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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  May 4, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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program, he would have found out that is not true and he would have found out there are other ways. >> it is not like a movie. this is real life consequences. steroids are true and they have real life factors. they can affect your body. they can affect your family. >> reporter: at next fedex field, dave ross, fox 5 sports. 5:00 on this tuesday morning. it is may 4th as we take a look at traffic. already starting to get busy out there. it is mild to start this day. the least the roads are not wet. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. thank you for being along with us this morning. it is a little hugy outside this morning. >> you think so? >> i thought so. >> it is a little bit better than yesterday. >> anything is better than yesterday. yesterday was awful. general improvement today. things will get better and better today. humidity will finally start to really cut out later this afternoon and we'll be in for a
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nice couple of days. we'll get start wade look at our current temperatures and what you are going to notice is the 70 degrees at reagan national is about 10 degrees better than it was yesterday at this hour. so certainly we'll take that. out to the north and west, it is very comfortable. 54 in pittsburgh. 58 in cincinnati. that is the weather that will get in here tonight. we're in for one more rather mild morning and we've got the possibility of a couple of scattered showers in the afternoon forecast t should be a decent day with much more sunshine than what we had around here yesterday. there is your satellite-radar. can you see the early morning cloud cover. the rain showers out in ohio, that will get in here tut. >> a few scattered showers in the afternoon forecast. most of us aren't going to see it but a few of us will. partial sunshine out there, less humid than yesterday. not hard to do. slight chance for an afternoon shower, 81. wind will be out of the west at five to 10. nice-looking forecast for the midweek. we'll have those details in just a minute. let's check in with julie wright and get a look at
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traffic early this tuesday morning. >> already off day shaky start with an accident on the inner loop of the beltway before you go northbound on i-95 in college park. this accident activity does involve a tractor-trailer and according to authorities some traffic is able to squeeze by using the right shoulder only. this is the inner loop of the beltway coming eastbound out of silver spring to go northbound 95. if you are traveling the outer loop, all lanes are open. no problems to report continuing around towards your exit there at georgia avenue. meanwhile, northbound 395 leaving duke street headed out to the 14th street bridge, light traffic volume here. all lanes open out towards the potomac. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. breaking news this morning. an arrest in the failed bombing in new york's times square. >> i man authorities say tried to set off a car bomb in the middle of the crowd the tourist attraction on saturday is being held in new york. overnight, u.s. attorney general eric holder held a news conference and identified the bomb suspect as faisal shahzad, a pakistani who lives in
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shelton, connecticut. authorities stopped him last night where he was reportedly trying to board a flight to dubai. authorities say he purchased the suv used in the tax three weeks ago with cash. courthouse officials a the homemade bombs found were a sure indication of an attempted terror attack. >> i think anybody that has the type of material that they had in a car in times square, i would say that that was intended to terrorize, absolutely and i would say that whoever did that would be categorized as a terrorist. >> officials have not said whether shahzad is the person of interest seen on this surveillance video changing clothes in broad daylight and walking away from the scene. he is expected to appear in federal court later today. and now to our big local story. we are getting more details about a motive which might emerge from the murder of d.c. principal brian betts. all of the suspects are
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scheduled to be in court. sarah simmons has more. >> reporter: that's right. there are four people total that were arrested in this case yesterday. three of them were 18-year-olds who were taken into custody for the murder of brian betts. two of them are scheduled to appear in district court here in maryland later on today. and from what we're learning now, that some of these suspects had extensive criminal become grounds and were actually supposed to be in custody of d.c. youth rehabilitation services. so that is something authorities are looking into as well here. detectives believe three of -- the three 18-year-olds preyed on principal brian betts who used a phone chat line to meet at least one of them. investigators are still not sure why they targeted him. two of the men were taken into custody in oxon hill yesterday morning with some key personal items that belonged to brian
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betts. also, phone records, fingerprints and cried its cards helped track them down -- and credit cards helped track them down. >> we recovered mr. betts' wallet with a receipt for nike shoes that were purchased on the day after mr. betts' death. >> reporter: now, both saunders and lancaster are expected to appear later on today in court. they are both charged with first degree murder and armed robbery. there is still a third suspect that has yet to be charged. we are live here in rockville, sarah simmons, fox 5 news. back to you. >> thank you. also just a hoare risk story rocking the campus of the university of virginia this morning. one student murdered, another student under arrest. police found the victim, 22- year-old lacrosse player yardley love dead in her off campus apartment yesterday. the suspected killer, her former boyfriend, george hughley from chevy chase. when police arrived, they say there were signs of physical
