession of a firearm. they found a.m. nutrition inside his car. they ordered him to say at undisclosed hotel in this area. he is also band from going near the white house and the trump hotel the us will remove itself from the paris climate acorrespond. president trump announced the decision this afternoon in the rose garden. he said the current deal puts the us at a disadvantage and it's causing lost jobs and lower
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wage has more. >>reporter: the united states now joining syria and nick wag raised tonight in refusing to be part of the 195 nation climate agreement. they don't put america first, i do. taking a decidely national list stance president trump deciding he'll pull america out of the 2015 climate accord rad ticketed event phid under president obama citing terms that are unfair to the united states, its businesses, workers and taxpayers. i was elected to represent the citizens of pittsburgh, not paris. pe teshed pittsburgh's mayor wasting no time injecting himself into the controversial decision tweeting as the mayor of pittsburgh i can assure you that we'll follow guidelines of the paris agreement for our people,
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gathering outside the white house. >> if he's doing this in the name of the economy he's insane. >> paris city hall lit up in all green in protest and while the president says he's either to renegotiate or create an entirely new agreement the leaders of germany, frans and italy say the accord cannot be rework. back at home, the co's of apple and test large audience calling the departure a mistake you can't ban hurricanes from entering this country. you cannot dismiss rising tides in temperatures as fake news. >> hillary clinton weighing in on the president's decision calling it a historic mistake which leaves american families and workers behind. >> in washington, joel walled man, fox news. >> angelica just like paris city hall did, the wilson building tonight in northwest also lit up in green. d.c.'s
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bowser tweeted the billioning was lit in honor of the city's commitment to combating climate change. well, june got off to a great start today. plenty of sunshine out thrment but as we turn the calendar today to a new month we also welcome the start of hurricane season. we'll tell you what forecast terse are predicting, but first we'll check on the weather right here right now. i'm so delighted we're off to such a great start low humidity, tonight because the air is dry and the skies are clear, expect the temperatures to start heading on down into the 50ss in the suburbs. you don't want to have the windows open too wide, but another nice friday on the way. what about the weekend and what are those hurricane names? we'll get you all updated on what the hurricane prediction is for 2017 and we'll look at our own weekend forecast which is starting to look a whole lot better. we'll be right back.
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ralph northam: being a pediatrician has taught me to listen carefully. i'm ralph northam, and when survivors of the virginia tech shooting asked me to support an assault weapons ban and close the gun show loophole, i took on the fight.
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as an army doctor during the gulf war. now, i'm listening carefully to donald trump, and i think he's a narcissistic maniac. whatever you call him, we're not letting him bring his hate into virginia. z2cufz z16fz y2cufy y16fy
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the first day of june marks the start of hurricane season. the season runs through november 30 and fox's julie ban
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us what forecast teres expect over the next few months. the six-month long atlantic hurricane season begins today and it's expected to be more active than with anywhere from eleven to 17 named storms? a. including five to nine hurricanes. the national ocean attic and atmospheric add mrgs says a few of the hurricanes could be major. you hewed have a lan, all hazards radio, canned goods that, things that are not going to perish in case you lose your power. the outlook stands out from an average season. experts say there are typically 12 named storms and six hurricanes, including three major ones. this year's forecast also includes tropical storm arlene, the rare preseason storm which formed over the eastern atlantic in april. secretary of home labd security john kelly visiting the national hurricane center on thursday.
