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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  June 28, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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this is the first day kids reported for work this summer and they encountered speed bumps and long lines issues with assignments and police are investigating some students. karen gray houston has the news edge. >> it is a program that is giving kids job opportunities that will help them later in their careers and also keep them out of trouble in the summer. in recent years, they have had problems getting their money or the right amount of money. this year, day one has meant long lines and a lot of confusion. >> let's say you are a teenager, all psyched for the first day on the job and you get there and the doors are closed. a gate is locked up tight. it happened too timothy bryant. >> i came over here from south beach to come and work as a caterer and i get here and they ain't open. >> bryant and other students and a parent were told the catering business, which also houses a bar opens in the rear of the strip mall but who would
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know to go there? >> one store employee told them there were no summer jobs. >> they said they had no contract with dc employment services. i'm trying to get relocated to something for my summer job. >> reporter: beverly student stewart is a parent and said she was disturbed to find out she had been assigned to a business with a bar. >> i asked the gentleman, what happens with the alcohol on the bar. and he said they would not have access to this bar. >> reporter: she called employment services. they told her summer jobs problems were being revolved on the campus of gall debt. she drove over with the kids and the line outside was long, parents had issues. >> i needed her transferred closer to home. >> we had to come in here and get another and i came in and it is 400 an i'm 422. >> she wants her daughter transferred away from a job at
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the swimming pool. >> every year it is dysfunctional like this. >> we went inside looking for answers. >> we were referred to the mayor's office. we were e-mailed this statement. there are over 22,000 kids in the program. some kids are being transferred to different assignments and other kinks may be getting ironed out. what's the chaos? >> reporter: well, we tried without success to find the owner of the catering business on georgia avenue. beverly steward whose daughter was assigned to work there say city officials promise to call her within the next day or so with another job site. no guarantees but she was told her daughter would be paid for today. >> so frustrating for the parents and students trying to go through this. even more trouble for summer jobs program and this time it could be criminal. some students were fired and
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accused of stealing. they showed up for work at the jobs program at rfk stadium. investigators say several iphones were taken. a spokesman says they have turned the case over to dc police and plan to pursue criminal charge against anyone involved in illegal activity. new tonight, the justice department announced the arrest of ten people accuse odd being russian spies. eight were alisted on sunday. three in arlington and in alexandria. the others in new york and new jersey. they are charged with carrying out long-term assignments on behalf of russia. two others were arrestedded for their involvement. it is against the law to be an agent of foreign governments within the united states without notifying the u.s. attorney general. another big story tonight, confirmation hearings are underway for elena kagan. during opening statements, she got a preview of the tough questions she will face during the marathon sessions expected to last most of the week. craig positive -- craig boswell has the story. >> elena kagan was urged to be candid in answering questions and cautioned to be do.
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and there are some senators who want more information about her. after weeks of public silence, supreme court nominee elena kagan gives senators some insight in to her judicial philosophy. >> i will do my best to consider every case impartially, modestly with commitment to principle and in accordance with law. >> reporter: elena kagan sat for hours as senators gave their opening remarks. >> the biggest criticism i have seen out there is you have never been a judge. frankly, i find this refreshing. >> in many respects elena kagan's career has been consumed more by politics than law. >> reporter: republicans want to know if elena kagan who is the current solicitor general and white house counsel can separate her political views from her future legal decisions. >> at the end of the day, i think the qualification test
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will be met. whether or not activism can be part is up to you. >> one democrat also expressed some unease. >> we have less evidence about what sort of judge you will be than on any nominee in recent memory. >> reporter: elena kagan, who was the first woman to become dean of harvard law school would, if confirmed, be only the fourth woman to serve on the highest court. >> elena kagan is at the top of the legal profession. her legal qualifications are unassailable. >> the first day of confirmation hearings is 0 the last day on the job for justice stevens, the man she is nominated to replace. senators will begin to question elena kagan directly tomorrow. >> a final day of work for the supreme court before heading in to athyrea-month recess. today the justices voted 5-4 on a ruling that says americans have the right to own a gun no matter where they lived. it focused in a ban in chicago similar to the one struck down in 2008 in dc. the ruling ordered the federal
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appeals court to reconsider the ruling allowing the ban in chicago. a news edge, it looked like a car crash but investigators say it was no accident. police in fairfax county say the young woman dead was murdered. sherri ly is here with the details. >> police were suspicious from the start. things didn't seem right. vanessa pham, a 19-year-old aspiring fashion designer had been killed but it wasn't the crash and now investigators need to find who killed her. >> reporter: investigators went mac to the scene of the crime looking for evidence. this was no longer just a car crash. it was murder. vanessa's body was found inside the car, around 3:30 on sunday afternoon along arlington boulevard. police wouldn't say how she died but say she had trauma to the upper body that wasn't what you find in a car crash. investigators also say the car did not appear to be going
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fast. the 19-year-old's family last saw her on sunday morning, a few hours before she was found. vanessa had gone to hang out with her friends. her family can't imagine what happened between then and the crash that took her life. >> middle of the day, and, you know, at noon, i don't know what happened. i'd like to know how she died. >> nature of the crash and the nature of her injuries just didn't not match and it seems pretty apparent to the patrol officers that they are dealing with something more suspicious than a typical fatal attack. >> reporter: police say there was no sign of a murder weapon. a detective met with the family at their home today trying to piece together the last hours of her life and what led up to the murder. she was her mother's only child. >> thank you. the news edge in the district now. district fire and ems pulled a woman from her suv after she crashed in to a car and hit a
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utility pole. it happened near washington hospital center. she got caught up in a massive downpour this afternoon and was trying to stop when the accident happened. summer storms ripping across the area this afternoon and gary has an eye on the skies in the weather center tonight. >> that's right. most of the severe thunderstorm watches has been cancelled early. i will know you what is left coming up. plus some better conditions coming our way. say good-bye to this extreme heat. the forecast is coming up. >> good-bye, heat. also ahead tonight, b.p. is paying $100 million a day to clean up the oil spill. and now we are getting a new up close look at where all of that money is going. and talk about bizarre, this collectors idea item right here, wait until you hear someone paid for an x-ray of a sex symbol. the news edge at 6:00 is back after this. '
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the longest serving senator in u.s. history has died.