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injury to her body. many students are in disbelief this morning. >> always seemed very happy, smiling a lot. >> how could this happen to such a wonderful person, a person that was described as an angel by teammates and friends. >> counselors met with the men and women's lacrosse teams to help them cope with what happened. today, we should learn whether efforts to stop some of the oil from that sunken rig in the gulf of mexico are working. this as a massive crude slick is working its way to the shoreline. crews are work to place a clamp over the leak now. >> we've been trying to stop the flow with these remote vehicles, they submarines, robotic submarines but unt fortunately, they have yet to
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be successful. >> we'll keep our boot on the throat of bp to make sure that they -- all that is necessary while we do all that is humanly possible to deal with this incident. >> this leak will impact more than just seafood lovers. besides a ban on fishing, the leak could stop cargo shipments of coffee, tires and other goods from reaching the united states. the debate over medical marijuana is front and center in the nation's capital. the d.c. council votes on a bill that would allow physicians to recommend but not prescribe up to two ounces per month of the drug for patients suffering chronic debilitating conditions. it would establish a program to regulate the cultivation, distribution and the use of medical marijuana. patients would be able to buy it from dispensaries. chaos inside a crowded target store as customers were running for their lives as a woman allegedly attacked people at random. we'll get an update on
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airports shut down once again because of volcanic ash. t .ie
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police in california ever vehicling a violent rampage inside a target store. an off-duty los angeles county officer was shopping when he spoted a woman making her way threw the aisle with two large knives. he pulled out a gun and ordered her to the ground. there is no word on a motive. ireland's air space will reopen today at 1:00 p.m., that is 8:00 a.m. our time. the country's aviation authority had originally banned all flights in and out of the country because of the ash have the volcano in iceland. there were some tense moments on the opening day of the united nations conference on nuclear weapons in new york. iranian president delivered speech denying his country has developed a nuclear weapon and called the united states the real nuclear threat. the white house called his speech predictable. some delegates even walked out. secretary of state hillary clinton later accused iran of not complying with u.n. nuclear rules. during her speech, secretary
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clinton revealed the united states has more than 5,000 nuclear weapons. a disclosure of that kind has never been made public by the government before. there is a rabies alert in one local community. we'll talk about where they found awe rabid raccoon coming up. the latest on the nationwide recall concerning children's medicines. a little cooler, a little less humid than yesterday. julie wright will be in with a look at your on-time traffic coming up in just a couple of minutes. tes.  "know the species, know the stain." lanolin-free coat, i know it's an alpaca. walks in here, looks says "hey look, it's a llama!" cleaning the stain like he would a llama stain. time he's wasting. ♪ call 1-800-steemer 
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flash flooding has swamped historic landmarks in music city, us actual. grand old opry and the country music hall of fame are both under water. deadly weekend floods swept ahay wei homes, cars and even a school. crews have been using boats and jet skis to pluck people from their soaked homes. officials are afraid that death toll will go up when the waters
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go down. >> you see flooding all the time and when you see it in a big city, it is really change. >> some of those areas i know really well, having grown up there. and opryland, they had to evacuate the folk there. they had flooding issues there. they are used to tornadoes but not that. >> rough weather indeed. >> yep. okay. so yesterday we got a little bit of rain in the afternoon, some storms rolled through but it cooled things down. >> just a little bit. scattered showers yesterday afternoon. same thing today. widely scattered showers yesterday afternoon. more sunshine, less humidity with highs near 80. forecast looking forward here will be very nice the next couple of days. we'll get start wade look at our morning headlines. there you go. more sunshine today. >> that is good. there is a little fog out to the west. could be an afternoon shower much like yesterday. they will be widely scattered and not numerous. i don't think most of us will
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see much. anything. if you do want rain showers, a few of us do, farmers, friday and saturday look unsettled. right now, cooler air looks to arrive during the day on saturday and high temperatures by sunday, if you want to return early spring could be back into the upper 60s. we are not going to be dealing with the summertime heat for much longer. 70 at reagan national. it is much improved from yesterday. manassas is 64. fredericksburg, you are 70. cumberland, just 54. the cooler and drier air sort of lagging here off to the north and west. it will get in later this afternoon and tonight and i think most of the us will wake up tomorrow morning to temperatures in the low to mid- 50s so much more comfortable air on the way after dealing a little morning humidity. there is your satellite-radar. there is still some cloud cover across the area. the last of that frontal system just hanging to the south there still bringing some showers to eastern portions of the carolinas. this is what we're focused on.