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this potential risk very seriously. hurricanes are not -- are not only one of nature's most destructive forces, but it's a big killer as well. the national hurricane center is also launching some new tools to improve warnings and to aid public readiness with things like the ability to issue advisories and warnings for storms which have not yet formed. it only takes one hurricane to change a life forever. we can't stop hurricanes, but we can prepare for them. noaa will update their outlook in early august just prior to the peak of the season. in new york, julie ban dares, fox news. >> we got off to an early start. >> we d. every once in a while you find the stornls forming outside of the six-month season and we had tropical storm arlene already in april. the storms don't have a calendar themselves so they don't know. >> they'll find some warm water and a little circulation and they'll
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>> june through usually november 30. >> remember the one year when we were still getting tropical storms in february. >> we went through the alphabet. >> we went through the names and they had to start over with the greek alphabet. >> i hope we don't have that h this year. >> i feel the same year, an above average season expected. the peak of the season is you can r usually august and september. the peak activity right around september 11 typically. we were looking at a beautiful evening tonight and temperatures, while the district is at three greece, we are seeing some places alreadyeing y going to start, though, with a look at some of the 2017 hurricane names. we already mentioned that arlene is now crossed off the list. what's net, we've got breath, cindy, disawn, franklin, girt,
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interested to see that irene is back in heemplet i remember when we had hurricane irene passing this area and it caused so many power outages due to the fact of so many power lines down. we'd like to have de's weather tomorrow and it looks like we'll be able to do that. mid 830s is what we topped out at. we'll be right around 84-degrees tomorrow. it's another nice day that we're expecting. the temperature range upper 70s to low to mid 80ss. the humidity nice and low. the breeze will be back with us. generally a dry day. one exception friday in the northern counties that border pennsylvania there could be a spotty shower after say three or 4:00. saturday also looking dry although early saturday before the sun comes up there could be some showers passing by through our northern suburbs as well. sunday late day showers and storms still in the forecast, look
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most of the day dry. seventy-three here in the district, but check it out we're down to 57 in winchester, 59 in cumberland. i think they'll have lots of company by the sun comes up tomorrow morning. it's a dry analyter wind that we're seeing. the wind direction out of the west or northwest and that definitely takes a lot of the humidity out of the atmosphere. we had one very lonely little shower near the fredericksburg area, but the clouds are starting to continue to push away. they're still gather thick as they get down through southern and central virginia. pretty much confined to the southeast and they'll stay down there because the area of high pressure is going to block them out during the day tomorrow. we're going to head to 61 in the district with the light winds. there's a bit more cloud cover dwown to our south. fifty in the suburbs. it looks like tomorrow is going to be a beauty. as we start out on the cool note we'll climb up
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70s. winds maybe a little bit noticeable out of the west tomorrow, five toen, but occasionally 15 or maybe even 20. a little trigger up through pennsylvania may get close enough to scrape some of the northern counties with some showers. while we were looking at a nice warm day with a temperature range of about 76 to 84-degrees tomorrow across our area it's very isolated shower activity that we would see and you saw that scoot by very quickly. it might be another little piece that comes down friday night into the first part of saturday morning and even this newly updated run of the model is even less aggressive with the showers. so bottom line as we head on into the weekend it's really looking pretty good especially compared to how the forecast appeared to b shaping up earlier in the week. saturday is mainly a dry day. l 1 degrees. sunday, late day, 85. we think the better chance of
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showers and storms will hold off until monday. left over showers tuesday and a dryer trend starting to show up for the middle and latterrer part of next week. tony and shawn, that's your seven day forecast. >> thank you, sue. fox5 is hitting the road tomorrow morning our scekd zip trip of the year. stop by and say hi to the crew at bowie dwown center in bowie, m. they have some big surprises and events pla
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>> a guitar once played by the greatful dead's jerry garcia sold at auction for close to $2 million. the guitar is nicknamed wolf. it first appears in 1973 during a concert for the hems aping also in new york. the previous owner bought it back in 1992 for $90,000. some of the proceeds for the auction will go to the soften deposit law school in alabama. >> tre
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anniversary. today marks 50 years since the beatles release sergeant pepper's lonely heart band. i was truly revolutionary, as you know it turned out to be a massive hit selling 32 million copies worldwide. the album cover considered straf vanity and it elevated album art to a whole new title. the title came to paul ma cart any when he asked to please pass the salt and pepper. george harrison once said most of the songs were ordinary. john said he only liked three of the track, his own and ring oh star said for him it was boring to work on and so it was his least favorite beatles album. >> interesting. here's a look at some of the tracks from the album. of course the song your
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from my friends. lucy in the sky with diamonds which everyone at the time stood for lsz. john said it did not. when i'm 64 and the classic day in the life the thing about the al was, it was extraordinary. there had been nothing like it. it was truly eye opening and truly changed certainly the way rock and roll was recorded. it was reviewed after that as being an art. >> do you have that album. >> oh, yes, i have many versions. >> i meant the original version. >> i have the orange until as well. >> i'm sure he does. tony i
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z2cufz z16fz
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y2cufy y16fy
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coming up on today's telecast: >> i'll tell you, if you'd been suffering month after month and god touched you, you'd shout too! amen! >> thank you jesus!


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