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robert byrd passed away this morning. he represented west virginia for 57 years. his constituents know him as one of their own, a native who went to washington and remained a man of his convictions. we see how west viriginia is remembering senator byrd. in a place where time feels like it moves a little slower, robert byrd passed the test. >> when you think of him, you think of a man whose word you could count on and he would tell you the truth. and that's not always something you find in a politician. >> reporter: residents say byrd brought jobs to the state. this store has been around longer than the 5 -- 50 years that birth served in the senate. and he said even those divided represented byrd. >> if are if you didn't agree with him you knew you would get a straight answer from him and
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whatever he said he was feeling it from his heart and with a deep belief. >> he is the mayor of martinsburg and owns a pharmacy and soda fountain and they serve up milk shakes an god conversation. she can tell you a few stories about robert byrd. he remembers a time when he kneeled down to talk to byrd in his wheelchair not long ago. >> i leaned down an he pulled on my tie and he said, george, how do you get such a pretty wife? and i like your tie but i like your wife better. >> reporter: robert byrd certainly had his share of pet projects and you don't have to look far to see his name on the side of a building. when i asked the locals what they thought of his nickname the prince of pork they told me they don't mind a bit. >> people have been called worse. >> i would think. >> carlos daughter received a
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college scholarship from the family. >> she found him to be jovial and many stories about west virginia how proud he was. >> reporter: she is now in graduate school at yale. big shoes to fill for future students. as for who might fill byrd's shoes, folks we talk to aren't sure it is possible. >> to step in his shoes, no. >> reporter: someone will take over his senate seat but they say no one will replace him. in west virginia, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> as a young man, senator byrd was a member of the kkk. he later apologized saying intolerance has no place in america. dick cheney is out of the hospital tonight. he was admitted to the hospital on friday to treat a fluid buildup related to his heart. the 69-year-old has a long history of heart disease. cheney's office says the former vp's condition has improved considerably and he left the hospital as expected. we had a stormy afternoon across the area. gary has the forecast coming up next. plus, all eyes on the on
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tropical storm alex. the storm isn't expected to come close to the oil spill site but it could cause major problems. and have you seen this? people paid thousands of dollars for pictures of a sex symbol and are dishing out more for her eck x-rays. the bizarre story up next. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
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are all digitally connected to each other. and ultimately connected to you. at kaiser permanente, we believe that if knowledge is power, shared knowledge is even more powerful. kaiser permanente. thrive. oil is gushing in the gulf as crews continue to battle the massive oil spill tonight all eyes were on tropical storm alex and the potential path the storm will take. fox's rick leventhal has the latest from grand isle, louisiana. >> reporter: $100 million a day and counting. that's how much b.p. says the response effort in the gulf is costing the oil company, according to an sec filing. company official sauce i the total cost of the spill has reached $2.65 billion. >> we will not stop until the
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leak is plugged, the oil is cleaned and the claims are paid. >> reporter: b.p. says it received more than 80,000 claims and made almost 41,000 payments, totaling more than $128 million so far. b.p. has lost more than $100 billion in market value since the incident best began on april 20th. the rig drilling the relief well is expected to stop the leak is within 20 feet horizontally of the busted well but the rig will drill 900 feet more before crews cut in sideways and pump heavy mood to stop the flow. b.p. says they are moving with extreme caution to make sure everything is lined up correctly before making the final push. b.p. fighting the spill from the air, as well. we ride along with b.p. contract pilots, hunting massive stains on the gulf. dropping chemical dispersements to break up the oil. meantime, everyone in the gulf is keeping an eye on tropical storm alec.