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this is a little upper level disturbance. it will get in here later this afternoon t will present the possibility of a couple of widely scattered showers. not going to rain all day. most of us should stay dry throughout the day. the possibility there that we could see a few showers during the second half of the day. partly sunny, less humid. that will be nice. chance for a ashower. i showed it to you there. -- chance for a shower. tonight, we will cool off. 58degrees in town. low to mid-50s outside the beltway. wind will be out of the north and west and that will set us up for a couplele of great days. we had, just about perfect. thursday looks great. friday, we cloud up late in the day and a mentioned the chance of some showers and thunderstorms late friday and again on saturday and that will usher in the cooler air. 57 on saturday. upper 60s a good possibility by sunday. that is a look at the forecast. let's get to on-time traffic and we know who that means. that means julie wright. >> all right. right now, we are taking a look at what is happening on the inner loop of the beltway. the accident we had involving
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the trt near 95 college park has been cleared to the shoulder. all of your lanes are open once again. now, traveling southbound 270 before you reach 118 in germantown. before that exit that would lead you guys over to the bp and out towards the red robin. that is where we had the stalled car tie be up the far right lane. delays are starting to form as you travel south of father hurley boulevard. lane are open out of centreville on 66. no accidents to report as you continued eastbound in towards vienna. 95 northbound starting to slow briefly now in woodbridge as you travel north of the prince william parkway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. a health alert for one virginia community. fairfax county animal control says a dead raccoon tested positive for rabies. it was found in the backyard of a home on allison circumstance olympic april 30th. officials want to remind the public not on approach stray cats, dog or any wildlife. a new study by the cancer
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institute of new jersey found breast cancer survivors would smoke increase their risk for a second cancer. early stage cancer survivors saw a 25% jump of cancer compared for a 19% increase for nonsmokers. researchers found children who spend more people watching teach and less time playing with other kids may lose the valuable chances to learn social skills and have problems paying attention. we have a consumer alert for parents. there is a problem with the ingredients in some common over- the-counter drugs. that has led to a nationwide recall and brands of some of the most popular children's medicines are affected. money reporter melanie alnwick has the details. >> reporter: certain types of children's tylenol, motrin, den brill and zyrtec have been recalled.
5:21 am
the manufacturer has -- benadryl and zyrtec have been recalled. the fda says it discovered problems with ingredients and contaminants during a routine inspection. stores are pulling the affected products off the shovels. some of the medicinings all liquids, have a higher concentration of active ingredient than they should. some have ingredients that don't meet testing requirements and some may contain tiny particles. the specific lots of children's tylenol, zyrtec, motrin and den brill are identified by the ndc number which you can find on the box and on the label. parents should check their product at home but they shouldn't worry about empty shelves. >> the generic alternatives are just the same. they work the same and no, they ill will do the same thing for them. >> reporter: the fda says this is a precautionary recall. the risk of a serious medical reaction is remote. one more health note. take a look at this. ments a tattoo that monitors a diabetic glow kosovo level.
5:22 am
scientists at draper laboratory have developed a nano sensor that changes colors in response to glucose. the fluorescence embedded into the skin is similar to a tattoo. no word on if or when this tattoo will be made available to patients. teenagers competing in the national science bowl get a special treatment. a special visitor from the white house. metro riders will want to stay tuned this morning. coming up at 7:00, we'll great gt an update on metro's plans for fare hikes, service cuts and safety improvements when he with caulk with the interim general manager in his first morning television investigate. fox 5 morning news will be back in just a moment. d
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south a battle of the brains. some of the nation's top students went head to head here in washington. >> michelle obama helped to quiz the youngsters and students from takoma park middle school walked way with the honor. >> reporter: the occasion was the 20th annual energy department's national science bowl. the two highest-ranks teams couldn't hide their equipment at the chance to shake mrs. obama's hand. >> find the coordinates of pointed of intersection of the line given by the following two
5:26 am
equations. >> reporter: did she say two eqaigs? she had already lost a lot of people watching in the audience. two x minus 3 y ekals 11 and 3 x minus 2 y equals 14. >> reporter: undefeated albuquerque academy from albuquerque, mexico up against gail ranch middle school from san ramon, california. the pressure was on. >> five seconds. >> one three. >> that is incorrect. >> it is x equals four, y2k equals minus one. >> reporter: there were plenty of correct responses by these scuds who even the first lady acknowledged as scary smart in all kind of math and science. >> the president and i and he is fully aware i am here, you wasn't over some of the questions with him. he didn't know many. the answers but that's okay, neither did i. rosh mrs. obama was determined to show how cool science can be and talked about
5:27 am
how the future depends on these students as the next engineers and scientists. >> the first lady says the white house is holding a science fair this year so some of these budding scientists may get a chance to meet the president. these students tied for fifth place and won $1,000. >> i like maci don't economics and physics and math. >> reporter: at least one of them likes mrs. obama's mets message that girls should be encouraged to succeed in math and science. >> my mom always says that too. she is like girls are just as good as effect else. we should try very hard. >> maybe thisth girl will grow up to be part of the next generation of scientists. >> she is a doll. you never know. the top winning teams won $5,000 a trip to belize in central america. >> congratulations. we do have breaking news we are following this were monthing from new york city. there has been an arrested in
5:28 am
the failed bomb attack in times square. >> reporter: the suspects in the murder of principal brian betts are behind bars this morning but it turns out they never should have been on the streets in the first place. i'm sarah simmons, i'll have the details when fox 5 morning news returns. s. ou [ school bell rings ]
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there is a beautiful view of our nation's capital. 07degrees outside but no rain. so i guess that is a good way to start off this tuesday morning. >> an improvement over yesterday. >> oh, yeah, much better than yesterday. the visibility is a little better. >> i saw a little fog on the way in. >> there is a little fog. thank you for mentioning that. no fog advisories. but the counties out to the west of washington have had a little fog. for us, we'll be in for a nice one. sunshine for the morning hours. a little cooler than yesterday. a little less humidity than yesterday so it should be more pleasant. i'm watching more words carefully. 70degrees at reagan national. 10degrees better than yesterday at this hour. bwi marshall checking in at 67 degrees. today, when all is said and done, should be a nice day. we'll see more sunshine and less humidity. only difficulty we might have, a few clouds and the possibility of a shower during the late afternoon, mid- to late afternoon.
5:32 am
any time after about #:00 this afternoon. see out to the west the clouds and light rain showers in eastern ohio. that will get in here this afternoon. a few scattered showers. once we got out of here, we'll be in for a nice one tonight. comfortable temperatures. we'll fall back in the low to mid-50s later tonight t should be a very nice couple of days around here. 81 this afternoon. generally better than yesterday although we'll still have a little morning humidity. a few showers in the afternoon forecast but looking forward. it will be nice. >> thank you. let's check some with julie andlike at the roads out there. >> right now, eastbound on the freeway as you approach the exit for sixth and seventh streets, we received word of a stalled car. southbound 270, a stalled car we had before you reach 118 has cleared. all of the lanes are open as you continue out towards mva. no problems to report out of venterville eastbound on 66. lanes are open headed for the
5:33 am
beltway. a man authorities say is responsible for the attempted car bombing in new york's times square now under arrest. he is being held in new york where law enforcement officials stopped him as he was trying to flee the country. we have a report. >> reporter: the arrest was made at new york's kennedy airport around midnight. the suspect identified as faisal shahzad. he recently bought the suv involved in saturday's attempted bombing. the arrests came hours after federal authorities said they identified a person of interest. >> we have gathered significant additional evidence that led to tonight's arrest which was made by agents from the department of homeland security's customs and border protection. >> reporter: law enforcement is looking into a number of significant leads. the suspect is expected to appear in federal court later today. today.