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it is not expected to come close to the spill zone but could generate waves up to 15 feet high and 20 to 30-mile an hour winds on the outer edges. >> we get over five foot of seas they have to stop the preparations for the helix producer, which was the third production vessel we were going to bring in on the 30th of june. >> reporter: the concern is those waves an wind could bring oil further inland and possibly wash miles of oil-soaked containment boom on shore. in grand isle, louisiana, knox news. meantime back here at home we had our share of crazy weather this afternoon. all of a sudden it was beautiful and then pitch black and then the rain came down. >> that's right. they form just like that. they went from nothing up to severe limits and we had a lot of severe weather. that line moved through. not so now. the sun is back out. we are drying things our. we picked up just under an inch at national but it is that
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thunderstorm rain. so quick most of it washes away and not a lot of it can soak in and be beneficial for us. we will still have brown yards out there. i think we will have brown yards for the foreseeable future. even though it will cool down the next several days we will have dry conditions and i don't see anymore rain in the forecast for a while. we are starting off with radar to give you an idea. nothing here in town. we will head down here to prince william county, just south of dale city. this is just to the west of i- 95 down there. you get down to the triangle area and eventually down to quantico here and there's nothing severe there. just a good rain shower moving across. one stop down to st. mary's county, this is all passed in to the bay. an the river from st. mary's city. that is clear of you guys and it is looking like now we will be drying out this evening. let me show you most of the thunderstorm watch we had
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earlier has been discontinued, cancelled early. what you see in yellow across the bay and to the north is in affect until 8:00. we are clear now. and they have cancelled that thinking no more chance or a limited chance of any severe weather popping up this evening. i think we are out of it as things stabilize a bit. temperature right now, let's see if it comes in. 85 for dc. 93 manassas. 92 fredericksburg. let me show you what is going to come our way. cooler temperatures and less humidity. 81 in detroit. chicago 78. madison, wisconsin 73. cooler air is here and that's going to start to come in. filtering the next 24 to 36 hours. so we are breaking the back of the heat wave. humidity will be pushed down to the south. it is still warm tomorrow but by midweek we are talking about temperatures below normal. and we haven't seen that in quite a while. holiday weekend forecast right now. i have a question right now. technically we are not
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extending the five day in to the july 4th. it should be good just so you know. look at the temperatures tumble on wednesday, thursday and friday. even though we are warm tomorrow with 91 the relative humidity will be pushed down. probably going to feel like 9, 90 degrees that reverse heat indeck effect. a few clouds. mild overnight. temperatures in the middle 70s. still warm tomorrow 91 but less humid so it will feel pretty good. and then here we go. on wednesday, thursday and friday. temperatures lower to mid-80s and at this point, holiday weekend, really, really nice. >> all right. love the sound of that. thank you, gary. did you see it? marilyn monroe's chest x-ray sold the highest bidder. someone bought three x-rays for $45. the x-rays were estimated to sell -- excuse me, let me go back and say that again. it was $45,000. that's a lot of money for x-
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rays. the x-rays were estimated to sell between 800 and $400 a piece. it is part of an annual hollywood memorabilia auction in las vegas over the weekend. the x-rays came from her 1954 visit to cedars and lebanon hospital. she died in 1962 at the age of 46. up next, we have seen stephen strasburg get off to a fantastic start out there. he is expected to face the toughest test yet. how will he handle the pressure? we have the sports edge up next.
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good afternoon. the last time strasburg pitched in the game he did something he hadn't done since may 29th. he lost 1-0 to the royals. his first major league loss and tonight he makes the fifth major league start in atlanta. so far the first four have been good. a 2-1 record. 1.7 era. 41 strikeouts and in 25 and a
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third innings. that's spectacular. five earned runs and given up 19 hits. we will have the highlights on the news edge at 11:00. at wimbledon, andy murray is through the to quarterfinals after winning in straight sets. andy roddick is the last american hopeful. his wife looking on. roddick ranked fifth in a battle. ranked 82nd in the world. roddick with one of his 37 aces, match is even. roddick serving to stay in the match but it is break point and match.for lou and roddick comes in and lou goes around. there's the break. hard to break andy roddick but he did. roddick is sent packing 9-7 in the fifth and deciding set. match of the day on the women's side. williams a three time wimbledon champ taking on sharapova. first set in the tie break. sharapova has serena on the run but she's going to hit an
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overhead that is not good enough and serena rallies to win the first set. 9-7 in the tie break. so now serena is serving for the match and it will be sharapova that can't handle the return. serena wins 7-6, 6-4. williams is through to the quarters as is her sister venus who won today in straight sets. u.s. soccer federation president says the american team did not meet the expectation at the world cup and he will likely meet with bradley, the coach after the tournament to discuss the coach's future. ouch. bradley was hired in december of 2006 and has a contract through the end of the year. the americans were eliminated in the second round with a 2-1 overtime loss to ghana. brazil in yellow taking on chile and this is all brazil. in the 34th minute. the kick and the first tally of the game and the brazillens love it. second half. 59th minute.
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it is going to be ramirez who takes control. beautiful ball handling and he finishes too easy. the brazilians shut out chile and move to the round of eight. in today's first match, the netherlands taking on slovakia, 18th minute and the dunn strike first. robin is running free. he will stop on a dime. spin it with his left foot and beautiful goal. not a bad celebration, too. the netherlands win 2-1 and randy is named the interim av at maryland. back to you. >> thanks for joining us. see you back here tonight at 10:00. have a good one. 
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