5:34 am
>> shahzad recently did return from a five-month trip to pakistan where authorities say he had a wife. authorities are not saying whether he is the same man seen on the surveil an video which we showed you yesterday. thomas circumstance until northwest washington was shut town for part of the day on monday as police investigated a suspicious package near 14th and mass avenues. the bomb squad was called in to check it out. turns out awe homeless man triggered the scare by pushing a garbage can up against the building. counselors on hand this morning at the university of virginia to help friends and lacrosse teammates cope with the death of a senior player. early yesterday, charlottesville police were called to yardley love's apartment for what was reported as a possible alcohol overdose. but when officers arrived, they found there were physical injuries to her body.
5:35 am
police arrested her former boyfriend, george hughley from chevy chase, maryland. he is also a player on the uva men's lacrosse team. he is due in court today facing first degree murder charges. >> patrol officers arrived on the scene. it was quickly apparent to them that this youngly yi was the victim of something far worse -- this young lady was the victim of something far worse. >> it is really sad to have someone die. >> court records show that hughley was arrested in 2008 and later convicted of resisting arrest, public swearing and intoxication. he was sentenced to probation and fined at the time. police would not say how love died only that no weapon was involved. another big story we're following, some of it is suspects in the murder of d.c. principal brian betts are scheduled to face a judge. three are teenagers. two should have been in a juvenile lock-up at the time of the murder but they walked
5:36 am
away. sarah simmons has more on this case. >> reporter: there were four people total that were arrested in this case. as you mentioned, three of them were 18-year-olds charged with murder here. two of them set to appear in court here in rockville later on today. but we are learning that they had extensive criminal background and that two of these should have been in the custody of d.c. youth rehabilitation services. now, detectives say -- or believe that the three 18-year- olds actually preyed on the shaw middle school principal brian betts who used a phone chat line to meet at least one of them last month. but investigators still are not sure why they targeted him. alante saunders and sharif land cast are were among the four arrested yesterday. they were taken into custody in oxon hill yesterday morning. phone records, fingerprints and credit cards all helped lead to the arrest here and some of the students from shaw middle school we talked to yesterday say they are relieved to hear that police have finally made an arrest in this case.
5:37 am
>> i'm glad that they found the person who did it because it is really sad because mr. betts was a good principal and he was like a father for us. he helped us through everything. and he was a good man. >> it is good that they found him. mr.betts was a good principal and stuff. he didn't tea serve that. >> reporter: now, both lancaster and saunders are expected to appear in court later on today. they are charged with first degree murder and also armed robbery. there was a third suspect, a third 18-year-old who still has yet to be charged. we are live here in rockville, sarah simmons, fox 5 news. >> thank you. also following a near collision between a commercial jet and a news helicopter and it does have a local angle. we'll get the details next. wall street is hoping to get monday's momentum going. the dow, nasdaq and s&p all saw gains on a boost of confidence from economic reports. the nikkei in japan is closed today for a holiday but other
5:38 am
asian markets are mixed. we are back in just a moment. n ♪ straightening and bleaching and dyeing and curling ♪ ♪ crimping and cutting and hair finger twirling ♪ ♪ threading my hair through some bright-coloured rings ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favourite things ♪ ♪ when the curls break, when the ends split ♪ ♪ when my hair goes mad ♪ i simply remember my favourite thing ♪ ♪ and then i don't feel so bad ♪ because we all damage our hair, we've invented new... dove damage therapy with fiber actives in every product. dove takes care of the damage.
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federal officials are investigating the near collision of a southwest airlines jet headed to baltimore and i news helicopter t happened last week in houston. investigators say the aircraft came within 125 feet of each other in hobby airport. both pilots took evasive
5:41 am
maneuvers to avoid colliding and nobody was injured. some shipping channels in the gulf coast are empty this morning and that could lead to higher prices. the gulf oil spill has forced busy shipping lanes to close. ruse are working around the clock to try on contain the oil spill but not having much luck. >> we've been trying to stop the flow with these remote vehicles, these submarines, robotic submarines, but they have yet to be successful. >> we'll keep our, as the secretary said, our boot on the throat of bp to ensure they are doing all that is necessary while we do all that is humanly possible to deal with this incident. >> scientists say the oil spill could reach the loop current some a day. that is similar to a conveyor belt sweeping around the gulf. if that happens, it likely will end in up the florida keys and could continue east into the
5:42 am
gulf stream within a week. back here at home, the d.c. council is set to vote on el legalizing medical marijuana. to would allow physicians to recommend but not prescribe marijuana for patients. another commuter debate in washington. up next, hear why some of the new bike laws are now sparking controversy. we'll take a look at the weather on the other side of the break.
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an update overnight in the airport in ireland. the country's air pace will reopen today at 1:00 p.m. that is just about 8:00 our time. a couple of hours from now. the aviation authorities there originally banned all of the flight in and out of the country today because of the volt qannik ash but they say that threat has faded. hollywood is mourning the death of actress lynn redgrave this morning. she died in manhattan after a seven-year bat we'll breast cancer. this is video of redgrave performing in a one-woman show. she died at home with her children. her death comes just one year
5:46 am
after her niece natasha richardson was killed in a skiing accident. let's check in with tucker for our forecast. >> we'll have more sunshine today, less humidity. slightly cooler temperatures. all in all, a nice-looking forecast going forward. it only gets better from here. wednesday, thursday, both look great. after what we've been dealing with with the heat and humidity, if will be a welcome break. 07 right now at reagan national. you are thinking that is still on the warm side and you're absolutely right. it is warm. that is 10 degrees better than we were yesterday. we got a lot of 60s out there as well. 64 in manassas. 69 down in fredericksburg. 66 in culpeper. 56 in martinsburg. well out to the west, cumberland is 52. you get the idea. it is a little bit better than yesterday and we'll gradually see more sunshine today and less humidity as we get into the afternoon hours as we start to watch the cooler and drier air filter in from the north
5:47 am
and west. our frontal system from yesterday, there is it is hanging out off the coast. we'll bring you rain showers to the carolinas. if you are headed south, you will encounter some showers. our focus is out to the north and west. this little area of disturb the weather so another little piece of energy. that will get in here this afternoon. we'll go with a partly sunny afternoon and just a few -- remember like yesterday, we had a few scattered showers out there. just like yesterday, we'll see a few scattered showers kick up between 2:00 and 6:00 this afternoon. once we get out of here, we should be in for a great looking wednesday and thursday. just a couple of afternoon showers as mentioned as we watch the last little piece of energy move on through. high pressure will build in. we'll be in for bright sunshine tomorrow and high temperatures about 80 with much lower humidity. the forecast generally getting better from here. partly sunny, a little less humid than yesterday. that is not hard to do. chance for a shower out there. 81 for the afternoon high. wind will be out of the west at about five to 10 miles per hour. tonight, clear skies and
5:48 am
cooler. 58 for your overnight low. very comfortable conditions move in tonight. great-looking couple of days. wednesday, 8 #, thursday, 83. we cloud up late in the day on friday and we could have some scattered showers friday night and then again on saturday. by the way, much cooler for the end of the weekend. highs by sunday only in the 60s. that is a look at the forecast. let's get to on-time traffic and julie wright. >> do you know where you're going? >> i always know where i'm going. i got you to tell me where to go, julie. >> well. we'll keep it clean since this is a the morning show. all right, southbound 270 out of hyattstown, not looking so bad. all of the lane are open as you continue out towards the truck scales. we are picking up some volume and starting to slow briefly as you work your way south of 109. southbound 270, earlier problem that we had mentioned south of 11 # has cleared. the land are open there as well. on the uner loop of the beltway, traveling eastbound 495 continuing around towards i- 95, college park, the remains of an accident still there with
5:49 am
the tractor-trailer. we are told that the tractor- trailer will remain on the right shoulder until after the morning commute. they will offload the contents of that truck and they will pull the vehicle out of the roadway completely. again, all the lanes are open inner loop of the beltway to go northbound on i-95. if you are traveling inbound on 66, no problems to report out of centreville. lanes are open as you continued inbound towards fair lakes and fair oaks. you will find northbound i-95 now slowing near the prince william parkway. traffic slowing out of woodbridge and again briefly at the springfield interchange. no problems to report on the beltway leaving annandale headed towards merrifield. over the weekend, crews converted to traffic lanes into bike lanes. some including groups like aaa think it will peak traffic worse. >> it is a great idea. a great idea for everybody around because once more people
5:50 am
get comfortable with the idea of riding, the more people will do it. >> it is just really stupid. it will clog of up the avenue pretty profoundly. can you already see the way traffic is backing up. it is just -- it is really stupid. >> just a pilot program right now but if it work out, it will be expanded to four other major streets in northwest. ninth street, 15th street and l andment streets. transportation officials are hoping that street cars like this one will make getting around d.c. a little easier. construct is already under way on i new one and a half mile line in can anacostia. the city is showcasing one of the new modern street cars this week. can you check it out tomorrow and saturday at city center d.c. barbara mikulski is going
5:51 am
after her fix term in office. the 73-year-old sometimes calle women. the supreme court is closing its iconic front entrance beneath the words equal justice under law. starting today, visitors will enter the building through a central screening facility to the side of and beneath the central steps that. new entrance was built to improve security. more roster moves no the redskins. nearly awe half dozen more players have been cut from the team. we'll tell you if there are any big names on that list. washington capitals player mike green talks about his and the team's disappointing perform's in the playoffs. sports coming up after the break. (announcer) we're in the energy business.
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soy the redskins' second minuteee camp will take place this friday. a chance to check out some of the new guys but some of the old guys won't be around. five players released yesterday. marco mitchell is gone. you will remember he was the seventh round pick lastier out of nevada and caught touchdown passes this n. three consecutive pre-season games. he was active for the regular season but with the addition of veteran receivers, marco mitchell became expendable. it's business though. just ask mike sellers. >> with change comes a lot of disappointment for certain
5:55 am
guys. at a scary situation especially when you get new coaches. the change we've made, they've been good. it will peak the team better. and-- it will make the team better. whatever happens going to happen. >> last friday, the washington capitals cleaned out their lockers and spoke with the media run one last time. well, mike green did not. he said the emotions were too raw. late in the third period, green was beaten to the puck and the canadiens scored the game- winning goal. he was limited to three assists in the series. he didn't speak last friday when the caps cleared out their lockers but he did talk to us yesterday. >> the player, i take full responsibility of my role and not scoring, not producing is something i need to do and i
5:56 am
didn't do so you take responsibility for that. >> still upset. can you tell that. how about good news for your washington nationals? the nats a new closer has been named april's winner of the delivery man of the month award as the most outstanding relief pitcher. he struck out 15 batters in 1 1/3 unkings. dave trembly and the orioles in the bronx last night against the yankees trying to he can tend a three-game winning streak. that is not going to help. three-run home run turned out to be the game winning hit. the yankees win 4-1. the orioles now 7-19 on the season. the navy football team in its seventh consecutive trip to
5:57 am
the white house yesterday. they won the commander in chief trophy. the team presented president obama with a navy number 44 jersey. navy tied a school record with 10 wins last season. straight ahead at 6:00, more on the overnight arrest of a suspect in that failed bombing at times square. we'll get the latest on how authorities say they caught the suspect. and metro riders, you want to stay tuned this morning. coleing up -- coming up at 7:00, we'll get to talk with the metro interim general manager in his first morning television interview. paou [ male announcer ] using frontline plus
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